Live Blogging the 2010 State of the Union Address

It’s hard to believe a full year has passed since I live-blogged Barack Obama’s first address to Congress. I will be doing it again this year with the help of my radio co-host Sandi Behrns. We hope you can join us live! If you miss the live event, you can read the transcript any time after the event.

To attend the event or watch the replay, click here!

UPDATE: I am no Presidential scholar but I do believe something unprecedented happened during tonight’s State of the Union. The Supreme Court usually gets a free ride at these events but not this year. Obama said:

Last week, the Supreme Court reversed a century of law to open the floodgates for special interests – including foreign corporations – to spend without limit in our elections. Well I don’t think American elections should be bankrolled by America’s most powerful interests, or worse, by foreign entities.

Virtually the entire chamber rose to its feet in support of Obama’s smackdown while the nine Justices sat silent, with only Alito mouthing “not true”. It was truly a sight to see.

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148 thoughts on “Live Blogging the 2010 State of the Union Address

  1. Unfortunately, my interest in listening to the narcissist has run its course. I’ll formulate my opinions from here and elsewhere, and instead enjoy myself watching the basketball game.

    Frankly, Obama has become such a one trick pony (or is it strikeout) with more expansion of government , blame Bush for his own incompetence, and weak will fighting global terrorism, I’ve almost lost interest in anything Obama but kicking his ass out the door.

    Time will tell if many Americans feel the way I do. 😉

  2. D.R. 😆 Bigger and stiffer.

    Do you know what I just heard? Obama and his staff raised the EPA budget 35% last year. I am almost sure I heard that right. Hiring freeze and fiscal responsibility? They literally locked in the rates in ’09 and due to the “spending” freeze, have now established a new base line significantly higher than Bush ever had in perpetuity.

    Do you think there is anything about Obama and his staff that is honest after hearing this? This is complete bullshit – and on par with the kind of crap that Rutherford condemns corporate America for.

  3. Tex,

    I think main street is laughing at this. There is no way anyone can take this stuff seriously.

    I still see it as a positive sign, and this might be where we differ.

    I see this propaganda bull shit as proof of a tea party victory on a massive scale.

    Outside of Viet Nam, when is the last time the ripple of mass protest raised the neck hairs of a sitting President?

    A line has been drawn in the sand. Way too late, but a line it is.

  4. D.R.,

    I hope you’re right. But the way I see it, the same America that believed the Obama B.S. the first time is still easily duped.

    I think about 1/3 of the nation will see this freeze as a sign Bomba is attempting to move to that magic center, not recognizing the scam, and will be willing to forgive and forget they were fooled the first time.

    While I believe many of the Senators from the Dimocratic side are toast (they already know it as many are choosing to simply retire), I think Bomba is a survivor.

  5. Wish I could be there R but I like paying attention 100% to the speech. I was going to do the live blog thing but I doubt or I’d imagine there would be little to talk about unless another dumbass GOPer yells out something.

  6. Sensico, I might agree with you were it not for this spending freeze. That is news big time and I am eager to see the reaction in the chamber when he goes there. We also need to see if he mentions health care reform or avoids it.

    To the rest of the gang, this spending freeze is not going down well with the far left base. From what I’ve read Obama has been compared to Carter and Hoover … neither of them good comparisons. Also if I’m not mistaken, the Depression which had started to improve in the 30’s relapsed due to FDR cutting back on spending. Improvement resumed when that policy was reversed.

    We are in for a wild ride this year. It is a great f*cking time to be a blogger! 😀

  7. Don’t see you boys too eager to discuss this gem:,0,894636.story

    ROTFLMAO!! For some time now it has been posited that O’Keefe doctored some of the infamous YouTube video coverage that got ACORN in trouble. Now the plot thickens as the dude resorts to criminal behavior … for what purpose? Who knows. To smear Landrieu? Maybe. But the best part my friends is what happens when we follow the money.

    I personally cannot wait to find out which GOP assh*le is pulling O’Keefe’s strings. It’s Watergate time my friends. Hang onto your hats! Yeeeeeehaaaaa 😆

  8. LOL … I received the following advertisement in my WordPress SPAM folder tonight and I got a major kick out of it. Is it a random advert, or does someone out there think that the Obama admin has me very nervous? 🙂

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  9. I’m not really worried about a spending freeze. I tend to not like the far left’s approach on this. Lets wait til the details come out and what exactly is being cut because right now, freezing pay and bonuses for top level officials seem to be ok in my book.

    I think the new WaPo/NBC poll showing 50% approval and the fact that only 27% think he’s to blame for the issues in Washington while 48% blame GOP and 41% blame Dems (congress) only reinforces that his agenda isn’t all that people don’t the obstructionist GOPer, and Dems seem to be hurting themselves by not supporting pretty popular goals of the O-administration.

  10. As usual Sensico, it’s taken you exactly one week of getting your ignorant ass kicked to already forget the lesson. Keep on parroting that message and poll numbers for the next 10 months.

    If I were you, I would worry about your Dear Leader protecting the country. He doesn’t seem very effective at doing so – too busy coddling Sharia and pandering votes. One more radical Muslim and mass murder on American soil and your Dear Leader will find himself impeached.

    Find out the leader of the FBI tonight was completely clueless and never clued in – you and your Dear Leader are not only incompetent, but dangerous.

    Watergate? LOL. Much ado about little fish – ACORN has already been exposed as thieves and you know it Rutherford. Too bad Fat Ass Landrieu isn’t up for reelection – she’d be gone too.

  11. Sensico, you moron. Does Christmas Day ring a bell? Or Ft. Hood?

    Get off the MSNBC dope and try thinking for yourself for once. I actually stomached that Hardball rot tonight to laugh at the dummies (the one with you and Rutherford as an audience and not much else) and now understand where you get your talking points.

    Come November, you can kiss your arrogance goodbye. If you were smart, you’d already have run.

  12. Wonder if the Audacity of a Dope will address this issue tonight? You won’t hear much about Rutherford facing up to this, as he’ll be swinging the Bush Adm…except this is compared to what Obama projected; not Bush. Tee Hee Rutherford.

    Key line: But these data show that the private sector’s ability and willingness to generate wealth for government to seize through taxation is rapidly diminishing. These data show that Obama’s own actions are are literally killing the goose that lays the golden eggs he needs to fund his agenda.

  13. Sensico….you’re happy with the government’s performance during the last two terrorist attacks?????????????

    Fucking mind boggling.

    One terrorist gives power point presentations for two years on jihad before going on said jihad and the other buys a one way ticket to Detroit on Christmas with no winter coat only to be stopped by a fucking Dutchman seconds before blowing up a plane over the western Detroit suburbs, and you think things are functioning?

    The administration’s spin?

    The first terrorist wasn’t a terrorist but a solider suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to being in Iraq BEFORE he went to Iraq. (Ever read Catch 22?)

    The administration then went on to brag about how well the system worked becuase the bomb didn’t completely go off inside the pants of the second terrorist.

    Both Terrorists we’re in collusion with the same dude in Yemen?

  14. Look out D.R.!

    Densico will be coming in here at about 3:00 AM to leave a load telling you that you’re an idiot, then she’ll dart back to parts unknown.

    What she posted last night was straight out the horse asses’ mouth named Chris Matthews. Out of boredom, I actually watched that dung last night. Mind boggling ignorance…

  15. Contrary to Rutherford and the Left’s claim about Federal spending saving our bacon, here is what the Treasury Secretary said about FDR’s New Deal:

    “I say after eight years of this administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started. ~ Henry Morgenthau, FDR’s Treasury secretary, 1939.

    Unemployment declined when America began selling materials to nations engaged in a war America would join two years later. The New Deal did nothing of the sort.

    And again, I’ll ask Rutherford who is approximately my age, “exactly what did government do in 1981 that brought us out of recession in 14 months? How did we survive and actually thrive without a New Deal if that is our solution to the problem. Ask that to Butch Madcow for me, will you Rutherford?”

  16. if you want to blame Obama for a terrorist attack, then would you like to blame him for the fact that the guy was stopped??

    I just find placing the blame for others actions to be mind-boggling, but not unheard of from the likes of you.

  17. This is from the Washington Post, not the most right of leaning publications. Ten to one says Holder pushed the mirandizing of Abdulmutallab, and I’ll double down on he not doing it without WH buyin. Pushing for KSM federal trial, this, etc, all points to what I said before, that we’re seeing the transition back to a pre-9/11 mindset, typically championed by idiots like you…

    Did the Obama administration blow an opportunity in the Flight 253 case?

    “UMAR FAROUK Abdulmutallab was nabbed in Detroit on board Northwest Flight 253 after trying unsuccessfully to ignite explosives sewn into his underwear. The Obama administration had three options: It could charge him in federal court. It could detain him as an enemy belligerent. Or it could hold him for prolonged questioning and later indict him, ensuring that nothing Mr. Abdulmutallab said during questioning was used against him in court.

