“Game Change” More Docu Than Drama

Last Saturday evening, HBO premiered the docudrama film Game Change based on the non-fiction book by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin. The only reason I refer to the film as docudrama is that actors played the primary characters in the film but you might as well have been watching a documentary. The book focused on the 2008 presidential race from both the Democratic and Republican perspectives. The film makers chose to focus on the juicier of the two stories, the selection of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate and the disaster that ensued from that selection.

Those who claim this is fiction or a Palin hatchet job simply don’t know what they’re talking about. The film tracks very closely to the book which was well sourced and painstakingly detailed. What stands out for me is that when two key McCain campaign operatives, Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace are asked about the film, they both say it is like living through the events all over again. For those who say these sources  have an axe to grind and that others close to the McCain campaign call the book and film bunk, I say look where the different witnesses to history sit now. Both Schmidt and Wallace have essentially left politics and have nothing to lose from telling the truth. Those who call the film bunk are still playing the game and can’t afford to endanger their standing. McCain himself has called Schmidt’s defense of the film “unfortunate” but that is completely consistent with the John McCain portrayed in the film and the John McCain we’ve seen since 2008. McCain considers it a matter of honor and loyalty to never speak ill of Palin. To his credit, he has never violated his code on this.

As for the film being a hatchet job on Palin, that is simply wishful thinking for the Palin-as-victim brigade. As a backdrop, let’s start with the following fact. Wasilla is not New York City and Alaska is not California. So, comparing the Mayor of Wasilla to Michael Bloomberg or the Governor of Alaska to Jerry Brown is absurd. With that understood, out of the blue Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska, with no national reputation, gets a call from the McCain campaign to be his Vice Presidential running mate. Can you imagine how overwhelming that is? The film portrays Palin in just that way, a woman immersed in local/regional issues raising a large family who is suddenly thrust into not just the national spotlight but the world spotlight.

If there is any villain in Game Change it is the McCain campaign machine which took this leader of a remote state and tried to transform her overnight into a worldly, savvy stateswoman. Steve Schmidt has said that the choice of Palin was the intersection of loyalty and ambition. It was a matter of loyalty to McCain to do whatever it took to make him competitive and a matter of ambition to win at all costs. The notion of picking a VP nominee on the basis that she might be President one day didn’t even occur to the McCain staff until they learned how far off Palin was from being ready. Their top priority was shaking things up to catapult McCain over Obama. Palin was basically their prop. In a scene that rings true, Palin screams at Nicolle Wallace over the phone “I am not your puppet.” Her frustration was understandable after the team had literally dressed her and fed her the lines they wanted her to say.

The press and the media don’t get a free ride in Game Change either. Their interest in everything from TrooperGate to when exactly Palin’s water broke during her son’s birth is portrayed as over the top. We see how the invasive inquiry and the mocking from the likes of Tina Fey, take Palin by surprise and make her understandably hurt and angry.

To some extent, Game Change the movie is about what happens when an independent woman gets sucked into a male dominated world where she will be a strategic piece in a puzzle she has no control over. It is also a cautionary tale about campaigns that don’t operate in the country’s best interest. It is telling that Nicolle Wallace was so unnerved by Sarah Palin’s unreadiness for the job that Wallace did not vote in the election. Although loyal to McCain, she just could not put Palin one heart beat from the Presidency.


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  1. This was a more thoughtful review than most I’ve read. I thought the movie was excellent, but I slightly disagree with you, only because I define drama and documentary differently than the way you are in this article.

    Sure, the things that happened with others in witness have been verified, but the movie contains many scenes in private, and by definition they have to have been imagined by the screenwriter. So, they are fiction. The things spoken privately between Palin and Todd in bed, her reactions when she’s alone watching TV coverage or in stairways, or off with one of the kids, it’s all logical and believable, but still fiction. No one can guess 100% of what really happened.

    That said, despite the elements of fiction that are unavoidable in making it a drama, the movie is still true, and what it portrays overall is entirely based in fact.

  2. Mikey, thanks and welcome to the blog.

    Yes, of course you are right that the private scenes … particularly those of Palin alone with her thoughts are fabricated albeit logical. That is indeed what sets it apart from a true documentary (besides the presence of actors).

  3. I did some serious self reflection and thought about how I react to female politicians that I disagree with.

    Compared to men that I equally disagree with, I despise the bitches.

    Sexism is the only answer that I can come up with to explain it. I do believe my brand of sexism is ironically found among women towards other women even more, but it is sexism nonetheless. It aint cool.

    After applying this standard to myself, I apply it to you weird Palin obsessives.

    Rutherford and Pfessor were talking about having a Game Change house party.

    Look, anything is a good excuse tip a few back.

    But damn, a movie about Palin is a circle jerk like the Super Bowl?

    Who gives a shit about her?

    She’s just one of the many very flawed characters from political Babylon.

    I was watching boxing Saturday night. You guys are fags.

    I actually was at a boxing event Saturday Night (I DVRed the awesome Juan-Ma Salido II fight).

    The best fight of the night was two black chicks in the crowd. Took forever for the cops to break it up. It started a hundred feet from me and ended up right next to me. I was a little nervous the blacks would start shooting shit up, as there was no metal detectors.

    Mexico’s huge defeat over Puerto Rico:

  4. Weird. My fake email that I have used for years seems not to work. It says I must log in. I’m in moderation. Which is probably where I belong anyways on this `blog topic

  5. You know this only gives Sarah Palin more fame, right? I did not see the docuwhateva or read the book. It’s so… well, as kitsch is to art, so is this to literature and film… best describes my feelings about it.

    Anyway, good for Sarah. She does spend time here in Arizona, since she bought a house in Scottsdale. Gotta spend those millions somewhere.

  6. What is with you people and your email addresses???? First Tigre, now Rabbit. If you change the email address u go in moderation.

    C’mon get with the program!!!

  7. R, I had to change my email just get to moderation. Using the one I usually sign in with says I have to “log on” and will reject my the comment, i.e. no moderation even. I can see that’s what’s happening with Rabbit too.

  8. Hey, lay off my cous’. She’s already suffered the worst defeat any politician can. She’s irrelevant. ( Well, at least until she kicks her PAC money in gear.)

    I kind of like the new ET avatar. Looks like Newt on a vitamin B overdose.

    Hey Rabbit. I took your CBO headline at face value, but after not hearing anything about it anywhere else, I went to the CBO website myself. They don’t say anything about the net cost doubling. In fact, they say their revised estimates DROP the net figure by $48 billion. I’m not being snarky, but can you link your info?

  9. I do know what I am talking about. I cited several sources. The author of the book was selective in who he interviewed. Several of the people who dispute the story did not speak to the author. Sarah Palin was only a small part of the original book. The movie could also have covered the political conflict between Hillary and Barack, but it didn’t.

    Schmidt and Wallace have plenty to gain by turning on Palin. Several people with the campaign blame Schmidt especially for mismanaging Palin. Their futures as Republican managers was dubious, so why not quit politics? They have short-term futures as commentators or authors.

    Tom Hanks, a producer of the movie tweeted that Sarah Palin must be destroyed. As I wrote before with some documentation, the movie has some lies and half truths designed to portray Palin as a liability in the campaign when she was an asset. It blames Palin for Schmidt’s alleged misdeeds.

    I agree with Poolman and dead rabbit. She is a political has been, who has reached her Peter Principal level of competence. She is richer and more famous than most of her critics. So why can’t the leftists let go? I think they were afraid Palin would run for office and this was a preemptive shot to stop her. I’m being more complementary to them than assuming the movie is an example of gratuitous hatred.

    The movie’s ratings showed 2.6 to over 3 million viewers on the weekend, depending on how they were counted. The first show of Sarah Palin’s Alaska garnered over twice as many viewers. People who hate her will have their emotions confirmed. People who like her will feel more protective and the rest won’t care.

  10. I was watching boxing Saturday night. You guys are fags.

    LOL … this coming from a guy who follows two of the most homo-erotic sports on the planet: boxing and football. 😆

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    Damn. Looks like WP is getting nasty. Well, I’ll keep my eyes open for moderated comments and approve them as soon as possible.

    Have patience …. I do have a life beyond the blog albeit a deadly boring one.

  12. Same here, Tigre. WordPress apparently wants us to log in and use a password before posting. What’s up with that?

  13. I had to change my letters in my email to be able to post. Frankly I like my green peas over pink face!!!!!
    FIX IT R

  14. @James —

    Initial view numbers mean next to nothing on a pay channel, because the show is set to air 30-50 more times after that. Additionally, there’s nothing synonymous between viewer numbers and quality. According to your yardstick, this past year’s most lauded film, “The Artist” is not a success since far more people bought tickets for “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”, and “Kung Fu Panda 2”. People seek entertainment and diversion for many reasons

    The reason the makers of the HBO movie chose to focus on the Palin portion of the book was because they only had the budget for a two-hour film. To cover the rest of the book would have required a mini-series, and the same team covered the Hillary Clinton/Obama material in their earlier production “Recount”. Choosing Palin as a hail-Mary pass late in a losing game is where the drama of the McCain campaign occurred. Why film the boring part of the story?

    What I find most unexpected is that Palin’s supporters in media outlets don’t recognize what a sympathetic and positive portrait of her the movie is. It clearly makes the PR process and callousness of spin the villain of the piece. I’m about as hard-core a detractor as you could find, and I feel much more compassion for her than I did before seeing it. I still oppose her political positions, but the movie helped me see her as a dedicated mother and wife.

  15. I do know what I am talking about. I cited several sources. The author of the book was selective in who he interviewed.

    James, you’re off to a bad start. First there was no “author”. The book had two authors, John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, both highly respected journalists from highly respected magazines. I read the book, did you?

    Sarah Palin was only a small part of the original book. The movie could also have covered the political conflict between Hillary and Barack, but it didn’t.

    Wrong again. Did you read the book? Sarah and the McCain campaign as I recall took up at least 45% to 50% of the book. I agree that the film could have covered the entire book but that would have greatly complicated the narrative. They also could have covered Hillary vs Barack but that truly was the less interesting of the two stories. But for the “first woman vs first black” angle, the Clinton/Obama rivalry was not that unusual. It could be argued that Sarah had as much or more charisma than Hillary and Barack combined. That charisma masking utter incompetence is a very compelling story.

    Schmidt and Wallace have plenty to gain by turning on Palin. Several people with the campaign blame Schmidt especially for mismanaging Palin.

    Wrong again. If you’ve seen Schmidt in particular (not so much Wallace) in interviews, he blames himself for what happened. I have absolutely no doubt that his contribution to the book and his support of the film are acts of contrition for putting our country at peril with this incredibly flawed VP nominee.

