Top Five RL Posts of the “Decade” Plus One More Dick Slap

I’m stealing an idea from political blogger Sensico today and I’m going to review the top 5 of my blog posts for the “decade” just ending. I place “decade” in quotes because I’ve only been blogging since September of 2007. Still, here you are, the posts that have received the most “hits” since I started.

1. Obama, Racism and Inevitable Self-examination September 18, 2009: For someone who planned to write about racism very seldom, I wound up returning to the issue several times over the past year. What prompted this post was the Glenn Beck inspired September 12 Tea Party protest and specifically some of the blatantly violent and racist signs on display at that protest. I got a couple of things wrong here. First I used Jimmy Carter as a righteous source of outrage without doing sufficient research to determine that Carter’s own political career was not racially spotless. Second, I think (and I hope) that the main stream media and I both got it wrong regarding the real threat of these people. Ultimately, I think these folks are angry folks letting off steam. Every angry crowd attracts nutjobs and it is very easy to focus on them to the exclusion of the harmless. Some folks in the tea party movement have valid concerns and others are sixth grade dropouts eager to be seen on TV. Either way, I think rumors of the country’s imminent civil war were greatly exaggerated.

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”false” link=”term=barack+obama&iid=7428242″ src=”2/6/9/8/President_Obama_speaks_21c0.JPG?adImageId=8745883&imageId=7428242″ width=”234″ height=”245″ /]

As a trivial side note, this article attracted someone claiming to be in one of the pictures I posted and threatening to sue me if I did not remove his photo. I complied but not before writing to tell him what a coward he was. If you’re gonna stand in public with a sign threatening violence to America, you should have the guts to be called out on it.

2. The John McCain Female Woman Haters Club July 31, 2008: This is one of my favorite posts, a combination of legitimate outrage and poking a stick in the eye of conservatives everywhere. The sad back story to this post is that it was one of the first of my articles that went through the roof on web traffic and when I examined the phenomenon more closely I discovered people were surfing for pictures of the women, in particular one of Nancy Pfotenhauer.

Nancy Pfotenhauer

So here I was thinking that folks were enjoying my ridicule of self-loathing women when in fact they were probably a bunch of men in the mold of National Review’s Rich Lowry looking for GOP women to fuel their masturbatory fantasies. Oh well, I guess sex sells.

3. Another Fine Moment for Republicans September 10, 2009: September was a rough month for Obama supporters. This article was prompted by the performance of perhaps the most ignorant man in the United States House of Representatives, Joe Wilson. Not only did Joe have the unmitigated gall to call a sitting US President a liar to his face during a joint session of Congress, he wasn’t even right on the facts. The health care legislation being promoted by Obama specifically ruled out care for illegal aliens but not according to genius Joe. The facts of the incident pale in comparison to the overall phenomenon that this President is not deemed worthy of respect in even that most dignified of settings, the Congressional chamber.

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”false” link=”term=joe+wilson&iid=6486782″ src=”1/3/d/0/House_Dems_Vote_ba0f.jpg?adImageId=8745971&imageId=6486782″ width=”234″ height=”330″ /]

Then again, the Chamber has taken some other hits this year, from Dem Representative Alan Grayson saying that the GOP wants you to die to GOP Representative John Shadegg using a baby as a political prop. It is confounding that we pay these folks’ salaries!

4. Is An Effigy No Longer Good Enough? September 24, 2009: I had to chuckle that this one made the top 5. This shoot first, ask questions later post of mine concerned the census worker who was found dead in Kentucky with the word “Fed” scrawled on his chest. The only defense I can make for this post is that I was suffering from “the country is about to be torn asunder” dementia. History (very short-term history) would prove that the dude killed himself and made it look like a murder for the insurance money. I still claim a 98% batting average on my posts (or in Obama’s words, I give myself an “A-“) but this article clearly was dead on arrival.

5. Sarah Palin Just Wants to Help October 10, 2009: This was the biggest surprise of all as I checked my traffic statistics. Usually, my cartoons are not popular but I soldier on since I have fun producing them. I can only guess that this one got lots of hits because any article about Sarah Palin will attract Googlers. Heck, I could have had a headline that said “Sarah Palin Just Farted” and I would have been guaranteed at least 200 hits. In a country that grows dumber with each passing year, Sarah Palin has become its queen.