    It is now clear that the administration did not give serious thought to anything but Door No. 1. This was myopic, irresponsible and potentially dangerous. ”

  18. Sensico aka Worf, aka Polly “the Parrot”, aka Chrissie’s Ho

    It’s mind boggling for you because I didn’t preface it in elementary MSNBC slang, and with your limited inbred comprehension, you can’t possibly understand anything of something called responsibility. So you frickin’ hypocrite, let me explain it to you even after you have had the unmitigated gall to blame Bush for 3,000 American deaths and 1,000,000 “innocent” Iraqis killed for at least the three years I’ve read your mind numbing gibberish.

    Bomba is the Commander-in-Chief and ultimately the boss of Homeland Security. His first responsibility is to protect American citizens from harm. He failed miserably at Ft. Hood and 285 people came within an eyelash of going up in flames over Michigan from failure at every level under Bomba’s command.

    Obama is gutless, worthless and weak, and radical Islam knows he is a blowhard and coward, Have you ever heard of “the buck stops here.” Obama’s plaque points at a sign called “Bush.”

  19. “if you want to blame Obama for a terrorist attack, then would you like to blame him for the fact that the guy was stopped??”

    I’ve read that ten times and have that half cocked confused dog look again.


    I don’t blame Obama for the attack. I blame Obama for not properly defending our country. You do know he is the Commander in Chief?

    You do know the number one priority of even having a Federal Gvoernment is defense don’t you?

    I just can’t believe that you’re that stupid that you look at the last two attacks and say “thumbs up” when the facts of both attacks are so outrageously….uh….outrageously outrageous!

  20. Came in late – game over. We won. My live blogging so I can personally track the world’s worst liar. 😛


    Obama’s energy proposal sounds like it came out the George Bush playbook. 😆 What a slug… 😆 This farce was just bad mouthing offshore drilling and nuclear plants not 18 months ago. What a farce

    I hope sensible Americans are ashamed tonight to look behind Obama and see two of the stupidest people on the planet – throw in Janet N. and the incomparably corrupt and moronic Eric Holder and you’ve got the four horseman of the apocalypse.

    Bring down the deficit my ass. Obama ought to know about deficit – he’s responsible for about 35% of the accumulation in less than a year, and the schmuck and his band of thieves have raised the debt limit over $4 trillion dollars since he took office – that is the fact. And this pompous ass is still blaming George Bush. Obama can’t even manage the Afghan war.

    The facts for dolts like Sensico so it doesn’t start running with the BSLSD talking points is the budget deficit was three times greater in 2009 than 2008. I don’t want it lying anymore here than necessary.

    College educations are great Bomba, assuming there are professional jobs. How you going to create jobs when you are the enemy to business, large and small? Non Sequitur…

    Don’t think elecitons should be funded by special interest and corporations, hey Zero? Tell that to George Soros. Hypocrisy of biblical proportions.

    Frustrates Americans that every day is an election day? This man is a COMPLETE HYPOCRITE – BOMBA NEVER GETS OUT OF CAMPAIGN MODE. Even Rutherford has admitted as much. What a horse’s ass.

    Pandering to the left…I say put the gays on the front lines immediately. We’ll let them guard the Afghan/Paki border. Then you can tell that to those who will cut your head off.

    I hope the American public will remember these simple words when that look at THE ZERO.

    Cool is to competence as words are to deeds. Read that today about Obama and thought it was good.

    Too late to make nice Dims. I say go for the throat – we’ll be waiting for you. There is no fundamental decency in progressive politics. It was a loser in in the 20th century, it is an obvious loser now, and will be a loser for all of history.

  21. “I just find placing the blame for others actions to be mind-boggling, but not unheard of from the likes of you.”

    Is that comment directed to someone in this discussion, or to the President of the United States of America?

  22. I can see why Keef Ogremann and Butch Madcow have gone on the attack – it is proving very effective.

    TUES., JAN., 26, 2010

    FOXNEWS O’REILLY 3,581,000
    FOXNEWS BECK 3,196,000
    FOXNEWS HANNITY 3,133,000
    FOXNEWS BAIER 2,624,000
    FOXNEWS GRETA 2,415,000
    FOXNEWS SHEP 2,187,000
    CNNHN BEHAR 949,000
    CNNHN GRACE 914,000
    CNN KING 796,000
    MSNBC MADDOW 726,000


  23. Hey Rutherford,

    I do have a very serious question and might help to answer your questions as to why I know Obama a sham.

    How is it that Obama brags of his puny tax cuts as spectacular and helping the middle class, but continually bashes about how terrible Bush’s real tax cuts were? Both were directed at the same income level.

    Can you clear up that discrepancy for me?

  24. Best comment I’ve read tonight:

    Listening to an Obama SOTU address is like listening to an hour long infomercial. 😆

    Shameless exaggeration, the tasteless products, and the pure hokum dispensed by by the truckload! Obama the Enzyte salesman in 2012! Who better to provide male enhancement for the blog owner? 👿

  25. So I was pondering some of the comments from R and the Blonde Bra Burner last night, and I’ve a couple questions for R.

    You were high fiving BBB over the One’s smackdown of the SCOTUS, but didn’t you just post something saying the decision wasn’t so bad? Curious if you were just caught up in the moment or have you changed your opinion of the decision.

    The One called for Congress to post their earmarks online and I’m wondering if this ranks up there with his previous calls to post entire bills online, which of course hasn’t happened- along with every other transparency call he’s made. I think we should toss the BS flag until he proves otherwise…

    10 minutes of the speech was spent on National Security, out of the total 70 minute speech. This, after having two terrorist attacks and still conducting two wars. Speaking of those wars, the One appears ready to claim credit for troops leaving by the end of his term, but that’s a little disingenuous considering that the agreement for the troops to be out by that time was put in place by Bush.

    The One controls one branch of government, but he felt the need to insult and berate the other two branches, which is pretty fricking arrogant considering that his own branch continues to be jacked up. I’m sorry, your ‘blame Bush for the economy’ line expires when you look to keep the same people in place that Bush had, i.e. Ben Bernanke and Tim Geitner (who has proven that he is not only NOT the smartest man nor is he the ONLY man who could do this).

    I’ve some more digesting to do, but we didn’t hear anything last night that we might hear on a campaign trail, which is probably the greatest complaint that can be leveled at this guy, stop campaigning, start working towards the promises you made. Transparency would be a great place to start…

  26. Gorilla,

    I missed the public scolding last night of the SCOTUS – saw a replay this morning. Tasteless, but revealing.

    Tell you exactly what that reminded me of when I watched this morning. A liberal, female instructor in premed and resident man hater at a university I once had – an insecure bully that like to take a few cheap shots at those not in agreement with her. So she would take her position of authority and use the public forum to attempt to humiliate. This is what passes for ethics anymore in a bioethics class.

  27. Here is what Obama should have said last night – but he is not capable of insight and truth:

    The tragedy is that Mr. Obama’s fiscal conversion is coming a year too late, assuming it is now real. If the President and his party really are serious, they can do more than promise a spending freeze after 2012. They can stop spending more now: Drop the health-care bill, cancel the unspent stimulus spending from last year, kill the $150 billion new stimulus that has already passed the House, and bar all repaid bailout cash from being re-spent. Everything else is marketing. ~WSJ

  28. Yeah, that SCOTUS smackdown was brilliant…if you’re a fan of self-inflicted wounds. For my friends, I offer up a counterpoint to that (probably) uninetentionally revealing falderall:

    Because of the first, I long ago started reading the transcripts instead, although I did watch the clip where the famed “Constitutional Scholar” and noted imbecile had the audacity to sass his intellectual betters on the Court and propose that Congress pass a law reaffirming a principle that the Court just struck down as unconstitutional, presumably so the Court can…strike it down again? This demonstration of no due respect to the concept of separation of powers reveals yet again a very, very Lilliputian intellect continually trying to clothe itself in the rainment of greatness, only to fail miserably and parade around displaying a naked pettiness and arrogance than ill-becomes any President, including the current occupant of the Oval Office.

  29. Excellent SmackDown BIC – to a man that is 40 years over due getting as ass kicked from a negligent father. I found this early this morning and thought it pretty good:

    “President Wrong on Citizens United Case [Bradley A. Smith]

    Tonight the president engaged in demogoguery of the worst kind, when he claimed that last week’s Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. FEC, “open[ed] the floodgates for special interests — including foreign corporations — to spend without limit in our elections. Well I don’t think American elections should be bankrolled by America’s most powerful interests, or worse, by foreign entities.”

    The president’s statement is false.

    The Court held that 2 U.S.C. Section 441a, which prohibits all corporate political spending, is unconstitutional. Foreign nationals, specifically defined to include foreign corporations, are prohibiting from making “a contribution or donation of money or ather thing of value, or to make an express or implied promise to make a contribution or donation, in connection with a Federal, State or local election” under 2 U.S.C. Section 441e, which was not at issue in the case. Foreign corporations are also prohibited, under 2 U.S.C. 441e, from making any contribution or donation to any committee of any political party, and they prohibited from making any “expenditure, independent expenditure, or disbursement for an electioneering communication.”

