Real Voter Fraud

My fellow liberals are understandably upset about various Republican state legislatures passing laws that will restrict voting access to typically disenfranchised people. These laws disproportionately limit votes that would probably be for Democrats. The premise behind the stricter laws is to stamp out that dreaded boogeyman VOTER FRAUD. Of course, we wouldn’t want to remind these legislators that the occurrence of voter fraud is miniscule.

If my Republican friends really want to worry about voter fraud, I’d like to turn their attention to a fraud that goes unnoticed every election. Very simply it is the phenomenon of very stupid people entering the voting booth.

My story actually begins with my own stupidity. The other day I was looking at a map of the proposed Keystone pipeline extension which had a solid line and a dotted line on it. I was having trouble understanding the difference. Like an idiot, I had neglected to notice the legend at the bottom of the map. My almost-eight year old 2nd grader explained the map to me when my wife prompted her to. I then updated my Facebook status to say “The verdict is in. I am not smarter than a 2nd grader.”

Things got worse however later in the day. The Lawson family gathered around the warm glow of the television to watch the game show Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?. For the uninitiated, contestants on this show try to win money by answering questions in topics taught in the first through fifth grades. Each contestant gets the help of one actual fifth grader from a panel that appears in each episode. With that backdrop, the following transpired. Mind you, I am NOT making this up.

The question: Which President of the United States served immediately before Franklin Delano Roosevelt? (Answer: Herbert Hoover)

The contestant thought aloud, “Well, IF Roosevelt served more than one term, then maybe the President who served before Roosevelt was Roosevelt himself?” The host, Jeff Foxworthy was kind enough to tell the woman that there are no trick questions on the show. I could see at this point, things were not going to end well. IF? One of the most well-known facts about Roosevelt was that he was elected four times, the only President with that distinction. Clearly this fact had escaped our poor contestant.

After pushing her brain to its limit she called on her fifth grade partner for assistance. Sadly the young girl was not the best exemplar of our educational system. Her answer was “Abraham Lincoln”. At this point, I went into shock. Lincoln was long dead before Roosevelt was even born. Their terms were not even in the same century. But forgiving man that I am, I gave the poor fifth grader a pass and blamed her teachers for her utter ignorance.

Our adult contestant now had the option to use the fifth grader’s answer or come up with her own. She wisely chose to reject “Abraham Lincoln”. The furrows in her forehead deepened. She descended into intense meditation. And then it came to her. She had arrived at her answer. Her answer was …


Gasping for air, I asked my wife to call the paramedics. Just when I thought the lady recognized the utter impossibility of Lincoln, she picked a President even earlier than Lincoln. In fact, she picked the fourth President of the United States. Could the fourth POTUS possibly have served in the 1930’s? So three possibilities come to mind. She either knew nothing about Madison, or nothing about Roosevelt, or nothing about either. She was a grown-ass woman! She was incapable of making a guess that contained even the slightest hint of deductive reasoning. Had she said Calvin Coolidge, I could have said ok … early 20th century President. Had she said Harry Truman, I could’ve said ok, she’s got a good time frame there and just got the men in the wrong order. But no, her answer was the answer of a blindingly stupid person.

And now the real tragedy … this woman can vote. It makes you wonder just how many of the folks who enter the voting booth cannot discern their anus from a hole in the ground. And if it is true that much of America is dumb-as-a-post stupid, what does that say about the leaders we choose? Is it any wonder we have a Congress that repeatedly makes a spectacle of itself in incompetence? And while I still support our President, is it any wonder that we demanded virtually no relevant experience from him before electing him to the Presidency? Is it any wonder that the current slate of Republican Presidential wanna-be’s appear to be answering a casting call for Saturday Night Live?

The real voter fraud going on in America is that folks who can’t tell the difference between a SALT treaty and a salt shaker are choosing the man or woman who gives the “go” on a nuclear strike. Sadly, while we can legally ask you to produce all sorts of identification to prove you are who you say you are at the ballot box, we can’t legally ensure you won’t put James Madison as a write in candidate on the ballot.


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  1. Rutherford, this all sounds so familiar.

    “…is it any wonder that we demanded virtually no relevant experience from him before electing him to the Presidency?”

    Speak for yourself. Some of us did demand it and were told that winning elections counts as relevant experience.

  2. “My fellow liberals are understandably upset about various Republican state legislatures passing laws that will restrict voting access to typically disenfranchised people. These laws disproportionately limit votes that would probably be for Democrats. The premise behind the stricter laws is to stamp out that dreaded boogeyman VOTER FRAUD. Of course, we wouldn’t want to remind these legislators that the occurrence of voter fraud is miniscule.”

    And we wouldn’t want to remind anyone how simple it is for legal citizens to get legal identification. The same kind of identification they need to show in order to cash a check, use a credit card, or buy a beer.

  3. LOL

    This is hillarious. R, you VOTED for this guy and the Dems have perpetuated an ignorant electorate for decades! In fact, you desperately cling to just that, an ignorant electorate.

    Too funny. Good post R…

  4. A couple weeks ago my wife and I visited the Great Man’s mountain – our yearly pilgrimage – during the course of which I picked up a couple of $2 bills, which if you don’t remember, have Jefferson’s likeness on the front.

    I bought a coffee with the bill later in the week in my hometown and the girl behind the counter stared at Jefferson’s image. “Now which president was he?” she said…sixth?

    No, I said, third.

    “How do you know that so quick?”

    Not feeling in a very charitable mood, I said, “Because I went to grade school in the ‘sixties, not the ’00s.”

    “Yeah, we didn’t learn much. How many presidents do you know?” I named them off up to Grant. (We had to learn them all in fifth grade, and something about each.)

    She just shook her head. So did I. Worlds apart. Worlds.

  5. Not feeling in a very charitable mood, I said, “Because I went to grade school in the ‘sixties, not the ’00s.”

    😆 About on par with me helping the nice man wearing his mother’s diamond earrings make change from a twenty at Braum’s the other night. $3.45 for milk. He “messed up” while ringing it up. Frustrated and without a manager’s assistance to reset the register, disgruntled customers lining up behind, I told him,

    “You owe me $16.55.”

    “Manz, it’s cool people can do math and stuff like that in their heads…”

    I could have told him he owed me $97.21 and he wouldn’t have known the difference.

    Good thing I’m honest, “R”.

  6. How do liberals know beyond a shadow of a doubt that voter fraud is miniscule? I’ve heard this several times now from the Chicken Little ACORN crowd, and I have yet to get a definitive answer of proof. I can show empirically that we’ve got definitive proof of cheating in some counties where more votes are tallied than registered voters, and invariably they always favor Dimocrats in large numbers.

    If voter fraud is miniscule, then one would think it would follow that there would be little or no complaint of showing an ID to vote.

    Being I am highly suspicious of liberals in general and especially in the urban centers of depravity, never trusting liberal motives for anything but self gain, I suspect the real complaint is that progs know damn well they’ve been getting away with ballot box murder for many years.

  7. Obama Places Himself on the Continuum of Greatness

    Have any of you guys or gals been following this? I was so incredulous the other day hearing this, that I just figured it had to be a vicious rumor that would be fact checked like the world being 6,000 years old. Surely Obama didn’t really say something this monumentally stupid? So I let it go, because I saw the nauseating interview and it was not a part of what was televised. Just rumor, I thought.

    Unfortunately, I was wrong. Obama really did say this, and CBS trying to cover for Obama’s malignant narcissism and abject stupidity as is the MSM habit, wisely cut it from the part televised to a nationwide audience. Unfortunately, they posted the interview in its entirety elsewhere.

    Rutherford, surely you will blush? I can understand somebody like Yeller Dawg, Kat or Thor agreeing with this bunk, but not you? Tell me you are smarter than this. Tell me you can make change for me at the Braum’s counter without help of the register.

  8. Anybody who thinks socialism/communism is “kinder and gentler” to its citizens needs only look at the ultimate twin experiment: North and South Korea.

    “Dec. 22 (Bloomberg) — Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s anointed leader, inherits an economy that was outstripped by South Korea in the 1970s, shrank after the collapse of communism in Europe and now struggles under its stated policy of self-reliance.

    Gross domestic product of 30 trillion won ($26.5 billion) in 2010 was one-fortieth of the size of South Korea’s, according to estimates by the South’s central bank. The North’s economy probably shrank in four of the past five years, the Bank of Korea says. North Korea doesn’t release GDP data.”

    One-fortieth. My guess is that East and West Germany tell a similar tale.

  9. Remembering our past presidents in the order they held office is a small feat that every educated citizen should have been taught at some time in school. Memorizing the 50 states and their capitols, along with a basic knowledge of American history seems the most elementary of things we should all know as Americans.

    True, the history needs to be re-examined in the clearer light of hindsight and where classified documents are not public. Much of it has been misrepresented. But factual data, like who our presidents were, is not subject to debate.

    We have plenty of hurdles to overcome in this nation. Whether we will or not is uncertain. Our education system has failed us miserably. But it was done intentionally. We have a deliberately dumbed down public contributing to an extremely uninformed electorate.

    Add to that voter apathy with our population addicted to virtual realities and perpetual entertainment and it doesn’t look very promising for future improvements.

    But even the proven incidents of voter fraud cannot compare to the election fraud perpetrated by the psychopaths that control our lives. When confronted with accusations of tampering and fraud in the 2000 and 2004 elections, lawsuits were initiated challenging those results. Michael Connell was the IT guru for Karl Rove, George Bush, and John McCain, among others. He had requested witness protection because of threats he was getting if he talked and named any of the involved. He was told his private plane was suspected to have been sabotaged a few times that kept him from flying. Unfortunately, just before he was to testify he was killed when his plane supposedly ran out of fuel and crashed into a vacant house.

  10. Just so I don’t come off too demanding or misrepresent myself, when it comes to naming the Presidents, I understand getting a bit fuzzy in the Monroe – Buchanan time frame. I can name them but I do struggle with the order a bit. Then I’m fine on Buchanan through Grant, but then again I struggle a bit with the order up to Hoover. Hoover to present, no problem.

    My problem with the “Fifth Grader” contestant was two-fold. First her answer was simply absurd. As I wrote above, there were lots of wrong answers she could have given that would have shown a glimmer of intelligent reasoning. My other problem was that it isn’t an obscure fact that the market crashed under Hoover and was resurrected by Roosevelt (or WWII depending on whom you talk to).

    Now I probably should have mentioned in the main article that I loved the Presidents as a kid and read all about them. I particularly liked the more obscure ones. So I may have had an advantage over the contestant but …. Madison? Really?

    As for Poolman’s comment … I must confess I’m a dummy since I don’t think I know the capitols of every single state. There are a few I would get wrong. 😐

  11. Is it the consensus of the folks on this board that in general stupid people don’t vote in the first place?

    No. At least 50,000,000 of the 64,000,000 who voted for Obama were dependent numbskulls.

    (1) Huntsman
    (2) Perry
    (3) Romney

    This kind of surprised me, to be honest. Tells me, Republicans in general are not far apart in their suggestions for improvement.

  12. R –

    I don’t want to get into a he-said, she-said but I believe you need to educate yourself about Roosevelt and the Great Depression. The Bernank fancies himself a great student of that era, BTW. The blatant manipulation of the currency by FDR is a disgrace. Of course, first you have to confiscate all the gold so there is no alternative currency to turn to, don’t you?

    There is no greater leash around the necks of the currency manipulators and the pin-head professors who run the Fed than a gold standard. Doesn’t have to be 100% – probably 40% backing will do just fine. Read up on it, will you? FDR is IMHO not the savior by any means, and is in point of fact (perhaps second to his cousin, Teddy) the Very Fellow who started us on this road to socialist perdition.

  13. Did you really ask if dumb people don’t vote?

    Tex covered the obvious, but I’ll contribute two words:

    Hank Johnson

    or how about:

    Marion Barry

    Need some more?

    joe Biden

    Of course, the ultimate remains Jimmy Carter, but’ll fix itself on 1/20/2012.

  14. My more specific results were:

    Obama 54% 5/11
    Huntsman 48% 3/11
    Paul 41% 2/11
    3 way tie Bachmann, Perry, Santorum (I just threw up in my mouth)
    2 way tie for last Gingrich, Romney

    I’m not surprised by my top 3. I am surprised Santorum wasn’t last. I’m surprised Romney wasn’t higher.

  15. Can we really blame the electorate for the people we get in office?

    The caliber of person in politics is a difficult one to blame on the citizens. They either are wealthy and want to gain more wealth and power, or they are just puppets benefiting by whoring themselves to advance whatever platform pays their way. The ones that want to really make a difference get kicked to the side and often marginalized. We often vote the “lesser of two evils”.

    International Corporations profits are up, while their taxes are not.

    Insider trading is legal in DC, most “public servants” are rich.

    Banks are making record profits and paying bonuses.

    Wall Street and “too big to fail business” is doing fine.

    Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

  16. “Is it the consensus of the folks on this board that in general stupid people don’t vote in the first place?”

    Ask Yellowdog if he makee it to the polls.

    I recall Obama casting the ballot for himself, so the answer is “yes” R. Unfortunately, “yes.”

  17. Wait. You’re sayin’ that scientific cnn quiz put you with Obama (1) and Huntsman (2)? The guy that was a true conservative and not a Rino. One that the right needs to embrace? How MSNBC of you. Did you have to try several times for the coincidence to occur?

    Of course not. These quizzes (like the Scarborough one you thought so enlightening) are deliberately selective and limited in subject matter that they wind up functioning like the mind reader/playing card internet gimmick. Either that or Huntsman is a rat commie bastard or Obama the truest conservative of all.

  18. C’mon Tigre, take the matchup and reveal yourself. Your number 1 is probably Obama, you closet pinko you! 🙂

    More seriously, the matchup questions were quite legit. They gave choices that match positions taken by the candidates. As I answered some of them I knew which candidate would get the bump. For others I didn’t. But I do feel the value in the matchup is that it separates how you feel about the candidate’s personality from how you feel about their positions. Hence, Santorum ranked higher for me than I would have expected.

    As for Huntsman …. yes he is very conservative. I only matched with him on 3 out of 11 items and one of them had nothing to do with policy (it was the experience question).

  19. Damn, my whole house is moping today. My wife and I took our pup for a walk at a near by park that we like this afternoon. We have become like magnets to lost dogs since losing our labs and have rescued several over the years, finding the owners.

    Well, wouldn’t you know it but a chocolate lab (perhaps a little mix) finds us after running in and out thru traffic on a busy side street. Beautiful dog. We bring it home after taking it to get scanned for chip – no chip; no tag. Just collar. Why can’t stupid people take the responsibility to at least have the courtesy for leaving a clue when bleeding hearts like my wife and me feel responsible? 😡

    And pup is a little too aggressive for our little pup with the bad hips we kept, so keeping it out of the question. I took it to the Humane Society, took its picture, provided all the necessary web input, and left my number. We are in the process of making posters covered in plastic to plaster around the park – which they’ll probably tear down.

    But everybody is kind of bummed at dad for not keeping the pup. I swear, no good deed goes unpunished these days. I’m starting to feel cursed.

    If I was humane with people as I am with animals, I might be a pretty good guy. 😦

  20. Well, another one in the Rabbit family off to the yard. 10 years. Fuck, man. He might have been career criminal, but he was a good guy to be cousins with. We did everything together as kids.

    Us Rabbits might be black after all. We sure do get locked up like ‘um.

  21. Ah, unemployment. We meet at mast.

    Aaaaand mom slipped on the ice and, yes, broke her hip. Badly. Not that a broken anything is ever good, but her femur is messed up. 😦 times 1,000

    Sharing that seemed to follow Tex and Rabbit’s posts. Cheers, fellas.

    I’ve been keeping up with the articles and the comments, and you guys hit the mark continuously and make me laugh to boot no matter whats going on. Thanks for that. Tigre, a few of your sharpest remarks have made me want to grab for a pen and take notes.

    Just saying hey.

  22. Sorry to hear that Muffy. Still, Merry Christmas to you and yours. How old is your mother?

    My wife and I will be getting up early in the freeze tomorrow to post found posters as it was getting dark tonight, looking for lost dog signs, and trying our best to find our new friend his home and out of prison.

    Life seems complicated even when it shouldn’t be.

  23. Us Rabbits might be black after all. We sure do get locked up like ‘um.

    On the one hand, sorry for your loss. On the other hand it’s just proof blacks don’t and never have had a monopoly on being thugs.

  24. “On the other hand it’s just proof blacks don’t and never have had a monopoly on being thugs.”

    He was a thug, no doubt about it. A true 1%er. That being said, many here would respect what he did to catch the charge, or at least understand it. He just went way overboard. I’d like to talk about it but I think it could compromise his identity, if someone was motivated enough.

  25. Merry Christmas to you too, Tex, and to yours. Best of luck to you in getting Rover back home.

    Mom is 74 and in excellent shape but for rheumatoid arthritis and some osteoperosis. Its very hard seeing her hurt like this. Poor thing. No chance she’ll be home for Christmas. Agggghhhh I feel like Charlie Brown.

    Re: joblessness. Thanks guys. It’ll work out. I’m very near ready to retire and take a teaching position as soon as I’m done with my masters anyway, so we’ll just focus on that.

  26. Best of luck to your mom, Muffy. But a job situation is something that can always be overcome. Best of luck in your new job – wherever that may be. It actually be quite a welcome and add some spice to life.

    I’m starting to move into a situation similar to yours. My mother is now having problems with mobility – she had one knee replaced earlier this year that is not going well as hoped. And my dad is not only legally blind, but helpless, and has been for years.

    Throw in that my father-in-law a widower and suffering from severe back trauma, my wife and I may soon be losing our freedom.

    I see some troubling and difficult days ahead for us.

    Just about the time my children are getting close to self-sufficiency, the other end of the spectrum requires our attention. I wish my wife and I had had more time to just enjoy each others company before having kids. We had our first child not two years after we were married.

  27. Tex, two years of married bliss before the kids come is actually quite a lot compared to lots of couples. Seriously haven’t you lost count of the number of couples who have a kid about eight months after getting married? 😉

    We were married 3.25 years when our daughter was born. Funny thing is I have almost zero recollection of what our marriage was like without the kid.

    My 83 year old father is, thank goodness, reasonably healthy and doggedly independent. It broke my heart to leave him in CT but he seems to be doing well.

    Life is strange. On the one hand, you don’t want to die but on the other hand you really don’t want to survive the ones you love most.

    Sorry for the depressing thought. I keep telling my wife ain’t Christmas time a b*tch? The only time of year when EVERYONE tells you that you should be happy. For many people, only compounds the unhappiness. 😐

  28. “But everybody is kind of bummed at dad for not keeping the pup. I swear, no good deed goes unpunished these days. I’m starting to feel cursed.

    If I was humane with people as I am with animals, I might be a pretty good guy”

    My wife does that stuff all the time. I can’t tell you the times she has insisted we stop in the middle of the road so she can run back and get a turtle out of harm’s way. She is going to get herself run over one of these days. The southern boys fly down these two lane back roads.

    I was gone to a conference a couple of years ago and when I came home, there was a stray she had picked up. She called it “Indiana.” I decided to call it Demophon, because he was a black brindle kind of mix and looked like he had been in the fire. We compromised on “Mophus.”

    Finally Mophus wandered off with our Shepherd, Nicky, and I think the coyotes got him. Hate to admit it but I miss the little son-of-a-bitch.

    We have two big dogs in the house, both of which shed continuously. Having grown up on a farm, where dogs are livestock and never come in the house, it’s been quite an adjustment – particularly the dog-hair tumbleweeds that occasionally roll down the halls, despite continuous vacuuming. I finally laid down the law: No more dogs until one of ours dies.

  29. Muffy –

    Sorry about your Mom. Did she break it up high in the hip or mid-way down the shaft? Sometimes the upper breaks can be pinned by making a small slit in the skin and putting in the bone equivalent of “lag bolts” and totally avoid opening the joint.

    God, whatever happened to the carefree days? I’d might as well add to the Christmas cheer.

    My older brother died Feb three years ago from lung cancer. I’d tried to gently talk to him about smoking several times but he told me to mind my own business.

    After he died, his family fell apart: His wife, who is now 69 years old was forced to go back to work to try to make ends meet. After my bro died, her 40 year-old 300# son (not my brother’s) and his 300# wife and their six dogs and 15 year-old boy moved in with her – all the dogs of course in the little cracker-box house, his having lost his home during the housing bubble.

    My brother’s daughter, after having to file for bankruptcy the SECOND time due to her husband’s gambling, filed for divorce and moved in with her husband’s step-son (yes, it’s West Virginia after all), along with her two daughters, 4 and 6. She discovered that she had an AVM in the brain, which is triggering seizures occasionally and will eventually require brain surgery. HER older daughter has a chromosomal defect and is in special ed and is a real handful.

    My brother’s other daughter ran her husband off for the tenth time, had seller’s remorse AGAIN and decided to join him in another town, leaving the old Homeplace for her sister and her boy-toy to move in. The other sister’s husband turns up with end-stage liver disease from a rare condition called alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, which he didn’t know he had, so he’s looking at at liver transplant at the very least. He’s 34. By the way, THAT sister also has a daughter with severe ADD, requiring huge medication and special schooling. Her grandpa (my brother) was her God; she is a basket case since he died and now she’s looking at losing her daddy, too. She is 8 years old.

    The old lady is barely making it financially, with all the mouths and dogs to feed and just discovered a spinal fracture that will require painful surgery, months of recovery during which she will not be able to work. Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln….

    Merry Christmas.

  30. My results were interesting
    1. Huntsman 2. Perry 3. Gingrich

    I have to agree with Tigre that in general stupid people don’t vote in the first place. Dumb people do but not stupid ones.

    I don’t know what category I would put myself but I can not see voting for Obama, Perry or Gingrich. That may make me smart not stupid. 🙂

    Rutherford, your post was great. It made me refresh my memory of our presidents. What did we ever do before “google” 🙂

  31. Muffy, so sorry to hear about your Mother. My greatest fear as I approach her age is falling. It’s all about loss of balance. I did invest in a bamboo hiking stick (REI) as I knew I would never ever use a cane which is bad for your body anyway. After she gets off the walker and PT, you might consider one for her.

    Merry Christmas to the RL gang. Let us all hope that the New Year will bring real hope and change.

  32. Well, I guess after reading those posts, I won’t bitch about the found dog, of which we have felt terribly guilty for not keeping. We plastered signs all over the part of town, complete with cardboard and plastic covers, and a heavy duty stapler. Took two hours. My wife is the original bleeding heart for both animals and people, making her better than me.

    I appreciate the turtle in the road bit, Pfesser. A couple of years ago, we were sideways in the car in six lanes of traffic with a turn lane to boot, hazards blinking, allowing a family of ducks to walk across the road.

    I turned to my wife and said, “You figure we are going to die getting T-Boned trying to save a family of ducks?” Surprisingly people are pretty darn nice when it comes to animals apparently. Everyone stopped and let the ducks pass on a major street in broad daylight. Not one jerk yelled or honked.

    Now my buddy the other day told me someone honked behind him in the mail drop off. 😆

  33. re: stray animals

    Charlottesville has a dynamite SPCA and they have really transformed that town, animal-wise.

    Firstly, the SPCA is so active there that they have made it unfashionable to own a purebred dog or cat of any kind. You are considered selfish if you do not own a mixed breed from the pound.

    Secondly, they have a program whereby any “pound puppy” or cat can be adopted for a very low spay fee. Any dog/cat that goes out without neuter/spay is something like triple cost, however.

    Thirdly, they hold an SPCA auction every spring. You can donate anything you want and you get a VERY generous cost estimate ticket to use on your taxes. A local guy donates space in a warehouse for the items – from ironing boards to automobiles. People come in and each item has a price tag, which is of course very cheap since the items were donated to begin with. I have bought a lot of construction material, fans, heaters, etc. there. For a $50 fee you can come in the evening before and get first pick of items.

    They are able to fund a no-kill shelter this way. Everybody wins, except of course the taxpayer, who takes a hit on the donation side.

    Pretty smooth operation. They are so successful they have to now import animals from the kill-shelters to keep up with demand. Yankee ingenuity at its finest.

  34. PFesser,

    Good grief. Your story reminded me of Lonesome Dove. Cheers to you too.

    Or like Gabby Giffords says, “Life,” hey Rutherford?

    PF, she shattered it up high. From what I gather the damage is to the femur on leg side of the ball. I don’t know how intact the socket is. No one has used the word “pelvis,” but “hip” and “femur” are the spots identified. I intend to ask to see the xray for myself when I get the chance. She had surgery on Monday and the doctor (evidently quite good) relayed that he selected “the plate” over “the rods” because the plate makes a hip replacement easier later on, should that be necessary. And I’m getting the feeling that there’s at least a decent chance that it will be, but that this was very much worth trying first.

    Make sense to you?

    Rutherford, I don’t find Christmas depressing at all really – but I do find that I’m extra reflective this time of year, and my perspective widens. Now New Year’s – that’s the one that usually brings an odd melancholy with it. Anyway, Merry Christmas boss.

    That goes for the rest of you if I don’t see you until next year. I’ll be sneaking in some reading in the meantime. I’ve said it before, I don’t know how you all keep up.

  35. Raji, Google is indeed a godsend. And despite my initial skepticism about it, and some of the abuse it gets, Wikipedia ain’t bad either, particularly if you want a nice overview on a topic.

  36. Raji could you elaborate on the difference between a walking stick and a cane, particularly as involves good orthopedic health? I’ve walked with a cane since age 11 (crutches before that).

    Oh and Happy Holidays to you too. 2012 has GOT to be less traumatic than 2011 was.

