Obama: From Bold to Bland in 12 Months

There is no doubt that it is a case of exaggerated expectation. Here we were on January 20, 2009 watching the first black man to be elected President take the oath of office. He was anointed  by a Kennedy. He was for many, the new John Kennedy. Of course, even JFK wasn’t “JFK”. So right off the bat our measurement of Barack Obama had to be out-sized. Today marks the last full day of his first year in office and interestingly, it coincides with a potential repudiation of liberal politics in the state of Massachusetts as the state’s residents go to the polls to choose between Democrat, Martha Coakley and Republican, Scott Brown.

The terms of Obama’s campaign were lofty. Hope and change in a time of despair and politics as usual. Obama was virtually setting himself up to fall short. While I would not characterize his first year as a failure by any means, one cannot deny the let-down as we assess where we are a year later.

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The PR Campaign on the Stimulus Package

The stimulus money has helped. There is no doubt about that. There are teachers, policemen and firemen who would be jobless today were it not for the stimulus package. Yet for some reason the brilliant public relations campaign that catapulted Obama to the White House completely disappeared post-inauguration. No one can blame the average American for wondering what good the stimulus package did because the results are never thrown in our face. Part of this may be due to that part of the main stream media which leans left, spending the entire year on the defensive. I can’t begin to count the nights of watching MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann calling out the GOP and its proxies as liars and worse. Seldom, however was the purely positive, uplifting victory lap. Obama is not blameless in this either. It could well be argued that time spent on the “Beer Summit” with a Harvard professor and the cop with whom he had a feud, could have been better spent flying out to a construction site, wearing a hard hat, and getting that great photo-op for a new highway project getting started. Of all the things we would never have expected the Obama team to fail at — optics — they failed at miserably.

The Restoration of the American Brand Around the World

We hear constantly that we now look better on the world stage since Obama was sworn in. I have no doubt that Obama’s rhetoric of international coöperation, our re-entry into the family of nations, has gone over very well. Obama is indeed a rock star throughout Europe. It would be quite hard not to improve on George W. Bush’s shoot-first-ask-questions-later approach to governing. But how much has really changed? The climate change summit resulted in non-binding agreements … otherwise known as sound and fury signifying nothing. Only recently does it look like China and Russia may help us get Iran to behave better. And speaking of Iran, there has been no discernable change in the attitudes of Muslim nations. We still have state-tolerated if not outright state-sponsored terrorism as the number one threat to our safety. The condemnation of Islamist radicalism from powerful Muslims has still not materialized.

Health Care Reform

Obama’s biggest mistake with health care reform was over-correcting Hillary Clinton’s mistake of 1994. Hillary micro-managed. Obama threw the effort at Congress and they pounced like an Alice Cooper audience tearing apart a chicken. With a super majority in the Senate, one would think this would go down nice and easy but instead it devolved into a fight between left Democrats and blue dogs. The bill currently being hashed out between the House and the Senate is a love letter to the insurance industry, a funnel of guaranteed customers. The most socially important part of the legislation is itself fatally flawed. Under the new law, insurance companies can no longer deny coverage based on pre-existing medical conditions. The catch, however, is that they can still charge sick people a much higher premium than healthy people, thereby still making the purchase of insurance for some, cost prohibitive. While I am fully in favor of not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good, not nearly enough good will come out of this legislation. If it passes it will be more a symbolic victory than a substantial change in the American administration of health care.

Our Leftist President

While conservatives moan and groan about our Marxist president, the truth is that Obama is not nearly as left-leaning as hard-core leftists would have hoped. His record so far on GLBT issues is lackluster at best. “Don’t ask, don’t tell” is still the military policy du jour. Obama has openly opposed gay marriage (favoring instead, civil unions). Getting back to health care reform, Obama immediately abandoned support of a single payer system, the only truly radical alternative to the status quo, and he has been reserved in his support of the public option. True lefties want us out of Iraq AND Afghanistan. Obama has upped the ante in Afghanistan.

