Are Liberals Really This Stupid?

On the night following the election of Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown to the US Senate, Howard Dean, former chair of the DNC, made an argument about the election on MSNBC’s “Hardball” that boggled the mind. He said that folks who voted for Obama ended up voting for Brown because the current health care bill does not go far enough.

Excuuuuuuuse me? I had to “rewind” the Tivo at least three times to make sure I heard him correctly. Chris Matthews essentially told him he was crazy and I agreed. Then I actually looked at the poll numbers upon which Dean based his assertion. You’ve got to see this crap to believe it.

First asked 1000 folks who voted for Obama in 2008 whether they favored the current health care reform effort.

OK, so now our conservative friends are licking their lips. You see!!! No one wants the government involved in health care. This Brown election is a message to Washington!

Sorry, my tea bag dunkers but the stats get really weird from here.

They then asked the folks who said they opposed the current health care reform whether they felt it went too far or not far enough. Behold:

Sorry to disappoint the folks who want their country back but if we don’t count the fence-sitters,  most of the Obama voters who either voted for Brown or stayed home felt the current health care reform did not go far enough!

This brings me to my main point.


Granted the group polled were 2008 Obama voters, not necessarily liberal, but let’s face it, the great preponderance of them are liberal. These folks are such boneheads that they think the way to get good health care reform legislation is to either stay home or vote for a guy who explicitly said he would vote AGAINST health care reform. As crazy as Howard Dean sounded, the numbers backed up his statement.

But here’s the real rub. Dean didn’t seem the least bit angry at the Massachusetts voters. He seemed to almost have an “I told you so” attitude that this is the punishment we deserve for not taking reform far enough.

OK, let me give you liberals a clue for the next election. If you want something done, you vote for the person who ALSO wants that something done. You don’t let the perfect be the  enemy of the good (I know, over-used phrase but it works) and you don’t vote for the dude who will kill the very thing you want before it even has a chance.

I didn’t think I needed to spell that lesson out but apparently some liberals are just that stupid.

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53 thoughts on “Are Liberals Really This Stupid?

  1. I get that people will disagree with me on this but MA. isn’t all that liberal. Seriously folks this isn’t meant as an opening for an hour of stand up. The Bay State is more centrist than anything and I’d stack up our frequency of (R) governorships to prove it.

    I can’t say I care about either Tingles or Sreamin’ Dean on this one. I think there is something to say that MA went Hillary in the primary should we break out some pies that uses that data too?

  2. Rutherford and his clan of progressives should have their collective picture next to the word solipsistic in the dictionary. It was Bernie Goldberg who first turned me on to this truth.

    Can you imagine the confusion of using “MoveOn dot Org” to establish the real environment of opinion? Well, no conflict of interest there. 🙄

    I have been of this opinion for a long time. Rutherford seeks out propaganda information to justify his needs. Inconvenient facts are to be ignored, and polls supporting strongly held feelings corresponding with his own to be marketed, even celebrated.

    Bring out the kazoos!

  3. Alfie, though you would know Massachusetts better than I do, I would call Massachusetts a Rockefeller Republican state with a large dose of progressive persuasion right in the heart of Boston – say something like Cambridge.

    Though in national elections MA almost always goes blue, it was my experience that just outside Boston and certainly in western Mass, there is a large contingent of fiercely independent, old school conservatives – or at the very least Olympia Snowe lite Repubs. While soft on social issues, they are about as fundamental Libertarian as it gets with respect to government.

    It I were to voice my opinion, the most liberal states in the nation are Vermont and Hawaii. Hell, Vermont has two Senators, one of whom brags he is a socialist; the other, a socialist by any other name.

  4. I’ll go out on a limb and make a prediction that everyone will be hearing shortly. And I use this example because I believe it demonstrates the shallowness of progressive thought.

    At this moment, the stock market as dropped approximately 3% since the election of Brown. Soon, liberals with a little ‘l’ like Rutherford will be using this as an indicator of what happens when Conservatives are elected. This is the standard ploy of liberals like Rutherford.

