NPR Cuts — Pure Ideology

I don’t often steal blog content wholesale from another, but my radio co-host Sandi Behrns posted a video on her blog that just can’t be beat. The House Republicans rode into power in November on the promise of getting serious about job creation and deficit reduction. So far, we’ve seen nothing from them on job creation. When we look at their attempt to take a chunk out of the deficit, we notice that they avoid the big three sources: social security, medicare and military spending. They choose instead to go after nickel and dime stuff that says more about their ideological priorities than it does their fiscal responsibility.

A great example is NPR, the only source of non-corporate radio news in some rural communities. Cutting federal funding to NPR is like pulling a hair out of a dog and saying you gave it a haircut. The cut has zero fiscal impact. But ideologically, the cut speaks volumes. Notice, no one is talking about stopping funding for “Voice of America” and other radio operations geared to our troops, the troops that are part of the military budget we won’t touch.  The video tells the tale quite nicely.

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  1. Of course, had democrats done what the constitution mandates, and passed a budget for this year, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.

    Instead, you folks chose to leave it up to incoming Republicans.

    And now you all want to cry about the way someone else is doing your job. (which we all know was the plan for not passing a budget all along)

  2. Also…the federal debt would not be as high as it is if not for the spending done by democrats in the last 2 years.

    So between the debt you guys skyrocketed and your budget that you never passed, democrats don’t have a whole lot of room to snivel about what is being done about either.

    To borrow a phrase you folks used to like so well….”You drove the car into the ditch. We are the ones digging it out.”

  3. It’s worse than that Huck. This blog owner is a confused man, led by the nose by his even more confused co-host, the former being only confused and easily led; the latter being simply stupid – real stupid.

    I see we’ve reverted back to the good old days of lies, distortions and rank propaganda – like when Bush was President. 🙂 Obama, unable to perform with even minimum expectations like say break even, with a super majority in both houses leading to numerous failed policies and decision blunders progressive in nature, is obviously in the last gasps of a dying regime. So in desperation, we’re back to blaming Republicans here on the blog. The bitterness of a historical ass kicking is beginning to sink in, over four months after the fact.

    Rutherford still hasn’t grasp that “job creation” the Republicans spoke of during the campaign doesn’t come from the public sector. In order for Rutherford’s suppositions to hold, he has to make two assumptions: (1) The American economy is a zero sum game, static in nature, and without creation of real worth; (2) Our illustrious government is able to use the static resources more efficiently than our private sector. I’ll leave it to the readers here to determine if they think this rule has held the last two years under Obama (cough cough). Here’s a hint at my opinion. $862 billion dollars of stimulus “investment” that led to no lasting job creation, and the temporary jobs created by the “investment” cost $228,000 per job. Marvelous.


    So Rutherford, let’s review:

    Our Government creates public sector jobs through the taxes of the private sector. Therefore, the only way for government to assist in the creation of jobs in the private sector too offset this burden is through either allowing consumers to keep more of their own monies to purchase additional private sector products (which you apparently are and seem hell bent against), or government can implement incentives of less regulation and taxes to stimulate capital investment lowering the production costs, price, possibly increasing demand.

    In theory, the creation of new wealth should increase stockholder’s invested value, leading to greater demand – with demand leading to more production, leading to more jobs. Got it?

    I must assume you have determined yet having the second highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world doesn’t seem to be working, and the serfs have revolted against your precious Obama and ridiculously public sector unions.

    I know this is beyond Sandi, but I guess I assumed wrongly you had conceptualized these very simple facts about the creation of wealth.

  4. 😳 Reminder: close your “strike”. 😈

    If you could be so kind Herr Rutherford, would you correct that for me.

    Editor’s note: Done

  5. Let’s talk about some facts that have been laid bare Rutherford:

    First, with the firing of Vivian Schiller (which you originally wrote about) and her two toadies, one a few months back, one last week, it has now been confirmed that NPR is indeed a leftist shill organization, of which anybody honest already knew. We xenophobic clingers are still holding on to our guns and religion.

    Second, NPR has made it abundantly clear they can do without Federal subsidy – their words, not mine.

    Third, NPR believes Conservatives are the uneducated masses of stupidity, and structures their programming accordingly to fit the demand of liberal politic with outrageously biased opinion. We get it; we just don’t want to pay for it.

    Fourth, it was never NPR’s mission to provide information to just rural communities, and even if you could prove that, with the advent of new technology it is unnecessary. NPR was intended to provide public education to all Americans with a direct emphasis on culture, to extend the discussion of public events blah blah blah. NPR has been unnecessary as a public conduit for information since at least 1975.

    If you like, great. I let you and Graychin pay for it. Send them your donations and your thanks.

    By the way, I proved at least two months ago, NPR receives 45-55% of its funding from federal, state, and local funding.

    I love it that Libs think half a billion just a fraction of anything…and that is what NPR’s parent company receives. Sesame Street can survive on its own.

  6. As usual, you’ve got your roles reversed.

    I think a better question to be asking “R” is do you have a good defense to continue funding an organization that has said it is unnecessary? I just nixed the reasons in the stupid commercial If so, why don’t we cut out the paper clips while we’re working on entitlements? Every dollar is another dollar your daughter may not owe one day.

    Remember, it isn’t the taxpayer’s responsibility to justify cutting departments. It’s the organization’s responsibility to convince the taxpayer why they are an integral part of every citizens best interests.

    And so far, all you have done is mouth platitudes and blasted rank propaganda from the leftist bent.

  7. “With a teaspoon instead of a shovel.”

    Rutherford, why on earth would we need a shovel to dig us out?

    Are you really prepared to have this discussion, because I can guarantee you most of us here welcome it.

  8. Let’s compare numbers…

    “WASHINGTON — As they opened negotiations with Republicans over budget cuts, the White House and Congressional Democrats on Thursday offered to trim an additional $6.5 billion from current spending, a figure far short of the Republican goal of cutting agency budgets by $61 billion.
    Our intention is to continue to go forward reducing spending at the rate of $2 billion a week until we can see some signal from the Senate that they are serious about cutting spending,” Mr. Cantor said.”

    Democrats have offered to cut for the year what the GOP is spooning out in 3 weeks time.

  9. Don’t get me wrong. I am kinda with those republicans who are saying this isn’t enough.

    But I don’t see where any democrat has room to snivel about it. They are why the hole is so big and they are why we are having to deal with the budget.

  10. We are dealing with the passing a budget now. Social security, medicare and military spending cuts are for another session.

  11. I think I’m with you Huck. I know this for sure. I couldn’t be further from Rutherford’s position of spend, spend, spend and worry about the consequences later. We ought to take $862 billion out of Obama’s ass for fraud. And I’m irritated that Republicans aren’t doing a tenth of of what needs to be done.

    I want a trillion cut from the budget for starters – not $61 billion. And that will obviously require major cuts in entitlements and defense spending both.

    That doesn’t excuse not axing the little things too. It all adds up. And NPR is low hanging fruit to be cut. I wouldn’t mind seeing this Vivian Schiller tried and convicted for fraud too in impersonating an executive. She’s a sniveling, pompous NYT hack. As it is, we will just have to brand Vivian with the Scarlett “A”, as in ASSHOLE.

    I’m not asking Republicans to cut NPR. I’m demanding Republicans cut NPR. Get rid of that Dimocratic boondoggle and fluff POS. Anything that is pissing Rutherford and Graychin off both is always a good thing.

    We ought to make that our national policy – finding anything and everything that pisses libs off will be the game plan. 🙂

  12. I just saw Hillary’s interview on Libya. I’ve defended the Obama administration in the past over Egypt and Iran.

    But Obama’s tale on Libya is pathetic.

    You don’t want to enforce a no fly zone?

    Fine by me, i got enough on my plate to worry about.

    But this dithering bull shit, while people are fighting a tyrant who murdered American citizens, desperately hoping America plays a role, is a joke.

    You don’t do people that way.

    Shame on you Obama, you absentee pussy.

  13. Every dollar is another three dollars your daughter may not owe one day.

    Don’t lose sight of the fact that as long as the spending outstrips the revenue, that money is borrowed, which requires someone else to pay it back with interest.

    And no, Rutherford, it isn’t a revenue problem. At least, not if you’re serious about job creation and helping the economy. It is a spending problem.


    A great example is NPR, the only source of non-corporate radio news in some rural communities. ,

    And this is a legitimate function of the federal government WHY?

    Cutting federal funding to NPR is like pulling a hair out of a dog and saying you gave it a haircut. The cut has zero fiscal impact. But ideologically, the cut speaks volumes.

    All spending matters, even the “little stuff”, and it is one thing to be condescending and insulting to people with your own money. It is quite another to expect people to pay for the priviledge, especially in tough economic times.

    Notice, no one is talking about stopping funding for “Voice of America” and other radio operations geared to our troops, the troops that are part of the military budget we won’t touch.

    Wow….what a stunning and salient point. Except for the fact that your assertion is stunningly and demonstrably false. VOA offers no broadcasts geared to our troops. I think you might mean Armed Forces Radio and Television Service. I’m not sure why you have a bone to pick with it, as it is a service that brings a touch of home to people who sacrifice much for all of us, and are frequently serving at sea or overseas where that can be so valuable to morale. And although my five minute search did not yeild the total cost to the tax payer, this fact sheet indicates to me that the cost of obtaining and broadcasting the programming is likely less than that of National Propaganda Radio.

