The Smart Get Dumb and the Dumb Get Smart

The Smart Get Dumb

Despite the right’s obsession with the unavailability of Barack Obama’s college records, I don’t think it is a stretch to say he is smart man. So I’m left scratching my head at the way he is handling the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. A month has gone by and oil is still gushing into the Gulf, making its way around the tip of Florida. Kentucky Senatorial candidate  Rand Paul said that it was un-American for Obama to criticize BP. Rand zigged when he should have zagged. The only thing inappropriate about the President’s response has been the lack of response. Everyone is avoiding comparisons to Katrina but I’m sorry folks, if this isn’t Obama’s Katrina, I don’t know what it is.

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  • We’re a month into this crisis and Washington is still letting BP take the lead. BP’s idea of solving the problem is to use dispersal chemicals that do nothing to clean up the mess but make it harder to actually measure the amount of oil spilled …. convenient when law suit time comes and damages need to be tied to the amount of oil spilled.
  • The Minerals Management Service (MMS) under the Department of the Interior has got to be the most corrupt government department known to man. Their complete abdication of oversight is unforgivable. What should have happened by now? The department should have been dismantled by executive order with every employee thrown out on their ass. Yet from what I’ve heard, new drilling permits are being approved despite Washington’s claim that there is a moratorium on permits.
  • When Obama has the choice to go to Louisiana and get down and dirty with the problem solvers, he is going to a California political fundraiser instead. While the blind loyal sheep may forgive him his pattern of poor optics, I cannot. Until Obama gets front and center on this problem, he is George W. Bush redux.

About the only satisfaction that a liberal can get out of this ham-fisted approach to problem solving is that conservatives are caught in a catch-22. Clearly private industry is incompetent at getting this problem solved. The knee-jerk reaction of the right should be to hammer Obama for lack of action. But here is the rub … this is the same bunch of people who call for minimal government because “government can’t solve problems.”  So I guess, we’ve got ourselves in a real bind. The government does next to nothing productive and the problem persists. But according to our friends on the right, once the government gets involved they will screw it up anyway.

The Dumb Get Smart

One of the most brain-dead politicians in these United States showed signs of cranial activity on Monday. Michele Bachmann, the same idiot who said we should fear census takers because the census would lead to internment camps, actually exercised some restraint this week. After gloating last week to Sean Hannity about Rand Paul’s win in Kentucky, Ms. Bachmann must have taken stock of the situation post-Rand-civil-rights-fiasco and changed her tune.

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“I’m not commenting on Rand Paul,” she told reporters for the Star Tribune at the State Capitol. “I’ve got to focus on my race. . .I’m not going to focus on Rand Paul.”

via Bachmann: Not talking about Rand Paul — this week |

Unlike her Alaskan soul sister Sarah, Bachmann has figured out, at least in this instance, when to shut the heck up. I honestly didn’t think she had it in her. Kudos!

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