    What Rutherford and his band of merry thieves will not notice is that the market is in theory a predictor – and if that theory holds true, it predicted last Tuesday (when it was up 150 points) that Scott Brown would win.

    They will never understand that the market is now telling Obama and company his policies are not working. Unemployment has actually inched back up (not surprising since the Christmas season has come and gone), the stimulus did not work and will not work because it doesn’t create wealth, and that Obama’s current emphasis of a “bank” tax is not conducive to free enterprise.

    But you mark my words, by tomorrow you will see Progressives spinning the Brown victory as bad for America, has increased unemployment, and that like this article the health care reform “did not go far enough”.

  5. I get that people will disagree with me on this but MA. isn’t all that liberal.

    I saw a similar comment on Twitter and I don’t argue with you on that, Alfie. Lets face it, a town that would sooner eat crushed glass than have their white kids go to school with black kids is hardly liberal.

    Makes me wonder how Teddy lasted 48 years. (And please don’t tell me he bought every election.)

  6. polls supporting strongly held feelings corresponding with his own to be marketed, even celebrated.

    Only problem there Tex is that the poll supported Dean’s supposition. I did not believe it till I saw it for myself and I still wish the findings were different. I’d hate to think these folks were that immature.

  7. Rutherford, you’re being the rube.

    The poll supports Dean’s position because MoveOn is supported with funds by people who believe like Dean. This is statistical sampling not for truth finding, but to lend support an already determined conclusion.

    I should be encouraging you to continue on with this hope – even ramrod through the health care as it exists. It will be found unconstitutional anyway and I’ve always known that. You can’t give one state this and another state that. Proceed on if you wish, but It will be a disaster in waiting for you come November.

    But as a friend, I’m telling you that you’re willingly being duped.

  8. Soon, liberals with a little ‘l’ like Rutherford will be using this as an indicator of what happens when Conservatives are elected.

    LOL I tweeted about this on Twitter. You see there were some, like Jim Cramer who told people to expect a big bounce the day after Brown was elected. Of course, the opposite happened.

    Now, I’m not saying Brown’s election had any effect really (I heard it was a strong dollar …huh?) but I did delight in the financial prognosticators being dead wrong. Bwahahahahahahaha!

    Tex, you should follow my Twitter stream but hell, you’re on the blog and you actually listened to the show so I can hardly expect a triple play from you. 🙂

    P.S. Do you have any idea how much time I devote to this stuff when I should be spending 24/7 finding a paying job (or at least paying clients for my current job)? I should have my head examined.

  9. OMG

    Lets face it, a town that would sooner eat crushed glass than have their white kids go to school with black kids is hardly liberal.

    How badly do I want to go nuts on that one????

    On the markets…there are those that talk trash and try to link it to their agendas then there are those that actually know a little about the world,money and luck.
    Brown and the markets is a good example. Some try to say the market saw him possibly winning and got happy. Then others said after he won that Big Pharma who is actually doing mutual lap dancing with the administration stood for a loss with Browns victory. Cut it out. Unemployment spiked again. Spin states backloads of apps due to holidays.Like that means the folks are any less unemployed. How stupid is that?

  10. Actually Jim Cramer who I disdain has yet to have his theory put the test Rutherford. But I will tell you Tuesday, before the election, the market was up while Coakley was down.

    Two days don’t make a market. It’s actually Obama that should be concerned about what is happening at this moment. The fall is based on (1) Unemployment beginning to edge back up (which I knew would happen); (2) Money managers adverse to the Obama bank tax proposal; (3) The debt ceiling continuing to rise.

    Two facts which are relevant: I don’t know when Obama will learn the lesson Clinton did – you can’t be hostile to the very entities that control hiring and the wealth; (2) Tex should have his ass kicked for staying in the market when he told his wife during the Christmas break time for us to move the money because I’m almost certain were going to the double dip. Lazy bastard that I am…

  11. Rutherford,

    My strong suit is the gift of gab. Not written prose. Had I saw the invite to co-host the show, I would have done it. And while I’m a busy man, Saturdays would have been perfect.