  37. Thanks, Raji. I appreciate your suggestion. I’m thinking now about stopping on the way today and picking one up if it looks alluring. That sounds like such an appropriate gift to bring her.

    I want to take the quiz. First chance I get to focus on it I will. The results have been interesting.

  38. Pfesser, I benefit from the kind of mayhem you described in your extended family. Let me explain:

    One of my wife’s co-workers was a total mess including major problems with her husband. She committed suicide in September. Another co-worker had a lazy drunk for a husband. Almost as soon as the ink on the divorce papers had dried, he up and died.

    The upshot: Every now and then my wife comes to me and says “Honey, even though sometimes you really piss me off, I am so lucky to have found you. When I look at these other women’s lives I see just how bad things could be.”

    Every time a dysfunctional person comes into my wife’s life, I climb higher up the ladder in comparison. 😉

  39. Or like Gabby Giffords says, “Life,” hey Rutherford?

    Yeah Muffy, exactly.

    Regarding Xmas, it loses some of its luster when you’re not religious and you’re cash-poor. This will be the first year I can’t afford to buy my kid a “knockout” Xmas present … you know, the one where the eyes get big as saucers and every other present gets forgotten temporarily. In fact this is the first year I am really concerned about her being majorly underwhelmed. (That’s not to mention that I don’t give adults presents anymore because I don’t want the credit card debt. Back in my six figure days, I was a friggin Santa Claus. Everybody got something. 😦 )

    But on the bright side, last year I was contemplating the distinct possibility of losing my house to foreclosure and it had me in the deepest emotional hole I’ve ever been in. So we have year-to-year improvement. In fact, meager though my income is, my business actually had its best year ever in 2011. It’s still operating at a loss. 😯

    As for New Years, that’s when I go all contemplative. A real summing-up time for me.

  40. Every time a dysfunctional person comes into my wife’s life, I climb higher up the ladder in comparison.

    Should I send your wife my wife’s name and number? You might look like Superman by the time my wife finished relaying the story.

    At least I’m not a drunk. 😈

    Reminds me one time of my best attempt of reason with a man and former coworker – something out o Graychin’s character. After a heated exchange about the value of religion, he asked me if there was one thing virtuous about me.

    I told him, “Well, I haven’t made any graven images…” 😆

    I thought it was pretty funny. He was a cold and remorseless man. Looking back, it was better just to piss him off.

  41. To anyone who thought our going into Iraq was a good idea, the proof is in the pudding, not even 48 friggin’ hours after we leave, they’re already starting to trash the place.

    You can’t help people who can’t help themselves. Let this be a lesson. We need to get out of Afghanistan NOW.

  42. Yeah, that same thought occurred to me too Rutherford. Perhaps your prediction will prove right.

    One thing I’ll remind you again. There are several on this board that continue the drum beat of most Muslims moderate.

    Apparently, that must be limited to the United States. 😉

  43. Hey Rutherford, a little brotherly, fatherly advice concerning jaw dropping Christmas presents for the children as one who went before you. Don’t.

    By the time little Ms. Cutie turns 16, if you have gotten in that bad habit of saucer eyes to gain appreciation, they will will yawn at your best attempts later in life. I learned this from personal experience.

    And by the time they are 21, it becomes expected.

  44. And by the time they are 21, it becomes expected.

    I suspect you are right and judging from how long I expect my “economic recovery” to be, the girl will be broken of high expectations at the tender age of 7 going on 8. Maybe a blessing in disguise.

  45. Meh, I agree that an intelligent and well informed electorate begets a brighter society but to call voter fraud I think goes to far.

    Also, to make that argument in the context of being against policies that will result in “restrict[ing] voting access to typically disenfranchised people” is short sighted.

    What policies would you put in place to keep “very stupid” people from voting? It is most likely that you would disenfranchise the same population of individuals.

    I support a more boarder right to franchise that would auto register anyone of age who has government ID, has filed taxes, or receives benefits from the government of any kind. Voting is the most fundamental right of a democracy and we should make is easy for everyone to participate.

  46. The question that matters is how the Government of Iraq responds.

    With all due respect, G,. damn have you missed the point. Or maybe I’ve got my facts wrong. It’s the Government that is f*cking up. Maliki has ordered the arrest of the Sunni VP has he not? He is breaking up the coalition we lost blood and treasure to secure.

    I’ll be glad to be corrected on this one, so please correct me.

  47. It’s easy to get depressed with everything going on in the world today. This information age carries with it a responsibility that few are capable of dealing with. It is often the overwhelming wealth of information that we are confronted with on a daily basis that causes a lethargy in many of us. Where to start? How do we deal with this knowledge? How can we best navigate these turbulent times? How many evils can I turnaround?

    It can be rather daunting. It’s no wonder we have so many “worlds” we can escape to where we have more control and feel less threatened.


    Sorry about your mom’s hip, Muff. My mother fell several years ago and still is undergoing PT for it. She’s had bone and spine issues for years and the military doctors she was seeing fused some vertebrae in her neck some 35 years ago that still create issues for her. She has had several paralyzing bouts. She is tough and doesn’t complain often, but knowing she is often in pain troubles me.

    Getting old is not fun.


    Stray cats were always tugging at our heartstrings. I get along fine with dogs, but learned early to say “No, we aren’t keeping it.” I kept about 4 dogs anyway, before I got “meaner” – my kids’ conclusion. Two of those became outstanding pets. Dogs generally require a lot more attention than cats and often suffer being left alone all day. They don’t do as well left on their own, sometimes getting very destructive.

    Cats were less of a hassle, especially in a household that already had cats. Of course some cats are so independent that they don’t get along with others sharing the same space. Often we adopted cats only to lose some that wandered off. My eldest daughter contributed to our cat population several times. It seemed whenever they moved, the new place wouldn’t take pets and therefore the cats she accumulated usually moved in with mom and dad.

    I can’t recall how many strays we’ve “fixed” over the years.

  48. Here are some “rules” for men to relay to the women in their life. I’m sure each of you will find at least one or two a hoot.


    Learn to work the toilet seat. You’re a big girl. If it’s up, put it down. We need it up, you need it down. You don’t hear us complaining about you leaving it down.

    Sunday sports. It’s like the full moon or the changing of the tides. Let it be.

    Shopping is NOT a sport. And no, we are never going to think of it that way.

    Crying is blackmail.

    Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one: Subtle hints do not work! Strong hints do not work! Obvious hints do not work! Just say it!

    Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question.

    Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it. That’s what we do. Sympathy is what your girlfriends are for.

    A headache that lasts for 17 months is a problem. See a doctor.

    Anything we said 6 months ago is inadmissible in an argument. In fact, all comments become null and void after 7 days.

    If you won’t dress like the Victoria’s Secret girls, don’t expect us to act like soap opera guys.

    If you think you’re fat, you probably are. Don’t ask us.

    If something we said can be interpreted two ways and one of the ways makes you sad or angry, we meant the other one.

    You can either ask us to do something or tell us how you want it done. Not both. If you already know best how to do it, just do it yourself.

    Whenever possible, please say whatever you have to say during commercials.

    Christopher Columbus did not need directions and neither do we.

    ALL men see in only 16 colors, like windows default settings. Peach, for example, is a fruit, not a color. Pumpkin is also a fruit. We have no idea what mauve is.

    If it itches, it will be scratched. We do that.

    If we ask what is wrong and you say “nothing,” we will act like nothing’s wrong. We know you are lying, but it is just not worth the hassle.

    If you ask a question you don’t want an answer to, expect an answer you don’t want to hear.

    When we have to go somewhere, absolutely anything you wear is fine… Really.

    Don’t ask us what we’re thinking about unless you are prepared to discuss such topics as baseball, the shotgun formation, or monster trucks.

    You have enough clothes.

    You have too many shoes.

    I am in shape. Round is a shape.

    Thank you for reading this. Yes, I know, I have to sleep on the couch tonight; but did you know men really don’t mind that? It’s like camping.


    The above is what I have but looks like it may have been discontinued. However REI has plenty of others with advice to choose from.

    I showed my staff to my physical therapist and he was so impressed he recommended it to some of his clients who were either using a cane or refusing to use one.

    IMO a staff allows you to maintain better body balance than a cane and you are not weight bearing on your wrist. Rutherford, in your case you might need two if you have been using a cane for a long time but do remember your body memory has been set in a certain position for quite awhile and may not be able to be corrected without physical therapy. For me it allows me to swing my hips and use my back which due to osteoarthritis I can not do freely. It also helps with the loss of balance you acquire with aging. When younger if you take a misstep your body can roll with the flow but not so with age and the stick helps to regain that roll before taking a fall. It also looks “COOL” and I get great compliments instead of that ” oh you’re on a cane” look.

    Another suggestion that I strongly recommend is purchasing a pair of YAK TRAKS for your older parents if they live in ice/snow country. These are snow chains for shoes. Frankly everyone should have a pair. You may need to apply them to a pair of outside shoes for your parents if they have arthritis so they can leave them on for the winter.

  50. While I’m on a sexist streak, if you want to comment about a woman’s ample bosom and not get punched in the eye, here’s another Word.A,Day I received this week:

    mammose: buxom. 🙂

    Usage: “Wow, Mrs. Jones, little Suzie has become quite mammose since I last saw her.”

    Ten minutes later with bloody nose …

    “Damn, Mrs. Jones has a great vocabulary!” 😯

  51. Damn! And I though this holiday season was bad for the Tigres. It’s a Wonderful Life.

    Well, here’s to everyone staying out of the Big House, Poor House, Sick House, and Funeral Home.

    R, eye-popping gifts every year only diminishes the significance of them. Don’t ruin that for her. Keep it modest this time.

  52. Sean, welcome to the blog. Obviously, my article is slightly tongue in cheek. There is no appropriate way to weed idiots out of the voting process …. first we’d have to agree on what an idiot is.

    For the record, voting rights should be as all-inclusive as humanly possible.

  53. Hey Poolman …. you see the problem with your man leading in the Iowa polls? Now everyone is rushing to tear him a new orifice including those pesky newsletters of the 1990’s. 😕

  54. Here’s an idea when you’re spurned by a woman.

    If she says ‘NO’, wind up with the 12lbs. bowling ball and hit her smack dab in the forehead. That will knock some sense into her, caveman style.

    Always works wonders on the first date too!

    When I was a kid, I used to frequent a bowling alley a bunch to play pinball machines. I don’t remember any domestic quarrels, murders, or riots on the lanes, but perhaps I was just naive. 🙄

  55. Just a few quick comments. Muffy, we haven’t really exchanged here, but needless to say, a prayer will be offered for your mother and you.
    Tex – Search for a local hunters club on line. Chocolate labs are epic bird dogs. Someone might jump on the chance for a free one.
    R- The split in Islam began with an assassination … in Iraq 1500 or so years ago. That’s why it took a despot like Saddam to keep a lid on it. We took the lid off. The only other choice would have been to stay there forever. Hopefully the Iraqis will put the lid back on themselves before Iran does it for them.
    To all the pagans on the board, happy solstice today. Go dance around a bush or something. 😉

  56. “You can’t help people who can’t help themselves. Let this be a lesson. We need to get out of Afghanistan NOW.”

    Hear! Hear! I’m no great shakes at foreign policy, but this makes sense to me: F with us and we will take your head off. After 9/11, go into Afghanistan with full-force, destroy everything you need to destroy. Don’t even try to rebuild the state. Put whatever troops you need to find whomever you need to find and then come home.

    I’m sure that’s too simple. You CANNOT save the world; it evolves at its own pace. When they are ready for democracy they will have it. All we do is piss the survivors off at us further.

    Use the money you save to build our own infrastructure and do basic research on energy sufficiency. When you get that, close the door, turn out the lights and bring every troop home from places like Saudi Arabia. They don’t want us there? Fine by God by me. I don’t want to be there.

    On those lines, I just read a dynamite article on new generation fuel cells. Much cheaper, little or no platinum required, safe, light, efficient to the nth degree. High-pressure hydrogen has much more energy storage/lb than any battery. Electrolysis makes the hydrogen; oxygen is a byproduct and it can all be done by electricity generated by nukes.

    Cool, huh?

  57. “That’s why it took a despot like Saddam to keep a lid on it. We took the lid off.”

    The problem wasn’t created by “taking a lid off,” it was created when the lid was put on.

    The country of Iraq should never have been created with the borders it had. The idiots (READ: British and French) who drew those lines on the map had absolute disregard for the concepts of nationalism or culture. They only cared about how they would be able to manipulate those within them.

    “first we’d have to agree on what an idiot is. ”

    I move we put “Obama supporter” high up on the list.

  58. Thor, we had two beloved labs that I had to euthanize after 13 years. Best dogs going. And mutts.

    But I want the owner, assuming there is an owner, to have the first shot at retrieving his or her dog. Hard for me to believe somebody would have dumped this cutie. He was in great shape with a pretty coat, though he was hungry as all get out. I fed and watered him well, then took him to Humane Society where I posted his picture on line. Have my fingers crossed, and I left my name and number in case no one claims him.

