Thank You Sincerely. I REALLY Mean That. Really, Really I Do!

sincerityAnyone who has the courage to venture into the comments section of my blog knows by now that I have been blogging from a hotel for the past three weeks in preparation for a relocation from Connecticut to Illinois. Today I literally stumbled upon (ok I didn’t stumble, but I did walk upon) something that kinda got under my skin.

I walked out of the hotel elevator and noticed for the first time a small rug emblazoned with the phrase “we love having you here.” My heart swelled from the appreciation. I thought to myself “what a nice sentiment.” Then I made the mistake of taking a closer look at the rug. The phrase was followed by ™. Excuse me? You need to trademark that you love having me here? What are you afraid of, that someone else might tell me they love having me there? Do I now need to amend your message to say “we love having you here but if you tell anyone else that you love having them here we will sue your pants off”?

Needless to say that tiny trademark symbol drained any possible sincerity right out of that message and just reminded me that my hotel is part of a huge artificial corporate machine that cares about me only to the extent that I keep coming back and giving them more of my money.

I think when I check out on Saturday I’m going to hand the nice lady at the front desk a sheet of paper with the following message on it:

I am so happy to be getting the hell out of this hotel and going home. ™


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522 thoughts on “Thank You Sincerely. I REALLY Mean That. Really, Really I Do!

  1. I know I am continuously out of the loop, but why did you decide on Illinois? You have family there?

    Connecticut? Jesus, isn’t that one of the worse taxed places in the US? I am surely liking VA; it regained its title as the best state to do business this year, taking it back from Texas. They sure treat ME right I have to say.

    Just don’t break the law here; they take their law and order stuff seriously. No parole; if you are sentenced to thirty years, you do thirty years. Extra 5(?) yrs for any crime involving a gun – no questions asked. Most executions, right behind TX and FL. Pretty nice place to live, tho. Just be good.

  2. Yup … wife’s family is in Illinois. Business climate there is only slightly better than CT. But hell … business climate anywhere is better than CT. 😦

  3. Being a VA resident myself, I’d have to agree with PFesser- things are much better here than most other places. You should come here, but then again, that would make sense which makes it a non-starter for liberals…

    Republican gov helps a lot. We have, for the first time since 2008, a growth in revenue- and we did it without raising taxes. Gasp! Not possible! pResident said we HAVE to raise taxes to make money!

    This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but he’s lied before…

    As for this post R, we’ve become somewhat thin skinned? This is what gets you going? Do you really understand the financial holocaust we are facing, and you write on this?

  4. Not gonna enter the raging debate on better states and taxes… let me just say:

    a) I’d be shocked if that trademark was really defensible
    b) Clearly, since I spend my life in hotels and cannot conjure from the colors, font or tag line, which hotel this is – the tag line and marketing isn’t working that well
    c) if you had any clue how these tag lines are constructed, debated, written, capitalized, bolded and ultimately TM’ed as the result of some brain fart of an executive somewhere….. nothing would surprise you.

  5. R, in response to No. 5, really are turning republican. Gotta wonder where your democratic congress and executive have been. Reagan would’ve been working on the debt. How about the congressional dems? Where was their plan? How about Obama’s non-existent plan. Oh yeah, keep spending. And here we are. Delay then demagogue.

    You’re peeing in the kiddie pool. The adults are in the deep end.

    But we do love having you here.

  6. Lilac, I should’ve known this one would resonate with you based on your constant travel.

    Wearing my social media hat for a minute, I think it’s a good guideline for any company not to trademark (or show the trademark symbol for) a phrase that is supposed to endear them to the customer. 🙂

  7. Who isn’t confused about the line between public and private sector? Uh…didn’t the public sector steal our money and give it to the private sector? Rutherford, you have been on planet Earth since October of 2008 haven’t you?

    As the tool rod said in my link, invest in Fanny Bonds….all risk is soaked up by the tax payer!!!!!!!

  8. Excellent video Gorilla,

    The dingbat just admitted that Social Security is unfunded and broke and she was busted for it. I’m surprised how many people still don’t know that simple fact. The “pay as we go” has been going on for decades.

    I have often wondered what this dim Dim thinks will happen to Social Security if the country goes bankrupt.

    I’ll say it again. Tax the billionaires and millionaires at 100%. You still will be a trillion short of Obama’s budget.

    Bye the way – for the Lib maggots and the still stuck on stupid who “blame Bush” solely for our raging deficit.

    Fact: Amount of Deficit accrued per day under Bush – $1.6 billion
    Amount of Deficit accrued per day under Obama – $4.1 billion

    Let’s give all the credit where credit is due gang.

  9. “Mmmm BiW, I see from your comment you confuse the public and private sector.”

    That qualifies him for POTUS.

    No, BIC lacks certain qualities to truly qualify for POTUS. BIC doesn’t vote Present nor understands the nuances of requiring a teleprompter to address 6th graders.

  10. What would Reagan do?

    Create $17 trillion in new wealth over 8 years?

    I think the Obama scorecard is in the red and dropping.

    Aren’t you going to give us the Reagan poll numbers as proof Obama just like Reagan too?

    Nobody has taken my 100-1 bet yet that Obama won’t reach Reagan’s 84 election results. I’ll bump it to 500-1, if interested.

  11. Here’s another disingenuous Reagan / Obama comparison – but it provides a wonderful contrast why one was successful and the other not.

    Since when did it become government’s job to create jobs?

  12. a) I’d be shocked if that trademark was really defensible

    Have you ever done a federal trademark application?

    Seriously, it is the most frustrating process ever, but if you get the greenlight from the feds to use that little ™ at the end of your mark, then yes, it is most certainly defensible.

  13. “No, I just EXPECT more from those imbued with the public trust than I do a private actor.”-bic

    EXPECT: to anticipate or look forward to the coming or occurrence of; to consider probable or certain

    quit bull shitting us, you do not.

  14. Rutherford,

    Welcome to America!

    In our lust of possession, where everything is strictly interpreted in business terms (ie: profit/loss), we get this kind of absurdity. It is the nature of the “plastic” society we live in, and probably the primary reason I never finished my degree to pursue a career in advertising.

    Words are weapons. They can be used for both good and not so good intent. In this case, the insincerity is blatant to the observing guest, but adds to the general public euphoria.

    “Your money says “In God We Trust”,
    But it’s against the law to pray in school
    You say we beat the Russians to the moon
    I say you starved your children to do it…”

  15. Rutherford –
    When I was in college, the local Burger Chef (remember them?) forced its employees to refer to their fries as, “hot golden-brown fries.” I quit going there; whether they were trying to ask you “fries with that?” or yelling the order back to the kitchen, it was all you heard. Maddening for the customers; had to be worse for the employees.

    Kind of put one off fries I would think.

  16. Hmmm.

    This phrase was trademarked by Hilton Hospitality, Inc., in 2004.

    Seven years as an active, registered mark.

    Tell you what, lilac. How about you infringe on the mark, and inignore the cease and desist demands, and then we’ll see if it is defensible.

  17. This is what gets you going? Do you really understand the financial holocaust we are facing, and you write on this?

    Someone ate his grumpy pills this morning. Unlike you G, it’s not my job to defend the country so I can take my eye off the ball every now and then. At the rate our incompetent Congress is going, I’ll have plenty of time to write about the apocalypse. 😉

  18. Tell you what, lilac. How about you infringe on the mark, and inignore the cease and desist demands, and then we’ll see if it is defensible.

    No need to show off your legal bona fides BiW. Lilac (an old friend of mine) was conjecturing as any layman might how a phrase as common as “we love having you here” could possibly be trademarked.

    Now let me ask you a question. I could have sworn I read somewhere that to register a trademark with the government, you end up using the ® symbol but to use the simple TM you can just go ahead and use it. The same with a service mark (SM). Could you elaborate briefly on the difference between registering the first vs the last two?

  19. Either your friend is an idiot, or you got it completely wrong.

    First, you need to be clear about which government you are trying to register the mark with, state or federal. State standards for registration are generally much lower. They are simply more interested in getting your check than protection of intellectual property.

    The Copyright symbol is for copyright only. Using it for for a mark will only get you laughed at. Also, for original works that are published, you need not register the copyright in order to own it, but there are other benefits to doing so.

    Trademarks and servicemarks are first determined by the business for which you are trying to register them…i.e., is it a trade or a sevice? This detemines the classification code you must use in the registration, for example, an electrical contractor would register a trademark with the classification code of 44.

    Sometimes the mark is simply a name or phrase, like the one you’re bitching about. Sometimes, it includes a logo and/or stylized letters. like Coca Cola. If this is the case, you have to submit detailed color drawings with the application to show exactly the “look” you’re trying to register. When you send that in, the examiners will first check to see if it is the same, or substantially similar to an existing mark. If it is, you’re done, because they will not register the mark. If it isn’t then they will examine it six ways to Sunday, and what likely had to happen in your example is that Hilton had to specifically disclaim any claim to a mark containing those words, in any order or combination other than the one it submitted for registration. (Which doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t have a trademark infringment case against a competitor using “we love having you stay”, on the basis that it is so similar that it is likely to cause confusion in the public as to who is providing the hotel room, but that is a different matter).

    If you get past the examiner, then there is a comment period, when interested parties can object to the publication of the mark as a registered mark. If you make it through that, then the mark is registered, and then you have to renew your registration every couple of years.,

  20. Either your friend is an idiot, or you got it completely wrong.

    I wasn’t quoting my friend … I thought I read it somewhere on the web.

    And you didn’t actually answer my question. Unless the symbol didn’t reproduce properly on your screen, I wasn’t asking about copyright. I was asking about the “R” ® with the circle around it and how that differs from TM.

  21. OK Gang … it’s time for the “final approach” to my new home town. I’ll be posting comments very seldom until about Wednesday. For anyone who is slightly interested:

    Saturday — Travel to Pennsylvania
    Sunday — Travel to Ohio
    Monday — Travel to Illinois
    Tuesday — Move-in day
    Wednesday — Internet service up and running (I hope)

    Carry on!

  22. Well, if the internet service isn’t up on Wednesday, drive your ass over to Naperville Four Bucks for a cup of burnt coffee and some groovy goth women to converse while creating a new thread.

    What in the hell is taking you three days to travel 900 miles you wussy? More proof right-wing fundies are tougher than progressives – I did a thousand in one day two weeks ago, and then sat in a stupor the next day from cruise overload. Leave at 9:00 PM at night with pretty daughter sound asleep in the backseat and put your foot to the floor.

    Your lackeys demand a new R.L. post at least once a week. And if I die between now and then, nobody will know to check the Tulsa obits.

    Be careful old friend. 😉

  23. Speaking of Pringles can Rabbit,

    I was dehydrated as hell drying to Destin, FL. So someplace in Mississippi, I stopped off and got a 64oz bottle of water. I thought we were about 2-3 hours from destination. 🙄

    We pull into Mobile, AL, at around 1:00 PM on 4th of July weekend on I-10 and for the next three hours went about 1/2 a mile. Four lanes of traffic into two to travel through a damn tunnel, no cops in site. Worst traffic jam I have ever experienced, including driving all over CA. About 2:30 PM, my eyes were beginning to float; 3:00 I’m sweating bullets, 3:30 PM I’m near death. I told my wife a few more minutes and I’m going to have to wet the seat. She looks wide eyed and saws, “like heck you are in my car.” I can not figure out how to pee in my bottle, there’s bumper to bumper traffic and no where to go, and being discrete in front of the daughters who are also dying in the back seat screaming for mercy. I’d like to tell you it was long enough to stretch through the shorts without unzipping the zipper with SUVs looking down to observe – it wasn’t.

    Long story short, looking at my watch at 4:05 exactly, we’re driving through the damn tunnel and I’m looking for the nearest turn, barely able to push the pedal. I look over at some shitty looking trees, and there’s at least 10 men and boys standing peeing into greenery. 😆 No shit – they just pulled over on the highway on the coast. I don’t know what the women did. My kids are dying too, and we swing it into some sorry looking restaurant next to this battleship Alabama with a ramp that circled back and forth to get up to; 3 or 4 stories at least.

    Some damn Asians are blocking the entrance taking a family portrait with what looked like twenty cameras, and I burst right through the family, kids right behind me. All I heard was jabbering. What’s asshole in Japanese?

    I peed brown. No kidding. I had literally stretched my bladder to the point of tearing. And what’s worse, if you’ve never had to pee that bad, you can’t even make your voluntary sphincter relax enough to pee. I stood there for what seems like minutes with a drip. I guarantee you the men standing in line probably thought I cuffing the carrot, me leaned up against the wall.

    I hate frickin’ traveling to strange places.

  24. Rutherford,

    Taking the scenic route, eh? Safe travels.

    Found this in the “kitchen” and thought you might enjoy it. 😆

  25. Gawd, I love Breitbart. He has so hammered the left with truth and daily exposé of lies, they positively hate his guts. And he shoves it up their asses in return with a smug and the finger. 🙂

    ACORN goes down – loses Federal Funding
    Weiner goes down (no pun intended) – loses job.
    Obama’s CZARs down and out – Buwahahahahaha.

    You can always tell the effectiveness and greatness of a man by how badly libs hate him. The more the Chatty Kitchen ilk hates you, the closer you are to righteousness.

  26. Prager’s got it right.

    I would add that liberalism also makes “pets” out of their victim class (i.e. the object of their “benevolence” and “compassion”). Look at how liberals treat liberal blacks. Like puppies, treats are dispensed provided they remain loyal and dependent. Conservative blacks get treated with the scorn and punishment of a dog that got off the leash and went for a wild run through the neighborhood.

  27. Look at how liberals treat liberal blacks. Like puppies, treats are dispensed provided they remain loyal and dependent.

    True. And what’s worse, white “intellects” with a progressive bent let the puppies shit your front yard and leave it for you to pick up the stinking pile day after day. They’ll dump the puppy after they’ve starved it for you when puppy has outgrown their usefulness.

    And the dog lives out the remainder of their days warped, mad as hell, biting the hand that feeds them.

    Good animal analogy Tigre.

  28. I read a phrase today that I think perfectly explains how a person so shallow, smarmy and mendacious as both Obama and Bill Clinton were able to get elected. I don’t know who coined this, but it is true:

    Success comes most swiftly and completely not to the greatest or perhaps even to the ablest men, but to those whose gifts are most completely in harmony with the taste of their times.

    Like I’m fond of saying – we are coming very close to Rome as we progress as a Republic. And Rome gave us Nero, Tiberius and Caligula.

  29. I have watched and read (portions of) Reel Bad Arabs. It is mostly cherry-picked nonsense.

    For example, one of his gripes is the movie The Mummy. He complains about the stereotyping of the Arab prison warden being the comedy relief. Yet there is not a word about the stereotyping of Westerners as gambling, alcoholic cowboys that also goes on in that film.

    His coverage of the classic epics that are treated like history documentaries rather than dramas is where he should have left things.

    Shaheen overlooks the fact that stereotyping goes on in all movies. It is a timesaving device. Why bother with all kinds of character development when you can just make the characters fit the preconceived notions of the intended audience?

  30. A directer of a documentary approached my brother and started filming him. It turned very sour for the directer.

    My brother and his 2 year old son were eating in an East Dearborn restaurant with 4 or 5 Arabs that he used to work with. This guy interrupted their dinner and started asking my brother all kinds of loaded Noam Chomsky esque political questions (while filming), assuming my brother was an anti-American foreign policy liberal.

    Now, my Hawkish brother doesn’t withhold his opinion and shocked the guy. He served 3 years on the Nasty Nick (a bad ass little ship that is always in the mix) and is very pro-Israel.

    Ironically, this dumb ass captured a great piece of film but was too much of a moron to figure it out. A white American being completely frank (and pro-Israel) at the dinner table with 4 or 5 Arabs in Dearborn!!!!!!!!

    Instead, the directer decided to argue politics.

    Interrupting a dinner is absolutely one of the most disrespectful things you can do in the Arab world, particularly if the Arabs in any way see themselves as hosting.

    From what I understand, the entire restaurant turned on this guy. He was lucky his equipment was smashed.

  31. “Shaheen overlooks the fact that stereotyping goes on in all movies. It is a timesaving device. ”

    Good point.

    However, I can imagine it gets a little old seeing only 1 or 2 stereo-types attached to your ethnic back ground.

    But, so true….a movie requires stereotypes. And sometimes they are pretty damn entertaining.

  32. Shaheen overlooks the fact that stereotyping goes on in all movies. It is a timesaving device. Why bother with all kinds of character development when you can just make the characters fit the preconceived notions of the intended audience?

    Ahhh. A timesaving device. We like those, they give us so much freedom. I see it more like building on an existing theme that has already been implanted in our collective psyches. But where did that stereotyping originate? I think that is where we need to look. Who gives us these notions?

  33. Poolman, you know where stereotyping originates. In fact, I see that you rely on them heavily in your comments here.

  34. The stereotype originates from the fact that, collectively, Arabs have acted like savages far too often on the world stage, were unfairly dominated like simpletons for a while by the Europeans and accept corruption on a level that is almost cultural in nature.

    Collective umbrellas always suck for the individual. It’s just how life is.

  35. I had a buddy in law school win a death pool with Slappy White. Imagine that. Slappy White.

    Who the fuck Slappy White is and why someone would pick him is totally beyond me. I still laugh at that one.

    I’d put a little money on Andy Dick and Lohan. Odds won’t have a big payoff, but I think they’ll cross the finish line.

  36. Ironic, isn’t Tigre? Our simple Poolman is the most raging bigoted stereotyper on this board – and yet questions the one demographic where there is no dispute of obscene rage, crookedness, and destruction.

    Does Poolman forget his accusations concerning the state of Israel, the Mossad, J Street, Jewish politicians. the American “War Machine”, mercenaries, Black Water, etc… etc.. etc…? I guess so.

    If his accusations are true, and I believe I can make a very easy demonstration refuting his argument that the most stereotyped demographic from Hollywood are Christians and white men – both treated predominately as buffoons unless Liberal, why does Poolman pursue this argument?

    I have my own suspicions, accompanied by latent American hatred. And since the Iraq War, it is America and its military that are evil according to Hollywood (Anyone remember Brian De Palma’s Redacted), I don’t think I’m terribly wrong about allegiances to Lyndon Larouche and other fringe groups.

    Why am I Islamophobic? Gee, I don’t know. But apparently, I have company….Poolman’s company is Rosie.

  37. “I think Courtney has cleaned up her act, some.”

    That’s why she’s a sure pick. Fuck silver. The smart money’s on Courtney.

  38. Tex, notwithstanding his protestations, Poolman has a quintessentially liberal mentality. Of course, as professional white man (Scandinavian no less — Swedish), I am one dangerous Aryan mo-fo according to Obama supporters and Yellowdog. A complete buffoon who’s time has run according to Hollywood.

  39. “But where did that stereotyping originate? I think that is where we need to look. Who gives us these notions?”

    While it is easy to point a critical finger at those epics I mentioned…which we all know were made by Jewish people…I think the real answer goes back to the basic ideas Said puts forth in Orientalism. And those predate the concept of “Hollywood.” I don’t buy into the Mel Gibson stuff and I don’t think Jews have brainwashed us through their films.

  40. No one sane could defend Mel Gibson’s drunken rants. But I understand the hard feelings.

    There is no doubt that Mel Gibson was discriminated against by Hollywood and its financiers in the making of “The Passion of the Christ.” Gibson was forced to finance it through his own making, forming his own production company, and was criticized all along the way, including Conservative Jews like Mona Charen, who stated that it risked persecution of Jews by Christians. Never happened.

    And it always tickled me that Gibson grossed almost a billion dollars from its making. 🙂 One of the biggest grossing films of all time.

  41. This Oslo thing is almost beyond belief. How many rounds did this goon get off on that island? I’m now reading the death toll approaching 100. It’s hard to believe one individual alone capable of creating that kind of carnage. Scary actually.

  42. The one thing I never get about Catholics is the obsession with the “Passion”.

    Mel Gibson’s movie should have been another hour and half long, including much more of Jesus before he got busted.

    If you follow Catholic logic, Senator McCain should be considered for sainthood.

    While I would have been squealing like a girl the moment I was detained, the torture of Jesus is nothing unique, is it?

  43. The report I read said he had one and a half hours uninterrupted on the island. Fucking gut-wrenching to hear about how cold blooded he was. Must have been spurred on by Palin. . .

  44. Yeah Tex. It really drives home how much society is forced to trust that people within it will obey law and order and the tragic consequences that occur when some idiot breaks that trust.

    The whole thing just sucks….

  45. Correction:

    “Police chief Sveinung Sponheim said officers took 45 minutes to reach the island, and the gunman was apprehended 45 minutes after that.”

  46. Your source is pretty tainted, Tex. Given the latest regarding Murdock, it would behoove you to be a bit wary…

    Tainted? Or the American devout Muslim telling Poolman what he doesn’t want to hear? If you can dispute any of what the man just said, which by the way I admire they guy and hope puts to rest my hatred of all Muslims, please correct it.

    Speaking of Murdoch, you spelled it wrong Poolman. If you’re going to incriminate the man…

    I kind of like what Ann Coulter had to say about the American media and Libs (one and the same) witch hunt of FOX News. And wickedly points out the hypocrisy of the Left, as usual.

  47. Huck, I was being sarcastic. Agreed. But “law and order” is a profound understatement when it comes to these situations. They prey the rational expectations of it.

  48. You think these people really are this stupid? Unfortunately, I believe so. This may be the last week of life as you knew it, because the ugliness is soon to follow. Rutherford will damn glad to have been relieved of his debt burden.

    I’m worried. See if you follow my concern. Thus far the Democrats have proved intractable on these negotiations. But more than that, they seem to be living in denial as regards the national debt and more importantly the deficits. Right now we’re projecting deficits of 1.5 trillion every year for the next ten years. But those projections are based on growth rates of something like 3 – 3.5% from 2013 onwards. Which is unrealistic when you consider the current debt load plus piling on 1.5T more every year. It’s obvious that these projections are pure fantasy. They’re in denial about Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid sustainability and about Obamacare. They genuinely believed O-care was going to “bend the cost curve”! It’s ridiculous.

    Now, we all know this. None of this is new information. What has me worried is the idea that the Democrats ACTUALLY DON’T UNDERSTAND THIS IS THE END OF THE ROAD. What if they actually aren’t capable of recognizing when they’ve lost? Or when we’ve run out of other people’s money? None of these people work for a living. Their concept of where money comes from and how wealth is created (and destroyed) is completely divorced from reality because they live in a government bubble. And the very small minority among them that do understand this from previous jobs and experience are okay with Progressive policies aimed at leveling/equalizing/delivering-economic-justice because they just assume that the economy can handle some siphoning. And usually it can. But not at this volume or for this time scale.