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”false” link=”term=Sarah+Palin&iid=7332974″ src=”8/5/f/c/UPI_POY_2009_2952.JPG?adImageId=8745980&imageId=7332974″ width=”234″ height=”180″ /]

Feminism has hit either a nadir or a zenith depending on your perspective. Now, instead of intelligent women having to fight to be heard, dumbass and/or crazy women attract huge followings. Whether it is beauty pageant contestants Sarah Palin and Carrie Prejean or certifiably insane nutjobs like Michele Bachman, women are making headlines daily. You sure have come  a long way baby! (I never dreamed I would love Hillary Clinton but at least she is out there proving that hard-working intelligent women can succeed gloriously in this society.)

An honorable mention:
One of my articles came in eighth in traffic hits but performed spectacularly “overseas”. I cross-post my articles to a couple of other places and on one of them, Best of The Blogs, my article Time to Impeach Barack Obama received more than 34,000 hits. The traffic was in direct proportion to the anger I felt as I wrote the post. I had put up with a lot of Obama bashing but when the Right declared it was unsafe for our school children to hear an address from their President, I very nearly blew a blood vessel.

Speaking of Obama bashing, how can I end 2009 without one more slap at the Dick, Cheney. This hateful, ignorant prick of a man lacks the dignity of a former Vice President as he verges on treason with his constant heckling of our Commander-in-Chief. A true patriot would actively (and privately) campaign for Obama to make him an advisor where he could have some influence on policy. But Dick Cheney is not a patriot. 9/11 transformed Dick Cheney from a hard-working servant of America into a paranoid wreck incapable of setting well thought out policy. One reason Dick probably hasn’t offered his services to the Obama administration is  that he knows they don’t want a war criminal in their administration. Cheney is the crazed gorilla throwing his own dung at passers-by.

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”false” link=”term=dick+cheney&iid=4916927″ src=”d/c/1/4/Cheney_Speaks_At_75da.jpg?adImageId=8745985&imageId=4916927″ width=”234″ height=”351″ /]

Sadly, conservatives who desperately need to know the truth behind Cheney’s latest criticism of Obama are too biased to watch the following video. You see, there is no doubt that MSNBC is as partisan on the left as Fox News is on the right. But there is a difference. MSNBC tells truths while Fox promulgates lies, shamelessly and repeatedly. Still, I ask every intelligent reader of this article to watch the following video of Rachel Maddow’s analysis of Cheney and tell me that it is not bullet proof.  She shows Cheney and the GOP for the hypocrites that they are. Will 2010 bring more honest and reasoned debate? I doubt it but we can always hope.

Happy New Year!

Rutherford Political Blogger Alliance

36 thoughts on “Top Five RL Posts of the “Decade” Plus One More Dick Slap

  1. “Dick Slap”?? Seriously R? lol

    But, Cheney has absolutely no credibility on this issue he’s like 22% popular which is nearly the same percentage of those that call themselves republicans.
    I don’t know why there aren’t many high profile dems correcting the lies that republicans are putting out. Maybe it’s Christmas or like Maddow said, maybe they’re just waiting for the republicans to overplay their hand. In the end, republicans trying to benefit from this politically will not win.

    It’s uber-annoying how much of a selective memory Cheney and his goons have. Rachel Maddow as always, puts out the facts and exposes GOP hypocrisy, she deserves an Emmy or something.

    Anyways, congrats of a great blogging year and Happy New Year.

  2. MSNBC tells truths while Fox promulgates lies, shamelessly and repeatedly.

    Oh Lawd. Somebody take the paint can from “R” again. First, he’s patterning himself after the dumbest propagandist who ever lived (Densico), now he’s calling MSNBC the station of truth. 😆

    Ends the decade with a disaster of a post….

    Densico, have you check BullDyke Madcow’s ratings lately? How about a 45% drop in ratings the last year? Like you, BullDkye needs to shave the mustache.

    Congratulations…Four viewers or so. You and Gilbert are two of them so you need to pass the word to the other two viewers to spread the wealth.

  3. Gilbert? Seriously Tex, did you watch the video? If all you can do is attack the woman’s gender preference, then I doubt you really watched the video. Really, it’s 11 minutes well spent. Why not start out next year at least being able to admit your former VP is an ass of almost unlimited dimension.

    Sensico …. thanks for the support.

  4. The crap filter on my computer must be better than I thought, because I can see where the video should be, but there is no video.

    As for the theme, it’s telling. Here I wrote about everything we didn’t have last year that we now have due to the Dawning of the Age of HopeyChangeyness, while my favorite liberal decided that a “Best” of with a bit of fluff on the end was a worthwhile pursuit. And here I thought we had archives for those who wanted to read retreads, and pages for posts that we were especially proud of or were especially popular. Who knew? 😉

  5. I listened to as much as I could stomach seeing that Mustache Madcow was proving nothing but this – the Obama system of playing nice is futile and isn’t working as claimed according by Obama’s self-appointed protector Janet Incompetento. Obama is too closely knitted to Islam to call terrorists what they are and instead thinks coddling dialogue is appropriate. That is perhaps his stupidest trait of many stupid traits pertaining to the Feckless President.

