Live Blogging Obama’s Joint Session Health Care Address

It’s time for another live blogging event. Join me live at 8pm EDT tonight (9/9/09)  as I remark on Obama’s address to Congress as it happens.

Click here to watch the live blog or to see the transcript, after the fact.

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34 thoughts on “Live Blogging Obama’s Joint Session Health Care Address

  1. If Obama is so concerned about spiraling costs and how health care would go broke, can he please explain to us minions the apparent disconnect about how his budget will do the same, only faster?

    This speech ranks with the Geico commercials in providing meaningful information. Incredibly inept…

  2. I would like to think even Rutherford would admit that this is all hot air in terms of specifics. Blah blah blah.

    Show me the money.

  3. Rove just pointed something out that has been bugging me.

    Team Obama keeps including illeagal aliens in the number of uninsured in America minutes before they finger wag us that we’re being paranoid when we suspect illegals will be insured by Uncle Sam.
    By the way, I’m still slightly dry heaving over that post Rutherford didn’t allow us to comment on.

    Rutherford has had a fair amount of time on his hands for at least a year. How much you want to bet Rutherford hasn’t volunteered one second to his local school, local childrens hospital or church. Not one second.

    A computer programmer could do so much at, I don’t know, maybe a tutoring center in the math lab at the high school.

    But no. It’s the speech. Those magical words. The magical man. The David Copperfield creepazoid.

    Dude, the speech was great. Making it even more powerful was the fact it came from a black man. But if you think the problem with today’s youth exists due to lack of a correct and charismatic message from Uncle Sam you are on cloud fricken nine.

    Don’t be such a dramatic corn ball. That post made you look like some dandy thespian. So concerned are you? Want to be in contact with the kids? Take your ass to the projects and tutor some youngins.

  4. Gang, I took time out of flunking gross anatomy tests tonight to listen to the magic man. Obama is arrogant, patronizing, and a flimflam.

    Finally, America might be waking up to that fact.


    On a funnier note, as I was taking my gross “lab” practical yesterday (50% of the grade) while allocated 70 seconds a question, I was put next to a mountain of a man. As you take the test, you observe a tagged muscle, nerve or artery and pencil in your answer – sounds easy but it is not; hard as hell, in fact. Being that I couldn’t even look around this guy to get to the neck (a bunch of tangled ganglion, small arteries off the carotid, a zillion veins around the thorax, and structures I had never heard of until last week, old Tex was starting to get frustrated with the fact that not only could he not observe in the allotted time, but his future professional life was riding on the outcome.

    At about the 40 minute mark and completely frustrated with not being able to observe closely arteries about 1 cm long, I started to guess from a distance. Finally, exasperated with the fact that this was a lost cause, I came across a structure of which I had no idea with 10 seconds left to answer. It was directly next to the internal jugular vein. I penciled in “external anal sphincter.”

    I project that after the doctors read that answer (and probably laugh out loud), I have approximately one week before being called into the carpet by the academic review committee.

    If this is an example of what future doctors go through to get there, it is no wonder that many of them are dropping out by the bushel full.

  5. “Check out Pelosi’s face as Thuggy is called a liar. Made my day. ”

    Made my day too. You can just tell that lady can count on one hand how many times the day hasn’t gone her way.

  6. Fearmonger-in-chief: Pass my crappy bill or people will die
    posted at 10:30 pm on September 9, 2009 by Allahpundit

    “Everyone in this room knows what will happen if we do nothing,” says the guy who’s committed to doing nothing about social security, Medicare, and the mind-bogglingly enormous deficits that promise fiscal catastrophe in the years ahead while he saddles America with yet another red-ink-bleeding government program. Note well: He’s actually promoting a plan that will lead to health-care rationing as a way to prolong Americans’ lives. We’re living your dream, Orwell.

  7. FOX easily won the night dominating the adults 18-49 and adults 18-34 demos.

    From 8pm-9pm the president averaged 21.2 million just on ABC (adults 18-49 rating/share =1.8/5, 7.4 million total viewers), CBS (1.2/4, 5.63 million) and NBC (1.9/6.8.16 million).

    People want to jump the gun on declaring So You Think You Can Dance in the fall a mistake and a loser. For now, FOX laughs at you and will take its 2.7/8 adults 18-49 rating and 3.0/9 with adults 18-34 and not worry that there were only 6.465 million viewers. Leave Marc Berman to complain about that while FOX smiles at its year over year improvements even if it wasn’t as strong as the summer version of the show.

    Thuggy the Marine killer beat out by some stupid reality tv show. Bahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 5,000 Pakistani Hindus flee forced conversions, kidnappings, rape

    Islamic Tolerance Alert from the Land of the Pure: “Fearing Taliban, Pak Hindus take Thar Express to India,” by Vimal Bhatia in the Times of India, September 10 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

    JAISALMER: In the past four years, some 5,000 Hindus may have crossed over from Pakistan, never to return. It has not been easy abandoning their homes, sometimes even their families, but they say they had no choice: they had to flee the Taliban.