    Here’s the position I think we may be in. We’ve been negotiating with the President and The Democrats in Congress on the assumption that they’re sane. It’s okay to play hardball with these guys because eventually, whether they like it or not, reality insists upon itself and they have to cave. It’s a painful process so you expect some tantrum throwing and caterwauling, but eventually they HAVE to accept reality. Except if they’re not sane. If they want five apples and there’s only two plus two but they CAN’T ACCEPT that two plus two equals four. Orwell wasn’t just writing a parable about the eventual end point of IngSoc. He was describing what human psychology can drive Ministers to inflict upon the populace for the sake of “justice”. I’m worried they’ll pull the trigger on default as just one more “political” step in the march towards freedom from want or whatever other principle they’re operating under. They’re playing this game as if they could win, as if taxes in a downturn are a good idea with benign consequences. As if debt equivalent to GDP is survivable for the world’s anchor economy/currency, let alone sustainable.

    And so maybe, just maybe, Republican strategy (what little there is of it) has badly misread the opposition. Obama tried to add 400 billion in taxes to a deal he had already agreed with Boehner at the last minute. Boehner walks out cause Obama is negotiating in bad faith and has been all along, but what if Obama is actually incapable of good faith negotiation? I think right now that it’s actually possible we won’t see a deal at all. Because the Republicans are looking at the math and at reality and saying “Okay, Democrat demands can’t be serious because they can’t possibly work” and Democrats are looking at politics and how it works and saying “We don’t have to give in cause that’s not how you win these things. You pin it on the other guy politically and then reap the political dividends.” I wasn’t around for the start of WWI, but I get the feeling I understand Kennedy’s fascination with Tuchman’s Guns of August. I’m not talking about a shooting war, but about leaders overestimating and underestimating and just plain misjudging each other in a brinksmanship scenario. In short, it could be too late to do anything when people finally wake up. The crisis may have already arrived with an economic and fiscal momentum all it’s own that no amount of dealing or compromise or statesmanship can stop… ~ Michael McFatter

  49. A couple of observations now that we’re safely in New Columbia PA.

    Re: Amy Whitehouse, my wife said “guess who died and it won’t surprise you”. My first three guesses were Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan and Courtney Love. You wanna know the dad truth about Amy? Highly over-rated talent who was really a one hit wonder with a song that has become her epitaph — “Rehab”. What a waste.

    As for the terrible tragedy in Norway, I’d love to know more about their gun control laws. Then I’ll look into the Palin connection. 😉

    Damn, this combined with the governmental bombing makes yesterday true hell for Norway.

    P.S. We pull into New Columbia and my kid asks “whatever happened to Old Columbia”. A chip off the old block. 😆

  50. Could someone tell me why they put a flat screen TV that can easily be tipped over, in a “pet friendly” hotel room?

    I’m telling you Americans get dumber by the day. 😦

  51. “Damn, this combined with the governmental bombing makes yesterday true hell for Norway.”

    It was probably the same guy, so maybe you want to question their bomb laws, too? They might not be strict enough for you.

  52. 🙂 I just noticed that this picture was taken by “Trixie Lawson”. I’ll assume it’s our budding “nude model” that has taken this picture?

    I’ll bet Trixie is cute little devil. She sounds like a piece of work and smart as a whip.

    I gave you instruction as to why you’re a madman and P-Whipped on a previous thread this morning Four Bucks. When you get to Naperville (you’re getting closer to Tex’s home turf), you and I are going to have to have a brother to brother discussion about marital bliss – and how to keep it that way. My solution was to have the 4-day a month marriage. 😀

  53. Nope Tex … wrong guess. Trixie is the Mrs. But I do give you major props for being the first to notice the photo credit.

    BTW we did consider driving both cars but neither one of us was up to 8 hours of straight driving. So we shipped one car and we’re sharing the load on the second one.

  54. Shipped a car? Do you have money to burn big spender?
    I get the “Trixie” now that I think about it. I think. I’d have to review to make sure. I screwed up the cat’s name – may have forgotten your wife’s name too.

    I’ll bet your little pretty is still a little doll. She sounds precocious with what little you’ve shared. Is daughter apprehensive about a new school, or excited about it? And when does it start?

    I drive back to Houston for my daughter’s white coat in August and she moved into her new townhouse today with boyfriend’s truck and mom’s help. Her roommate’s parents own the complex and I understand it is quite nice – secured parking and everything. Houston is a strangely zoned town. Rice University is close and it’s the nicest part of Houston. The complex is beautiful and within MD Andersen Medical Complex, which is like a town within a town – very impressive.

    But one mile down the road is the hood. Don’t ask me.

    This is weekend #2 without the Mrs., the price we pay for taking all that vacation time this summer, and I’m Netflixed, interneted out, booked out Rutherford. I desperately need to get off my lazy ass and make a change or work up the courage to pump the C O thru the hose in an enclosed garage. I swear, I don’t think I’ve ever been so bored.

    Little man (Mickey) and I went to get a hamburger tonight and share some fries. Pavlov dripped all over my shoulder while waiting in the drive thru. Yuck – and I had just gotten out of the shower too. Then we went for a walk out in the sauna. It’s still 101 degrees at 9:00 PM and off the asphalt, it feels a heck of a lot warmer than that. I’m actually getting acclimated to 100+ now that we’ve had it for a month, but it was like walking with a heated hair dryer on your face.

    Stay cool on road trip day #2 and keep us abreast of the adventure.

  55. That poor kid in 85. The heart is right, but the whole singing and rapping thing isn’t. And in public. And adults let him do this. 😯 I hope he can look back and laugh at himself and this doesn’t cause him teenage distress.

    Would that there be a recording of our most embarrassing moments, played for all to see? Yikes! That would be funny. 😀

  56. Seems Veteran’s Today – the Jew haters favorite link, is affiliated with ISI Pakistani intelligence. Hmmm…


    Debunked here – like so many of his criticisms.

    and here:

    Interesting stuff. Apparently, this is a “Progressive” blog. Surprise, surprise.

    The only foreign enemies we have are in Israel. You don’t need to mess with them. The real enemy is domestic, the Jew who sends you to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran to kill people who never threatened us but who are hated by Jews. We have to clean up this country by wiping out the Jewish organization.” ~ J.B. Campbell, Correspondent for Veteran’s Today

    Campbell has advocated in the past the death of Jewish rabbis and American leadership in both government and business. He also pushes for the destruction of Israel and believes Germany was the good nation during World War II.

  57. Poolman, you sure your name isn’t Gordan Duff? You read just like he does. 🙂

    The “Veterans Today” Network, a one-man show on the Internet created and run by Gordon Duff, a disabled Marine Vietnam veteran, states flatly that 9/11 was a CIA/Mossad conspiracy, and that Osama bin Laden wasn’t involved, and that he died in 2001.

    Does Chatty Kitchen also believe like you? Tell me they do. It will make my day.

  58. Two things.
    1. VT is a totally shitbag entity.
    2. TM thought has gone completely crazy. One of the ones that gets me the most is how courtesy of Susan Komen et al ya can’t have “(fill in the blank) for the cure.”
    They have completely wiped out the ability for others to care about any other disease.

  59. Ahhh…Veterans Today. Poolman’s favorite.

    Even if I actually bought into VT’s insane conspiracy and anti-Jew political slant, I still would have a problem with the name.

    It’s disgusting that they pose as some mainstream voice for vets while pushing wacky shit.

    It pisses me off that Poolman would take part in such activity, his fun little fantasy world be damned.

    Poolman, I’d love to get your ass in a headlock and dunk you in one of your own pools so many times that you pooped in your swimming trunks.

  60. “Poolman, I’d love to get your ass in a headlock…”

    Wouldn’t that technically be an ass-lock?

    I’m a stickler for detail.

  61. Anybody that believes the Mossad and the Israeli Jews, George Bush, Dick Cheney should be implicated for 9/11 by the facilitation of controlled demolitions?

    Ass and head are synonymous.

    Feel free to interchange as needed.

  62. Speaking of Murdoch Gordon, you spelled it wrong Poolman Tex. If you’re going to incriminate the man…

    Thanks for the opinions and links to opinions. When you’re ready to take on any of the issues, we can move forward.

  63. Are you a Stormfront fan Poolman?

    You know what my favorite part of Veteran’s Today editorial page was, besides the ISI and Stormfront links? The college staffed editorial board picture resembling something straight from Berkeley representing the staff. Solid. 😉

    That’s three times now you’ve provided a link that with another click of the button took me to the Stormfront page. Sieg Heil!

    But if you want an issue to contemplate Gordon, you can begin with your bogus war charges putting us into this fiscal mess addressing comment #100. You and Barney Frank should team up.

    A Troofer, a vile anti-Semite and counterfeit Christian. What a monster…

  64. This is my response to # 100. Let’s look at real numbers. We are on a neocon path, no matter who’s at the helm. If you want to control our debt, you need to address those creating it, mostly from thin air. Our collective ass is being devalued at a rate our generation won’t recover.

  65. Let’s look at real numbers.

    We did. I just gave them to you. And the real numbers say we are spending less for defense vis-a-vis GDP that our 40 year average. So were is your explanation for your charges you have put forth numerous times of the wars putting us in this debt?

    If you want to control our debt, you need to address those creating it, mostly from thin air.

    No, those are real dollars they are printing and spending. You’re liable for them and the man you voted for is responsible for accelerating the creation of that debt. Like I said before, Bush the neocon created a deficit at about 40% the rate The One is doing.

  66. Just checking in.

    When I hear Pennsylvania I don’t usually think beautiful scenery. My bad. Yesterday and today we saw some thrilling landscapes.

    As for “Trixie”, it derives at least partly from her handle when I “met” her online 12 years ago: Trixie_the_Dish. LOL You’d never know from that handle how modest she really is.

    As for the kid, I love her attitude about the move. Very practical, not overly sentimental. Ollie’s doing fine too. 🙂

  67. Apparently, someone pissed in the pool- it’s pretty cloudy today.

    Setting the normal trend of racist websites aside, we’ve yet to get a responsible, accredited source of facts. Even this latest picture has written in it, “analysis includes non-DoD activity based on coding and on the military nature of the activity, such as armed agents on flights, border control, DoD space flights, etc.

    Ahem, law enforcement is now military activity? See, this is why you don’t use biased propaganda as facts. If you can’t find a reputable source for your information, then that means the shit you’re reading is just that- shit.

    The racist ass-clown puddles once again demonstrates his stupid, gullible intolerant tendencies. Don’t forget your hood…

  68. Getting out of CT will do you good Rutherford. Just don’t mingle with the gun-toting-bible-clingers or you’ll get some on you. There’s a lot of “fly-over states” you’re passing through. These are dangerous folks! Don’t look them in the eye, especially on a Sunday . . . that only challenges them.

  69. Good advice Tigre to the man.

    Us Bible toting fanatics spend our Sundays driving up and down the highway looking for out-of-state tags and “liberal looking” elitists, with our shotguns visible, mounted in back window. An Obama sticker is met first with warning to move along, then with gunshot in the air as reinforcement. They should have just “flown over.”

    My suggestion is to skip Oklahoma and drive through Kansas instead, where liberal elites can ask the locals, “What’s the matter with Kansas?”

    Glad to hear Ollie and Cutie are doing well.

    Good story for the Mrs. I like her handle. 🙂

    I think I’ll change my handle to Tex_the_Dish; maybe Tex_the_Pistol.

  70. Quoting percentages on military spending (comparing yourself to yourself at another time) is meaningless to me. It is the actual dollar value that is obscene. What I see in those dollars is the progress lost in our economy that those dollars could fuel; I see innumerable bases in innumerable countries, untold billions – at least some of which could be turned on our problems at home.

    Assuming we accept the numbers for military spending at face value – because I am too lazy to check them – it still makes little sense to me for the US govt to spend the money it does on the military machine. After all we are spending more I am told than the entire rest of the world combined. Think about that a minute. How many empires have survived that kind of expenditures on the military? Not many I would wager.

    And money spent on the military is money – in a fiscal sense – down a rathole. Best case scenario is that military salaries go for nothing and weapons rot into the ground – which is to say they are not used. Worst case is that they ARE, and they still are destroyed – as well as destroying a hell of a lot more besides. Then there is the loss of the best men/women we have to offer – folks that could be working and building, instead of rotting in the ground.

    My Boy Eisenhower had a thing or two to say about it, and I think his expertise probably trumps any here – certainly mine:

    “I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity…Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the clouds of war, it is humanity hanging on a cross of iron”. ~Dwight D. Eisenhower, speech, American Society of Newspaper Editors, 16 April 1953

  71. PF @ 124.
    Not attacking you personally but you bring up/hint at a lot of points that on the larger subject I’m kind of into.

    As for the amount the US spends on the defense of the world. The numbers are staggering but throughout history up to and including the present they are offering you a false view re US vs the rest of the world. China today and Russia “yesterday” controlled their economies/currencies to a point that perverts comparison. Also given that the US economy was pretty great for a long time the 4-10% GDP going to defense isn’t all that insane.

    You and others are correct that money spent on defense is- money spent. It is however money that flows into the economy in a synergistic way,let alone being a strong expression of Keynesian economics.Military expenditure from post WWII to today has fueled many innovations and industries in a way that equal amounts dumped into say HHS could not.

    Although any life lost is a shame the post Ike MIC world vis a vis the USA really only experienced truly shocking numbers in Vietnam. I’m hard pressed to see how that jives with the “if you build it you will eventually use it” mentality so many seem to adhere too.

    US defense spending has allowed for diplomacy,rescue/relief,and security around the globe. We are on the cusp of seeing two other nations challenge that at a time and level that imo at least matches the Cold War (see China and Iran).
    I am truly curious if people believe any other nation on the planet is even remotely equal to the task past and present that falls on the USA.

  72. Quoting percentages on military spending (comparing yourself to yourself at another time) is meaningless to me.

    I’m sure we do spend too much on the military and there is no doubt much of those monies would be better spent or saved by the citizenry on far more economical “things” – but not government with a gaping hole at both ends making that determination. I’ve said as much here.

    A visitor from Mars could easily pick out the civilized nations. They have the best implements of war. ~ Herbert V. Prochnow

    There is an opportunity cost associated with everything. We pour a lot of money down a rat hole on unnecessary CTs, PETs and MRI’s when a simple and cheap X-ray would have sufficed. Happens in all business aspects from the practice of defensive medicine, to physician greed to needless regulation.

    But if your comment is addressed with respect to my comparison for the Stormfront’s favorite student Al-Poolman and his claims that the Iraq War put us in the financial pickle we are in, then you can join him in the corner with dunce cap, because the comparison is absolutely necessary to prove him wrong.

    And I believe that pie chart proves Poolman’s claims bogus beyond a shadow of a doubt.

  73. Alfie, it’s good to see you back. I thought you’d packed up and moved along.

    “I am truly curious if people believe any other nation on the planet is even remotely equal to the task past and present that falls on the USA.”

    You express (I think) an optimism in our collective willingness and ability that I am rapidly losing confidence in. The political lethargy and societal atrophy as are downright frightening to me. I look at Obama and all he stands for as a sign that we are incapable of mustering the fortitude required to muscle through our current “perfect storm” of international and domestic crisis. I am really worried.

  74. Right on point about Obama’s mendacity Mr. Tigre.

    Is Obama a pathological liar?

    In the weird world that is Washington, men and women say things daily, hourly, even minutely, that they know deep down are simply not true. Inside the Beltway, we all call those utterances “rhetoric.”

    But across the rest of the country, plain ol’ folk call ‘em lies. Bald-faced (even bold-faced) lies. Those folks have a tried-and-true way of determining a lie: If you know what you’re saying is patently false, then it’s a lie. Simple.

    And lately, the president has been lying so much that his pants could burst into flames at any moment.

    Read the rest…

  75. “I am truly curious if people believe any other nation on the planet is even remotely equal to the task past and present that falls on the USA.”

    We Americans are sometimes gullible, sometimes slow. We have become weakened and our politicians are lame. Most of us have never experienced a great deal of pain or suffering like our forefathers or the greatest generation, creating both apathy and high tolerance for things we shouldn’t tolerate.

    But one of the great things about getting older is that you recognize there is nothing new under the sun.

    2011 has very much reminded me of 1979 when I was in college. From malaise speeches and failed rescue attempts, to 16% prime interest rates and the coming economic disarray that is not terribly unlike 1981.

    To answer your question Alfie, I still think they’re are enough good people in America that are going to stand up and say enough is enough. The Tea Party was the first indicator that people are getting fed up and are willing to do something about it.

    And someplace, somewhere we are going to get a leader or two that sounds and acts like Reagan again. One that believes America is worth saving for our own children.

    Whether that happens in 2012 remains to be seen, but he is out there. I personally think this Marco Rubio is the next “great” politician, and even the one and only politician I ever had a sign for in my yard has been on fire lately:

    Sen. Tom Coburn, (R-OK)

  76. Another author rival Sowell and Krauthammer. Not sure VDH isn’t better than both of them:

    Borrowing Is No Longer Stimulus?

    The Congressional Budget Office not long ago forecast that Barack Obama’s $1 trillion-plus annual deficits — scheduled over the next decade — would result in almost another $10 trillion in aggregate debt. Going back to the pre-Bush tax rates this time won’t balance the budget. Slashing discretionary spending will not. So large has the splurge become, and so hooked are the constituencies of federal money, that massive cuts to entitlements necessary to stave off financial implosion may well prompt Greek-like protests.

    That staggering sum was apparently conventional wisdom until the November 2010 election. But now there is fear that at some point in the future, Obama will not be known as the first African-American president. Nor will he be cited even as the hope-and-change phenomenon of 2008. Instead, posterity shall know him as the single greatest borrower in American presidential history, a novice who nearly wrecked the U.S. economy by borrowing over $4 billion a day without any feasible proposal how to pay back such a vast sum — taking a post-recession recovery and turning it into a stagflationary mess. In the third year of his tenure, Obama is still left only with “Bush did it” as an explanation of what went wrong.

    Obama has managed the nearly impossible: the greatest peacetime deficits in U.S. history — about $1.5 trillion per year — in his first three years achieved almost no economic expansion. Instead, unemployment is chronic and stays over 9.2%; growth is stagnant; gas is sky-high — and the president seems stunned that none of what he had promised came to pass. All his liberal nostrums have been tried and been found wanting. There is no successful EU model, no winning blue-state statist paradigm for guidance.

    Excellent, short article as always:

  77. “You express (I think) an optimism in our collective willingness and ability that I am rapidly losing confidence in. The political lethargy and societal atrophy as are downright frightening to me.”

    Absolutely. And it cuts across all of our civilization. Our “animal spirits” are gone – largely the result IMHO of our migration toward a socialist state. We don’t have to speculate on it either – we have seen it in every socialist entity that has ever existed – a slow internal rot.

  78. @ tigre you have found a deeper and more domestic aspect to my closing line. I’m not overly optimistic that domestically we have and are gonna make the right decisions. I do think the people are starting to get something churning in their collective guts though and it could get ugly.
    @Tex your history lesson is a good one. I’m younger but am aware of how that time felt from a blossoming politically savvy kids perspective. I also have first hand experience of watching and living the post Carter upswing.
    As is my way I failed to articulate that my closing above was more aimed at those Eisenhower Mil /Indust. Complex speech disciples. I wonder if not the USA than who was going to the international anchor and who will be.? I am unwavering that even with the boners America has committed we have still been a net positive for Mankind.

  79. All, if you can be objective, how do you think Obama v the Republicans are faring in the debt limit debate?

    I am not objective at all. I think Obama first-rate fuck-up and it is apparent to me that, as always, he leads from behind. He’s obviously looking for political victory at the expense actual accomplishment — again. But I’m not sure of the perception for most. Thoughts?

  80. I’m not to enthralled with either side.

    I think someone could objectively make the case that the Republicans have a slight advantage as up to now Obama has gotten nothing but a black eye for his efforts [??? snicker]. Such as Brookes and others going to some lengths decrying his un Presidential demeanor in that presser and some focus on how although negotiating BHO is lacking solid believable specifics.

  81. Read that VDH article I posted Tigre. He has summarized beautifully what a joke Obama and the Democratic party are. That’s the game plan right there to defeat Obama. If I had my way, that would be required reading for every American citizen.

    No rational person would vote for Obama now. He’s got a record of abject failure, lies and distortions. In another time, that record would be comedy gold. It’s like the Keystone Cops are in charge. But now it’s our kids that are the ante.

    Follow that game plan, and assuming Republicans stay away from idiocy that gives us another Lame McCain for candidate, and the vote should not even be close.

    But Republicans, Libertarians, Conservatives have a bad habit pulling defeat from the jaws of victory.

  82. For those of you insisting on using GDP to measure real costs, you are lost in this man made maze of economy. Fault our education system, and now more specifically, the press. It is generally not the individual instructors or reporters, who, in my experience mostly want to impart knowledge, but rather the designers of the curriculum, intentionally derailing the culture.

    If you’re on the payroll, obviously you don’t dis your meal ticket.

    Here you go, Southern. Sounds like he could be one of your buds.

  83. “All, if you can be objective, how do you think Obama v the Republicans are faring in the debt limit debate? ”

    It’s all pretty simple from where I stand.

    1 party has offered a spending/saving/debt plan.
    1 party has not offered any spending/saving/debt plan
    1 party has not offered any spending plan (budget) for almost 2 1/2 years.

    That isn’t a matter of being objective…they are facts.

    And when you know who those parties are, the answer becomes crystal clear.

  84. No need to blaspheme your source Adolph. Your crack news sources have already been busted on this one too.

    Who added Christian and Conservative yesterday to his Facebook page? You weren’t working, were you?


    I thought he was a “Right-Wing” Christian? But his manifesto quotes the Unibomber? 😀 Nice try Wizard – looks like Gordon didn’t even beat the press this time when making crap up.

    P.S. – I thought Jumping Jimmy was the smartest guy in the room? Why is it I drop in when ever I please? Ever figured that one out yet Heinrich?

  85. Huck, Tex and Alfie, what is the uninitiated voters’ impressions? I really can’t tell and the polling is patently unhelpful based on the glaring partisan phrasing.

    To me it’s obvious that Obama wants to tank the negotiations so he can blame the right. Business as usual. I am not just being cynical when I say that. His presser the other night was fucking proof of his objective. Tex’s article, if set out the background accurately (and I believe it is) is further proof. But Obama to the uninitiated, Obama appears to willing to span the divide by supporting spending cuts and tax increase — which is how the positions are defined in the press. The real problem is though that the freshman aren’t gonna cave, nor should they. It’s why they were sent to Washington.

