Could a Little Sanity Kill the Tea Parties?

I’ve been accused of being all over the place regarding the Tea Party movement. I have called them, in no particular order, ignorant, racist, unfocused and fraternity/sorority boys and girls simply out for a good time. The one thing I didn’t give them credit for was having a small dose of sanity within their ranks.

Today, Politico published an article on rancor within the Tea Party movement. The article confirmed one of my strongest suspicions about the movement, namely that these folks cannot agree on why they are so angry. Such movements simply need the Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin type to get them fired up. They make their signs and show up for a good old-fashioned protest. They robotically cite lines about losing our country and its constitution. But look through the crowd and the signs themselves betray a total lack of focus. Some are upset about taxes (Obama so far has reduced taxes for the middle class), some are upset about gun rights (nobody’s guns have been taken away just yet), and a small but visible minority seem unhappy to have a black President.

One sentence in the Politico article jumped out at me:

In Granbury, Texas, local tea party organizer Josh Sullivan says he believes the movement’s effectiveness is being compromised by extremism.“You have some interesting folks in the Tea Party movement — some of them I can support, but some of them are kind of out there and radical, and I don’t want to associate myself with them,” he said.

Ah, could it be a voice of sanity within the whirling dervish crowd?

All you fans of this grass-roots movement can yell and scream until your faces turn blue. Until the Tea Party movement finds a leader and forgoes free-floating anxiety in favor of a well articulated platform, they will remain an entertaining and sometimes disturbing sideshow.

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10 thoughts on “Could a Little Sanity Kill the Tea Parties?

  1. Aren’t “grass roots” movements funded by ExxonMobile and Philip Morris doomed to fail anyway?

    I agree with you, though. That quote that leaped out at you shows a glimpse of sanity. The AFP crowd should dip him in crude oil and roll him in tobacco pronto.

  2. Great article, I never thought about it from that point of view which makes me feel sort of sad for the widdle teaboogers 😦

    Maybe Hoffman will be their failed leader or maybe Dobbs, theres hints that he’s seeking a political future, then again I never thought of Dobbs in that way.

    I think the issue is that Obama hasn’t really done anything horrible that’s worth protesting about. The health care protests aren’t about health care specifically, it’s mainly about the constitution, fascism, death panels. That shows a lack of substance and focus on their part. The stimulus protests weren’t about the deficit, it was about the constitution, fascism…etc,. There’s no specifics.

    I think the another issue is that they have no ideas to contribute. Until then, they are an unfocused group. And even when they attack republicans, it’s doesn’t matter what they think because all they do is yell and contribute nothing. And as we’ve seen, pushing in candidates that are far left to compete in races don’t work. Even McDonnell knew that which is why he ran as a more moderate republican in Virginia.

  3. While our master blogger speculates in his wet dreams of progressive land supported only by rambling morons, here is one interesting fact he continues to ignore – the white elephant in the Lawson blog room.

    Obama’s disapproval rating is now higher than his approval rating. Took exactly ten months for the man of moral platitudes and empty promises to tank. The man who promised us to change business as usual, then pays Louisiana $100MM to pay for the hatchet job of a health care plan by buying a vote. A phony and cad no more than a Presidential community organizer. A Soros lackey who will go down as both failure and liar. And he’ll have much company in the fall.

    Don’t know who it is that has turned on Obama – don’t care. Whether the tea party or people like me who choose just to watch carnival, Obama’s days as heaven sent are over. He’s been exposed as a fraud of biblical proportions. Too bad 52% of America could not recognize that fact before the election.