    Drop that canker sore. She does nothing to diversify the show.

    Who wants to get their daily dose of the Rutherford Lawson show via the I275 rest stop bathroom stall?

    She only echos your voice off a shit cliff.

    She transforms you into a eunuch.

    While I feel you are in fact a liberal lap dog, you’re also a cool ass first amendment motherfucker. You have balls. You don’t need stand behind a vile version of you. That’s not the Rutherford style.

    I’ve got the brains. I’ve got the body. You’ve got a little drool drooping off your chin and some lofty ideas. Let’s make lots of money!

    Rutherford and the Rabbit could end up going big time.

    I’m talking late night AM in Youngstown, Ohio or something, baby!

    I would do my homework and have some interesting ideas. I would respect and adhere to any standards you wanted.

    Look man, as much as you enrage me, I’m a big fan of the blog. For better or worse, I don’t go to any others.

    I was the first dedicated reader here.

    Rutherford and the Rabbit. Dial it in.

  12. Rutherford thinks that Brown won becuase the Massachusetts electorate is fuming that America’s leadership essentially hasn’t gone far enough to the left?

    Come on.

    To be honest, I don’t think that Massachusetts has suddenly been “Hannitized” either.

    It’s real easy. Occam, may I borrow your razor for a second?

    They voted Brown in becuase of a massive campaign lie by Obama.

    Hope and Change.

    Obama has a big problem on his hands: People believed him.

    Don’t by into Rutherford’s new found realist stance over the last couple of weeks. He believed him too.

    A blatantly corrupt and unchecked spend thirsty Congress lead by an out of touch lying President. That’s why Brown won.

    The icing on the cake? The 8% promised cap on unemployment if we hold our nose to a rotten piece pork passed during midnight.

  13. Oil supplies were higher than expected, and China consumption may be over estimated, which strebgthened the dollar and dropped barrel prices.

    Today dropped because Obama is going after banks- typical- and bank stocks dropped.

    Nothing to do with the election…

  14. Rabbit, I think you, BIC, Gorilla, Alfie, and myself should agree for one Saturday evening to “entertain” Rutherford, and call in simultaneously to have a Rutherford Lawson discussion. I’ll even track down Elric.

    I believe we owe Rutherford one free evening of “entertainment” and “simple” commentary concerning our opinions of President Barack Obama and progressives. I only ask that Rutherford have the program extended for a time, because it will take the second hour for the Rutherford ass to cool.


    Rutherford, I could hardly type that out without laughing and that may have been the first time I have type Bomba’s professional title in full – my fingers shook. 🙂

  15. That would almost be as fun as running Rutherford through the gauntlet in a inflatable “Moonwalk” at a toddler’s b-day party.

    I’m in!

    Can you believe things like this are barely a blip on the news radar?

    Rutherford, I keep looking for your blog entry about the inevitable demise of the Republican Party. The one when you compared them to the Whigs. I know I’ve brought it up before, but I really want to read it again. Would you post it again?

    By the way, going back and reading some of Rutherford’s early 2009 posts is really fun with this on repeat. I’m not kidding either, it’s a hoot.

  16. Rabbit,

    I had forgotten about Rutherford’s statement of Republicans going the way of the Whigs! That wasn’t but a few months ago either. 😆

    Oh well, the Repubs may go the way of the Whigs being more and more seem to consider ourselves Independents, Libertarians, Conservatives or whatever, but whatever the name, it won’t be the party voting for The Bomba.

    Is there anything more that can be exposed and published that makes the entire global warming claim exposed as a fraud. I think they ought to throw Bulbous Al Gore in the pen for fraud.

  17. Rutherford,

    Be sure to read the comments – some of them are classic.

    My favorite? The team names like the “Grand Wizards”.

  18. Here you go Rabbit, one of my golden oldies:

    Rabbit your comment made my day and I laughed my ass off. I know it won’t be long before you regret and retract the compliments contained therein.