    I might have kept him myself, but he was simply too strong and rough for my Mick and kept dragging him down from behind. That’s when I picked ‘Buster’ up and tossed him in the truck.

  59. We’ve had a lot of abandoned pets out here. People lose their house and often the pets can’t move with them to an apartment or out of state or in with relatives. Some people just can’t afford to feed them any longer.

    There have been some instances where police have gone into homes and neighborhoods where animals are being abused, many starving or dead, living in crowded homes or on properties
    where the stench from feces and decay became evident to neighbors who have called in the authorities.

    It is pretty depressing over all, with many of these people themselves suffering a form of mental illness and/or depression.

    The shelters are full and the Humane Society overloaded. It is pretty tragic. There are a few packs of dogs that have become somewhat wild and roam many neighborhoods and the outskirts of town. Between them and the coyotes, small pets don’t often survive. It has become a literal dog-eat-dog world. 😐

  60. I saw that Ron Paul is the leading contender and there is an all out effort to stop him. I understand if the primary doesn’t turn out the way the party wants it, they can negate the results. It defeats its true purpose, but I suppose he is a threat to the status quo, including “mainstream” republicans.

    The “racist” comments from RP’s past are all they have got. He has had to apologize and acknowledge his faults there often and especially now that he has gotten the national attention.

    There is no real way to adequately discuss racism in our post racial society.

  61. There is no real way need to adequately discuss racism in our post racial society.

    Unless you want to pull Rutherford’s talk string on his back. 😈 I have to do it at least once a week to get my allotment of Rutherford heat. He practically ignores my taunting anymore, he’s gotten so jaded and beat up from three years of Obama.

    He plays dead, hoping I’ll go away. 😆

  62. To all the pagans on the board, happy solstice today.

    Only three pagans around here that I know of … me, Huck and Pfesser. But thanks just the same! 🙂

    I always find it very odd that as we go into the deep dark days of winter, the shortest day is actually at the very beginning.

  63. I move we put “Obama supporter” high up on the list.

    Mmmm, you know, Huck this actually puzzles me. You are a social moderate and a fiscal conservative. Much of Obama’s message in 2007/08 was social. The severity of the crash wasn’t even fully known in November of 2008 so the only fiscal policy we had to go on was Bush’s …. and Obama’s turned out to be much like Bush (i.e. TARP philosophically begat stimulus and auto bailout).

    If you were a conservative through and through, I could see you taking an immediate dislike for Obama since he would be polar opposite to everything you stand for. But I would think the social moderate in you would like Obama.

    So my long-winded question is are you calling Obama voters idiots with 20/20 hindsight or did you feel that way in November of 2008 and if so, why?

  64. The “racist” comments from RP’s past are all they have got.

    FWIW the newsletters are also getting him accused of antisemitism. In one of them he or his ghost-writer claims Israel was involved in the 1990’s WTC bombing.

  65. I think technically I’m not a pagan, but I do love to play with it, since of course that is my heritage. My wife is a big believer in “race memory,” where ancient customs and habits can be passed down through the genes. I was never much on that kind of psychobabble, but about fifteen years ago I was listening to an alternative jazz station late at night and heard “A Different Shore” by Nightnoise. Although was not in any kind of funk, I was so affected by it that I sat there in the dark with tears streaming down my face until long after the song was done.

  66. Until and unless we become “one breed”, racism will always be a dividing issue throughout all flavors of humanity.

    Even the OT promoted it. God supposedly commanded His “chosen” to utterly destroy the Canaanites, Hittites, Jebusites, termites, etc., and promoted separation and purity of race. The reason given was because the practices of the people were detestable and they were not redeemable. But then again, the very same God opened the earth and swallowed some of the not-so-obedient “chosen”. 😯 It was a forty year purification process, and never did succeed fully.

    Other tribes and peoples practiced racism. It was accepted to label and rank tribes in all societies. Purification through bloodline has always been man’s misguided way to obtain perfection and immortality. And civilizations continue to rise and fall…

    I’m so happy the “chosen” are a new creation and now living under grace. Actually we are all under grace. For now. Thank God!

  67. Swimming and ice skating…. 😆

    Ah Brother “R”, you are a good sport. Now that you mention it, I don’t remember many of the ‘hood bowling either. Maybe I was at the wrong bowling alley.

    I know the brothas like to play pool. I once played a black guy in a college bar, who was actually a much better pool shot than I was. But I broke and put the eight ball in the pocket, automatically winning the game – the hole in one of eight ball. I think that was the only time I actually did get called honky by a black man prefaced by damn, and the only time I won a pool game on the break that I recall.

    Pfesser, there may be some of that gene passing going on in my family. I’m always fond of telling Mr. Rutherford, I may be blacker than he is because I never understood the joke about fried chicken and watermelon.

    Hell, that was a staple of life around my house growing up. And if we weren’t eating friend chicken, we were eating chicken fried steak,always accompanied with gravy, taters and clover leaf rolls. That is still some fine eating.

    Rutherford probably grew up on swordfish sliders and fondue like Michelle Antoinette. A far more refined family….

  68. Furrs Cafeteria chicken fried steak with pan-fried potatoes and white gravy was a ritual for me. Hard to find out here in the west. Damn. Now I’m hungry. 😐

  69. “So my long-winded question is are you calling Obama voters idiots with 20/20 hindsight or did you feel that way in November of 2008 and if so, why?”

    The short answer is….I have always thought Obama to be full of shit. He’s not a leader, he’s a politician. I fault his supporters because that has always been immediately evident to me and to many others. The rest of you are only now beginning to figure it out.

  70. Damn, that does sound good Poolman. Never did care much for Furr’s, though. It has definitely gone downhill.

    But nobody could make it better than my mother and grandmother – sausage gravy is to die for. If you ever make it to Tulsa, I’ll take you to a breakfast place that rivals mom’s gravy.

    Put it over their biscuits, which practically melt in your mouth, and you’ll swear you have a little piece of heaven on your plate.

  71. “I never understood the joke about fried chicken and watermelon.

    Hell, that was a staple of life around my house growing up. And if we weren’t eating friend chicken, we were eating chicken fried steak,always accompanied with gravy, taters and clover leaf rolls. That is still some fine eating.”

    For us, it was pinto beans and cornbread. My mother made the very best sweet pickles from her own garden; she died in 1995 and I can absolutely bring back the taste of those pickles and pinto beans any time I want. I have never tasted anything like them, or as good. If I had one right now I would recognize it immediately. Makes my mouth water.

    The favorite of all coal miners is fried bologna. I took a balogna sandwich in my lunch every day I was underground. We always laughed and called it “coal miner’s steak.” Good times they were, yes.

    God how I miss the old days! We had about an acre of garden, a full half of which was corn for the horse. Also another several acres, all in “big corn” or “field corn” – again fodder for the animals. I surely wish I had enough sense back then to savor those old times and recognize it as it all ended, but it sort of happened gradually. Maybe it is better that I didn’t know how things were changing; it would hae ruined all the fun.

    My oldest brother stopped by the road in Amish country about fifteen years ago to watch an Amishman plow with a fine looking set of horses. The man stopped at the end of the furrow and talked a bit. My brother asked questions about the technique, etc, and they talked a long time. Finally the guy asked him if he wanted to give it a try and he said yes.

    He plowed to the end and back, flipping the #2 Vulcan plow over at the end of the furrow so as to keep the soil turned the same way. When he got back the fellow said, “You’ve done this before.” “Yes I have; as a boy I plowed day after day, but only one horse.” They parted big friends.

    The passage of time is a truly sad thing. Maybe such reminiscences are why there is so much depression during the Holidays.

  72. Tex and Poolman –

    I wanted to get your comments on this video by Pat Condell. As you probably know, he’s an avowed atheist, but I think you will find his take on militant atheism to your liking. It is mine.

  73. Rutherford probably grew up on swordfish sliders and fondue like Michelle Antoinette.

    I remember when I was a kid my Mom bought some veggie (it may have been okra) that black folk supposedly didn’t eat and the grocer launched into an explanation of how to cook it. My Mom, smiled, thanked her and assured her that she knew how to cook it. 🙂

  74. Tex on a side note, my Mom could not bear to buy watermelon at the store nor eat it in public. She also only cooked chitlins once that I can recall and stunk up the whole apartment.

  75. The short answer is….I have always thought Obama to be full of shit. He’s not a leader, he’s a politician.

    In other words you had a hunch that, depending on one’s outlook, proved true. 😉

    I think I may have shared this with the board before but my Dad, who I thought would be thrilled at the prospect of the first black POTUS, never liked the guy. “Reminds me of Malcolm X.” 😆

  76. Rutherford,

    I think Pat Condell is quite reasonable and though I don’t agree with much of his rantings I agree with his rant.

  77. All that biscuit and gravy and chicken fried stuff isn’t that good on the heart, unfortunately. There is usually plenty of sausage and bacon mixed in, too. Yummy for sure, but slows my blood just thinking about it.

    It isn’t that bad if you’re burning it off, but sitting in front of a computer clinking keys doesn’t count for aerobic activity. 😀

  78. LOL I love a good biscuit and I love a good gravy and never in my life have I had biscuits and gravy.

    I think biscuits go with about anything. 🙂 You could put about anything edible on my biscuits, and I’d like it.

    If you have good sausage or chicken gravy, over biscuits, it’s a little piece of heaven, Rutherford. Really good stuff. Kind of a Southern thing, I guess.

    I will tell you, and it may indeed be because of how I was raised that earned my proclivity – either on the corporate dole, vacations, or some other professional get together, I have eaten most of the “good” stuff offered in these intercontinental cities, sometimes at outrageously exorbitant prices I didn’t pay for.

    And I still contend I have never eaten better food then I have in the south on a daily basis. One thing I did find in NY, Boston and Maine that I can’t find near home – close, but not as quite as good.

    Really good Italian food – that white sauce they in the NE is also a piece of heaven. And I never have found it anyplace else.

  79. Doc Pfesser may disagree with me Poolman, but I think the largest part our diabetic/obesity/cardiovascular problem today isn’t so much what is going in (except the portions), but the lack of effort going out.

    God didn’t intend for us to sit on our butts twelve hours a day, then go home and watch TV, thinking the 30 minute aerobic routine in between is offsetting every other bad thing I do.

    I will tell you that in 2012, I am going to make a concerted effort to do something with weight/strength training that also acts as something productive. Even if it’s planting a garden like Pfesser’s family above. I am getting little girl weak – I can tell.

    I will tell you the only time I lose weight anymore is not when I pick up the exercise routine, but when I have some home improvement project or am so busy, I skip several meals.

    The weight fell off me in med school, for instance. For a time, I got close to my high school weight – proportioned differently, of course. 🙂

    Problem is, when I am with my wife, our entire life centers around meals. Even now with the kids home, I am eating huge meals… 😡 My fault.

  80. I listened to your Pat Condell “message”, Pfesser. I’m actually glad to hear Pat point out the blatant hypocrisy of ‘social-psychologists’, though I disagreed in degree and scope with his conclusion. I usually enjoy most of Condell’s rants.

    Pat felt if S.P.s disappeared in a puff of smoke, he doubted anyone would notice or be affected. I feel if most S.P.s suddenly disappeared in a puff of smoke, we who remained would be vastly better off. 🙂

    There is one thing that does bother about guys like Pat. To each their own, but I think Pat suffers from some of the same hypocrisy and double standard that he criticizes others. And I don’t think in his enlightened state, he is aware of that fact.

    Nonetheless, thinks for the listen.

  81. This is a great article that will scare the hell out of you with a little foundation and a degree of time.

    Pay close attention to the U.S. graphs – especially the productivity graph. Here’s the bottom line. We have now reached the 2007 productivity levels with 6.6MM less workers. Those jobs have disappeared forever.

    Without growth, they will not return.

    I would like Barack Obama to specifically detail for me how he proposes to grow the economy. And if he dares make the attempt to do so, and he won’t, you will see how really weak the progressive economic recovery ideas really are.

    No matter the 2012 election results Rutherford, if Obama wins, you are going to lose sooner or later. You might want to think about that fact before you pull the lever – for no other reason than self-preservation.

  82. “So my long-winded question is are you calling Obama voters idiots with 20/20 hindsight or did you feel that way in November of 2008 and if so, why?”

    I for one felt that way back then and am extra amazed now a days when someone professes any pride and or confidence in him now.

  83. To add to Alfie’s sentiment, I’m willing to cut some slack in all seriousness to the 2008 election for people that voted for Obama. It was dumb and shortsighted, but perhaps understandable.

    McCain was weak, there was war fatigue, the economy had tanked, though it bullshit the reason was due to supply side economics, and people wanted a change. So be it. Change you got.