    If Tom Hanks tweeted that Palin must be “destroyed” he did a pretty poor job of it with this film. This film gives ample room for interpretation and Palin-lovers can certainly watch it and end up loving her all the more when the film is finished. By the way, producers bankroll movies. It is the screenwriter and director that control content.

    As for your ratings comparison, it doesn’t hold water. The Learning Channel (TLC) is part of the basic cable package of most cable distributors. HBO on the other hand is a premium channel that many won’t cough up the money for. Palin’s debut of her Alaska show attracted fans as well as car wreck rubber-neckers. The ratings dropped precipitously after the debut and the show was not renewed for a second season.

    Since you know that Palin is not the heroine her fans claim, I’m puzzled why you go to such great lengths to defend her.

    P.S. Read the book and find some way to watch the movie. Otherwise, you’re flying blind.

  16. You sure you’re not pulling a G-chin/Yellowdog-type censorship on me and Rabbit?

    Put your paranoia on hold. When you find that your comments never show up or start getting edited, you can throw the Graychin accusation at me. Until then, bear with me while I try to figure out what is going on.

    I’ll do some research later today to see if WP has had some sort of policy change or if I need to adjust my settings.

    P.S. One of your comments went into moderation for too many links.

  17. Mikey, it really helps to have watched the movie, doesn’t it? This reminds me of when some controversial book comes out and detractors galore come out of the wood work to criticize it. When asked “did you read the book” they say “I would never waste my time with such garbage.”

    It’s really quite funny.

  18. Raji, thanks for testing comments at Alfie’s. Apparently WordPress has gone off the deep end.

    I do know they had a security breach last year. Maybe this is some sort of attempt on their part to lock things down tighter.

    Again, have patience my friends as I try to sort things out. I could, as a last resort, remove moderation altogether but I don’t like the potential consequences of that.

  19. Thor, don’t listen to the pinkish one. No matter what face he puts on, it’s the same underlying snark. 😀

  20. ” Are you sayin the CBO revised its numbers without comment or all of these easily located sources made it up?” – ET

    Avoid the spin, pull your head out of the right wing echo chamber and go straight to the CBO website. This is what it says.

    “Gross Costs Are Higher, but Offsetting Budgetary Effects Are Also Higher
    The current estimate of the gross costs of the coverage provisions—$1,496 billion through 2021—is about $50 billion higher than last year’s projection; however, the other budgetary effects of those provisions, which partially offset those gross costs, also have increased in CBO’s and JCT’s estimates—to $413 billion—leading to the small decrease in the net 10-year tally.”


    Hardly this from the last thread:

    “CBO is now saying Obamacare is twice as expensive as we were told.
    Honestly, I’m kind of impressed. They were only 100 percent wrong.” – DR

  21. “Avoid the spin, pull your head out of the right wing echo chamber and go straight to the CBO website.”

    I told you exactly what I did in response to your request for a link Numbnutz. 😆 So is you’re answer that they are wrong or the CBO change ts projections?

    Did you read the links that so mystified you? They say Obama represented a 10 year cost of about $900 billion. Your quote says the projections is the approx. $1.5 trillion. Is that wrong too?

  22. To add to the paranoia, I’m not having any problem getting on. Hmmmm. 😉

    Thor, could it be that WordPress has a vendetta against conservative commenters? Oooooooo!

  23. “Numbnutz, that’s because WordPress knows your anonymity is safe — no one reads your comments anyway.” – ET


    I think it’s the dreaded “fairness doctrine” finally kicking in. First Obama will take your guns, then he’ll take your comments. 😉

    It’s all so easy when you just make everything Obama’s fault.

  24. “It’s all so easy when you just make everything Obama’s fault”

    Which in turn makes it Bush’s fault. How about we get rid of the middle-man?

  25. I’m for that. Getting rid of the middle-man, I mean. That won’t do the unemployment figures any good, however. We are a country of middlemen, n’est-ce pas?

  26. Did you read the links that so mystified you?- ET

    No, I actually am trying to avoid that at all cost. Basketball is on. 😉

    But Rabbit made it sound like new news. The highest estimate came out last year. This “new” report actually lowers the estimate of net cost from last year. Either his complaint is a year old or he didn’t read the new CBO report.

    And BTW 900 billion doubled is 1800 billion, not the estimated 1496 billion, so old or new, it’s still not true that it doubled.

  27. Read the link that I just provided, then respond.

    So your link says 940 billion was Obama’s original estimate. That makes the “doubling” statement even more of a lie. Plus, the report estimate is from 2012-2022 but the American Spec. writer uses 2013-2022. That discounts 2012 revenue from the plan which is part of why the number went DOWN. Unfortunate oversight on the author’s part or deliberate spin? He also inflates the 1496 billion figure to 1700 billion for no apparent reason.

    Now, since you’re so fond of giving assignments, here’s one for you. Read the actual CBO report. And do it quietly, I’m watching basketball. 🙂

  28. Rutherford, try posting at Alfie’s or BiW’s and see if you go through. I think Word press if trying to make us password protected as they indicate you can either log in to wordpress/facebook/twitter.

  29. Please, someone make her go away! It’s all a conspiracy either by the Dems or Repubs.

    First it was religion and the Catholic Church i.e.birth control then Rush and Fluke i.e.slut, now Palin.

    What else are they going to throw at us to deter from the real issues at hand.

    I have no intention of reading the book or seeing the movie so therefore I cannot comment on your post, Rutherford, except to say again “please make her go away 😦

  30. Raji I can’t test Alfie’s site because as a WordPress blogger I always login with an id and password.

    As for Palin, a part of me would love for her to go away but if she did where would I target all my built up hostility? 😉

  31. We were gone yesterday and will be again, so I minimized this page to be sure future comments wouldn’t distract me.I should have explained in more detail that from my prospective this has nothing to do with Sarah Palin. She might as well be Al Capone, because this is about whether or not producers slanted a movie, not the movie’s subject.

    Rationalize it all you want. Palin’s ratings started higher for the reasons you gave. Game Change also attracted curiosity seekers, and its ratings were lower. HBO has enough subscribers to send the ratings to at least as high as Sarah Palin’s Alaska if viewers were interested. If Game Change was a long series, its ratings would also fall. The numbers are on record. Your rationalization is nothing more than speculation. Show me documentation to support your claim, and I will agree with you.

    If you can speculate about ratings, I can speculate about Tom Hanks. Thanks for the opening. Producers usually don’t put money into projects they disagree with. . I think Tom Hanks wanted to destroy Palin’s hypothetical political campaign not her as a person. Besides, you know it is bad strategy to portray someone in an overly negative light. On or about March 11, he tweeted that we need to destroy Sarah Palin. Why would he write that shortly before the movie was released? Was it just a random thought? Did he not like her Fox show?The producers wanted to turn Palin into a sympathetic victim.

    It was Schmidt’s word against others in the campaign, including McCain. Until you deal with the people I quoted in my earlier comments, you have nothing more than he said, they said. You also didn’t refute my writing Schmidt made some mistakes in managing Palin and the rest of the campaign. Steve also advised McCain to interrupt his campaign so he could go to Washington and save the country from disaster. Schmidt’s advice stopped the ticket’s momentum and made McCain look like a befuddled old man compared to Obama’s cool competence. Don’t you think the McCain campaign might wonder about the wisdom of hiring Schmidt?

    Schmidt looks like a man who wants to save face for profit. I also read he might have informal ties to the Romney campaign. I don’t know if he does or not. but if so, he would have even more motivation to destroy a potential political rival.

    Thank you for supporting my claim. 45 to 50% of the book was devoted to Palin, you write. Yet, the movie is about Palin. The adjustment in focus changed the movie from an adaptation of a book to a separate entity. Why did the writers and producers neglect some of the most interesting parts of the book?

    Bryon York wrote it was a strange decision to ignore the dominant story which was the fight between Hillary and Obama for the nomination, and later Obama’s historic victory. “Instead, HBO focused on an out-of office, former half-term governor of Alaska who was on the losing ticket in the 2008 election and isn’t running for anything today.

    Everyone knows that Hollywood, the entertainment industry as a whole and much of the liberal establishment all suffer from a continuing obsession with Palin. So in the end it’s no surprise HBO turned “Game Change” into a Palin biopic. But in the process they ignored a historic, compelling and profoundly dramatic story.”

    Jason Apuzzo at HuffPo wrote “That the film’s producers –who include Tom Hanks–dropped the Clinton-vs-Obama side for the book altogether has opened “Game Change up to legitimate charges of partisanship, as has the film’s depiction of Palin as mercurial and unbalanced.”

    Hollywood writers and producers are more insidious and subtle than politicians. They use individual scenes to color perceptions. The film does give ample room for interpretation as you wrote–that Palin is a sympathetic dunce in over her head who deserves our pity.

    I read parts of the book, and I have seen parts of the movie. As I have demonstrated, the movie is not the whole book. You with much more information than I are the one flying blind. Your feelings about Palin have rendered you incapable of critical thought.

    “Game Change” is a partisan attack on Palin, and you have not been able to prove it isn’t.


  32. Once again, Rutherford, to be sure you understand. I am tired of Sarah Palin. That movie to me is no different an issue than a history class argument I had with two other students about the veracity of Webb’s “The Great Plains.”

    I wish you would let it go and accept that some Hollywood folks can’t.

    “Please, someone make her go away.” “What else are they going to throw at us to deter us from the real issues at hand.” I agree with Ragi.

    “…Where I would target all of my built up hostility?”…Are you telling us you (and probably Tom Hanks) have the same problem I had with liberals? It’s not healthy.

  33. To anyone in a bad mood, look at NIeve en Santiago de Chile at YouTube.

    A rare heavy snow fell on Santiago last August 18, and many people captured the event in their cameras. This video shows a young couple behaving with the delight of children. They and the background music should warm the darkest heart, even one fixated on “that woman.”

  34. “I think I figured out wordpress. Had to log-in.”

    Where, how, why? Is this an Obama trick like the “report your conservative friends and neighbors website?

  35. R, you we right. My wife didn’t say “FU.”

    She said: “Ha! What a doofus.”

    I guess she wasn’t concerned about your fictitious War on Women meme derived from your Obama-channel. 😆

    Well, back to uniting the country for “your” president, Dear Leader. He’s in Atlanta today — uniting, hoping, changing, lowering ocean levels, consoling liberal victims. Ironic isn’t it? There’s your whore. 😆

  36. She said: “Ha! What a doofus.”

    Ahhhh you see? I knew your wife had more decorum than you suggested. And “doofus” is such a quaint word. Reminds me of my brother-in-law who referred to the 9/11 terrorists as a bunch of “goofballs”. 😀

  37. James. we could go back and forth all day on this. Just two things. A network whose subscriber base is smaller than another network cannot get the same ratings because the show simply isn’t available to as many people. Assuming equal interest in Game Change vs Sarah’s Alaska the subscriber base of HBO puts Game Change at a disadvantage. You’re comparing apples and oranges. I will grant you one thing. From an article I read yesterday, the folks at HBO are a bit defensive about the premiere ratings. I do think they hoped for higher.