    Arrogance I have come to expect from the THE FECKLESS ONE. I proved to me last night, given the opportunity, there is nothing humane about Obama – he’s an evil SOB.

  30. The Cato Institute Analyzes Obama’s SOTU – and I think very fairly, except I disagree with the last 30 seconds. So, there is something even in it for Rutherford. Now he at least can criticize Iraq with some better opinion.

    Make no mistake, though. The speech was mostly smoke as they prove here – including a few outrageous lies.

    I’ll explain my disagreements after I give Rutherford a chance to respond to the charges.

  31. I was in the live blog room. Rutherford was cheering it when it happened. Literally cheering.

    In fact, if there was one thing I took away from the live blogging its that Rutherford is a fan of Obama. I’m talking like Manchester United or Yankee baseball. It’s his hobby to cheer Obama and boo the opposition.

    A winning Obama trumps any ideology. The only time Rutherford is bummed with Obama is when he finds him not to be expedient. Not to be winning.

    Rutherford isn’t into sports that I’m aware of. However, he fills this sports void with politics. The way he chatted with that other chick reminds me of exactly how my brother and I talk during a baseball game.

    When the Virginia governor came on, they turned into cynical teenagers, mindlessly ripping everything he said. And I mean everything.

    It’s irrational, but as a big time Detroit Tiger fan, I do understand it.

    I do find it somewhat dangerous when people become actual “fans” of politicians.

    I never once tuned into a Bush State of the Union cheering him on. I never once was on the edge of my seat nervously hoping for a great performance.

    What’s the point? Either I agree with policy or I don’t. It was never about Bush the man.

    One time I tuned in full of anger towards Al Queda and brimming with patriotism. But that’s different.

  32. Rabbit,

    One thing I recognized early on about Rutherford – he ain’t deep! I think worse than his Obama groupie act (the broad he is partnered with is like listening to a Valley Girl) is he and his wife’s obsession with badmouthing Sarah Palin. I think your sport analogy both accurate an appropriate – this is their life.

    But it is typical lib speak – my neighbor is the same way when she’s not talking to her koi pond. 🙂

  33. Life got a bit busy today so no time to attend to the blog. I’ll answer stuff in more detail tomorrow.

    But Rabbit, you do me a disservice. While I don’t wish to dis my co-host, she is way more of an Obama admirer than even I am. While she gave his speech a B, I went as low as a B-.

    Also, a quick explanation on the Obama SCOTUS slam. Some here consistently have a problem with subtlety. It is possible to acknowledge the strengths of your opponent’s position without ceding your own. As I stated in the previous article, I side with the Court on their decision because I think freedom of speech was at the heart of it. However, I understand the concerns of the opposition. I cheered Obama’s slam partly from a “oh no he didn’t” perspective. I personally love it when he deals some dirt instead of getting crapped on. It doesn’t mean that I have changed my position on the court’s decision.

  34. So, you think it’s cool for the President to bully the Supreme Court live on TV during the State of the Union Address even though you believe the court made the right call?

    They did their damn jobs, made the tough call via the Constitution and then get punked by the President while you’re hootin’ and hollering!

    Why, fanboy?

    Because your little victim now gets “shit on” too much?

    The guy has Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod on his side.

    And now he’s the poor isolated President misunderstood by the masses and “not takin’ it anymore!”?


    You would have been a huge Idi Amin fan had you lived in Uganda. Until he separated you from your torso for fun.

    Look, I’m not losing any sleep over it, but it wasn’t classy nor did it take any guts.

    I acknowledged some reservations about the ruling myself.

    It doesn’t mean I want to see my President acting like an African tyrant.

  35. As you were horridly wrong about The FECKLESS ONE’s moving the KSM trial to NYC which will now not happen, Obama’s slam on the SCOTUS was equally classless, arrogant bullying, and will come back to haunt your Dear Leader. Count on it. 😉

  36. I cheered Obama’s slam partly from a “oh no he didn’t” perspective. I personally love it when he deals some dirt instead of getting crapped on. It doesn’t mean that I have changed my position on the court’s decision.

    You don’t see the disconnect between someone who claims to be a “uniter not a divider” who isn’t just rude to guests, who not only have no opportunity to respond, but are professionally precluded from engaging in such mudslinging?

    How would you characterize the effect of the remarks as they affect the Court? Does the average person now question the integrity of the Court, and the decision? Don’t you think that was the intent? And what about the nagging little matter of the fact that the President was clearly incorrect in his statement, which he could have confirmed himself by reading the decision and checking the United States Code?

    Listen, you continually try to tell us how brilliant he is. This wasn’t just shitty behavior, it is unethical for an attorney to do, and I’m quite sure he knows it.

    You’re going to have to find a better way to explain this away, R, because the “I love it when he deals some dirt” position simply doesn’t cut it. He wasn’t smacking a recalitrant Congress across the face with his glove, he was attacking a decision of the Supreme Court with an argument that is not supported in law or fact, for the purpose of undermining the confidence and authority in the intgrity and capability of that body. At a minimum, the Illinois State Bar should discipline him, publically, and the ABA should issue a public rebuke.

  37. i just threw a tantrum and my wife is pissed. i have the day off and decided to upgrade our shower head.

    everything is made up of shitty plastic these days. first, i didn’t know the damn thing had some flow regulator that some green asshole engineer put in that seems to cut my water off.

    take the f-in thing off, remove the flow vacuum thing, put back it on. leaks. heaven forbid i use a wrench…snap…plastic pop.

    the awesome thing? second brand new shower head i broke today.

    i basically turned into incredible hulk. threw shit, broke a thing of hand creme.

    wife is pissed. day ruined. I’m an asshole! I’m an asshole weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  38. Dead Rabbit,

    Just changed a leaky shower head a few weeks back. Contrary to what the instruction manual may say, I didn’t find tape sufficient, no matter how hard I torqued. Get you a small bit of plumber’s dope, use in addition to tape, and you’ll be fine.

    And go easy screwing the head! Like my wife used to be fond of me saying, “Don’t give it Chinese eyes this time.” 😆 I knew exactly what she was talking about.

  39. When will our fearless blog leader be issuing a retraction about “Louisiana wiregate?” Seems Rutherford jumped the gun a little on his charges – too much MSNBC will do that to you.

    James Schuster, Keef Ogremann lackey, issued a retraction about his baseless charges. Can Rutherford bring himself to do the same?

  40. Sorry, make that David Shuster of MSNBC

    I’m so used to you deliberately misnaming the MSNBC crew that I figured the “James” was on purpose.

    So no wiretapping was afoot, so what? Were they there to leave Mary Landreiu a basket of flowers? No. Will they go to jail for a good long time? Possibly so.

    Your point?

  41. BiW: “Does the average person now question the integrity of the Court, and the decision? “. LOL sometimes you say the damnedest things. No one EVER questioned the integrity of the Court before Obama opened his mouth! OH MY.

    Every Republican President and Presidential candidate has been dissing Roe v Wade for decades now. What? The decisions of the Supreme Court can’t be criticized in public?

    The only thing slightly under-handed about Obama’s comments was the venue. And the Pres was NOT incorrect in his statement. The decision allows Venezuelan controlled CITGO to make a commercial, or film against a candidate. The decision allows any other company in this country with foreign investors to do the same. That is what Obama was saying.

    And as for Obama suddenly being Idi Amin. Rabbit, all I can say is your shower head ain’t the only thing screwed on wrong. 😉

  42. BiW: “Does the average person now question the integrity of the Court, and the decision? “. LOL sometimes you say the damnedest things. No one EVER questioned the integrity of the Court before Obama opened his mouth! OH MY.

    R, you don’t understand. AS A LAWYER, it is improper and unethical for him to challenge the court and its decision the way that he did. If his criticism is based on the law, as in a legitimate legal arguement for a different conclusion, as in nearly all criticisms of Roe, then he is ok. If he directly states or implies that they simply got it wrong, it is not. Nor is it appropriate to do so with a lie, and he packed two into his statement. Read my post, R. I connected all the dots so that even a liberal could read it.

    You aren’t a lawyer? Criticize the integrity of the Court all you want. It still is bad form if you are the President, but it isn’t subject to the disciplinary proceedures of the bar. The fact is that there was no “Century of law” overturned by the case. The FEC was formed in 1975, and the oldest campaing finance law citied in the case was I believe 1970. As for the foreign funding, foreigners have been going around 2 usc 411e for quite some time with the gaming of 527s and other means. This case didn’t change that, and saying that because of the Court’s decision, it did change is disingenous and false.

  43. “R”,

    I personally cannot wait to find out which GOP assh*le is pulling O’Keefe’s strings. It’s Watergate time my friends. Hang onto your hats! Yeeeeeehaaaaa

    I was just wondering when you were going to retract your Watergate charges? You missed.

    It is so obvious to all of us that even you think Obama is an epic failure even if you can’t bring yourself to admit it, you’re grasping to straws to find something, anything to implicate Republicans to get the eye off the Bigheaded Barack Ball. 😛

  44. lol….I wasn’t making Obama out to be Idi Amin…I was making you out to be the kind of dude who enables a guy like that.