    Anybody that votes for Obama now, after I pointed out our production is now back to 2007 levels but with 6.6MM less jobs never coming back, a real unemployment of 11% unless you think the aggregate workforce of America has actually grown smaller, zero chance of growth with the current policies, 1+ trillion debt plus per year as far as the eye can see, Obamacare with could be unconstitutional, the most divided country in my lifetime, egregious regulatory costs, hyperinflation of consumer staples, class envy the only argument, Iran moving closer to the bomb, the list goes on and on….

    I will say without reservation, anybody that now could vote for Obama is nothing but political and stupid and perfectly willing to sell America out just to win an election. Obama had his shot and he has failed miserably to restore both our economy and our supposed damaged reputation.

    We vote for Obama again, within two years, we will more resemble a banana republic than the world’s last remaining superpower.

  84. It’s all about money.

    This country’s already been sold out. Where have you been? New World Order is a common phrase and believe me, we’re there. That’s who is calling the shots. That is who is benefiting by all our crises.

    Obama strikes me like a dog on a chain that tries to keep it from choking him so he has hold of it with his teeth and he works at slowly gaining territory by feeding chain giving up other territory. He isn’t happy, I sense.

    I see him as an obstruction to the drain but not a plug. I’d like to believe he would stop the drain, but I feel he isn’t able to with the vast interference he receives.

    I also believe he is still surrounded by crooks that helped him get there. Crooks I wish we could prosecute.

    We got NATO doing their thing in Syria now, we’re gearing up for Iran with some lie tie to 9/11 in addition to the 30 year old threat of them getting “the bomb”. Our intelligence has been sourced out and that has been detrimental to our security. We’ve fucked with Pakistan, among others, and antagonized Russia.

    Then we sell out to the Chinese while taunting them.

    We’ve a huge base in Iraq (even though we are officially out of there :roll:) and we’re still mired in Afghanistan. But the Opium/heroin trade is booming!

    We’re in the process of setting up a huge base on the African continent. Libya’s oil and financial resources have been reallocated.

    All Israel’s nukes are pointed at European cities. We have nukes all over Europe pointing at Iran.

    Alice Cooper said, “Welcome to my nightmare”

  85. All this talk about food reminds me of one my favorite Isley Brothers songs — Cold Bologna

    Cold Baloney, and I’m home by myself.
    Well I’m five years old, and it sure is cold
    Mama’s out cookin’ steak for someone else
    Sure am sleepy, but I’m gonna wait till my mama comes
    Well if the rich folks don’t eat up all that good meat,
    Mama’s gonna brings me some.

    Talking about that cold baloney, mayonaise, and bread
    Well if it wasn’t for cold baloney, you know I would have been dead.
    Poor mama, she sure looks tired
    She said “what you eatin’ son?”
    “I believe that cold baloney sandwich looks good.
    Would you please fix you mama one?”

    Talking about cold baloney, mayonaise, and bread
    Well if it wasn’t for cold baloney, you know I would have been dead
    Baloney was good enough for my father, good enough for my mother
    That baloney saved me and my brother
    Cold baloney, mayonaise, and bread

  86. Poolman your video of The Coop takes me back to when I bought the Nightmare album. I had not read at the time that the original Cooper group had broken up so when I brought the album home and saw no trace of Mike Bruce, Glen Buxton, Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith (who by the way is now a CT real estate broker) I was heart-broken. I bought four or five of Alice’s solo albums but it never matched the classic days of the Alice Cooper Group.

    P.S. If you bother to click on Neal’s real estate page linked above, the music you will hear is his drum solo that opens Billion Dollar Babies.

    Oh what the hell …. here it goes!

  87. Initial jobless claims dropped to 2007 levels? Has Osama released any videos lately? FM execs charged? Where did the Dow close today? Who’s fighting to keep my taxes from going up a $1000? Who’s fighting to extend unemployment payments? Please Barry stop … you’re killing me.

    I’ll vote for him again … and again and again and again. (What’s a little voter fraud between friends?) 😉

  88. Thor –

    Dorothy: “Oh, you’re a very bad man!”

    Wizard of Oz: “No, I’m a very good man. I’m just a very bad……..wizard.”

    Like you, I voted for this wizard, but my friend he’s got to go.


    Regardless of what anyone says, I don’t think Bo is poorly motivated or that he intends to harm this country. I just think he is poorly informed – and By God he means to act on that information, no matter what anybody else thinks. That is why I believe Bo – and particularly his minions – are no less than a threat to our republic’s very survival.

    That’s the problem I have with the intellectual elite: they think that being smarter than ten people makes them smarter than ten million and that they are therefore entitled to force their smart ideas on everybody else. If you never read another book in your life, consider Thomas Sowell’s “Intellectuals and Society” – a thoroughgoing analysis of pseudointellectuals like Obama, The Bernank, Whiz-Kid Rubin, Tim-not-a-slave-to-fashion Geithner – by someone who really is the Real Deal.

  89. Alfie, Thor is pretty much Graychin light. Not a bad guy or smart ass like Graychin, sometimes smug without much thought. His blog is the typical progressive fodder. Read one, you’ve read them all.

    I really do wish I could formulate a plan to separate ourselves from the Obama crowd without being ruthless in the process. As I was walking the pup this morning, freezing my ass off, I did wonder if 2012 called for more desperate measures. Something more than the vote. I think we have let these people pervert and game the system for so long, we’ve forgotten how to act like men.

    I was trying to whip up a WWJD moment, to no avail. Because everything in me was saying, when in Rome, do as the Romans did. 😡

  90. Nixon made two very, very serious blunders – and neither one was Watergate:

    Taking us off the gold standard

    Creating the EPA

  91. Pfesser,

    What is bothering me most about Obama and his lackeys these days, is they appear to be diverging further and further from reality. They have moved from dangerously naive to pitifully inept. Even the worst failures don’t appear to drive them to reevaluation of their positions. Obama’s first stimulus was a travesty, and now Obama’s solution to restore the economy is to halve the first stimulus and divvy up again, couched under class envy? 😯

    To justify my concern, consider this. Obama cast personal judgment of the effectiveness of his Presidency recently on 60 Minutes, not by the effectiveness of the legislation he has passed, but by the number of of pieces of legislation passed by his administration.

    When I heard that Obama had recently compared himself to Lincoln and FDR on 60 Minutes, which CBS wisely edited for viewing to continue covering for Obama, but inexplicably provided on their blog without editing for only reasons they could explain, I knew for certain that Obama is indeed a megalomaniac completely immersed in fantasy.

    I really believe Obama himself is self-destructing. I say this without humor. It concerns me what Obama could be capable of if he suddenly recognized that 2nd term in jeopardy, that he is not beloved, that large swaths of America see him as a personal threat to their existence, and view him as a pariah. Obama is traversing unknown waters. His entire life he has been coddled and groomed, never a minute’s thought given to what might happen if he failed or wasn’t nearly as beloved as his sycophants who surround him whisper in his ear. I don’t believe he understands this fact.

    As a child man, I would not be surprised when confronted with his monumental shortcomings as leader without spin, Obama lashed out like a child.

    And Obama has clearly failed miserably.

  92. I am not in favor of this “war” on Nativity scene space I keep hearing about. It’s ridiculous on multiple levels, IMO.

    Just needed to get that out there….

    “Initial jobless claims dropped to 2007 levels?”

    You DO know how jobless claims work, right?

    Plus, the president isn’t who creates jobs, anyway. Just ask him…..

  93. Irony of Ironies. This very town where atheists choose to play totalitarian jackboot by banning manger displays, happens to be named for St. Monica, mother of St. Augustine. She is renowned for her years of patience and prayer for the conversion of her son, who in his turn, became a saint and a great writer of the Christian Faith.

    These militants should be pushing to rename the town first before banning the manger displays.

    But then, I doubt this thought ever occurred to most of the residents of Santa Monica. 🙂

    Forget if Pfesser. Even as a Christian, most of us recognize all groups have their crusaders. There are plenty of Christians who are an embarrassment to me, and I recognize these are angry, troubled people seeking attention and answers, which they will most likely never find.

    Besides, if you were a believer, you would understand this is exactly what Christ has told us believers would come to pass. It is a paradox that the attacks on my faith only serve to reinforce its authenticity to me. My faith is actually based not just on hope but perception of truth.

  94. The problem for me is that sometimes folks lose sight of reality and start behaving exactly like those they claim to oppose. Yeah, I got slapped around by the Believer kids when I was little and I didn’t like it much, but I just let them believe what they wanted and so did I. It’s so easy to justify brutality on the basis of “their brutality” but it’s like the old saying goes: when you seek revenge, dig two holes. One for your enemy and one for yourself.

  95. there is so much stupid wrapped up in #110 I think it proves a point.

    I love how when legit defenses of Obama are launched, they are met with summary dismissals. The reason we can easily make the accusation of ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome) is that the rational answer should be “you’re right … he’s had some great accomplishments but it’s not enough, fast enough, to suit my taste.” Instead we get “total failure”.

    In summary, totally ridiculous.

  96. Pfesser, the answer to over-intellect is not to have the country run by a bunch of dumb-f*cks. We have the damnedest time finding a happy medium around here. Either it’s Obama and his “intellectuals” or its Bush and his trigger-happy band of cowboys. Isn’t there a middle?

    And by the way, I hate to remind you of this PF but when you “signed up” to be an American one of the things you signed up for was letting about 500 people in Washington decide what you will and will not do. Sure they “represent” you but when push comes to shove, they vote the way they damn well want to. And guess what? If someone richer and more powerful than you gets their ear, you become irrelevant in the equation.

    Consider that your civics lesson for the day. 😐

  97. Maybe I misunderstood. Didn’t the atheists play by the rules to get hold of the display spaces? Hey baby, this is a capitalist competitive environment. Maybe the Christians deserved to be displaced for smugly thinking they could never lose the real estate.

    Next year they’ll be more serious about their lottery participation. Right now, they just sound like sore losers. 😉

  98. There’s enough generalization in 111 that it DOES prove a point. 😉

    I remember when Bush won the election in 2004 and I was very disappointed because I felt he was taking us in a very wrong direction. Looking back now with what I have discovered, I don’t think Kerry would have done things much differently.

    But once I resigned myself to the fact that little Bush was going to continue to “lead” us, I offered acceptance and support to his administration, since it was, after all, our country and our POTUS, whose actions would represent ALL of us collectively.

    When Obama won in 2008, I was very happy and felt we were on the mend. Of course it hasn’t played out that way, as history has noted. The biggest difference this time was that those who opposed Obama were not willing now to stand behind him and work toward common goals. Rather they set up road blocks and various obstructions from the very get go in an effort to defeat him and his policies.

    It is most difficult to operate in a house divided, something he has had to deal with since day one. Therefore any accomplishments he has made to the positive are themselves amazing, even if those accomplishments are much less than ideal.

    He is still my second choice in this race, with Ron Paul as my numero uno. I think the death threats RP is now getting says plenty. He is definitely the biggest threat to the status quo.

  99. “I love how when legit defenses of Obama are launched, they are met with summary dismissals.”

    And I love when substantive dismissals are completely overlooked.

    It’s obvious that anyone who totes Obama unemployment rate as an achievement has absolutely no clue how those numbers are generated.

    Job creation is not matching the rate that unemployment is dropping, which means it is not dropping because people are getting jobs, but because their unemployment is lapsing.

    And that is nothing for Obama to brag about….

    Not to mention that he already said job creation is not the job of the president. So he deserves about as much credit for creating jobs as he deserves for meeting Bush’s timeline for withdrawal from Iraq….none whatsoever.

  100. The biggest difference this time was that those who opposed Obama were not willing now to stand behind him and work toward common goals. Rather they set up road blocks and various obstructions from the very get go in an effort to defeat him and his policies.

    Pfesser, do you understand why I believe this man is an utter moron, even if you need not answer?

  101. “The reason we can easily make the accusation of ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome) is that the rational answer should be “you’re right … he’s had some great accomplishments but it’s not enough, fast enough, to suit my taste.” Instead we get “total failure”.”

    And why didn’t you make any mention of the bullshit in that comment?

    He cited the stock market, which you have said on NUMEROUS occasions has absolutely NO reflection on the president or his polices.

    That’s the reason that nobody here believes that you ever had any intention of supporting anyone but Barack Obama. Your summary acceptance and even defense of anything good that is said about him.

    (Yes, you have said negative things about him before, just as every one of us has said positive things about him. If your past comments count, so do ours).

  102. “The biggest difference this time was that those who opposed Obama were not willing now to stand behind him and work toward common goals. Rather they set up road blocks and various obstructions from the very get go in an effort to defeat him and his policies.”

    Yeah. That’s why Cap and Trade failed to pass and ObamaCare did. Because those big, bad GOP obstructionists flexed their minority muscle. That’s why multiple trade bills have been passed with overwhelming bipartisan support. That’s why the Senate didn’t pass a budget in close to 1000 days. That’s why the House GOP just had to eat shit yesterday, even though they had already passed their own version.