    Click to access 2.pdf

    As for VOA’s history and purpose, from their website:

    The Voice of America (VOA), a dynamic multimedia broadcaster funded by the U.S. Government, broadcasts accurate, balanced, and comprehensive news and information to an international audience.

    It started in 1942 as a radio news service for people living in closed and war-torn societies. It has grown into a multimedia broadcast service. VOA now reaches people on mobile devices and Facebook, through Twitter feeds and call-in programs – using the medium that works best for specific audiences.

    Your outrage would be far less comical if you took five minutes and educated yourself before you started offering your opinion on things you don’t really know about.

  14. “Got a good fiscal defense for defunding NPR…?”

    Dollars add up. See #10 for more.

    The defense rests.

    Got a good defense for not passing a budget when you should have?

  15. say we make Terry Gross suck my dick to stay on the air. On the second thought, scratch that idea.

    😆 😆

    Typical lib woman. That was too good Rabbit. I saw that picture, and for some “unknown reason”, thought of Fat Grannies.

  16. Damn, I read my posts on this thread and realized don’t watch college basketball and type. Doesn’t work.

  17. Man, I was actually embarrassed seeing Obama filling out his bracket. I NEVER bitch about stuff like this, too.

    But, in wake of what may be an “apocalypse” of our staunchest ally in the Pacific, Obama’s choice is mind blowing.

    There may very well be a disconnect in the White House that even I was not aware of.

    Forget policy or politics, this dude has no clue how to lead. No fucking clue.

    Please liberals. There are plenty of leftists to elect. Even black ones. Elect a leader next time.

    The situation in Japan is so serious, Obama should be giving this country and the rest of the world a prime time speech if for only the economic ramifications of this thing.


    Meanwhile the world burns.

  18. NPR has had some really good stuff over the years, but no media is unbiased. NPR sold out long ago. Corporations fund that stuff. Even if funding comes from the government budget, we contract out so much of it, our government is corporate. Who makes the decisions of what we get? Politicians? You think politicians run this country? 🙄 What do you think all those lobbyists are doing with their time? Who is funding these politicians? I don’t care who brought the fascism on, per se; I just say it’s here. We are living it. Follow the script.

    The republicans just want to privatize everything and that’s how they shrink government. Then they can charge the captive audience for the space they take up. Then they can regulate and profit from the water, nutrient, and air consumption and disposal. Republicans never want defense cuts because that shit gives them a boner and makes them want to fuck with everyone else’s shit. They’ll do anything to keep from putting that away. Guns are sexy. Testosterone junkies.

    The Democrats want a social state where everyone receives from the government either jobs or services. They see what the military does for their states and communities with jobs and spending, and they generally support it. They want government to support more community improvements and services for all citizens. Fo;;ow the money. Both sides kiss Israel’s ass.

    Let’s audit the FED. Nobody has balls for that. How the hell can you balance a budget if you can’t see all the books? Why haven’t republicans gone after the FED? It’s because they are in bed with bankers. Who’s your daddy? What about subsidies? Those cost us all huge. It’s just a damn shell game.

    We serve imperialists. We are a global nation and these 50 states are only consequential in the grand scheme of things. That “in god we trust” is referring to the god of this world, aka “the beast”. Corporations control our life choices. They sucked our freedom out and replaced it with servitude. “But that’s okay, America. Go back to bed. Here, here’s American Gladiators…”

  19. Except for the fact that your assertion is stunningly and demonstrably false.

    Fine BiW, you GOT me. My reference was to “Foreign radio” at 1:56 in the video at $747 million. No, you are right, it has nothing to do with broadcast to the troops. I made a wrong inference from the video.

    That stated, the video cites Voice of America and Radio Free Europe which depending on your perspective are both Western propaganda networks. They are not essential to our national well being and qualify as the same “low hanging fruit” as NPR and A LOT more expensive.

    Thank you for the correction.

  20. Another amusing thread. We’ve got Huck bitching about Dem’s not doing their job (I actually thought governing was a job shared by both parties); we’ve got Tex calling the video a lie and claiming he “proved” NPR gets loads of funding from the government (I don’t recall that proof) and then we have Rabbit complaining about Obama vis-a-vis Libya and Japan.

    No one wants to deal with the truth. The truth is that NPR funding is a gnat on an elephant’s ass. So why it should be prioritized on the hit list makes no sense … unless of course you’re trying to silence a threatening voice. Why the voice should be threatening is beyond me. David Brooks (a RINO in you guy’s estimation) is on NPR. NPR does attempt to balance its views. Their cultural coverage is top notch. And YES, it is in the best interest of the nation to promote culture.

    So what do we have against NPR? That some punk whose ass needs to be whupped secretly filmed an NPR fund raiser expressing his own opinions … which he STATED were his OWN opinions. His claim that NPR doesn’t need the funding only holds true for the big markets like New York and Boston. It does not hold true for rural stations who get the great preponderance of the fed money. But because some dude who had NOTHING to do with NPR programming called GOPhers and Tea Party members racist, NPR has got to go. Puhleeeeeze.

    Onto Rabbit in the next comment.

  21. Rabbit, let’s take one thing at a time.

    Libya …. you really want to get involved in a gun fight in another f*cking Muslim country? Aren’t we in deep enough sh*t in Afghanistan? Who are you fighting for Rabbit? Who are these rebels fighting Gadaffi? You sure that once in power they won’t be ten times worse? You ready to kill innocent Libyans to help the “freedom fighters”? Cos that is what’s gonna happen. The no fly zone is not some passive act on our part, It involves bombing airfields and other acts of aggression. Since Libya has not threatened the United States (recently) any military action we take against them is an act of war.

    Mubarak looks good in his Western three piece suit and when he sent thugs out to silence the protesters I don’t recall your asking Obama to bomb his ass. But when Gadaffi rants like a lunatic and looks the part, suddenly you’re all hawkish. Truth is, unless you believe in being policeman of the world, it’s none of our f*cking business.

    Now let’s move onto Japan. What good is a fire side chat from Obama regarding Japan? You get pissed off on a regular basis when the dude opens his mouth and “does nothing”. Are you aware we’ve offered every variety of assistance to Japan imaginable and they have accepted some and rejected some? What more do you want us to do?

  22. While we’re on Japan, I just love all the butt heads from both ends of the political spectrum who say “nuclear has to stay in the picture”. I haven’t seen anyone, even on the dreaded MSNBC saying “we need to rethink nuclear energy and focus elsewhere”. I think we do. I won’t go on at length because I’m planning a separate article on it.

    I don’t believe there is a SERIOUS commitment to exploiting wind and solar. I almost vomited the other day when one talking head brought up the dangers of wind (birds get killed in the contraptions). Yeah, makes such good sense …. don’t wanna kill a few birds so let’s use a technology that contaminates hundreds, if not thousands of humans if it goes wrong.

    You guys can laugh all you like at Poolman but the one thing the guy has right is that we are badly screwed and there are power-players at the core of our downfall.

  23. Rutherford,

    Did you miss me saying the video of $80 million is bullshit? It’s not just NPR funding being debated, but CPB funding that is being cut. That’s almost 1/2 a billion. NPR dominating the talk is a ruse.

    You say that’s a gnat’s ass? Half a billion a gnat’s ass? That’s the repair of 100 bridges. That’s 20 F-35 planes. That’s 350 million subsidized school lunches.

    And it’s that kind of ignorant thinking about what’s another pound that got our bloated butts induced into Type II diabetes, national style. Kind of like just one more cigarette, one more drink.

    You haven’t given us one reason to justify the support of NPR, besides it’s a fraction of the budget. I can just imagine you walking into your boss and explaining why you bought the 5lbs lobster, because it’s just a fraction of his yearly budget.

    And I just explained the reasons that NPR’s original approval is now bogus. We’ve got 700 cable channels to cover “education.”

    Obama fiddles, muffs the chip shot, and shoots another air ball while the world burns. Maybe it’s time for his ugly, onion booty wife to grab the kids and take another round the world, living in the 5 star luxury resorts.

  24. “I actually thought governing was a job shared by both parties”

    Budgets are formed by committee. Committees, while bipartisan in membership, are headed by a member of the majority party.

    Which puts the failure of passing a budget for this year onto the democratic party.

    Go back to school, for Christ’s sake.

    “No one wants to deal with the truth.”

    I told you the truth.

    The truth is that the GOP has managed to spoon out more cuts in 6 weeks that democrats have proposed FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR. The GOP is proving that if you cut enough small things, they add up to big numbers.

    That is the truth, Rutherford. And from where I sit, you’re the only one here who doesn’t want to deal with it.

  25. “I actually thought governing was a job shared by both parties”

    Funny, I don’t recall you voicing that sentiment when House Republicans were being locked out of midnight, closed-door meetings. Back then, this stuff was all just an ugly part of making the sausage.

  26. I don’t believe there is a SERIOUS commitment to exploiting wind and solar.

    You’ve got to be kidding? We’ve spent billions to determine it would take $2,000,000,000,000 to make the electric grid even feasible. Pull that megahead out of your ass.

    Haven’t made a serious commitment? We’ve wasted billions of dollars trying to make that pig fly. Commitment? You want to talk about commitment? For the umpteenth time, I’ll say it again.

    Oil industry subsidy 25 cents per megawatt power generated. Wind and solar subsidy? 24 dollars subsidized per megawatt power generated.

    I never thought I’d be saying Obama is the practical one choosing between you two dimwits. Nuclear is the only feasible alternative. You libs are still running around flapping your wings over 3 Mile Island, when there never has been one scintilla of evidence any residual damage ever occurred.