    I mean this from the bottom of my heart. You’re a smart guy. Nice guy. Have been dealt a tough hand but I never hear you bitch about it. I can go on with the many positive attributes of the cyber version of you that I know.

    But, perhaps out of boredom or perhaps out of some other kind of hollow aspect in your life you’re politics are unhealthy. You are rich fodder for demagogues. A fanboy swinging from the nut sack of Obama.

    You cringe over Obama’s mistakes not becuase of the harm it causes this country, but for the harm it causes….Obama.

    When it comes to this “my team” mentality in politics, you and I don’t have a thing in common.

    Fucking free your self, man. Become Rutherford.

    Oh by the way…..nice call on having the trial in New York.

  45. Via Glenn Reynolds:

    FACT-CHECKING THE PRESIDENT IN BALTIMORE: “That means that over twelve years of Republican rule, there was an average annual budget deficit of about $104 billion. Compare that with an average annual deficit since 2008 of $1.074 trillion — or about $90 billion per month.”


    Remember this gang when Densico starts with her new math she learned at “college”.

  46. Rutherford, BiW can be a little long winded for troglodytes like me and you. But, you really should take the time and read his blog this on this one.

  47. DR,

    I read it earlier, thought it was one of the best posts I’ve seen from him- which is saying a lot.

    More and more folks- on both sides of the isle- are criticizing the SOTU speech. He said “I” 96 times, thats over one “I” every minute! I said at the live session, it was one of the most arrogant speeches ever, not to mention just plain factually wrong. The people vetting the speech must have been the same ones vetting his cabinet nominations! 😉

    From a ideologocal perspective, I thought it was great. Not only has he not accepted reality post Scott Brown/Chris Chrissti/Bob McDonald, but he is doubling down on was have been a complete failure of an agenda. He hasn’t accomplished a single thing- nothing! None of his major innitiatives have been successful, and most aren’t popular.

    A friend of mine and I used to say the Bush was one of the worst things to happen to the party in the last 50 or 60 years. Well, it took one year of Obama to correct eight years of Bush.

    Now, before R salivates at my comment about Bush, understand I say that from a political perspective. I think Bush was a good President and that history will bear this fact out, but as a political actor, he was horrible. His biggest problem, loyalty to a fault. Rummy should have been let go long before 2006!

  48. Gorilla,

    I think Bush was a good President and that history will bear this fact out, but as a political actor, he was horrible. His biggest problem, loyalty to a fault. Rummy should have been let go long before 2006!

    Agreed. Rumsfield was a detriment and should have been removed. I didn’t really realize it until about after a year of Rumsfield being gone. I thought he, along with Bush’s egregious comments about Putin (I could see into his soul) were two of G.W.’s biggest mistakes – that and the fact he never did communicate well exactly why we were in Iraq and what the long term intentions were, and the domestic spending including much of Homeland Security.

    But the more days go bye, you’ll note the better Bush is starting to look. Of course in fairness, even Jimmy Carter is looking better after one year of Obama. 😉

  49. Some Bush bashing from Rabbit

    Landing on the aircraft carrier with that stupid bomber coat and shit eating grin in front of a giant “Mission Accomplished” sign about two weeks before the insurrection started was in the territory of General Custer .

    Going to war under the premise of WMD (despite not even needing this premise) and then not finding the shit was a massive mistake. Massive. You throw in the timidness and idiocy of our current President with the lack of creditability we have around the world over such an important matter and it could potentially spell disaster.

    No Child Left behind is a federal governmental intrusion that has costed us billions and bilions of dollars. In most states, 40% of the bureaucracy exists solely to accommodate a train wreck. It’s hard to believe Reagen ran on getting rid of the Department of Education. This bloated train wreck has to be one of the biggest hoodwinking of conservatives I have ever seen. “Standards” sound so tasty to the right wing (I don’t blame them) that for some reason they forgot everything they usually fight for. An entire industry has been built around NCLB and ripping off the tax payer. It all seems to be under the radar thanks to “bipartisan” support.

    The border with Mexico was a clusterfuck his entire 8 years. Bush and Obama both deserved to be impeached for not defending the law on this issue alone. A thousand years from now historians will write entire books laughing at us for this.

  50. Anyone notice Rutherford has completely surrendered when it comes to defending Obama on this blog?

    He’d rather play footsie with his online liberal lover then pull his sleeves up and defend the policies of what I’m beginning to thiink is the worst President of my life time. I don’t know how even a rabid Obama supporter can’t look at the past year and say, “holy shit! ”

    No need to type off the check list. Rutherford knows.

  51. Rabbit,

    Fair assessment of Head Start; a huge waste of money. And I might lean in your favor about illegal immigration too, though I think that was more Congress’ doing.

    I could listen several more, but like Gorilla I think Bush will go down as a better than average President – Iraq is still to be determined.

    Rutherford defends nothing anymore because there there is no defense. Most libs are running for cover these days, or waiting for some irrelevant gotcha moment to change the subject off THE FECKLESS ONE.

    Rutherford’s liberal lovefest partner is lame. I wish she would come over so we could expose her ignorance. 😆

  52. Anyone know if Al Gore was in attendance when both side of the isle busted out in laughter when Obama brought up climate change?

    Another great part of the speech was when we were told that the spending freeze would start…… year! The laughter was hilarious. My wife was watched that part and couldn’t stop cracking up herself. (she’s apolitical outside of being a pro-lifer)

  53. The only topic I’d ever argue with BiW is one that I already have a sound confirmation that he is completely ignorant on. The minute I find this out, I’m going to verbally tear the motherfucker to pieces. 🙂

  54. Sadly, I’ve been up till 2am two nights in a row and am just too damn dead tired to blog tonight. Suffice it to say Obama kicked the GOP’s ass today so badly that the anal ointment factories have had to double production.

    When I can stay awake, I shall invest the time to read BiW’s latest post on the SOTU. This business about Obama needing to be disbarred for his SCOTUS comments is the most preposterous thing I have heard this year. Fortunately the year is young so there is still a good chance that someone will out-do BiW on this one before we hit 2011.

  55. “R”,

    Sadly, I’ve been up till 2am two nights in a row and am just too damn dead tired to blog tonight. Suffice it to say Obama kicked the GOP’s ass today so badly that the anal ointment factories have had to double production.

    Still sniffing the glue I see. Unfortunately, while you’ve been puffing the pud until 2:00 AM for two nights in a row, it was all over the net and FOX News (I threw that one in for you Mr. Lawson) just how feeble THE FECKLESS ONE looked today, as I pointed out in an earlier comment. Once again exposed as a juvenile liar.

  56. If you think Obama kicked the GOP’s ass, then I think you are over tired.

    Get some rest, so that way you are some decent competition when you try and defend that ridiculous comment.

    Here is some of what you can look forward to:

    First of all: The GOP was, we all kinda know, ready to roll over and compromise, or at least enough of our Reps and Senators were to give Obama his win. It was only agitation from the grassroots that put some steel in their spine. And not, how Mr. Top-Down Command-and-Control You-Little-People-Listen-To-Your-Leaders would have it, the other way around, wherein our “leaders” told us what to think and what to say.

    Second of all: The complaint he makes actually applies ten times as much to himself. It is this asshole who’s telling everyone WE’RE ALL GOING TO FUCKING DIE, this asshole telling tales of foot-hungry amputating jigsaw surgeons, this asshole who sold his nutroots on the notion that the public option was the only path to single payer, and single payer is the only path to equality and wonderfulness.

    And it is this asshole — President “I Won” — who has staked his young and now failed presidency on nothing but winning and steamrolling the opposition and ignoring critics and demonizing dissenting voices, all to “win” on this issue, to prove he could win, and so to prove that he was El Supremo Jefe and we all had to buckle under his benevolent dictatorship.

    It is this asshole who has denied himself the wiggle room to compromise, and so it is this asshole who is now attempting to persuade us to compromise, because he can’t.

    Rest up, bud.

  57. When I can stay awake, I shall invest the time to read BiW’s latest post on the SOTU. This business about Obama needing to be disbarred for his SCOTUS comments is the most preposterous thing I have heard this year. Fortunately the year is young so there is still a good chance that someone will out-do BiW on this one before we hit 2011.

    I did not say “Disbarred”, I said “Disciplined”, and the former is the harshest form of the latter. Seeing as he is an “Honorary” member of the Illinois State Bar Association, I cannot say that disbarment would be very meaningful…it isn’t like he was paying to maintain his membership. Discipline, such as an admonishment, however, would at least show that (a) they really do take such things seriously, and (b) that there is not a double-standard for application of the rules of professional conduct, as would a public rebuke by the ABA which originally wrote the rule which was adopted by the Illinois Supreme Court.

    And you should reserve your judgement on what discipline is and is not preposterous until you have read attorney disciplinary notices month in and month out for years.

