Using Fear to Fight Health Care Reform: Obama Video Address: July 25, 2009

When I was in college, I was a bit of what you’d call “a worry wart”. I always analyzed all the ways things could go wrong before I took action. My roommate used to call these “imaginary horribles”. As I look at the public reaction to health care reform, I see lots of imaginary horribles floating to the surface, stoked by Republican opposition.

One great instance was when Obama was at an AARP forum and he was asked by a phone caller whether it was true that under the new health care reform, government officials would visit every medicare recipient to discuss how they wanted to die. This would be funny if it were not so sad and pathetic. Innocent people being snookered into believing nightmare scenarios by obstructionist Republicans. In this week’s video address, Obama discusses one concrete measure that the reform will provide which will make matters better for small business.

And now the President of the United States of America:

The regular appearance of bogeymen has made me pessimistic recently about the prospects of health care reform but fortunately the blue dog democrats are coming along. This interview with Senator Sherrod Brown talks about what is in the various versions of the bills, without all the bogeymen.

I’m also glad to see Obama finally getting a bit pissed publicly about this and warning folks that Republicans “are just trying to scare you”.

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104 thoughts on “Using Fear to Fight Health Care Reform: Obama Video Address: July 25, 2009

  1. I’m also glad to see Obama finally getting a bit pissed publicly about this and warning folks that Republicans “are just trying to scare you”.

    Thats so funny coming from a guy who was using scare tactics to ram the pork bill through.

  2. Obama’s Great Health Scare
    The president resorts to the politics of fear.

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    On the campaign trail last year, Barack Obama promised to end the “politics of fear and cynicism.” Yet he is now trying to sell his health-care proposals on fear.

    At his news conference last week, he said “Reform is about every American who has ever feared that they may lose their coverage, or lose their job. . . . If we do not reform health care, your premiums and out-of-pocket costs will continue to skyrocket. If we do not act, 14,000 Americans will continue to lose their health insurance every single day. These are the consequences of inaction.”

    A Fox News Poll from last week shows that 84% of Americans who have health insurance are happy with their coverage. And because 91% of all Americans have insurance, that means that 76% of all Americans will be concerned about anything that threatens their current coverage. By a 2-1 margin, according to the Fox Poll, Americans want coverage from a private provider rather than the government.


  3. How to create a zillion jobs
    posted at 9:26 am on July 30, 2009 by Ed Morrissey
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    As time goes on, we find more on how the administration can claim that they have saved or created so many jobs. No one has specified anything about the length of those jobs. The Associated Press checked on figures used by Democrats in Oregon and found they took credit for creating over 3,000 jobs with Porkulus funds — jobs that lasted shorter than a typical Barack Obama expiration date:

    Whats going on Dodger? Cant this politburo do anything right?

  4. Tort reform the key to cutting health-care costs?
    posted at 10:12 am on July 30, 2009 by Ed Morrissey
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    So argues IBD Editorials, and they claim they have the data to prove it. According to data from a study performed by the accounting group Pricewaterhouse Cooper, malpractice actions account for at least 10% of all medical costs — 2% by jacking up legal insurance and as much as 9% from the defensive medicine lawsuits create. Instead of looking at overhauling the nation’s health-care system, we should pursue tort reform, and points the finger at a rather well-known former candidate for President:

    That makes too much sense, lets shaft everybody but the lawyers. Thuggy has to look out for his lawyer friends after all.

  5. Pitiful commentary Rutherford and a sign of a sore loser not handling Obama’s tribulation with class. You are weaker than I thought.

    75% of the people in this country are happy with their health care. But you go ahead and encourage your Chicago thugs to ram this through – in fact, I highly encourage you to do so.

    And we will see what happens to your beloved Dimocratic party next year. It will provide a reminder to the American public why a repeat of 1994 is necessary, and then we can fix the mess they’ve created.

  6. New poll is bad, bad news for Obama, Democrats
    By: Byron York
    Chief Political Correspondent
    07/30/09 5:32 AM EDT

    The results of the new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll are a major warning sign for Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress. On some key issues, the gains that Democrats had made on Republicans in the last couple of years have disappeared, and the GOP has begun to reassert itself. In other policy areas, traditional Democratic leads are diminishing.

    The results are found in the answers to the Journal’s questions about whether respondents believe the Democratic or Republican party would do a better job of handling a particular issue. In the past, Democrats have usually led in areas like health care and education, while Republicans have led in issues like national security and taxes.

    During the Bush administration, Democrats made huge gains in some important Republican areas. For example, on the question of which party would do a better job in handling the federal budget deficit, Democrats held a 19-point advantage in a November 2005 Journal poll, a 25-point advantage in July 2007, and a 22-point advantage in January 2008.