    Seriously, I might consider a way to work you into the show … maybe a sort of “Andy Rooney” sign off just to leave my lib listeners really pissed off. I can even think of the technology to make it easy for you to pre-record your spiel such that I can upload it to my show. Could call it “A Word from the Rabbit”.

    As for the rest of you boys, feel free to call in. Sandi has a sharper bite than you might expect so don’t expect a walk in the park. 😉 Sensico is a regular but she lurks in the chat room and hasn’t phoned in yet. Too shy for the time being.

    Hey now that Air America is dead, there is more room for The Rutherford Lawson Show to soar to great heights!

  19. Hey Rutherford,

    Yesterday, I read in the obituaries a name I remembered – and I thought it high school. Turns out it was Jr. High, and why I remembered, I do not know as I wouldn’t have seen the guy in 35 years and wasn’t even close to him.

    Having told you that, I had to pull out a yearbook to find it. And as I perused the the book, I suddenly felt very old.

    You and I being approximately the same age, pretty humbling to feel you were looking at a lifetime ago. Sad really. Ever give thought to how many years we have left?

  20. Here Rutherford is the answer to your questions. This is the real message of last Tuesday. You and Sensico and Wally Curator need to wake up to this fact. And I really need to get to bed.

  21. Just to help clear the mud a bit…

    “After Coakley’s defeat, Obama pretended that the real cause was a generalized anger and frustration “not just because of what’s happened in the last year or two years, but what’s happened over the last eight years.”

    Let’s get this straight: The antipathy to George W. Bush is so enduring and powerful that … it just elected a Republican senator in Massachusetts? Why, the man is omnipotent.

    And the Democrats are delusional: Scott Brown won by running against Obama, not Bush. He won by brilliantly nationalizing the race, running hard against the Obama agenda, most notably ObamaCare. Killing it was his No. 1 campaign promise.


    An astonishing 56% of Massachusetts voters, according to Rasmussen, called health care their top issue. In a Fabrizio, McLaughlin & Associates poll, 78% of Brown voters said their vote was intended to stop ObamaCare. Only a quarter of all voters in the Rasmussen poll cited the economy as their top issue, nicely refuting the Democratic view that Massachusetts was just the usual anti-incumbent resentment you expect in bad economic times.

    Brown ran on a very specific, very clear agenda. Stop health care. Don’t Mirandize terrorists. Don’t raise taxes; cut them. And no more secret backroom deals with special interests.

    These deals — the Louisiana Purchase, the Cornhusker Kickback — had engendered a national disgust with the corruption and arrogance of one-party rule. The final straw was the union payoff — in which labor bosses smugly walked out of the White House with a five-year exemption from a (“Cadillac”) health insurance tax Democrats were imposing on the 92% of private-sector workers who are not unionized.

    The reason both wings of American liberalism — congressional and mainstream media — were so surprised at the force of anti-Democratic sentiment is they’d spent Obama’s first year ignoring or disdaining the early signs of resistance: the tea party movement of the spring and the town hall meetings of the summer”

  22. Ever give thought to how many years we have left?

    Well, assuming we have the benefit of a typical male American lifespan, we’re more than halfway done dude.

    When I went to my high school reunion a couple of months ago I discovered one of my old HS acquaintances had died plus a couple of girls whom I knew but wasn’t particularly friendly with. It phases you a bit, no doubt about it. But hell, life is fleeting. A girl I went to college with died a couple of years after graduation from cancer. Another guy from college, whom I didn’t know well, came up to greet me at our 25th college reunion …. died several months later mountain climbing.

    Bottom line, while you’re alive, you live and make the best of it. When your time is up, it’s up.

  23. Tex, on the all-white basketball league, this comment was classic indeed: “We’re not racist! Now pass the sheets and lower the rim!”


    Question is, will they allow any blacks in the audience? Or is it white b-ball for white folks? 😀

  24. Rutherford,

    You’re one of the few black men I would pass that too. Most would accuse me of association. I was hoping you would find that funny, and yeah, I loved that comment too.

