A Typical Week in Silly Season

Let’s end the work week with some brief items mostly trivial although clearly some less trivial than others.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Apparently at the White House it is indeed guesswork to figure out who is coming to dinner. This was proven last week as the now infamous publicity whores known as the Salahi’s crashed Barack Obama’s State Dinner in honor of the Prime Minister of India. This is old news by now except for one recent and odd development in the story. Congress has been holding hearings investigating how the Salahi’s could have gotten into the White House without an invitation. When it was requested that the social secretary, Desiree Rogers appear before Congress to explain the White House staff’s contribution to this fiasco, the request was denied citing executive privilege. Excuse me? We’re not asking Ms. Rogers to spill state secrets. We’re asking her to own up to her and her staff’s screw up. Granted, the Secret Service is the first line of defense and they deserve a thorough thrashing but they weren’t the only ones who screwed up. (Apparently when the White House staff was made aware that the Salahi’s should not have been there, nothing was done to remove them.) The White House reaction to this incident, including the declaration of executive privilege leads me to believe not only were they complicit in the “crashing” but they don’t understand the severity of the error.

On a side note, should anyone be surprised that the Secret Service screwed up their end of this? Our memories are way too short. When George W. Bush got a shoe thrown at him, the only thing that saved him from minor injury was his own excellent reflexes. The fact that the assailant got off another shoe and that Bush was still in the “line of fire” for the second volly shows that the Secret Service is far from infallible. After the first shoe, Bush should have been tackled to the ground by an SS guy while another SS guy put a bullet in the shoe-throwers head. You don’t attack the President. Plain and simple. With these examples of lackluster performance, it is truly amazing that we haven’t seen a “successful” assassination since 1963.

The Joke, er, Jobs  Summit

I’ve heard two people share their view of the hastily assembled  Jobs Summit that was held Thursday in Washington. Both people said something to the effect of “I heard some interesting things at the Summit.” Sorry, I’m not interested in a bunch of CEO’s getting together and sharing interesting insights, especially when many of those CEO’s are the greedy bastards who have put thousands of people out on the street to please their stock holders.

In addition to labor leaders, economists and think-tank sorts, the attendees included business leaders from AT&T (where 12,000 jobs were cut a year ago and about 4,600 this year), Boeing Co. (where 6,212 net jobs have been eliminated since November 2008), AstraZeneca (6,000 cuts this year and 1,400 last year), American Airlines (which laid off 6,800 last summer and more workers in October), Home Depot (which announced 7,000 jobs cuts in January), Dow (which cut 5,000 last December), U.S. Steel (3,500 cuts in North America), Xerox (3,000 jobs cut this year), Disney (which eliminated 1,900 jobs in the first quarter), and Dow Corning Corp. (which cut 800 workers globally earlier this year).

via Jobs Summit Features Execs Who Have Cut Many Jobs — Sphere News, Opinion and Analysis.

What really burned me up was hearing the Director of Columbia University’s Earth Institute, Jeffrey Sachs tell MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough that a lot of businesses are claiming “they can’t hire the workers that they need right now.” You’ll never guess why. Apparently, “they can’t hire skilled workers. They can’t find the welders. They can’t find the people who really know the trades.” These companies supposedly have jobs but the kids dropping out of school don’t have the skills needed.

Yes these companies want so badly to hire more people. I call BS big time. Have any of these companies heard of unpaid apprenticeships where you train the person and don’t pay him until he can do the job? Are you telling me that the able-bodied unemployed would not gladly work for free for a few months with a promise of employment once they’re trained? People have mortgages to pay. Many will do whatever it takes to secure a job. And I’m sorry folks, while welding is hard work, it’s not rocket science. Any company that really wants to hire can train within a few months and then have the employees they claim they want so badly.  To hear Dr. Sachs repeat this drivel made me sick. This is nothing more than excuse making. To add insult to injury, for purely political reasons a key player, the Chamber of Commerce was not even invited to the summit. Will anything come out of this summit? Only time will tell but as of today, I am not impressed.