Politics as Usual

Perhaps the biggest disappointment, but the one most based on unrealistic expectation, is that we would see a post-partisan government that got things done. Today’s election in Massachusetts bears witness to how little has changed in a year. Liberals like myself are concerned with Martha Coakley winning because we don’t want to give up our super majority in the Senate. Politics as usual dictates that without a super majority, gridlock ensues as recalcitrant Republicans block every Democratic measure. But the rub is that Martha Coakley has been one lousy candidate. Her win represents just a number we need. It does not represent anything close to the lion of the Senate, Ted Kennedy, whom she would be replacing. Under Obama the inter-party bickering has gotten ten times worse. His opponents question his citizenship and say he wants to destroy America. His proponents launch often equally vicious attacks on the GOP. (A perfect example is Keith Olbermann advancing the dubious notion that Scott Brown endorsed having a hot curling iron inserted in Martha Coakley’s rectum. The video upon which he bases his assertion is inconclusive at best.)

The Dispassionate Professor

America desperately wanted a change from the gut-feel approach of George W. Bush but I think in retrospect they wanted brains AND guts. Obama often looks like a professor addressing his class. He often takes the role of teacher-in-chief, the Ward Cleaver dad who gives you good advice and imparts important lessons. Even when he’s angry, he doesn’t seem that angry. This reminds me a bit of my transition from academia to corporate America some 27 years ago. When I left Harvard, I longed for an end to everything being intellectualized to death. I wanted to hear a mofo called a mofo. Corporate America gave me that respite. However after a few years, I longed to hear people THINK again. Meat and potatoes goes just so far. Obama is still the academic president and much of America will not warm up to this until he injects more passion into his approach.

I am sure conservatives would say I’ve left out a host of other failings. Quite frankly, I think Obama has done an admirable job in a difficult time. He was not as bold as many would have hoped but then didn’t we all project a bit of our own aspirations on him? Certainly on Afghanistan, his policy was always clear and none of us has a right to be upset about the upcoming deployment of more troops. He was never a peacenick and those who thought he was were engaged in projection, pure and simple.

Despite the common conception that if you want to get things done, you must do it in the first year, presidencies are not defined by the first year. Presidents popular in year one (e.g. George W. Bush) can end up with disastrous administrations and presidents with low first year opinion polls can go on to win second terms and be successful. I have not given up on our president. I will still root for him and defend him against unfair attacks. However, the statute of limitations on the Bush legacy excuse officially ends today. Beginning tomorrow, Obama must stop talking about what he inherited and start focusing on what country he will pass on to the next administration.


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45 thoughts on “Obama: From Bold to Bland in 12 Months

  1. Complete and total ridiculous crap from the first to the last, as I could not stomach anymore lack of truth and objectivity after the quip no doubt the stimulus money worked. You’ve got to be kidding me after unemployment almost 3% higher than when the dolt took and over and tripling the yearly deficit to boot? Is that your idea of success? Is there a bigger caricature of failure?

    Obama has accomplished little or nothing and actually made adequate situations must worse, including globally. I take that back – Obama has accomplished much. In less than a year’s time, he has proven how pathetic progressive politic is as the recipe to complete failure.

    Keep living in the world of illusion Baghdad Bob…you’ll be in the minority again soon enough.

  2. I’m watching the election numbers, and assuming Brown wins and it looks like he probably will unless men like Rutherford can drag out some more fraudulent voting, Rutherford I must nominated you as the most insulated, out-of-touch lib I have ever read – even beyond PuffHO, Hamlet Ogremann and General Chen.

    Win or lose, that MA election is a direct result of Obama’s policies and his failures – the only thing bland is your hiding. I do hope you continue to believe this way Baghdad Bob so I can really laugh at you and give you unmerciful crap come November. God knows you have more than earned a beat down…

    Can you imagine Teddy Kennedy’s soul this evening as he dines with suicide bombers, Hitler and their father Lucifer knowing his legacy?

  3. Hey Densico? How you feel about them teabaggers now dunce? Still think it’s just a bunch of uneducated, racist rednecks that reject Bomba and his own racist policies? 😆 😆 😆

  4. HEY RUTHERFORD! New talking points for you so I can anticipate your excuses for the Bland One.

    I’m watching Butch Madcow and they’re all spinning this as “bad” candidate, “lazy” candidate, “poor” candidate, “took a vacation/took for granted” candidate, it’s all Marcia’s Martha’s fault candidate in Massachusett”e”s election. No mention that President Useful Idiot campaigned for her.

    Are you copying these down these excuses so you can add them to your next post as lame explanation for Bomba’s rejection from reality? I wanted to catch Hamlet Ogremann’s moaning, but I guess he bailed out early – probably popped an ovary. Did you see that maggot self-destruct last night? I heard Hamlet was foaming from the mouth. And do you think Chrissie Matthews just had a trickle down his leg?