    If we can’t laugh at ourselves, who can we laugh at?

  25. More criticism from me today, and this time not of Obama – at least not directly. Gorilla, BIC, Rabbit, Alfie:

    You know who I have grown very tired? These so-called conservative leaning reporters from the NYT, U.S. News, WSJ. Today, they’re all excusing their own duplicitous behavior one year ago about their criticisms, and excesses, and glowing praise of Barack. Their own mocking the tea party members, and their snot nosed attitudes have worn thin.

    The David Brooks, the Peggy Noonan, the Kathleen Parker types are no better than any of the liberal hacks, and just as arrogant. They too think we’ve forgotten about what they wrote. I disdain them as much as I disdain Paul Krugman.

    If we are going to make a sea change, then let us start by purging these shills from our midst as well.

  26. Rutherford,

    I meant to ask you this question yesterday, and in all the excitement forgot. Read this from Taranto.

    You are always questioning the sanity of John McCain in his choosing of Sarah Palin. But I never heard you make mention or criticism of whom John Kerry chose for his running mate?

    Can you actually convince us that McCain did worse? I won’t mention Uncle Joe as they’ve hidden him away.

  27. I’m with you. I’ve neer been much of a fan of any of the so called conservative pundits, with few exceptions, the big Krau being one of them.

    Did you guys here the One today. Man, this guy just doesn’t get it…

  28. Gorilla, didn’t you read Rutherford’s blog? He thinks the whole Brown thing was an organized protest vote over the President and Congress not going even farther to the left.

    The people stand with Rutherford, you see. They just voiced this political stance in a dumb way.


    Rutherford, post something else. This blog entry embarrasses you.

  29. Rutherford,

    I listened to your last radio response this week because I found Sandi’s naivety so profound last week. I’ve got to remember to call in sometime.

    If I do, does it mean I’ll be put on hold for several minutes?

  30. There is one thing Republicans should learn if they wish to control the agenda. In fact, it was my biggest complaint of George Bush, who for all his missteps and foibles, I believe a decent and good man. I believe history will look favorably on George Bush as I always thought he was unfairly judged, just as Rutherford believes I judge Obama unfairly.

    The lesson is on most issues of relevance, there can be no compromise. And too many times, George Bush was willing to compromise with people diametrically opposed to his message, which did nothing but weaken our position.

  31. I can’t tell you how many times in my life I have been told I should have been an attorney. And of all the fields of study in life, it was one the one field I had absolutely no interest. So I defer to the experts like BIC to inform me of the truth.

    I have read many of the pros and cons this morning of the recent SCOTUS ruling about corporations and respective financing. So like most things in life, I must revert back to the one rule (besides the Lord) that has never failed me.

    I have one fast, hard rule when in doubt. The louder progressives squeal about an issue, the more sure I am that the right decision has been made. The louder the squealing, the greater the whining, the more righteous the “indignation” of leftists, the better the decision was for America.

    Life really is pretty simple when you live by this simple truth. 😛

  32. Rutherford, your friends and personal saviors won’t listen to a guy like me. I’m a crazy tea party type not to be taken seriously. Or, as according to you, I’m “mildly entertaining” at best, “disturbing” at worst. Certainly not someone to take seriously.

    Any whoo. Your friends listen to you. Will you tell them most Americans are sick of having smoke blown up our collective ass?

    I’m trying to help you, man.

    “Three presidential advisers on three different programs [gave] three different descriptions of the trillion-dollar stimulus bill.”

    Valerie Jarrett had the most conservative count, saying “the Recovery Act saved thousands and thousands of jobs,” while David Axelrod gave the bill the most credit, saying it has “created more than – or saved more than 2 million jobs.” Press Secretary Robert Gibbs came in between them, saying the plan had “saved or created 1.5 million jobs.”

  33. Tex,

    I applaud the Constitutionalism of the latest ruling and feel they got it right.

    However, I deem it possible we might need an amendment one day.

    I actually don’t know.

    Part of me thinks that without something done, we may be on the road to oligarchy.