    Now all that has changed. In the new poll, the results have completely turned around, and Republicans hold a six-point advantage. On the related issue of controlling government spending, in July 2007, Democrats held a 16-point advantage. In the new poll, Republicans hold a nine-point lead.

    Just to piggyback on what Tex said. Of course we will have to toss out a lot of the RINO’s as well. Having a majority with losers like McVain, Snow and Collins isnt all that great. Alan Sphincter is gone and thats a start.

  7. The only skill I have is hitting a softball hard. I mean freakishly hard. I’m not even a good athlete. I was a mediocre baseball player in high school who could never hit a curve ball. I know Tex can visualize exactly how I am describing myself. The typical softball goon.

    I play on several teams. One of these teams is for my Parish. Church league softball. The team has been around for 59 years and my Dad has played on the team for over 30.

    Anyways, this was my Dad’s first year of coaching. Yesterday was our championship game. My Dad wanted to win the championship bad. He must have called me 3 times this week telling me I better take it seriously.

    So, against opponents who range from the morbidly obese, horribly uncoordinated and elderly, I’m launching absolute piss missiles either over their heads or right at them. Remember, I play competitive softball all over the state.

    I screwed up. I accidentally hit a cannon ball up the middle. It hit the pitcher right in the chest. He didn’t move for 20 minutes, after collapsing on his back. The fire truck showed up in right field. Cops. EMS. They were all there.

    I seriously almost started crying.

    It gets worse. Come to find out the guy pitching was 77 years old.

    Thankfully, he was breathing and started talking before leaving on the stretcher. The dude actually said he wants to die on a softball field. I later found out he has plans to have his ashes dumped on the pitcher’s mound.

    I was really shook up. The other team and people in the crowd told me not to feel guilty.

    Except for one guy at the end of the game. He called me out (at the time I have no idea that the old man is going to be ok).

    Rabbit became unglued. Being the bully that I am, I got into this guys grill and loudly humiliated him in front of two parishes, my Mom and a nun.

    My Dad said the guy had it coming.

    Yet, I lay on the couch cringing. I have that feeling that I used to get after heavy drinking and acting like a maniac.

    Thank God the pitcher was released from the ER today and has no hard feelings.

    We won the championship.

  8. Rabbit, 😆

    I can somewhat empathize, though I was more lucky. For a brief spell, I agreed to play on a coed softball team. I am the one responsible for them not allowing females to pitch anymore in that league.

    She lobs one up and I hit a rocket that went by her cheek before she could blink. She started crying – I almost started crying. I didn’t even run to first base. I just sat there with my mouth agape, thinking of what could have happened.

    I scared me more than it scared her. I quit the team shortly thereafter.

  9. Do you think Obama will talk about me shooting middle on that pitcher tonight? I think its a teachable moment.

    Maybe he will invite me, the pitcher and the guy who called me out for a beer.

  10. Elric…even Rutherford will call that out as propaganda. I think R’s whole shtick is “give it time”. R seems to concede that so far, economically, Obama has yet to be successful.

    Rutherford read this comment by Democratic Party strategist Liz Chadderdon

    “Voters have short memories. The administration needs to remind people that things were way worse over the last four years than in the last six months.”

    That does make you laugh right?

  11. Rabbit,

    “Voters have short memories. The administration needs to remind people that things were way worse over the last four years than in the last six months.”

    Undoubtedly, the first memory that needs to be jogged is Ms. Chadderdon’s memory. Twenty-one months ago we were at full employment and the S&P at a record high with an all-time record for corporate earnings.

    What an ignorance b….

  12. DR Tex,

    Thats why I call people like Dodger drones. And its obvious the Demomarxist agrees if they expect such outrageous lies to be accepted by the masses.

  13. Cash for Clunkers might be out of money by Labor Day! There are hordes of people buying cars thanks to the tax payer rebate.

    What they are talking about now? Doubling it so that it will last until November as intended.

    Of course Nanny will pick and choose who gets the good deal.

    I guess its better then hams. But damn…Rabbit needs to buy a car and Obama is buying everyone else one.


  14. While Rutherford rants on about the evil Republican Klan and how they are just “scaring” everybody because no Democrat, and especially Big O could never be wrong, here’s an alarm clock that ought to scare all Americans and it is for real.


  15. Best comeback line of the year, hands down:

    General Cosgrove of Austrialia was interviewed on the radio recently. Read his his reply to the lady who interviewed him concerning guns and children. Regardless of how you feel about gun laws you gotta love this! This is one of the best comeback lines of all time. It is a portion of an ABC radio interview between a female broadcaster and General Cosgrove who was about to sponsor a Boy Scout Troop visiting his military Headquarters.