    The adjustment in focus changed the movie from an adaptation of a book to a separate entity.

    This is a stretch. Unless the screenwriters wanted to write a four hour movie, or a mini-series, they had to toss out chunks of the original book. One could argue that choosing the GOP part of the book was a Hollywood partisan play. That could be. But I honestly think they chose the “sexier” story.

    By the way, I read on the net somewhere how “meta” it was to see Julianne Moore playing Sarah Palin watching Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin. I got a kick out of that.

  38. I think the parts they left out were more riveting, and shows they made the movie for political reasons. I do admit that because she is a woman, Palin is sexier than Obama, Biden, or Hilary–the 2008 “it” girl.

    I’d like to see that one about John Edwards too. Ha!

    If they unfairly dumped on him, I’d complain about it too.

    Two new words are princesse lointaine. They mean an ideal but unattainable woman.

    It was the title of an 1895 play by the man who wrote Cyrano de Bergerac.

    A troubadour fell in love with a woman though he had never met her. He loved a woman he could never attain.
    Angry leftists of the sort who made that movie are in hate with a woman they can never attain.

    The video I mentioned would make their mellow less harsh for a minute or two.

  39. Yesterday, we visited a new Wal mart opening day. The store smelled like a new car. The new clerks said they had two days of training before opening day, and they were still nervous.

  40. I have a love/hate relationship with Wal-mart, James. There are certain things we get from there that we cannot find in other stores. And different Wal-marts have different items, some at different prices.

    It is always an interesting place to people watch. I understand they have done away with the greeters now. The cashiers are always so depressed. We try to cheer them on and get them to smile.

    You can get some products and food cheaper from other sources. They also mess around with the pricing to confuse, I think. Often the smaller containers of certain items are a better buy. One example is their coffee. We buy our whole bean coffee there often. You save if you buy 3 of the 5lb containers as opposed to the one 15lb container. They do that with a lot of things. Sometimes it’s only pennies, other times several dollars.

  41. Tigre, you can get yours at stumpystickers.com. Another poster linked the Daily Kos site. I figured you frequented it in between watching MSNBC. 😆

  42. Yeah, Tigre. I know you frequent fat grannies. You’ll find it there. Lori posted it this morning. She claims something like, “I’m glad we’re post-racial”.

  43. I have the same feeling about Wal mart you do Poolman.
    We only shopped there because we were in that Nebraska town on business. My wife was looking for opening day bargains.

    The last store we visited had a greeter, and I wondered why this Wal mart didn’t have one. Now, I know. The new store is the closest one to us and it is about 35 miles away.

    Thanks to your using the “L” word, I need to do something relaxing like cut brush or attack a coyote. You gave me flashbacks to the bad old days when I twisted “L” into knots. That was a joke.

  44. El Tigre’s visiting that site would raise its effective average IQ level by scores of points. That is not a joke.

  45. Here. This is classy, eh?

    The funny thing I’ve learned over the years Poolman is that true racists are also ginormously stupid. Let’s put aside the obvious racial slur for a moment. To renig is to do the opposite of what you did or said you would do. To renig on a promise is to break the promise. so, telling Obama voters from 2008 NOT to renig is telling them to vote for him AGAIN.

    The assh*le in that car has no understanding how many folks his bumper sticker will drive into Obama’s waiting arms. What a f*ckwad.

  46. Two new words are princesse lointaine.

    Yeah, Anu Garg tried to pass that off as one 18 letter word in his Word-a-Day email. My favorite one from this week is preantepenultimate, meaning next to next to next to last.

  47. James, I must admit there is some evidence of liberal bias in Hollywood because a John Edwards movie would be enormously entertaining. It is truly amazing we haven’t seen one yet.

  48. Well I’m glad you’re calling out the sl*tty c**t that had that on her car!

    You know, language is a strange thing. I always felt that c*nt was the absolute worst word you could say in reference to a woman. Far worse than tw*t. The other day, my wife told me tw*t is way more offensive than c*nt.

    I wonder if it’s a regional thing? She’s from Illinois originally. I’m from the Northeast.

  49. Here’s a way to get on your wife’s good side today gentlemen. For all of you who are married (which I think is just about everybody) ask your wife if she prefers c*nt or tw*t and report the results back to me … that is if you’re still able to type. 😉

  50. Sorry James, I forgot you and Lori were at odds with one another. I try to get along with everyone, but it sometimes backfires on me. I visited my facebook profile for the first time in a long time the other day and found some of them were offended that I defended Tex 😯 sometime back from attempted outing. Now I’m supposedly no longer loyal. I know Tex was/is offensive and doesn’t consider me a friend, but digging up personal info to post online isn’t cool to me, no matter who does it. I actually could expose several folks that have been offensive to me, but that would require me to lower my standards. Once that stuff is out, it cannot be retracted.

  51. Tigre, you would have been slightly proud of me the other night. On my “radio” show we had a caller and my co-host Sandi was singing the praises of Daily Kos to him. He had never heard of it. Before he hung up, I warned him that Kos was HIGHLY partisan and should not be viewed as fact vs partisan opinion.

    If I keep that up, I may end up getting fired from my own show.

  52. 😆 Lori lives and breathes politics and vehemently supports the democratic party. I have no problem with her, but at the end of the day, she’ll be sure to push that agenda. She is very active within it and keeps everyone up to speed on the latest Obama accomplishments. I don’t think she notes any of his faults. At least I cannot recall her mentioning any. Very unapologetically partisan and extremely competitive. It’s much like being at a sports event.

  53. I defended Tex 😯 sometime back from attempted outing.

    Could someone explain to me Fat Grannies f*cking obsession with outing people? They outed me because I wasn’t pro-choice ENOUGH.


  54. They outed me because I wasn’t pro-choice ENOUGH.

    I thought it was because you were not black enough. Anyway, yeah, don’t rub some of them the wrong way. It really is no different from many other sites. There are only a couple that I dare comment on. You think liberals are vicious, try truthers, or “conservatives”, or “Christians”, or atheists even. There are plenty of insecure and vindictive folks of all flavors frequenting these intertubes.

  55. Thanks, Rutherford. I’ve already written I think you are one of the good guys. You also raise the IQ average if you visit the grannies site.

    You didn’t deserve it either Poolman, but I’m not surprised. I also think you are one of the good guys. One of three memories of Lori are of the time she was sure she “had” me with a quote from fact check, but she didn’t carefully read what I had written. Her quote supported my side of the argument. She didn’t like my mild chortling. That happened with a few others too.

    Another memory was how livid she was after they voted me off the site, and I answered tough tarts. Somewhere around there she wrote she would no longer soil herself by arguing with people like me. I got a lot of that from people who couldn’t fight facts I gave them. I told one I had to repeat myself because its what you have to do with children and slow people. That went over poorly too, but it was fun.

    Lori did applogise for calling me a tea bagger after she finally realized I don’t belong to the Tea Party.

    I liked a few people there. However, my antipathy toward that site is irrational. It is tied to four months in the service. I think that just like the bad guys I faced, many of those folks would have tried to kill me if they had been part of the four months.

    I’ll get over it. I always do.

  56. “El Tigre’s visiting that site would raise its effective average IQ level by scores of points. That is not a joke.”

    I don’t know whether to be offended . . .

    Aw shit. I think I just answered my own question.. . I think. 😦

  57. Did I deserve it? I don’t know. I forgive easily, and I do say and post some controversial things from time to time. I have probably had the most vile comments made toward me here at Rutherford’s, as opposed to the other places I have commented. It seems over time I have even run off some of the other would be regulars.

    You might say I am an equal opportunity offender. 😀 Rutherford has defended me here more than once, when others wanted to ban me. I guess if I was out to make friends, I have gone about it all wrong. 🙂

  58. I thought it was because you were not black enough.

    That assessment came only after they outed me. 🙂

    Since I was browsing Politico this afternoon, I’ve got a gift for you too Poolman. The consensus in this article is that Paul is leading a movement, not really running for President.


  59. Where, how, why? Is this an Obama trick like the “report your conservative friends and neighbors website?-Tigre

    Nah! You just have to go through the process of trying to log in when you never gave them a password in the first place so you just hit “forgot password” then they email you at your false email and direct you to confirm new password. Took all of 30 minutes!!!!!! What a bitch!!!! But if you want to get rid of that stupid pink face and go back to your adorable purple one, I would advise you to do so 😉

    “offended that I defended Tex 😯 sometime back from attempted outing. Now I’m supposedly no longer loyal.” – Poolman

    😆 I got booted out of the kitchen bin when I defended Rutherford after Lori outed him. Sorry, outing someone is the worse thing that can be done on the internet!!!

    R at #86. It was 84 degrees here yesterday and I don’t live in the deep South so what’s up with the crazy weather??? It should be snowing.

  60. “Here’s a way to get on your wife’s good side today gentlemen. For all of you who are married (which I think is just about everybody) ask your wife if she prefers c*nt or tw*t and report the results back to me … that is if you’re still able to type.”

    My opinion only, Its not just the words, cunt, twat, slut, whatever. It’s the context and the vehemence. I’ve made reference to the Vagina Monologues before which heavily uses cunt. I myself coined the word cuntlet in my circle of friends (refers to a little bitch not mature enough to warrant being called a cunt). However, it’s bad whenever famous and/or influential media personalities use it AT ALL. Just not appropriate, ever. Also not appropriate outside of circles of friends. I can call friend a bitch, slut, etc. No one else gets to.

    Gentlemen, I don’t recommend trying this at home.

  61. El Tigre, It was a complement. I wish you had been around during my adventure there.

    Rutherford, those folks play rough even though they have no weapons. Before the little old ladies’ site, two liberal friends and I from another message board visited a new site. They were worse than Helen and Margaret’s people would hope to be in their biggest dreams.

    You had to play by the rules there, because it had moderators who would ban or suspend you. It became quite an adventure when it ended.

    Several of the group decided I should be gone, though I hadn’t broken any rules, except to offend them. At least I hope I did. I was trying. As a matter of fact, the supposed nephew who manages the forum posted that all of the people who were being mean to me and calling me troll were in fact the trolls. If the board was moderated, they, not I would be banished.

    The leader organized a vote, but I don’t know what they thought would happen. It had only symbolic value, . As an afterthought they decided Pfessor and another person should be banned too. They had the vote, and a group of them wrote why the trolls should leave. A few defended me.