    You’re addressing people who know better than to believe the country’s problems are the exclusive result of GOP obstruction. So save it for people who don’t.

  103. Simple question Tex. I know you avoid direct answers, but give it a shot.

    Which president in American history has had the most opposed and unfilled department head positions three years into his presidency?

  104. “when you “signed up” to be an American one of the things you signed up for was letting about 500 people in Washington decide what you will and will not do.”

    Rutherford, I think that statement better than anything shows the difference between the Left on the one hand, and the Right and Libertarians on the other.

    I think that in your heart-of-hearts you really believe that. In my heart of hearts I believe that those people are there to do exactly as they are told by people just like me – no more, no less.

  105. Rutherford, I’m occasionally reminded why I find you such a reprehensible person, and have a difficult time feeling sorry for your maladies anymore, even at Christmas time. It’s kind of a justice well served like Ebenezer Scrooge, rather by random chance or divine will. 😈

    You’re constant Christian bashing will make it easy for me at your demise to say, “And justice is served…”

    What Thor posted must have been done as sarcasm or cynicism, because his facts are simply wrong. If he was reading from my blurb of the facts to answer, he must be a poor reader. But then we already knew that, because Thor is an Obama rube like you.

    Obama has overseen the loss of 6.6 million jobs, as that the size of the job market then and now – one of them yours. That’s why the real unemployment number is at least 11%, with the real number closer to 20%. We know for a fact approximately 48,000,000 are on food stamps. We know 53% pay no federal taxes. We know one in two families are at or near the poverty level now. I hope they enjoy watching the Obama’s four million dollar trip to Hawaii while they have no Christmas, unless through the charity of others.

    That’s the record of your Dear Leader.

  106. Obamacare is the result of insurance and pharma lobbyists writing their own legislation. It doesn’t in anyway resemble “progressive” change. Sorry. I was/am for single-payer, as was Obama before he bedded the industries.

    Cap and trade is a scam that needs to be discarded. There are as many R’s for it as there are D’s. Of course, it depends on when you catch them, many of these ideas have originated in conservative arenas. The practice began in republican circles.

  107. Which president in American history has had the most opposed and unfilled department head positions three years into his presidency?

    Through lack of will or incompetence? It’s a historical fact which I will be happy to document than most of the unfulfilled positions have never even been addressed due to negligence. For the first two years, there could be no obstruction to the political makeup of the representatives. But I wouldn’t expect a man of your limited capability in understanding or math to know that.


    Which is the only sitting President in history to have had a film made with him being assassinated in it?

    Which President was greeted with the serenade “Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye” upon departing the helicopter at the end of his term?

    Which President was continually brought up as war criminal to be tried at the Hague?

    Which President has been accused on this very board of working in conjunction with the Mossad to kill 3,000 U.S. citizens? Or accused of killing millions of Iraqi citizens for oil? Or starving Africans, though his budget 3,000% greater than his successor?

  108. Pfesser, though you need not answer again, can you see why I consider this man an utter fraud and moron?

    Sorry. I was/am for single-payer, as was Obama

    You, being a physician, recognize that Medicare will be bankrupt within seven years, probably less. You’re probably lucky enough not to have to deal with Medicare claims, but if you are not – I’m sure your coworkers could tell you the horror stories, paper shuffling, cost, reimbursement fiascoes, and headache of dealing with the government agenices. So many if fact, that thousands of physicians will no longer take Medicare patients.

    So, the solution to our healthcare woes is to add millions more to Medicare. And they say that will save money and the system itself. Like increasing the costs of stamps. 😉 Perhaps we can tell them they can’t be treated anymore on Fridays.

    It doesn’t get any more clueless than this.

  109. I’m going to give you liberals a reason why I think you’re stupid. 🙂 Real stupid. Poolman stupid.

    Light Bulbs.

    Guess what we are finding out about the new mandates, courtesy your fine EPA you hold so dear? The new lightbulbs, five to fifty more expensive, are far more dangerous, the light much harsher than the incandescent bulb.

    Your ban, done by fiat by your favorite thug government machinery, the EPA, has now mandated buggy whips.

    Congratulations dumbasses. You’ve once again managed to fuck up something cheap, plentiful and safe in favor of lining GE’s pockets. Jeffrey Immelt loves you. Obama loves you.

  110. Tex – I just signed a contract that contained a 30% pay cut. The wheels of Obamacare are just getting rolling, and when they bear down on us all, it is going to be a sad time to be sick. My hope is that when I begin to fail in earnest that I die quickly. People have no clue. This is the beginning of the end of any freedom of action physicians may have had left. Because the new laws are so complex, a solo physician has no prayer of complying, so they are looking to sell their practices to big corps. The corps are gearing up too, and have been licking their chops. They will finally get control of the doctors completely now. As for my contract I was told to “take it or leave it.” I took it, but I am beginning to work more and more in my wife’s Internet publishing business; as soon as I can make the transition I am going to quit. I had hoped to work another ten years, so that’s ten years of specialty training and Continued Medical Education (CME) updates that the public won’t get the benefit of, nor will my family. Think Obamacare is a theoretical thing? Think again.

  111. Poolman, I’ve documented so many times here just how truly and annoyingly ignorant you are, many times hanging you with your own words and bad math, it’s like a daily published and stale cartoon. Honest to gawd man, you’re a virtual cornucopia filled with demented lunacy and outright fraud.

    I really try to not pile on anymore. Really. But you’re such a gas bag, that I’m forced to pull out the pin occasionally for your own good, before your neon filled head explodes into powder.

    Try to look at it as free therapy.

  112. Pfesser,

    I am sorry to hear that. It concerns me my oldest may be walking into a nightmare after fourteen years of higher professional education, indebted up to her eye balls, even with scholarship, only to find out we’ve reverted back to voodoo, shamans and blood letting to heal ourselves. Worse, looks like she might be marrying a doctor to boot.

    How long do think established, capable doctors are going to look around with 30% pay cuts and say, “Screw this…” At the very least, their motivation is going to be zapped. Standards will have to drop exponentially to attract people.

    I sure hope those nurse practitioners get proficient at reading CTs, anesthesia, surgery, and treating diabetes. 🙄 If my second chemistry class is any indicator, I don’t hold great hope for their success. If you can’t figure out pH, I doubt your going to be great at opening somebody’s skull and putting back together.

    Since I’m pretty sure I’ll go of a massive M.I. as it runs in the family, it will save the ambulance ride to the nearest Obama witch doctor. They can cremate me like Conan out in the back yard and let the dogs scatter my ashes.

  113. So he deserves about as much credit for creating jobs as he deserves for meeting Bush’s timeline for withdrawal from Iraq….none whatsoever.

    I used to agree with you on the latter but realized my and your reasoning are faulty. Obama has received tremendous pressure to finagle with Bush’s timeline and stay put in Iraq. He gets props for doing what he said he would do.

  114. In my heart of hearts I believe that those people are there to do exactly as they are told by people just like me – no more, no less.

    What they are there to do and what they actually do, PF, are two different things. Do you really believe you have more clout than the Koch brothers or George Soros or Grover Norquist?

    Believe me, I love the model of a democratic republic hands down but surely you know there’s a fly in the current batch of ointment.

  115. Tex 132 confuses me. Am I a Scrooge because I defended Thor or because I made an obnoxious comment about the Santa Monica atheists?

    Because it’s the holiday season and I truly wish to piss no one off today (even you who can be so much fun to piss off), let me be clear. Would I have made any attempt to remove the Nativity scenes from Santa Monica? No I wouldn’t. I’m not a huge fan of public display of religion but I understand I am in a very small minority and I accept my status. It does me no harm and it brings comfort and joy to many others.

    All I was really saying was, did I miss some sneaky trick the atheists played to get the scenes supplanted? They played by the rules. Would you have been equally angry if an organization of Jews had won the lottery and put menorahs in place of all the Nativity scenes? I kinda doubt it.

  116. Obama has overseen the loss of 6.6 million jobs, as that the size of the job market then and now – one of them yours.

    Actually no. I lost my job on Bush’s watch but I don’t blame Bush. I lay the blame squarely on the bleepity-bleep who screwed with my career and my own stupidity in not handling it better.

  117. I hope they enjoy watching the Obama’s four million dollar trip to Hawaii while they have no Christmas

    Hawaii was his home. Or would you prefer he fly to Kenya? 😉

  118. You’re addressing people who know better than to believe the country’s problems are the exclusive result of GOP obstruction.

    Oh I know that. The GOP has mostly brought us to where we are, while the dems have only sometimes slowed that process. More often they are just as psychopathic.

    Puppets and prostitutes, for the most part. We may elect one person, but with him/her/it comes a staff of sometimes huge proportion that we did not “approve”. Obama’s administration is no exception. He obviously “owed” a lot of people for getting him where they did.

    Neither party can save this country from the impending doom that has been set in motion with the help of both parties. Neither party is looking out for our best interests as citizens over business’ interests.

    It’s time to get your eye on the ball and off the players. There are goal posts that are in place and the “team” is working the ball down the field. The thing is, they may appear opposing, but both “teams” are heading toward the very same goal post. Read my lips: “New World Order.” Sound prudent? I don’t think so.

    Yes, the goal posts have been moved many times. But those making the rules are the ones moving the posts and the only ones that win by us getting there. For us to win, we need to turn this entire Death Star around. Fast.

  119. Tex, since you’ve called me a scrooge and eagerly anticipated my damnation I want to ask you (and BiW, Poolman or Thor) a theological question that only occurred to me today.

    Is the soul confined in the body during life or in the consciousness? This is why I ask.

    Today (or maybe yesterday) a pair of conjoined twins were born in Brazil sharing one torso but having two distinct heads with two distinct brains. It is a rare condition called dicephalic parapagus twins. Learning more about them led me to read about a pair of Minnesota twins named Abigail and Brittany Hensel who share a torso the internal organs of which are shared in some cases, in some cases not (two stomachs but one large intestine for example). They have two “normal” brains and two spines that fuse at the base. The left brain controls the left arm and leg. The right brain controls the right arm and leg.

    The questions that arise about the kind of life they have lived and will live truly boggle the mind. But this simple question occurred to me and I’d like a serious answer. If Abigail decides she is an atheist (or a Jew or a Muslim) and does not accept Christ as her personal savior and if Brittany becomes a devout Christian, do they have two souls which will be separated at death and go their separate ways (limbo vs heaven)? What are the human boundaries of the soul? A body? A mind?


  120. On Morning Joe today they had a priest, a rabbi and an imam all discussing faith and the commonality of their Abrahamic religions. It’s a shame that the folks who follow these men can’t be as devoted to peace as they seemed to be. 😐

  121. Poolman, the question next fall is a simple one. Will an alternative to Obama be offered that can truly accelerate the healing of the country? This “Anyone but Obama” meme is as stupid as it gets. Even Tex has admitted that much.

    I’m not 100% convinced that any alternative to Obama currently on the table will make that big a difference. I’m also concerned several of the candidates will get us into a war with Iran as fast as humanly possible.

    As for your guy, no man qualified for the presidency would allow reprehensible garbage to be published in his name. Paul’s claim “I was too busy delivering babies to notice” is beyond lame. If he really pays that little attention then obviously he doesn’t care about his own reputation. Silly at best, scary at worst. (And it pains me to say this because I like a lot of Paul’s ideas.)

  122. I figure Paul had no problems publishing those statements when he did because he didn’t sense them as bad or racial. Whether those reflect his beliefs today or not, I cannot say. He has said they do not. But he has acknowledged numerous times they did come from his people and he is ultimately responsible for their content.

    If that’s all they have…

    I remember a time when people did not necessarily hide their prejudices, wrong or right, you knew where they stood. Maybe before all the political correctness of today. I think others have overgrown their closed minds.

  123. Is the soul confined in the body during life or in the consciousness?

    It is supposed to be, I’m certain. Though soul and spirit are considered separate, I think the soul occupies one being which would be in a single body, whether it was a whole body or not I cannot say. I would say if there are two distinct personalities, there would be two separate souls, with the exception of cases of schizophrenia. Sharing the same lifeblood with another being is an interesting concept.

    But then we have “soul mates” (secular term) and are told wives and husbands become “one flesh” (biblical term), so there is plenty of room for confusion. Especially in a three-dimensional worldview.

    Imagine it from a two-dimensional perspective. 😉

  124. I have a question for you first, Rutherford.

    In the event Jesus is who He says He is, what do you believe your just due should be after a lifetime of mockery, antipathy and hostility toward Him and His sacrifice? What if He is the Christ and you are wrong? What happens if all this history you so blindly and willingly reject just so happens to be true as you celebrate in the civilization it formed? Not just worship but art, science, politics, economics….

    Do you willingly accept the consequences? If I’m right, there will be no negotiation or discussion about poor, poor pitiful you, but I’m curious as to what you think you might deserve. What excuse could you provide?