  27. Sharia law saves Raymond Davis’ ass in Pakistan! Put that in your Islamophobic pipe and smoke it! Of course it looks as if the Pakistani government held the families of the victims hostage to force it, but it was the only way to get him back alive. It does constitute an automatic guilty of murder plea.

  28. Sharia law saves Raymond Davis’ ass in Pakistan!

    Hrmmph. Hrmmph.

    The fact that about 100 Harpoon cruise missiles, one special delivery for each head, in exchange for financial compensation. the tacit threat of us cutting them off from the cookie jar and letting India have the Pakistani share, and putting out the welcome mat for sudden jihadi types probably had little to do with it…

    Sharia law saved Raymond Davis… ** GUFFAW **. A new low.

  29. So why ignore the gnat? Or, more accurately, the mosquito.

    Here’s why: it’s not the mosquito that kills you, its the shit insode the mosquito that kills you. I just assume the shit inside NPR not kill me.

    If only 10% of its funding comes from the fed, then the fed cutting funding doesn’t matter to them so much: so why are THEY fighting it so much? THere’s two sides to your position. You think we should ignore NPR funding because its only $80 million (which is a great window into how fucked up you, as a liberal is when $80 million is no big deal) and means nothing in the great big scheme of things. OK, except that NPR only gets some 10% of its funding from the fed, so losing that $80 million, while a little painful, doesn’t amount to total collapse of NPR.

    So there should be low hanging fruit here, they really don’t need the money and we don’t really need to provide the money.

    But you’re right, the conflict over NPR cuts is really about ideology, and you’re just as much ideologically invested in the argument. They don’t need the money, but you are ideologically opposed to cutting because 1) the GOP has been calling for cuts to NPR for decades, and 2) NPR is one of the most passive-aggressive liberal voices out there and the federal funding bit gives it a sense of legitimacy (whether it deserves it or not).

    So hop off the ass you rode in on and stop telling me I’m a prick because I don’t want to spend $80 million on liberal propaganda.

    As for VoA, if you think its not important, well, that’s indicative of how ignorant you really are. VoA becomes critical in places like North Korea, Iran, Cuba and Venezuela, etc, places that truly dominate the media (a liberals wet dream) with pro-government distortions. VoA is often times the only legitimate source of news some of these places get. That’s important.

  30. “I actually thought governing was a job shared by both parties”

    Yeah. Shared. I thought you were appluading the dems in WI for their heroic governance in absentia. Like Obama’s.

    Hey wait. . . I’m seeing what the left means by governance. . .

  31. I always promised Rutherford that I would give Obama credit where credit was due. Maybe Obama should stay on the golf course, or turn on the TV and watch the games all day. He does much better when he doesn’t intervene.

    So today, I give Barack Obama kudos for convincing Joan Baez to turn on him. Like the hard, fast rule of when Rutherford and Graychin were for something, you knew it would be bad for America, when Joan Baez doesn’t approve you, then you know you’ve done something right.

    Another worthless, no talent Woodstock dolt stabs MaObama in the back.

    The world will be so much better when these people die.

  32. Rutherford,

    I never said I am for a Libyan no fly zone. I just see it as an incredibly weak move teasing that we might set one up.

    I want Obama to make a call. He looks like a fucking fool “discussing” the merits of a no fly zone while the rebels get diced to pieces.


    Damn Barack Obama has picked Kansas, my team of choice, to win the national championship again. The dirty SOB did the same thing to me last year when Kansas was favored, and they never made it out of the second round, beaten in a huge upset.

    Now, they’ll probably be lucky to beat Boston University. Everything the man touches, turns to shit.

  34. “President Obama has managed the impossible-seeming feat of making a President of France appear as decisive and effective.” ~ Roger Kimball


  35. “I thought you were applauding the dems in WI for their heroic governance in absentia.”

    Actually, he didn’t.

    Where he went astray is he later spoke out against what Walker and WI republicans did while the dems were gone.

  36. I stand corrected. 😳

    Huck, thanks for taking the heat off of that sucker punch I had coming my way. But I would like to know what it is about butch, lesbian (like the one in this video) establishes such credibility with Rutherford.

  37. “But I would like to know what it is about butch, lesbian (like the one in this video) establishes such credibility with Rutherford.”

    That’s an easy one.

    They aren’t conservative women.

  38. That’s an easy one. They aren’t conservative women.

    I think it’s the hair. Rutherford adores the “mushroom” cut, and believes it demonstrates intelligence, like the academic “bob.”

  39. It is kind of difficult to create a “no fly zone” and work to oust Gaddafi when Israel is helping him stay in power. So yeah, it looks like we are indecisive. It’s the tail wagging the dog.

  40. I knew somewhere it had to be the Jooos fault in Libya, as confirmed by the expert analysis of the resident Philistine. 😉

    I sense a disturbance in the force…

  41. Hey “R”,

    Can we officially put the “civility junk” to rest yet? More union thuggery on display, this time against a female tenured-professor from Madison. I’ll assume you will post a thread on the outrage against women?

    MADISON IS A #WI UNION CITY AND WE ARE MADISON.Did you really think this could go on forever? That you could sit on the steps of our house, walk the streets of our city, lie about us to strangers, tell gun-toting rednecks from out of state and the Northwoods how depraved and deserving of punishment we are all while maintaining plausible deniability for any of the consequences that your actions might cause? Did you think you could fuck with HANS and get away with it?This isn’t a one way fight any more. We will take it from the internet right to 2114Chamberlain Avenue. Do you have any idea where you live? Let us spell it out for you.We understand that you like to eat on the square. You like the Baked Potato at the Old Fashioned, do you? There were five of us in there last Tuesday. You like to eat at Fresco? We’re in the Overture eating, serving, cooking, playing, and performing. At least twenty of us have worked for Food Fight. You like to fucking drink at FAIR TRADE do you? At FAIR TRADE? You are citizen-BANNED from Fair Trade. We will Walker you straight out of the place whenever you show up. We are at every coffee shop on State,open to close, all the time. We will hang up wanted posters of you everywhere you like to go. We will picket on public property as close to your house as we can every day.We will harrass the ever loving shit out of you all the time. Campus is OCCUPIED. State street is OCCUPIED. The Square is OCCUPIED. Vilas, Schenk’s Corners, Atwood, Willy Street – Occupied, Occupied, Occupied, Occupied. Did you really think it was all about the Capitol? Fuck the Capitol, we are the CITY.We are hard-drinking, weed-smoking, rude, obnoxious, auto-didactic, uppity fuckingv TOWNIES. We know you hate us. We know you hate us because we ruin your imaginary, Men’s Magazine, UW Admission’s Pamphlet, Madison Magazine, Isthmus Arts vision of our City. You think that our town should be on perpetual vigil just in case you need a little peace and quiet. You think we should go down quiet while Walker economically rapes us because you want to lead a fucking tour group? Sorry babe, not gonna happen. And because you couldn’t even show a modicum of fairness, integrity,or neutrality and because you had the iron fucking stones to try to pull this here, on OUR campus, in OUR city…

  42. What I want to know, Tex is where do you come up with this stuff? Did you google “union thugs”?

    If you think I’m going to sit here and defend intimidation you’re obviously wrong. It’s kinda funny that it’s written by “operation countertroll” since the rant is the very definition of a troll. I hope for the sake of Ms. Althouse that it’s just empty words. Hopefully the police can help her deal with it.

    We live in toxic times,. Hasn’t been this bad since the 60’s.

  43. Actually, he didn’t.

    Thanks Huck for actually reading and remembering my articles. Of course, where I went “astray” was in not lauding Walker as a hero. Wups, my bad. 😳

  44. Let’s pose a simple question. Let’s say for the sake of argument that public unions are a bad idea because they collectively bargain with the taxpayers and not with some big corporate ogre.

    The question then is, if we clamp down on public unions can limiting private unions be far behind? Two words gentlemen (and the occasional lady): slippery slope.

  45. The question then is, if we clamp down on public unions can limiting private unions be far behind?

    You answered your own question. Take a look at the state of private unions. What are they down to now? 7% of the work force? Whatever it is, it’s at an all-time low (at least the last 75 year).

    Why don’t public union state workers just agree to tie their contract to the federal workers public union contract if they are so necessary? 😉

  46. The debate over public unions is over.

    It sucks for me personally, but the nation has decided I’m essentially paid too much.

    So, I will take another left hook to the jaw.

    It will sting. But, I’m used to it.

    So the real question is, will this lower taxes?

    If it does, I can at least look myself in the mirror and say my pain is helping the country.

    But, taxes won’t go down.

    And if the don’t, where does the money go?

    It will go back to the Nanny Corporate Welfare State.

    Mean while, we all get slammed with the great hidden tax of inflation due to rogue monetary policy by the Fed.

    If they didn’t care about the backbone of this country in 08, why would they care about the long term future of our currency?

    Nah, I will take the defeat of my union like a man. But, don’t think I won’t laugh when the fiat funny money bubble pops.

    I’m not the only one a part of something unsustainable. Everyone of you are.

    I will admit it. I buy silver out of spite.

  47. Let’s pose a simple question. Let’s say for the sake of argument that public unions are a bad idea because they collectively bargain with the taxpayers and not with some big corporate ogre.

    No. I’ll say, because it is TRUE, that public workers unions are a bad thing, because they are able to use collective bargaining to extort total compensation packages that far outstrip those available to the majority of the friends and neighbors that they work for, and we the employer have no real alternative option available to us to perform those various functions in our name, where as private employers do (hence the term “scab labor”).