    Lori and a couple of others took our refusal to leave badly.

    A bunch of them left because we had ruined the site. Then, they complained because few but we were posting. We responded. “No one told you to leave.”

    I asked a woman I knew from the rough site to visit Helen and Margaret’s. She lasted two hours and wrote those people were insane.

    So, in a way, it is like a computer game of survival, only no one can get rid of you. Raji’s being kicked out of the kitchen further shows the group’s poor judgement. She is another who raises the IQ level of that site. They lost more than you did. Raji.

    I’m glad you are still here, Poolman.

  62. I hate sports! Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My only enjoyment for this tournament is to watch those miserable Spartans fail.

    my hate for them is equal if not greater then my love for maze and blue.

  63. It was 81 today, and our relative humidity has been as low as 12%. Fires have been numerous, and one grass fire was across the road. Our land which was flooded last summer is developing shallow sand dunes as the thin layer of deposited sand blows into drifts.

    Blame la nina, and the Pacific decadal ossilation. I hope our fruit trees don’t bloom just before a freeze.

    GypsyKat, that is good advice. My wife is smaller than I but if I tried such language on her, I would be dodging frying pans.

  64. i seriously want to punch something.

    I have never had that reaction from sports, but I have and still do get that urge. Once a brick wall, another time a washing machine, a tree, a wall, a door… Now after I look for something that I won’t have to spend a lot of recovery time from, the urge generally passes. 🙂

  65. How about 4th seed Michigan losing to Ohio??????????

    They refused to drive the ball to bucket. They lived and died by the 3 to the point where they were the one playing like big time under dogs.

    Take cover though. Michigan’s program is turning into a Juggernaut again. We’ll be back with a vengeance the next 4 years.

    It’s been a long time since I could say that. Fab 5 days.

  66. Hello again, R.

    Since I see that your commenters are having issues here too, and since I still like you guys, I’m going to point out that the problem is universal with wordpress.com blogs right now, and has a rather interesting backstory.

    First, here’s the explanation/instruction thread I created:


    R- You might want to post up an announcement yourself (you don’t know how many readers are being turned away because of this), and you might want to move your “meta” widget to the top of the sidebar, for convenience.

    For the background story, I discovered the source of the FAIL:


    Hope that helps!

  67. We just got home and saw Poolman’s videos. Thanks for the chuckle.

    My wife and I are not Irish. we met a nice blond-Polish waitress who is not Irish either, but you wouldn’t know it by her green outfit and shamrock on her forehead.

    So maybe like Rutherford we are Irish.

  68. I’ve wondered whether other bloggers are like me insofar as I erroneously develop impressions of one’s personal appearance and demeanor based on their gravatar. I do so even when I know the gravatar is randomly assigned.

    Looking at mine though tells me nothing of what is projected, if anything at all.

    This is a test after having applied the solutions linked to by ChenZhen. I hope my purple hexagon melon is restored so everyone knows what I look like.

  69. By the way, when the government comes at me with an insane sales tax on precious metals, please accept my resignation letter as an American.

    They won’t try to confiscate it like FDR. They won’t make it illegal to hold bullion. They are going to tax the shit out of it.

    We’re turning into slaves.

  70. I just found those Fiore videos. I think I hit every site with them. 😆 Glad you like them.

    Turning into, rabbit? It’s been a slow creep kind of gotcha…

  71. Obama will be cursed at for generations to come.

    And Bush along with him, right Rabbit? Hey Obama’s a lib … everyone knows libs love to spend, consequences be damned. But Bush … he was not only a spendthrift, he was a hypocrite. 🙂

  72. Obama is a hypocrite too. Someday, if historians can still find the information recording this time, they will curse Bush for giving us Obama.

    Dead Rabbit is right. “We are turning into slaves’ so slowly we hardly notice.

  73. Rutherford, if Palin is your outlet for pent-up hostility what in the world is poor Tex going to do when Michelle Obama is gone 😉

  74. “But Bush … he was not only a spendthrift, he was a hypocrite.”

    True. But he also had leadership qualities completely lacking in Obama, and since his spending has already been eclipsed by Obama’s, it just might color the perceptions of the ones paying the tab. So keep cheering him on. In for penny, in for. . . the destruction of US hegemony. At least he can imitate a couple of lines from one of Al Green (he should’ve kept his trap shut with the Sweet Home Chicago — awful).

  75. R, I must admit some fascination with your Obama revival. You had (perhaps by necessity) some criticism for the guy as his term was unfolding. I remember the disgust when he wimped out and left Clinton (the racist, remember?) at the podium while he went off to party.

    Now, all you are so desperate to validate the guy (yourself), he can do no wrong — at least by differing standards among different folks (Romney, Palin, The back to Bush, but better than Santorum in. . . ).

    We’re in a bad place R. You got nothing to crow about. Since your guy has little to stand on by way of accomplishment, he’ll be spending the next several months trying to reclaim the emotional connection the liberals crave like a sex-starved middle-aged women craves Harlequin romance novel. 😆

    And you’ll eat it up to be “a part of something.”

    (even that happens to bet the end of western civilazation).

  76. he also had leadership qualities completely lacking in Obama

    You mean Cheney, right? I mean do I need to pull up W flipping off the camera again? Puh-leeze. 🙄 Put enough hype in what you do and who you are and you could command a presence for some short basically short presentations. I’m certain you know the drill.

    Cheney skipped going to Canada. That is awesome! Somebody has to start setting the scales aright. Thank you, Canadians. The man has no pulse.

  77. Poolman, huh? Save the damned pontificating and platitudes for Fat Grannies. What are you trying to communicate, there’s a difference between the two or similarity?

  78. “Tigre, I thought you said the clown car was going to run out of gas.”

    Raji, you confuse “conservative cravings” for liberal media focus. There’s no fuel in the clown car. The agenda driven liberal media machine is behind pushing.

    Now, do you dispute Obama will be looking for an emotional connection as I said?

    Incidentally, I find Santorum’s attack on hardcore porn a “war on men.” 😆

  79. What are you trying to communicate, there’s a difference between the two or similarity?

    They are totally different. And there are not only two types.

    W was no leader. He did what he was told. He could be a bully. There’s a difference. He was a team player, and played his role.

    O is over confident yet uninformed, intelligent without full knowledge. A star player on a losing team. He’s trying to win by himself.

  80. You can say the same about Obama’s leadership skills. The health insurance law is an example. A reporter asked him a question about a detail, and Obama couldn’t answer because he didn’t know. He lets others do the heavy lifting while he golfs, vacations or hosts parties. ( I know he does other work. I wrote that for effect.)

    ” O” is “no leader. He did what he was told. He could be a bully.”

    I’m not so sure a war on porn is a war against men. Some of my female friends read some racy stuff.

  81. Protein Wisdom “Progressivism and the authoritarian impulse” Stanley Fish discusses “liberal” tyranny and advises his fellow travelers to adopt it. Condemn the rightists because they are on the side of evil. Only mildly scold leftists for doing the same thing because they are on the side of goodness.

    Its supposed to be a satire, but we know people who take his admonition seriously.

  82. To the veterans that post here, Lowe’s gives 10 percent off if you show your discharge papers.

    Dosn’t matter if its on sale or not.

    I got 60 bucks back this weekend.

  83. Tigre @ 125

    No dispute on the need for emotional connection but wonder what direction it will take. Kinda scary thought.

    About time someone started a “war on men” 😆

  84. “Kinda scary thought.”

    Yes it is. If anyone hasn’t figured out Obama doesn’t really want the job, they ain’t paying attention (which is of course a majority of Obama supporters). It will be entirely manufactured. I can already see it will be Obama feeling around for a light switch in a dark room at first. It will manifest itself in strange ways because it will be set against a backdrop of a complete failure to deliver on his prior promises (which is why guys like Numbnutz and R have to stretch to the point of absurdity to claim to anything remotely close to a “victory”).

    I see the attempt to create gender conflict (i.e. “war on women”) a most pathetic experiment that represents what I am referring to. It is founded on a distortion of the real issues that eludes no one but Obama’s supporters. It relies on proxies rather than actual adversaries (Santorum, Limbaugh etc.), and exposes glaring hypocrisy (Maher, Olberman, Shultz, among gazillions of others). Most significantly, there’s no executive “solution” only inconsistent positions. The manufactured issue tested the perception that women consider the democratic party the “party of women,” If you’re awake you’d see it didn’t pass. I expect to see something similar but more successful with immigration.

    Tex made fun of Obama’s economic “success” with the bumper sticker slogan: “Obama 2012 — Prosperity is Just Around the Corner.” That slogan belonged to Hoover (I think) and does in fact capture the message precisely. That ain’t gonna work any better for Obama than it did for Hoover.

    What will Obama point to internationally? He can’t be credited with a victory in Iraq that was secured before he took office. He can’t be credited for getting us out of Afghanistan after the surge. That is a loss, not a win.

    Black v. White ran its course. More of it will backfire and of course even the most delusional Obama supporters recognize after 3 years that his being black does not itself resolve racial issues. Simply put, the novelty of a black president has worn off, and divisive policies involving race (e.g. Holder) run a greater risk of ginning up the opposition.

    I could go on. However, my point is that the attack on the caricature of the right (dangerous, racist, religious zealots) will not create the emotional connection that will elevate him — shown by the results of the lame efforts to create conflict on social issues whenever and wherever possible (sorry R, MSNBC watchers don’t count).

    I see only one direction for Obama since he’s not cool anymore: class warfare. He can play it no matter what direction the economy takes. Romney can be made to appear like a mascot for the undeserving rich. Racial sensitivities aren’t a problem etc. For those feeling squeezed, Robin Hood can easily become a source of optimism.

    And it’s this message that’s a loser for him.

    This is gonna get strange.

  85. Oh, come on Tigre. Didn’t you watch the docuwhateva The Road We’ve Traveled to get your new Hope and Change marching orders? Maybe watch it again and again until you form the right thought patterns. Newt’s got nothing like it. Neither does Mitt. the music is soooo soooothinggg…

  86. Is that the Hanks’ propaganda piece? If so, the very fact that the silly thing had to be made highlights my point. Obama shouldn’t have to package and sell his “accomplishments” as accomplishments if they really were. And I think most people are smart enough to know that, even intuitively. But it will help the overly invested MSNBCers with their need for validation though they’ll vote Obama no matter what. Cognitive dissonance is a hell of a thing.

  87. ” O” is “no leader. He did what he was told. He could be a bully.”

    This makes no sense to me. How on the one hand can he be only doing what he’s told and on the other hand be a bully? The two don’t go hand in hand.

  88. Obama shouldn’t have to package and sell his “accomplishments” as accomplishments if they really were.

    That’s got to be the dumbest thing I’ve read on this board in a good long time.