    Your ill-informed condescension is making you sound like an idiot. That isn’t good if you want to be taken seriously. But if you are angling for a job at MSDNC, you might have some success. Rumor has it that when they are reduced to a couple of hundred viewers for their highest rated shows in a few weeks, they might be hiring.

  58. Problem with No Child Left Behind- written by Ted Kennedy.

    Problem with immigration reform- taking John McCain’s ideas.

    Problem with Prescription Drug- too much compromise with the Dems.

    Bush’s second biggest fault was thinking that he could successfully coop Dems isues and pull in their support. Dems were all in support of Prescription drug plan, but now blast it for being unfunded, like any Dems plan is ever funded, but it just goes to show the duplicity of the Dems. For this fault, I put a healthy chunk of the fault on Karl Rove, I think he got a little carried away with the triangulation premise and it more or less backfired.

    Rove, like Dick Morris, is a conservative after being a political tactician.

  59. screw it. dead rabbit is taking over the blog, since Rutherford has surrendered. I will destroy this place with eclecticism of the rabbit.

  60. Well all you dudes who don’t listen to the internet radio show missed a rare treat. The one and only Dead Rabbit 2.0 called into the show, at first impersonating “Manny from San Francisco” (LOL) an ultra-liberal disappointed in moderate Obama’s first year. He finally could no longer resist and revealed his true identity (and his voice — I think).

    Anyway, it was a hoot and I must confess that he blew my cool (and possibly totally pissed off my co-host — ROTFL) 😀

  61. OH … of course, if any of you are interested in hearing the Rabbit you can tune into the replay of the show. Just click the BlogTalkRadio link in the sidebar of this blog.

  62. I wasn’t going to listen, but after my pal Rabbit dialed in, I had to tune in. Classic Rabbit 😆 😆 I was surely glad to finally hear the real voice; for a minute I thought we had a real lite in the loafer lib.

    Rutherford, since your tool for partner is too scared to debate on this blog so we can shred her like we do you, tell her two things for me:

    (1) Obama isn’t just left of center – he’s so far left he’s not even on the playing field. That must be parody.

    (2) Sandi is lying thru her teeth that Obama took responsibility for the failure in his state of the union speech. And your lying thru your teeth that Obama made a grand showing in front of the Republican retreat. I’ve already posted how Obama got his ass handed to him about deficit which is now beyond dispute as I gave you the facta. You like to talk about projection – your high definition pal.

    See you in November!

    P.S. – what I handed you about FOX News wasn’t me sport. It was a national survey. You’ve got a complaint, take it up with the one conducting the polls. You don’t even attempt to answer charges anymore because you can’t. 😉

  63. LMAO, Dead Rabbit was hilarious. I’m still listening to the show but his liberal impression was great, tho I thought he sounded great.

    sexy voice btw 😛

  64. WARNING: This article isn’t for the leftists of Rutherford’s blog, but if I were as talented as this author, I don’t believe I could much better summarize why I find the leftists so shallow and weak, including their Dear Leader.

    If you choose to read it, understand that I don’t think all of this necessarily holds for Rutherford, because he at least attempts on his blog (but not his radio show which is much more revealing) to have some objectivity and some rationale. But it definitely passes for what represents most of progressive America.

    Read it when you get a chance and see if you don’t agree with me.

  65. Rutherford says

    Suffice it to say Obama kicked the GOP’s ass today so badly that the anal ointment factories have had to double production.

    I’m curious if any dems have a bit of fear and loathing in the “New O”? I think his GOP retreat retread of “campaign Obama” is a dangerous thing and not for my side.’
    I’ve seen many people state enthusiastic praise of this coming out. The same folks seem to believe this is a great idea and a massive problem for the Republicans.
    I can’t say I see this at all. Although far from hat in hand Obama went to the GOP and got as good as he gave. Any slight advantage to O has to be dismissed when one learns the uppity ups of the event restrained the lower masses from asking questions they really wanted. If this was such a victory for Obama why did it need to be staged and under cooperative terms with the perceived enemies.?
    I also think that as the year moves on Campaign Obama will only allow the GOP to ramp up mid term contests.
    Liberals or at least Dems seem to believe there is a rebirth of Obama afoot. I think what we’re seeing is truly the beginning of the end.
    Obama has peaked in one year. He failed to exert leadership instead allowing douchebags like Pelosi,Reid and wonks move on HIS agenda. He foolishly forfeited his mandate.
    he is now a year early to a lame duck session. Purple district Dems will need to avoid him and PD Repubs can nationalize their contests ala Brown.
    As for the SCOTUS point. Nothing is farther from reality than to think O came out on top in that. The “contest” is limited to those that follow it but really,there is no way an honest person can give O a W over Alito on this. If nothing else it is the cherry on the shit sundae that is Obmas first year. Sotomayers looked like a greasy hair cafeteria worker at the SOTU event and her vote on the case too predictable. The court remains the 5-4 machine it has been for decades and the 5 isn’t going anywhere barring terrorist attack on the courthouses tennis court.

  66. Alfie,

    If I could make a prediction about the next three political years, it would be this. If Republicans make huge gains in November, large enough to for all intents and purposes to offset the neo-progressivism called Obama, I think Obama wins in 2012.

    And I say that because I think Americans have become so shallow and so apathetic, that they will again buy off on the cult of personality and resort back to useless phrases of “yes we can” and “we are that generation.” While I am Obama’s biggest critic and believe he is a complete sham, dangerous and naive, there is no doubt that at least 50% of Americans are enamored by Obama.

    Don’t ask me why – I find him so superficial and narcissistic to be without foundation, unless foundation would be self. But that is the America I see and have come to expect; spoiled and shallow.

  67. Yes, Manny does have a sexy voice.

    However, the sound of my own voice makes me cringe. I can’t stand hearing the recording of my own voice. I have always been that way.

  68. Should I add Iran to my ever growing Microsoft Excel sheet of Obama failures?

    McCain told him. He wouldn’t listen. I watched the whole conversation over and over during the debates.

    Can Rutherford agree that the Obama of the campaign was utterly wrong on Iran during the campaign?

    “The deployment comes after Obama’s attempts to emphasise diplomacy over confrontation in dealing with Iran – a contrast to the Bush administration’s approach – have failed to persuade Tehran to open its nuclear installations to international controls. The White House is now trying to engineer agreement for sanctions focused on Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, believed to be in charge of the atomic program”

  69. LOL regarding Manny, I was thinking to myself for much of the time, why doesn’t this dude stop whining and grow the f*ck up? I remained polite and was almost relieved that it was Rabbit. Still, I think it was perceptive of Rabbit to know that these types of dreamers do exist …. and no, I am not one of them.

    Furthermore, I think only the most narcissistic among us really likes the sound of our recorded voice. I’m not thrilled with mine but it is what it is. (I was told before my tracheotomy that I had a voice for radio but honestly, I’ve grown to like my rasp better than the “smooth” voice I had before.)

  70. I must admit when I heard Manny’s soft voice he reminded me of a guy that stays in his moms basement who’s probably on the computer 24/7 playing world of warcraft. Nonetheless the liberal impression was dead on, fooled me. I think Sandi was getting annoyed lol could have swore she was getting ready to tell him to grow the f**k up.

    I meant, I thought DR’s real voice was sexy, not Manny’s … I don’t like the sound of my voice either which is why I’m never brave enough to call in. I don’t like your raspy voice R lol how could you grow to like that!? lol just kidding.

  71. “I’m curious if any dems have a bit of fear and loathing in the “New O”?” ~ Alfie

    Nope. He isn’t the “New O” either, he has just decided to be more forceful like he was during the campaign. The O we saw at the retreat was the O we voted for.

  72. Ssince Rabbit gets to post irrelevant sh*t (comment 75) I reserve the right to post some humor. I got a major kick out of this:

    During a recent password audit, IT discovered a blonde was using the following password:


    When they asked why such a long password, she said she was told that it had to be at least 8 characters long and include one capital.

  73. since Rutherford has surrendered

    One point of clarification. My time management skills suck worse than you could possibly imagine. I have a backlog of reading to do for this blog (stuff you guys have posted) that isn’t even funny. In fact, my time management skills are worse than usual lately.

    So no I haven’t surrendered, it’s just taking me a real long time to reload my gun. 🙂 (I think I heard something like that from Sarah Palin … man she inspires me!)

  74. Except Sarah carries a real gun….

    BIC – I suspect Axelrod is looking to cover Obama’s national blasting of the SCOTUS, because it is looking worse as time goes on. I’ve even had Democratic neighbors comment on the lack of class.

    Axelrod is a simple propagandist and not the sharpest tool in the shed when I have stomached to listen to him. And since he is a hired hand, like the good lackey, he will step forward to take the heat off Obama’s cowardly actions. There will come a day when Emanuel and Axelrod will be asked to fall on the sword – you watch.

    Perhaps more classless are schmucks like UpChuck Schumer and his taunts directly behind Alito. Be glad I’m not Alito. If I were, and somebody were clapping ferociously right behind my head as the class bully was attempting to put me on the spot, I would have busted Schumer right in the mouth and pushed his buck teeth in the back of his throat for all to see.