Take My Picture, Please

Our favorite Facebook political pundit, Sarah Palin is charging her “fans” sixteen bucks to get their picture taken with her on the book tour. Considering that many bookstores have reduced the price of her book, Going Rogue to $20.00, it costs you almost as much to get a lousy photo as it does to buy the book itself. On the bright side, Ms. Palin has proven once and for all that she is no socialist. In World-Palin, capitalism is alive and well.

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”false” link=”term=sarah+palin&iid=7134654″ src=”f/8/9/b/Palin_bc6b.JPG?adImageId=8032682&imageId=7134654″ width=”234″ height=”176″ /]

What do Meredith Baxter and Tiger Woods Have in Common?

You wouldn’t think that the actress from “Family Ties” fame, Meredith Baxter would have much in common with pro golfer Tiger Woods but you’d be wrong. Apparently they both like girls a bit more than we thought they did. In the case of Ms. Baxter, she announced this week that she is a lesbian. OK, so what. An entertainment footnote if ever there was one. The case of Tiger is a bit different. Folks through no fault of Tiger’s, assumed he was the wholesome athletic hero worthy of being on the Wheaties box. They discovered over the past week that Tiger has been doing way more with his putter than anyone expected, least of all his wife, who may very well have smashed a hole in his car with a golf club when she learned of his indiscretions. While this story is a week old, there is a new development worth addressing.

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”false” link=”term=meredith+baxter&iid=5003578″ src=”7/b/c/a/Salute_to_TV_18b6.JPG?adImageId=8032686&imageId=5003578″ width=”234″ height=”351″ /]

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=tiger+woods+golf&iid=4261546″ src=”f/e/f/3/US_Amateur_Woods_cd3d.jpg?adImageId=8032718&imageId=4261546″ width=”234″ height=”335″ /]

Apparently, Mrs. Woods is renegotiating the pre-nup agreement with her husband. As I understand it, Tiger will give her $5 million now and an additional $55 million if she sticks around for another two years.

Now folks, call me an old-fashioned romantic but where I come from if a woman is justifiably angry at her husband for infidelity, she has two choices. Either forgive him and stick around or divorce him and get as much money as you can. Mrs. Woods seems to be making a third choice. We have a name for women who get paid to “stay” with a man. The nice word is “escort”. We all know what the not-so-nice word is.


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26 thoughts on “A Typical Week in Silly Season

  1. Dang Rutherford, you must be running a fever. Or you have awoken from your long slumber. If it hadn’t been for the redundant Sarah Palin screed, I would have done a second look to make sure I was on the right blog as I could not find any blaring errors. And I am even softer on the Obama regime party crasher blame than you are. I simply want the perpetrators thrown in the can for twenty years.

    I don’t blame Sarah Palin for charging for pictures. Or maybe it would better be said that I don’t find her charging anymore tasteless than professional athletes and the rest of the overpaid scum who do the same. If I ever get famous for something, my picture will be free.

    By the way, Going Rogue is a national best seller, far outstripping anything any liberal has written as of late.

  2. Rutherford, I agree. What is it with these employers always blaming the labor pool in years when they are laying off? That bit about the welders infuriates me. I literally know 3 welders right now who are awesome at what they do. One is 60, one is 40 and one is 30. That’s a 130 years of experience. Hard ass workers and good guys. They are unemployed and miserable. One of those guys would relocate in a minute.

    When it comes to the skilled trades, Michigan alone could fill every position needed in the nation.

  3. The problem with Sara Palin is that her ass should be in Alaska completing her tour of duty as Gov.

    At first I thought maybe she quit in order to be a mom and a wife. I thought maybe, just maybe, she would be giving the middle finger to politics and the media and riding off into the sunset.

    But nay, nay. Instead we get a custom designed bus and mass produced glossy photos for 20 bucks.

    She believes her own hype and I’m starting to think she enjoys being lambasted as well.

    I wish her book would have tanked. While I agree with her on most issues, she’s exactly the kind of demagogue I am so sick of.