    The other part of me thinks any group or person should be able to use their money to get out any damn message they want.

  34. I haven’t decided whether or not I will blog about the SCOTUS decision but I stated my general view on the free radio waves last night.

    Bottom line, if you put aside the left accusations of the Roberts court being in the tank for big business, and you simply read Kennedy’s majority opinion (most of which I did) you come away with one simple conclusion. Freedom of speech trumps all and well it should.

    I have a more nuanced view which I’ll save for a blog post if the muse inspires me. In the meantime if you’re curious, I state my case during the last third of the show … just fast forward to it.

    P.S. If BiW finds fault with this ruling, I’ll crap my pants, particularly since he claims to be such a Constitutionalist. Then again, just because I am for it, may make him wonder if he should be against it. 🙂

  35. I just read that it has been suggested from James Carville of all people that Obama’s new strategy should be….{drum roll please}


    This time, I hope sissy Republicans, the net, the Conservatives, the Libertarians are ready to pull out the guns. Fool us twice, shame on you.

    Rutherford, though I am no Constitutional lawyer, I just read some really great reasoning why the courts got it right. It made sense to me.

    But again, I hold to my hard fast rule. The more liberals scream about a ruling issue from the SCOTUS, the more I know the SCOTUS got it right. No, I am not kidding as I think you all confused on virtually every subject.

  36. Rutherford,

    You’ve been skipping my posts – I provide this Hitler video the other day for the blog and it was funny….

    You didn’t mention it – therefore, I just assumed you didn’t find it funny.

  37. I am going to supersede my buddy Elric and start forcing Rutherford and the insufferable Sandi to see what represents the “real” Obama Administration.

    Here is Valarie Jarrett claiming yesterday for the nation that “They’ve turned the economy around.”

    On a lighter note, first Obama shows up with the Moe haircut. Ms. Jarrett looks like she goes to the same barber. In the theater of my mind, I see this group of incompetent slugs like a college basketball team with shearer in hand carving into each others heads in the Oval Office.

    I fully expect to see “I’m the man” or “#1” carved into Obama’s hair sometime soon. 😛

  38. Tex, the problem with your realclearpolitics article is that even if the DEM’s voted for TARP and other 2008 expenditures, these are not alone what put us in the hole. Bush spent 8 years turning Clinton’s surplus into a deficit… it didn’t just happen in the last year of his administration. And as you have noted, your GOP was complicit in 6 of those 8 years, completely ignoring their supposedly conservative principles.

    As for the teleprompter at the grammar school, for all we know O has a lot of trouble memorizing remarks and prefers the tele to glancing down at a piece of paper. I believe, without any sense of ridicule, that your ex-Pres was dyslexic. Nothing to be ashamed of and I don’t know why he never admitted to it.

    And … sorry I missed your post of the Hitler vid. You get to share the credit with “Dick” … and wow what an honor that is. 😉

  39. Rutherford, what of Hope & Change? No matter how you spin Rutherford, Obama is neither an intellect like you attest, or capable as you supposed. He mas more than proven he and his entire administration short of Gates are a complete sham. The American public, short of the Obama rubes and Black America, finally has figured that one out.

    While I make no excuse for the Bush complicity in creating deficits, Obama has almost managed in 12 months a deficit comparable to what took Bush 96 months. And I would add, that at the end of the Republican stronghold in Congress (Nov 2006), the unemployment rate was negligible.

    And yes, I think that makes it much more inexcusable. The Dims are toast come November….

  40. Obama’s brand new tone of fiscal responsibility may be Bush times 4 too late. But, for what’s it’s worth, the Tea Party is directly responsible for the new Obama we’re going to see during this state of the union address.

    Sure, it’s probably a charade, but still, for a bunch of people that were defamed and insulted by sensico and Rutherford for almost a year to now be directly influencing President Obama is hilarious.

    No doubt about it. No Tea Party, no Brown in Mass and no state of the union that remotely resembles what we are going to see.

    Rutherford needs to come out with a blog about how he was wrong, wrong, wrong.

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