    So let me get this straight Tigre. Obama should not campaign at all, should ignore that he’s up for reelection because his accomplishments should be so overwhelmingly self evident that he can just sit back and wait for the votes to pour in. Do I get that right?

    Just how much did you drink yesterday????

  89. How on the one hand can he be only doing what he’s told and on the other hand be a bully? The two don’t go hand in hand.

    Ain’t too familiar with the mob, are you there Chicago? I wrote that about W, and James tried to claim it could fit O.

  90. Sometimes I wonder if this is like the 1850’s. Except, it aint the “peculiar institution” and the unavoidable looming conflict that is tied to slavery, but a new gorilla in the room. A perversion of democracy due to deficit spending. We even have the same disastrous presidents pretending it will all go away.

    The next 20 to 30 years is one giant bad moon rising.

    I agree with Pfessor. An AK47 can be wholesome fun at the range, at the very least.

    I’m buying more guns.

    I’m also going to buy land. 3 of my brothers have all decided to go in with me to buy a hide out. About 20 secluded acres or so. Something with wild game that could potentially even be farmed. One tank of gas in distance. The only problem is we don’t know shit about farms. In fact, we don;t know shit about shit.

  91. Why shouldn’t Obama utilize the best that Hollywood has to offer? He isn’t the first to do so, and besides, what else is it good for?

  92. “Obama should not campaign at all, should ignore that he’s up for reelection because his accomplishments should be so overwhelmingly self evident that he can just sit back and wait for the votes to pour in. Do I get that right?”

    Sorry Douchebag. I thought you had seen the thing and knew the dramatized piece of shit with the “soothing music” Poolman and I were referring to.

    So, uh, no. You didn’t get that right.

    You wouldn’t be that MSNBCer I was referring to, would you? 🙄

    Gawd. I’d like to say what you just wrote is the dumbest thing I’ve read on this board in a good long time, but I can’t. It’s on par with too much of the other dumb shit you’ve written when you’re messiah is criticized.

  93. And I wonder how anyone isn’t repulsed by the Styrofoam columns, surreal speeches in Berlin, claims to lowering sea levels, children’s songs of praise and then find myself offended by R who sees nothing wrong with it.

    Um, um, um. . . Barrack Hussein Obama. . . um, um, um. . .

  94. Tigre, I don’t give a flying f*ck about the content of the promotional video. The bottom line is you seem to be saying that when an incumbent has accomplishments, he doesn’t need to talk about them. That is plain stupid. It’s called campaigning. And in this day and age of Citizens United, all of the campaigns are going to go over the top.

    You can thank your assh*le conservative Supremes for that beauty.

  95. Styrofoam columns, surreal speeches in Berlin, claims to lowering sea levels, children’s songs of praise

    Wanna point to something that isn’t circa 2008/2009?

  96. From Rabbit’s video “It make you long for the days of Sinatra.”

    Does she know that Sinatra and a few of his rat pack buddies ate a fried egg off the back of a naked woman (I don’t remember if it was a prostitute or not). Sinatra was a scumbag and probably a mobster. She picked a really bad example for comparison.

    Unfortunately for the President, “F*ck You” is Cee Lo’s biggest hit. He has a cleaned up version called “Forget You” but as you hear in the video he asks “Can I cuss?”

    The biggest kick I got was watching the starchy white guy say he’s never heard of Cee Lo Green like that MEANS SOMETHING. 😆

  97. A hideout, rabbit? Does such a thing exist anymore? I think it’s easier to hide in plain sight, nowadays. Plenty of folks are getting away with that.

    I suppose you’ll be taking your smart phones to that hideout, eh? 😆

  98. “Wanna point to something that isn’t circa 2008/2009?”

    Yes. Your stupid Hanks video dumbass. Go back to your songs of praise. The real bottom line is I AM talking about the Hanks video — so was Poolman. That’s upsetting to you?

    United Citizens has to do with what I said how? My brethren screwed up you Messiah’s “message” somehow? Back to your substitute for logic — outrage. 🙄

    So go on with what you claim it “seems” I am saying with what I am actually saying. You’ll win your argument every time.

    I’ll observe the admonition from Proverbs and refrain from commenting further on what it “seems” you’re saying.

  99. You might enjoy reading “No Blade of Grass” or seeing the movie. A virus wiped out all grass and crashed the food supply. The government decided to nuk the cities to extend the food supply. People found out and overthrew the government. Chaos spread, and residents of some small towns later ate refugees from the cities.

    A group of normal people murdered their way to Scotland to take refuge in the main character’s brother’s farm. Unfortunately, the neighbors had already taken refuge, and there was no room for any other than the main character and his family. The two brothers had to fight for the farm. One died.

    Thank goodness, we own a farm. it is still possible to disappear if you are careful about not taking much electronic gear. In plain sight works too.

    Most big achievements are self-evident. Political advertising reminds the voters of how politicians have helped them. Obama’s ads must use a larger than normal element of exaggeration and deception.

  100. You’ll win your argument every time.

    I’m glad you noticed.

    You (and James) seem disturbed by campaign videos that exaggerate and deceive. Romney’s entire raison d’être is to be the great turnaround guy … the job creator. Yet under Romney, Massachusetts was at the bottom of the heap on job creation and debt rose precipitously.

    For some reason, Obama doing what every other politician has done throughout history gets your undies in a knot.

  101. Your Romney history is incomplete to the point of dishonesty Rutherford.
    MA job creation did remain in the bottom tier. So what? The reality is that unemployment shrank. The climate for growth was kept stagnant secondary to the liberal democrat dogma that mires the state in its unique position. Jobs are in white collar sectors with government and non profits being the big employers followed by a private sector holding dominated by the service sector. Not really any way to grow given population,geography and infrastructure confines.
    As for debt Romney produced surpluses that were whittled and dithered away by the Dem dominated Beacon Hill gang culminating in shortfalls as Deval Patrick (D) (Obama trial balloon) took office along with the coinciding dawning of the economic slump that would soon be nationwide.
    Romney is presented as a turnaround guy secondary to Olympics,Bain and the early term as governor where undeniably turned the Bay State around from a problem. On an intellectual level Romney, who is often viewed/termed as a technocrat, offers the notion that he actually has a plan.
    This is what flies in the face of Obama presently. Many fail to see where or what Obama’s plan is for a second term. Although I can concede all campaigns are guilty of flourishes hands down Obama has and will be guilty of the worse of them.

  102. Alfie made some good points. No chief executive operates in isolation, as he wrote.

    I don’t have a problem with Obama’s ad any more than I do with a slick ad for a used car with a mechanical malfunction. The two advertisements are quite similar and depend on emotional artifice to sell lies. They all do it, but Obama has a record still fresh in our minds.

  103. I want to get ahead of a curve here too. I’m not calling you (R) dishonest just the information and thinking you’re using. No offense ,k?

  104. On an intellectual level Romney, who is often viewed/termed as a technocrat, offers the notion that he actually has a plan.

    Sure he has a plan. A plan to be president. Beyond that he has tried to distance himself from his former policies and plans, his past political ones seemed too socialistic and past business ones too vulture capitalistic.

    And then there’s the billionaire passing himself off as a measly millionaire thingie. Yeah, so he definitely has a plan, all right. The bankers are all in. We all know THEY have a history of solid investment strategy. Too big to flail.

  105. Sorry, that first paragraph ^^^ should be in quotes – Alfie’s comment from 156…

    Editor’s note: Fixed it for ya.

  106. Alfie, as soon as I wrote my criticism of Romney, I expected someone to say he was screwed over by a Dem legislature.

    I just happened to glance at the blog of one of your frequent commenters, Jonolan today and he had a post about “it’s always the Jews”. Well I could take a page from that with … “it’s always the Democrats”. 🙂

  107. Thing is though the bi in MA bipartisan is a joke. The (R)’s are single digit now on the hill and EVERY veto Romney made was overturned by the Legislature.
    Some other meat that pertains to my previous. Compare your golden boy (R) J Huntsman. Sure he had spectacular job growth and population growth but his unemployment rate rose too.

    I don’t want to be a buzzkill though,your humor duly noted. 🙂

  108. Poolman, I have to slightly differ with you. One thing I like about Romney is that he has not run away from MA health care. He says it was right for Massachusetts.

    Putting aside the “y’all” and “cheesy grits”, he’s also said that he is one rich mofo and he isn’t going to apologize for it. His wealth is a consequence (so he says) of his success.

    In a strange sort of way, Romney is as much a role model as Obama. Obama represented someone who came from a broken home, mother on government assistance at times, raised by grandparents at times, who still excelled and wound up in the White House.

    Romney, on the other hand, represents someone who despite his parent’s wealth, still worked his ass off to attain wealth for himself. In a world with the right incentives, Romney would not be resented for his fortunes, but would be viewed as someone to aspire to. Obama represents the promise of social mobility in America. Romney represents the best outcome of capitalism in America.

  109. They are both likable guys, Rutherford. And I believe both are hardworking and have always been so.

    In many ways they suffer from the same things. They are way too beholden to all those that helped them rise to their current stature. They owe too many favors, in other words. Both are well-spoken and articulate. Both are politicians and will say what they need to in order to get elected.

    Obama seems to want to break out of that grip at times, whereas Romney hasn’t been in that hot seat yet.

    Do you know what the status is on Obama appointees? Is he still unable to fill his top slots? I know the ATF situation came and bit him in the butt, likely because his “people” were not in there. I wonder how many others will haunt him before November? These people are messing with our livelihoods. Off with their heads!

  110. I got tipped to this article by my “radio” cohost Sandi Behrns. The article basically states that we are all “freeloaders” when it comes to Medicare and Medicaid. Put another way, the staunchest conservative is the beneficiary of redistribution of wealth, 🙂

  111. You missed the point Rabbit. It is the claim of many that those who work “earned” their benefits while those who don’t are freeloaders. The truth is everyone gets more out than they put in. Redistribution of wealth benefits everyone. And I don’t see where your generational comment applies. This is redistribution of wealth within one generation, not necessarily paid for by future generations.

  112. I agree with what you wrote about Obama and Romney. I don’t remember anyone explaining it better.

    Yes, Medicare and Social Security are paying us more than we paid in. Many states get more money than they pay in taxes. Our combination of socialism and capitalism tends to equalize the extremes. Unfortunately, it is a giant Ponzi scheme which will unravel if too much goes out relative to what comes in.

    One factor contributing to Europe’s problems is its low birth rate. Mark Styne wrote about the demographic collapse in “America Alone.” Immigrants and the Bible Belt’s high birth rate will delay our day of reconning. .

  113. No James. Its not a Ponzi scheme. Didn’t you read what Rutherford said?

    There is a golden goose tied down in the bowels of the U.S. Treasury laying magical golden eggs.