  4. Palin has two problems and only one of them are her making:

    (1) Scumbags who brought frivolous lawsuits costing her family over $500K in personal expenses for defense.

    (2) The other was that she has gotten it in her blood the popularity and it has now gone to her head. This pains me to say this, and though I think she no dummy like Rutherford and do agree with her on most issues, she is not high level material.

    She is an asset to rally people, somewhat charismatic and a MILF, but I become less impressed with her capabilities to lead every day. I was never really that big a fan to begin with, but do like to gig Rutherford about his obsessions. If the Republicans were smart, and they are not, they would begin to separate themselves from her without being offensive.

  5. OMFG! I can go to bed with an incredible precedent set. For the first time, I mention Palin and I don’t get strung up. I won’t push my luck. I’ll just re-read Rabbit and Tex’s comments and savor them for a while. 🙂

  6. Rabbit, regarding the welders … absofrigginlutely. There are thousands of skilled workers who want a job. The last thing we need to hear are companies complaining for lack of skilled candidates.

    You know what I’ve encountered? “You’re over qualified.”

    A bunch of damn liars sucking every dime out of the system. The sad part … for the sake of my family I’d go back to one of those corporate monstrosities in a minute if given the chance. Sell my soul to save my home basically. Sucks big time.

  7. It occurred to me that one problem with the nuclear option and my comparison of Pearl Harbor to 9/11 is the change in the balance of power since 1945. In ’45 we were essentially bullies. We nuked Japan knowing full well we were the only ones with the technology and there would be no equivalent response. Not so today. The first one to drop a nuke in the 21st century will not end the argument but start a new one on a whole new level. In 1945, the nuke was the period at the end of the sentence. Now it’s merely deterrence based on mutually assured destruction.

  8. Rutherford, it is not just Conservatives that don’t consider those achievements. You can add RINOs, blue dog Democrats, and Independents to your list. So you’ll note that is a Progressive list of opinion which will be rejected by 2/3 of the American public. The one that made me laugh the most is the pet project of education – where I’m from which is much better off than most they are now forcing furloughs and canning administration by the bushel.

    That reads like a who’s who of really bad legislation, doodahs, exaggeration, and a few huge falsehoods explaining why in eleven months, you’re going to get your collective asses handed to you at the ballot box unless things change enormously.

    Enjoy the good times while it lasts. Think Climategate. Like the global warming farce, your time draws nigh…and people aren’t believing the hype, propaganda and lies anymore.

  9. In ‘45 we were essentially bullies.

    I’m going to file this in my growing file of “Rutherfordisms: comments I review when I need a reminder why we shouldn’t trust liberals with the responsibilty of governing.

    Step back for a minute. Consider for a minute why were thrashing the Japanese. It wasn’t because we wanted to sacrifice thousands of men in an island hopping campaign designed to get us within airborne reach of the home islands. It wasn’t because we simply wanted to sink every bit of Japanese shipping. We weren’t fighting them because we believed a war on two fronts was a sterling idea.

    We were fighting them because they attacked us, and the ideals that lead them to do it (racial superiority among them) were not changed by our slow march across the Pacific. We didn’t drop those bombs because we relished the use of their destructive power. We dropped them because our invasion of Okinawa demonstrated that when they ran out of soldiers, they would use civilians. The estimated casualties for the invasion of the home islands were horrifying. Even the most hawkish of our military leaders blanched at the figures. The butcher’s bill for a victory that we would HAVE to gain to truly end, and not merely postpone the war would lead to a phyrric victory at best.

    As much as the decision to drop the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki may disgust you, I thank God that we had that option, because if we had to invade the home islands, the stabilizing force in the world for the fifty years following the war would not have been able to be that stabilizing force.

  10. http://www.cbsnews.com/blogs/2009/12/05/blogs/coopscorner/entry5905404.shtml

    Rutherford, will you post a link to that one blog of yours in which you finger wagged us all about Global Warming. I can’t find it.

    By the way, I think it’s weak that you self censor the blog, erasing ones that in hindsight make you look like a boob. What happened to the one with your mean spirited attack on Palin?