    I am really perplexed by the middle on this.

  86. Tiger….it all depends on how long people keep approving of Obama simply because he is Obama. His poll numbers are shit in every category except overall approval. And that spans most polling groups.

  87. Well on at least two WordPress blogs (BiW and here) there was a guy named Dan that spoke of Christian Anarchism. His value as a human is in the negative #’s range with me.
    Through history Christian Anarchism has always been heavier on the “ism” than truly on Christian. By that I mean either the false prophets,pundits and bloggers that preach it are always more about power over others. That rings true with all “isms” btw.

  88. @144 isn’t that telling of the spoon fed masses though? I think that is where the problem Tigre sees stems from. The uninitiated.
    A twist on that is that too many of our fellow citizens are all too deeply initiated into the cult of bad politics and dependence induced stupor.

  89. “To me it’s obvious that Obama wants to tank the negotiations so he can blame the right. Business as usual.”

    That’s been the tactic for anyone with a (D) behind their name for the last 2+ years.

    It’s why congressional democrats have refused their budget responsibilities. “Don’t like the budget? Don’t blame me…I didn’t do anything….literally.”

    And let’s not forget “Leadership is being shown by NOT offering a plan.” WTF?

    Everyone is making a big deal about Boehner walking away Friday but let’s not forget who was refusing to meet at all in the past. “I don’t need to go to congress for republicans to tell me about what I know now that I won’t sign.”

    Congressional democrats better wise up, because Barry is making it clear that NOBODY is above being tossed under his bus. Notice how often his finger pointing is at “congress” these days and not just “republicans.”

  90. Very interesting. Poolman, you should be interested in this:

    I had wondered if this lunatic right-winger was tied to this movement. Admittedly *from* a left-wing rag, but pretty hard to ignore.

    You might be interested to know, poolman, that Leah Burton is very near publishing a very damning book on this very subject.

    Bring on the bright sunshine!

  91. I’m not going to jump on the “the guy was a Christian so that proves blah blah blah” bandwagon. But I will say some of the crap I have read that he spouted reads like the guy is Elric incarnate. But then he also sounds alot like Angela Merkel, so whatever….

    Humanity is headed down a bad road, folks. We know where it ends, because we’ve traveled it before.

  92. Well Alfie,

    Poolman has an agenda. There is the glaring hatred of Juda”ism” – and I mean the absolute worst sort of vicious propaganda. Jews are accused conspiring, with the neocon lackeys like Bush, on 9/11 for instance. Jews are accused of the financial collapse. I guess that’s true if your name is Barney Frank, but… 🙂

    Any Christian who not only supports Israel’s right to exist, but actually considers them an ally, is also parts of the new “Knight’s Templar” and a “Crusader.” That’s me! This is great stuff.

    Frankly I’m shocked Al-Poolman didn’t first accuse the Jews before he accused some form of twisted Christian theology out of Waco. There’s still time. Grand Wizard and his pal Gordon the “Veteran Today” are the solid type of individuals who made films of little Jewish girls playing hopscotch and screaming for joy at Dachau.

    I still picture Poolman playing Dungeons and Dragons in his living room incessantly with Protocols of Zion playing endlessly on the tube.

  93. So let’s see Pfesser. Laura Ingraham is in on the ‘Dominionist’ conspiracy too? 😈

    You guys never did name names for the leaders of this ‘Dominionist’ group. Now at least I know Laura Ingraham is one. Who else should I look out for, or am I one?

    I never could tell.

  94. Huck,

    Ironically, though you and I have done battle time and again, I noted that you, like me, apparently assume this Norwegian carnage was the mind of a madman. And they come in all form of religions and races, including Christians, Shinto, atheists, Buddhists, Muslims – black, white, red, and brown. I believe my God explained it as “all men fall short.” Some go beyond falling short and attempt to play god.

    The man was a psychopath who gunned down innocent young adults. In some ways, America’s version of Charles Manson believing he could start a race war.

    I have a theory on why Barack’s poll numbers stay up much higher that history says it should. 40% of America are monetary benefactors of big government or so ingrained in progressive politics that they can’t answer any other way. These are the people you saw peeing in the pants and fainting in front of Styrofoam greek columns during an Obama speech.

    80% of those 40% are the victims benefactors of big gov’t who still believe Obama will pay for their gas, pay their rent, and food stamps paramount. Probably 15% of the 40% are union goons, stooges, and tools. 5% of that 40% are the academia movers and shakers that make up the leadership of the progressive Left in this country.

    These folks sold their souls to this philosophy long ago, or are so dependent to live hand to mouth with government their only safety net – the bigger, the better.

    Obama can be as inept as humanly possible, and will always receive a 40% approval rating. I would be shocked if he sunk any lower.

    Either way, the election next year is the Republicans to lose. Nominate the right candidate, Republicans win 38-40 states going away. Nominate another imbecile and politically correct parrot like McCain, wouldn’t surprise me if Republicans lose by 5 points to Obama.

  95. Gorilla,

    You know something ironic in that article you posted?

    I debated many a time with “Fjordman” on a blog called Little Green Footballs under another name. Virtually guarantee you it was him. Wasn’t too many years ago either. Some things I agreed with Fjordman about. But he was radical. It wasn’t simple Dhimmitude – this guy wanted extermination.

    About Oct. 2007, the “Fjordman” had a falling out with the wet noodle blog owner of LGF and went off the deep end. I never did hear from him again. He always reminded me of a David Koresh type.

    “Fjordman”, or at least the one I conversed with was a very talented writer – but a one trick pony. He was like the inverse of Poolman, with a brain. 🙂

    With Fjordman it was Islam; with Poolman, it’s the Jews.

  96. “..apparently assume this Norwegian carnage was the mind of a madman.”

    My initial assumption was that it was AQ responding to the hit on bin Laden and the claim that they are all but beaten.

  97. Elric, man. He was obsessed. And, while I can’t say he ever called for extermination, when specifically asked by Rutherford whether or not that should be an option, he refused to answer.

  98. I think something may have happened to Elric, Huck. I went looking one day at Elric’s favorite websites that he linked to and commented, and he’s not there either and apparently hadn’t for quite some time.

    I never was for sure how old Elric was.

    I wonder if Rutherford knows?

  99. Damn, I just took a look at this Leah Burton goosestepper Pfesser is so fond of – talk about a paranoid spook. Left her a comment too, which will be canned. A raging case of PDS and an vocal member of Freedom From Religion – especially the military. Who would have thunk it? That would make Leah about as popular as the clap with the soldiers I know.


    Hey Pfesser, my favorite part of Leah’s personal complaint of “The Dominionists”.

    You must be “born again” ~ accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour ~ and profess your personal relationship with Christ.” ~ Leah L Burton

    “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.” ~ Jesus to Nicodemus, John 3:3

    Now would that make Jesus Head of the Dominionists, or just the 1st Dominionist?

    Looks like Sarah Palin has great company to be Leah’s enemy. Count me in as a Dominionist too.

  100. He was in his 40′s. Retired air force. I bet he offed himself.

    Was Elric that young? Damn, I am getting old. I guess by retirement, I just assumed Elric was 60+.

    I don’t know Rabbit. Elric may have simply grown tired of blogging one day. I kind of suspect one day I’ll recapture my life back or come to my senses and realize wasting your life at a blog is no way to go through life, and “poof”, I’ll be gone. I’ll be long forgotten, then one day somebody will say, “Hey, what ever happened to that Dominionist Tex Taylor?”

    Rutherford will swear I offed myself. 🙂

  101. Man, don’t miss that Cynthia McKinney video. 😆 She’s so stupid, I don’t know if she’s eligible to qualify as Useful Idiot. I think that’s just simple tool. And a world class Jew hater with her daddy in tow.

    And Gorilla? Does that conversation not sound a whole lot like the Poolman’s claims? 🙂

    Pathetic, isn’t it?

  102. Obama’s teleprompter must be skipping a few beats during this Night of Long Knives – Honest Obe is shaky tonight, as he mouths this hot air. He’s invoking slavery and war, justice and Ronald Reagan. Obama is the antithesis of Reagan.

    O’Bama is trying like hell to make this debt ceiling going away and extend it beyond 2012 elections. The campaign speech ain’t working anymore O’Blamer.


    Check this crap out – the blatant rip off of higher education costs. Twice the rate of health care, by the way. Too bad Jim Dougan aka Hippie Professor isn’t here to defend this. I miss him.

  103. Puddles is no different than the Norwegian bomber- they’re both a couple of anti-semites. The only difference is which side of the family they hate, Ishmael or Israel.

    McKinney demonstrates the unfiltered airs of the left. She is no more, or less, extreme than most liberals, she just doesn’t give a fuck. She is living proof that blacks can be racist (not this watered down pc bullshit of prejudiced).

  104. While Islamic radicals are produced from an old school global culture that has always pained the world with a sizable nasty streak, I think this Goonar bastard from Norway is the result of a new global culture, also endowed with a nasty streak.

    And we’re a part of it, fellahs.

    The global internet culture. Within this new society, is a menacing minority of role playing weirdos, unable to differentiate the real world from their shared online fantasies. They love obsessing about secret organizations of the past and take Dan Brown literally.

    This wasn’t a radicalized Christian. Or even a nationalist. In more ways then one, this was a radicalized Mason.

    These kind of guys used to be loners that got shoved into lockers.

    We’ve already had two. Whether you’re in Arizona or Norway, look for many more of him.

  105. Don’t laugh at me over how dumb this question is.

    But, is it scientifically and currently possible to put satellites in space that could some how relay the entire spectrum of radio transmissions that left earth in, say, the 30s or the 40s? They would have to “catch up” to the transmissions. Is that even possible?

    Imagine how crazy that would be. You could go by special radio that gives you the entire real time decade of, say, the 40’s in Michigan, or London. Each radio would be a decade. You could change the channels at will.

  106. This wasn’t a radicalized Christian. Or even a nationalist. In more ways then one, this was a radicalized Mason.

    Excellent description I think D.R. Masons – it does have a flavor of secret brotherhood. I have no doubt this wasn’t just the work of one crazed individual – there are more of him out there. I can assure he was telling the truth about others.

    But it is predictable that somebody from the AP ran with this “Christian extremist” crap before that insidious lie blew up. The Left is trying its best to make Christianity = Islam.

    It’s strange thinking I had carried on many a heated debate with “Fjordman” six or seven years ago, probably all the way up to four years ago. I had no idea I was conversing with a future mass murderer. Scary thing is, some of the stuff Fjordman wrote was very good and reasoned. The guy knew his stuff; knew his history. He was all over the internet.

    I always took him as several years older than he was. He would have been about 25-28 when I debated with him.

    This was no Jared Loughner.

    The Fjordman I knew, assuming it is him, was a mad man and vicious SOB, no doubt. But he was very much in control of his faculties. He could have mowed down Muslims and that is what I would have predicted. He went after the gov’t allowing the assimilation instead.

  107. I think the “flavor” will slightly change from attack to attack. For the guy in Arizona it was thought control. This guy pretended he was one of the Knights Templar.

    I actually agree with Homeland Security. There is a domestic threat and I believe it will continue to grow.

    The internet age is still brand new. The ramifications of all this shit is completely unknown.

    There are millions of crazies talking to one another online as we speak with no “adult” in the room to shove them into a locker.

    Even the jihadists get off role playing online about martyrdom.

    Look at one of the posters in our little world. He truly believes there are secret government messages foretelling the future in Simpson cartoons!!!! And while we mock him, we’re all slightly bored because we all know someone else like him.

    As corruption spreads, the Republic continues to disappoint and the middle class continues to shrink, I predict the dawning of a new age.

    The Age of Radicalism.

  108. “This was no Jared Loughner.”

    I disagree. While Loughner was mentally ill and not very educated, both Loughner and the Nordic guy were more members of an online society then offline one. Both had the ability to talk about crazy shit with hundreds if not thousands of people who confirmed their beliefs.

    The loan mad men has always been among us. However, the internet is a mad man assembly line.

    This happening during a time where there is a bunch of shit to be really, really pissed off about.

    Tex, while “Fjordman” could really be that guy, I am willing to bet there are thousands of “Fjordmen” talking crazy shit online.

  109. The Age of Radicalism.

    No doubt Rabbit. I call it reactionary activism and I find it predominantly, but not exclusively reserved, from and for the Left.

    I think they make up the majority of the Left’s “big” thinkers – pure propaganda, delusion and paranoia. Their real agenda is obvious, but that’s for another evening of debate.

    I found out some good news. This goon in Norway was not “Fjordman” – a former blog opponent. He was influenced by Fjordman’s writings however, and mentions him numerous times in his Goon Manifesto.

  110. “He was influenced by Fjordman’s writings however, and mentions him numerous times in his Goon Manifesto.”

    Damn. That’s crazy shit. I know a guy who knows a guy who knows the goon.

  111. I disagree. While Loughner was mentally ill and not very educated, both Loughner and the Nordic guy were more members of an online society then offline one. Both had the ability to talk about crazy shit with hundreds if not thousands of people who confirmed their beliefs.

    I said that Rabbit only because Loughner was a paranoid schizophrenic. The man was absolutely mentally ill. Did they ever determine if Giffords was really a primary target, or just the unlucky pol that happened to be in harm’s way the day Loughner went off. I could be wrong, because I never did hear the conclusion of determination of Loughner’s intent. Whatever the reason, it was Sarah Palin’s fault. Guarantee that loon link Pfesser linked to was accusing Sarah Palin of the Loughner carnage.

    This Dane reads more like Timothy McVeigh, full of rage and irrational hatred of government. If he was influenced by Fjordman like it sounds, I would say he was completely cognizant of his motives and completely in control of faculties. These were actually well written people, and were featured at several well known and popular anti-jihadist blogs shortly after 9/11.

    This was well planned – evil, but well planned which had been in the works for years. The guy filed for a farm application several years ago just to have access to ammonium nitrate.

    But I do agree that the internet is a dangerous tool for both the deranged and mentally unstable. The internet lends a voice to the isolated and a level of anonymity that doesn’t exist in periodicals, radio or TV. I also agree with you, I think it’s a matter of time before instances like this become much more common.

    Can you imagine if Charles Manson would have had access to the world wide web? Scary thought.

  112. Yeah, Loughner is fucking incoherently psycho, although Giffords was the target.

    That’s a chilling and great point about the farm. It’s impossible to deny the differences now that you point it out.

    That being said, very Intelligent people love to role play. And, I think this role playing type mindset is a major aspect to why a person ends up doing this.

    Even McVeigh and his few buddies loved mentally masturbating over that book, The Turner Diaries.

  113. Tex, I think there is a radical libertarian threat looming in America.

    🙂 Hell, I’ve been called radical for my suggestion of secession if our politicians and blue state sponges don’t get their act together. I thought I had made it clear that was the final solution, not the next step. I’m still a proponent of the ballot box long before declaring secession and civil war, if required.

    But I can only take so much federal bullying, so much public thievery, so much stomping on liberties and Constitutional law, so much rank propaganda and insidious lies, so much blatant treason before I get more serious about saying “screw these people – they really are the enemy.” Give me liberty, or give me….

    I don’t say that with the intent of delusions of grandeur or nominating myself founder. I do it out of a basic instinct for survival for family and faith, and a matter of principle for the people who preceded me and made the ultimate sacrifices for the formations and continuation of this great country.

    I still can’t believe Americans are tolerating the TSA bullshit for instance. Or the jackboots of the IRS, of which Obama has hired more. I always said America would eventually fall from within from apathy. I don’t think America will be conquered. But I do believe it possible we can fade away.

    I may be proven right one day if we don’t start taking the responsibilities that come living in freedom, instead of simply assuming that’s a granted right just because we were lucky enough to be born here.

  114. well said….I’m certainly more “radicalized” everyday. The difference is guys like me and you would never kill innocents.

    In my eyes, what would stop someone with no empathy from picking up a copy of John Locke, looking around at what he sees happening, and setting a bomb off, thinking he is a patriot?

    Those guys have to be coming out of the wood work soon, don’t they?

  115. D.R.

    Do you remember about a year ago, there was the businessman who had been bullied by the IRS and hated religion, wrote his own rambling hate-filled rant against the Catholic Church and government, then flew his plane into the IRS office buildings in Austin, killing himself and two IRS agents?

    They blamed that one initially on right-winged Christian extremists, only to find out the SOB was just the opposite – without apology, of course.

    I think you will start to see instances like that more and more often. Somebody walks into a mall and starts firing because he missed a sale. The frustration and division of this country is palpable more than at any time in my life, and there are so many loose cannons, frankly I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more frequently.

  116. Ahhhhhhh, another truther website. No, I’ve not mentioned them. Ever.

    Face it Puddles, you’re a anti-semitic racist bent on denying reality because, inconveinently, reality conflicts with your perception of things.

    Strap on your hood and seig heil your way to hell you fucking ass-clown…

  117. re: Leah Burton and scripture used to support Dominionism:

    Genesis 1:26 Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals,[a] and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”

    That’s the primary one. As I look more into it I can be more specific about others.

    The religi-fication of the military is very widespread and is of course a major target of the anti-dominionists. This report from way back on Trijicon company, a primary manufacturer of telescopic gunsights, demonstrates just a small part of the problem:

    “…For years, the company acknowledged, it has put small scriptural references near the model numbers on some products, a practice started by its founder, who was a Christian.

    The references, like JN8:12 and 2COR4:6, referring to passages in the Gospel of John and in Second Corinthians,”

    More Christian jihad!…er, I mean crusade!

  118. “But, is it scientifically and currently possible to put satellites in space that could some how relay the entire spectrum of radio transmissions that left earth in, say, the 30s or the 40s? They would have to “catch up” to the transmissions. Is that even possible? ”

    No. Its velocity would have to exceed the speed of light, currently thought not possible.

  119. “The far right libertarians are often times very anti-Christian.”

    Sometimes, but it’s not personal. It’s just part of a general rejection of superstition; no particular one is important enough to be picked on individually unless it causes problems. Jefferson said it best:

    “I have examined all the known superstitions of the world, and I do not find in our particular superstition of Christianity one redeeming feature. They are all alike founded on fables and mythology.”

  120. Sometimes, but it’s not personal.

    That statement is pure baloney. You’re a man of mixed messages and irrational conclusions Pfesser – part hypocrite, part milquetoast, part phony. Your own comments here Pfesser indicate you’re not being honest. I’ll take that as you simply being facetious, because you can’t the rest of the world that dumb. Perhaps you forgot you weren’t at Fat Grannies.

    Just as acceptance of faith is the most personal decision one will ever make, so is the rejection of it. Nothing could be more personal. It’s the most basic question of life itself – why are we here, who did it, is there anything more? It’s not personal? Since you stepped in here, it’s been almost your entire focus of your discussions not having to do with national finance. You post like a barking seal of that blog site you directed us to, and it is utter propaganda and conspiracy.

    One observation: For someone so sure there is no God, you certainly seem to dwell on “there is no God” often. Are you just that deluded spending so much time trying to disprove something that supposedly doesn’t exist, or just that much in doubt? Perhaps as you near the end of your life, you’re struggling with thought of an eternal void? I think you’re scared. I think you have doubts, and to cloak the rebellion of that innate in all of us, you have to reinforce the rebellion by finding people of like mind. That goes for your progressive, pantheistic friends too on your Sarah Palin conspiracy fest. I’m not sure what spell this simple woman has on you weak minded people, but I thought I was reading the Onion in looking at your own “gospel.” Especially, the hidden messages like you found in Genesis 1:26.

    People like you at one time in a younger, dumber day used to make me angry. Now I shake my head at you, recognizing how weak you are.

    The other day you called Billy Graham beyond reproach. By the very definition of your blog, Billy Graham is a Dominionist.

    But then that is not too much different than you patronizing me one week for criticisms of a jury finding, questioning how one individual could criticize the “infinite wisdom” of jurors, then the next week criticizing jurors as too stupid to understand your own expertise on the witness stand – accompanied, of course, with the usual false modesty of the one thing you capable of “is teaching.”

    I guess you were having an off day in the jury box? I predict you’re going to find you’re going to have a lot more off days Pfesser. Live it up while you got the chance… 😉

    But quit denying the obvious – it’s most personal.

  121. Our willingness to accept scientific claims that are against common sense is the key to an understanding of the real struggle between science and the supernatural. We take the side of science in spite of the patent absurdity of some of its constructs, in spite of its failure to fulfill many of its extravagant promises of health and life, in spite of the tolerance of the scientific community for unsubstantiated just-so stories, because we have a prior commitment, a commitment to materialism.

    It is not that the methods and institutions of science somehow compel us to accept a material explanation of the phenomenal world, but, on the contrary, that we are forced by our a priori adherence to material causes to create an apparatus of investigation and a set of concepts that produce material explanations, no matter how counter-intuitive, no matter how mystifying to the uninitiated. Moreover, that materialism is absolute, for we cannot allow a Divine Foot in the door. ~ Richard Lewotin, Billions and Billions of Demons.

  122. An interesting tidbit from our discussion of high speed rail a few weeks back. Perhaps there are shortcomings?


    With all the other horrible events of the weekend, China’s high speed rail crash sort of faded into the background. But the toll is horrific: 43 dead, and hundreds more injured after one high speed train ran into another. Critics are now arguing that this is the result of cut corners in the construction process . . . .

    China’s decision to build a $400 billion, 16,000 km high speed rail network in the space of a few years was initially greeted with awe at their commitment to winning the future, and laments from the usual suspects that America could never do something this fantabulous. Then the network was forced to slow the average speed of its bullet trains down due to safety concerns; lower-than-projected ridership caused big deficits; and the head of the rail ministry was removed in a tawdry corruption scandal.

  123. What? The press overstated its case that we are inferior to all other cultures with neat gizmos? I feel less enlightened now. 🙄

    So what shall I do with that giant $400k windmill I have yet to place in my urban neighborhood that could literally power a light bulb for 3 non-consecutive days? We can’t just give in on the fight against global warming. Business would thrive and enslave us all. Gore! Skip the happy ending! America needs you!!!

  124. I personally think we should confess our common ground that any fresh revolutions here in America will actually come from the left of center crowd while isolated spikes of violence will be credited to entities falsely aligned to the right.. See the rest of the world especially Europe for the how and whys.

  125. And only ‘cuz I saw a chance to be #200 Hear hear Tex on the China thing. Kind of makes you glad they built that bridge for us huh ?