  75. Perhaps more classless are schmucks like UpChuck Schumer and his taunts directly behind Alito. Be glad I’m not Alito. If I were, and somebody were clapping ferociously right behind my head as the class bully was attempting to put me on the spot, I would have busted Schumer right in the mouth and pushed his buck teeth in the back of his throat for all to see.

    Tex, as I explained, most Supreme Court Justices understand the gravity of their position, and are used to dealing with limited intellects like Schmucky Schumer. His response was the only one his office would allow.

  76. Oh Rutherford, another medal on my wall. Are you familiar with the forum Hysterical Raisins? Took only two comments there to be admonished for deletion. 😆 I give you one thing – you may be the only progressive blogger left on wordpress that isn’t a coward.

    Can you tell I’m iced in and bored this week? 🙂

  77. That air cannon is insane. I was hoping the video would show the bowling ball.

    Those two dudes are the kind of guys that would survive in a Mad Max world.

    My favorite part? No permit.

  78. Sensico, actually the nicest “compliment” I ever got about my post tracheotomy voice was that I sounded like a male Demi Moore. LOL After some awkward silence, the lady said “I meant that as a compliment”.

  79. Rutherford,

    As you were bragging about Obama rubbing the Republican’s nose in the dirt at the lovefest last week, I challenged you with some information that you must have ignored on your radio blog. In actuality, Obama had his nose rubbed in it according to these facts.

    It was stated that Obama’s deficits in one month accumulated to Bush’s deficits in one year – which wasn’t quite accurate. However, Obama acted as if the claim was a bald faced lie.

    So since you won’t answer, I was wondering if you could pass this on to Obama and have him explain this graph to the American public at his next Caesar’s meeting?

  80. Watch the Queen Bee of the PuffHO get pawned by a real professional. This is great stuff! Libs, when are you going to learn that FOX News and Roger Ailes are head and shoulders above anything your can present?

    As Rush Limbaugh pawns Air America, Roger Ailes and FOX News pawn MSNBC. 😆

  81. Man, this site is dead anymore…perhaps I shouldn’t post truth but pink rainbows and lollipop stories. I think the left has gone into hibernation. Was I too rough? Too mean? Too many fact finding missions? I guess I shouldn’t have used the leftist tactics I learned from the progressives the last five years. 😦

    Nonetheless, something for everybody. I want to show an absolute abuse of office – AND RUTHERFORD, SINCE YOU DON’T ANSWER ME ANYMORE, I would think this would piss you off more than most. How about using the military to haul your children and grandchildren to and fro – “official business, of course.” And read closely at the rate reimbursed.

    Tell you something. I don’t care who or what party is doing this. If you’re taking advantage of this scope and magnitude, you should immediately be removed from office, because if this isn’t stealing from every taxpayer, I don’t know what is.

  82. Rutherford,

    Remember when I told you in 2008 (hard to believe it has been that long) that if Obama won, it would be the best thing that ever happened to the Conservative party? I was prophetic…

    Don’t know what happens to Dear Obama from here on out, but the Conservative party is gaining steam and RINO’s can kiss their ass goodbye. Wouldn’t surprise me to see McCain looking in from the outside either come about September.

    Now the real battle begins between guys like you and guys like me. 🙂

  83. Tex, it has very little to do with RINO’s. It has to do with incumbents. Once again, the general populace is pissed and they want to throw the bums out so anyone resembling a typical Dem or Republican is in danger.

    BTW, how ’bout your girl Sarah? She’s endorsing the RINO instead of going rogue and supporting that radio host who’s challenging McCain.

  84. Rutherford, not Conservative Republicans. In my state, Coburn will win by 30. Kind of blows your theory about incumbents. But I didn’t say it was just about RINO’s – I said they would be the first to go.

    You continue to confuse me as fan of Sarah Palin. I assume from your comment that she endorsed McCain? If so, you can understand why I don’t find Sarah a viable candidate.

    She’s an asset and I like her – but not as a candidate for national office.

  85. Rutherford,

    How is you get time to answer questions you might find favorable to hide Obama’s miserable performance, but you never answer many of my difficult questions, including links.

    You burning out as I suspect? Not fun havng to continually defend failure, is it?

  86. “Not fun havng to continually defend failure”

    Rutherford knows how bad it is. I can sense it in his voice.

    He doesn’t respond to anything we say anymore becuase he can’t.

    How does one defend the worst first year performance of a life time.

    I would love to get any liberal’s take on Iran who watched the debates. Obama was so utterly wrong on Iran. This wasted year will proof disastrous, I’m afraid.

    Looks like the morons are going to try KSM on some rock of the coast of New York. They are still calling it a constitutionally sound trial, though.

    The stupidest thing I’ve ever witnessed! Making Al Queda operatives American citizens. It makes me irate, actually.

  87. Rabbit,

    You noticed how many of these lib/progressive/Marxist WordPress guys and gals are cowards? Go comment on some of Rutherford’s lefty links, and one truthful comment negative about Obama’s dismal performance, you’re canned. It’s become a hobby of sorts.

    Liberals don’t want real debate. They are propagandists. Rutherford’s approach is more mature and mild, but he suffers from the same malady as his lefty WordPress cronies.

    It’s the reason his buddy Sandi avoids the blog. Knee-jerk lib self-described. 😉

  88. They have become so damn superficial. Logic is no longer addressed. Even their own conclusions are ignored.

    Take the KSM trial. I just saw that Kraut guy (forgot his name) on FOX steal my thunder. How in the holy hell is trying this guy in a federal court an example of “rule of law”? The administration is guaranteeing a guilty verdict and death penalty. You put this with KSM’s lack of Miranda rights, lack of speedy trial, lack of an untainted jury pool etc. etc. and whats THE POINT?????????????

    Rutherford, where is the rule of law? I’m begging you to point it out to me. Forget me. Point it out to all the Nobel Peace Prize euro-sissies you care so much about.

    This is bar none the dumbest thing I’ve have ever seen in my life.

    I have a old Navy buddy from New Jersey who is a big time liberal. Even he is disgusted with this decision.

  89. You know Rabbit. Even if Rutherford can’t understand our reasoning for thinking Holder’s decision to try KSM in NYC was asinine, you would have at least thought that just the sheer cost (some estimates were at a billion dollars) just to provide security would have made Rutherford to at least give thought to military tribunal.

    But even enormous debt that we can no longer incur doesn’t phase the chance to score political points to bash Bush. It’s all they’ve got.

  90. You burning out as I suspect?

    What about my time management skills issue did you not understand? Again, see comment 91.

    But here’s one answer for you. Roger Ailes is a parade float from hell. The man spews venom. And the worst thing that could have happened Sunday morning on ABC’s “This Week” was to have Arianna Huffington acost him since she has lots of sins of her own to account for. Sadly, his retort to her was right on the money. She’s in no position to counsel anyone on the use of words. As I tweeted at the time, the exchange was basically a tie … two extremists in a battle over extremist language. One thing is for sure, after watching Roger on “This Week” all doubt that Fox might be “fair and balanced” was laid to rest. 🙂

  91. I’m doing some additional research on the KSM situation for a possible post in the next day or so. The cost and security risk issues of trying KSM in NYC is a dumbass Chicken Little tactic by conservatives who want to oppose anything the Obama administration wants to do.

    Military tribunals have been successfully challenged in our courts as unconstitutional. So I’m not sure that’s your answer if you want justice done. HOWEVER, there are issues that have been raised in the past that are beginning to sway my thinking. As I said, after I dot my i’s and cross my t’s I will share my latest perspective.

  92. Rabbit, LOL …. Obama was not wrong on Iran since Obama never guaranteed what Iran’s approach to us would be. All Obama did was state what OUR approach should be and from an ethical perspective he was right. You take the high road. You try negotiation. When that fails you move to sanctions. I, for one, am very glad to see the Bush “shoot first ask questions later” approach gone.

    No one on the international stage can fault us for sanctions or even military action against Iran because we did the right thing first. That’s the way good international citizens behave.

  93. Tex, regarding your getting banned on a couple of blogs recently, I’ve never understood banning anyone for ideas, no matter how crudely put. Make no mistake, I did not ban Elric because of his politics. It was pure ego on my part. He pissed me off by showing me a form of disrespect that from my perspective was worse than any of the outrageous sh*t you or Rabbit have said here. And, as I commented before, I “unbanned” Elric on Christmas Eve in keeping with the holiday spirit ( 😀 ). He just doesn’t know it. (You’ll be happy to know Elric has found a sympathetic ear on Twitter, and he continues to piss liberal tweeps off.)

    As for Sandi, she has her own blog and has no need to come here and take you guys on. I also sense she has a bit less patience for debate than I do. I can go three or four rounds on a topic before I fatigue. I also sense she is more comfortable in a verbal argument than in a written one. You might notice that she engaged quite eagerly with “Manny” the other night.

  94. R, i responded to you again in the abortion thread, and explained to you why you are wrong in the Obama SOTU thread.

    I had to pay $600 a credit hour for Con Law when I earned my J.D.