  5. These dumb asses on MSNBC like Hamlet Ogremann, Butch Madcow and especially insufferable Chrissie Matthews are calling for Dems to pass Health Care no matter the procedure, no matter the cost, no matter will of the people. Unbelievable – I guess we are going to have to hang them next. Now who wouldn’t enjoy dragging Ogremann behind the truck?

    No wonder Rutherford is so screwed up if he watches these imbeciles every night.

    Ogremann is literally spitting mad and going off on wild rants about Brown – this is great stuff! I’m going to have to pipe off another letter to Ogremann. When I made fun of his dwindling office last letter, Ogremann’s response was the incredibly colorful “Piss Off.” 😆

  6. Well two things. First, from your initial critique Tex it is clear to me you didn’t bother to read the entire article. That’s fine. It was a long one and you probably have better things to do 😉

    Second, congratulations to all my conservative readers. I know y’all think this is the beginning of the end of the Obama administration. I won’t begrudge you your night of gloating. Coakley was a lousy candidate running a lousy campaign. I said from the start she deserved to lose and she did.

    While I am not the biggest fan of Arianna Huffington, I think she got it right tonight. There is a lesson in all this and the Dems better learn it well before November.

  7. Well two things. First, from your initial critique Tex it is clear to me you didn’t bother to read the entire article. That’s fine. It was a long one and you probably have better things to do

    Correct, I read to how effective the stimulus had been. Like all the jobs “it saved.” What a joke – throw a dart hoping something sticks. The first paragraph was so putrid and vile of propaganda, nothing short of concentration camp films of happy Jews would measure up.

    Coakley may have been a lousy candidate but you still can’t bring yourself she is a secondary issue to the reason she lost. Fat Teddy Kennedy was a lousy candidate. A blue state told Obama to go piss up a rope tonight.

    While I am not the biggest fan of Arianna Huffington, I think she got it right tonight. There is a lesson in all this and the Dems better learn it well before November.

    And what lesson is that? That the Democratic party has been abject failure the last twelve months and better do a 180 in politic? Because if you’re going to give me any further rabbit pellets about not being brave enough, the only advice Lisa Douglas had better be giving is to retire and save face while you still can. 😉

  8. By the way Rutherford – Brown is no ideal candidate for me. I’m pragmatic enough to understand that a Conservative candidate will not win every region or demographic and Brown far from Conservative. However, I choose to use the old Bill Buckley axiom: between two candidates, vote the most conservative one.

    I simply wanted this win tonight to prove to all you arrogant progressives who have continued to propagandize an obvious failed administration as successful, to further the cause of socialized medicine for example, a demonstration without debate that America is much closer to me than to say someone like you. I told you people hated Obama’s health care bill, that tea party activists were for real and getting bigger, that it wasn’t a ruse that people were angry, that the vote in November was your wake up call, and that you misunderstood the vote last year. But you wouldn’t believe me.

  9. And “R”, here are a few more reasons why I am disgusted with this flim flam of a man. I think many Americans feel the way I do about most, if not all of these and I can guarantee you many more.

    (1) Lying, half truths and bullying – as in ‘saving jobs’ to further the agenda of indebted government by buying votes. A now obvious ruse that did not work, as the money used as a public slush fund as payoffs. Where is our new infrastructure? Where the bold ideas? More Americans should be mortified. And these are just off the top of my head.

    (2) Not charging the Black Panther party for voter intimidation. Racist and gutless – Eric Holder should be fired immediately for this alone.

    (3) A proposal for another huge stimulus package, when the first one is not working, further selling out our children and grandchildren.

    (4) Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi – Obama assistance letting two despicable maggots openly bribe to obtain necessary voting ideas only 3 in 10 approve.

    (5) Continuing to pass the buck by blaming Bush. Obama is a coward that can’t admit wrong, so the voters must do it for him.

    (6) Indecision about our troops, including dithering about Afghanistan, to let the last November elections pass to not offend his base; lying to the American public about the successes in Iraq. Then having the unmitigated gall to claim credit when he has done nothing.

    (7) Bringing Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to NYC to stand trial

    (8) Screwing the Chrysler bondholders, the takeover of GM, the pandering to the unions, etc…

    (9) Failed outreach to Iran – another issue where Obama has proven gutless and indecisive. How’s that “dialogue” with our enemies working out for us Rutherford? Fools!

