Liz Cheney Finally Goes Too Far

Folks whose stomachs turn at the mere sight of Liz Cheney, whose only claim to fame is a genetic connection to the former Vice President of the United States, waited for this day to come. At last Liz Cheney revealed herself to be the bottom-feeder we all suspected her to be.

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Liz runs a think tank (for lack of a more fitting phrase) called Keep America Safe. Her organization issued a video which I refuse to soil my blog with by embedding. You can find it here. Bottom line is Liz’s premise is that Justice Department employees who once defended al Qaeda suspects are somehow al Qaeda sympathizers. Marc “Torture” Thiessen now an editorial writer for the Washington Post had this to say:

If lawyers who once sought to free captured terrorists are now setting U.S. policy when it comes to the release of Guantanamo detainees, moving terrorists to the United States, trying senior al-Qaeda leaders in civilian courts, and whether to give captured terrorists Miranda rights, then, as Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) put it, the public has “a right to know who advises the attorney general and the president on these critical matters.”

via Marc A. Thiessen – The ‘al-Qaeda seven’ and selective McCarthyism –

All I can say is Marc is an incredible dumbass. Lawyers don’t seek to “free captured terrorists”, they seek to make sure that suspected terrorists get a fair trial. You see, Marc and Liz, that is the way our justice system works. Thiessen explicitly likens al Quada defense attorney’s to mob lawyers and drug cartel lawyers and asks wouldn’t you want to know if the prosecutors office hired them. Well for starters mob lawyers are paid by the mob. So there is a certain exchange of dirty money going on there that sullies things a bit. As far as I know combatant detainees are assigned counsel and do not pay for it. Again, in our justice system you don’t get prosecuted without an advocate working to protect you. But even if we buy the mob lawyer analogy, who has better expertise to apply to the prosecution of criminals than someone intimately familiar with defending them?

To my delight, Liz has gone so far out on the edge that even Republicans and other notable conservatives are ready to throw her into the shark tank. Even Ken Starr, Bill Clinton’s famous nemesis has come out publically against Cheney. The piece of history that has been brought up repeatedly in recent days is that of John Adams who as a colonist, defended British soldiers accused of massacring a group of Boston colonists. His decision to defend these men was unpopular to say the least but Adams knew that the foundation of justice was that every accused man has a right to a defense.

Of course, we can’t expect Liz Cheney to remember pre-revolutionary history. Heck, she spends all of her time now re-writing recent history.

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