    It started as a trickle in 2006, the year the Thar Express was flagged off. The weekly train starts from Karachi, enters India at Munabao, a border town in Barmer, and runs up to Jodhpur. In the first year, 392 Hindus crossed over.

    This grew to 880 in 2007. The next year, the number was 1,240, and this year, till August, over 1,000 have crossed over. They just keep extending their visas and hope to become Indian citizens.

    Incidentally, these are official figures. Sources say there are many more who cross over and melt in the local milieu. And officials have a soft corner for these people, most of whom have harrowing stories to tell.

    Ranaram, who used to live in the Rahimyar district of Pakistan’s Punjab, says he fell prey to the Taliban. His wife was kidnapped, raped and forcibly converted to Islam. His two daughters were also forcibly converted. Ranaram, too, had to accept Islam for fear of his life. He thought it best to flee with his two daughters; his wife was untraceable.

    Dungaram, another migrant, says atrocities against Hindus in Pakistan have increased in the past two years after the ouster of Musharraf. “We won’t get permanent jobs unless we convert to Islam.”

    Hindu Singh Sodha, president of Seemant Lok Sangathan, a group working for the refugees in Barmer and Jaisalmer, says there’s unfortunately no proper refugee policy in India even though people from Pakistan reach here in large numbers.

    He said in 2004-05, over 135 families were given Indian citizenship but the rest are still living illegally in the country and are often tortured by police because they don’t have proper citizenship certificates. “In December 2008, over 200 Hindus were converted to Islam in Mirpur Khas town of Pakistan. But there are several others who want to stick to their religion but there’s no safety for them in Pakistan.”

    Immigration officer at Munabao railway station, Hetudan Charan, says the arrival of Hindu migrants had suddenly increased as over 15 to 16 families were reaching India every week. “None of them admit they are to settle here but seeing their baggage, we easily understand,’’ he said….

    Sad that the world tolerates this abomination.

  9. (NY Post)- VAN Jones resigned as White House green-jobs czar after the public got a look at his history of radical activism, including his time building the so-called Apollo Alliance — a coalition of left-wing interest groups unified around the green-jobs concept. But another, even more radical Jones (not related) is leading Apollo’s New York state activities.

    Jeff Jones was a domestic terrorist in the late ’60s and a fugitive from justice throughout the ’70s — yet now he’s a leader of an influential, taxpayer-funded group.

    With Mark Rudd and Bill Ayers, Jones in 1969 co-founded the radical Weatherman, which orchestrated the violent “Days of Rage” riots in Chicago, and later undertook an anti-government bombing campaign. Three of its members died when a bomb they were constructing to attack Fort Dix accidentally detonated in Greenwich Village.

    And Jones is still proud of his terrorist activities — saying as recently as 2004: “To this day, we still, lots of us, including me, still think it was the right thing to try to do.”

    Now, Jones is back to revolutionary organizing — but with taxpayers footing the bill. He’s the director of the Apollo Alliance’s New York affiliate and a consultant to the national group.

    Apollo unifies the three most powerful elements of the political left — environmental groups, labor unions and street organizers like ACORN — and points them toward a common goal that enriches all of them under the banner of “green jobs.” (Van Jones was an Apollo board member until he joined the White House staff.)

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid recently credited Apollo with helping write the stimulus bill and getting it passed. Yet the stimulus’ “green jobs” provisions funnel federal tax dollars to unions, green groups and community organizers — that is, the organizations that make up Apollo.

    What will it take for Dodger to actually be concerned about all these marxists and thugs tied to Thuggy the Marine killer? My guess is that Dodger loves this radical politburo.

  10. Video: Axelrod not comprehending what “competition” means
    posted at 4:40 pm on September 10, 2009 by Ed Morrissey
    Share on Facebook | printer-friendly

    Give Wolf Blitzer of CNN credit for a hard-hitting question in his interview yesterday with David Axelrod before Barack Obama’s speech to the joint session of Congress. In fact, Blitzer didn’t just ask Axelrod a tough question, he kept coming back to it when Axelrod proved incapable of answering it. The big $64 trillion question? If Obama wants competition in states where one insurer dominates, why not just allow insurers to sell policies across state lines? Er …. maybe because they don’t really want competition at all? (via Duane Patterson)

    Kudos for Blitzer for actually doing his job.

