Memo to Mayor Oscar Goodman of Las Vegas

I want to assure you that when [Obama] comes [to Las Vegas] I’ll do everything I can to give him the boot back to Washington …

Memo to the Mayor:

Your city bankrupts poor idiots who think they can actually “win” in your casinos. It has not been that long since your city was owned by the mob. So get off your high horse. If Obama visits Vegas, it’ll be good for your bottom line and since that is all you really care about, you will not only happily forgive him but you will kiss his ass.

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29 thoughts on “Memo to Mayor Oscar Goodman of Las Vegas

  1. Actually I have although I was too young at the time to do anything but slots.

    Hey I’m all for Vegas … Reno is even better with legalized prostitution, but that’s beside the point. If Goodman thinks money spent in Vegas is better invested than in a college fund then he’s badly f*cked in the head.

    Vegas is like Hollywood stars, ultimately irrelevant. At worst, if you’re gonna get real Christian about it, it’s a blight on society. But hey, I’m a heathen so let the gamblin’ commence! 🙂

  2. Vegas does not bankrupt poor idiots. Poor idiots do. I hate the morality police that comes out of both left and the right sometimes. Obama was just merely talking common sense, and I don’t feel like piling on. You, however, took it too far.

  3. And can someone tell Palin to lighten up? I can’t stand Emanuel, but does anyone truly believe he was making fun of the learning disabled?

    Palin bugs me more every day. I’m so glad she is out there with the official job of feigning outrage over every single comment involving the word “retarded”.

  4. Rabbit,

    I haven’t been to Vegas in about fifteen years, but last time I was there, the days of being a cheap vacation appeared to be over with.

    I remember when you could eat on a shoestring budget in the 80s but those places appeared to have disappeared, replaced by incredibly overpriced food. And the entertainment prices were outrageous!

    I personally set aside an amount I am willing to lose. When it is gone, so was I. But I could see how people could get addicted.

    Have to agree with Rutherford on this one – they’d kiss the Obama ring in Vegas if he were to hit the tables.

    There is more than enough to punish Obama effectiveness without having to measure every word. And I agree with Obama’s analogy. The useless mayor needs to find something else to bitch about.

  5. Memo to Obama, and apparently R:

    It is your city, filled with idiots, that bankrupts a country. It has not been that long since Obama came from a city still run by the mob, as he continues to employ their tactics- enters stage left Rahm “Rahmbo Dead Fish”.

    O was wrong the first time he criticized Vegas and he’s sure as hell wrong now. Please, this in light of the Botox queen charging over a $100,000 to the American people so she can have snacks on her flights. A $100K? Really, they serving caviar?

    Really R, this was a stupid post and this sanctimonious fucking sermon-from-the-mount attitude that Dipshit & Co on 1600 Pen have is sickening.

    Tell me, how was the stimulus bill any different than what happens in Vegas? I’ll tell you, the people making the bets are using THEIR OWN GOD DAMN MONEY.

  6. I’m a little disappointed that the DPS (dreaded private sector) is being challenged so much here.
    Las Vegas is a city dependent upon tourism. The free will concept mean anything to anyone?
    Las Vegas is a job monster. Unfortunately not unlike the eastern cities that depend on service sector and even worse govt. employment to drive their economy Vegas has a one dimensional thing ala tourism.However when it was experiencing the good times I’m thinking everyone was coolwith dat.
    By no means does everyone that goes to Vegas gamble let alone gamble their lives and savings away.
    I imagine Goodman should just STFU seeing as O will bring high speed rail to the desert oasis. Bawahahaha.
    Seriously this is just too funny. As I said in the other thread this isn’t what it is being made out to be. It is however an example of how the narrative for this country is NOT being dictated from 1600 Penn. This incident isn’t gonna help Reid any and thats special kind of tasty.

  7. Rabbit,

    I got to comment on your comment about Sarah Palin – one that will probably delight Rutherford, but for all the wrong reasons. He might figure it out one day.

    Like you, Sarah Palin never really grabbed me and has pretty much totally lost me after the self-promotion tour on that gawd awful Oprah show. Like Obama, I’m not sure what appeal is, though I agree with Sarah Palin on the issues.

    But there are far better candidates I believe on the horizon for national office IMHO that include Conservatives.

    I think Sarah Palin is an asset – but the continual intervention of the Sarah opinion is beginning to turn me off and she would be better to lay low for a few years.

  8. Rutherford, I”m sorry as this is not a shot at you, or even Obama and I’ve been guilty of getting off topic lately, but it is a laugh out loud moment at liberalism and more specifically its wish to be more like Europe – exactly what America does not need.

    The fact that Obama might be stiffing Europe is music to my ears. Though not Obama’s intent, as he needs to be worshiped, the fact that Europeans were duped into believing Bush was the heart of the world’s problems is nothing but a repeat of history and a public demonstration of Western Europe’s impotence! 😈

    A cabinet of Neville Chamberlain’s now man the EU.

  9. Tex,

    Vegas is still bar none the cheapest quality vacation for a single dude.

    I once hopped on a hundred dollar red eye with 180 bucks in my pocket and had a blast for 3 days (I did come home with 1300…that might have had something to do with it 🙂 )

    Think about how nice the hotels are, the amazing pools, the “scenery” jiggling around everywhere. It can’t be beat for the price.

    No doubt, an out of control moron can practically ruin his life there.

    But to constantly bust Vegas’ balls isn’t cool, although I doubt that’s Obama’s intent.

    The comment was beyond stupid considering he’s trying to help out that butt-hole Reid, though.

    Reminds of the time McCain got off a plane in Detroit during the campaign and immediately told Michigan the jobs are never coming back.