    If you make me give you chapter and verse like that again, you better bring your checkbook next time. 😉

  95. LOL Sensico, Elric finally got bored with me … he doesn’t even harass me on Twitter anymore. You’re right, he’s found his niche. I’m happy for him. Disturbingly I actually found myself agreeing with him over on Gorilla’s blog earlier today! 😯

  96. Rutherford,

    Where do I start?

    The one billion quote is four years at $250MM a year. Concerning this one, you’re so wrong I’ll not even argue. I’ll let Michael Bloomberg do it for me and let you learn that in November the only way you understand. But if Obama were smart, Holder should be fired for incompetence. Holder’s performance in front of the Senate trying to explain the situation was the worst I have ever seen. Even Lindsey Graham, no genius himself, shredded Holder and made him look the fool. If you had any sense, you would have been embarrassed for the man.

    You banned Elric for reasons that you do to me virtually every day. He provided links, you ignored them, and then demanded that he answer your one question which he refused – one of your weaker moments but it is your blog and we post as your leisure. I thought it incredibly hypocritical myself. You don’t answer questions with documented proof that make you uncomfortable. Or you’ll try to find some baseless charge of because of “B”, “A” is therefore excusable.

    Obama has no clue on Iran, never did and I knew it, and will now get thousands killed. Israel, who disdains Obama and recognizes a useful idiot when they see one, will be forced to bail the empty suit out of his dilemma, probably this year. Obama hasn’t even had the guts to stare down somebody as weak as Mahmoud. In the Muslim world, that is perceived as weakness – which Obama more than complies. Hopefully, it will be the final nail in the coffin.

    I don’t know if it was LIsa Douglas’ intent to “accost” Ailes or not, but Ailes had for breakfast a piece of Lisa’s ignorant ass. That was great theater, but I’m not sure how you define Ailes’ spewing venom, because I follow politics too and that was only the second time I’ve heard him. I would expect you to hate Ailes as I expect you to hate Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and your ever growing Conservative hate list because on a level playing field, they continually beat progressives like a dirty rug. I don’t believe Ailes has denied his Conservative bent, but being since the last election FOX News has gained a 20% increase in 18-54 demographic and MSNBC has lost a whopping 47%, I would say Ailes the venom spewer is also the king money manager.

    Sandi is a typical lib. She wouldn’t make it two minutes without your help. The only question is, will you recognize the weakness typically inherent in your philosophy? :Let me call collect and I’ll prove it. wink:

  97. BiW, thanks I’ll read your latest “class notes” tomorrow after I get some sleep.

    $600.00 per credit hour. Dang, I sure hope you made that back in spades with a lucrative law practice. 😉

    P.S. Growing up, I was often told I should become a lawyer. Now I almost wish I had simply to even the field a bit in our sparring match. 🙂 (C’mon, you have to give me some credit on my challenge of your Rule 8.2 assertion!)

  98. By the way Rutherford. Again, I do wish to profess my sincere thanks for letting me throw eggs on your board. For that simple fact, I think far more highly of you than say someone like Sandi. I’ve been impressed with your intestinal fortitude, as I was with Chen.

    And if you’re ever interested in why “God allows bad things to happen to good people”, I’ve got a very interesting 6:00 minute video that answers your questions.

  99. Tex, so much for my getting to bed on time. You’re actually wrong about Elric. The reason I demanded an answer to a particular question was very simply that I was not going to be ignored on my own blog. The dude was habitually addressing my readers to my absolute exclusion. It pissed me off royally. And you know full well no human being could have kept up with Elric’s barrage of links. If I should feel guilty for addressing one out of 10 links he posted, then I’m guilty as charged. I actually ended up engaging more with him on Twitter. But I hardly ignored him here. He got proportionately as much of my attention as any of you did.

    You need not use money as your excuse not to call in and confront Sandi. All you need is Skype my friend and you can “call” into blogtalkradio for free. 🙂

    Sometime in the next day or so, I’ll send you a screen shot of exactly where to click in order to get through.

  100. This Saturday, the old man will be celebrating his 22nd wedding anniversary, so how about in two weeks? Give me the topics at hand and I’ll come prepared loaded to fire both pistols. I’ll try to be nice, but I must admit like Sandi thinks, I have little patience for stupidity.

    Now an admission – You’ve got me. I haven’t heard of Skype…and will readily admit, since I left corporate America seven years ago, I have actually rebelled against technology (except for the TV and this overpriced tablet I’ve been using as of late (medical school). I still prefer a desktop.

    Like my Dear Mother once said to me when I complained she didn’t even have email, “Why? I thought this technology stuff was supposed to save time? Why do people always complain about never having time then?”

    She was right.

  101. (C’mon, you have to give me some credit on my challenge of your Rule 8.2 assertion!)

    No, I don’t. You read it and assumed that a remark has to single out a judge in order to run afoul of the rule. The pResident’s falsehoods attacked the integrity of the Court by impliying that they had done something both “unprecedented” and devoid of legal or ethical justification. They did neither, and the pResident’s use of two falsehoods in his statement to make such impression clearly violated the rule, as anyone who has ever endured a semester of Professional Responsibility in law school can tell you.

  102. devoid of legal or ethical justification

    Now, on your blog BiW I conceded that Obama’s statement was broad and exaggerated … but damn, aren’t you exaggerating a wee bit here? Devoid of legal or ethical justification? C’mon. That’s a bit much.

    Since I lack the degree, I think I will henceforth have to take the perspective of Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer:

    Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I’m just a caveman. I fell on some ice and later got thawed out by some of your scientists. Your world frightens and confuses me!

  103. Everyone remember the good old days of wine and roses, or was it ‘Hope & Change’, when the generation of “we are the ones” promised us that lead by the new messiah, THE ONE, U.S. citizens would see vast improvement in relations, soothe old wounds, improve the American image, make new friends, and purge bad memories of the infamous George Bush?

    Uh huh.

    How does deteriorating conditions with 1 in 5 people on earth strike you for immediate success? Perhaps not as contradictory as our new friend Mahmoud telling us after “dialogue” that we are toast, but nonetheless quite an achievement in twelve months.

    Congratulations to all the Obama groupies…may your promises of Hope bring you the Change you deserve.,7340,L-3843279,00.html

  104. Tex, I really have to wonder if you even read the Ynet article. So let me see, if there’s a choice between supporting your President or COMMUNIST China, you go with China? Did I understand that right?

    So you agree with China that we should chat more with Mahmoud instead of sanctions? Do I understand that right?

    Look, I already know that the Tex channel is all-anti-Obama all the time, but come on, be a bit selective on which Obama critics you align yourself with.

  105. Now come Rutherford – if you’re going to be fair in judgment, if you are going to hold yourself to the same high standards you demand of us on the opposite side, then you really must accurately frame the real question. If not, then it is only fair of me to get to ask in return, “Do you actually side with France, or Iran or Syria over George Bush and the United States, because since 2003 until Nov 2009, you parroted their message of our atrocities, our imperialism, our blood for oil?”

    You promised us that the world would love us when Obama was elected. And you cheered your dear leader when he proclaimed if we only had dialogue with our enemies, they would love and accept us. They would listen to us and reason. Remember?

    Like so many other facets of this blog, you again ask the wrong question. It isn’t who I side with that is important, but the unfulfilled promises of what you and Obama proclaimed would be the result of his being elected, his audacity of hope, his profundity of “Yes We Can!”

    But that hasn’t happened now, has it? If I’m wrong, point out my errors. The days of laurel wreaths and greek columns appear to be history – and we are still waiting for Obama’s grand promises to come to fruition of the world’s love and admiration.

    Rutherford, as well as you write, and you do, you are terribly naive and willfully dishonest about what transpired for seven years before Obama. And now that the shoe is on the other foot, and it is you that is receiving the steel-toed boot in the ass, and now that you are called on the carpet so to speak to answer questions of unfulfilled expectations, you’re not liking much, are you?

  106. Rutherford, when you do write, please be sure to include Holder’s comments on why he wants the trial in New York. (You know, because it would be cool to give KSM the death penalty there) and every other damn assorted Valentine Box of blatant infringements

    Basically, be sure to stick to your guns on how this is all worth it due to “rule of law”. I’m dying to see this. I really am.

    You do remember the lecture you gave us about “rule of law”? And why this trial will make us look so “neato” to lovers of liberty?

    Then again, perhaps you were just towing company line with that bull shit.

    Chicken Hawk? How is it chicken hawk? I don’t even get that? Am I a chicken hawk? I’d slit KSM’s throat with my buck knife and then eat a drippy rack of ribs for dinner…

  107. I was over reading at Rutherford’s blog partner weblog and I came across this idiot named Absurdist (and he was) that made some really bold claims about the Clinton “surplus”.

    Rutherford on cue was sucking Absurdist’s toes as libs do when they think nobody else is in the room to separate them during group think sessions.

    So, I decided to do a little research about Clinton Conservatism and balanced budgets. And lo and behold, I come across that fact that is never challenged is total bullshit.