  11. Carlson: When did the Hopemeister turn bitter?
    posted at 12:55 pm on September 10, 2009 by Ed Morrissey

    Tucker Carlson marvels at the transformation of Barack Obama from candidate to rookie President to … grumpy old man. Nothing about last night’s speech reminded Carlson of the man who ran for the office on a promise of Hope and Change. Instead, Carlson saw a man who has already turned bitter, paranoid, and inflexible after only the first serious challenge of his administration:

    Never has a president been warped by Washington quicker. At times tonight, Obama sounded like an embattled second-termer with a 35 percent approval rating. What percentage of his speech was spent lashing out at his enemies, real and imagined? Radio and cable-television pundits, George W. Bush, former Congresses, unnamed ghouls employing “scare tactics,” whose “only agenda is to stop reform at any cost”—they’re all against him, Obama said. And they’re lying.

    This isn’t how confident leaders speak. These are the complaints of a man on his way to bitterness. So soon?

    Usually, a president has gone through a number of political battles before assuming the highest office in the nation. Most hold executive office at another level before running for the office, and have to deal with policy battles and at least occasional defeats before entering the Oval Office. They build a thicker skin, get a better sense of their strengths and limitations, and these experiences make for better presidents in the long haul.

    Obama, on the other hand, has never held executive office in politics. He has spent his short political life as a legislator, and not even a particularly bold legislator. Obama was much more of a bandwagon man as a legislator, offering rhetorical instead of political leadership, and for the most part receiving nothing but warm praise bordering on tongue-baths from the media.

    What Carlson sees is a man completely unprepared for the fact that he can’t sell refrigerators to Eskimos. Whether that comes from a narcissistic personality or just plain inexperience, the fact remains that Obama has reacted poorly to the rapid disintegration of his own popularity and that of his policies. Like a petulant child, Obama has assumed that the problem is that he hasn’t spoken often or loudly enough, which is one of the reasons that his speeches on health care have not changed an iota in substance but have gotten louder and angrier in tone.

    Obama couldn’t sell ObamaCare, and now he wants to scold America for not agreeing with him. Carlson is right to call this bitterness, but it’s the bitterness of a man who may have been told no for the first time in his political life, and clearly doesn’t know how to react to it.

    LOL So true! Hahahahaha!!!

  12. My apologies for not keeping up with comments the past couple of days. With the kid in kindergarten and my day job getting busier AND lots of fodder for new posts (three of them if you include the live blogging event) I’ve been very busy and answering comments has fallen to bottom priority.

    I’ll try to dedicate much of tomorrow to some comments catchup.

  13. Want to be in contact with the kids? Take your ass to the projects and tutor some youngins.

    Point taken …. I volunteer for the Project Management Institute, admittedly no real contribution to society. But that wasn’t the point of that post, nor was it the transformative value of seeing one video by Barack Obama.

    The point of the post was to alert kids to the fact that their parents were being lied to … scared into acting ridiculously. My intent, which sadly was not achieved since the post didn’t go viral, was to be as subversive as possible .. to derail the hateful public attempt to censor a decent, appropriate message from the President for reasons God only knows.

    If I could have traveled Santa Clause like, from chimney to chimney dropping an ipod with that video cued up I would have done so. Just to stick my finger in the eyes of the petty bastards who want to oppose this president on everything.

  14. The point of the post was to alert kids to the fact that their parents were being lied to … scared into acting ridiculously.

    Was Rutherford close to admitting that Obama lies to parents? Why not? The Bomba lies like a dog about everything else. Big “R”, you didn’t guess the black journalist who called Bomba an insult to the collective American intelligence. Aren’t you going to venture a guess? 😈

  15. If this is an example of what future doctors go through to get there, it is no wonder that many of them are dropping out by the bushel full.

    I applaud your courage in going after this. No insult intended Tex but I kinda think Med school a young man’s game. Back breaking hours and tons of info to absorb. Even if I could physically qualify, which I can’t, I think I’d be pounded into dirt just by the pressure alone.

    But then this is coming from a guy who stopped after his bachelors.

  16. Was Pelosi an ass when she said Bush was an utter failure?

    No because in many ways Bush WAS an utter failure … and she didn’t announce it in front of a joint session of Congress.

  17. “I’ve given up on Elric, but Rabbit you’re too smart for this. She should have been outraged and you know it.”

    Was she outraged when Bush was booed at the SOTU address? I posted it twice and you choose to ignore it hypocrite.

  18. Thuggy the Marine killer beat out by some stupid reality tv show. Bahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

    It says absolutely nothing about Obama and everything about our low IQ nation. Funny thing is these same “Dance” watchers will get up the next day and bloviate about a speech they didn’t watch and about issues they don’t even come close to understanding.

    Of course, Elric, like most of the GOP, celebrates ignorance.

  19. LOL … like Tucker Carlson’s opinion is worth two bits. The man got run off the air by a stand-up comedian! ROTFLMAO

    P.S. I will give Tucker this much … the little snot-nose does aspire to THINK unlike his brain-dead GOP brethren.

  20. “Of course, Elric, like most of the GOP, celebrates ignorance.”

    ha ha…..the GOP celebrates ignorance? Have you been to the city in the last 40 years?

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