  126. Ah, things are looking up. Perhaps our best days are not behind us quite yet:


    Posted on July 25, 2011 by John Hinderaker in Federal Budget
    Obama: After 2 1/2 Years, A Has-Been

    I watched President Obama’s and John Boehner’s speeches tonight–it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

    On the President’s side, it was more cowbell. Obama and his advisers apparently think that he can sway public opinion by going on television. I am not sure why: he persuaded no one on Obamacare, and how has he done on selling the stimulus? Or the moratorium on Gulf drilling? Or the Libyan bombing campaign?

    The President was the Obama we have all come to expect: hyper-partisan and divisive, to a degree I have never seen in any other chief executive. And I go back to Eisenhower. His talk was full of transparent lies. And Obama is an economic illiterate, which has resulted in most Americans writing him off as a failure. A plurality of Americans regard him as a terrible president. So one wonders whether anyone was listening to him tonight with an open mind.

    Obama’s performance was, in my view, awful. Why? Because, as the president has revealed himself to be inept on one issue after another, the lingering question has always been: is he, nevertheless, some sort of political genius? After all, his one undoubted talent is fundraising; he is the greatest money-machine in the history of American politics.

    But tonight–and this is the point I really want to make–Obama dispelled any idea that lurking behind his incompetence on matters of policy and administration is a gleam of political shrewdness. This was, I think, the key moment in Obama’s speech:

    The only reason this balanced approach isn’t on its way to becoming law right now is because a significant number of Republicans in Congress are insisting on a cuts-only approach….

    Obama went on to demagogue corporate jet owners, etc., in his predictable–and frankly stupid–way. But what he apparently didn’t realize is that most of his listeners were saying, Yes! Let’s have a cuts-only approach! We don’t need more taxes, we need the federal government to start living within its means!

    Obama’s speech no doubt went down well in tony D.C. precincts where “revenue enhancement” means “money in my pocket.” But most of the relative handful of American voters who still care what Obama says perceived, no doubt, that he is on the wrong side of history.

    John Boehner did much better, not because he was particularly eloquent, although he was entirely competent, but because he was speaking what most Americans know to be the truth.

    Barack Obama’s presidency isn’t dead yet, but it is on life support.

    Let’s make sure it ends that way – pull the plug in about fifteen long months of the worst President in U.S. history. 😉

  127. Ever notice how much cuter Republican supporting women are Gorilla than say, oh Margaret & Helen’s? Anyone ever magnified a few of those personal gravatars over there? Shudder…

    One day we a hard look at a rock solid Darwinian progressive Dimocrat – direct simian descendant Cynthia McKinney.

    The next day we get a perky doll, one of God’s highest creations, in a video mocking Washington – indirectly mocking O’Blamer. Hey Big Spender…

    I mean, when Nancy Mussolini is your cutest “babe” in town, you’re in serious need of reform.

    I can’t think of a better revelation of party worth.

  128. “Gore! Skip the happy ending! America needs you!!!”

    The Gores have spent decades convincing the world that they can save us all from the next big threat to human civilization.

    Remember when that threat was music?

  129. Huck, until you have a Nobel Peace Prize, I suggest you cut it with the sarcasm. If the Gores lose their focus, their Uri Geller-like psychokinetic cooling rays might fail and kill us all, or perhaps leave us unprotected from fatally offensive rap.

  130. “No. Its velocity would have to exceed the speed of light, currently thought not possible.”-P

    Thank you. I thought so.

    I was thinking maybe radio waves traveled slower then the speed of light in space.

    I am an embarrassing moron when it comes to physics.

    When I was still in my mid 20’s I thought a heavier rock would fall at a faster speed then a light rock in a vacuum. The Scientific Revolution didn’t get to me until 1998.

  131. Tirgre. BiC….does an official letter attached to an email as a pdf the the same as one mailed?

    If you answer this question I will write you a poem about how much I respect your noble profession.

  132. If you deny receiving it (or haven’t been asked to admit), there’s no presumption of delivery that I know of (under our state laws, MI may be different). Depending on the nature and purpose of the communication, there may in fact be a requirement that it be sent certified, with return receipt offered as prima facie evidence of delivery. In most circumstances, proof (attestation) that the letter was placed in the US Mail with adequate postage creates a presumption of delivery.

    If formal “notice” is required in writing, the bank or lawyer sending a .pdf is a fool to think that “counts.”

    I don’t know if that answers your question or not. Email communications are frequently introduced, but when there’s a dispute as to the receipt or content of them , a higher order of proof is necessary to establish receipt. Responding to a letter yet denying have received it will usually not work. But there are sometimes statutory requirements of manual delivery — either in person or by mail with proof of delivery (return receipt/affidavit of service etc.).

    Sending something to your wife’s email account for example is largely not going to cut it.

  133. Yikes. There were some incomplete thoughts. Of course, the answer depends on the specifics — and what it is you’re trying to accomplish or rebut.

    In any event, you gratitude must mean there was a nugget in there somewhere. So where’s the fucking poem ?????

  134. No, I’ve not mentioned them. Ever.

    Then someone else must have been wearing your monkey suit for comment 126 last December 18 at 9:21pm. They were pretty convincing, too. Sorry, my bad.

  135. Awwww. You guys missed me. Where else can I get my daily share of man boobs and free legal advice. 😀

  136. In my new home and already homesick. Hard to feel “at home” amongst dozens of boxes. Goddam movers tried to leave without putting our bed or coffee table together. I stopped them mid-exit and told them to do it.

    After this move I’ve become convinced the whole moving industry is one big racket owned by one big conglomerate probably mob affiliated.

    In any case the move is done. Now time to get back to normal whatever that means.

  137. After this move I’ve become convinced the whole moving industry is one big racket owned by one big conglomerate probably mob affiliated.

    😆 There was a time I said about the same of home builders – a racket. Don’t exactly treat your prized possessions like their own as advertised, do they?

    As far as the homesick feelings. Being you’re an old fart like me, those will pass. Take this as the opportunity to make some new friends. Seek out Reagan fans and Conservative folks like Tex and you’ll be happy as a pig in slop. 😈 Get down here another 650 miles and I’ll take you and Trixie out to eat.

    Speaking of that, I actually got a wild hair to apply for a job today I found. And, and I promise you this is the truth, it instructed not to apply not employed. I couldn’t believe my eyes. WTH? I went and looked this evening and that part of the advertisement had been removed.

    I didn’t bother to apply – who the heck would want to work for a place like that? But if that is situation in the job market, my heart goes out to those actively seeking employment who have been unemployed for a period of time. I’ll stay retired or doing something on my own.

    How disheartening would that be to somebody living paycheck to paycheck to read that bullshit?

    There are talented people out there whose employer folded.

  138. WOW! Talk about blowing John Frickin’ Kerry out of the water again. The Swiftboat Vets slap his ass again.

    Kerry spokesman stripped of Silver Star

    John Kerry was introduced at the 2004 Democratic National Convention by Wade Sanders, a retired Navy Captain and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy who served as a Swift Boat officer in Vietnam. Like Kerry, Sanders was the recipient of a Silver Star for gallantry in action. During the 2004 campaign, Sanders functioned as Kerry lead attack dog against the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, repeatedly denouncing the veterans on the air as liars and comparing them to Nazi propagandists.

    Wade Sanders is now in Federal prison, serving a 37-month sentence for possessing child pornography. Now the Navy Times reports that Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus has revoked Sanders’ Silver Star. The highly unusual decision appears unrelated to Sanders’ felony conviction. A Navy spokesman cited “subsequently determined facts and evidence surrounding both the incident for which the award was made and the processing of the award itself.” John Kerry has to be hoping this doesn’t become a trend.

  139. You mean when you started dropping the White Power websites? Hmmmm, I seem to remember countering your ludicrous points by using one of your websites. Regardless, I don’t frequent Canadian sites as it is.

    You’re still an assclown…

  140. There was once a man who grew up close to Nantucket
    Who was supposed to be a cop but said fuck it
    So he picked the other career most of his state chooses
    After all, this guy’s from the state of Massachusetts
    He moved down to Hotlanta where he makes a killing
    Does so well, he hired 4 people just for billing
    When will he retire? When will he stop?
    Not until he buys the bloody sock of his idol Curt Schilling.

  141. Still feeling negative about lawyers?

    “Rachel Maddow, MSNBC sued for defamation.”

    Negative? Hell, that made me wish I was a lawyer. And I would pay to be on that jury.

    “Have you reached a verdict?”

    Jury Foreman Tex Taylor: “We have your honor.” Guilty of Abomination!”

    “And the penalty?”


  142. Gorilla,

    That article you linked I believe proves beyond a shadow of a doubt why the liberal philosophy so morally bankrupt.

    Whether the 90% of the Progs who are only concerned with themselves, or the occasional Lib like Rutherford who apparently does have some well intentioned but misplaced sympathies but chooses the worst path to solve the poor’s problems, modern day liberalism is modern day rot. It demonstrates it time and again.

    Liberalism zaps the will and self respect of those it professes to help. Liberal’s defunct promises were/are the most hideous of lies and surest way to defeat – quickly attempting to turn America into Detroit.

    You can just about trace the cause and effect of our current problems to the Great Society era. 50 years of absolute moral rot and decay.

  143. Three fuzzy friends
    Posting in a row.
    Telling the world
    Everything they know.
    Lambasting liberals
    Daily if they can.
    Daybreak to daybreak,
    Dissin’ the POTUS man.

    One’s a soldier,
    One’s a teacher,
    And there’s a lawyer, too.
    If you follow them quite closely
    You will swear you’re at the zoo.
    Don’t feed the animals!
    You’ve heard it and it’s true.
    For no matter what you offer
    in the end they’ll chew on you.

    So here’s a lesson learned
    From one who walks upright –
    If you haven’t got your armor
    You shouldn’t stay and fight.
    They’ll stomp and claw and snarl
    To push their set of rules
    In the end it doesn’t matter
    What floats this ship of fools.

  144. You’re right, waiting six years and until you were out of the IRR is a real sign of courage. By the by, could someone help this guy string a coherent sentence together.

    Bottom line- doing the right thing means doing it at the right time. Six years later, after the fact, is not the right time.

  145. He stared at the blog with sad, hurt eyes,
    Realizing it was him they did despise
    A bohunk, drab and untidy man
    Against those Jews he had made a stand

    He furnished evidence so that the world may know
    What Troofers and Simpson cartoons clearly show
    Surely one day, they would come around
    It was Mossad that brought those buildings down

    He did his best with his Stormfront link
    To open their eyes to this Jewish stink
    Even with the mortgage in the dink
    And the pool business on the brink

    To comfort them with his deep thought
    By posting links that no one bought
    It was their approval that he had sought
    But in the end, it was all for naught

    On back to Chatty Kitchen pull string loons
    And maybe Little Jimmy and his buffoons
    Or visit with Margaret & Helen’s hideous shrews
    To team against those nasty Jews!

    But as this chap sobbed out his woes
    I thought: How it’s a shame!
    His life’s a bitch and so he goes
    He has himself to blame.

  146. And up piped the keeper
    A stout man, no doubt
    With grit in his teeth
    And a snit in his snout.
    “Don’t tease the locals
    I’ve groomed to a tee.
    Move along, move along
    There’s nothing to see.”

    With truth girded tightly
    I set out on my day.
    While others decided
    They’d rather not play.
    Tis a shame what has happened
    To this once a great nation
    It seems that it’s left
    To those on vacation.

    Between mental lapses
    And trips to the shore,
    The keeper dost strive
    To be less of a bore.
    But in between postings
    Of sanctified shit
    He’ll cry out to momma
    And throw quite a fit.

    “You haters! You haters!”
    That’s all that he knows.
    From the time of his rising
    Till he lays comatose.
    One day he’ll awaken
    From the dream he’s been in
    Man up to his failings
    And confess all his sin.

    If that day arrives
    Before it’s too late,
    He might be redeemed
    And offered a plate
    To eat at the table
    Where justice is served
    Where stupid’s abolished
    And everyone’s heard.

  147. It is almost beyond belief how stupid most liberals really are.

    Fat Grannies has a new post up which was just too tempting to pass, and I’m afraid I have “been forced” to correct their facts, their basic mathematic skills and their attitudes.

    I can see what M&H is appealing to you Haiku Wizard. Here, you are the class stooge.

    But at Fat Grannies, you Wizard are a f…ing rocket scientist.

  148. LOL thanks Huck. Well I feel almost ashamed to admit that one big factor in easing my homesickness was getting my TV cable and Internet up and running today. God …I’m like a f*cking adolescent who can’t live without his toys for a few days. But I’ve gotta tell you I was bummed as hell yesterday ending the day with no hot water coming out of the tub. 😦 Today started with figuring out the apartment management had basically turned my hot water heater off. So it’s be a nice warm tubby for me tonight boys … all my fav cable stations back (yes MSNBC!!!!) and an internet connection so fast I see smoke coming out of my laptop.

    Still buried in boxes but in a day or so I’ll have more time to devote to The Blog. I did get a kick out of a former Republican Deputy Assistant to the Treasury Secretary telling Chris Matthews what imbeciles the current crop of GOPhers are.

    Looks like I’ve started “my new life” right in time for all of us to kiss our asses goodbye next week. Happy times! 😆

    P.S. On the final approach to the Chicago area I passed an exit for Detroit and I gave a shoutout to the Rabbit. Hey DR, did you hear me? 😉

  149. Tex, you’re killing me at Fat Grannies.

    What happened to PF and Poolman over there? They’re like the resident geniuses among those morons. 🙄

  150. Tigre,

    There’s this man over at Fat Grannies named James. Nice as he can be – wish he would come over here; no bastard like Tex. Mannerly and tries to get along. I think he’s older and likes to shoot the bull – has some interesting insights.

    But because James doesn’t walk to the beat of the bitches drum, or has an occasional criticism of Obama, or doesn’t sing their praises of brilliance, the shrews savage this man or attempt to have him banned. So, every time these bitches wind shit that up, I’m going to insult them personally.

    Almost every liberal I have met at a blog short of Rutherford is a goosestepping fascist and censor. Graychin, Flake, this pussy Jimbo Wright, Fat Grannies, all of them. Jackboots. You let these assholes run the world, and I guarantee you they’ll be kicking in doors and we’ll all be bowing to Obama and implementing their social justice. They are Big Brother.

  151. Dear Speaker Boehner,

    With five days until our nation faces an unprecedented financial crisis, we need to work together to ensure that our nation does not default on our obligations for the first time in our history. We heard that in your caucus you said the Senate will support your bill. We are writing to tell you that we will not support it, and give you the reasons why.

    A short-term extension like the one in your bill would put America at risk, along with every family and business in it. Your approach would force us once again to face the threat of default in five or six short months. Every day, another expert warns us that your short-term approach could be nearly as disastrous as a default and would lead to a downgrade in our credit rating. If our credit is downgraded, it would cost us billions of dollars more in interest payments on our existing debt and drive up our deficit. Even more worrisome, a downgrade would spike interest rates, making everything from mortgages, car loans and credit cards more expensive for families and businesses nationwide.

    In addition to risking a downgrade and catastrophic default, we are concerned that in five or six months, the House will once again hold the economy captive and refuse to avoid another default unless we accept unbalanced, deep cuts to programs like Medicare and Social Security, without asking anything of the wealthiest Americans.

    We now have only five days left to act. The entire world is watching Congress. We need to do the right thing to solve this problem. We must work together to avoid a default the responsible way – not in a way that will do America more harm than good.

    So that’s how this story ends. With the party of endless spending and entitlements unto death lecturing fiscal conservatives on how they’re leading the country into a credit downgrade. Perfecto. Read the rest….

    I’ll go one step further – let it default. Let S&P, Moody’s & Fitch invoke the downgrade. Then we’ll have a real discussion as to the why. And we’ll have a discussion about Moody’s and S&P while we are at it – like why they were giving AAA ratings to giant mortgage companies such as Fannie and Freddie in 2008. The default isn’t really because we didn’t raise the debt ceiling. We’ll have a nice discussion as to the real reasons.

    This bullshit has gone on long enough. Stop the presses and I’m going to watch little bitty liberals scrambling like hell to cover their asses – including Obama, who has no plan and no budget.

    Pain? You bet? Damage? For a while? But the pain is long overdue, and those most accountable have never had to answer for their incompetence. We’ll have us a little bonfire over the spit. It’s time for some people to come clean.

  152. I like all the man bashing. One of those twits talks about civil debate and “little penises” — all the while forgetting it’s her gaping slime socket that’s the problem. 😆

    And I see Poolman hangs around dispensing his pretend wisdom. Gaaawwd, it is nauseating. I just cant look away. The sycophantic praise for fictitious old ladies is priceless.

    Aloha! Namaste. Shalom. Salaam.

  153. Tex, I was reluctant, But I am coming around to this sentiment. I think we get downgraded anyway. Fuck them all. It’s time feel the pain or nothing will happen but deepening problems. MSNBC refers to this as “masterful” strategy from Obama — really. I heard Rutherford’s friend Crazy Larry say so. Duh!

  154. Crazy Larry is Fat Grannies personified Tigre. An irrelevant sycophant stuck in a bubble with an irrelevant, small audience.

    I don’t know what happens with this Debt argument, but I can absolutely guarantee beyond a shadow of a doubt Obama ain’t looking good. Through the entire debate, O’Bama has appeared as a petulant fool.

    What masterful strategy? To not even formulate a plan? The man is so far in so far over his head, he’s genuflecting in the Mariana Trench. If this episode hasn’t proven Obama is a facade and a sham, nothing will.

    Let them dump the ratings – and Obama can then become the 1st President under his watch to see our debt rating crumble. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving assholenicer guy.

    Masterful strategy, my ass. 🙄

  155. And Rutherford…when your Social Security check doesn’t come…you make sure and remember that President Barack Obama had the power…and money…to pay you, and chose not to do so in order to make a political point.

    You think about that when you are casting your vote based on principle next year.

  156. Rutherford has made his predictions – they haven’t been very good, but at least he is willing to lay it on the line. Bozos like Graychin told me as little as 30 months ago Conservatism was dead and Reagan was wrong. Now I’ll make one of my own predictions.

    The left-wing of the Dimocratic party is through. Toast. Finished for several generations. We’re broke and there is nothing left to buy votes. Obama, with the sycophants of the MSM can’t lie him out of this one.

    Saw where the demographics that have been hurt the most under this feckless Obama Adm are blacks and Hispanics. The black middle class is drying up quickly. Hispanics may never make it to middle class. Not too long before the pull their heads out of the sand and realize they’ve been lied to for fifty years too and used by elitists. When that happens, bye bye Progs.

    Rich Miniter puts it this way:

    The Democratic Party, as we have known it for the past 70 years, is now in its last days.

    Yes, the House Republicans may raise the debt ceiling for a mix of spending cuts and revenue raisers. Yes, Barack Obama may win the 2012 presidential contest. Yes, bureaucrats and judges will continue to impose new and costly regulations on the economy.

    But it doesn’t matter. The long-term trends are almost all bad news for the left wing of the party.

    This week’s fight over raising the federal debt limit exposes a key weakness in the warfare-welfare state that has bestowed power onto the Democratic Party: Without an ever-growing share of the economy, it dies.

    I told you Liberals three years ago at Chenzhen’s blog, including Chenzhen and Rutherford, enjoy your last dance and be careful for what you wish for. State sanctioned social justice and Keynesian economics doesn’t work, and it never has. America is built on self reliance, ingenuity and productivity.

    You were beat the minute Obama walked into the White House.

    Now my hope Rutherford is a smart man like you will join us in turning the ship around.

  157. The fact that anyone gives more credence to S&P and Moody’s then, say, Poolman’s analysis of the bond market, is living proof of what a laughable joke capitalism is in this country.

    S&P and Moody’s, already legendary for being the gas station attendants of Wallstreet, weren’t just stupid, they grossly negligent.

    They didn’t even look at the tranches they were rating.

    It sickens me they still are here.

    Make no bones about it, George W Bush and Congress killed everything the free market has ever stood for.

    Hope and change rubes then gave the keys to the very worst person at the very worse time with free reign destroy us.

    And he has, the numbers don’t lie.

    Until every conservative and libertarian wraps their mind around the harm George Bush did, we haven’t learned a thing. When the rubber hit the road, Bush was the ultimate coward.

    So, one of the many upshots to abandoning Capitalism is that we have kangaroo courts judging U.S Treasuries.

    I wouldn’t be shocked if there was no downgrade.

  158. Well folks, I’m on my way to Alaska for about a week. Going to do a little salmon and halibut fishing, and hopefully, I’ll run into a handful of trout. I’m sure I’ll be missed.

    R, I’d like to see a new post when I get back. You can tell us all how well the pResident did during this entire debt ceiling debacle.

    Here’s my recommendation to the GOP- walk away. The House passed a bill, sent it to the Senate. The Dems didn’t even bother to debate it and killed it on a procedural vote. The Dems have demagogued everything and have yet to present a single plan themselves. So, until the Senate actually debates and votes of the passed House bill, there is nothing more to do here. The ball’s in their court. The House controls spending. The House submitted a spending bill. Deal with it. Its on the Dems head.

    Fuck ‘em.

  159. It’s not a default.

    Just because you max out your line of credit doesn’t mean you default. You stop going to Olive garden every night for dinner.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a debate more high-jacked from reality.

    This debate should be about how much we LOWER the debt ceiling.

    America needs to hurt before we can get better.

    We can be tough. We can deal with the interest rates.

    There is no free lunch. I’ve learned this the hard way. It’s time for everyone else to, including these fake ass conservatives in Congress.

    Either that or we over dose.

    Partisan brinkmanship, political posturing and a lack of compromise might be the only thing that saves this country for our sons and daughters.

  160. “Going to do a little salmon and halibut fishing” -G

    That’s going to be awesome. Are they running already? Or are you just fishing for them traditionally.

    When they run here in Michigan i tie on the biggest spoon known to man. Fuck the DNR. The things are going to die anyways and have about 48 hours left to be tasty. Snag them bastards.

  161. I don’t think anyone here has given Bush a free pass on issues that have numbers and dollar signs in them. But “blame Bush” doesn’t move the ball forward. Obama is who is making those final decisions now. He needs to remain the focus of the discussion.

  162. Rabbit, can’t fault a thing you said.

    I have not forgotten George Bush racked up $1.6 billion per day in debt. Then we gave Obama the keys and he pushed the debt up to $4.1 billion per day – Obama has increased the debt more than 150% per day since the minute he walked into office. And to further inflect damage, the Obama has weakened the dollar by 12% in less than three years printing money. You are getting DP’d – screwed at both ends.

    The problems are numerous. Just a few.

