Act Like a Dick, Get Called a Dick

Another short post from a hotel in an undisclosed location:

Mark Halperin got suspended from MSNBC yesterday for saying the President acted like a “dick” during his recent news conference. I’ve got to tell you when I saw Obama compare congress critters unfavorably to his ten and twelve year old daughters I thought to myself  “wow, that was pretty nasty and unproductive.” That’s long-hand for “acted like a dick.”

Halperin actually gave early warning he was going to use “salty speech” and Joe Scarborough egged him on expecting the seven second delay to give the producer time to bleep any offensive language. The producer pressed the wrong button and “dick” flew over the airways. So was Halperin sanctioned for using the term or because the term made it on air? If everyone had heard “bleep” instead of dick, would there have been a ruckus?

Bottom line, Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary took a page out of the Nixon enemies list handbook and called MSNBC to complain. I say to Jay Carney and President Obama, grow a pair. Far worse things have been said about Obama than his acting like a dick when he did indeed act like a dick.

Oh yeah … Jay Carney … I just said it. President Barack Obama did indeed act like a dick. Now call up WordPress and take my blog down. Or maybe spend time on better things like helping the President communicate a plan that avoids economic Armageddon on August 2, 2011.

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45 thoughts on “Act Like a Dick, Get Called a Dick

  1. This is glaring proof that the MSM actually knows what Obama is…and jokes about it privately amongst themselves…as they continue to tell us what a great leader he is.

    They don’t even buy their own bullshit, but still expect us to!

  2. There won’t be economic armageddon on August 2.

    There might need to be cuts made to entitlements, and in true donk fashion, there will be attempts to cut necessities instead, which is a by-product of having corrupt and unserious people in the Senate and White House, but it doesn’t change the fact that they can choose to act like adults now, or the decision will be made for all of us later, and when that happens, not even the lapdogs at PMSLSD will be able to spin that dark day into “Bush’s fault.”

  3. I hate to go off topic on my own damn blog but I just had to share two “move” related anecdotes.

    First, can you believe, care of the patriot act, I had to swear to my attorney yesterday at the closing that I was not a terrorist? I sh*t you not. I joked, “hey I don’t mind as long as they’re asking the buyer the same question. I don’t like being profiled.” The attorney didn’t share my sense of humor. BTW, who gives a flying f*ck if a terrorist SELLS his house? You don’t want him buying one!!! Then again, my wife said it had something to do with laundering money.

    Second, because I actually live in this hotel, I’m here when the maid comes to tidy the room. Now I can’t get DSK off my mind and I live in dire fear of the maid accusing me of trying to grope her!!! 😯

  4. “I’ve never seen anyone this new to the market (I assume Rabbit is pretty new to the market) be this cocky.”

    Ha ha. Quit playa hatin’.

    I’m tongue and cheek about some of this stuff and just having fun.

    But, your prediction of economic disaster is impossible.

    In fact, your prediction should have been made some time in January. Let me rehash my boring story, skip it if you want to.

    I was at my wits end. 50 percent reduction in house hold income, prices going up and my home was worth 60% less then when i bought 60 months ago.

    The previous summer, it looked like both the wife and I were going to lose our jobs for good. I’m looking at the baby and I realized I can’t send my mortgage payments anymore more unless they modify something. The risk of loosing the house AND making pointless payments on an insanely underwater house were too great. Then what? No money and no place to live with a wife and kid to support.

    I was approved for a modification. Sent in all the correct documents 4 times. They were all “lost”. I might have been a dead beat, but I was also being blatantly scammed.

    When it became apparent we would miraculously keep our jobs, I begged them to just put the missed payments on the tail end of the mortgage with interest. I was willing and (barely) able to keep paying on a house in which the value was sabotaged for 30 years.

    By January, the only hope was renting a house or apartment as it became apparent Bank of America and Fanny Mae were not being honest. With my credit, even that would be rough.

    In March they told me the underwriters were going to approve my mod. They never did anything with it. Never denied me.

    However, it was back in January I jumped into the silver market. First it was coins, then ETF’s then options on ETFs.

    Do you know the stress of pining your future on options? You can’t imagine what it was like. I’m sure it took a year off my life.

    My wife was kind of clueless as I was up at 3 am looking at the spot silver chart with sweat dripping down my forehead.

    Buy Silver!!!!!!!Buy! Buy! Buy!

    I nailed it. And just before the collapse of silver, I pulled out with enough money for a down payment on a house via land contract. The timing was pure luck. I would have chased silver right off the cliff if I had my way.

    Bank of America was so swamped and unorganized, it was impossible to make a deal with them with cash. They literally couldn’t really even take phone calls. I’m telling you, that bank is toast.