    (10) Janet Napalitano – an obvious inept lackey, a hint at accusation of domestic terrorism of troops, and inept idiot who should be immediately canned.

    (11) Acquiescence about the missile shield in East Europe and getting nothing in return from Russia. Putin laughs at useful idiots like Obama.

    (12) The Blame America Tours overseas – disgraceful.

  10. Here Rutherford, Wally and Densico,

    You guys need cheering up. 🙂 Even you rubes will find some of this funny in the ongoing series of Hitler meltdown. I mean, who knew Hitler an Obama fan? I thought it was only the Cowboys.

  11. I think this post is indicative of R’s level of denial.

    The title is as close to an admission as he cares to make that he was slow to realize his infatuation with the veneer blinded him to the lack of substance underneath. Sadly he will never, ever allow himself to realize that the Grand Canyon sized gulf between the soaring rhetoric and the actual achievements of the Chicago Messiah are two very different things.

  12. BIC, 😆

    The first few seconds, I had to stop and think how the “three times a lady” was going to play out.

    Now for a Rutherford hero – Hamlet Ogremann; listen to these leading, loaded questions still insinuating we are all racists, including Massachusetts who just 16 months ago gave Bomba an overwhelming victory. Densico could be keeping company with Keith Ogremann?


    I am literally amazed the entire Democratic party has not demanded this douche bag be removed from the national limelight, MSNBC hasn’t awaken to the damage he causes to the brand and fired him, and NBC removed him from any NFL commentary.


  13. The weird thing is that I’m starting to see a pattern here. Liberals make a list of grievances and then always end with, “He’s still doing admirable job”.

    Why is that? What has he done admirable?

    Name a success?

    The stimulus? Are you kidding me?

    The stimulus has been a fricking travesty. Just like the Rabbit said it would be.

    You guys should see where 50,000 of your dollars are going.

    The biggest moron in my department will be getting her pay check paid by you to do “reading apprenticeship”. She will be out of the classroom for all of next year and going to power point shows on reading.

    I swear to you, her intellectual ability is on par with sensico. You couldn’t possibly piss 50,000 dollars away more efficiently.

    I can’t lie. It very may well save my job for next year.

    The only jobs being saved are a few government toadies like myself, and only for 12 months.

    I can’t believe the fricking stimulus is being counted by Rutherford as a feather in this admin’s hat. LOL

  14. BIC,

    Yeah, first thing I read this morning. An old blog buddy of mine commented there and gave me the idea of listing the Bomba failures which I provided for Rutherford’s enjoyment. I just plagiarized and embellished the content, which Rutherford will completely ignore because I knew he wasn’t going to read the article. He’s too busy at PuffHO licking his wounds.

    I could add many more political issues, but we have forgotten some of the real screw ups that now seem minor by comparison. How about the fly over of Ground Zero, sending NYC into panic? How about tax cheats for Treasurer and the Chair of House Ways & Means committee writing the tax codes – you can’t make this crap up? How about Joe Wilson being right after calling Obama a liar on illegal immigration? Or C-Span telecasts for the transparent debates? Bowing to the Sauds, but dissing Great Britain? Or closing GITMO with no plan?


    Liberals make a list of grievances and then always end with, “He’s still doing admirable job”.

    That’s a great question and one I wish Rutherford would answer.

  15. Hey Rabbit,

    I think I’ve hurt Densi’s feelings since Elric was booted and I decided to make the payback personal. But if you want a hoot, click on recent blog reader avatar she provided.

  16. Rutherford,

    To give you a left-handed compliment, I have a new personal goal this year to be banned from every lib blog WordPress blog you’ve got linked. I was able to get the stick from the incredibly lame Deanna’s Ramblings in three short posts. 😛 All for asking the resident queer Alan to spread his wings instead of his cheeks when he gets out and making fun of Bomba. Hate speech! Hate speech!

    If you banned for those, I would have been gone in minutes.

  17. I know this won’t surprise anyone but cannabis is no oracle of depli after-all.

    After logging in 40 hours on a business plan, we have come to the conclusion that our idea is total shit.


    Looks we fell flat on our faces from two inches off the floor.

    We have decided to keep our password protected wiki going though to kick around other ideas.