    The question then is, if we clamp down on public unions can limiting private unions be far behind? Two words gentlemen (and the occasional lady): slippery slope.

    Where the hell have you been for the last thirty years? The private sector unions have done a splendid job eliminating their own positions. For 20 years of my life, I had a front row seat in the “Home of the UAW” to watch as the union made inflexibility and idiocy an art form, as they refused to give an inch as the industry they worked in underwent complete sea changes, and they rode that inflexibility to the bitter end, complete with closed, then demolished plants, jobs that were gone forever, and economic ruin.

    And then I moved the home of Boeing, where I recently witnessed the same boneheaded witlessness practiced by the Machinists Union, which did their damnedest to be intractable assholes in the last round of contract talks, and then were SHOCKED!!!SHOCKED I SAY!!!! when Boeing ignored all their self-serving and silly talk about how the company had to continue to see it their way because they could never find as skilled and ready a workforce as they have here, and opened a new assembly line in South Carolina, where overhead is dirt cheap comparatively speaking, they don’t have the same transportation issues, and they can pay less than half for a labor pool just as skilled and dedicated, and who actually want the jobs.

    But putting this reality aside, Rutherford, I will instead ask you a question.

    Do you find better economies and business prospects in states where union membership is mandatory or where the workers can actually choose whether or not they will be in a union without having to lose the job to lose the union leech?

    Anywhere where people have a choice, instead of having Dims and Big Labor making the choice for them, they have already answered that question.

  48. Rabbit, I’ve been following the hyperventilation in Michigan over the bill that made very slight changes to the state’s emergency manager law.

    Is this what you’re lamenting, because I haven’t seen anything on the legislative calendar that proposes a bill that ends collective bargaining for teachers in the state. Is there such a bill?

  49. Do you find better economies and business prospects in states where union membership is mandatory

    Can’t answer … don’t have enough data. Now, my opinion … no one should be forced to join a union. Union membership should be completely voluntary without any sort of coercion.

    I also don’t doubt a thing you’ve said BiW. It is completely intuitive to me that many unions have cut off their nose to spite their face, making demands that bring their companies to their knees.

    Maybe my brain is parked in a bygone era but I just don’t trust corporations to do what is best for workers. They do what is best for the bottom line. Some companies used to believe that well treated workers translated directly to happy customers but those companies are now few and far between. I recently saw a profile of The Container Store where the philosophy was the employee comes first. Their CEO understood with that philosophy, the customer reaps the benefits of a happy workforce. It truly warmed the cockles of my heart.

    If I believed most companies shared that ideal, I’d say to hell with all unions. But I know better.

  50. Biw, I can’t bring myself to follow it, as this union stuff bores me. I do know that the state is cutting 400 bucks per head next year.

    The writing is on the wall. The state is broke.

  51. BiC, that’s not entirely true when it comes to “we” the employer. We do have an option at the voting booth.

    Its just that those who are in power don’t serve the country or state.

    Ultimately, if politicians loved this country, they would be willing to fall on the sword and stand up to the union.

    What you say may be true. But don’t lose sight that by going after the nasty unions you have essentially given up on any chance that our democracy produces anything with integrity. Can’t say I blame you. Imagine the depravity at the highest level?

  52. Oh goody. I see another hip NYC west sider (James Frey) has written another book about Jesus impregnating prostitutes and marrying gay men. I guess this is what passes for edgy in liberal circles.

    My question is, why don’t these brave souls ever write a mocking commentary about Muhammad as a 7/11 worker, selling crack out back to supplement the income and diddling little boys? Wouldn’t that be more original and edgy (and brave?).

    I suppose, there’s always one saving grace. It allows Jesus to demonstrate one of His many godly qualities – restraint.

    And I would think Rutherford, this might once again demonstrate to you another profound difference between those who worship Allah and Jesus. We’re confident enough in our faith, that we don’t require death over insult of our messiah. Vengeance is His…

    But I doubt you’d even notice.

  53. I want to once again congratulate President Obama and his “fine staff” for implementing a grand plan of locking the barn door after the horses have run out, with the all important U.N. approval.

    For you U.N. fans and appeasers, believing it’s the world top governing body, it only took them an entire month once the demonstrations started in Libya, to decide to establish a no-fly zone. I figure that’s late enough to insure that the murdering thug remains in power and wins. 🙄

    President Present strikes again!

  54. But I doubt you’d even notice.

    On the contrary, it’s pretty obvious from the last 20 years or so (how far back was Salmon Rushdie’s problems?) that some Muslims are sufficiently wacko that they “defend” their religion with threats of violence (fatwa, etc.).

    Perhaps the average Christian feels deep down that the particulars of the “story” are not worth fighting about … just having faith is enough?

  55. Rabbit, I suppose I may be thick on this one or maybe for once YOUR argument is too nuanced for me to grok. Are you pro-union or not? Does public vs private matter to you? What is your bottom line? Do you trust corporate America and if not, do you see unions as the protection for the worker?

    Honestly, you seem all over the map on this one.

  56. “Thanks Huck for actually reading and remembering my articles. Of course, where I went “astray” was in not lauding Walker as a hero. Wups, my bad.”

    No. Your bad was lauding public unions as heroes.

    My bad was that I forgot you actually (and shockingly) said something critical of the obstreperous Dems in WI. However, I did not forget your diatribes about the civility, vitriolic rhetoric, Palin and a nexus to the Giffords’ shooting.

    What happened to all of your finger-wagging and outrage with the “scary” WI dems? I keep mentioning it because (1) I am a self-admitted and non-recovering, remorseless prick; and (2) I really, really do want to find out what happened to your voice (i.e. your excuse for why it isn’t eating your self-righteous ass now that you can’t tie it to Palin or the right). 😛

  57. “President Present strikes again!”

    Present? Isn’t he on his way to Rio?

    You know, I saw this and wonder where all of the aid, celebrity missionaries, and damned President are:

    The only reason Obama bothered to even make a statement, after a week since the earthquake, is because of the criticism. Whether we can truly assist or not is hardly the limiting factor. Demonstrate leadership and solidarity, or at least the appearance of it, with on of our allies this time for cryin’ out loud! These people are suffering with an amazing level of stoicism.

  58. I am a self-admitted and non-recovering, remorseless prick;

    Naaah, you’re not that bad. 🙂

    You think you’ve got me over a barrel and that’s fine. When GOPhers use confrontational tactics in the absence of similar behavior from the left, it’s natural for me to call that out. Now, as you have noted again and again (and again) the left is taking its turn. It’s no better than when the right does it. I agree with that. Perhaps I’m not seeing the impact because no one in a real position of power on the left is calling for Walker’s assassination or threatening those who disagree.

    When we see Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer or a high ranking WI Dem pol suggest that it’s time to ‘reload” then I will fully bow to you and allow you to kick me in the ass.

  59. Tigre, actions speak louder than words. As I said before, we’re doing everything we can for Japan. You have absolutely no idea how many conversations the President has had with the Prime Minister of Japan. Why do you need a big show?

  60. Why do you need a big show?

    Because he’s supposed to be a leader, not an empty suit. If he’s going to put on a show during these crises, don’t you think it might be something other than an appearance on ESPN for the basketball tournaments. God — out of touch just doesn’t describe it.

    P.S. It’s not just over a barrel. I really do want to see how you reconcile it. I remain incredulous as to your day-after-day commentary in the wake of the shooting. It was a real low, but so vociferous I honestly wonder whether you’ve had any epiphanies. Stay tuned for proof of the threats of assassination and violence you seemingly think didn’t occur because it wasn’t reported on MSNBC.

  61. Stay tuned for proof of the threats of assassination and violence you seemingly think didn’t occur because it wasn’t reported on MSNBC.

    Mind you, I said threats made by Dem pols, not by yahoos with signs.

  62. So you favor unilateral action on our part? Well said, Tex “Cheney” Taylor.

    What I favor is “ACTION” in a timely manner Rutherford “Barney Fife” Lawson.

    Exactly what good does it do to establish a “no fly zone”, when the war is already over? Only a spineless tool like you and Al-Poolman would find that satisfactory.

    Face it Barney – your President is not only ineffective and indecisive, but a rank coward. And make note he has slowly but surely followed the path of a man named Bush, who Neville Obama shamelessly criticized throughout his world campaign tour.

    If you had a sense of decency, you’d hang your head for helping to elect this sham. 😐

  63. Good balanced article from Time on the NPR kerfuffle.

    No such thing. And you criticize Net World Daily? 😆

    Time Magazine….the Air America of print media.

  64. “I said threats made by Dem pols, not by yahoos with signs.”

    Do you mean the Dem pols that were supposed to be denouncing it? Or pols like Palin who did not hold office? Are teachers and union leaders “pols?” Help a brotha out here. What am I looking for and what is purpose of the distinction??

  65. “Mind you, I said threats made by Dem pols, not by yahoos with signs.”

    So you didn’t hear about the WI dem who pointed to a republican colleague and declared “you’re fucking dead”?

    MSNBC didn’t splash that all over your screen?


  66. Rutherford,

    I see the direction of this country so ominous that having a spat about teachers making too much money would be much like the Titanic Brass Band arguing over their next ditty.

    Your big government programs mixed with a Fed that now has the power of the purse is the real doom.

    Its possible that I am simply misunderstanding a nuanced and complex economic system. If that’s the case I sell gold and silver back at a loss. At least it was all on my terms.

    Most of the “issues” are pointless now. The America you guys fight over doesn’t exist. It pains me to say it, but its true. The debt is too big. The Fed has too much power.