    Since then, I’ve been playing in the market with limited funds and have been averaging 500 hundred bucks a week profit. All from MY new house. I sound like one of those infomercial midgets on TV at 2 am. But it’s true.

    This week I made a grand after starting off in the hole. A thousand bucks is a TON of money for me.

    Of course I’m gonna get burned.

    But don’t kid yourself. You think I’m playing with fire? Your fellow Ivy League alumni, both in the banking sector and government, colluded to orchestrate the most disastrous economic scam in world history. 90% of these guys were so so stupid they had no clue what they were doing. The other 10% s committed treason.

    But heaven forbid some stink beetle like the Rabbit talks shit and plays the game.

    Rutherford don’t like when a nigga don’t know his role.

  5. I sold my Cisco option.

    My play for next week or so.

    SPY Aug 20 ’11
    $100 Put

    A lotto ticket…nothing more.

    SPY Jul 16 ’11
    $130 Put

    My real action.

    Hey Rutherford, I didn’t need to go to Harvard to understand the following acronym: B.T.F.D.

    Buy The Fucking Dip!!!!!!!

  6. I say if he acts like a dick, call him on it. His wife would. Of course, if you work for the media, your words are not your own. Follow your corporate’s instructions. They own your ass. How many have lost their jobs for failing to remember that.

    People in this country are more concerned with what gets said than with what is actually happening. Talk, it seems, gets cheaper and less profound by the decade. “It depends on what the word “is” is.” 🙄

    The more talk, the less truth; the wise measure their words. 😎

    Let your yes be yes and your no be no. (James 5:12)

  7. So we make our stand and pray
    On this Declaration Day
    For independence I will fight
    With liberty I will defy
    So we make our stand and pray
    On this Declaration Day
    Give me liberty or give me death
    I’ll fight ’till my last breath

    (Full lyrics here)

    Have a great weekend, everybody.

  8. Huck, once I got past the humor of seeing revolutionary war images juxtaposed with rock and roll I was damn impressed. Great song, great sentiment.

    Happy 4th to you too!

  9. Thanks for the Bob Dylan Poolman. I guess I’ll take my turn by reposting one of my fav’s.

    Last night
    I saw the fire spreadin’ to
    The palace door
    Silent majority
    Weren’t keepin’ quiet

  10. “Talk, it seems, gets cheaper and less profound by the decade. “It depends on what the word “is” is.”

    Let’s see if Strauss-Kahn’s accuser gets the same treatment for lying to investigators/perjury that Clinton got.

    Oh, I know there’s significant distinctions between false accusation and cover up and “nuanced” interpretation. However, I am always amazed at the libs in one breath are willing to forever compromise. . . no, completely denegrate. . . standards of conduct through inconsistent application always to protect their own (ala DOJ/Eric Holder/Weinergate etc., etc. etc., etc.), yet in the other breath scream of consistent application.

  11. Tigre, while he was not booted from office, and he has regained much of his original glory, Clinton paid a price for perjury. Of course, the maid should also.

  12. WE paid the price for Clinton’s conduct.

    His price should’ve been removal from office and incarceration.

    Instead, the dems ran to his defense.

    You make the point.

  13. Rutherford –

    If you have just a few bucks to spare, take about 5 or 6 hours of primary flight instruction. It will completely transform your comfort level in big planes and will give you a new respect for how highly trained these guys are. People have NO idea how well-trained these guys and gals are and how much recurrent training they do on a continuous basis.

    LOL – he may do a little blogging when the plane is straight and level, but Fifi has everything under control, and of course the copilot is there too.

  14. Happy 4th everybody!

    Rutherford, this is probably not the best conditions the Lawson’s 4th of July, being transient in a Hotel and all. But, before you know it, you will be in a pad of your own again.

    Plus, you’re moving to the Midwest.


    We don’t judge, man. Drink beers, eat Kielbasa and root for the home team, baby.

    Our beeches are full of the ugliest looking hogs you’ve ever seen. Even your bizarre looking ass will have sex appeal here.

    Too bad you didn’t pick Michigan. I’d move all your yuppy shit for you.

  15. BiW, that was a heavy duty post at your site. Without knowing any of the details or folks involved, it still has had me thinking introspectively for hours.

  16. Tigre…

    It really has sapped my enthusiasm for longer posts.

    I find that I’ve been spending more time dropping bon mots in some of the Facebook groups I’m part of than composing longer pieces.

    I’d like to reverse it again, and I will, but for now, its been kind of frustrating.

  17. While I haven’t seen the video, I’m inclined to give President Obama forgiveness for it.

    First, no teleprompter, and the man has always been lost without one.