    Here is the bottom line concerning the war on terror. We went to war in Iraq and won without the help or support of the traitors in the left wing of the Democratic party – you Rutherford, Densico, and the rest of the Benedict Arnold types did everything you could to present America in the worst light, going so far as to refer to our military as mercenaries, lying about Iraqi civilian deaths, trying to tie no link to terrorism concerning Saddam, claiming America imperialistic and bullying etc…you lied on every account and still lost your bet on Iraq as you will next November. These sins can not be forgiven or forgotten as they were as despicable a lie as I have ever witnessed. Many on the left openly rooted for American soldiers to be killed, so that they could score BDS points.

    While Afghanistan debatable, we were not having bodies flown home in caskets in November 2008 – now it is a daily occurrence. Obviously, the turd heads think Obama is weak, which he is. The military has no respect for him, as America turns on Obama too and America finally sees the darkness that is Obama, no pun intended.

    In addition, Oblammo is doing nothing but getting spit in his ugly face concerning Iran, Syria and Yemen and has completely dropped the ball because he is gutless, careless, and a Jew hating fool. He will get many innocent Americans killed before his one term is through and will attempt to sell out Israel, as Obama has no allegiance to anything or anyone but himself. A complete narcissistic and cold fish – eerily so.

    The left in America is not just traitorous, but gutless as the Honorable Dick Cheney has so aptly demonstrated for the American audience. Thanks to the Great Dick Cheney for pointing out how useless the entire current administration is. The chickenssssss, have come homeeeeeeeee, to rossssssst.

  6. BTW, I can’t help but to notice the abscence of a link on the sidebar.

    You hate me. You really hate me. I’m so honored.

    oh please, I’m not on there either, he doesn’t hate you so stop jumping up and down in joy 😛

  7. I just watched some jackass jump his car 274′ from a ramp to a barge on ESPN – crazy SOB made it too! Slammed the hell out of the wall sideways after breaking, but I got to admit, he has some brass ones.

    Gawd, I am becoming a bore. Frickin’ New Year’s Eve and I’m watching ESPN and conversing on a blog.

  8. Speaking of people who desperately need to know the truth behind Obama’s claim of saving the economy (that would be you Rutherford, Wally Curator and Densico) and the blatant bias of the AP, check out this rectum ripper proving Obama and Co. are blatant liars.

    Economic Rebound? What Economic Rebound?

    Let’s start 2010 out with the truth, what do you say Gil? 😉

  9. Nice story on the TSA, Tex. Of course the guy forgot the first and last rule of dealing with overbearing gubmint agents:


    That would be a fun return hearing. Hell, if the guy lived here in Washingtonistan, I’d offer to represent him.

  10. I watched the video. She’s right. It was a terrible mistake when Bush let Gitmo scum bags go. 20091…b3JtZXJnaXRtb2Q

    Just becuase a civilian trial worked once (and that is debatable as I could show you the ill effects the first WTC bombing trial had on our national security) letting 70 stink beards go back to Yemen is fucking insane.

    Hey Rutherford, what ever happened to the Cole bombers? Just curious.

    By the way, nice list. Summed up 2008 pretty good.

    My favorite moments of the year

    1. Rutherford tells us conservatism is dead and the the Republican Party is like the Whigs of the mid 19th century.

    2. Obama cuts into his own prime time speech on health care to defend his “homie”. He needlessly divides the the country along racial lines despite being utterly wrong about the facts. Rutherford runs to the computer and lambastes the white cop.

    3. Rutherford, in about 10 seconds, divorces the entire environmental policy of the left. Poof! Never mind what a huge part of the platform Global Warming and Cap and Trade is. Poof! Never mind Rutherford mocked blog visitors with concerns about the data in the past. Poof!

    4. The ever changing descriptions of Tea Party protesters by Rutherford. Racists. Kooks. Ignorant. Smart professionals contracted out by the GOP. People out for a good time. Nobodies.

    5. The party line of claiming the Fort Hood terrorist suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome BEFORE he went to Iraq. BEFORE. Never mind he was in contact with Al Queda and gave power point presentations on jihad.

    6. After the wall of a plane ignites on fire as a bomb comes seconds from exploding over the densely populated suburbs of Detroit, Homeland Security and the Obama Press Secretary assures how the system worked. As the entire nation’s jaw drops in disbelief, Obama isn’t seen for another 2 days.