    The Fed is dead. All hail the Fed.

    The unthinkable got me once. It won’t get me again.

    Kick that can all you want.

  67. The typical school day at Dick Cheney Elementary School:

    Revisionist History 101

    Introduction to Water Boarding and other Coercive Techniques

    Covert Wire Tapping 101

    Recess (where we teach you how to shoot your friends in the face)

    Gym class: a variant on dodge ball called No Left Child’s Behind, where conservative kids aim soccer balls at the asses of liberal kids.

    Basic Tactics in Preemptive Attacks on Countries that Never Attacked You

    Science: Today’s topic — living without a pulse

    Today’s homework: book report on “Known and Unknown” by Donald Rumsfeld


  68. What you say may be true. But don’t lose sight that by going after the nasty unions you have essentially given up on any chance that our democracy produces anything with integrity. Can’t say I blame you. Imagine the depravity at the highest level?

    Rabbit, public employee contracts are the only scenario I know of where the employees get to collectively bargain with the persons who they helped to get the job in the first place. Add in the fact that the money doesn’t belong to anyone at the table, and you have a recipe for runaway spending…at least until the employer can no longer raise the taxes necessary to support it.

    That said, I don’t look to our republic to produce anything with integrity. The only way that government can produce anything with integrity is by starting with integrity. What I described above has none.

  69. Yeah R, speaking “of all over the place”, it sure is kind of fun realizing what a fraud you were last month over what you claimed was such a dangerous direction of American discourse.

    I actually believe that you believe your marching orders. So I pity you.

    You can run from Tigre and Hucking all you want. Just know you already blew your faux outrage wad for the next half decade.

  70. This country was sold out years ago. Rabbit is seeing the light. Sometimes it takes pulling the rug out from under your own house of cards to see the truth. The fact that the rest of you keep making this a liberal vs conservative or democrat vs republican battle, only supports the effectiveness of those that instigated the whole charade.

    Maybe my brain is parked in a bygone era but I just don’t trust corporations to do what is best for workers.

    That is definitely a bygone era. The owners of these corporations rarely have the “little guy” in mind when they make their decisions. If they do, it is only in how to increase production and thereby profit. Companies have absorbed companies have absorbed companies. It is global capitalism and it has no conscience. It isn’t even Americans that own “American” companies. It is like the old illustration of one fish eating another eating another on down to the largest fish in the sea eating everything smaller that it. We are all in the belly of the beast.

    In business, it is strictly black and white, profit and loss. I recall telling many people, “Nothing personal – it’s just business.” PR firms take care of the “conscience” as perceived in the eyes and minds of the consumers. Notice how many “ecology friendly” oil commercials are on TV lately? They hate spending that money for that purpose but need to to keep the public from rising against them. It serves to keep us stupefied and therefore neutralized. Like big oil has done anything to improve the earth. 🙄

    So just keep criticizing Obama everyway he turns. You have no idea what goes on behind closed doors or who is really calling the shots. Pass the koolaid and keep watching basketball. Shoot at the ducks as they pop up in your periphery. This amusement ride will not go on forever.

  71. Tigre,

    About the only thing I can best guess, is the ignorant libs, which is about 98% of the aggregate queendom of liberalism, still haven’t figured out the Nobel and the Elementary School were a passing fad, a joke, a mirage, and they’ve attached themselves to an epic failure. They’re still standing at the football stadium wetting themselves, believing “they are the ones and the rent is free.” 😆

    The 2% of the “smart” libs (somewhat of an oxymoron) have so much of their self-worth invested in the spineless community activist, they only whisper amongst themselves what an epic failure Obama has become. You know, that’s kept Rutherford up at nights. 🙂

    I expect one day here Rutherford to finally say something like,

    ‘I’m a father. I’m a hen pecked husband. I’m an American success story, and I’m one of your middle-class Americans. ‘And, quite frankly, I’m exhausted.”

    ‘I’m exhausted of defending you, defending your administration, defending the mantle of change that I voted for, and deeply disappointed with where we are right now. I am a Barack rube black man and I voted for you, yet on my blog, I’m continually mocked for my love of you Mr. President.”

    “I thought I was passed the beanie wienies and hot dog parts of my life. I thought we were the ones we’ve been waiting for? It sucks that I’ve been had. Is this is my new reality, Mr. President?”

    Yes It Is!

  72. Interesting that Hotair (a dubious pub at best) covered this and not even Fox News. But despite the sad-ass source, the documentation of the WI radio host doing his “homework” is there.

    Now how ’bout I pull the crap you guys pulled a year or so ago saying that no black congressmen got spit upon while entering the capital because “we don’t have it on video”. Where’s the audio of this verbal assault?

    I will choose not to be the assh*les you guys were last year and I’ll accept this story at face value. My response in the next comment.

  73. I might change my login to Occasional Lady. I like that.


    Sometimes the littlest things make sensational impressions. The President’s golf game and the timing of the release of his brackets juxtaposed against the unspeakable tragedy in Japan turns me off. There isn’t any one way that a man with a broken heart acts, but anyone who has seen this now famous photo or read the article Tigre linked to on the children waiting for their parents to pick them up from school might oughta’ want to keep their brackets to themselves –

    (caution – this will get you right there so choose wisely before looking)

    More astonishing (slash devastating) images linked below. There are multiple sets, scroll down, click on an image to open a set:


    Then there’s Libya. Well, the slowness of the U.N.’s actions regarding the situation in Libya is cause for concern, to say the least.


    On Wisconsin –

    “What is your bottom line? Do you trust corporate America and if not, do you see unions as the protection for the worker?” -“R”

    Not particularly and Yes. Even so, I have a problem with the way union funds are used to select the people on the other side of the negotiating table. That seems rigged. So to the “slippery slope” – yea, course corrections are risky like that. It does seem like an overly deep incision to get out the bad stuff, I think. But the two sides are barely speaking anymore. Maybe what we really need is collective marriage counseling.

    Anyway, there’s enough “shame” to go around on the Wisconsin showdown, if scolding is needed. No one has clean hands that I can see.

  74. Anyway, there’s enough “shame” to go around on the Wisconsin showdown, if scolding is needed. No one has clean hands that I can see.

    This is EXACTLY what I’ve been saying. A pox on both their houses. Government at its most dysfunctional.

  75. “R”,

    You’re a good sport. You drew the bad cards and have to sit naked, while we make fun of your small appendage that Obama has shrunken. Difficult to defend the indefensible.

    I tell you there’s always hope. Nobody can pull defeat from the jaws of victory like the RNC. They’ll probably give us another piece of junk to vote for from the establishment, and Obama’s second term can be even more miserable than the first dismal failure.

  76. Tragic. The man is a pitiful leader. Even the toadies are recognizing Bracko’s an ineffectual chump. Idiot Brits only took 30 months what any of us already knew. Ghadafi is the next one to laugh at us.

    INEFFECTUAL, invisible, unable to honour pledges and now blamed for letting Gaddafi off the hook. Why Obama’s gone from ‘Yes we can’ to ‘Er, maybe we shouldn’t’…

    Let us cast our minds back to those remarkable days in November 2008 when the son of a Kenyan goatherd was elected to the White House. It was a bright new dawn – even brighter than the coming of the Kennedys and their new Camelot. JFK may be considered as being from an ethnic and religious minority – Irish and Catholic – but he was still very rich and very white. Barack Obama, by contrast, was a true breakthrough president. The world would change because obviously America had changed.

    Obama’s campaign slogan was mesmerisingly simple and brimming with self-belief: “Yes we can.” His presidency, however, is turning out to be more about “no we won’t.” Even more worryingly, it seems to be very much about: “Maybe we can… do what, exactly?“ The world feels like a dangerous place when leaders are seen to lack certitude but the only thing President Obama seems decisive about is his indecision. What should the US do about Libya? What should the US do about the Middle East in general? What about the country’s crippling debts? What is the US going to do about Afghanistan, about Iran?

    What is President Obama doing about anything? The most alarming answer – your guess is as good as mine – is also, frankly, the most accurate one.

  77. Nah, that the Yeller Dawg’s lard ass hanging out.

    Note the screwdriver in the back pocket to take the bottle caps off, and the “decor” of the house.

  78. Rabbits,

    We have at the most ten years before the pop. Obama’s budget is pure, high grade, crap. Propaganda, pure and simple.

    Within 7 years, talk of switching to a new world currency will be unavoidable.

    Money will be lifted from all of us by the invisible force, a shadow sump pump. The fed will cast its net of inflation on all of us. We’ll keep fighting over the scraps like good libs and good conservatives did from their hearts 10 years ago, when the debate was valid.

    The command cartel will kill a few of their own, Lehman Brothers style.

    Markets will continue to be manipulated, with more frequency, until point horizon.

    In the end will exist a global fed.

    Damn, I can’t believe I’m a “New World Order” internet poster, now.

    I’m actually begging someone to smash me. I don’t want to be “that” guy

    Tell me how our debt is sustainable over the next 12 years.

    Tell me the Fed isn’t de facto “printing”.

    Tell me our Arab 1848 isn’t related to inflationary pressures on food.

    Tell me we aren’t witnessing a massive epoch in world history. A correction of the standard of living of an entire generation.

    In other words, the real decline of America. Not the kind we use metaphorically or loosely, I’m talking about a massive fall in the standard of living of the upper and particularly the middle class.