    Second, regarding the ‘plan’ to avoid the coming disaster, his attitude reflects the success he’s having with it.

    He’s already GOT a plan. He’s been executing the plan. It’s not working and I truly believe he doesn’t know why. That can make one … irritable.

    President Obama has been – within the confines of the possible political discourse with the people of the US – honest about his views, his beliefs, and his plans. He’s a sincere man of integrity. He’s also profoundly wrong.

    He’s been doing everything correctly, as he understands how the world works, and all his plans are failing. So, here he is, President of the United States, finding out everything he knows is wrong?

    Nah. That can’t be it. He’s made some error of execution, or communicated the plan poorly, or he has been unlucky, or he was given bad information, or his support staff has screwed up, or the opposition has sabotaged him, or his friends are turning on him ( the traitors ), or …

    I just hope he can get out of office without killing himself.

  18. Rigorist, a hearty welcome back to the blog after a long absence. For anyone not familiar with the Rigorist, just read my about page. You can also read his posts by clicking on The Rigorist in my categories sidebar section.

    Your comment shows at least a minimum of respect for Obama which is hard to find elsewhere among the conservative commenters on this blog.

    The one area where most of our commenters and I agree is Obama has way too much ego to ever kill himself. 🙂

  19. “He’s made some error of execution, or communicated the plan poorly, or he has been unlucky, or he was given bad information, or his support staff has screwed up, or the opposition has sabotaged him, or his friends are turning on him ( the traitors ), or …”

    You forgot “inherited.”

    Maybe you should watch the video before you make excuses for his actions in the video. Because the dick’s plan that you think he has seems to be a whole lot about private jets and class warfare and not a whole lot about economic realities. Why do you think he is shedding economists?

  20. The banks and the mortgage industry are still operating completely outside any semblance of law.

    For you guys here that still pretend we live in a society that is even remotely tied to classic Capitalism, contracts and good faith promises (just don’t look at the actions of the companies you own in your own investment portfolio or the last 4 years of American history), a deficiency judgment is more then fair and square.

    I signed a contract promising to pay my loan off. To you purists, it shouldn’t matter if the deficiency is TWICE that of what my house went for at Sheriff’s sale.

    You know what? I’m with you. Now tell me who to pay. It’s a simple question, who do I pay???

    Sure, Fanny Mae is claiming they own the promissory note. Well, let me take that back. They are simply claiming I owe them the deficiency. I’m supposed to just TRUST them.

    Their proof? An email. LOL.

    Yet, the MERS system claims that Chase fucking bank holds my promissory note. Chase Bank??? I had no idea.

    Here is the reality: 3 entities have now claimed they own my promissory note, NOBODY will produce it. Fanny, Fanny collection thugs and Chase. Oh…in some cases MERS themselves can come after you!!!!!

    Ok, i know what some of you are thinking (if you are even reading this).

    The Dead Rabbit has been swept away by the now viral “Show Me the Note” fad.

    I’m not making the claim I should be able to just live in my house for free because my mortgage was robo-signed and my promissory note lost in a cluster fuck of securitization.

    I left the house despite having a legal right to live there for many more months.

    In my opinion, if you aint paying the bill, you have no more of a right to the house then anyone else.

    But, should I pay Fanny only to have Chase Bank come after me for the SAME debt? It’s a simple question.

    Now, what makes this even more tricky, for reasons I’d rather not get into, it is in my interests to pay this thing off as soon as possible. After negotiations, I am also financially able to pay it off.


  21. Awesome post, rabbit. I’ve been down that hole, too. Happy “Independence” Day, all. God Bless the world, I pray.

  22. I tell you one thing poolman, everyday I find myself more distant to what is supposed to be my own government.

    I’m not naivee enough to believe harmony is possible as I suppose we all grumble about our elected overlords at one time or the other.

    But, damn, I find myself smirking more and more about anonymous actions that are really nothing more then anarchist high jinks.

    Plain and simple, I no longer believe the government represents the people.

    The government has trampled the Constitution and implemented a hurtful economic campaign against my family.

    My disconnect with government widens every week, every day. .

    This current government treads on me.

    It’s July 4th and my heart has never been with my forefathers more.

    Poolman, make no mistake, i can apply Occam’s Razor to my gripes. They involve simple math, well known but insane legislation and a basic understanding of the Federal Reserve.

    It’s not even a conspiracy, because, the complexities of our monetary system, none of my facts and claims are in dispute.

    Poolman, you do great harm to this country peddling your fictitious and laughable conspiracies.