    I’ve never really read somebody that is so flippant and hostile towards my one singular faith than you are. You are no different than the militant kooks in California, just not physically capable helping to facilitate the mockery. You most certainly encourage it, even relish it.

    But here is where you are wrong. It really doesn’t bother me much besides your own personal hypocrisy. I have a tough time swallowing the daily dose of the fact you are more than happy to hide behind the security blanket Christianity and millions of Christians provide while selectively badmouthing its origins, even it’s savior.

    Frankly Rutherford, I find you a coward. You wouldn’t dare do that toward Islam on your own blog. There are a hundred times in number more Christians than Muslims in this country you live. Yet you will spit in our face without worry, but appease murder and brutality, even to the point of excusing the provocation because you know in your heart of hearts, there’s no threat from Christians besides the corresponding taunt like mine in return. I fully admit I am not your typical Christian, the doormat you’ve grown accustomed which drives you nuts.

    If by chance, Christianity really had the violent and quick nature of punishment say like Islam, I don’t think for a second you would be so boastful and so arrogant. You would be a beaten dog, always in submissive pose, hiding in the bushes in silence.

    I know it, and you know it. So it my opinion, you’re a coward – there are no convictions you besides being a sissified punk – almost like that bully you hated in middle school you once described – because there is no personal risk.

    Or so you think.

  125. On Morning Joe today they had a priest, a rabbi and an imam all discussing faith and the commonality of their Abrahamic religions. It’s a shame that the folks who follow these men can’t be as devoted to peace as they seemed to be.

    Interfaith alliances? Nothing more pathetic or empty. It’s the “religious version” of your failed utopia of John Lennon. Empty religion without meaning. There’s nothing of peace in it, nor of worship. It’s a man made precept, without result, without purpose trying to dispense of the concept of real good vs. real evil. I laugh at them and mock them like you do the Christ.

    You’re a rube in your own right, Rutherford. Watching that would of been your perfect opportunity to sing Kumbaya. 😆 😆 No wonder you like Morning Joe.

  126. Grace. Amazing grace.

    John Lennon was a peacemaker. He may not have been a professed Christian, but he was certainly closer to the golden rule than a Dick Cheney or a Newt Gingrich, for instance.

    Look at the wake. The fruit floateth.

    Lennon’s songs still inspire.

  127. Regarding the issue of nativity scenes, I just don’t see the need for people to go our of their way to be assholes.

    There are 51 other weeks in a year to make a point.

    Plus, IMO that scene doesn’t have to be religious. Regardless of how I might or might not believed he was conceived or what I do and don’t believe happened after he died, I do believe there was a guy named Jesus that ended up being a pretty influential person in human history. Why can’t we simply celebrate his life and message? There’s some good stuff in there that has nothing to do with religion.

    It’s all about what people can do as opposed to what they should do.

  128. John Lennon was a peacemaker. He may not have been a professed Christian, but he was certainly closer to the golden rule than a Dick Cheney or a Newt Gingrich, for instance.

    Bad history, bad facts. Nothing new with the Tool ™

    John Lennon abandoned his first son and first wife, yet “retired” with a $250MM fortune. Of course, with your convenience golden rule of hedonism and theft when necessary, that may indeed be right up your alley of the golden rule at your church of the Holy Wink Wink & Miracle Cure. 😉

    The man “of peace” and Imagine had an 18 month long affair he had with his assistant which ended with him trying to strangle her because he was too drunk to understand what she’d said one evening. Apparently, he was most interested in Marxism, kicked Yoko Ono in the belly while she was pregnant,which she never denied, was a heavy drug user leading to an extended retirement, and his wife called him a “closet fag.” 😈

    It is rumored Lennon’s temper and mistreatment of others was a contributing factor to the Beetles breaking up.

    Man of peace….Pffft.. Golden rule, please. Lennon was a gifted song writer and musician, and pretty much failure at everything else. Admire him for gift, but he is certainly nobody to be admired for his character. The antithesis of the golden rule and an obvious troubled man.

  129. All men are troubled. They say some of the most genius are the most troubled. I don’t see any dead bodies in his trunk.

    All good gifts come from God. Therefore much of Lennon’s songs are classic and good. I don’t idolize the man, but I appreciate his contribution to mankind.

  130. Those atheists need to listen to that Pat Condell fellow that PFesser linked in 88. That tradition they disrupted was not a smart political move on their part. If there is anything worse than militant religious fanatics it’s militant irreligious fanatics. 😕

    People need to chill – choose their battles and enemies wisely.

  131. Tool ™,

    I’m usually hesitate to recommend articles to you, being I don’t think you have the comprehensive skills to understand the gist of most articles that aren’t Obama fawning or anti-Jew.

    But this article is so fitting to your general ignorance displayed earlier today about how no President has ever suffered the barrage of negativity and obstruction that Obama has received, I think it imperative we take a trip down memory lane, as your memory not any better than your math skills.

    Brush up Tool ™ so you don’t read conceptually clueless:

    Obama Derangement Syndrome?

  132. Had an interesting discussion tonight with some smart folks about Obama’s roots – the roots that Rutherford conveniently wants us to forget. Unless you can convince me that your mentors in their entirety had no influence throughout your life, like you convinced me that Obama never heard a racist sermon while in attendance at Trinity Church, consider these influences of Marxism:

    Frank Marshall Davis, his grandfather, his father, his mother, the radical professors in college, Don Warden, the Cooper Union crowd, the New Party, Van Jones, Bill Ayers, the Midwest Academy, George Soros, Rashid Khalidi,Ali Abuminah, Edward Said.

    And Mitt Romney is scared to even call Obama socialistic in nature? This is what bothers me about Romney – the politically correct speech, and a degree of cowardice to speak truth. Reminds me an awfully lot of John McCain tendencies – that’s not good.

  133. Tex,

    I did read that article, but you were right, I had a difficult time grasping the gist of fawning understanding provided in the first main paragraph. It felt somewhat slimy, almost squidbillian in nature.

  134. In the event Jesus is who He says He is, what do you believe your just due should be after a lifetime of mockery, antipathy and hostility toward Him and His sacrifice?

    We’ve been down this road before and my answer is the same. The God of your more charitable followers will greet me with loving arms and accept it when I say “my bad. The story defied belief for me but lo and behold I was wrong.” And He’ll say, you and all your brothers have done hell on Earth and now it’s your turn in heaven.

    I’m afraid of death Tex. I’m not afraid of a vindictive God. The only God imaginable to me is one who grants folks peace once they make it through this gauntlet called life.

    P.S. Christopher Hitchens was an atheist to his last breath but in one of his last interviews he said that should he encounter a “hereafter”, “I love surprises.”

  135. Huck for what it’s worth, I agree there’s no reason to screw with Nativity scenes at this time of year. The only point I was making albeit a wise-ass one (which got poor Tex really steamed … was not my intention, so help me) was that the article, unless I misread it, didn’t portray this atheist group as protesting or fussing. They played the same “game” that got the space occupied by Christians in the preceding years. If the public property was available by lottery, then it is wrong to assume the Christian group had a “right” to it.

    As I said at the outset, now that they have competition for the space, no matter how odious some may find that competition, they need to raise their game if they want the space next year.

    While I am at it, I agree with you that I have no reason to believe a man named Jesus did not exist. I believe he existed and in the tradition of peacemakers throughout history, he made an impact and paid for it with his life.

  136. The Obama hate is thick tonight. While poo-pooing his accomplishments (getting Osama, protecting us from a major terrorist attack, stopping the recession, getting us out of Iraq, ending DADT) keep in mind, Bush had eight years to get all of that done. Couldn’t accomplish one thing on that list. Obama has had less than three, has done them all. Deal with it.

  137. R – Regarding the twins. To the limited extent that they can exercise free will independent from each other, I would say their souls are like two spirits haunting the same house. I suppose it is possible they could share nearly identical life experiences and still come to completely different religious viewpoints. Not likely, but possible.

    As to where the soul resides, I would guess anywhere it wants to. The ghost in the machine. There are more things in Heaven and on Earth little Horatio Lawson … 😉

    So, I probably won’t be around much in the coming days, holidays and all, so Merry Christmas to you R and Tex and the whole gang. I leave you with this thought … Then the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people. For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.” Luke 2:10-11.

    To ALL people R, Merry Christmas. 🙂

  138. Rutherford –

    re: Santa Monica atheists. One of the most important parts of any regulatory system in the body is the system that comes in and damps down the body’s RESPONSE to injury, lest it begin destroying the body itself. In that vein, these militant atheist folks need to have a little system of self-examination that says, “Am I going a little overboard?” I think they are. Are they technically right? Probably so, but they look so churlish that it hurts their cause far more than it helps.

    re: Congress’ duties to the people. I am very well aware that they know whose crank to suck and how long, but they should be AFRAID when they do it, not just doing it out in the open like now e.g. insider trading, etc. It is this kind of arrogant entitlement that leads to the kinds of Congressional and Administration abuses we see everywhere, all out in the open. Everybody should be on the same page – they are there to SERVE, and it’s a privilege – not the royal right of an oligarchy.

    Of all the things I’d like to do if I could wave a magic wand, term limits is about a mile out ahead of the rest. It wouldn’t eliminate the Koch Bros’ influence, etc, but it would cripple it severely, since these Congressional goobers would never have to worry about re-election. It’s like eliminating the contingency fee – if it is in your best interest to defend it, you will always find a perfectly rational argument for its retention. But by eliminating it, you remove the INCENTIVE to corruption and you will find that the people who argued that “it” didn’t foment corruption in the first place to be the ones whose morals benefit the most.

  139. “PF, your wife publishes porn? Damn I love progressive women!!!! ”

    No porn. Technical and nonfiction articles and some romance novels primarily for women.

  140. re: “souls.”

    Remember “2001 – A Space Odyssey”? Remember how they turned off HAL a little at a time and he began to change? It’s like that when patients begin to stroke a little at a time. First there is nothing discernable, then they search for words, then they are a little “odd.” Then they are a little disconnected and can’t follow the conversation. Then they get a little out of it and don’t talk except to answer questions, and the answers don’t make much sense. Eventually they “sleep” a lot. (actually mildly comatose). Eventually they are out of it. Then eventually they die, although they haven’t really been at home for a long time. Alzheimer’s patients follow this path closely.

    That pattern is what has convinced me that there is no soul. As parts of the brain die, the personhood dies, a little at a time, right in parallel with the brain tissue. It seems to me that personhood, or soul, or whatever you want to call it is clearly just patterns in the brain and when it goes tits-up, so does the “person.”


  141. Thor, you’re defense of Obama is like reading the comics. 🙂

    – Obama’s only real accomplishment of note at present, and the groundwork of establishing the Afghan base and intelligence making it possible put in place by his predecessor.

    – Ft. Hood five months into his presidency, and before announcement that 13 soldiers had died, Obama gave a “shout out”. One does wonder about the man’s sense.

    – Did that happen last night while I snoozed? You seem to be the only one besides the media who actually believes this. When were boom times accompanied by the loss of 6.6MM jobs? You think Pfesser with his 30% cut in pay thinks we’ve hit the economic big time again?

    – Obama could have done no less three years ago if that was the only objective. What did he wait for. He certainly has done nothing else of note in Iraq.

    – Private Bradley Manning

    First you have to win a war to pull out of a war.

    – Other than Osama, why would Bush have wanted to accomplish any of what you’ve listed?

    We are. We rectified part of the problem in historical fashion last November, and hopefully will deal with the Mastermind of Corruption this coming November.

    Remember, you told us dissent was the highest form of patriotism. We are only being patriotic.

    Happy Holidays. 😉

  142. That pattern is what has convinced me that there is no soul. As parts of the brain die, the personhood dies, a little at a time, right in parallel with the brain tissue. It seems to me that personhood, or soul, or whatever you want to call it is clearly just patterns in the brain and when it goes tits-up, so does the “person.”


    If you refer to the physical presence of a soul, I would agree. Since I believe (actually know) that we are far more than a series of biochemical and electrical impulses arising from billions of years of whatever process one chooses to believe made us, it became quite evident to me many years ago, it is the soul who comprises what we are, how we interact with God, nature and man. Can evolutionary constructs explain the concept of love and hate, self sacrifice, good and evil?

    Brain death – the very definition of death. But the spirit is not physical and I believe it is the physical death that separates the soul from the spirit. And the spirit is superior to the physical. It is my belief that it was spirit that created physical.

    Neither do I believe in the spiritual side of near death experiences – I believe those too are a manifestation of the physical physiology, perhaps something God provided in the last minutes of life to diminish the physical agony of death like shock. I do not know.

    More than you may have wanted to know, but I provide it as commentary from the religious perspective.

    The concept of life ever after, contrary to popular secular myth and the secular Jews who don’t know their own Bible, is not strictly New Testament. I give one example. I’ll assume everyone who reads this knows the story of David and Bathsheba.

    Samuel 2

    19 David noticed that his attendants were whispering among themselves, and he realized the child was dead. “Is the child dead?” he asked.