  4. Sensico actually shows some insight althouh I think it completely unintentional.
    I think the issue is that Obama hasn’t really done anything horrible that’s worth protesting about. In fact he hasn’t done really anything at all. He’s “signaled” all over the place though which has folks on both ends of the spectrum angry. The health care protests aren’t about health care specifically, Ironically neither is the so called health care reform legislation it’s mainly about the constitution, fascism, death panels.2 out of three of those are things quite worthy to get upset about. Alsoo seeing as you have the equipment Sens how’ya feel about the PAP and breast exam stuff? That shows a lack of substance and focus on their part. The stimulus protests weren’t about the deficit, it was about the constitution, fascism…etc,. actually quite a few people were upset about the deficit. I will give you the point that there have been deficits for some time now,where was the previous outrage??There’s no specifics.
    All in all I think I’ll never cease to be amazed by the Lefts concerted outrage over the tea party folks. When some liberals do a sit in it’s all cool. When same libs get “professional” help and kick it up a notch (WTO/IMF protests,ACORN anything) it’s cool. Tea baggers all bad. It also should be repeated to the left of center members of the thread that the teabaggers on the citizen level do not have the burden to produce solutions. They are citizens for the most part crying in the wilderness for leadership ultimately. That they,ALL of us if we’re honest, are left without said leadership should be something we all care about.

  5. the teabaggers on the citizen level do not have the burden to produce solutions.

    I can agree with this. They do have the burden to articulate clear gripes and not be all over the map and it can be argued that the lack of leadership at a citizen level is to blame for the lack of focus.

    As for the political leaders they are lacking as they cry in the wilderness. This is what the Republican members of the Senate did tonight. They voted unanimously that health care reform in this country was not worth debate. Period. No tort reform. No interstate sales of insurance. None of their other supposed solutions that sidestep the public option. Nothing. No debate. Just kill it.

    A bunch of irresponsible bastards who will have your children’s blood on their hands if heaven forbid your children 20 years from now can’t get a job with health care and suffer a catastrophic illness. You have these bastard Republicans to blame for their future suffering.

    As much as I disdain Joe Lieberman, at least he voted in favor of debate. That’s all we wanted tonight was a chance to carry the ball forward, to debate and amend. That is the American way. Well that is unless you are a Republican dead set on bringing down the Presidency of Barack Obama.

    Well guess what suckers. We had the votes, the votes came through and the debate will commence. I hope the obstructionist assh*les keep saying no all the way down the line so that true patriotic conservatives can take notice and throw their sorry asses out of Congress in November of 2010.

  6. Tex. comment 3 has absolutely nothing to do with the article. I say the Tea Parties are in disarray, partly because some saner members are getting tired of the nutjobs and you respond with the usual “Obama is failing” rhetoric.

    Tex, admit it. Your Tea Party bunch was a mish-mosh from the start and never stood a chance of getting any serious political traction.

    P.S, I’ve been absent lately nursing a cold that worked it’s way through the entire Lawson household. I’m on the mend now.

  7. The AFP crowd should dip him in crude oil and roll him in tobacco pronto.

    LOL, Shout … well it seems if we move along with the theme of the Tea Party types eating themselves, see what happens when their leader (the Quitter) disappoints them:

  8. And I say the tea parties are far more effective than you care to admit. If you didn’t think so, like Palin you would be ignoring them.

    Either way, the comment is far more relevant than the continual lame posts you continue to produce. While the effectiveness of the tea parties can be debated, the effectiveness of MaO Bama can not.

    Your man of Hope & Change is a complete and utter failure…

  9. Hey Rutherford,

    Riddle me this. If Sarah Palin is a joke (the jury is still out for me), and Obama still admired like you attest, and the tea parties a fringe, and the current push for Obama policies packed with super majorities that should pass without Republicans, why does each continual post on your blog sound like penned by someone panicked, frustrated and angry?

    Why is Obama quickly losing popularity, both domestic and foreign? This is not my opinion – this is the opinion of the left-wing European rags. Why has the FOX News network audience expanded? Why is Obama becoming the butt of jokes?

    Why don’t you share a little honesty for once. It’s been a long time. Why don’t you provide us a list of Obama’s great accomplishments in your next post? Then we could have a real debate about something of substance. Your health proposals are dead 😉

    P.S. – I noticed your Live Feed.

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