    Your inquisitive mind has, indeed, correctly led you to agree with many of my accusations. Yet, your creative mind doesn’t know when to stop playing make believe.

    Last night I was at a party full of multi-millionaire hedge fund guys (I won’t name the company). My buddy, the son of a mechanic, became one those guys.

    So, fuck it, I feel at home at his parties. We were even roommates for two years.

    After a few beers, I asked my buddy and two of these guys, “What the fuck? I know you guys were long on mortgages, were you guys that fucking stupid or just really calculating . So much so, that you knew the government would steal from it’s own people to bail out your recklessness.”

    I know it sounds strange but in the context everybody was cracking up. These Manhattan fucks aren’t used to being called out face to face and they thought it was funny. Plus, I think I had a hundred pounds on each one of them (including my buddy).

    The answer?

    They were that fucking stupid.

    I believe them too.

    Even the government never intended this shit to happen.

    The treason is found post financial melt down.

    And it’s no secret.

    There was no conspiracy in all of this.

    Poolman, ultimately, you give Man way too much credit.

    MANipulated my ass. Dumnipulated maybe.

    Millions of stupid people played a role in the melt down. Including myself.

    The problem is, for the first time in American history, rather then sacrifice, this generation of leaders decided to forgo the Republic and save their own asses.

    It aint in the X Files.

    It aint Israel.

    It’s right in front of our faces, and not one person can dispute it, not Dems nor Republicans.

    So, put your 24 sided Dungeon and Dragons dice away, and start getting real. For starters, quit voting people into power who want to strengthen this treading government.

    And quit giving these idiots so much fucking credit! (Insert double entendre)

  23. But, of course the bad guys are so smart, so fox like and cunning, the American Legion is probably a proxy of Israel.

    Damn you hold mankind on a pedestal.

  24. I know one of my main concerns when I got out of the service was the injustice of Nuremberg!

    I mean, the GI Bill and finding a job didn’t even come close.

    Man would I have been grateful for “Veteran’s Today” if they existed back then.

    I would have had a constant dog in the fight on the Nuremberg trials.

    I don’t know a veteran out there who isn’t pissed over Hermann Göring’s guilty verdict.

    Thank you Poolman for putting me in touch with an organization so in tune my needs.

  25. Another good post:

    These folks don’t hide their identities, like some authors.
    Like… say… “MOTHAX” ?
    Is that from the Greek or Warcraft?
    24-sided dice, indeed!
    Momma always wanted a little larvae…

    I did read that article from your link, and it is a bit misleading in relation to the article (linked therein) it is being critical of. Some of the comments there and at the other “working” links were very good, however. This author, “MOTHAX”, proceeds to pat itself on the back for what seems to be an unending flow of over-achievements purportedly fought at harrowing lengths to ensure “no stone goes unturned” in the plight of continuing the RESEARCH into who and how many are eligible to receive compensation. And in the process of justifying its own existence and actions, it bad-mouths a serving marine and his message, veering off in a tirade against all critics of this sanctimonious organization. But they did resolve to promote legislation to further their RESEARCH. 🙄 Paper pushers sometimes get paper cuts. Oh. My. It’s really more about constantly passing the buck… How. Long. Can. I. Delay. The. Inevitable. It is a real art in those circles… but I digress.

    I don’t always agree with the position, opinion, or conclusions of all authors I read from any source, rabbit. Most at VT are known and experienced in fields they write about. These people have mostly been banned from the MSM because of their message. VT has been a proven advocate for veterans’ causes and justice. That their reporting is often not politically correct or shines a bad light on what actually is the real skinny regarding some military and veteran’s affairs, doesn’t make them a popular “go to” site for the brass and those shining it. Your Popular Mechanics types don’t really want facts, just a positive spin.

    I often judge every media platform anyone “speaks” from. We all want to keep our best foot forward. We all have an impression we want to leave. These media platforms were all initiated for a specific purpose. Some still have integrity, while others are only interested in control and MANipulation. And yes, I think men smarter than your “hedge fund” buddies knew where all this was going. They aren’t missing any meals. There is nothing new under the sun. It’s just “new” to this generation.

  26. Dead Rabbit,

    A Note, Promissory, Federal Reserve, or otherwise, is a physical object. Electronic facsimiles may be rendered, but the note itself, that sheaf of paper, must exist somewhere, with the signed contracts attached, transferring it from one holder to another.

    Demand a notarized copy. Assure them you will be contacting the notary. Make them sign for it.

    Get a notarized copy of your demand, too.

    There is a reason for all this paper work to be on paper: it’s physical evidence. This is why there are vaults and safety deposit boxes. The internet hasn’t changed this, and can replace it.

    Best of Luck,

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