  18. D.R., 😆 😆

    Classic post. Seems our pal Rutherford is in mourning and can’t enjoy the humor. Better to understand and fall flat before you invest a bunch.

  19. Hey Rutherford, I’m sorry for dominating your board today – it rained here and I was bored, so I’ve been cruising all day.

    I listened to your radio program tonight. Your religious know how is like comedy. I’ve got to call in some time. I like our caller who called the right-wing humanists. 😆 Oh boy…

    I won’t critique the neo-confederate party like your caller during the leftist circle jerk, but those nutbag teabaggers just won the Teddy Kennedy seat. I wasn’t aware MA was confederate? Is this the same people that said Conservatism was dead for a generation.

    I’m sorry, you three were so removed from reality, and your partner so vile in her puerile attempt at humor (Densi quality), it was like listening to Al-Jazerra. Tell Sandi or Sandy to keep it up with the ‘teabagger’ comments. I want to remind her this coming November.

    I hope I can talk my buddies here like Rabbit and BIC to save a few bucks so we conference one Saturday night. Will we be able to hear your head implode over the phone? 😛

  20. P.S. – tell Sandi not to worry about the Ben Nelson seat, as I understand his bags are already packed and a fire breathing “humanist” from the right-wing is in waiting.

  21. Hey Rabbit and BIC – you got to listen to this stuff! Click on the radio button and move to about the 35 minute mark. There is some guy on now talking about the right-wing being the equivalent to the Taliban, tactics and all (all this according to Markkkos of KKKos fame), Sandi is going on about us returning to pre civil war, how the country is trending progressive, guys like us are scared, racist, hatemongers, and the hand writing is on the wall. THE END IS NEAR!

    God, I wish Sandi would make a trip to where I live. She would wet her pants.

    Rutherford is talking about his “readers” (that would be us) as pretty much Taliban snake charmers and delusional.

    I’m telling you, that you will learn more about Rutherford and his mindset, and his set of friends in less than 20 minutes, than you will ever learn on this blog. Rutherford will sound like Billy Graham when compared to his guests. Well worth your time. 😈

  22. Good grief – on going commentary. Sandi is accusing America of not caring about Haiti, and if we had just been more compassionate in 2004, everything would be better. I shit you not! It literally is George Bush’s fault! 😆

    Has Sandi the dunce already forgotten about Clinton having to send the military early in his regime to intercept Haitians from floating to Florida? This is classic dingbat mentality!

    Oh Rutherford, please get this idiot over here on the blog. I am going to shred her with simple facts about Haiti. And get Neal too. He doesn’t know a damn thing about oil fields – completely clueless.

  23. Rutherford.
    I am disappointed at the thought that you bad mouth your blog visitors on your blogradio gig.

    I liked your title. I think you fell away from it though.

    I’m curious if you’ve ever studied Woodrow Wilson any. Your presidential professor paragraph made me wonder. If you haven’t checked out Wilson much I say give it a shot. On an intellectual,thinking level which you confess to need you should find many things.

  24. Alfie,

    You’re such a gentleman, I profess that many times I forget to include you in conversation because of your general kindness to Rutherford in response, and the infrequency in which you appear here.

    I should have stated something from the above posts, as I was typing and listening simultaneously. Multitasking is not my talent, and in fairness to Rutherford, what parts I have listened to out of sheer boredom, I should have made this clear:

    Rutherford has never mentioned any of his readers by name and strictly uses the generic “readership” in reference. Though Rutherford a loon, I give him credit for not sounding like Keith Olbermann on his radio show.

  25. I am disappointed at the thought that you bad mouth your blog visitors on your blogradio gig.

    Not surprised. Uncritical audience + shared, fact-free delusion = more courage than he displays here or elsewhere.

    I’m still waiting for the “new” explanation as to why Holder let the new black panther party off the hook after the DOJ won its case, and then demoted the career attorney who obtained the judgment and sent him to the Carolinas, but seeing as how those easily researched facts completely interfered with his “common-sense” and well-informed beliefs that:

    “but perhaps Eric is having trouble finding sufficient cause to indict just cos a black man stands outside a voting station looking “mean.” Sounds like a hard case to prosecute if you ask me.”

    He’s already down two on the checklist. The facts tell a different story than the daily talking points he spins, and baffling us with Bulls**t isn’t working either.

  26. Well thanks for that update Tex. I listened to a small slice of show once and couldn’t take it,but I’m sure R wouldn’t like The Alfie Show ( that doesn’t exist but ya know) either.