    7.The term “Man Made Disasters” is introduced into our lexicon.

    8. Iran behaves EXACTLY how McCain said they would during the presidential debates with Obama.

    9. Sensico’s post modernist description of the Libyan terrorist’s homecoming. She claims bands, crowds, music, flag waving etc. are purely subjective, despite the video showing bands, crowds, music. flag waving. Not one word from Rutherford on this lunacy (sporadic “you go girl kudos” continue if she puts together a few sentences that he superficially agrees with throughout said year). Side note: It comes to light that Rutherford had no clue Libya was Islamic.

    10. Watching Rutherford nervously come to terms with the fact that Islamic culture is diseased. Reality continues to slowly chip away 40 years of a liberal multiculturalist world view.

  11. D.R.,

    Excellent journalistic work constructing “The List” of dismal and 100% wrongheaded Rutherford 2009 observations! Some of those I had forgotten. 😛

    But “R” pales in comparison to being objective and incorrect when compared to the woefully wrongheaded Densico. It’s like “it” goes searching for the most transparent of bad liberal choices and dreams up ways to defend the most obvious Bomba errors.

    I’m telling you, if there is a female version of Baghdad Bob, Densico is it. The anticipation of her excuse making come the first Wednesday of November, 2010, should be a thing to behold.

  12. BiW,

    Washingtonistan, as in the state, or the real pit of evil- DC?

    I lived in the Bremerton area for awhile, why I ask…

  13. Gorilla, I live in the Tacoma area.

    I was also SHOCKED to find out our state AG was signing on to the letter questioning the Constitutionality of the bribes to get the deals on the health care legislation. He must have had a momentary lapse of reason and remembered that he serves the WHOLE state and not just the leftist citadels of Seattle and King County.

  14. Well, while I don’t completely agree with Rabbit’s characterization, I am honored to see that he at least has been paying attention.

    Just for the record, lest I be lumped in with the “science is evil” crowd, I am not dismissing (or divorcing myself from ) the global warming theory. I am saying (as I said in the article to which Rabbit refers) that science suffers when it is politicized and in the case of global warming, it has been politicized by both the right and the left.

    I don’t think a couple of typical “scientists playing with data” letters out of all the work that has been done on this subject disproves global warming. However the letters certainly didn’t help prove the case either. It’s a theory, the jury is out, and while we try to figure out the truth, let’s not knowingly f*ck up the planet in the meantime.

    Finally, I admit I probably have been all over the place on the Tea Party bunch … maybe because they are all over the place. Damn hard to pin them down.

    Hope everyone had a good New Years Day.

  15. I’ll be damned if Rutherford isn’t the thickest skinned Liberal on Earth. It’s impossible not to respect that, as much as it pains me to concede.

  16. I think Nancy Pelosi is the thickest skinned liberal on earth

    Never confused thick skin with snake skin.

    The thickest part of Nancy Pelosi is her cheeks from Botox poisoning and her skull, which compressed her brain to the point of leaving only the speech and sucking center. 😈 👿

  17. You know all you misinformed idiots libs who think it a really swell idea to put more people on government funded healthcare?

    You know all you misinformed idiots libs who have been telling the rest of us that most doctors and the AMA are for ObamaCare?

    I’ve been telling all of you libs that you are liars of the highest order, and you been telling Tex he is full of it and Benevolent Barack care is popular in the medical community. Uh huh…

    Well, in Round 1 in the ongoing battle, you can score the round in favor of Tex 10-8, because you’ve already been knocked to the mat once…now stumble back to your corner so I can provide some more beatdown of making you look foolish. 😈

  18. Alfie, I must say, one of your weaker comments. Refute Maddow’s analysis. Where did she lie, or for that matter where did she spin? She effectively showed Cheney and his GOP supporters to be hypocrites of the first order.

    So please, point by point, tell me where Maddow was wrong.

  19. Hey BiW, regarding my blogroll …. I am absolutely terrible at maintaining it. There are a lot of worthwhile bloggers whom I’ve not gotten around to listing yet (you and Sensico among them) and some blogs that probably no longer exist and I still haven’t cleaned up the links.

    Maybe I’ll make it a New Years task this week. 🙂

  20. She spun everywhere and if you want a point for point analysis pay me.
    Bottomline she took Cheney out of context to play to her agenda. Great journalism! She parades the anti Cheney sentiment out when Cheney et al were doing nothing more than attacking Obama and his proxies for the failings of said proxies.
    When Richard Reid did his thing nobody said the system worked to my knowledge. When Moussie and Reid were tried in the US and sentenced it was different than being someone arrested on foreign soil in a war zone AND then being granted US Rights.
    So there is the summary version. Seriously if you want me to sit through 10 minutes of Maddow- for a second time and do more research you’re going to have to advance me a mortgage payment.