    Then again, something else pay happen during these times of war, rumors of war and quakes. 🙂

  79. I’m talking about a massive fall in the standard of living of the upper and particularly the middle class.

    That’s where your analysis fails Rabbit. The upper class will not suffer. They make the rules. The rich didn’t get rich making mistakes. They’re good at what they do … being rich.

    The middle class … different story. We’re royally screwed.

  80. “Interesting that Hotair (a dubious pub at best) covered this and not even Fox News.”

    Fox News coverage

    “Where’s the audio of this verbal assault?”

    Will an apology from the offender suffice as proof it happened?

    How about a confession from someone else who issued other death threats?

    How about a Wisconsin State DOJ report quoting death threats?

    Do you have anything that comes close to this stuff as proof of the alleged spitting incident? How about the alleged McCain comment to his wife?

  81. Here’s the good news Rutherford.

    When it comes to the point of only the few holding most of the grub, the millions of you brave liberals can team up and go and take it from them by force, if necessary. It will look like small children fighting for candy when you’re done I predict. 😉

    And you can thank your Founding Fathers, who had the good sense of allowing the ownership of guns to provide you that opportunity.

    I will say we are reaching critical mass in the accumulation of assets, both fair and unfair. But it would help in the interest of conversation, if you would admit it isn’t simply Republicans that are driven by greed. Much of Wall St. and NYC are die hard liberals, Hollywood and most of entertainment, and even the richest politicians, are predominately Dimocrat. Much of the high tech industry is liberal.

    And I don’t see them changing their stripes in the interest of “social justice”, do you?

  82. Tex, funny that you mention it. Last week Bill Maher went off on a rant about the rich and when he was done all I could think was “you are rich dude … WTF are you talking about?”

  83. “R”,

    Funny you mention Bill Maher.

    When we decide to make our move, I do hope you will allow me the luxury of dividing up Bill’s assets, while standing with my boot on top of face. I’ll split six or seven ways with the regulars here on the board, and maybe while we are holding him up, I’ll give him a couple of cheap shots.

    I’d like to do the same to Joy Behar, Anthony Weiner, and Keith Olbermann. You can have your choice of Conservatives you feel have unfairly dipped into the “social justice” dole, and I’ll hold them for you.

  84. I don’t have much to say about Rutherfords latest offering other than this.
    NPR&PBS are actually quite corporate in their culture and ability to be self sufficient. I’m sick of how the Right attacks them and the Left defends them. Bottom line they ARE entities capable of self sufficiency and competing in the markets they exist. I was recently jokingly asked if I had anger management issues by R. Well I’ll answer by saying that the next person that uses the “rounding error” comment when it comes to taxpayer $ will get a warehouse shopping size can of whip ass opened upon them.

    As for

    You guys can laugh all you like at Poolman but the one thing the guy has right is that we are badly screwed and there are power-players at the core of our downfall.

    I’m not interested in personal attacks right now but as it relates to the Dead Rabbit and the talk related to and generated by his “awakening”.
    I don’t get where folks think the corporations are 1) that bad and or 2) ever meant to be noble in the first place.
    What am I missing?

  85. I don’t see this as a problem with the rich. I don’t even know what “rich” means, to be honest.

    Millionaires and the people they employ are the only thing that keep this country from staying afloat. How do you stay diversified when the Dow is running on synthetic injections? The rich and even guys like Tex, who have assets, are going to get screwed.

    No, the problem is a symbiotic relationship between a corrupt government and a select few, outside of any constitutional authority, to rock the world by way of one stroke of the keyboard.

    The government deems inside trading on a macro level the only way it can survive.

    Rutherford, do you really not see the results of your intrusive government? Look at the govermnet hand print on tuition and housing. Look at the opiates given to the welfare slaves. Look at how your favorite Dems have created a new class of slaves, debt slaves. Look at the connected Dems. Look at your hero’s cabinet. You think your party can help me? Ha ha ha!

    I don’t want a dime. I want no redistribution of wealth.

    I just want a functional democracy. The rest is up to me and unfortunately I’m not that smart and not that ambitious. Plus I’m easly entertained. I like to fish, play softball and fuck my wife.

    The Fed is behaving in ways that it never has before. They are issuing phantom taxes to make sure the connected survive the pending collapse. Can someone tell me how the Treasury and Fed aren’t the same thing? Elected morons like the spineless Obama and Congress survive off the fiat funds they provide.

    We are in the last stage of a pyramid scam.

    I don’t have a full understanding of it all. But I know the smell of a rat. I’m trying to learn more everyday. Sometimes I’m probably recycling crazy speak. But, you only have to look at the debt and the actions of the Fed to see mother of all bubbles forming.

    I have a distrust in this government that I simply don’t have the ability to put in words. I can’t imagine anyone can look at this corrupt sewer, and empower it with more authority. Look at how they handled the melt down! My God!

    Florence and Venice were called republics too.

  86. Corporations are not the problem. About 1000 people in Government and Banks are.

    Everybody bags on Wallmart. You should see how much they donate to the local school district, not to mention the jobs they provide.

  87. Huck, here’s the video for the spitting. I don’t know what McCain comment you are going for, but he is notorious for his rude treatment of his wife and his male chauvinism.

    Alfie, corporations are dispassionate at best. The fact that they have representation equal or greater than people in governance has led to an imbalance favoring wealth. Because most of these corporations are not domestically owned, it gives global entities control over our nation, its laws, and its resources.

  88. “Do you have anything that comes close to this stuff as proof of the alleged spitting incident? How about the alleged McCain comment to his wife?”

    I will take your lack of acknowledgment as a firm “no.”

    “Everybody bags on Wallmart. You should see how much they donate to the local school district, not to mention the jobs they provide.”

    I tried to make this argument in a class recently. All I got in response were questions about how good were the jobs, how high were the wages, and what kind of benefits did they offer?

    I tried to argue that, with today’s level of unemployment…who cares? But the liberals were not interested in my logic. They have it imprinted in their mind that Walmart is bad, and anyone who thinks different is wrong.

  89. Hucking, the weirdest thing is how some corporations are hated and some aren’t.

    Wallmart gets dissed but everyone loves Targets. I don’t get it.

  90. Poolman, I just watched the video (which seems to go on past the content meter) and I have to say I am not seeing anyone being spit on.

    I see a loud man shouting at the black man, which makes me wonder if this so-called “spitting” was actually spittle flying out of a loudmouth while screaming. That would be a huge difference in my book.

    Can you clarify where exactly on the video I can witness this spitting?

    If I am not mistaken, there were also claims that someone was called “nigger” at this event. I am not hearing that word, either. Is this that same event?

    (I am truly not trying to be difficult here. I just don’t see it).

    “I don’t know what McCain comment you are going for…”

    He supposedly called his wife a cunt and the big proof of such is a guy who wrote about it in a book.

  91. Its amazing that sometimes political arguments are no different then the ones found in a junior high lunch room.

    He spit on me! He called me a name!

    I blame Rutherford for this shit. He was such a fucking dim wit that he actually believed MSNBC when they told him right wing protesters are somehow much more dangerous then left wing protesters.

    Oh well, Rutherford looks like a total dumb dumb now.

    Remember CNN panicking and going as far as to ban comment conflict metaphors?

    Come to find out my Union brothers and sisters say nasty things too. In fact, they are much loser with their metaphors. Oh the horror.

  92. Poolman,

    Breitbart has now offered his $100K reward if you can prove that spitting/nigger incident. I’m afraid that myth has been busted about a year ago.

    Unfortunately for you, nobody has proven anything besides to the Heaven’s Gate type loons, who believe the Simpsons contain subliminal messages of insider 9/11 jobs.

  93. Wallmart gets dissed but everyone loves Targets. I don’t get it.
    Well that’s not necessarily true.
    On one hand they do good in the communities but lets be real that is mere PR and tax deferral stuff.
    They both sell Made in China garbage to the consumer class.This is as bad as any addict dealer relationship ya got going.
    Walmart truly does suck not for how they treat their employees or how they fail to live up to a left wing agenda items but because how they are notorious for their pure capitalism and crushing of competition.
    Ironically it wasn’t too long ago that Target,a corporate aspirant to left wing idealism was being targeted (pardon the pun) by Soros for having given $ to a pol candidate that supported traditional marriage,of course Target was supporting him more for the business friendliness nature of the rest of his platform.
    See my previous ,a href=””>FRAY

  94. In other news, I fucking lust after professional female tennis players.

    And yes, even the black twins. Yes in-deedy, I said it.

    The short skirts, the high pitched grunts.

    I’m watching that Wozniacki chick right now. I would let her sit on my face after the match, before the shower.


  95. Good thing President Obama was able to make down to Rio with the wife and kids this weekend.

    Since we stopped offshore drilling here in the U.S., the Soros’ Petrobras investments should be sitting pretty, and the 2012 campaign coffer is in full swing. Hyman Roth always makes money for his partners money. 😉

    This dismal performing President of ours so openly corrupt, he doesn’t even try to feign shame anymore.

  96. “On one hand they do good in the communities but lets be real that is mere PR and tax deferral stuff.”

    So? Does their motives make the money they give have less buying power?

    “They both sell Made in China garbage to the consumer class.”

    So? Are consumers forced to buy those products?

    “…because how they are notorious for their pure capitalism and crushing of competition.”

    So? Darwin works in capitalism. Adapt to environment or die. Why is walmart bad because they understand that?

  97. My buddies dad, who recently passed away, bequeathed me his bad ass ham radio rig, antenna and everything.

    Dead Rabbit will be connected to the world while all you rubes run ragged after the internet is zapped by a solar flare or the Arnold Terminators attack or whatever.