    Its equivalent to when Jesus turned water into wine.

  114. 😆 I love miracles. If the Bernanke wasn’t taking those and making them into omelets for his bar mitzvah buddies, we could all have some scrambled and served with biscuits and gravy.

    But NOOOOOoooooo!!!!!!!!!

  115. Rabbit, do you get spring break this week? Just curious. My grandkids are out right now for a week. Other schools have it a different week. It sure got cold all of a sudden. So much for global warming. I was hopeful. 😉 Of course, we’ll get our test of fire before too long. I do love the warm. Come on sun!

  116. For all you druggies out there, Father knows best. Or mother nature, if you prefer. Just so you know, sometimes the MANipulators™ don’t…

    …or do they? 😈

    In 2004, the pharmaceutical company Merck voluntarily recalled the drug Vioxx after four years on the market, marking the start of the end of what FDA scientist Dr. David Graham stated in testimony before the Senate was the “single greatest drug safety catastrophe in the history of this country or the history of the world.” For many, that was four years too late. Dr. Graham calculated that the drug had resulted in 55,000 premature deaths from heart attacks and strokes and caused 100,000 unnecessary heart attacks in the U.S. alone.


    Fellow test market dummies unite. Throw off these hexes.

  117. Rabbit is that your new look now that we need to get used to seeing?

    Just wondering. It’s totally diametrical. An invert of your former form.

  118. I have never taken drugs , but sometimes, they do good things. For example, we know Santa has many parents. The Sami side of Santa may have come from a red and white mushroom shaman took as part of their religious ceremonies.

    They supposedly saw reindeer flying in circles around their lodges, as spirits entered and left through their smoke holes.

  119. “I’m also going to buy land. 3 of my brothers have all decided to go in with me to buy a hide out. About 20 secluded acres or so. Something with wild game that could potentially even be farmed. One tank of gas in distance. The only problem is we don’t know shit about farms. In fact, we don;t know shit about shit.”

    I grew up on a subsistence farm. You *can* feed yourself, but most of your time will go into doing just that. It is very hard to generate enough food to eat without additional labor help, even with several kids to help you. You will first of all need a fence to confine your livestock. You will need a tractor or a draught horse; you can buy an older used tractor with plows, discs, cultivator plows fairly cheap. Don’t go new; used is just fine. You will have to learn how to fix it, though. if you think a tractor is too risky (needs fuel, etc.) you can plow with a horse (I have done that.) but you need *some* way to break up the soil; you can’t do enough acreage by hand to feed several people. A horse will need about 3-4 acres of pasture and you will have to grow or buy hay and/or raise corn to feed him in the winter. (Figure about 4 acres for a hay field, minimum, for one draught horse.) You will need fertilizer for the soil since, if it has not been recently cultivated, the native weed species will have depleted the nutrients and nothing will grow. Compost works very well for small plots like a small garden, but a little garden will not feed you all winter.

    Any meat is very expensive resource-wise if you farm it. Hunting is more efficient but 20 acres won’t provide a continuous source of meat; it’s too small. You will need to hunt over a minimum of, I would say, 125-150 acres to support or supplement you and two brothers, maybe more. As for homegrown food, the numbers get pretty daunting pretty fast; it is a real shock to understand just how efficient modern American farmers are at providing safe food at really, really cheap prices.

    There are actually books on survivalism that go into the details. It is a major change if you intend to be self-sufficient. I don’t predict the breakup of civilization, at least not in our lifetimes, but the potential for some very hairy times is there if you cannot at least supplement yourself food-wise.

  120. Rutherford. I really don’t know what is going on with WordPress. Anytime I try to use my pfesser53 account it tells me I need to login. I go to WordPress and login but it still doesn’t work. WTF?

    I used pfesser52 instead of 53 so I could at least post as anonymous.

  121. OK Rutherford –

    It looks like login at Gravatar doesn’t get it. I have to login at WordPress.com

    I should have a couple of comments stuck in moderation under pfesser52.

  122. Maybe I don’t get the logic but I don’t know why you’d think logging into gravatar.com would do you any good on WP. If WP wants a login, WP wants a login.

    I haven’t had a chance to review the links provided by ChenZhen earlier in the thread. I’ll try to give them a read today. It sounds like WP is simply cracking down on commenters to register at WP (or use other signins such as Facebook).

  123. OK, I’ve just read ChenZhen’s links and frankly I’m still puzzled. The idea that you have to click login (under the META section of my right panel) and use your gravatar id and pw and then get an error message to top it off, just doesn’t make sense.

    I don’t have the patience to do my own research on this but I might since CZ’s solution seems very convoluted to me.

    Can any of the commenters who encountered problems please post a comment on how you now get around it. Do you actually use your gravatar id and pw? Do you get the error messages noted in CZ’s article?

    As I’ve said before, as a WP blogger I’ve always had a WP id and pw so this change they’ve made never effected me one way or the other. (Well, I take that back … I do get logged out of the system more frequently than I used to,)

  124. One thing you have to acount for when estimating the amount amount of land you need to support your family is the competition. Who else will be hunting also?

    A cheap source of protein is poultry. Chickens are self-sustaining if you have enough of them, and they are good foragers. Predators and disease are the main things to watch for.

  125. Pfessor,

    In other words, if we needed to farm, the Rabbit boys would be fucked.

    The whole farm thing for me is more romance then it is anything else.

    Here’s the funny part. Only on Sunday nights do the Rabbit family texts seem to go out about our…cough….”farm”. An odd form escapism before the upcoming week of corporate and government douche bag-ism, I suppose.

    I will say this, there is a faint feeling of claustrophobia being tied to modern society. Particularly when you see the direction we’re going in.

    In reality, we just want some hunting land.

  126. Ok…I ask our resident Obama appologists this one.

    I don’t bust Obama’s balls about golf. I do think Michelle is a little excessive when it comes to her vacations, but I’m not losing sleep over it.

    But, despite you’re own administration’s travel warnings, why would Obama send his kid to Mexico for spring break?

    The logistics appear to be an expensive nightmare. 20 secret service agents?

    I just read on Drudge that the administration is asking the media to stop reporting on it.

    The public relations aspect is also a no brainer: The kid doesn’t go to Mexico.

    You’re a 12 year old kid…..you’re old man has already spent as much money that Bush did in two terms in 3 years……go to the amusement park for a day.


    There is certainly a disconnect with this family, sometimes, that I don’t get.

  127. Well you know, Rabbit, that I trust Drudge about as far as I can throw him but let’s accept the story as is. I have a bigger question for you. Why the hell is a 12 year old going on spring break to Mexico in the first place? I thought spring break was partaken by college kids getting drunk and laid. Is Michelle going with her? Grandma?

    Damn you … now I have to go Drudge and leave my footprint there to get the story myself. 😦

  128. New rule. No future POTUS can be married or have kids still living at home when they get elected. Too much of a distraction for a land of detractors. It’s bad enough we got to know what they eat, read, smoke, wear, screw, and watch.

    George Washington would not look so good to us if he was in office today.

  129. @ 186
    it isn’t foolishness and isn’t a first of. both Italy and Spain have previously entered into the fray of fighting waifs although they did it via pressuring the users.
    Brazil has also heightened its internal awareness when their 88lb stick croaked….but she wasn’t anorexic [snark]
    Lay off the Knesset at least they passed a budget!

  130. On the one hand Oaxaca has not been singled out by the State department for caution. But there is an overall warning about Mexico.

    I would have liked to be a fly on the wall at the White House to hear how Malia sold her parents on letting her go.

    Oh well.

  131. Alfie, on the Knesset budget, LOL point taken.

    OK an on topic and tasteless joke:

    If only Cass Elliot had given that sandwich to Karen Carpenter, they’d both be alive today.

  132. 1. Rutherd…that is funny:)
    2. Everyone lay off Obama. The dollar to peso exchange is like 1:13 that is austerity in action baby!

  133. R – I really hate to bust your chops about Mama Cass – I believed the ham sandwich thing myself until about a month ago.

    Unfortunately for us, she really did die from a heart attack.

    I think John Phillips died from acute perversion.

  134. Can any of the commenters who encountered problems please post a comment on how you now get around it.-R

    What I did was click log-in and typed in my email ( and never used Raji because it gets confused between WP & my gravatar’s user name. Then for password I clicked on “forgot” and let them send me an email on how to reset my password. Original password for WP or gravatar did not compute. I kinda assumed they wanted everyone to reset anyway to foil the one person that caused this unholy mess!!!
    If you don’t have a gravatar, it’s the same process: email + forgot password + reset
    Once I got logged in I just stayed logged in.

    In reality, we just want some hunting land.-DR

    DR ever thought of leasing. There are a lot of farmers that will lease out land for hunting for about the amount of property taxes which they can’t afford. Often they will allow you to build a small portable campground for overnighting.

  135. “I would have liked to be a fly on the wall at the White House to hear how Malia sold her parents on letting her go.”-R

    Boy oh boy, R I can tell what kind of spring breaks you are used to 😉 More than likely it is a school sponsored function which a lot of parents encourage private middle schools to organize for spring breaks. Much A Do About Nothing! .I believe you will be dealing with the same situation in about 4-5 years.
    As Alfie pointed out, cheaper than spring break in the USA.

  136. One other comment re: Mexico. If Malia stays at home locked in the White House or shipped off to Camp David there will still be 20 secret service guys on the payroll

  137. Yeah, I’m sure spring break is real exciting with 20 secret service guys in tow. Just wait till she hits 16. Raji, don’t be so logical. It sounds better if we have to hire on this entourage for every new occasion. Like our freakin’ congress critters don’t overspend while on our dime. 🙄 It’s a frikkin’ country club circuit.

    Hey, Rutherford. Did they make smiling illegal, too? I wasn’t sure if that model in the article you linked was the example of too skinny, or not. She looked “normal” from what I could tell. Oh, and I guess that IS a smile she’s wearing. Hard to tell with kosher sometimes. 😐

  138. I don’t know, you Obama apologists are probably right about the secret service thing.

    However, why not draw a line in the sand and say “we just advised the commoners not to go to Mexico, you’re not going.”

    I can’t imagine too many school sponsored events that take kids overseas any more, not alone to Mexico, but she does go to an elite private school.

    Whatever though, I’ll take your advice and move on.

    As for Poolman and his distraction meme, am I the only one here that finds his take puke worthy, considering my man spends most of his time arguing that America attacked America on 9/11 and Iran is being screwed by some mysterious Jewish Illuminati? And he’s the one lecturing about distractions?

    There isn’t a more harmful distraction to this country then the “Truther movement”. That ignorance is a plague.