    I’m starting to think we let you off the hook. Cap and Trade/Environmentalism is such big cheese that I believe if you actually now dispute the science behind it, it’s big enough shit to not vote for a candidate who talks about handcuffing America over this science.

    You just threw the whole bag into the garbage. A HUGE part of the Democratic platform was tossed like a dog turd becuase it smelled so bad to you.

    You tell us you never really cared much about policy related to the environment. Really? Do understand the high stakes in all of this?

  11. Obama’s pathetic, uninspiring and ultimately contradictory speech on invading Afghanistan is getting panned big time in the Economist. One of the articles lines up JFK and Churchill’s wartime speeches to the lackluster pusy-dom we saw last week. Ouch.

    Seriously, you’re a member of the Taliban. Did Obama plant a big tree of hope in your jihadist brain or what?

    The messed up thing is that oratory skills actually mean something in war. You can tie it to something tangible. Blood flows in the war time speech. Blood spills from the words.

    You don’t throw 30 thousands troops in a battle while playing the political penis, desperately trying to please everyone at once.

    A bad ass leading a nation to war pumps the troops up and builds steel willed resolve amongst the masses. End of story.

    Is it a war of necessity or not?

    Oh yeah…and he wasn’t dithering either was he?

    PS, Obama’s nonsensical withdrawal date, (yeah, I know, the one tied to conditions on the ground…so why give the date????) coincidentally aligns with yet another election cycle, just like this decision did.

  12. Hey Rutherford, I suppose it’s possible that we could actually capture Osama Bin Laden.

    I suppose you want him tried in front of a “jury of his peers” too, uh? Innocent until proven guilty. Mirandized. Arraignment in which bail or lack of is agreed upon. Court appointed lawyer. LOL. Search warrent?

    The funny thing is that you will laugh off all this integral machinery in our legal system so that you and your Al Queda fluffer friends can talk about the rule of law. What hypocrites you are.

    what a joke.

  13. I’m going to file this in my growing file of “Rutherfordisms: comments I review when I need a reminder why we shouldn’t trust liberals with the responsibilty of governing.

    BiW, one of the enduring admirable qualities of conservatives is their unwavering defense of America. They (you) get defensive even when no defense is needed. Nothing you said in your comment contradicts mine. I used “bully” in the narrowest sense of the word, namely someone who uses his strength against a weaker opponent without fear of retaliation.

    Perhaps I should have said, “righteous bully”.

  14. Rutherford, will you post a link to that one blog of yours in which you finger wagged us all about Global Warming. I can’t find it.

    Rabbit you misunderstood. I’ve never posted an article on global warming. Or to quote myself,

    “The first slice involves a topic that I have never written about in the main body of the blog but I have mildly debated it within the comments section.”

    As for my deleting the ill-advised Palin article, hindsight had nothing to do with it. Only days after writing it, I decided there were bigger fish to fry with Ms. Palin and that the article, at that time at least, made my blog look like a liberal version of WeaselZipppers. In hindsight I kinda wish I hadn’t deleted it since Sarah herself won’t let the subject of that particular post die. By the way, that article is the only one I’ve ever deleted and it was up long enough to get comments, probably at least one from you. Most of the comments were along the lines of “You should be ashamed of yourself” 🙂

    As for global warming, I have not declared myself a non-believer. Research should continue and we should NOT dump pollutants into the atmosphere that have long term ill effects. With that said, it does the “cause” no good to have scientists “overheard” manipulating data. No matter how out of context those quotes may have been, they look bad. What’s even worse is they look particularly bad to folks not disposed toward believing in science in the first place. The fact is different mathematical models are tried and discarded all the time in scientific research. This is no different. The main problem here, as I stated in my article, is that politics is too enmeshed in this stuff. You can’t have scientific integrity if too much politics gets involved.

  15. Regarding comment 14, Rabbit I think you’re beginning to miss Elric because you are starting to sound as bat-sh*t crazy as he does..

    The fact is no, Obama did not dither. I don’t think 25 hours worth of meetings is too much to ask before we send young men and women to die.