    “Yes,” they replied, “he is dead.”

    20 Then David got up from the ground. After he had washed, put on lotions and changed his clothes, he went into the house of the LORD and worshiped. Then he went to his own house, and at his request they served him food, and he ate.

    21 His attendants asked him, “Why are you acting this way? While the child was alive, you fasted and wept, but now that the child is dead, you get up and eat!”

    22 David answered, “While the child was still alive, I fasted and wept. I thought, ‘Who knows? The LORD may be gracious to me and let the child live.’

    23 But now that he is dead, why should I go on fasting? Can I bring him back again? I will go to him, but he will not return to me.”

    That is the Jew’s King. Yet many Jews deny a spirit. But David clearly believed in the spirit.

  143. So a kid I taught drops dead this week. 22 years old. Not from drugs. Stroke.

    I received emails with funeral information and little notes that the kid and his friends for some reason still talk about me bunch.

    I hate funerals. I often times don’t go to kids’ funerals out of pure selfishness. But a 22 year old the day before Christmas Eve? Hell no. It will ruin Christmas.

    But, I tossed and turned on it all night and ended up putting my dumpy suit on and going. Doing some good for once.

    After getting there, I realized how important it was I attended.

    Don’t get me wrong, it was rough.

    But my Christmas is now better for it.

    I don’t get into the religion debate much here. And what I’m saying isn’t one bit theological, really. But, Jesus got my ass into that suit. Jesus inspired me do the uncomfortable thing. And the reward for it, one that I didn’t even know would exist, is the true meaning of Christmas this year.

  144. WTF?

    Now Newt isn’t doing what he needs to do to get on the Virginia ballot?

    These people want to be in charge of the most awesome military and economic force in the history of mankind and they can’t even get their shit together enough to make a fucking primary ballot?

    They are proving Obama’s idiotic point that running a campaign counts as executive experience. And they are proving they can’t handle it.

  145. Rabbit, one day I will share a story of about the Holy Spirit with you, but not here, which is exactly what you just experienced, that will reinforce the story that you just told, perhaps give you some assurance that there indeed is a God of All Creation. I can assure you that what you experienced was indeed from God, even if at present it may not make much sense to read as much. How can a 22 year old’s death be a blessing, right?

    Those are the stories that you occasionally share that make me, a complete stranger, have respect for your apparent integrity. Somewhere along the way in my own personal battles, I have lost a part of that. I realized that this week. The good part – the sympathetic and charitable part; the empathy I used to feel for people.

    We all have become so accustomed to our innate surroundings, that which is provided for us and to us, we fail to notice the gifts we have been granted; our life being foremost on that list. God speaks in small, quiet voices.

    That is one reason I am weighing getting rid of all that allows me access to the unedifying parts of the world, including the internet. The temptation is too great.

    While the world mechanizes itself further and I question much of that value anymore, I find myself rejecting what I used to love – gadgets and technology. If by chance I happen to duck out of here one day, that chances good that I didn’t die, but I finally succumbed to a dose of sense – not because of will power, but because of lack of access. It’s my only hope. 😉

    I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas, Rabbit.

  146. “Bush had eight years to get all of that done. Couldn’t accomplish one thing on that list. ”

    You’re full of shit, too.

    Bush is who set up the calendar for troop withdrawal from Iraq. Obama tried to extend it but the Iraqis wouldn’t let him. You can omit that from your narrative all you want, it won’t change history.

    The Bush Administration also thwarted several terrorist attacks.

  147. I read that Huck. And I agree. What I don’t understand is that all had more than enough signatures to be on the ballot, but many apparently were rejected.

    Do you happen to know why? I have not read as to the reasons so many were rejected.

  148. God does honor the sacrificial giving of ourselves. The most precious thing we have to give and share is our time. It is what we have been freely given and for what we have to show an account.

    And Tex is right, it’s the Holy Spirit’s direction that leads us in these matters. Good for you rabbit. Sorry about your student, but often good comes from these tragedies. And unfortunately it sometimes takes these events to refocus our own lives.

    There is scripture that claims people are given souls and spirits, whereas animals have only spirits. It was probably in some of the books that were not included in the Bible, because a quick perusal of the texts doesn’t come up with it.

  149. So the OWS protests were equivalent to the ‘Teabaggers’?

    So there is no war on Christianity?

    It’s a figment of our Western imaginations and we just need to get over ourselves, right?

    Well, perhaps you can explain this, Rutherford. This is after all your party and your own arguments certainly swing toward OWS.

    Really, Thor or Tool ™ would do better at justification as they are still lending support, but you did provide your blessing when it still popular to lend support, before personal embarrassment set in.

  150. Agent provocateur, Tex. That’s the “good guys” stirring up shit.

    It’s very obvious, especially if you watch other footage on youtube showing 2 cops coming right in behind the event and photographing the destroyed statue. I think the guy destroying it was still in his cop shirt and boots. 🙄

  151. Oh, I see. Another conspiracy. It’s the jackbooted law “professionals. What? Trying to put OWS in a bad light?

    I long ago suspended disbelief at your inability to be objective in any sense. But I didn’t think it possible for you to indeed get dumber by the day, Tool ™ until recently.

    An apologist for evil in the strictest. Lucifer can use even the lowest of useful idiots, allowing them to believe in the righteousness.

  152. ending DADT

    Thor you don’t get it. Most of the gang here (me not included) don’t want gays serving openly in the military. You know, that problem that the minute a guy says he’s gay suddenly his dick hardens and he jumps on the nearest guy he can find. 😕

    This is the fundamental problem. What we call success is actually creating a world the conservatives on this blog don’t want to live in.

  153. Same conspiracy Tex, different day.

    The violence is often initiated by a few that do sometimes get peaceful protesters caught up in it. They infiltrate these protests inciting violence to excuse police retaliation used to shut down these events. It has been well-documented. This particular one you have pointed out is obvious.

    Who benefits? Can’t you see how our lives are being controlled?

    We never listen to prophets. Instead we ridicule or silence them. Nationalism aside, if you can, take a retrospective view.

    Prophets fare poorly in their own country, yet countries would do well to hearken to their prophets. Scorn, ridicule, and innuendo attend their pronouncements as the righteous defend their actions as logical, existential and necessary. Jeremiah Wright suffered such scorn and mockery because he understood the consequences of revenge on the innocent and the defenceless, justified by whatever inane discourse. Wright spoke truth to power that Sunday after 9/11 and the righteous cried to heaven condemning him to perdition for defaming America, for even suggesting that revenge for the sake of revenge is the motivation of the arch fiend against the Almighty, the foulest, most ignorant, most amoral rational for action.

  154. Tex, honest to goodness I’m not picking a fight with you. I don’t understand your Samuel quote and what you think it shows. I don’t know the quote in context. Out of context it said that as long as the child was alive, David would be contrite and restrained to the point of fasting in the hope of influencing a good outcome from God. When the child died, David said, “screw it, can’t bring him back now, I’ll go back to my normal routine”.

    I have no idea what this has to do with spirit. Help me out.

  155. Obama tried to extend it but the Iraqis wouldn’t let him. You can omit that from your narrative all you want, it won’t change history.
    Huck, stop it. Obama tried to extend it under pressure from hawk GOPhers. I believe McCain said our withdrawal from Iraq will be judged by history “with shame and disdain”.

    And this business of Iraqis wouldn’t let him also omits history. The Iraqis told him anyone who stayed behind would not be granted amnesty from potential prosecution. Like the Afghans, the Iraqis turned out to be ungrateful bastards. We got out just like we should have, despite pressure from nutjobs like John McCain.

  156. The EPA and the Department of Transportation predict stagnation for General Motors

    I always love it when Tex quotes Fed projections when they support his argument but rejects them when they don’t.

  157. Rabbit, I’m sorry to hear about your former student. It’s odd for someone so young to stroke out. I wonder if you’ll ever find out the underlying cause (like a birth defect, or blow to the head that the kid ignored).

    Sorry Rabbit, but my secular take on it is you went to the funeral because you can be a stand-up decent guy. Fine if you want to pull religion into it but how about giving Jesus 10% of the credit and giving the rest to yourself? Don’t play yourself so cheap.

  158. No more so than when you go to bed in the hope you get to be on top for once, taking it up the wazoo from Dear Leader. GM will fail – a consistent brick from Obama – Chrysler has already failed, The Won not even hitting the backboard. And yet, you criticize us for making it a number one priority to remove this dunce at the top?

    And now I have to explain something that couldn’t be more clear?

    I even embolden all you need to know, bozo. 😆 😆 😆 No wonder you worship at some Soros puppet’s altar, can’t see a Creator and believe Tool ™ a meaningful provider to your blog.

    How did you possibly ever graduate from high school?

    (1) The baby is dead
    (2) David can’t bring him back
    (3) David makes a statement they will meet again
    (4) Where are they going to meet Rutherford if the baby is dead?

    DUHHHHHH…. 😆 😆 Hopeless cause doesn’t do justice.

  159. Can’t you see how our lives are being controlled?

    Yeah, Simpson Cartoons. Got it.

    We never listen to prophets. Instead we ridicule or silence them. Nationalism aside, if you can, take a retrospective view.

    You consider yourself a prophet, Tool ™? Of what do I dare ask? 😈


  160. Tex if there is a war on Christianity in this country, whoever is doing the warring is doing a piss poor job of it. Christians and Jews run this country. A self professed atheist will never be President (at least not in my lifetime).

    It’s like elephants seeing a nearby ant farm and claiming “there’s a war on elephants”. Ridiculous.

  161. I will go to him, but he will not return to me.

    Ok Tex … you could’ve canned the snark and read the verse from a secular point of view and you would’ve understood why I didn’t get it.

    That line didn’t mean to me what it meant to you (and obviously means to the author). I took that to mean, in this world I can go to him, i.e. talk to his corpse, interact with him, but he, being dead, cannot return any feedback to me. In other words, he’s dead so why should I continue to bargain with God.

    Do you see how one’s perspective changes interpretation particularly out of context. I now understand the verse … meaning when I die will go to him. Thanks for the clarification, albeit snarky.

  162. LOL If anyone thinks I’m going to watch a Bill Whittle video on Xmas Eve and ruin what’s left of it, you’ve gotta be kidding.

    It’s time for my annual secular tribute to Xmas. Take from it what you will.

  163. The Skull & Cross Bones of the Trilateral Commission in the Obamanation of Desolation, drinking the blood libel, as said by the modern day Prophet, ➡ Tool ™ ❗

    George Bush, the Antichrist!!!!

    So it is written, so it shall be.


  164. Secular Tribute to XMas….Even your insults are moronic anymore. 😈

    What are we going to get? Karaoke of Frosty the Snowman, or the Michelle’s XMas Noel?

    I await with bated breath.

  165. Secular celebrations, atheist observances, or whatever, please enjoy peace and build those relationships. It is a time for giving, and time is our most valuable gift. No matter what your belief, you should have the capacity to love. It IS more blessed to give than to receive. I see Jesus as the ultimate representation of that in action and deed.

    :mrgreen: Merry Christmas!!

  166. Damn …. hey Pfesser, I have SERIOUSLY mellowed over the years. To listen to Tex you’d think I was the most hateful heathen going. If you wanna see me in my prime go back to my posts from December, 2007. I clearly had a bug up my ass. One post dissing Christianity, another dissing Islam and a third dissing Mormonism and all in the same month.

    Thank goodness Tex wasn’t a “fan” back then. 😯

  167. Karaoke of Frosty the Snowman


    No Tex, something much more sincere. What you consistently fail to realize is you don’t need to eat the whole enchilada to get some sustenance from the general message.

  168. Rutherford –

    Re: mellowing. I generally run a long-term cycle, like the manic-depressives do – usually about six months. I will get fed up to HERE and cut loose, then mellow out and try to play nice. Not really a good method I guess.

    Religion usually takes the brunt of it, but as of the past few years I have had the misfortune of doing a potful of reading in the mornings. I feel the curtain has lifted from my eyes on our government and how it is destroying the finest country that ever was. Unfortunately I have spent a lifetime learning these things and I realize that when I’m dead, another generation will have to learn it over again – and with their public-school educated brains that’s pretty unlikely. I hope we can get on track – for my kids if nothing else – but I’m not optimistic.

  169. Now, here’s how you do it! From the Wikipedia article about Reddit.

    “In early December 2010, the members of the Christianity subreddit and the Atheism subreddit came together to cross-promote[45] fundraising drives for World Vision’s Clean Water Fund and Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), respectively. Later, the Islam subreddit joined in, raising money for Islamic Relief. In less than a week, the three communities (as well as the Reddit community at large) raised over $45,000 for charity.”

    Jesus that gives me chills. I ain’t kidding. There may be hope for us after all. Not for certain, and not much – but some.

    Just finishing up my weekend marathon at work and heading home for the Christmas Story Marathon! Toddy, here I come! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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