  139. “DR ever thought of leasing”-

    No I haven’t. An interesting option though.

    However, I love that warm fuzzy feeling of owning land. We can even fly the Rabbit family crest over our fiefdom if we buy.

  140. R – another “factual story.”

    A young cowboy from Texas goes off to college. Half way through the semester, having foolishly squandered all his money …. he calls home.

    Dad,” he says, “You won’t believe what modern education is developing! They actually have a program here in Missoula that will teach our dog, Ole’ Blue, how to talk!”

    “That’s amazing,” his Dad says. “How do I get Ole’ Blue in that program?”

    “Just send him down here with $1,000,” the young cowboy says, “and I’ll get him in the course.”

    So, his father sends the dog and $1,000. About two-thirds of the way through the semester, the money again runs out. The boy calls home.

    “So how’s Ole’ Blue doing son?” his father asks.

    “Awesome, Dad, he’s talking up a storm,” he says, “but you just won’t believe this — they’ve had such good results, they have started to teach the animals how to read!”

    “Read!?” says his father, “No kidding! How do we get Blue in that program?”

    “Just send $2,500, I’ll get him in the class.” The money promptly arrives. But our hero has a problem. At the end of the year, he knows his father will find out the dog can neither talk nor read.

    So he shoots the dog. When he arrives home at the end of the year, his father is all excited.

    “Where’s Ole’ Blue? I just can’t wait to see him read something and talk!”

    “Dad,” the boy says, “I have some grim news. Yesterday morning, just before we left to drive home, Ole’ Blue was in the living room, kicked back in the recliner, reading the Wall Street Journal, like he usually does. Then Ole’ Blue turned to me and asked, ‘so, is your daddy still messing around with that little redhead who lives down the street?'”

    The father went white and exclaimed, “I hope you shot that S.O.B. before he talks to your Mother!”

    “I sure did, Dad!”

    That’s my boy!”

    The kid went on to law school and now serves in Washington D.C. as a Congressman.

  141. There isn’t a more harmful distraction to this country then the “Truther movement”.

    You know, Rabbit, I was going to challenge you and say the birther movement was just as harmful but when I gave it further thought I decided against it.

    The birther movement is an insult to a man.
    The truther movement is an insult to a country and an institution.

    My “defense” of truthers has always come down to this … many of them just can’t accept that the country could be brought to its knees by 18 box cutter wielding assh*les. I may be using the wrong phrase, but isn’t it Occam’s Razor … the simplest solution is usually the right one. It doesn’t get much simpler than 18 assh*les with box cutters.

  142. PF, it’s a shame the joke ended with “congressman” and not “Senator”. Cos then I could have added a coda onto the joke:

    And the kid’s name was John Edwards. 😉

  143. There’s a couple senators now saying the latest intelligence leaks point to the Saudi government’s involvement in 9/11, hopper. But why let that spoil the narrative? They’re our friends, right? The evidence is substantial on this. Americans will be the very last to know. We’re more worried about Obama’s vacations or porn wars.

    More of the conspiracy network people are gearing up for the NEXT false flag event that some feel will catapult us into WWIII soon.

    Apparently the hundred year anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking next month and the alignment of the stars and dates are just right to advance an agenda, in circles where numerology and hexes matter.

    They say to closely watch the USS Enterprise as it makes it’s final deployment toward the middle east that began 3/11/2012…

  144. “Rabbit are you and your brothers really in a position to own land? If not, are you ready to get into another unholy alliance with a bank? ”


    Hell no.

    Cash, baby.

    Pure, green inked fiat.

    La Bank for me is like an ex-wife in a failed marriage where both sides have moved on.

    We are truly done with one another.

    I don’t care who she is fucking anymore. And believe me, she is fucking somebody good.

    The divorce was bar none, the best thing I ever did. The relationship was full of depraved infidelity on both sides. Who cares if she was a pretty bitch on the outside.

    It seriously was a million dollar swing in the direction of my favor when interest and the opportunity cost of paying said interest on a house that lost around 50% of its value is factored in.

    Walking from my home was the smartest thing I ever did. The weird thing is, I think it improved my character. I am a new man.

    Hand shakes. Eye contact. Honor. Saving up for shit. That’s the world I live in now. It’s liberating.

    Land up north can be cheap.

  145. “Saudi government’s involvement in 9/11,”-poolman

    Well, a normal person with a conscious would feel pretty shitty if that turned out to be true if this normal person had been blaming George Bush and the Mossad for the attacks for over a decade. Even going as far as to say the building were lined with explosives.

  146. Not for nothing but my Obama comment was meant as humor.

    It’s a tough crowd, Alfie. Trust me though, we all got our pout on.

  147. Just offering this,honest no specific reason…
    The USS Enterprise is underway in the Atlantic.Heading towards the Med
    The carriers USS Carl Vinson and USS Abraham Lincoln are in the Gulf area.
    The LHD Makin Island is in port in Bahrain.
    Additional assets are there for sure but these are the big ticket items that the Iranians care about as well as the entire mix of domestic watchers.
    ** link is a wiki that serves as an easy course on the ship

  148. Oh, right. The Mossad connection. You have read the latest Stratfor’s hacked emails from Wikileaks, right?

    The emails, dated 2 May 2007, show discussions between Fred Burton, Stratfor’s vice-president of counter-terrorism, and analysts in regards to the alleged secret Saudi-Israeli intelligence alliance. The email exchange also shows that Stratfor execs considered pursuing their own business relationship with the Saudi monarchy or, as Burton called them, “sleezy arsehole ragheads.”

    Burton forwarded a short message to the general analyst email list which recounted HUMINT (human intelligence) on the alleged secret deal. The source claimed that Mossad offered covert assistance to the Saudis with “intelligence collection and advice on Iran.” The city of Nicosia in Cyprus was cited in the email “as a primary transit hub into Riyadh.” (doc-id 1227888)

    Additionally, the source advised Burton that the Saudis “are playing both sides of the fence – with the jihadists and the Israelis – for fear that the US does not have a handle on either.”


  149. Just keep teaching them what your books and government tell you, rabbit. Like a good pawn soldier. Do it for the A team.

  150. You’re welcome any time here in Detroit for a parent teacher conference.

    I think you’ll find that Mr. Rabbit’s most effective lesson is very far removed from school books, copperhead.

  151. Raji is right about leasing land for hunting. We let people hunt on our land for free as long as we know them and they treat our property well.

    It does take an unholy alliance with a bank to buy farm land. We were in debt from 1974 until 2006. At one time, we owed the bank $600,000.00. And that is when land was cheap. One year, during the farm recession we paid our property taxes with a credit card because they charged lower interest than the bank.

    Our daughter didn’t get a Cabbage Patch doll until she graduated from high school, because we couldn’t afford one earlier. I repaired my boots with duct tape, and we taped shut the passenger door of the car my wife drove to work so it wouldn’t fly open. Her teaching job, couponing, and the garden saved the farm.

    There is no feeling that compares with owning almost a section of land. I feel free.

    You sound like a good teacher, rabbit, and I like your attitude about your life history.

    I am also a Libra Poolman. Do you have blue eyes and fair skin too?

    I agree about the truthers and bithers.

  152. James, actually Raji is the Libra. I’m an Aries.

    I don’t know about birthers. Sheriff Joe thinks he’s onto something. I could give a hoot. It isn’t life or death.

    But truthers I do know and the movement is growing and gaining credibility worldwide. Thank God for the FOIA. Probably the single greatest act with which to grade past performance.

  153. I think Bush is related to the Sauds. I have felt that for a long time. Take a closer look at those pictures. I’ve seen plenty. I think there’s a bloodline.

    How’s that for crazy? It’s a crazy ass world! Try to maintain ur sane.

  154. It isn’t much crazier than Obama’s and Cheney’s being distant relatives.

    Sometimes speed reading gets me in trouble as with the birth signs,.

  155. I never did like speed. Reading either. But yeah, when I just scan something I sometimes miss relations. What bugs me, well one of the many things anyway, is when I am reading a story and they start talking about someone that is suppose to be the witness or the expert and they just list a partial name and I must have missed the full name, so I have to go back all the way up to the first mention of the name to see who it is and what their qualifications are. That bugs me. It pisses me off if there is no full name or qualification.

    News is so disjointed, anymore. There are multiple sources with the exact same narrative. I need more depth and perspective.

  156. Tex posted a video over at BiWs dedicated to Rutherford and Ms Fluke that’s called “My Vagina is 8 Miles Wide” that’s funny as shit.

    I’m still LMFAO.

    I’ve been trying to finish a couple renovation bids but am easily distracted tonight and the cerveza, well, I probably should have had some dinner…

  157. LOL funny how Bush kisses king but when Obama bows he gets all sorts of sh*t.

    They are the best of friends – or related. There are so many pictures of them embracing. Do a google search. Heck, even the bin Ladens were all over the nation, many good friends with the Bush’s and having a grand ole time till they flew them out of this country just days after the twin towers and number seven came a tumblin’ down.

    Good times.

  158. The Steyn piece is good. The “hydra” posted this on that other site that will remain nameless. I thought it was apropos. I sure miss Paul Harvey’s profound messages.

  159. “PF, it’s a shame the joke ended with “congressman” and not “Senator”. Cos then I could have added a coda onto the joke:
    And the kid’s name was John Edwards. ”

    Why let facts get in the way of a good story? – R

  160. “I don’t care who she is fucking anymore. And believe me, she is fucking somebody good.
    LOL One of your best lines yet!! ”

    I got in hot water on another blog by noting that my ex was dating a ne’er-do-well and that I “was glad somebody was finally getting some use out of that p**sy; I could guarantee the fellow that there was no wear on it.”

    Can’t believe I said that now. I know for sure it was used twice, since we had two kids. I just hope it was me.

  161. I can imagine you did get in hot water with that comment.

    What I loved about Rabbit’s comment was the bank was the “she” and sure enough she is always f*cking someone over.

  162. R –

    No, I got The Rabbit’s little twist there.


    Along the verbal judo line: I was just talking to my Alzheimer’s brother and it reminded me of an old story of his – and it is really, really true. Thought I would share with the Group.

    Gene lived in Cleveland during the forced busing era, and Cleveland was in such way integrated by a judge Battista, I think was his name. As you might imagine, very few of the white parents were too thrilled about having their kids force-bused to the East Side, where you were taking your life in your own hands; those who could coughed up the $ to send their children to private school.

    My brother had five kids, so it was quite a burden for a working-class guy to send them all to private school, but after two of them had been beaten up he did whatever it took to move them out. As you might imagine, neither he nor anyone he knew was much a fan of the Judge.