    So, General Cosgrove, what things are you going to teach these young boys when they visit your base?

    We’re going to teach them climbing, canoeing, archery and shooting.

    Shooting! That’s a bit irresponsible, isn’t it?

    I don’t see why, they’ll be properly supervised on the rifle range.

    Don’t you admit that this is a terribly dangerous activity to be teaching children?

    I don’t see how. We will be teaching them proper rifle discipline before they even touch a firearm.

    But you’re equipping them to become violent killers.

    Well, Ma’am, you’re equipped to be a prostitute, but you’re not one, are you?

    The radiocast went silent for 46 seconds and when it returned, the interview was over.

  16. Wow: Black cop in Gates arrest sends letter to Obama about being called an “Uncle Tom”; Update: Lashley goes after Gates in full letter
    posted at 8:29 pm on July 30, 2009 by Allahpundit
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    Initially I thought Crowley was a bit of a chump to join in The One’s photo op after being smeared by him. But now I think it was all worth it.

  17. Barney Frank: Yes, a public plan will lead to a government takeover of health care
    posted at 7:52 pm on July 30, 2009 by Allahpundit
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    I’m not overly worried. The GOP’s closing the gap on the generic ballot and seeing a surge in strong recruits for congressional challenges, which means the current Congress is probably as blue as it’ll be for awhile. If they don’t have the votes to make us choke on single-payer now, they likely never will. Even so, that’s what the liberal wing is planning, as our friend who helped ruin the subprime industry is candid enough to admit here. No wonder the House wants to backload the costs of ObamaCare. That’s obviously designed to give the left a chance to say “it’s working!” during the first five years while expenses are low and use the momentum to push for expansion.

    And what if the final bill ends up dropping a public insurance option altogether? Don’t celebrate just yet:

    Dodge this Dodger

  18. Obama’s 32 Czars

    By Eric Cantor
    Thursday, July 30, 2009

    “The biggest problems that we’re facing right now have to do with George Bush trying to bring more and more power into the executive branch and not go through Congress at all. And that’s what I intend to reverse when I’m president of the United States.” — Sen. Barack Obama, March 31, 2008

    To say President Obama failed to follow through on this promise is an understatement. By appointing a virtual army of “czars” — each wholly unaccountable to Congress yet tasked with spearheading major policy efforts for the White House — in his first six months, the president has embarked on an end-run around the legislative branch of historic proportions.

    Dodger this as well Dodger.

  19. Cash for clunkers runs out of money … after one week
    posted at 9:56 pm on July 30, 2009 by Allahpundit
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    Unlike pretty much every other Hopenchange economic policy, not only did this one work, it worked better than expected. And yet, I can’t help thinking there’s a lesson in the fact that a centrally planned program budgeted to run through the end of October went bust in, er, seven days. That’s some miscalculation — not unlike the miscalculation that promised unemployment no higher than eight percent once we pinched that $787 billion loaf known as the stimulus. And naturally, the program came buried in so much bureaucracy and paperwork that some dealers gave up on it despite the amazing business it drummed up.

    Ah well. I’m sure none of that will happen with national health care.

    Just for you DR. Dont ever say Im not a nice guy. Now go run with it. 🙂

  20. interesting how I just blogged about a republican admitting that the cash for clunkers program is working but it needs tweaking and more money. Doesn’t the fact that the money from the program did run out shows that people are benefiting from this programs with the fact that they’ll get money for a new car. What about the fact that car dealerships are making money and in some cases sold so many cars that they need more on the lot. Also, if you’re going to criticize the program because it ran out of money then you’re a hypocrite.
    You cannot say in one instance that the government is spending too much money on programs and then criticize a program because the money ran out.
    Very hypocritical…and dare I say that I’m a bit disappointed 😛

  21. As far as health care is concerned, my view is that I PERSONALLY wouldn’t want government run healthcare for ME. And I’m not in favor of UNIVERSAL healthcare. I’m not saying this because I think the government option would be worse, I just don’t agree with being a burden on government programs when I could afford the private option. Plus I like to help private companies especially since my uncle is in the business of selling insurance.
    I do however think that the plan for people to keep their healthcare and allow for a public option is something I can support. And it’s because the plan itself is not universal healthcare. No one will be forced to buy into the public option.
    People need choices and if I thought private health insurance was getting too expensive then I’d want to have another option. This all around will help private insurance companies because it provides competition.
    Funny how conservatives pride themselves on supporting businesses, but if you take a business or economics class, you’ll learn that competition improves the economy and the product being sold. Competition is what drives capitalism.