    Ammo, check. Food, check. Silver, check. Water, check. Cash, check. Cigars, check. Ham Radio, check. 12 volt batteries, check. The post apocalypse is going to feel like a fun camping trip.

    Just need my house. Two more weeks to go.

  98. “So? Are consumers forced to buy those products?”-hucking

    I’m not saying this is anyone’s “fault” per say. But cheap Chinese shit has, in many cases, chased higher grade competing goods out of the market, completely.

    Sometimes, you can’t even find a quality part made out of metal.

    Ever buy a showerhead lately? I went to 3 stores. Junk, junk and junk were my only options. I wanted to pay more.

    I was looking at belt sanders the other day. Junk!

  99. This is possibly the most pathetic response I’ve ever read. This Obama Administration is so completely worthless, nothing surprises anymore. How positively spineless and cowardly are these feeble people who are so called leaders.

    Even the damn French are questioning our integrity and guts.

    How’s it feel all you frickin’ Obama toadies to know you’re aligned with this kind of leadership?


    Clinton’s unwillingness to commit the United States to a specific position led many in the room to wonder exactly where the administration stood on the situation in Libya.

    “Frankly we are just completely puzzled,” the diplomat said. “We are wondering if this is a priority for the United States.”

    On the same day, Clinton had a short meeting with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, in which Sarkozy pressed Clinton to come out more forcefully in favor of action in Libya. She declined Sarkozy’s request, according to a government source familiar with the meeting.

    Sarkozy told Clinton that “we need action now” and she responded to him, “there are difficulties,” the source said, explaining that Clinton was referring to China and Russia’s opposition to intervention at the United Nations. Sarkozy replied that the United States should at least try to overcome the difficulties by leading a strong push at the U.N., but Clinton simply repeated, “There are difficulties.”

    I’ll guarantee Obama wouldn’t have the guts to even protect his wife in danger. None of these pussies surrounding Obama would either.

  100. The fact the dude is hiding in Rio says it all. It almost feels like we are reluctantly being dragged into Libya. Weird.

    Worst leader ever. And I’m not even talking politics.

  101. Guaranteed we will have US troops (in NATO or UN uniforms) in Libya by the end of the year.

    We should have let Europe police their own backyard.

    What guarantees do we have that the opposition government will be any better? Has anyone bothered to ask that? Does anyone care?

    There’s too many unanswered questions. Including the end-game. As I recall, that question used to be important to some people….

  102. Tex…

    That was a really stupid move by Hamas politically. Fatah/PNA was just about ready to play nice (with Hamas anyway) and go talk about a unified Palestinian government.

    And the cycle of madness rolls on…..

  103. And I would offer that when a uniform bears a NATO patch, that it is a NATO uniform.

    The Geneva Convention that dictates military field uniforms must be distinctive supports that.

    Not to nitpick… 😉

  104. I thought the NATO guys wear the pretty, baby blue helmets? 🙂

    I can still remembering the baby blue brains dropping the guns and running when the adversary showed up – that is, when they weren’t raping the locals.

  105. “…as Clinton Assumes Presidency”

    Not the first time we’ve heard those words during (what is supposed to be) the Obama presidency…

    Who’s next…Chelsea?

  106. GI (that’s my new name for you, Tex 😉 ),

    the article you linked in 130 said 2 Israelis were slightly injured by schrapnel from 54 rockets supposedly supplied by Iran and fired by Hamas. It also states Hamas broke into news offices and ransacked them and additionally beat up a reporter in another incident. It also said the Palestinians denounced the actions and even Hamas denounced the actions against the news agencies, though they admitted to some of the rockets.

    I wonder if Hamas is really a cohesive group, or more like Al Qaeda. You know, mostly manufactured to be the bad asses and wear the devil mask de jour. Like every other group (and as the Mossad themselves brag) they are infiltrated by Mossad and in turn use these things to paint the evil face on Arabs. I’m not saying there aren’t plenty that want Israel wiped off the map, but when they slightly injure some Israelis and the Israelis in turn kill and destroy mass amounts of people and property, it doesn’t seem anywhere near an equal exchange. These “retaliations” are always for other “retaliations” in this eye for an eye mentality that has continued through the ages. But it doesn’t even fit the “eye for an eye” ideology. It ends up being a scratch or black eye for a life or two or three, with Israel taking the upperhand all the time. And we empower them.

  107. “I wonder if Hamas is really a cohesive group…”

    Any group has pragmatic members and true believers. Hamas is no exception. Lately, we have been seeing a front of pragmatism by Hamas. For example, they recently asked those little groups they blame rockets on to stop firing them. I remain skeptical.

    You also have to remember that Hamas has multiple wings. So while the socio-political wing(s) may be putting up 1 face, the “military” wing might be putting up a face that is completely contrary. And that does not necessarily denote a splintering or lack of cohesiveness.

    No response to my spitting video question?

  108. @ Huck 123
    #1 Its all about motive
    #2 The consumer class is created and fed. People piss about BoA making people go broke. Walmart is just as bad providing the fuel people need to attempt to satiate the insatiable.Their own inadequacies and greed
    #3 Capitalism is one of my favorite ism’s. My point re Walmart is that there is a line between aggressive capitalism and the master plan ala Walmart. Saturate markets,eliminate competition,dial back the saturation when you are the only game in town. imo Walmart hasn’t perfected/improved or imitated Rockefeller (who’ve I recently supported re Standard Oil) I’m saying they truly are evil ala Bill Gates & Microsoft.

  109. Al-Poolman, now known as my new nickname for you Al-GED.

    In your deluded world, Bart Simpson, Al Bundy and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are good standing members of the Mossad.

    Adhesive enough to break into an Israeli home and murder a family of five, including three children last week. Guess that’s an eye for an eye too, hey?

    I’m not saying there aren’t plenty that want Israel wiped off the map like me,

    Okay, we already knew that. Tell me something new.

    I’ll tell the Mossad you said it was okay to come over to your neighborhood tonight and randomly launch 54 rockets at and over your house. Maybe they’ll ransack the “office” to and rough of the Mrs. or the daughters a bit. No big deal…

    Got it.

  110. By definition of their charter it would be grossly illegal for NATO to act on Libya. They got away with it in the Balkans secondary to it being Europe,a pretty weak argument.In Afghanistan it flew because it was deemed the USA was truly attacked.

  111. Also regards Libya matter and the Euro’s. Don’t for one freaking minute think this isn’t about €’s and oil. (post pending with the numbers)

  112. Huck,

    regarding 116, I agree it looks as if the man is just spitting as he is yelling. Some people do that and can’t help it. It causes the legislator to jump, turn and confront him. I notice the legislator wiping it off his face on his way into the building. But I did not hear the “N” word. That is the only video I know showing the supposed incident. Then he comes back out with a cop and he doesn’t even point out the guy who did it. But the guy and his buddies are talking about it and laughing to themselves. So conclusive? Not too much. It is obvious the guy supposedly spitting doesn’t know he’s being filmed, whereas the legislator does.

  113. Tomahawks fly…so desperate for a win the world runs off a cliff.
    I do so hope all the anti war,anti-Bush,blood for oil,conspiracy theory types have the stones to run with this reality show.

  114. “#1 Its all about motive”


    Everyone donates for personal reasons, even if that reason is because it makes them feel good.

    The motives of why donations are made should not overshadow the fact that donations have been made.

    “#2 The consumer class is created and fed. People piss about BoA making people go broke. Walmart is just as bad providing the fuel people need to attempt to satiate the insatiable.Their own inadequacies and greed”

    As I have stated before, I think people are responsible for their own actions. I have the seemingly uncanny ability to look at a pricetag and make a very conscious decision whether or not I want to purchase something.

    “eliminate competition”

    There are still loads of Targets and K-Marts in my area. If mom and pop can’t compete, welcome to the real world. Again..its Darwin in action.

    “By definition of their charter it would be grossly illegal for NATO to act on Libya. ”

    It’s grossly illegal under the UN Charter, too. Specifically, Article 2, sections 1,3,4 and 7, as well as A/RES/50/172, sec. 6. (I had to represent Libya yesterday in a 6-hour mock UN session as my final exam for Model UN course. Talk about a diplomatic challenge….)

    Poolman, I appreciate the follow-up. Thanks.

  115. Hey Rutherford, you will want to check out this white supremacist site Grand Wizard Al-GED Poolman turned me on to.

    One or two clicks and I found a great site G.W. probably frequents often that I’m sure you’ll want join. OH WAIT, you can’t! It’s titled “White Reference: Brother Nathanael Kapner.”

    Rutherford, did you know Rahm Emanuel was a mole for the Mossad? 😈 That’s what Brother Nathanael Kapner says, when he asks for your donations from this beauty:


    Click around a little and read a few personals on the Klan. I’m starting to figure out Grand Wizard Poolman out a little. It’s starting to click. W. Texas, move to white settlement, remove the toga and put on the ball cap. 😉

  116. Geneva conventions dictate the NATO patch must be on all uniforms worn by serviceman involved in a NATO operation?

    Gorilla could answer this one better, but I don’t think so.

    I was stationed on a NATO base for 2 years and took part in these massive war games. Yup, I’m a war game hero. We didn’t all wear NATO patches, despite numerous countries taking part in the drills.

    NATO is a military alliance and nothing more. Does Geneva Conventions require uniforms that display what alliance a serviceman is in?

    Ahh, the beauty of being a civilian. We argue shit like this while the real men are out there fighting.