  27. Alfie,

    Actually, everyone here who has even a Conservative bent should listen to all of it, given the time. Unfortunately, I have too much time right now so it was no inconvenience.

    I learned more about how people like Rutherford come to their conclusions in 20 minutes than in one year of posting here. The misinformation is incredible and startling. When I heard some of Rutherford’s partners and their ludicrous statements, and I mean not just wrong but completely misplaced, I recognized the amount of ignorance involved in how some of these progressives reach their conclusions.

    Rutherford, BIC is right. You would have done better to find some balance if you were seeking interest in the program.

  28. Tex, you, BiW and the rest of the “round table” have no one to blame but yourselves. My “wanna co-host” tab was up for at least three weeks and none of you guys bit. LOL, even Elric tweeted at me something to the effect “Why would I co-host your stupid show when you banned me?” Now THAT would have been entertaining! Elric and I going at it weekly. 🙂

    P.S. As of Christmas Eve, no one has been banned from the blog. I thought of telling the old link-dropper but things have been so less cluttered without him that I figured I’d let him figure it out for himself. 😉

  29. Rutherford,

    I was not available for many reasons, the most important to you was that I couldn’t be dependable. Though my life a bore, it is subject to change without much notice and I did not want to make promises I could not keep. I owe you that for letting me use your board.

    Don’t take the suggestion as personal criticism – just a suggestion,

    No diss against you. It would be fun to see how quickly we could think on our feet against the endless barrage of charges. Most go unaddressed anymore here as you’ve scattered yourself thin.

  30. and R I know you are actually busy with all the e world toys you got going but really get back to me if you ever get some eyes on Wilson. (prev comment #29)

  31. Tex, you, BiW and the rest of the “round table” have no one to blame but yourselves.

    While engaging in battles of wits with the unarmed is a calling, it is not always entertaining, and seeing as how commenters here who agree with the silly things you believe (Sensico doesn’t count as I have never once witnessed her actually defend one of her vacuous declarations of ignorance in our august company here) are rarer than hen’s teeth, I didn’t see any point in wrecking your show for you by cluebatting every one of your like minded callers. Facts and logic are like kryptonite to most lefties,

    Dick, on the otherhand has expressed a real interest in calling your show.

  32. Rutherford,

    One other reason I would never volunteer to work with you is that the left, when disagreement ensues and facts are presented, always reverts to charges of hate speech, especially when followed by my typical laughing at their ignorance.

    I mean look, it only took me two posts and a follow up which was deleted by the lame “Deanna’s Ramblings” to get the boot. It took one post to get the boot from Old Baldy over at the Revolting Pawn and he is still angry. And being that your call in guest list would be 99% left leaning like Neal professed in his “threat” of extrapolation for rolling out the program, can you imagine the damage I could cause you personally in reputation in less than 30 minutes?

    You would be accused of association with Klan and your friends would abandon you.

  33. Tex thanks for coming to my defense on “naming names” but to be honest, the reason I don’t identify “handles” on my show is first, it adds nothing to the narrative and it’s just easier to say “my readers”. It wasn’t really a policy decision I gave much thought to.

    But now that I see Alfie’s objection, I will formalize it to the level of policy.

    P.S. Although, I’m always a bit surprised why folks don’t want to stand by their statements in the public square, LOL even when they’re using phony names half the time anyway. 😉

  34. Dick, on the otherhand has expressed a real interest in calling your show.

    OH GOD NO!!!! I don’t think BlogTalkRadio is governed by the FCC but damn, that crazy clown could get me thrown off the air. LOL

    Thanks for the warning!

  35. I understand that Cindy McCain, whom I was never comfortable with for some reason, has come out on a gay marriage advocacy ad.

    There are a few reasons I am actually quite relieved Obama won the Presidency, and undoubtedly a few things were I would be a bigger fan of Obama than I would McCain family.

    Thank goodness John McCain’s time is about up – though he has been better “conservative” since he lost the election.

  36. Although, I’m always a bit surprised why folks don’t want to stand by their statements in the public square, LOL even when they’re using phony names half the time anyway.

    I don’t object to being quoted. I object to being paraphrased, especially when I’m paraphrased badly.

  37. R , I would like to state that my position wasn’t one of objection but of disappointment that perhaps one could be spoken of without the opp for defense.No matter

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