    – One out of eight dollars spent in the U.S. is for compliance. Ludicrous.
    – Our corporate taxes are the highest in the industrialized world – that’s a federal tax on each citizen in this country. Don’t kid yourself. You pay a hell of a lot more in federal taxes than what appears on your W-2.
    – Medicare was originally budgeted to be 2.6% of the Federal Budget. It is now 10 times that.
    – Social Security is a Ponzi scheme and future generations will see pennies on the dollar.
    – We have entire Depts. of government costing billions per year that apparently have no purpose but to add to burden: Dept. of Education, Dept. of Energy come to mind.
    – I estimate the federal government is five times larger than it needs to be.

    All of these have one common trait – bloated government. I have not even mentioned possibly the biggest burden – state governments and pension plans. That’s a time bomb waiting to go off.

    Until we drastically reduce the size of federal, state and local gov’ts, we will continue to take on water until we sink for good.

  163. Comment 275 by Tex sums it all up. The only thing I would add is the unfortunate reality of emerging markets siphoning jobs.

    The Titanic has already hit the iceberg. With half this country living on hand outs and another 25% liberal, we are done like dinner.

    I don’t see myself as being defeatist. It’s just reality. Smart money is on finding a life boat.

    Unfortunately, the banking elite, in tandem the central planners, are doing the same thing.

    Take heed. Every man for himself. The name of the game is operation Billy Zane.

    Check out google trends right now.

    The masses are oblivious.

    We might not be connected enough to be foxes in the hen house, but we sure as hell can be jackals. And the hen house is HUGE!!!!!!!!

    We have a few more years to position ourselves nicely. I just hope I can pull it off.

    For those of you who actually have wealth, its a zero sum game.

    This isn’t your fathers’s economy.

  164. Ultimately, to fix this economy, the country needs a very deep and intense therapeutic session of Bush bashing within the right wing.

    I am convinced until this happens, there will forever be a disconnect of what truly went down in 2008. The ramifications of government picking and choosing winners on such an epic scale is mind boggling.

    And, make no mistake about it. There certainly was and is a disconnect within the right wing. Go to so called conservative blog back in 2007-2008. Far too many chirps of crickets.

    Bush killed Capitalism so that Obama could kill the country.

    So yeah, I think killing the free market as we knew it deserves our nonstop attention. Our credo should be “Never Forget”.

    I swear we already have.

    I have to ask. Conservatives, what in the hell are you trying to conserve?

    You people think Romney is the answer?

    Paul Ryan voted for TARP. He should have been purged a long time ago. And he may very well be the best we got! What a joke.

    How were guys like Paul Ryan able to get away with it?

    Blind allegiance to Bush by his constituency.

    How many Republicans who voted for TARP are still in office?

    The Tea Party consistently gets back stabbed by establishment Republicans. And, I don’t see the outrage by many so called free market hard asses.

    “Get their asses in line”, they were told this week. And I quote.

    If we don’t start Bush bashing, we are doomed (and deserve) the next fake conservative we get for President.

  165. The only defense I’ll make of my silence about Bush D.R., is much of his debt accumulation was the very last year. In Oct 2007, we had full employment and sustained growth. Five of eight years were pretty good by economic standards – except for the debt. By then, I had already moved to being scared shitless of Barack baby and fighting with Rutherford.

    And I’ll admit, for about three days, I would have voted for TARP – until I figured out exactly what the hell TARP meant and why it was necessary. I thought it was to prevent a run on the banks – not to bail out the thieves. Then I was embarrassed I had been so gullible. At least we got most of the TARP money back – we got nothing for an $862 billion giveaway called porkinvestment.

    Obama’s entire economic plan has been cash for clunkers.

  166. Rabbit, Bush-bashing at this stage would come in what form? Although I agree with you in substance, it would serve to exonerate Obama and his failed policies. I really think, the heat must remain on Obama’s shortcomings or public sentiment (if it were ta accept the rights attack of Bush) we’ll ensure more of it.

  167. I swear. Those Chatty Kitchen people like MeriBeth. Phony as the day is long – I’ve never witnessed such mealy-mouthed people in my life. From blog to blog, they are two different people. I doubt they’ve got a conviction.

    And I suspect MeriBeth posts here infrequently under another name and have for a while.

    Oh well. Live and learn.

  168. Trout fishing would be fun. I haven’t done that in a long while. I love eating those tasty treats cooked right next to the stream they grew up in. Mmmmm mmmmm.

    When are you going to admit
    Political parties ain’t shit?
    No matter who’s in
    It’s still all just spin,
    So get with the program and quit!

  169. The political arena is just that. A staged event to give you something to shake your fist at. It’s a charade. There’s a script written and played for us, stringing us along on this one way trip toward global interdependence. We need to reverse that trend and rebuilt our communities. Maybe some states need to secede…

    Federal government is too huge and cumbersome and seems to fail us in more and more areas as money leaves this country. Has this experiment run its course? How much shedding of bureaucracy can we accomplish? We know the banks pretty much do whatever they want without recourse. The gubmit certainly has that “good ole boy network” feel about it. We are on the outside – not on the payroll or under contract. At least most of us.

    So join the network or struggle against it. Sympathize and compromise, game the system where you can. Sell your birthright, sell your soul. There is plenty to be made as this Titanic goes down. Scrap out and sell to highest bidder. Everybody is getting rid of metals. They are shipping out in huge quantities. Recycling is big business out here. There’s a price on everything, generally by weight. You large folks may be worth more than you think. 😉

  170. I just got back from softball and I’m confused by the head lines at first look. Did the Boenner Bill fail?????????

    If so, we’ve been saved by the Tea Party.

  171. BIC wrote a good article worth reading over this debt ceiling issue. Take the time to invest five minutes. I found myself agreeing with his take. And my opinion has changed over the last 48 hours. John McCain helped expedite that change.

    See what you guys think. I’d be interested in the Lawson gang’s input.

  172. Rabbit, Bush-bashing at this stage would come in what form?-Tigre

    Bush Bashing would require, by necessity, the bashing of every phony fucking Republican who sided with corrupt thieves and who continue the legacy of “Too Big Too Fail” within our depraved monetary and spending policy.

    Bush set the ultimate Socialist precedent. And we can see it playing out over and over again. Just turn on the TV.

    If the rank and file of the Republican party bashed Bush for a good two years, these phony big spending Republicans wouldn’t have the balls to attempt marginalizing the only people who may have a shot at saving my son’s country.

    Bashing Bush would bring back a semblance of credibility to the GOP and draw hordes of new people like me, people who really don’t identify with a party much in the first place.

    Bashing Bush would create a right wing culture in which we laugh hysterically in unison when a Republican Speaker of the House comes out with a plan with “cuts” that actually increases our debt by trillions.

    Wait a minute, Bashing Bush would mean said Speaker wouldn’t even be Speaker.

    To Big To Fail is a monster Bush and the GOP created in his sick Federal Reserve lab. Come to find out, he even put a saddle on it for the next president.

    To Big To Fail will never, never, never go a way until it is slayed.

    Mentioning Bush’s T.B.T.F. precedent as a mere and unfortunate footnote, and a distracting one at that, doesn’t cut it. The establishment in the right wing have taken note of this tepid reaction, and have bet on many more benign ‘foot notes”. Again, turn on the TV.

    Bashing Bush 101 should be offered as a class for all new, young Republicans.

    It’s time for the national razor. We can either get hair cuts now (I already took a partial one….the wind feels so cool on my head) or the guillotine later.

    Laissez faire isn’t an idea. It is a natural force. You can only dam it up for so long. It always wins.

  173. The Republic temporarily broke down when the actual legislation found in TARP was replaced by ad hoc theft and oligarchic fiat. (Not that I agreed with even the original intent)

    I think this time we might end up seeing some god old fashion tyranny.

    If the free market can be suspended at the whim of the central planners, why not the republic’s separation of powers?

    I’m probably getting ahead of myself.

  174. It doesn’t really matter what congress does or doesn’t do. The debt ceiling is going to be raised. The only difference is whether or not we get some cuts out of it or if we let the emperor own it outright.

  175. “From what I understand, there will be major consequences with that.”

    Democrats find ways to do whatever the fuck they want. Look at how we got ObamaCare.

    This won’t be any different and when it happens, nobody that matters will have shit to say about it.

  176. R, I though you were moved in. With all of this going on where are you. The Sea Monkeys in this tank are getting bored without you to kick around.

  177. If Obama raised the debt ceiling by way of the 14th amendment, (of which I’m completely ignorant on what that even means) there essentially wouldn’t be a debt ceiling any more. I think it would become apparent to the bond market that there are no longer any functioning checks on spending. The national credit card would be in the hands of one person.

  178. There isn’t really a debt ceiling now. There is lip service to a number that gets moved any time anyone wants it to be moved. That’s not a ceiling.

    The emperor has proven on multiple occasions that he will spend more energy finding ways to do what he wants than he will spend working to find solutions that work for everyone. After all…he won.

  179. I had sea monkeys back in the day. They aren’t really monkeys. Actually, it was so close to a rip off. Shrimps. Little bitty frickin’ shrimp. Not even like the picture. Damn comic book ads. Who ordered the X-ray glasses? Pervert.

  180. poolman, check this out, maaaan.

    Produced in 1959. Way ahead of its time.

    Dude made some cool tunes until he decided to murder his land lord and kill himself.

  181. Pretty psychedelic rabbit. Must have been tripping, eh?

    Now that you’re in Illinois, Rutherford, watch your back…

  182. Dead Rabbit,

    This one is for you. Definitely something to think about that might make you feel a whole lot better about you and your wife’s decision to stay at home with baby – besides benefit to Jr., of course.

    Two Income Tax Trap

    Takes a little of the shine of Elizabeth Warren as brilliant, though. She actually misinterprets her own data, though I agree with the premise of what Warren was saying.

  183. shiite…

    “OFF” Elizabeth Warren.

    Might make Rutherford feel a little bit better about his situation too. Two incomes is not twice the income, so to speak.

  184. If there was ever an author I could choose to right for me, it would be VDH:

    The agenda of the poorer and lower-middle classes is championed mostly by an affluent elite located on the two coasts, who find power and influence in representing “the people,” and are themselves either affluent enough, or enjoy enough top government salaries and subsidies, to be largely exempt from any hardship that would result from their own advocacy of much higher taxes and larger government expenditures.

    Lost entirely in all these disputes over taxes, relative affluence, and government entitlements is any serious examination of whether federal payouts themselves consistently alleviate poverty or accomplish what they are intended for, or whether, in the age of high-technology, dirt-cheap imported manufactured goods and huge government subsidies, the notion of being poor itself should be redefined. The point is not whether the hundreds of billions invested in, say, a Head Start actually improved school performance, but, implicitly, whether thousands of constituents were employed in its administration, and, explicitly, whether its advocates felt a sense of transcendent caring in such public magnanimity (often not so easily evidenced by the fact of where they otherwise live or send their children to school).

    Instead, we hear the rhetoric of Dickensian poverty, usually in terms of relative rather than absolute want, as in the president’s constant referencing of “corporate jets” for “millionaires and billionaires” rather than any statistics about average American access to a big-screen TVs, serviceable automobiles, or personal computers. The president made this clear when, during the campaign, he rejected any idea in cuts in capital-gains taxes even if it should lead to greater national and collective wealth, “fairness,” he said, being the only issue. (I supposed that meant something like “it does not matter whether I am better off if you are way better off.”) And completely absent in the current debate of who gets more and who pays more is any adult discussion over the causes of being less well off than someone else, and whether such criteria can always be addressed and remedied by more government money.

    Nor, in this argument over the big-deficit/big-government/high-tax/redistributive state is there much awareness of comparative evidence: Did the EU redistributions to southern Europe result in economic prosperity and fiscal stability, do blue states have smaller deficits and better employment percentages than red states, do the blue-chip Obama economists—a Goolsbee, Orszag, Romer, Summers—still write and argue that their massive Keynesian agendas brought prosperity from 2009 to 2011?

    There are no bigger hypocrites in the world than affluent modern day liberals.

    Read the rest….

  185. “Parents spent 32 percent less on clothing, and 52 percent less on appliances. What they spent more on was big necessities: mortgages (up 76 percent), cars (up 52 percent), taxes* (up 25 percent), and health insurance (up 74 percent). “-Elizabeth Warren

    She left out one of the biggest ball busters. Future college tuition for our kids and the massive student loans we are paying back, now. I had the full GI Bill and I still have 45 g’s to pay back. I honestly don’t even know what my wife’s actual amount is, I’m afraid to look. I just pay it every month. Fucking disgusting rip off of our youth.

    Tex, my wife actually still works. She put in her two weeks notice in when we decided to walk. They later came crawling back, allowing her to work from home. This was obviously a game changer. And a shock.

    When this happened, I frantically started putting my modification paper work in. They “lost” the paperwork 4 times.

    Nobody denied us a modification. Nobody did anything with it. The biggest run around of my life.

    The bad thing is, all that modification paper work can be used against me while negotiating the deficiency.


  186. I’m certain Rutherford is pounding away on a new insightful post to stimulate the local cyber denizens’ collective temporal neurons.


    I have concluded that the two parent working environment has added to our family breakdown and therefore most of the societal destruction we’ve experienced in this nation. Consumerism may have driven the van, but willing passengers had to take the seats. Those passengers had to be convinced of the benefit and blinded to any possible downside.

    It is a part of the American philosophy and much of what the “American Dream” fantasy stands for, that places a person’s job or position as tantamount over the raising of our youth and the sanctity of the family. If we could do it all over again, would we do it differently? I would hope so.

    Reversing the trend is difficult and peer pressure still keeps plenty from considering it. Debt will hold us from breaking out of the trend, though total bankruptcy might allow a refocus.


  187. Huck,

    Don’t know your personal feelings or opinions, and this is preliminary as these first impressions, but since the first time I heard and saw Marco Rubio, he has struck me as the most solid potential governmental leader of this generation. And I saw no teleprompter leading that script.

    Like I said – preliminary. But I predict the man you just heard on that video will one day be President. I only wish it were now. 😦

    Lord knows we need a real leader at this moment. And Barack Obama is no leader. I don’t know what he is – but I do know under the patronage of Obama’s leadership, I have never witnessed one man so damage our country, our politics, our economy, and dare I say our spirit in my lifetime.

    Obama has been worse than awful. He has been dangerous and foolish. He needs to be held to account.

  188. That question is a lot simpler to answer. In fact, the TurboTax blog ran a post on how America pays taxes versus how other wealthy countries pay hints at the answer:

    “A look at the data on tax distribution in the United States, for instance, reveals that high income individuals pay an enormously disproportionate amount of total income taxes in the country. The Tax Foundation’s Fiscal Facts report shows that the top 1% of income earners (1,410,710 people) pay 40.42% of all income taxes in the United States. The top 2.5% (5,642,839 people) pay 20.20% of total income taxes, while the top 5% (a combined 7,053,549 people) pay 60%. The top 10% as a whole pays 71.22%, while the bottom 50% of taxpayers account for only 2.89% of all income taxes.”

    These numbers can be examined in even more depth. The 1,410,710 people who comprise the top 1% of income earners, for instance, earned $2,008,259 trillion – of which $450,926 billion went to federal income taxes. Overall, the Tax Foundation shows in this graph, the top 1% now pays more total income tax than the bottom 95%. The top 10% as a whole earned $4,227,839 trillion – of which $794,432 billion went to taxes. Of the $1,115,504 trillion of total income taxes collected, the top 10% paid nearly half. This data, updated in 2009, was calculated using income tax returns from 2007 and is the newest data available at time of writing.

    It is important to keep in mind that the tax burden being weighted heavily toward high income earners is not a coincidence. Progressive taxation means that America’s income tax system is literally designed to produce such outcomes. Indeed, the Tax Foundation’s Scott Hodges cited, ”…an OECD study released last year showing that the U.S.—not France or Sweden—has the most progressive income tax system among OECD nations.”


  189. I enjoyed the Rubio speech.

    The fun thing about living in a centrally planned farce are the occasional but very embarrassing situations that can’t be excused nor camouflaged.

    I’m enjoying watching Moody’s and S&P freak out.

    Talk about not knowing what to do.

    They’ve already proven to be faker then Professional Wrestling.

    And where do they find themselves? About to be body slammed.

    They’re in an awkward situation:

    Become such a sleazy joke that it’s impossible for anybody to pretend, without smirking.

    Or, do the right thing and wreak havoc on their own profits and every other banking establishment through out the world.

    The Banking elite are shameless. After all, Moody’s et al are too big to fail. They will just smirk and keep using the corrupt organizations.

    Aint no way Moody’s essentially down grades the entire world economy. The entire world is tied to U.S treasuries indirectly or directly. NO WAY.

    The bankers already know it.

    AAA+ rating, baby.

    AAA+ rating FOREVER

    There will be no down grade of debt.

    I could be wrong. But, that’s where my money is.

  190. Why didn’t you panic, DR?

    Didn’t you realize Obama was counting on it?

    “We were following the script from 2008. When the market collapsed after TARP failed, that spooked everyone enough to get them to fall in line. We thought the same thing would happen this week.”

    Is that some fucked up shit, or what?

    John Boehner tells people straight up…”get your asses in line” when he wants people to fall in line. AND THEY DID!

    That’s leadership, folks.

    WTF does Barack Obama do to get people in line? He follows a script and tries to create market panic.

  191. And before Rutherford comes on here talking about how Obama stood at his bully pulpit umpteen times in so many days telling people to fall in line, I’ll just throw in there that Boehner manged to do that while actually getting something done. Obama has shit to show for all his (lack of) effort.

  192. Dude. The markets didn’t collapse this week BECAUSE of TARP.

    They learned the greatest economic lesson of the 21st century.

    Too big to fail.

    Ultimately, we will debase the dollar and spend until complete collapse.

    Until the end, its party time.

    The middle class is here to pay for it all, one way or the other.

    A Republican senate?

    More like a 3rd party. The Tea Party.

  193. You’re probably right. Celebrate your victory.

    Hopefully PMs take a dip. I’m buying for the long haul from here on out.

    I’ll make you my court scholar by the time this is all done.

  194. I guess my point is either the Tea Party is correct, or they are not. If they are correct, this bill makes things worse. And making things worse, at this point, means certain doom.

    The establishment are the ones not being realistic.

  195. Rabbit,

    I’m still chuckling at trolling that dating service site. Everyone of those were funny as hell.

    Took me a minute to figure out what I was looking at.

  196. I would actually welcome a viable 3rd party in US politics. Or even an alternative to either of the big 2. I just don’t think the Tea Party is there yet. They don’t have the infrastructure to mobilize and compete at a national level. Perhaps in time.

  197. Huck, I’m a registered Republican (surprise), but haven’t considered myself Republican since probably 1992. I’m a Conservative and would happily vote for Democrat Conservative – if those actually existed. I’m afraid the days of Sam Nunn and Zell Miller are long gone. Conservative Democrats are now Reagan Republicans – some of the most hardened Republicans, I might add.

    Though not an official Tea Party member, I certainly agree with their principles. I consider the real Tea Party candidate not Michelle Bachmann or Sarah Palin, but Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, and Tom Coburn.

    The problem with a present 3rd party is that like 1992, a split would guarantee the Liberal party positions of power for some time and could possibly ruin this country in the process. Progressives are already well on their way to turning America into a Banana Republic and will soon, if not stopped.

    I think before that can actually become a possibility, it will be necessary to thoroughly decimate progressive politics while also removing RINOs; the latter made great progress in 2008. And the only way that can happen is for the Republican party in conjunction with independents like you to win 60 Senate seats and the Presidency, while retaining the house. We must have what Obama had in 2008.

    We must undo 50 years of “social justice” and progressive politics without hesitation. We need to shrink government quickly in all forms. We must reform entitlements, eliminate needless and unnecessary regulation, clean our academic house of American hatred and indoctrination, lower taxes to attract manufacturing, and get back to teaching responsibility and self-reliance. It will be a long road to hoe, but I am convinced we can do it if we can stop the bleeding.

    But if Americans have not learned the hard lessons of electing a man like Barack Obama, then I’m afraid no matter what the Tea Party does, it will be too late and within a few years, America will be forced to rise from the ashes.

  198. I have some real beefs with Rubio. I mean, he’s a charismatic guy, smart and speaks well, but a true politician at heart. You will note he didn’t make mention he was a registered lobbyist, but rather ran as an “outsider”. He’s also well connected with ole corrupt Jeb Bush. And then there’s a matter of his backing. Aside from the Koch brothers and billionaire Norman Braman, he is über loyal to the nation of Israel, where he obviously pleases them and it’s from them he is taking his cues. It’s the very first place he went after winning his election. He has criticized Obama for his “treatment” of Israel, since Obama doesn’t always kiss both ass cheeks whenever they meet.

    I don’t trust the guy. It appears many Latinos are wary, too.

  199. but a true politician at heart. You will note he didn’t make mention he was a registered lobbyist, but rather ran as an “outsider”. He’s also well connected with ole corrupt Jeb Bush. And then there’s a matter of his backing. Aside from the Koch brothers and billionaire Norman Braman, he is über loyal to the nation of Israel, where he obviously pleases them and it’s from them he is taking his cues. It’s the very first place he went after winning his election.

    Oh? A true man of God then? All the better to love Rubio to fight against God’s enemies.

    Rubio 2012…

  200. Here it comes. The great buy opportunity of a life time. We’re going to see silver sink, begging all of you to buy. Heed my sweet silver’s call. And buy. Hell, buy a call. Silver 50 bucks Jan 2013.

  201. I saw this years ago, but it still funny:

    Several thousand years ago, Moses said to Israel, “Pick up your shovels, mount your asses and camels, and I will lead you to the Promised Land.”

    Then Lyndon Johnson started the Great Society and claimed, “Lay down your shovels, sit on your asses, and light up a Camel, this is the Promised Land.”

    Today, Obama has stolen your shovel, taxed your asses, raised the price of Camels, and mortgaged the Promised Land.

  202. Man, it’s so humiliating going back to my old foreclosed house. I want to put a bag over my head.

    The neighbors actually like me and invited me over to their back yard party they were having, while I was there, begging me to have a beer.

    I could feel my face turning red. Imagine going next door and introducing yourself to everybody as the guy who walked away from his house.

    I’ve paid the teen age neighbor a hundred bucks to mow my lawn for this last month, even though it’s not my house.

    The weeds have taken over the drive way, spider webs the basement.

    I think today is the last day I have to go back. I had some brewing equipment and about 15 big bottles of a mead I made back in 2007 to grab, along with some other stuff. Ripped out all of our ceiling fans.

