How the Death Panel Gets You Your 15 Minutes of Fame

This morning I watched the extended interview between Jon Stewart and Betsy McCaughey and I have to admit it saddens me that it takes a comedian to show what a horse’s ass this woman is. If only this interview could have been conducted before Sarah Palin took the dynamite stick and lit a match to it, perhaps the entire “Death Panel” controversy could have been averted.

For your reference, here are links to the full interview:–1—betsy-mccaughey-extended-interview-pt–1—betsy-mccaughey-extended-interview-pt–2

While Ms. McCaughey apparently lost her Director position at a medical device company, she at least managed to get more than her 15 minutes of fame. This got me to thinking that perhaps my fast track to fame could go similarly. Join me on a flight of fancy for a few moments:

The House of Representatives writes a bill to help inner city kids. A portion of Bill 1234ABC appears below:

Article 1.
Every year, 2.5 million dollars shall be allocated across the country to establish and maintain playgrounds in inner city neighborhoods so that children will have a safe and constructive place to congregate, keeping them off the streets and out of mischief.

Article 2.
To monitor the progress of this program, volunteers shall be solicited by the government to periodically visit these playgrounds, observe the activities and conditions there, and report back on findings.

Blogger Rutherford Lawson reads the bill and alarms go off in his head. Who are these volunteers monitoring the playgrounds? Will they be given background checks as part of the volunteer process? Bill sounds dangerous. We don’t want “strange” people observing kids at playgrounds.

Lawson’s comments go into limited circulation until they are seen by several vocal national figures. The story progresses:

Sarah Palin writes on her Facebook page: “I will not allow my Down Syndrome baby to grow up in a country that allows child rapists to salivate over his every move! A country that allows this is a country that is evil.”

House Minority Leader John Boehner comments: “I knew that President Obama and I disagreed on a lot of policy issues, but I never believed until now that he supported perverts.”

Michele Bachmann: “This is the first step down a slippery slope to Saddam and Gonorrhea! Oh, by the way, God told me to say that.”

Michelle Malkin: “My investigative efforts have unearthed the following critical fact. Have you ever noticed that in the immediate aftermath of Michael Jackson’s death, Obama never condemned the freak for his history of child abuse? What does this say about our President?”

Before you know it, the protesters are out in full force. This is just one of the posters seen at rallies:

Uncle Sam Perv

Well, now all I need to do is find a real bill, totally distort it, and then I’m off to the races!

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