    The fact is, the strategy that was announced, however ill advised (and I do NOT support the strategy) was not the least bit ambiguous. We announced the July 2011 date to put Karzai on notice. Get your crap together, this is not a blank check. It also puts the majority of Americans who do not support this war on notice that we don’t plan an endless occupation. (This is a message that law abiding Afghans need to hear also.)

    The only thing silly about announcing the 7/11 date is that if Afghanistan is a mess at that time, we’re not going anywhere and we all know it. AND the odds of Afghanistan still being a mess at that time are probably 80% conservatively.

    As for your last comment, I’d really love to see Osama bin Laden tried in the World Court in the Hague for crimes against humanity and then executed. Short of that, killing him on the spot wouldn’t be a bad idea either. When it comes to Bin Laden, your gripe is not with me, it’s with Zardari whom I believe is hiding the bastard (either actively or passively).

  16. “The fact is, the strategy that was announced, however ill advised was not the least bit ambiguous.” -Rutherford

    Premise: Speech was not ambiguous

    “We announced the July 2011 date to put Karzai on notice. Get your crap together, this is not a blank check.-Rutherford”

    Translation: We will not stay a long time

    “The only thing silly about announcing the 7/11 date is that if Afghanistan is a mess at that time, we’re not going anywhere and we all know it. AND the odds of Afghanistan still being a mess at that time are probably 80% conservatively.”-RUTHERFORD

    Blatant contradiction: Now we are going to stay a long time? So it is really a “blank check” after all?

    Conclusion: The speech made no sense. Our goals are, in fact, ambiguous.

    Is it safe for me to acknowledge that Obama’s date means nothing?

    I’m simply applying logic to your own words, buddy.

    I defy you to use deductive reasoning for once and make sense of what you wrote.

    You virtually proved my own point for me.

    Why give a date if the date is total bull shit and everybody knows it?

    What positive comes out of a fake date other then showing the enemy that we are stressed big time?

    I will stop A when I achieved B within the time span of X unless I haven’t achieved B yet.

    Is X relevant? Or does X mean “we will be really, really frustrated by that time and nothing more.”

    Way to show our cards.

  17. LOL Rabbit, the video from Britain was hilarious. I don’t know who came off worse, the happy to be ignorant American or the snotty, I know-better-than-you Brit who ends the debate with “What an assh*le”. LOL you have to admit it’s a hoot watching both these yahoos debate each other.

  18. we will be really, really frustrated by that time and nothing more

    I hate to admit it but I think you’re dangerously close to the truth with that one.

    The date was given for purely rhetorical reasons to send messages to different parties. I think when we get right down to it, you never go to war with an actual deadline. You go war with a mission and if you leave prior to “mission accomplished”, you’ve failed. I think it is reasonable internally for the President to ask his Generals “if we do A, how long do you think it will take to be successful?” Internally, the strategy should not be open ended and there should be an exit strategy. The question is the wisdom of sharing this timetable in public. That’s when politics enters the equation. You’ve got to keep your own citizenry happy AND at least try to look like you’re keeping your rogue ally in line.

    The other thing that makes this a bit different from typical warfare is you’re not fighting the sovereign nation. If we were at war with Karzai, we could say, we’re gonna be in Afghanistan until Karzai is deposed (kinda like the Iraq scenario). But supposedly we and Karzai are “friends” so we can’t say we’re gonna stay in your country until we damn well decide to leave. There has to be some sense that this is a joint venture with our passing the torch to Karzai at some point and his accepting it.

  19. SO, giving a date for purely rhetorical reasons to send messages to different parties in a war time speech to the world isn’t the LEAST bit ambiguous???????????

  20. If indeed Mrs. Woods gets “paid” to stay with him two more years, then I agree with your “escort” comment. Good point. (Assuming that’s all true, of course.)

  21. Well the latest “news” reports contradict the early story. Word is now that Mrs. Woods has left the country and will file for divorce. Looks like she had more dignity than I gave her credit for. Bravo!

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