    In the dialog of opinions you seem to be moving goal posts and showing some wear and tear on your emotions.

    Have a happy and safe new year Rutherford and I hope all you financial pressures smooth out. As for your politics,well I guess I can say keep your passion just realign your manners.People come here and actually converse with you. For good or bad you’ve attracted people predominantly of opposing views to your own. Enjoy the conversation,lament you can’t get a supporting view,be happy people actually read your stuff and all that jazz.

  21. What do ya know…..the “no fly list” has again been merged with the “suspicion” list. They are also automatically shaking down people from certain countries.

    All of this Rutherford vehemently argued against, mind you. Why? Because his hero hadn’t ok’ed it yet.

    For the record the rabbit has been screaming for this shit since day 1. “Oh no”, I was lectured. I sound like “Elric”.

    Obama couldn’t be luckier. The bomb didn’t go off.

    Ten rabbit bucks he doesn’t let those 60 plus people go back to Yemen from Gitmo.

    Dumbass liberals, but lucky liberals.

    At the highschool, the kids overwhelmingly pissed off about the stupidity of the government. Unlike the liberal teachers, the Rabbit keeps them guessing on his political persuasion, so they didn’t get it from me.

    It looks like there is a good chance that the pantie bomber was in fact trained by a former Gitmo prisoner. Good call Bush/Cheney. You clowns have went with your guts and not appeased the do-goodie-do-littles.

  22. Looks like another jackboot has been nominated by President Zerobama. And you can rest assured this one will come with charges of racism against the nomination, never mind old Erroll has a record of violation of privacy laws, then couldn’t remember the violations when applying. We know Erroll is dishonest, but now it also appears Erroll is a moron. And this is what qualifies one to head up the TSA?

    As we know, Dems have a recent history of nominating thieves, jackboots, and other assorted perverts to high ranking positions. Anybody forgotten we got a tax cheat for Treasurer?

    The Democratic party in general and libs more specifically have absolutely no right to be criticizing anyone about corruption in reference to the Obama record…they couldn’t be more inept and corrupt if they tried. Come on November…

  23. I wondered how long it would take you guys to jump on the dump-Southers bandwagon. It’s funny that you guys have to go back 20 years to get stuff on people. And Tex and Rabbit in particular, admit it … if you could, you’d look up the criminal records of your estranged wife’s new boyfriend too. Brotha didn’t do anything you guys wouldn’t have done.

    So the big question is, did he lie, or “forget”. Most people’s lives are soap operas. If you only want saints working in government, then I guess you don’t want any government. My understanding is the dude is FBI … he’s right for this job. Give it a rest.

    P.S. Guess you’re real happy with your man DeMint. He seems to have no real problem with what Southers did 20 years ago …. he just doesn’t like unions. 😉

  24. All of this Rutherford vehemently argued against, mind you. Why? Because his hero hadn’t ok’ed it yet.

    ‘Scuse me? F*ck the typos … I think Bronson wrote the entire comment.

    I said there were too many lists. I did not say EVER that there should be no list. Nor did I say that people flying in from countries that harbor terrorists should not receive greater scrutiny. Now, when you can find me a new rule that says pull Muslims out of the line and pat THEM down, then we can talk about what I argued against.

    No prob, Bronson …. I know you can’t read yet. Your Dad can’t use that excuse. 😉

  25. She spun everywhere and if you want a point for point analysis pay me.

    LOL Alfie, I’ll gladly pay you half for your comments what you pay me for writing the post in the first place. 😉

    When Moussie and Reid were tried in the US and sentenced it was different than being someone arrested on foreign soil in a war zone AND then being granted US Rights.

    I don’t know whether you are being deliberately misleading here or just not listening to Ms. Maddow. She was not comparing Reid to KSM. She was comparing Reid to Abdulmutallab, neither of whom were captured on the “battle field”. So the war zone argument goes out the window. Cheney’s pissed that Hotpants got to “lawyer up” but conveniently forgets that Reid under his watch got to do the same thing.

    The fact is, Maddow gave an uncharacteristically emotionally restrained response to Cheney’s utter madness. As I said in the main piece, her argument is bullet proof, which is why you think you deserve money to refute her. Heck, I’d want to get paid too if I had to work hard enough to discredit Ms. Maddow’s brilliant assessment.

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