    Fast forward. The Judge is retired, and while hunting in the Rockies gets Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever from a tick bite and dies. The Cleveland Plain Dealer asks for written contributions to a story they are doing about this “controversial figure.” Controversial – yeah right. The only controversy was over what was the appropriate caliber round.

    My brother decided to “contribute” and sent in the following:

    “Reward: $2000 to anyone who can locate the tick that bit Judge Battista. I wish to buy him his own dog.”

    True story.

  163. I hate to be the guy who talks about the weather….but this winter/early spring ranks as one of the craziest natural events I’ve ever witnessed and I’ve found myself in a couple doozies.

    I’ve heard the frogs fucking now for 3 weeks and its only still March 21.

    My 2 and a half year is really good at colors. So I decided to ask him the colors of some things with a little more nuance. The following is the exchange:

    Dead Rabbit: What’s the color of my face?
    Little Rabbit: Pink
    Dead Rabbit: Whats the color of my eye brows?
    Little Rabbit: White
    Dead Rabbit: Whats the color of my teeth
    Little Rabbit: uh………Brown.

  164. “Reward: $2000 to anyone who can locate the tick that bit Judge Battista. I wish to buy him his own dog.”


  165. LOL … since kids of that age usually tell the truth … Rabbit, you got some splainin’ to do. 🙂

    Here in northern Illinois we have jumped from Winter straight to Summer. It’s a bit unnerving to say the least.

  166. I agree about Mark Steyn. Its why I mentioned his book. Other people are moving toward what he was thinking four or so years ago.

    Most of the cold air is locked above the Arctic circle. Alaskans, for example know where winter is.

    Hundreds of people died of the cold in parts of Europe, too.

    Our forsythia are blooming. and so is a daffodil by the south side of the house.

    There was similar weather in the plains during the winter of 1873. Farmers had tilled most of their land, and spring wheat was already up before Easter. Late on Easter Sunday, it began to rain and then snow. A blizzard raged for the next four days.

    You never know.

    Best Buy’s Geek Squad says our computer may have a failing mother board or hard drive based on my description. We are too busy to take it to Omaha right now. It gave us a black screen for over a day, but I persuaded it to work for now. It has been freezing with the cursor not moving. I turn it off, and the screen stays black. Sometimes it comes back to life. Our computer is seven years old. We probably need a new one.

    Now, you know why I may be gone for awhile.

  167. James – if it is a Windows machine you may have picked up a virus.

    Macs are available used and they don’t have that problem.

  168. OMG, we have an Apple fanboy on our hands. PF I highly doubt that Macs never get infected with viruses. I know it’s the product of Saint Steve but it’s still a computer. As long as there are computers there will be malicious assh*les who know how to f*ck them up.

    Just sayin’.

  169. Fan? You bet, but it’s based on experience. In my journeys down the porn trail I travel where the meek fear to tread but in fifteen years have never had a virus – that is, of course, except on my Windows machines, which I do not own any more.

    Actually there is a very old article on Daring Fireball, enumerating why Macs don’t get viruses.


    It’s the basic difference in how the Mac OS – a variant of Linux, which now runs the Internet – and Windows – operate at a very fundamental level. I don’t have the time to go through it, but that old article is pretty clear. Take a shot at it and let me know what you think.

  170. PF, I read your DaringFireball article and it gave me a chuckle in light of some of our social discussions on this board. Windows is a dilapidated black neighborhood, the consequence of liberal social programs and MAC is the gated white community. ROTFLMAO. 😆

    Windows = Detroit
    Mac = Beverly Hills. 🙂

  171. Thor, do you get the feeling that Eric Fehrnstrom is looking for new work today? If Romney hasn’t fired him by now, he is one tolerant boss.

    In fairness, the Etch-A-Sketch comment is being taken out of context. Everyone knows full well that the general election never goes like the primary did. That’s all the guy was saying. But with Romney and his flip-flops, it was the worst thing he could say.

    It’s funny to see Santorum and Gingrich running around with Etch-A-Sketches on the campaign trail. 😆

  172. James did your computer come with Recovery Disks? Do you still have the paperwork?

    A manual that came with your PC will have the instructions on how to recover your system (reinstall the Operating System/Windows), which would remove/repair any software issues, including viruses. A seven year old PC is going to need a tinkerer to keep it running smoothly. If that’s not your bag, then a Mac would probably suit you better. I prefer (require, actually) customization, power, and cutting edge components. I’m a hard core DIY-er.

    If your system won’t even allow you to reinstall your OS then it’s very likely a hardware issue. The bootup process allows for a limited range of operations (including running your recovery disks) before it loads Windows (where most viruses take root).

  173. Although I still believe you’ll do the Etch a Sketch dance that will undoubtedly come out in the general I say good for you for knowing the truth.
    Primary=make the party base happy or even better experience an erection lasting more than 4 hours.
    General= reality,truth and soberness.

  174. I have a mentally ill parent of a mentally ill girl (mainstreamed, of course) calling for my firing because I showed Michelangelo’s David. and the Sistine Chapel.

    Apparently I’m a pervert who has permanently damaged the conservative Christian values she has put so much time into establishing.

    I thought this wouldst go a way, but apparently the case against me has grown more ominous.

    It has been documented that I briefly discussed Marie Antoinette and Louis XII’s marital problems and played part of a History Channel movie that quickly showed a quasi raunchy cartoon of Marie being mocked in the new French press.

    This is why I quit the day the union goes bye bye.

  175. Even better, here’s a clip that shows Romney ON an etch-a-sketch, a portrait taken during his Reagan phase, thus, the cowboy hat. Watch the whole two minutes and you’ll see him being choked by Newt while wearing a chicken suit. I swear. 😉

  176. “I have a mentally ill parent of a mentally ill girl (mainstreamed, of course) calling for my firing because I showed Michelangelo’s David. and the Sistine Chapel.
    Apparently I’m a pervert who has permanently damaged the conservative Christian values she has put so much time into establishing.” – DR

    Hope she never walks by the horse statue in front of P.F. Chang’s. That unit will make her head explode. 😉

  177. Rabbit on the one hand I sympathize with you. On the other hand, she’s not mentally ill …. she’s a religious zealot. This is what extreme immersion in religion buys you … a nutty view of sex and an aversion to those little body parts that might show up in classic paintings and sculpture.

    I’m telling you, the sooner you make your relationship with God personal and private, and abandon the “followers”, the better off you’ll be.

    P.S. And God bless unions!!! 🙂

  178. Speaking of little body parts, I saw my cat’s penis for the first time ever last night and I think it has permanently traumatized me. Usually it’s retracted but for some reason (maybe he’s horny) that sucker was sticking out last night as he laid on his back in a Playgirl (or is that Playcat) pose. Looks like the end of a sharpened pencil. Disgusting as hell. My daughter got a major kick out of it. I just wanted to puke. (It was during dinner no less.) 😳

  179. The thinly traded toymaker more than tripled to $12.50 on one transaction of 500 shares at 10:41 a.m. in New York on the over-the-counter market. It was the biggest intra-day move for the shares since at least 1980, according to data compiled by Bloomberg

    Romney isn’t even POTUS yet and he is positively impacting the economy!!!!

  180. “she’s a religious zealot”-R

    Dude. She is mentally ill. As in clinically.

    I have taught hundreds of your so called “zealots”. I have found right wing evangelical families to be the most reasonable and respectful out of everyone in the whole school.

    When my wife was having miscarriages, they would even take the time to send me condolence cards, for craps sake.

    Your bigotry and stereotyping bull shit has got to stop.

    I’m not a Protestant. Nor am I a very religious guy. I have no skin in the game when it comes to your wrong headed claims. If it was true, I’d say it.

  181. I’m telling you, the sooner you make your relationship with God personal and private, and abandon the “followers”, the better off you’ll be.

    BINGO!!! BINGO!!! BINGO!!!

    Could not be more on target, Rutherford. Despite whateva Tex says, there’s hope for you yet. 😀

  182. Rabbit, maybe my vision is flawed by not knowing these evangelicals personally. What I see in the news (stereotypes?) is not appealing and is consistent with your clinically ill school-mom.

  183. Speaking of little body parts, I saw my cat’s penis for the first time ever last night and I think it has permanently traumatized me.

    Man, you’ve lived a sheltered life. 😯 I may have to reassess my new found confidence in you.

    Although it is supposed to take a child-like faith…

  184. The student is clinical.

    As for your “news”….all I see is dead black gangstas in the news. I should probably distance myself from you, for my own safety.

    But, you got poolman screaming BINGO! So, you must be right.

  185. “I’m telling you, the sooner you make your relationship with God personal and private, and abandon the “followers”, the better off you’ll be.”-R

    Such irony since the lady wants me fired for showing the art work from a famous CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe you and the crazy person aren’t so far removed after all.

  186. I should probably distance myself from you, for my own safety.

    Hey maaaan, I always be packin’. Any mofo get on my bad side, I’m sure to pop a cap upside his head. 😉

    Hey this could be the perfect segue to the next post. 🙂

  187. Poolman, I actually think Etch-A-Sketch and Bain Capital are connected by a few degrees of separation.

    There’s a silver lining for Mitt Romney with every Etch A Sketch his opponents purchase, though: A big seller is Toys ‘R Us, which was bought out in 2005 by an investor consortium including Romney’s own Bain Capital. Bottom Line

  188. Such irony since the lady wants me fired for showing the art work from a famous CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And not only that, These are classics. Timeless and masterful. Genius. Realism at it’s best.

    That’s the problem with us. We’re just plain stupid and too proud to admit it. We can’t appreciate beauty or see reality due to brain fog.

  189. R you’d be more inclined to “pop” or “bust” a cap in someone’s “ass” not “upside their head”.
    Also you’d be more likely to be “strappin’ ” or be “strapped” me thinks than “packing”.

  190. Poolman/Rutherford,

    I was directing that irony at you. The art work itself is an unapologetic public display of religious passion.

    Exactly what both you clowns were rallying against while high fiving one another.

    Like I said, R is not so different from the crazies.

  191. Rabbit, there was plenty of irony to go around to be sure.

    However, you are confused.

    I “bingoed” Rutherford for revealing a “mankind-to-God relationship” key, while your “crazy” zealot mom is revealing a “morality-to-society relationship”. The latter often referred to as a “holier than thou” attitude.

    She needs to pull her kid out of public school instead of trying to make the public school comply with her distorted moral worldview.

    It doesn’t matter how the beholder interprets Michelangelo’s works. Whether you see them as the passionate religious expression he intended, or just as awesome and realistic art. Whether it’s displayed in a church building or any other public forum, it doesn’t matter.

    The interpretation happens in the mind. What we take in visually and aurally is neither good nor evil, pure nor perverted. It is benign. It is how we process it and deal with it that determines whether it is good or evil. Thus the “fog” I describe.

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