    For a split second I was staring at my tools and staring at all the copper, the hot water tank, air conditioning unit etc.

    If I was only screwing over Fanny Mae, I’d do it.

    But, some other family will hopefully end up buying it. Why make life difficult for them. Plus, some real estate agent will be trying to sell it.

  203. Heavy metal, man.
    Copper, silver, gold, platinum, palladium.
    All beating that US dollar and moving upward.
    Of course, someone once said what goes up must come down. Whether that applies to assets or mere physical matter…
    Hmmm… most assets are physical matter.

    Metals are useful, therefore retain their value. When they become scarce for any reason, the value appreciates. The cost going up overall is really more reflective of the currency’s value going down, since it is no longer backed by heavy metal. I imagine the metals market is more like sex or see-saw. You have to have a willing partner going down in order to put you up. 😉

  204. If Rutherford still reads his own blog, here is a little fact that might make him feel better about leaving the Northeast corridor. It’s looking bleak in Connecticut:

    Two facts about Connecticut: 1. It has the highest per-capita indebtedness of any state in the union. 2) Every statewide office in Connecticut is held by a Democrat. All of them. In 2008, the pseudo-Republican Christopher Shays — the last Republican Congressman in New England — said sayonara; in 2010, the rest of the offices went blue.

    Bonus question: what happened to New England? Most of it used to be staunchly Republican. Now most of it is deep blue, and even more deeply in debt.

    Dimocrats and debt go hand and hand.

  205. I also don’t see how even a minor downgrade isn’t a very big deal?

    I’ve heard many people, most of them smarter then the old rabbit, say its effect wouldn’t be much.

    As I’ve said before, I’ve witnessed the cost of gold spike up from a shaving cream pie.

    Sure, the shaving cream pie was on the minutes chart, but wouldn’t a downgrade of U.S. debt slowly make its way through the markets overseas? (After a 300 or 400 point Dow drop on the first day).

    Get out the 6 month chart.

    I wish I was in Hucking’s class right now. Because I’m not gettin’ the pundits.

    There is something I’m not comprehending , here.

  206. Monday is going to be excruciating.

    I’m going to have to watch a bunch fake tanned old men pat one another on the back because they managed to pull off the biggest debt ceiling hike in American history, during our DEBT crisis.

    A colossal loan they will never have to pay back one cent on.

    My son’s money.

    Pay backs are bitch Republicans. I’ll vote green party to eliminate you, if I have to.

  207. Taxation without Representation is alive and well. Although the bastards are not from the other side of the Atlantic, they have elected time travel this time. They can loot the future with no repercussions in the past.

    It’s like a Terminator movie except, instead of kick ass cyborgs, it’s ivy league fags.

    We need Arnold to come back and…uhhh….you know what, scratch that idea.

    Even worse, the bow tie terminators have teamed up with the Democratic and Republican party.

    Only a small force of underground rebels fight the matrix. And their hobbits!

    This move is going to suck!

    Tea Party is the last option we have. If they can’t do it, nobody will.

    We’re done.

    Ride the sails of time into a black swan future, boys.

    What, do you think, we can talk about spending cuts in the future?

    Do you think stink beards don’t see all of this? Electric grid wide open for attack. Poisoned water systems.

    Fucking massive earthquake. Who knows.

    Cuts aren’t cuts if they aren’t now.

    Anyone under 40 is a fool for not trying to devise ways of detaching his family from the dollar.

    The dollar in 20, 30 years? If it exists. The debt?

    My lords, I am not the crazy one.

    Gold and silver baby.

    Hell, even if I’m wrong, the coins look bad ass nonetheless.

    I will collect them like used to the Cal Ripken ’82 Tops set.

    I’ll make a ridiculous jean jacket out of them using the motherfucken BeDazzler as seen on TV.

  208. Joseph Dead Rabbit (sounds Hebrew),

    I hope my 4 brothers don’t get too jealous over my awesome coat.

    Your technicolor coat of coins is making me giggle. Are you going to have silver dollars as buttons.

    Look at the bright side. If your brothers team up and throw you in the ditch out of jealousy, know in about 20 years time, you’ll be 2nd in command of the Muslim Brotherhood Egypt. Perhaps this is the 7 lean years you forecast?

    Speaking of that, you make a great observation. Perhaps we should downgrade all world markets? Then the downgrade would mean nothing and we could print even more money and waste more to our heart’s content. That sounds like a politician’s plan/Ben Bernacke plan to me.

  209. Want to read a whopper of a progressive lie? A popular one at Fat Grannies, no surprise. One that went completely unchallenged when volunteered?

    Is Marco Rubio the only one in Washington willing to point these lies out on the Senate floor?

    I wish at this moment I were a politician.

    We face downgrades and investor panic not because of our deficits but because we are behaving like deadbeats, refusing to pay our bills, pouting while the bill collector waits at the door. ~ Fareed Zakaria, CNN

    * We have affirmed our ‘AAA/A-1+’ sovereign credit ratings on the United States of America.
    * The economy of the U.S. is flexible and highly diversified, the country’s effective monetary policies have supported output growth while containing inflationary pressures, and a consistent global preference for the U.S. dollar over all other currencies gives the country unique external liquidity.
    * Because the U.S. has, relative to its ‘AAA’ peers, what we consider to be very large budget deficits and rising government indebtedness and the path to addressing these is not clear to us, we have revised our outlook on the long-term rating to negative from stable.
    * We believe there is a material risk that U.S. policymakers might not reach an agreement on how to address medium- and long-term budgetary challenges by 2013; if an agreement is not reached and meaningful implementation is not begun by then, this would in our view render the U.S. fiscal profile meaningfully weaker than that of peer ‘AAA’ sovereigns. ~ Standard & Poor’s, April 18, 2011


  210. My dedication at Fat Grannies this morning as they remembered the glorious 60s – with all due respect to Jacque the Poolman. Looks like I’ll be searching for another IP address soon. 😀

    Does this make a comedian or a sick bastard?

    Well, since you guys and gals are reminiscing about the 60s, why don’t we give a shout out to one Charles Whitman on the 45th Anniversary of his demise?

    Hope you guys and gals like Kinky Friedman. 😈

    That song is so awful, it’s funny. I don’t know why my twisted mind remembered this.

  211. Tex, S &P is just saying that unless we contain spending, we should be downgraded. Well, duh! Notice increased income tax is not mentioned. Hmmm. . .

  212. To hell with the deficit. I still find myself wanting to “pull the trigger” for Kinky Friedman in the 2008 Presidential Election! Damn shame he didn’t win. Tell me this wouldn’t have been better than what we’ve got.

  213. Damn Rutherford,

    I listened to your radio show for a little bit out of boredom with you and nasal Sandi and her “oh, my gosh”, giggling about “economics” before I had void overload. I had wondered where you had moved your madness, distortions and propaganda.

    You two are telling the same lie as Fareed Zakaria. “That is, we face downgrades and investor panic not because of our deficits but because we are behaving like deadbeats, refusing to pay our bills, pouting while the bill collector waits at the door.”

    Fundamentally untrue as shown #367.


    I told you the Tea Party is America, just as I told you Obama is an unprincipled low-life in 2008. He is what he needs to be at a moment in time to gain or retain power. Why can’t you grasp that?

    And perhaps you can convince Sandi to answer me this question.

    Medicare is now proportionally ten times greater than originally estimated – more than a quarter of the entire federal budget. How in the world can even liberals expect this trend to continue, especially in light the providers at least five times have had their reimbursements cut?

  214. Fareed Zakaria is a worthless jackoff….

    Absolutely true, but off hand, I can’t think of anybody on CNN that we couldn’t substitute their name in place of Fareed and make the same statement.

    And CNN is light years more professional than MSNBC, which more closely resembles a daily Vietnamese cluster f…maybe an abortion.

  215. As I try to emerge from a mountain of boxes, I sit amazed at how ineffective my President is. I’ll wait to see if the Senate passes this joke of a bill and then I’ll write a new post. 😦

  216. Poolman, if there is one way to break down my defenses it is to throw a Rudolph clip (any Rudolph clip) my way. Damn I love that show!

    P.S. You want an exercise in touch typing? I haven’t unpacked my office lamp yet so any work I do at night is in the dark. I can’t see the keyboard worth a sh*t so it’s basically all by touch. I’m amazed at how well I’m doing.

  217. How in the world can even liberals expect this trend to continue, especially in light the providers at least five times have had their reimbursements cut?

    Because liberals believe in the tooth fairy and that if the goal is lofty the means are irrelevant.

    Shame you bailed on the show Tex … at the end we got a caller who asked me why I was a liberal. While my answer was sincere it kinda made my stomach turn. I seem to have a hard time grasping that the 60’s are over and were never all that great in the first place. 😐

  218. Rutherford, you can answer this back in code, if you need to, so that you don’t get in trouble.

    But aren’t wives the worst when it’s move time?

    Women… damn detailed orientated.

  219. Hucking…how is that econ class treating you?

    I love seeing the London market open on the Forex. It reminds me of hunting early in the woods as the entire ecosystem wakes up.

    Anyways, I have the S&P 500 chart out.

    I’m going back 5 years ago on the chart. Now I’m going back 5 years again. Continue back though time another 2.

    Ahh….yes…….August 2, 1999. 20 points up from where we are now.

  220. Rutherford –

    You say that claiming the title “liberal” made you ill. How do you define liberal and how do you fit into those principles? Maybe you’re really a libertarian.

  221. “You say that claiming the title “liberal” made you ill. How do you define liberal and how do you fit into those principles? Maybe you’re really a libertarian.”

    Or closet conservative.

    R, you’ll feel much better if you just come out of the closet.

  222. I skipped around until the end. Good to have you back. I’ve been a little concerned about your health – moving is hard on people and I’ve been thinking about you knowing this was breaking your heart. I’m not quite the bastard I present myself here.

    Still trying to determine which is the real Rutherford: here or there on the radio.

    President Present actually did vote present in this latest go around. The goat never even presented a plan. I have decided Obama just isn’t terribly bright and really is in way over his head. To compound his problems, he has surrounded himself with corruption and/or morons. Obama needs to go back to community activist where he belongs.

    Let’s face it “R”. We didn’t get 16.8 Trillion in debt (now) because we are working with a country of particle physicists. Undoubtedly, we are working with large groups of people who cannot even do basic mathematics. One wonders how they run their households. Most of those people on the Fat Grannies board are so clueless, when one spews lies, they all spew the same lies. I thought about that last night as I read their spew. There is no working with these people. They are simply too ignorant to help.

    The picture of the little girl holding a sign this morning in front of Congress (on the Drudge Report) which says “Why do I owe $46,000” demonstrates about everything you need to know.

    Matter of time before our big ship sinks and we become the former Soviet Union. It’s imminent. It would take a drastic change to even save it, and I’m afraid we no longer have the character or makeup to do what needs to be done. Nobody but the pols will remain unharmed and untouched when it falls.

    Frankly, the country I see anymore may not be worth saving. Completely broken in every capacity. I really do feel it would be better for some of us to secede and start fresh. The differences are irreconcilable.

    I don’t want to eliminate these Fat Granny types. I just want them completely out of my life and free from their shackles of stupidity. And I think there are many of us thinking the same thing.

  223. ♫ When I’m feeling sad….♫


    America Held Hostage: 41% Self-Identify as Extremist Fringe Tea-Bagging Terrorists

    What’s the deal with the coordinate “terrorists” insults Rutherford? Not that you’re a part, but where did this get started? Terrorists?

  224. “All politics aside, Gabrielle Giffords is a freaking badass.”

    Don’t worry Huck, with a scope Palin can still take her out.

  225. “What’s the deal with the coordinate “terrorists” insults Rutherford? Not that you’re a part, but where did this get started? Terrorists?”

    Is that rhetorical? That’s the left’s version of leadership.
    (Self-pity, demonization, false victimhood, name-calling, and demagoguing).

    $16.8 trillion, and that’s what you get from the White House. It’s just fucking unbelievable.

  226. “All politics aside, Gabrielle Giffords is a freaking badass.”

    ‘Don’t worry Huck, with a scope Palin can still take her out.’

    Guess again. That “Alaskan Huntress” stuff makes good press, but in point of fact, Palin doesn’t know which end of the tube the round comes out of. So says her not-too-bright but still-a-serious-hunter near son-in-law Levi Turdblossom. Also take a look at the picture of her checking out an American infantryman’s M16 that made the rounds on the Internet. Notice anything? She has her finger on the fucking trigger. I have been shooting for over fifty years; take it from me – that is the absolute mark of a tyro.

    No, Giffords has nothing to fear from Klondike Kardashian. Unless she has her gun loaded and drops the damned thing…

  227. “Giffords has nothing to fear from Klondike Kardashian.”

    Not according to MSNBC and Rutherford. All Palin needs to do is paint a bulls-eye on a map and down they go cause “killing’s her business, and business is good!”

    Even heard she might have something to do with Amy Winehouse.

  228. but in point of fact, Palin doesn’t know which end of the tube the round comes out of.

    Blew the shit out of a reindeer and looked pretty competent doing it. 🙂 Pissed all the PDS haters and the deluded off too – and that’s always a good thing. Must have been some of that crack reporting Alaska via Leah Burton, hey Pfesser? You predict that prophetic new books of hers will be a NYT bestseller?

    I can’t wait to purchase it.

    “Dominionists” are taking over and running through the backyards! Gawd, grab the children. 😯

  229. DR, I don’t go back until the end of Sept. Been spending my days and nights taking advantage of the summer break to work on my thesis.

    I expect the econ class to suck. The econ dept. at my school is unapologetic in their hard left leaning. The econ club calls themselves “radicals” and several econ majors I know who graduated from it have gone to work for labor unions.

    Yeah….its gonna suck….

    “So says her not-too-bright but still-a-serious-hunter near son-in-law Levi Turdblossom.”

    Oh, now there is a good source. He can surely put his Palin hate aside to discuss the finer points of gun safety.

    Levi must be 1 of the infamous Alaskan bloggers we keep hearing about. No wonder you never cite any of them.

  230. Huck,

    If my electro-physiologist friend and doctor is right, who by the way just happens to have a son that is currently a SEAL, the only problem with that cartoon is that left to the SEALS preference, they’ve got the wrong house…

  231. The hypocrisy is what pisses me off the most. These are not the articles and cartoons we would see if it were Dick Cheney who had referred to those opposed to his policies as “terrorists.”

    And the silent left has proven they are full of shit and that their faux outrage over war and extreme rhetoric is nothing but partisan politics. It doesn’t have anything to do with burned-out, wanna-be hippies running out of steam after 8 years of fighting against the evil Rethuglicans.

  232. When I was in the Navy, I got attached to a ground defense force. After spending a couple weeks in the field, I gained a whole new respect for Marines. Fucking miserable. 2 weeks feels like 2 months in the Icelandic tundra.

    Plus, I had to dig fox holes for an extra 2 hours a day for 45 days to fulfill just one aspect of some nasty nonjudicial punishment dished out by the Old Man.

    Well, after pretty much devoting my summer negotiating with Fanny’s thugs on the deficiency, I can say that “lawyer-ing” can be pretty intense work.

    These guys made me fight for everything. The weird thing is they would always capitulate.

    They started off wanting me to set up a payment plan on 79,000.

    I ended up paying 2,600, settled in full.

    My brother, a CFA who is forced to work in debt counseling because he passed all of his expensive tests AFTER the market imploded, even gave me props.

    We used to call it being a “sea lawyer” in the Navy. Arm chair law.

    Fanny’s thugs were constantly calling me out as a wanna-be lawyer.

    But, doing my homework on the internet saved me big time.

    For example, they were refusing to put my wife’s name in the settlement letter. Can you believe that? She’d be wide open for a later judgement.

    I made them show me the note (which was a pain in the ass).

    I timed my “fair market value” defense perfectly.

    Obviously, this stuff isn’t too complicated. But, the average person

    Crossed all my T’s to make sure it all wasn’t a scam.

    I’m slicking my hair back like Tigre, baby.

    If BiC is lucky, I just might make him a partner at Dead Rabbit and Rabbit. (Yeah, there really isn’t a second Rabbit….)

    Thank God I can’t get taxed on the forgiven debt. (Ends this year)

    But…rabbit drum roll………… guys will!!!!!!!!!!

    The disgusting part is, I really was negotiating with the American tax payer the whole time. Fanny Mae does not take one loss. Not one fucking penny.

    If you feel like donkey punching me, I don’t blame you.

  233. “The entire congress of the United States of America has just been made insignificant.”-Hucking

    Dude. They became insignificant the day TARP was passed. The implementation of TARP was completely outside the rule of law. Rogue.

  234. Well, well. Finally Fat Grannies banned me again. Those bitches! 😆

    A few are now threatening my life and will bash my brains in a nine iron. Looks like it time for another IP enhancement. This one will really frost their asses…when I come charging back in for another beat down.

    And I so liked my new Fat Grannies name: Jacque Poolman.

    I, for one, am sick of being told we’re in a recovery at 9.2% reported unemployment with real unemployment much, much higher – when the MSM and rubes like the Fat Grannies hacks spent four years telling us the sky was falling at 5.5% or less under Bush.

    I’ve got all the proof one needs from 2003-2007 documenting this.

  235. .”Just look at how they decapitated this town.”-H

    The town decapitated the town. I’ll never understand how you guys consistently alleviate the government’s responsibilities to such an extent when it comes to organized labor.

    It’s common sense that an individual or an assembled group will try to maximize profit. It’s business.

    It’s now up to the Cops to balance entire budgets?

  236. We get it, DR. Things that you are involved in, like public employees unions and midnight basement investing are just business and common sense. Things you aren’t involved in steal the future from our children.

  237. Nice try.

    I’d give my pension back right now. How many government workers do you hear say that? I quit the MEA. They get nothing from me.

    I’ve actually tried quitting my pension, because I don’t even trust it would be there.

    So, make it personal all you want my sedentary, pre-diabetic friend.

    You are about to join the biggest, most unsustainable, parabolic mess in America. College education.

    That’s if you even end up getting a job.

    You’re right, these union contracts are unsustainable. But, it’s also the natural order of things. It’s business.

    Its ultimately the government’s responsibility. You don’t answer government ineptitude by de-fanging the rights of citizens.

    You might not agree with me, but I feel I’m being consistent, here.

  238. “midnight basement investing”-Hucking

    I’m trying to decipher how that’s an insult. In fact, I have no idea what that even means?

    Care to explain, or are you just hatin’ on the ol’ Rabbit.

    Maybe your’e hating the fact I shorted the market?

    You got to explain, bitch tits.

  239. Maybe your’e hating the fact I shorted the market?

    Sweet result today! Wish I would have done it myself. I certainly feel like shorting the next 12-18 months. My allegiances to country well being are becoming less by the day. I’m about to the point of each man to himself.

    That’s one thing that never has made any sense to me. When gas is at $4.00 instead of $2.50, that’s about $75-150 out of one’s pocket per month, which immediately affects consumer spending in most households.

    In addition, with this hot summer, things like cooling bills are through the roof. Water is being rationed. Food prices are still soaring. I’m guessing conservatively, at least a 1/3 of the country has $300-400 less per month to spend per month this summer vs. last summer.

    Why are these “experts” surprised consumer spending has gone in the tank? It’s going to get worse. A lot worse.

  240. I have a question for any liberal who happens to read this board. One that has always concerned me, but I don’t think I’ve bothered to ask on a blog.

    What good is government “compassion”, if the “compassion” makes the recipient worse off?”


    Does anybody really think the Great Society has made us great after spending trillions?

    Poverty actually is higher now then the mid 60s.

  241. Damn it Jacque. . . I mean Tex. Isn’t that a rough equivalent of virtually every comment/question from the regulars here? I know it’s a loaded question. But damn, dispensing “benevolence” from the backs of others feels good when you claim it as your own.

    A: It’s about the gratification of the so-called donor, not the recipient.

    Sorry, but you’ll never get an honest answer to that. To to so would be an admission of selfish motives, the antithesis of what they’d like to believe about themselves.

  242. Government “compassion” is an oxymoron. It’s foolish to think any government is compassionate. People can be, but never a government. Compassion is emotion driven. Government is emotionless.

    Governments oppress. The degree of oppression determines how “free” a nation we are.

  243. So Obama signs and the debt bill becomes law. Everyone breathes sighs of relief and life carries on as before – but for how long? There’s only so much road you can kick the can down and America is getting close to the end of it. What then?

  244. Rutherford, you can answer this back in code, if you need to, so that you don’t get in trouble.

    But aren’t wives the worst when it’s move time?

    34 55 dot dot dash dash 99 🙂

  245. Moody’s Investors Service and Fitch Ratings affirmed their AAA credit ratings for the U.S………

    My bet S&P falls right in line.

    They are playing hard to get. That’s all.

    I just can’t see there being a down grade.

  246. “Benevolence from the backs of others” — This phrase, Tigre, betrays the inherent selfishness of conservatism. I might be more sympathetic to your comment if you stated in an open ended manner (as Tex did) that liberals fail to achieve their goals and are misguided in the approach. But you seem to add the element of “don’t make me be charitable” to the equation.

    If I felt conservatives wanted to help the poor and differed from liberals on how to do so, I might be more sympathetic. But your statement betrays the fact that many conservatives just want to “conserve” what they have. Never learned to share their toys in kindergarten. 😦

  247. It’s been documented time and time again that conservatives are way more charitable. And I mean alot more, like 30%. And, as a whole, these people made less money.

    Look at charity for Africa. Most are Evangelical Christian.

    And even liberals admit they are terrible tippers. I’ve certainly noticed it.

  248. With that, I’m off to bed. Tomorrow is a two hour round trip to Markham, IL to pick up the car we shipped from CT.

    Oh … to answer a question Tex posted long ago … it actually turned out cheaper to ship the car vs the wife driving the car out, then flying home and then us driving the 2nd car to IL. Besides, as I said earlier in the thread, it allowed us to drive one car and share the burden.

    Ah … before I go, a quick answer to Pfesser … I view libertarians as liberals without much concern for their fellow man. Basically, let me live my life the way I want to. This addresses 50% of the liberal agenda, which is not to have government dictate private matters of the individual but it ignores the other 50% which addresses our responsibility toward our fellow man.

    By the way, I’ve also noticed that my writing skills in these comments have deteriorated markedly … chalk it up to typing in the dark.

  249. Hey Rabbit … speaking of tipping … we ate at an IHOP the other day and the “balloon man” came over to make my kid a balloon animal. He wore a button that said “your tip is my pay”. I was stunned that the IHOP didn’t compensate this guy at all for entertaining the customers. I gave him a buck. I don’t know if that’s a good “balloon tip” or not.