  117. What the hell did Wallmart do to even be put it in the same galaxy as Bank of America?

    Are you kidding me?

    Did Wallmart knowingly sell fraudulent derivatives, with fake ratings, only to be rewarded with millions and millions and millions of tax dollars in the form of a bail out?

    Did Wallmart rob the tax payer of millions for bonuses as a reward for this economic terrorism?

  118. I know there are NATO patches. I just don’t think taking part in a NATO operation dictate all servicemen wear them. And if we do, its certainly not dictated by the Geneva Conventions.

  119. “The fact that I have had nothing but positive experiences with BoA,Deutsche Bank,ING etc.”-Alphie

    You haven’t got your house appraised lately, have you. 🙂

  120. Greed? I’m not talking about greed. I’m talking about fraud and theft. Documented fraud and theft.

    Greed isn’t a crime.

  121. Sam Walton started Wal-Mart with excellent intentions. His goal was to sell all American made products. It wasn’t until after he died was that essentially changed and you have the Wal-Mart we know today.

    They have taken over most communities and just recently started the big PR campaign stating basically, “we are your healthy/friendly/neighborhood jobs providing enterprise you should all embrace.” But the employees will sing a different tune.

    Bank of America is one of the worst offending businesses of all time. They have no scruples. Zero. Zip. Nada. Zilch.

  122. Actually I put forth the patch link to highlight that they are US patches not NATO and the folks that wear them are support forces for SHAPE. I was actually trying to preempt conspiracies that there are US forces under NATO command.

  123. Ok, got you. And you are right about NATO command. As far as I know, there is no such thing as a NATO operation without America acting as the command. I could be wrong and I’m going off of my memories while I was stationed in Iceland.

  124. I am up to my ears in a number of things but…
    1. not in an evasive manner at all but I don’t get where banks are supposed to have scruples. Caveat emptor mean anything?
    2. the charges against BoA specifically the big three related to what and when they knew and resulting bailout. Is this what we’re talking about? I just want to have the apples to apples thing going.

  125. What is disect mean? Is that like two cults, or something? 🙂

    Here G.W Poolman., consider these strange coincidences:

    MARCH 19, 2011 – Savior of World Obamessiah

    OBAMA: ‘Today we are part of a broad coalition. We are answering the calls of a threatened people. And we are acting in the interests of the United States and the world’…

    MARCH 19, 2003 – Warmonger Bush – No blood for Oil!

    BUSH: ‘American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger…

  126. I guess we can ‘dissect’ why I’m not Klan member either G.W. Does this “reformation” of yours include burning crosses and wearing bedspreads with eye slits?

    Nasty JOOOO attorney types and stuff? 😉

  127. See G.W.,

    Your theology starts with a false premise. Consider this baloney:

    We must support Israel as a nation and this is a religious obligation. This is the view of the Christian Zionist. Their interest is less in Judaism and its preservation; it is focused instead on the unfolding of prophesy in the Middle East and Israel is a character in the drama.

    Pure liberalism – pure politics. Though I do believe prophesy is being fulfilled in the Middle East (in fact, I know it is), that’s not my reason for supporting Israel. My reasons are far more selfish. Excellent ally, democratic country, strategic partner, and Genesis 12:2-3. I’m not even a fan of John Hagee.

    Consider a few things about yourself G.W. You’re supposedly a Christian that signs petitions supporting the biggest abortion provider in the United States. Utterly confused. The Jews you do support are like Avraham Burg, liberal Jews – the lost liberal people in the world. You give no support to real religious Jews.

    This entire article you passed me is so full of horrid theology to be of of little or no value – probably something worse as in really bad theology; fringe stuff. It’s certainly not Calvin. There’s fudging a little, and then there is really bending the truth. And you and your preacher man do the latter. You act as if it is just Hagee. There are far better preachers than Hagee that would say you are an anti-Semite.

    Undoubtedly Paul was a Dispensationalist too. The word Maranatha mean anything to you?

  128. Alphie, I speak of the banks selling bad, bundled loans with fraudulent ratings and then being rewarded with billions and billions of dollars when the house of cards they created fell. They purposely intertwined the entire system with credit default swaps knowing the only real “insurance” on this toxic crap was the fact that the fall would be so epic that their friends in government would bail them flush. Bernie is in jail. The Countrywide CEO was rewarded by the tax payer with a bonus larger then any winning lotto ticket ever sold.

  129. “Geneva conventions dictate the NATO patch must be on all uniforms worn by serviceman involved in a NATO operation? ”

    That’s not exactly what I said.

    Geneva Conventions dictate that uniforms must have something to distinguish them. Patches, among other things, count as such.

    So, if you are wearing a NATO patch, you are essentially wearing a NATO uniform, as that is what your distinguishing marker identities you as.

    “As far as I know, there is no such thing as a NATO operation without America acting as the command.”

    That’s not the point. The point is that Obama can say the words “we will not put American forces on the ground in Libya” all he wants, while there are still American men on the ground in Libya for the UN or NATO. It’s as easy as putting on a particular patch. That’s all I am trying to say. And I would not put it past him.

    “not in an evasive manner at all but I don’t get where banks are supposed to have scruples”

    But retail chains are?

  130. DR, had you worn your uniform without any patches on it, would you have been considered out of uniform?

  131. Some patches had to be on. I think a few were optional. I can’t remember if I had any kind of NATO patches. I have this old NATO sweat shirt some where. I think some combat troops in Afghanistan wear a NATO (ISAF?) patch.

    I get what your saying about Obama potentially trying to hide American involvement under the guise of UN. But I don’t think anyone, not even Obama, would try to say “that’s not the US, that’s NATO.”

    By the way, what is the objective in Libya?

  132. By the way, what is the objective in Libya?

    If it isn’t to put Moammar permanently in the dirt, or take him to GITMO (The Hague is waste of time), that is a good question. I would have liked to have had President Boner Barack Obama explain what the desired result is, but he’s too busy taking Samba classes to be troubled.

  133. So GI, in your comparison in 162, which one was telling the truth, and which one was lying? I can’t recall any Iraqis asking us to intervene. I have heard the Libyans asking for help for awhile now. Earlier you were ranting on why Obama hadn’t done any intervening. You can’t have it both ways.

  134. Here Grand Wizard…. 😆 This is your brother-in-arms. Just Who the Hell Do You Think You Are Barack Obama? It’s got it all! Black racism, Bush bashing, Obama bashing, white militia threats.

    And the best part is I see you as the toady to Louie’s left.

  135. Rutherford, it is good to see that the Obama regime finally grown a massive set of elephant nuts.

    Hillary is finally made it to the Presidency just in time! 🙂

  136. How sad that a President would leave the country on the day we open hostilities with a new country.

    Dude should be in the War Room.

    He seemed bored with Japan from the beginning.

  137. I can’t recall any Iraqis asking us to intervene.

    Really? I remember the Kurds very much wanting us to intervene. Of course, I assume if Saddam had just launched a couple of chemical clouds in Tel Aviv, that would have been a good thing.

  138. Iraqis here in Dearborn celebrated in the streets when we attacked and when SH was captured. I’m talking thousands. American flags were waved as they jumped around like maniacs.

  139. Rabbit, you know any happy Iraqi’s now? The one’s that were living there sure expected a little different America than the one we sent. We were told how happy they would be, as we, their liberators were freeing them. Except for the staged photo ops, you got any proof of genuine support from the Iraqi people?

  140. Rabbit, you have to remember when you’re debating with a Jew hater and borderline moron like Grand Wizard Al-Poolman, who I still can’t believe directed me to that white supremacist site, facts don’t matter, history doesn’t matter, truth is relative, and Louie Farrakhan is a brother.

    The stupid SOB can’t even remember that our protection of the Kurds after Desert Storm, which we failed miserably, one of the many reasons Saddam had to go.

  141. Saddam did gas them, GI. Just not for the reasons you claim. These Kurds were aiding Iran and Iraq was fighting Iran at the time. Both countries were using chemical weapons. Hell, we were the ones that provided it to Saddam. This was never how it was told to the American people.

  142. Regarding Obama’s trip to Latin America … you guys are such friggin’ idiots sometimes. Our Latin American neighbors have felt dissed by the Obama admin and postponing this trip was only going to make our relationship worse.

    You can go to Brazil and monitor other things at the same time. It’s called multi-tasking. Not a hard concept unless you’re just intent on Obama-hating. Besides, his trip to L.A. reinforces this BS notion that we are “supporting” the effort in Libya but not leading it.

  143. R although I agree on a POTUS ability to multi task and been in contact with the nerve centers of the globe one could bash Obama on the stops he’s making. Brazil and Chile =good. El Salvador???? WTF???? Continue to diss Colombia like a good (D)!
    This trip. Right idea,right hemisphere wrong messaging

  144. Our Latin American neighbors have felt dissed by the Obama admin and postponing this trip was only going to make our relationship worse.

    I understand the Brazilians had to provide additional security since the loving natives threw a couple of molotav cocktails at Caesar’s procession. 😆 Guess all that “dialogue” carries a cost.

    You can go to Brazil and monitor other things at the same time. It’s called multi-tasking. Not a hard concept unless you’re just intent on Obama-hating.

    Perhaps Barry can take a jumper over to Cuber and break bread with Fidel while gas hovers around $4.00 per gallon, tin cup in hand. Since our ignorant leaders from your beloved party put the brakes on off-shore drilling, Cuber stepped right in and now is drilling 50 miles of the Miami coast line. Isn’t that great?

    That’s how incredibly stupid you clowns are about world affairs and how things really work.

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