    Ignoring the fact that Clinton was most definitely a benefactor of the serendipity of a stock market bubble, Clinton still ran a deficit, contrary to popular opinion.

    Show me Rutherford where Clinton ran a surplus please.

  108. Okay Rutherford. I hope you’re sitting down. I’m going to take up for your Dear Leader – but only this one time.

    This criticism about Obama’s remark about “how you don’t blow your kid’s college fund in Vegas”? Then these demagogues feigning outrage because of Vegas’ high unemployment rate and Obama’s lack of sensitivity about Vegas? This represents much that is wrong about politics.

    I know Obama is a gutless, self-serving, politically correct narcissist who by the time its over, will make Jimmy Carter look good. I’ve made it abundantly clear I hate liberalism, think Obama and his super majority are between a bad joke and nightmare, and do believe given time liberalism would destroy the country like it has most of public education and manufacturing.

    But even I, one of Obama’s worst critics, am not going to measure every word the man says because he happens to pick some town to use in a very appropriate example. These speech police make me puke and I’m tired of them. In fact, I want to start bullying them to give them a taste of their own medicine.

    I might even admire Obama if he stood up and said what Dick Cheney said to Patrick Leahy – something about copulate and self.

  109. So you agree with China that we should chat more with Mahmoud instead of sanctions? Do I understand that right?

    Yeah we actually should seeing as sanctions are not going to work.
    The Iran/Obama tangent this thread has flirted with is very interesting. Rutherford, I don’t think you are on firm ground here.
    Even under Bush the Iranians were actually in a better place. They helped with Afghanistan intel. They sadly countered that with support for killers in Iraq.
    People will laugh their asses off but I firmly believe the US/Iran relations had a better chance ,albeit lost it too, under W than we do now. Right now we got zip.
    Iran is also ramping up credible stories for domestic and friendlies consumption that will nail Obama by the dangling twins to a wall.

  110. Tex….retract that statement. the full context of the statement isn’t the dig at Vegas that some want to paint it as but it’s still one of the stupidest things Barry has ever uttered. He made the comment to highlight how we (the USA specifically govt.) shouldn’t be overspending. He said this in defense of a 3.83 TRILLION dollar budget that gives the USA its highest deficits evah.

  111. I might even admire Obama if he stood up and said what Dick Cheney said to Patrick Leahy – something about copulate and self.

    Well, he could always just scratch his head with his middle finger. 🙂

  112. Alfie,

    It’s not want Barack said – but what he has done that I’m outraged. I’ve posted numerous times about how dangeous the budget deficit is – including providing the graphs from above proving what has happened the last 13 months far exceeding anything Bush oversaw.

    My post is in reference specifically to the reaction of the equally worthless demagogues and thought police, who have proven about as useful as a man’s nipple. It isn’t Barack’s analogy that is wrong – he was right in his statement. Too bad he doesn’t follow his own advice.

    Now if you want me to condemn Barack for imposing this misguided and bankrupt policy, fair enough. But I think I’ve done that.

  113. OH. MY. GOD.

    National Review needs to get its paranoid ass in order. The simple fact, Tex, is that you and your paint-ball-on-the-weekends crew got busted. We Mirandized Hot Pants and after some persuasion from his family …. truth is he is barely beyond a kid himself — he kept singing like a song bird.

    The “delay” gave Al Qaeda time to run for the hills? Gimme a break. No f*cking ticking time bomb here, 24 fanatics! The leaks tell Al Qaeda that he’s snitching? You’ve gotta be f*cking kidding me? What do you think most half-assed criminals do when they get caught? They snitch. This is no-sh*t Sherlock big time!

    I am in the process of researching a post that will blow this dumb National Review argument to shreds.

    BTW … a clue that names matter. The National Review, i.e. head-up-the-ass stuck in the past unable to get beyond Neanderthal. The New Republic …. need I say more?

  114. For the record Tex and Alfie, Obama was justifying the discretionary spending freeze coming next year, which is perfectly consistent with the notion of proper priorities, i.e. not blowing your kid’s college fund in Vegas. Tex was right … Vegas wusses need to get a pair.

    Alfie, since you agree with China that sanctions don’t work, then what’s your next move? Wanna preemptively bomb them like our dear friend Elric advocates?

  115. Rutherford, you’ve made bold claims many a time here about how you are going to blow our charges out of the water, only for them to invisibly disappear to be forgotten and never addressed. I tell you as a friend, don’t take up poker – because you’re not very good at bluffing.

    But I’ll be patient about “your research”, because to the best of my recollection, I’ve never been proven wrong here yet.

    If this kid was singing like a “jaybird” as you attest, why have Dims after coming under intense criticism only made mention of it now? How Mr. Underwear Bomber miraculously explained in 50 minutes everything we need to know?

    Any bets about who finds egg on their face when this is concluded “R”? And please, let’s not let this one simply slip by when the conclusion doesn’t fit your initial charges like you happened to have ignored about the supposed Louisiana Watergate. 😉

  116. Rutherford,

    I reread the article and will now post it in full for everyone’s amusement, as it obviously has really struck a nerve:

    Wednesday, February 03, 2010

    The Saga of Abdulmutallab, Underwear Bomber [Dana M. Perino & Bill Burck]

    Just when you think it can’t get worse . . .

    We had to do a double take last night when we saw the news stories about the Christmas Day terrorist, Abdulmutallab. Let us make sure we’ve got this straight: The administration last week admitted that the none of the intelligence services was consulted when Abdulmutallab was Mirandized after 50 minutes of questioning and then charged as a criminal defendant. Some in the administration even claimed that those 50 minutes were enough time to get everything he knew out of him. (Yeah, right. Former CIA director Michael Hayden demolished this ridiculous idea in his Sunday op-ed in the Washington Post.)

    Now the administration has begun systematically leaking to the press that he started talking again last week after FBI agents prevailed upon his family in Nigeria to convince him to cooperate.

    Last week?! So, first of all: How many of his fellow terrorists have rolled up operations since Christmas Day and headed for the hills? They’ve skedaddled for sure. It’s a classic al-Qaeda tactic: hold out for as long as you can so your fellow terrorists can go underground.

    But even worse is that someone in the administration is leaking this at all. How does it further our national-security interests to tell Abdulmutallab’s fellow terrorists overseas that he is informing on them? What would you do if you were one of those fellow terrorists? If you hadn’t already gone to ground, you sure would do so now.

    If the administration believed it was important to reassure Congress that Abdulmutallab was cooperating, they should have done so in private in closed session with the Senate and House Intelligence Committees. This kind of sensitive information is shared all the time in that way. It is bad practice to tell the world that a terrorist has agreed to spill the beans on his fellow terrorists who are still walking around free overseas. That is, of course, unless the principal motivation is to try to save political hides at home, even at the expense of actually finding the terrorists Abdulmutallab worked with.

    It will be interesting to find out what kind of deal Abdulmutallab has received in exchange for his “cooperation.” Less prison time? A room with a view? Who knows?

    The CIA interrogation program disbanded by President Obama produced an enormous amount of intelligence from people like KSM, according to former CIA Director Hayden. KSM most assuredly did not get a deal for his cooperation.

    For those not of the liberal persuasion who still see clearly on the board, you can see why Rutherford is attempting to get ahead of the curve like he did Christmas Day in trying to cover the Obama Administration’s clear ineptness in providing safety for its citizens.

    Rutherford is shrewd to recognize that if this comes to national light, and being the MSM is even having a difficult time making these charges go away though they’ll make the attempt, the entire Obama Administration could be culpable – including Dear Leader.

    Should be fun to watching it play out…

  117. Rutherford I don’t believe in a preemptive strike on Iran. I also must stress that its not so much that I agree with China as much as quite simply China is right.


    For sure fire answers to ignorant Obama statements about not returning to past policies:

    Which party has controlled Congress for the last three years? Answer, the Democrats.

    When did the recession start?
    Answer, 11 months AFTER the Democrats took over Congress.

    What was the unemployment rate the day the Democrats took over Congress?
    Answer 4.6%.

    What is the unemployment rate today?
    Answer 10.1%.

    If we can pass cap & trade, raise middle class taxes if Obama ever gets around to defining middle class, let the real tax cuts of Bush expire, proceed with socialized medicine, and grab at least one more trillion buck public slush called stimulus, I wonder how “progressed” we can get?

  119. OH BTW … memo to Mayor Goodman (could the name be any more ironic?):

    Your city bankrupts poor idiots who think they can actually “win” in your casinos. It has not been that long since your city was owned by the mob. So get off your high horse. If Obama visits Vegas, it’ll be good for your bottom line and since that is all you really care about, you will happily not only forgive him but kiss his ass.

  120. “R”,

    Hey Tex, for someone who “defended” Obama on this, you sure are having fun making hay of it.


    Well, of course. I can multitask – that’s what you always tell me Obama does! Right? 😛

    Oh Rutherford, for being such a loon, you still are good guy unlike your hero. You’re just such an inviting target my better angels disappear.

    P.S. – I thought Las Vegas was still the mob. :question:

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