  250. “I might be more sympathetic to your comment if you stated in an open ended manner (as Tex did) that liberals fail to achieve their goals and are misguided in the approach.”

    So my comment doesn’t make you “feel good?” Sorry guy. It’s your view of the role of government, not others’ compassion, that’s the issue.

    As I said, your brand of compassion is about your own gratification, not the recipient. If it were the other way around, you’d have an answer for Tex.

  251. And a buck for a balloon guy? Why not just ask if he wants to finish what’s left of your pancakes?

    Kidding, kidding — simple math I think shows a buck is about right. After all, that incompassionate fucker ain’t paying taxes on his $10 per hour. 😆

  252. Rutherford –
    I recommend you take some time to read “Atlas Shrugged” (Rand) and “Free to Choose” by Milton Friedman and his wife. Your perception of libertarians as folks who don’t care for their fellow man is off-base, IMHO. In point of fact I believe you will see that it is they who care most.

    My perception of liberalism is that it is well-meaning, but without understanding, to borrow a phrase from Brandeis. I see their approach as, “Well, if they don’t have any money, let’s just take it from people who DO have money and GIVE it to them.” Unfortunately, that is just the first layer of the problem of poverty, and the simplistic solution, “Take the money by force from others and give it to them” completely ignores the five layers underneath, which hold the key to Really eliminating poverty (illegitimate birth, crime, etc.)

    Just my take on it. If you have time, I recommend you educate yourself about the Libertarians; I don’t think it as you say.

  253. I disagree with Rutherford’s opinion of Libertarianism. I am closer to Pfesser’s, as I find Libertarianism and Conservative share a common trait – the lesser the government, the better. Therefore, I’m much closer to Libertarian that Rutherford is.

    But I disagree about Libertarians caring the most. It has been my experience Libertarians, though monetarily rational, care the least about their fellow man, and that is exactly the reason I will not call myself Libertarian. Wall Street is Libertarian.

    And right on cue, a perfect article for this discussion, and one of the greatest weaknesses of liberalism.

    The Evil of Benevolence

  254. As someone who has worked for tips, and whose wife and daughter do presently work for tips, I can say it is not tax-free income. The establishment is required to report a great percentage of the employees tips as income. In most situations, the restaurant pays a couple bucks an hour and the tips are included as income to guarantee the minimum wage.

    Several decades ago, the law changed requiring tip earners to declare 10 percent of their gross sales as tip income, whether tips were 10 percent or not. That may have gone up to 12 percent more recently. Still, in some instances, tip income is over and above reported figures and may be considered “tax-free”. I know several in this economy that claim to average less than 12 percent.

    Thank God there are generous tippers to make up for all the cheapskates and stiffs. You know who you are. They know who you are. Especially if you’re a regular anywhere. A good restaurant tip today is 20 percent. And that doesn’t only apply to “good” restaurants. IHOP, depending on time of day, has a diverse clientele.

    If balloon man was “hired” to entertain, he would be required to earn minimum wage and taxed on that income. If he is “working” in the establishment, he legally has to be an employee or a licensed and bonded contractor. In a food service establishment, he would likely be required to possess the same food-handling card as the other workers, and subject to the same health department stipulations.

    But a buck for a balloon is fair – unless he twisted up the Taj Mahal or a life-sized giraffe, or entertained you with a song and dance while he ballooned you. So you likely left a good karma trail. 😀

  255. The problem I see with categorizing people as liberal, libertarian, or conservative, is that most people do not fit one particular mold. Generalizations abound and statistics can be made to support just about any position.

    There are plenty of compassionate and generous people in all categories. Those who make a public display of their generosity are equally matched by others who give anonymously. Biblically, we should give without expecting anything in return. The idea is that the “left hand should not know what the right hand is doing” should apply to our giving. The Word says we are not to keep a record. How many adhere to that standard? Tax-free or not.

  256. R, I reject your stereotype (belief?) that liberals are more compassionate than conservatives or libertarians. I find that liberals are empowered by and exploit the blunt instrument disguised as self-proclaimed compassion and benevolence. On the whole, I find liberals to be more mean-spirited and vicious towards their perceived enemies than conservatives. I find them rarely inclined towards charity based on personal sacrifice. In other words, I believe liberals are not merely misguided but in many respects the antithesis of what they claim to be.

    Yet I consider you a most compassionate individual on personal level. Go figure. I only wish you’d abandon a political philosophy that so obviously does not achieve the objectives you wish that it did.

  257. “If the NLRB’s lawyers are participating in talks with IAM to withdraw the complaint on the condition that workers join the union, then this is no longer an action against Boeing — it becomes an action against the now-independent workers themselves.”

    NLRB needs to be vanquished. I don’t understand the very existence of the NLRB, other then to give unions unfair leverage.

    If you think about it, theoretically, unions should eliminate the need for some bull shit commission like the NLRB.

    I hope workers in SC don’t back down and tell the union and their government connection to go jump off a plane.

  258. Did the balloon man just walk up to the table and make a balloon with out being summoned?

    If so, I deem that hustling. Pop the balloon and tell him to take a hike.

    I hate that shit.

    Like when the bum gives you a little American flag and then expects money for it.

    I tip 30%. If the waitress is hot, 40%.

    If its one of those dude waiters who crouches down and asks “have you ever been to bla bla bla before, he gets 10%.

    Often times, there is nothing worse then a male waiter at a chain restaurant.

  259. Poolman, the balloon man ain’t paying taxes on his balloon tips.

    Don’t equate his/her “art” with panhandling. For someone in your stated profession, this comes across as an ignorant statement to me. Bold assertions, fact or fiction, don’t always work as well in print as they may in a courtroom setting. Let’s look to the facts:

    If this IHOP is in Illinois, which is not a “right to work state”, the balloon busker is licensed as an entertainer and is part of a local union. He/she is either self-employed or works for a company providing entertainment. Another possibility is that he/she would be an employee of the IHOP, like a waiter or cook with an extra skill set and the local union is merely ignoring them. Either way, this would be considered a real job with working hours, skills, uniform, and wages. The third possibility is this person is independently wealthy and just does this for fun. In that case he/she would refuse tips.

    I recall you said you played bass in a band. If you play any gigs for money, someone in your group is supposed to sign off that any income you receive from it, you will be responsible for paying all applicable taxes. They should even 1099 you if income is over 500 dollars annually.

    I don’t know how lax Atlanta is, but the rest of the cities along with the IRS are tightening up on these notoriously elusive revenues. Unless, of course, you play for free. Have you ever made income this way, and if so, do you declare it on your form 1040? Of course if you answer the first affirmative, I’m certain the latter is, too. 😉

  260. Rabbit,

    I used to wait tables at the Pelican restaurant while in college. I was a good waiter and even selected as headwaiter (no sexual connotations intended) in charge of the rest. There was a gal there who always beat me out in tips, no matter what our sales were, she managed to make almost double what I made. She was cute and her explanation was cleavage. Most men were paying and she knew it. She was an okay waitress, but others were better servers. Men are willing and used to paying for sex, even if it is just fantasy. She did poorly when waiting on only women. But at that time, most women I served were 10 percenters, no matter the service.

    I don’t tip based on looks. Since I know how the system works, it generally means I can forgive some things and see past the person waiting on me. I always let my wife pay the bill, since she manages the household expenses. That throws off some of those cleavaged hustlers. We get a kick out of some of the performances.

    The ones that really irk me are those that don’t write your order down. Everything is peachy if it comes out right. Unfortunately, some folks aren’t that talented and their showing off ends up costing them less of a tip in the end.

  261. I always thought tips were one of the worst ideas foisted on our ever stupid public. Now it’s the hairdresser, or taxi driver, or carnival worker, or lawn service, or even drive thru with their handout for a tip. Some old dude hands you a napkin in the bathroom and expects two bucks while he sits on his stool.

    What next? The plumber expecting a tip for installing the toilet?

    Why should some queer serving $70.00 flame beau get 10 times the tip as the old cuss with three teeth in her head busting ass at the Waffle House? Fuck that. She’s probably a better waiter/waitress and cleaner to boot. I ain’t worried about getting MRSA from her. Maybe a few ashes in my waffle, which never killed anybody.

    I’ve tipped as much as 200%-300% on some breakfast meals – and I’ve left a nickel to be a prick to some mouthy, bitch dyke at a $100.00 a head NYC French Whore House on 48th Ave.

    Tips were originally intended to be for something above and beyond.

    Pay the people a decent living wage and be fair about it. And the wage shouldn’t be based on the “atmosphere” but how damn hard the people are having to work to get the tip.

    Don’t give me this shiite about keeping the prices low. That’s bogus as hell. Start paying people what their worth and quit with the slave labor gig.

    It was my observation the Denny’s waitress worked twice as hard as the queer frolicking with wine glasses who skipped through the NY steakhouse

  262. I’ve heard some wretched things said about people and particularly of Conservatives by the more compassionate Liberals I have known. Unreflective people throw me off.

    As it happens, I threw myself off this morning. I’m on the last week of a three week vacation from work and was running a few backlogged errands on this fine morning. While AT&T isn’t quite as bad as the DMV – in terms of unpleasant excursions they rank along the same lines, don’t they? So after dealing with ATT, I’m back out on the sidewalk walking along when a woman sitting at an outdoor cafe table speaks to me as I pass. I stopped and blinked several times in the bright sunshine trying to wrap my head around what she had just said to me.

    An Iced latte. The woman wanted me to buy her or to help her buy an iced latte.

    Instinctively (I live in the land of professional panhandlers) I said no and began walking away. As I reflected on what had just transpired, I said aloud to myself, “Fuck no.”

  263. Most restaurants are barely getting by in this bright new economy. Labor cost in most restaurants would not allow actually paying minimum wage to all employees plus lease/operating expenses and food costs if tips were not part of the equation. If you ever want to work for pennies per hour, manage a restaurant – paid salary, of course.

    To put out a competitive product, it has to happen that way, right or wrong. You don’t like tipping? Go to McDonalds. This is the situation all restaurants find themselves in. Hostesses, cooks and bussers, in some cases share in the tips. And it is taxed. Don’t be naive. I know there are abuses, but the IRS has been on that trail for some time now, at least the past 3 decades that I am aware.

    Most restaurants hire enough employees to not have to pay overtime, and in many cases don’t allow enough hours weekly to need to provide benefits.

    Now if you don’t mind paying twice as much for your food, power to you, but fact of the matter is, most restaurants would go out of business if they had to cover full payroll expense from receipts. A good server in a good location can make excellent money for the time spent. Those positions are rare, but exist. There are plenty of professional servers and they do well for themselves.

    The worse tipping places have to pay their staff more per hour, but the going wage is around 2 or 3 dollars per hour. That’s what the pimpled kid in the apron bending down asking you how you want that steak cooked is earning for taking care of your happy ass. He’s trying to pay his car payment and rent off of your generosity.

    Tipping has always been an iffy topic. In today’s world, it is expected, just like encores at concerts. Rarely are these nuances revealed completely or at once. Slow MANipulation™, in many instances, conveniently taking the guesswork out of life, while leaving in enough ambiguity to keep the paper pushers happily busy. 😀

    When in doubt – tip. It’s better to give than receive. 😉

  264. Poolman, I did not equate what tballon man did with panhandling. I am going out on a limb and speculate that the balloon man does not receive a 1099 from IHOP or the pancake eating crowd there who give him $1 donations. With his income dependent on the cheapskate Rutherford’s of the world, do you really think he self-reports all of his tips?

    I am a (former) jazz musician, but I’ve never played bass.

    I have bartender though. I know how tips are (not) reported when not collected by the employer. Obviously you don’t.

    I suggest you stay the hell out of the courtroom.

  265. Muffy, that woman might have been my wife. I’ve banned those lattes and have caught her more then once sneaking them. I don’t think there is any low she won’t hit in order to get her hands on one.

    Poolman, your not really making sense. What Tex is saying is quit all the bullshit and let the menu reflect the tips right off the bat.

    I lived in a tip free society for two years. There is no tipping in Iceland. It’s nice.

    I have a disgusting, dark secret I am hiding. And its going to kill me, too. It’s not coke or meth, it’s soul food.

    I’m such a sick fuck. I eat it in my car. I even go into bad neighborhoods to get the good stuff. Just like any other junkie.

    I love fried food. And greens…with bacon. Catfish, chicken…mac and cheese. I loves me some shrimps.

    Last Thursday after softball, I declined going to the bar. Little did they know I was scarfing down soul food, solo. I’m going to get car jacked one of these times and not even care if they let me keep my waffles.

    You can always tell when I’m starting to get fat. I start calling other people bitch tits. I also start eating in secret.

    Sunday, a new regime kicks in. Rabbit is getting back to cardio again, even if I have to skip the weights. And I’m going on a diet.

    Which means no more soul food…and no more beer…..well, at least no more soul food.

  266. Poolman, I did not equate what ballon man did with panhandling. I am going out on a limb and speculate that the balloon man does not receive a 1099 from IHOP or the pancake eating crowd there who give him $1 donations. With his income dependent on the cheapskate Rutherford’s of the world, do you really think he self-reports all of his tips? If so, you are a fool.

    I am a (former) jazz musician, but I’ve never played bass.

    I have been a bartender though. I know how tips are reported when not collected by the employer.

    Glad you’re not a lawyer. Obviously you don’t have enough common sense to convince anyone of anything. (However, you’d probably make as great a non-tax paying balloon man as non-tax paying poolman). 😆

  267. Most restaurants are barely getting by in this bright new economy. Labor cost in most restaurants would not allow actually paying minimum wage to all employees plus lease/operating expenses and food costs if tips were not part of the equation. If you ever want to work for pennies per hour, manage a restaurant – paid salary, of course.

    Oh really? Is that why my neighbor who owns two restaurants here in town, drives a new Escalade and Lexus 460 SUV, and is moving on out to the new mansion? Because his restaurants are barely getting by? Pure baloney.

    As far as managing a restaurant? Are you familiar with Outback Steakhouse? My immediate neighbor’s son is the local area manager and trainer in town here. He started at $65K some years back after transferring over from managing Friday’s, and now makes six figures, and to the best of my knowledge Chuck never saw a day of college. That reads a lot more than pennies on the hour. Granted the hours suck, and it is hard work with a lot of headaches. But I’ll bet at this moment you would happily trade him?

    Working for “tips” is another way to simply pass additional costs on to the consumer and pay a slave’s wage to the people doing the heavy lifting. Restaurant owners I know who survive past the introductory period are some of the most well heeled people in a town – a town with a lot of rich people.

    Your theory may hold for family restaurants, I don’t know. But these major players or franchised lots? Big bucks and they could more than afford to pay a living wage.

  268. A “kind of” double post with and without edits. Sorry about that.

    Rutherford, we need a new thread. The loading is getting really cumbersome.

  269. Trust me Poolman. This isn’t one of those arguments where I’m the “rich guy” trying to screw the little man. I’m neither rich now, and I grew up “little”, so I speak from experience. I think common labor people are getting screwed.

    I’m saying there is a large segment of business owners I know because of the “rich school” my children attended that take a huge advantage of their workers – and a few of those business owner own swanky restaurants in this town.

    Give you an example of taking advantage. And I have a funny story to tell about this one at a later date which you guys will enjoy of Tex having to eat one of his shoes because of his warped humor and big mouth.


    There is a place in town here that makes porch swings and chimney caps. Sounds simple enough, right? Both are a seasonal business. The guy that owns the place inherited the small business from his father and made it big. Undoubtedly real big. He’s a multi-millionaire and Southern Hills country club snot now.

    But the employees are temporary – some on loan from the HOW foundation. They have menial, mundane jobs where they feed sheets of aluminum or steel into presses, grind off the spurs, etc…

    At the end of 3-4 months, they are out of work, and the process starts over again. They can reapply to switch seasons, but there are no guarantees.

    Now IMHO, that is bullshit to treat people that way. The guy could more than afford to pay a living wage to a crop of full-time employees, pay the benefits, and stop the turnover providing a hundred people or more some stability. But he can get away with it because the job is low skill and routine. What’s more, he receives some nice incentives courtesy of all of us via the gubmint.

    Here is the most nauseating part. He’s considered a real philanthropist for hiring. It makes me retch.

  270. do you really think he self-reports all of his tips?

    Out on a limb and speculating…
    No, I don’t think he reports all his tips. But then again, he could be that rare American that actually follows all the laws of the land. I cannot attest to his character, so it’s better to consider him innocent until blah blah blah.

    I have bartender though. I know how tips are (not) reported when not collected by the employer. Obviously you don’t.

    I never claimed that tips uncollected by an employer were (not) reported. I claimed that tips are required in those incidences to make up the difference between a paid wage and minimum wage, and that the government calculates a percentage of gross receipts for servers as taxable income. Most servers only claim the minimum, even if they make more. If you were paid at least minimum wage as a bartender, as most that I am familiar with are, it was up to you to declare your tips on your form 1040.

    I suggest you stay the hell out of the courtroom.

    No worries there. If it was all my choice, I could live the rest of my days without seeing the inside of another courtroom, no matter where I sat.

  271. Tex,

    I know some restaurant owners that have made it big. And there are establishments that are profitable, no matter the economy, some clients will always keep these in business. One of my desires was to open a restaurant at one time. I love to cook. My brother and I have even talked about it. It’s one of his passions, too.

    There are some establishments that treat their people very well. As any businessman knows, your people will make or break you. In such a public position, you want your best PR foot forward. In the food industry, one bad critique is more potent than 25 good ones.

    There are also well paid managers. It is a good field to make a career in. In the beginning and even with some corporations, the hours suck and they end up working plenty as cheap labor to keep labor costs down. I have known a few that worked 80 to 90 hours a week. That gets to a person after time. Not for me. Give me an outside job.

  272. I’d speculate the world is full of them along with a generous sprinkling of ex-jazz musicians.

    What simple point did we distort? I thought your accusations of balloon boy were unfounded. I still do.

  273. I have been on hold with AT&T for over 30 minutes now (speaker phone) to once again complain they have incorrectly billed me. Three times in six months. They add services without permission, increase rates without notification, and apparently have one person manning their customer service line for the nation.

    Is there a worse company in America than AT&T? Not only are they corrupt, they are completely inept. And I’ll bet that I receive at least three letters a week asking me to “enhance” my services via mail.

  274. Never learned to share their toys in kindergarten.

    Oh Rutherford. Selfishness has nothing to do with political bent. It’s the worldly ones who are disinclined toward charity. They have to be motivated, usually by rule or emotion, to be charitable. They need laws and codes to guide them, or events. They lack the promptings from within.

    Off topic but I actually heard someone say today that Sarah Palin brought the Giffords shooting guff all on herself by rushing out there in front of the cameras to play the victim before anyone even said word one about her culpability. Huh. I remember it differently.

    You can always tell when I’m starting to get fat. I start calling other people bitch tits. I also start eating in secret.


  275. Funny story about my business with the “bigshot” philanthropist and major league SOB.

    Twenty-plus years ago, when I was finishing my MBA at night, there was one course that I had dropped twice not because it was difficult, but because it was B.S. I think the title of class was Organizational Behavior – where psychology and H.R. are applied to business. A complete fluff class.

    However, this particular instructor, who had a mild case of Tourette Syndrome, I really liked. He was a fun guy and good sport. He almost admitted his PHD was B.S. – how can you not admire a man like that?

    Our final thesis was a group project. For three hours, four grown men sat staring at each other about how to present the driest material on earth. Being it was my last class, I frankly didn’t care about the grade, so I said, “This sucks. Let’s do something different.”

    One guy in my group said, “My boss is an asshole. He owns the company. I hate the SOB.” So I suggested we interview him to be a part of the paper. 🙂 I also suggested that I interview him. That’s where I met big shot who shoved temps out like a revolving door, to discuss his “theories” to running a business. The guy was both a pretentious asshole and complete arrogant bore.

    Sorry, I have to set this up for you guys.


    Our presentation was a skit. 😆 I kid you not. No paper or nothing – a damn 5000 level course, and we acted like school children. During the skit, these guys, acting as workers of the company, polished my shoes, lit my cigar, rubbed my shoulders, got me drinks, and bowed when leaving. We crucified this poor bastard who owned the company and he didn’t even know it. The class broke down rolling in the aisles, and even the instructor was laughing out loud. It was hysterical, and I have to admit we had a good time pulling it off. We got an ‘A’. My youngest daughter was born the next morning.

    The GM who hated the owner quit soon thereafter with a better job, and I got wind he mentioned to Joe the Owner about how he had been mocked walking out the door, probably flipping him the finger.


    Several years go by.

    I have to take my youngest daughter to a birthday party. I pull up to this house that honest to gawd was a block long. To get in the driveway, these huge iron gates opened, cameras everywhere. It frankly looked more like a museum than a home with huge copper pieces jutting off the roof appearing like some castle. Someplace a piece of white trash like me has no business being.

    I walk my daughter up to what looked like some Byzantine Greek gates posing as doors, fully expecting Lurch to stand behind and open the door and say, “You rang?”

    The “gates” open and here stands the asshole business owner. His look goes from a smile to a smirk in about a New York second. I said,”Howdy” very sheepishly. Oops…

    I was scared to death they would sacrifice my daughter at the altar of Baal to celebrate the birthday.

    I drove home and told my wife, “Hey, you got see this mansion. You’ll need to pick …. up.” 😦

    Talk about wanting to become invisible.

  276. One of the few perks of my downsized life … I’m sitting by the community pool of my apartment complex. The kid is in heaven. She’s getting a very warped view of what it’s like to be screwed by the economy.

    Tex speaking of AT&T, my phone finally works after a week and a half.

  277. AT&T is a joke. They practically begged me to cancel them. The arrogance of this snotwad was incredible. I did. 🙂 She asked flippantly, “So what services do you want to cancel?” All of them.

    No land line anymore.

    They buy T-Mobile like suggested and I’ll have to find a new service for the cell too.

    The kid is in heaven. She’s getting a very warped view of what it’s like to be screwed by the economy.

    Perhaps we adults could learn a thing or two from your daughter? Perhaps we should all lower our expectations and learn to enjoy the life God gave us and the small joys, instead of pursuing this material crap we all bust our hump to try and attain, and that they will divvy up when were gone?

    My puppy (now 50lbs.) makes me laugh more than any human I know. I had forgotten how much I love dogs.

  278. lol…….Damn….I was just thinking how I wished I went to college to be a business man and then I read comment 463. (Actually economics)

    I had a suspicion all the fun was being had on the business side of campus.

    i had to put up with spiked hair, man hating in the closet dikes for instructors. They constantly reminded us how us white men will never be able to relate to wide assortment of different human beings throughout the world.