    True, but not smart.

  10. BiW, politically he should have said “casinos” instead of Vegas but everyone knew exactly what he meant. And who knows? Old Oscar the grouch might have inferred something from “casinos” and then gotten pissed off.


  11. Wow – I go away for a while and now it seems so calm here. Only 14 comments in two days……

    OK – I will throw some meat into the ring….

    Which of you conservatives wants to be the first to condemn Tancredo’s racist call for a return to Jim Crow (during his opening address at TeaBagCon).

    — hp

  12. Hey HippieProf, glad you could return.

    Which of you conservatives wants to be the first to condemn Tancredo’s racist call for a return to Jim Crow (during his opening address at TeaBagCon).

    Sure, I’ll apologize. What did Tancredo (a poor choice for speaker if you ask me) say?

    Now, which one of you libs want to step up for HippieProf and apologize for Hippie’s repetitive, vile, and childish reference to the tea party? {crickets}

    Of course, I hope you loons know who it is that is being “teabagged” when you make that reference. Hint: He’s a a person in position of power with Marxist ideas, abysmal poll numbers in less than 13 months, an Amazon for a wife, and he’s got Dumbo’s ears, played like a fiddle by the terrorist type. Did I mention his first year has been an abject failure and getting worse?

  13. Hey Hippie, while you’re over here.

    What’s your position now on global “warming” scam, being that all the data has been exposed as a fraud? Should Al Gore be torched for stupidity, or should we reserve that toast for academicians who lied through their teeth?

    Did it cost you any research bread in the process? 😉

  14. Hey Tex – good to be back in the game with a worthy opponent.

    Tancredo opened today’s Teabag convention by calling for literacy tests as a prerequisite for voting – straight out of Jim Crow.

    Interesting that you are offended by my use of “Teabagger.” I do indeed know the connotation – though I actually had to look it up the first time it was brought to my attention. Know what? Today is the first time I have used the term since I learned of its meaning. I figured that I didn’t need to be intentionally crude. But – today heard the teabaggers applauding overtly racist statements – statements delivered with dripping sarcasm.

    Sorry – a bunch of racists don’t deserve any respect. They deserve to be called teabaggers – or worse…

    — hp

  15. Wow – “all” of the global warming data exposed as a scam? I really really really must have missed something while I was away because that development seems to have slipped right on past me.

    You are not referring to that silly hacking bit are you?

    Can you provide me with a link to an unbiased report showing how *all* of the data are now accepted to be the result of a scam?

    — hp

  16. Tancredo opened today’s Teabag convention by calling for literacy tests as a prerequisite for voting – straight out of Jim Crow.

    That’s the racist Jim Crow stuff? Shoot Hippie, by your charges I thought Tancredo had demanded separate lunch counters, back of the bus stuff, white bathrooms, or something.

    But if an apology will do, let me apologize. Since about half of America seems borderline illiterate, that would be unfair advantage, being 99.9% of libs being educated in the public square. 😉

  17. Sure Hippie, I’ll provide a butt load of scammed data – most conveniently ignored by the MSM. But should we start with the hockey stick first? That’s months old now, and still no explanation from the warming crowd.

    I’ll get back with you later this weekend for the challenge. I get to actually see my lovely wife for the first time in 26 days tomorrow, and for once, I might have a life. Right now, I’m taking a break from cleaning the kitchen floor before she flies in tomorrow. Nothing like waiting until the last minute to cover my tracks.

  18. Tex – sincerely – enjoy the time with the wife. I know all too well about cleaning up last minute before she gets home…..

    Besides – we both know that this debate will end with each of us denying the validity of the others sources


    — hp

  19. hippieprof – 😆

    Just have a second as awaiting wifey.

    You consider that a valid source? One crooked academician supporting another? Don’t you understand that’s the premise of why the American public in large part finds the whole global warming scam a fraud? Wide spread academic fraud? But I do have to agree in whole with this statement as I just proved:

    Besides – we both know that this debate will end with each of us denying the validity of the others sources

    Fruitless argument and one that is for all intents and purposes over with – if for no other reason cap & trade toast, and the American public considers the specious climate alarm so completely unimportant. I was just gigging you because unlike most pointy headed libs, you’ve got a sense of humor and you’re a good sport. I was actually concerned something had happened to you because this blog is so much better with your input.

    Your argument may carry a great deal of weight in the group think of academia, perhaps a few representative rubes in D.C. to dumb to understand the gullibility. But the masses aren’t buying it anymore. I’m just enjoying watch the “experts” like James Hansen have their reputations soiled forever. 😛

  20. Actually, HP, you’ve landed on a post of relatively little depth and it’s not my latest one. There is slightly more heated debate on the next post concerning KSM.

    I’ve been fighting a nasty cold the past 48 hours and am right now trying to get enough R&R to do my radio show tonight without non-stop coughing. That’s why I haven’t been saying much here the past day or so.

    One thing that did happen while you were “gone” was I temporarily banned Elric (aka Elric66) and since he posted five comments to every one else’s one comment, his absence greatly shortened my threads. Of course, 4 out of 5 of his comments weren’t comments at all …. just SPAM with a “yeah- what he said” after it.

    The poor fella either doesn’t know he’s been “unbanned” or he got bored with me. Anyway, that explains the shorter threads. But quite frankly I think for the buck, you’ll find these latest discussion threads deliver more bang because the signal to noise ratio is much better with the likes of Tex, Rabbit, Gorilla, BiW, Alfie and Sensico who are still regulars here.

  21. Tex – DR asked a similar question over on R’s new thread – so I commented there instead of here.

    Glad you enjoy my participation – I like it here too and I have missed it.

    — hp

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