  279. Between Gabby Giffords and some like these smart folks, we may turn this state around.

    Who is arguing against kids learning a second language? My wife and oldest daughter can speak near fluent Spanish – real Spanish; not Spanglish.

    The bigger question you leftist pendejos in Arizona ought to be worrying is are the Mexicans learning to speak English? Are immigrants going to follow model of the late 19th century and early 20th century and assimilate into a common language and common bond? Or are we going to balkanize the United States to feel good about our political correctness, costing billions of dollars to adapt? Maybe you think it’s in our best interest to simply switch to Spanglish as the national language. We can all be like Tijuana? 🙄

    That is unless you pendejos think the Tower of Babel is productive? Do you know how much expense is being incurred this minute just to hire translators in hospitals?

    Every once in a while Poolman, you actually make some sense. But it is a rarity.

  280. Congratulations Club Republicans, Rhinos, Pinkies, Big Bankers, Democrats, Public Organizers, Blue Dogs, Slime Balls and Wall-street Liquidity Junkies.

    We have now hit WW2 levels of debt to GDP.

    Except this time there is no suburbs to be built over night, no Marshal Plan, no emerging and optimistic middle class, no strip malls to be built, no amusement parks, no demand for new factories and new American built appliances and no need for marketing Mad Men.

    The day after being called a terrorist for legitimately taking part in the political system by the Vice President of the United States, I listened to Terry Gross passive aggressively snicker about the Tea Party.

    I’m getting “my ass in line” alright.

  281. Tower of Babel was the first attempt at one world government. We have been on a course to re-establish the same ever since. We are much closer now than ever in our digital world. Really this digital internet world works both ways. It enslaves and frees. They are attempting with serious intent to promote the former without the latter working in opposition to their effort. Right now all banking would cease if the internet was down for any time. Can’t have that. Not in a virtual wealth society.

    It has come to my attention over the past few years that Americans for the most part don’t even understand English. That has cost us more grief than any influx of any other language in our culture, IMO.

    I wish I was fluent in Spanish, rather than rusty in German since it doesn’t get used much. Both my girls speak Spanish, which is a real advantage in Arizona, and every other state for that matter. These little kids can pick it up fast and it will make them smarter for it.

  282. D.R.,

    I had my eyes opened tonight from a comment I read. And this is something I should have known after reading Schiff’s book. Have you been hearing:

    “As a share of the economy, federal taxes are the lowest in 60 years.”

    But here is the kicker: federal *spending* is included in GDP (the denominator in the tax/GDP ratio) Under Obama, 40% of federal spending — about $1.5 trillion per year — is financed by deficit borrowing, not taxation.

    So Obama has just upped the denominator with debt. 😡 The bigger the deficit the, the lower the ratio of taxes to GDP, making the innumerate amongst us think taxes are historically low.

    It’s a completely misleading statistic. See how dishonest these mofos running the Debtocratic party are?

  283. Wow. I had to read what you said 3 times in a row. I never thought of that. Obvious when you think about it…GDP would reflect any spending.

    The reason such an obvious truth goes right over everybody’s head is a failure to realize the gravity of our current situation. It still happens to me all the time.

    1.5 trillion dollars a year of a future generation’s wealth, fleeced.

    There is a disconnect with these numbers because they are too big for people to grasp.

    As a nation, we are compartmentalizing a disaster instead of fixing it.

    I heard when Columbus’ or Cortez’ ships first sailed into the New World, the Indians couldn’t see the things. Apparently the ships were so “outside” the Indians’ frame of reference, they didn’t know “how” to even see the ships.

    I always thought that story was total bull shit. Now, I’m starting to wonder.

    The economy is surreal, right now.

    We are watching a terrible, terrible thing unfold right before our eyes.

    Major tax hikes in the future.

    The Liberals have run out excuses for their failures. After raising taxes only makes things worse, its going to get nasty.

    They will try to make this a class warfare thing. And then, during their most dire hour, they will make a last ditch effort to make it racial.

    The dollar will continue to weaken. Unemployment, which is really at 20% right now, will stagnate.

    The middle class are slowly becoming modern day serfs.

    Far too many of these new serfs, even younger ones, are more concerned with keeping entitlements running on fumes. Entitlements have become rights.

    I work with a hundred of them.

    Just like slavery before the Civil War, the government is incapable solving this.

    My son faces an unstable nation we haven’t seen since President James fucking Buchanan.

  284. Why would I disagree with it? I could have written it. I could have written more.

    Like how ridiculous is $2 Trillion for regulatory compliance, a full eighth of the economy, or the idea of ObamaCare? Like why would private companies hire when they are demonized as criminal every day and pay the highest corporate taxes in the industrialized world?

    Like how Washington could define cutting the deficit by adding $7 Trillion to the Debt instead of $10 Trillion?

    Like how Poolman can post this link and then run to Chatty Kitchen or Jumping Jimmie Wright’s pitiful dregs and bad mouth this room for saying the same thing the article did? 😉 So I’ll guess I’ll assume you disagreed with every bit of this article you linked?

    Poolman, I do hope someday you’ll realize these posters you hang with, “pray for”, and buddy up to at Chatty Kitchen, and little Jimmies Lovefest and the vast majority at Fat Grannies, are not only borderline imbeciles but pretentious, helpless sad sacks and losers, barking seals who themselves couldn’t make change from the cab of the ice cream truck. If millions of us just happen to “disappear” in a pico second, it won’t be two days before these pals of yours are found sucking their thumbs in the fetal position and begging for mercy.

    I never voted for Obama, told all of you more than three years ago Obama wasn’t Presidential material and he was an egotistical, racist piece of fluff, and have been proven right about virtually every prediction I made, ‘cept one.

    The economy hasn’t collapsed.


  285. See how dishonest these mofos running the Debtocratic party are?

    I see it as apolitical. Remember, all the money changers only switched chairs, none of them left the building. This dishonest thievery of our kids’ inheritance has been in the works for some time now. Serious measures need to be taken to reel all things “government” in. The link I posted has some really good ideas.

  286. Of course Iran and other enemies will stoke the division in this country, Poolman.

    Putin has been bitching about our spending almost daily. Does that mean I become a Russian Nationalist?

    Your rag is vile.

    Let me try to put it in perspective.

    The one issue I’m probably most passionate about is abortion.

    If “Veteran’s Today” took up that sole cause (Instead of anti-Israel) and then masqueraded as a mainstream magazine speaking in general terms for Veterans, I would have a problem with that.

    At the very worse, your rag is probably funded by people who kill U.S. troops. At the least, it exploits Veterans.

  287. Tex,

    1.) It’s not my rag, and
    2.) abortion is probably not a veteran/military issue.

    AFA where I hang out, I get along with all kinds of people. I hate none. I don’t know many that have the same ideology as I do, however. My wife comes closest, but then we both have influenced each other.

    We (humankind) are all individuals on this planet with unique talents and abilities, some practiced and others latent, none of which get a chance at full freedom and opportunity to “be all that they can be”, despite whatever bs we’ve been told over the years. Everyone does have something to contribute, if they so choose. God makes no mistakes. I don’t have to agree with someone to befriend them.

    We all have the same basic needs and bleed red. What often appears as an advantage of birth or circumstance in this existence is often rather a disadvantage toward gain in the next.

    The first will be last and the greatest will be the least meme.

  288. Sorry,

    The first part of that last post should have been addressed to Rabbit.

    I don’t think you know what VT stands for. It advocates for American Veterans and exposes plenty of things that undermine Veterans benefits and the health of our present armed forces. They do have plenty of contributors, plenty from professional fields and former government and military persons. They all have their own ideology and bias, much like the world we live in. Unless you can back up your statement about contributing to groups killing our guys, I call bullshit. Our government does more to kill our troops than any other documented source.

  289. “Unless you can back up your statement about contributing to groups killing our guys, I call bullshit”.

    I can’t.

    So, you have the right to call bull shit.

    I have to admit, I got a kick out of you calling “bullshit”. The irony was classic.

    I do listen to short wave radio, particularly the propaganda stations. VT reminds me of the Cuban broadcasts in English.

  290. This “super committee” smells like cat piss.

    Yes indeed it does. Only in Washington could inventing some new committee be seen as a solution.

    Our government has become a joke. Today was busy … I will try to blog tomorrow with more thoughts.

  291. Poolman, as much as I love you (in a manly sort of way) I could’ve sworn that your female doppelganger called into my “radio” show Sunday night. She started out complaining about Obama and then launched into her theory of him being a tool for a one-world-government. I damn near called her “poolgirl”. 😉

  292. Yeah Rabbit, same link. It doesn’t really do anything except attempt to discredit the staff at VT. They don’t even get their facts right. At least the people at VT give their real names and a real bio, unlike your foreign legion rag that links to, a real unbiased reporting of government and military affairs, for sure. 🙄

    I’d come closer to believing what those Cubans are telling you on the shortwave. Who has the most clout and determined agenda?

  293. Hell, even the SPLC dislikes VT. Your buddy Alfie linked them. That gives them more credence in my book. When the “establishment” puts them down, I’m gonna want to hear what they have to say. You can listen to the man, or the one pointing the finger at the man. I’ll monitor both, thank you very much.

  294. Rutherford,

    There are plenty honking that horn right now. Get used to it. It won’t end until the next candidate takes center stage. This movement is just starting to gain momentum. It’s going to put the fringe right in the face of mainstream America.

    Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and anarchy. Great American traditions.

  295. Poolman, the American Legion isn’t a rag. Its an organization with thousands of thousands of brick and mortar buildings full of hard working people.

    You don’t see the difference, guy?

    You made my point. For you to compare the two, says it all.

    I can go to my post tomorrow and have a beer with real people. Can you join the “staff” of VT and have a beer?

    Why don’t you join me one day? I’ll sign you in as a guest.

    I bet you wouldn’t have the balls to explain to everyone at my post that the Legion is some government propaganda outfit.

    Or maybe you could join the guys on my post who volunteer in hospitals and compare the VT to the Legion on the ride there?

  296. Rabbit,

    The site you linked with the author “Mothra”, is what I was referring to.

    I’m sure there are plenty of good meaning/hardworking folks at the American Legion, just as there are plenty of good meaning/hardworking folks in our government. Plenty of brick and mortar there, too. Your tax money at work!

    I’d probably enjoy sitting down and drinking a beer with many of them. Do they have Dos Equis longnecks? Unfortunately the good meaning/hardworking ones don’t generally call the shots. They are usually good to follow orders and perform their designated job.

    You find everything perfect with the American Legion? Is this an arm of the beast we can hold up to the light and not find any cancerous cells? I personally have no knowledge of their record.

  297. Veterans Today got Poolman’s article right. For once, it listed nothing but fact – not weird and wild Dominionist, world government speculation and rabid Jew hating. Of course, I’ll bet money the VT were rooting for Obama in 2008 and fawning over his puff speeches if we went back and looked at their history.

    Everything else I’ve read from that hole has been nothing but conspiracy nuts and Nazi Germany like propaganda.

    And Poolman, there is a huge difference between “getting along” and playing both sides of the fence. You are Fat Grannies and Chatty Kitchen, just like that poseur MeriBeth and her sock puppet are too. In many ways, I would simply prefer the honest lib lunacy and to be yourself, rather than you two posturing yourselves of some insightful arbiter of real truth. I actually would befriend a lib long before I would befriend a phony.

    And while everybody has something to offer, don’t mistake the something offered as something good.

  298. “Off topic but I actually heard someone say today that Sarah Palin brought the Giffords shooting guff all on herself by rushing out there in front of the cameras to play the victim before anyone even said word one about her culpability.”

    Hahahahahahaha!!! Yeah. Is that what MSNBC says now? The halcyonic Krugman published a statement laying blame literally within moments (2 hours). MSNBC took 2 hours and 5 minutes because they couldn’t find the script they had prepared in 2008 laying blame for all tragedies on their political opponents.

    Rutherford had tweets casting blame before the bullet exited Giffords’ skull. (Rutherford, you’re a good man, but that was an all-time low).

    Coulter has good one today on the Jones’ false rape accusations. The best lines:

    “If only Jones had accused Bill Clinton or any member of the Kennedy family of rape, the mainstream media might have treated her allegations with a little more skepticism. But she accused employees of a company with a tertiary, long-ago, six-degrees-of-separation relationship with Dick Cheney. This was no time for journalistic integrity.”

  299. The Tea Party can’t be terrorists…if they were, they’d be hanging around with Obama. ~ Sarah Palin


    That one is sure to raise the hackles on the stiff necked libs.

  300. Here’s another beauty from the reincarnation of Abe Lincoln

    “It’s been a long, tough journey. But we have made some incredible strides together. Yes, we have. But the thing that we all ought to remember is that as much as good as we have done, precisely because the challenges were so daunting, precisely because we we were inheriting so many challenges, that we’re not even halfway there yet. When I said ‘change we can believe in’ I didn’t say ‘change we can believe in tomorrow.’ Not change we can believe in next week. We knew this was going to take time because we’ve got this big, messy, tough democracy,” President Honest Obe said at a campaign fundraiser in Chicago on Wednesday night.

    WTF? 😯

    Pretty scary thought if he’s not halfway done yet. The first 40% has practically reduced us to rubble.

  301. What passes in Lib circles anymore as intellect is stunning. Mind numbing. I again go back to how do you hold rational discussions and arrive at a shared decisions and conclusions with people that aren’t lucid? And this is their “expert witness”.

    The often quoted “Nobel Prize Winning Economist” Paul Krugman.

    “Ignoring the foreign component, or looking at the world as a whole, the overall level of debt makes no difference to aggregate net worth — one person’s liability is another person’s asset.” – Paul Krugman

    Doesn’t that sound great? High school accounting – get out your t-squares and balance the sides.

    Tell that to the mortgage banks that find themselves holding trillions of dollars in bad debt and hundreds of thousands of homes where the bugs are now the homeowners.

    Then tell it to it to our children who are the ones left holding the bill.

  302. AFA where I hang out, I get along with all kinds of people. I hate none. I don’t know many that have the same ideology as I do, however.

    I just wanted to say I am pretty new to this site as far as commenting – a month or so – I believe. I am still learning the etiquette. I haven’t commented at other sites in the past or even now. Most others are so full of vile and inane BS, that I do not even enjoy reading the commentary. My time is more valuable, I feel. I have really enjoyed the level of intelligence and concern from all the posters here, except of course for the occasional troll. I think you guys are great. The links have been wonderful and thought provoking. I think Helen and Margaret are smart and on target with the important topics of today. This is my first stop of the day (after the bathroom) and my last stop at night. And admittedly, many more stops during the day when I actually should be doing other stuff. I guess what I am saying is that I am addicted to you guys now. I have you on my brain all day. So good or bad, for better or for worse, you’re stuck with me for now.

    By: Poolman on June 4, 2009
    at 8:15 PM


    Only in Washington could inventing some new committee be seen as a solution.

    My first thought when I heard about the “Super Committee” –

    Greg: What do you intend to do sir? Delta’s already on probation.
    Dean Wormer: They are?
    Greg: Yes, sir.
    Dean Wormer: Oh. Then as of this moment, they’re on DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION!

  303. This is my first stop of the day (after the bathroom) and my last stop at night.

    😆 😆 😆

    The wet dream of Fat Grannies! Is it the revealing blog pictures Poolman in their mobile chairs, or just the feminine charm of the sensual conversation?

    I’ll bet if you asked, they might let you get a gander of a little squirrel. 😯


    What a life!

  304. 😈 DOW down 513. 😈

    Help me Rutherford. Is that the hope? Or the change?

    Any of you other lefty shills ready to throw in the towel on this fraud for President? Or you going to ride him to the very bottom? 😐

  305. Awwwwwww. I got a stalker. How sweet and flattering. Yes, I was excited and compassionate in my very first cyber community. If Helen keeps up the frequent posting, they may all show back up and it could get back to the way it was again. Actually, as far as blogs go, I clock more time here than anywhere else. Sometimes I check in first thing in the morning and last thing before bed. Nothing like family. 😆

  306. Help me Rutherford. Is that the hope? Or the change?

    😆 😆 😆 Oh God … please stop you’re making my sides hurt with laughter.

    Tex … the Dow drop is Obama’s fault? You’re kidding right? Your yahoo Tea Party called the shots on the “solution”, no one got what they really wanted but certainly the GOPhers came out ahead, and the Dow drops like a nuclear bomb … and it’s Obama’s fault. You really are too much.

    You wanna know the sad truth my friend … the Dow means abso-f*cking-lutely NOTHING!!!! It’s a bunch of well dressed gamblers who pull the trigger for God knows what reason. It does make a convenient piece of “evidence” to prove the point of whomever wants to manipulate the message.

    The Dow means nothing. If we’d gone into default, the Dow would probably have dropped 700 or maybe it would have gone up 1000? It’s a total crap-shoot. And you know it.

  307. We have gone from spending $787,000,000,000 on “shovel-ready job creation” to “shovel-ready wasn’t as shovel ready as we thought” and “the White House doesn’t create jobs.”

  308. Happy 50th Birthday Asshole! 😈

    Actually, this drop was forecast as late as this last Monday.


    Rutherford, Rutherford, Rutherford. The DOW drop today is due to three components: (1) Europe’s debt trouble with Spain & Italy of which our Incompetent-in-Chief has America following suit Cloward Piven style; (2) The fact that once again, the Debtocratic party has kicked the can down the road in not dealing with Asshole’s massive $1.65 trillion debt annual debt; (3) The assumption that tomorrow’s jobs numbers report is going to suck donkey dick – flaccid and small Dimocratic Donkey Dick.

    This drop was perfectly rational and expected.

    The fact that you continue to deny Obama’s massive failures with your previous deflection, projection, and now silence – the failure in every important capacity, deigns that you are not being an honest man, suffering from an acute case of cognitive dissonance, much as you want us to believe you are pragmatic and objective.

  309. Wow Huck, good find. I had not read that. Unbelievable! 😆

    “The White House doesn’t create jobs,” Carney said, adding “the government, together — White House, Congress — creates policies that allow for greater job creation.”

    How bad must is suck to have preached for three, long years to enlarge government like we never spent, under the assumptions of Keynesian economics, the promise being government can create jobs, and will create jobs.

    And it’s policies have create massive regulations, not even including Obamacare.

    And then on a whim throw up your arms and say that?

    That’s as much a cry as “we give up” as saying as much. Uncle, Uncle! 😆 This clown and his cabinet members are a global disgrace. Notice all but Geithner have bailed and are silent? Obama’s former economic advisers have been slinking off very quietly. All of them.

  310. Huck, that is a good find. R will have trouble with that as the morons at MSNBC like his buddy Crazy Larry say that today’s decline is proof that we needed “more” stimulus by way of borrowing. How do you reconcile that?

    No plan. No budget. 100% GDP sacrificed to debt. Must be the Tea Party. 🙄

    What didn’t you get from the deal that you can’t get now as a result, R?

  311. Don’t take it personally Tigre. I didn’t see your question yet. Tex’s “Obama Dow drop” comment jumped out at me. I’ll find your question later and answer it typing in the dark. 🙂

  312. Move to right – move to the light. 😉

    Anybody see Ozzie Guillen, manager of the Chicago White Sox, rip useful idiot Sean Penn a new one about Venezuela? Said Penn was a loser, he should move, and then he wouldbe shot. 😆

    Great TV.

    Here’s hoping Sean jumps ship.

  313. I was thinking tonight about the strange parallels of Nero and Obama.

    Nero fiddled as Rome burned. Obama had a barbeque and campaign fundraiser as America burned.

    I’m telling you, if the stick man gets a head wound and miraculously survives, we need to start checking behind those jug ears for the numeral 666. 🙂

    Damien Obama. Figure his head spins around 360 at night when he lays in bed with onion booty?

  314. I hit 3 dongs in softball, two of them walk offs to win both games of the double header.

    Chewing my gum real cocky right now, boys.

    And they didn’t have anything on the home run I hit earlier today. You can’t imagine the excitement of watching the market tank like that while shorting the bitch.

    I bought some calls on the S&P, guessing there might be a decent bump, after today’s slaughter. With employment numbers coming out, I could be a cooked goose.

    Plus, I’m hamstrung with these calls, I can’t sell them until my account is settled. And, I bought them when the Dow was down 350….not 500!!!!

    Outside of that, I’m clueless.

    I have such an urge to buy a massive flat screen TV.

    I don’t know how to bet when the dollar strengthens.

    I’m going to stick to my guns, I’m off to the coin store, tom morning.

    I have a bad feeling about gold and silver right now, though. I was hoping/predicting more of a correction in PM’s.

    This European mess is just like 2008. Nobody knows where all the toxic paper is. Who’s got insurance on what? Except, they don’t have the mechanism for a TARP.

    Bad, bad times upon us. And it’s only starting.

    Thankfully, I have played it all……perfect.

  315. R, what did the terrorists get? Someone needs to tell me. Really.

    Tigre, since the Tea Party wanted no increase in the debt ceiling AND major spending cuts, they didn’t get much — that is assuming we’re calling the Tea Party the terrorists.

    On the other hand, the “solution” had no revenue increases either so that “demand” was met.

    I’m not one to call Tea Party led GOPhers terrorists. Yes they did basically say “we’re willing to shoot the baby in the head if you don’t humor us” but I guess one could say that just shows they had some balls, sorely lacking among Democrats.

    I don’t find anyone praiseworthy in this fiasco as my next post will demonstrate.


  316. Poolman I thought that video really rocked. I think when Rabbit sheds a bit of the cynicism and self-effacing humor he comes real close to that dude. Rabbit knows he makes a difference. His work is some of the noblest on this board. Hell, in 28 years of adult work, I haven’t moved society one iota forward. All I can claim is to never have been a drain on it. 😐

  317. Man….I’m on the edge of my chair waiting for London in the middle of the summer and you guys have to remind me about my real job.

    Can someone say Buzz Kill!

  318. “Yes they did basically say “we’re willing to shoot the baby in the head if you don’t humor us” but I guess one could say that just shows they had some balls, sorely lacking among Democrats.”

    Of course, out-of-control spending combined with no actual spending plans for more than 2 years didn’t have anything to do with putting that gun to the baby’s head in the first place, did it?

    Rutherford, what you don’t get is that Democrats don’t have any balls left because you already used them all. Stimulus? ObamaCare? Do they ring any bells?

    You folks have used up all of your political capital already. You’ve blown your wad. So don’t fret about your recent and coming ass-kickings. Instead, look back on the glory days when progressives had the sack to force-feed the country legislation rather than having to bother with pesky negotiations.

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