  22. This all around will help private insurance companies because it provides competition.

    This is the make or break issue with the public option. I personally love the theory that it will drive competition. But I also understand the concern that companies will ONLY offer the public option to their employees based on price competitiveness, thereby driving private insurance out of business.

    Issues like this one are worth arguing about. As opposed to discussing “Obama’s reparations program” or “government sponsored euthanasia program”.

    That’s what I love about our conservative hard-liners (Tex, Gorilla, Elric). They refuse to dismiss the fringe crazies and as a result they compromise their own argument.

  23. Rutherford,

    That’s what I love about our conservative hard-liners (Tex, Gorilla, Elric). They refuse to dismiss the fringe crazies and as a result they compromise their own argument.

    In contrast to your vantage point that never leaves the leftist fringe, right “R”? 🙄 And what fringe crazies would you like me to discuss “R”?

    Anybody that thinks government would improve the efficiencies of handling health care is obviously clueless and in the collective dangerous. They are in their own small measure destroying the country.

    Measure any governmental administration of a program, and then measure that against the private sector.

    The productivity, effectiveness and worth isn’t even close in each and every case.

  24. Sensico,

    Here is where I think your own thinking not only skewed by inexperience, but with a lack of depth I haven’t seen since I last looked in the microscope on high power.

    Let’s say you’re right. Let’s say the cash for clunkers program was so popular that our government will now claim in a raving success.

    Can you tell me in the aggregate what that bought us? You made a few auto owners happy. You sold a few more vehicles. And the money used, taken and benefited for a few came from the pockets of millions. This did nothing to create any real worth – unless you are to measure we might use a minuscule fraction less fuel – which is so small in a macro sense couldn’t be measured. Another case of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

  25. Sensico: “This all around will help private insurance companies because it provides competition.
    Funny how conservatives pride themselves on supporting businesses, but if you take a business or economics class, you’ll learn that competition improves the economy and the product being sold. Competition is what drives capitalism.”

    And if you had actually paid attention in your business and econ classes, you’d have learned that it is fair competition that drives capitalism. Unfair competition hurts capitalism. That’s why we have anti-trust and monopoly laws.

    A public option is not fair competition, because it suffers no penalty for below market pricing. It can make prices as low as it wants, and if it runs out of money, the government gives it more. Private companies don’t have that luxury (except for banks and auto manufacturers), and they won’t be able to compete with it over the long haul.

    If we want to address the price of health care, there are ways to go about it other than public options that force the price down through unfair competition. A good start would be to address the costs associated with health care. Lower those, and then all insurance companies can lower their costs, and compete amungst themselves instead of against the government-sponsored public option.

  26. Here’s a thought for Sensico and I”m sure Rutherford soon about their braggadocio about the sterling success of the “Cash for Clunkers” program. I read this today and couldn’t say it better. If Sensico had any business/economic savvy, this might lead from point A to point B and provide a “teachable moment”. I’m not hopeful.

    What goes unmentioned in this story (Cash for Clunkers) is the fact that Americans are responding to economic incentives. In the liberal mind, the concept of economic incentives is ignored. Case in point: the country’s jobless rate is abysmal. The Obama Administration professes to have the desire to create jobs. How do they propose they create jobs? By taxing businesses! Seem backwards to you? Well, it is!

    This is a simple lesson for people. To create jobs, businesses need money. The best way to make sure businesses have money in a tough economic time is to reduce their expenses. When their expenses are reduced (say, via the tax code), they will have more money to give to prospective employees. I know it seems too simple to work, but it isn’t.

    I look forward to the next Obama Administration Laugh of the Week.

  27. Interesting footnote of the week:

    STEPHEN MARCHE IN ESQUIRE: “Nobody wants to hear it, but this fact is too important to ignore: So far, the first African-American presidency has been one of the worst ever for African-Americans. The economic crisis has predominantly hit non-white working class men; the collapse of the auto industry is threatening to destroy the basis of the Midwestern black middle class. Key matters for African-Americans languish — the over incarceration of young black men that makes a mockery of American justice being the number one example. Government aid? That goes to bankers in Connecticut. If the President were white, there would be riots.”

  28. “Doesn’t the fact that the money from the program did run out shows that people are benefiting from this programs with the fact that they’ll get money for a new car.”-sensico

    That was some pretty insightful economic defense of C for C. Lets follow your deep analysis a bit, shall we?

    Why not give people even more money for cars? Wouldn’t that be even better? Lets give people 7 grand instead of 4.5. Why not?

    You know what? I like brainstorming with you Sensico. I think we hit it off so well because we are both from Michigan. And I know you care about Michigan a ton. So check this plan out and tell me what you think. Lets have all the people from Macomb County pitch in and buy a car for all the people in Wayne County who drive hoopties? Do you know how many hoopties are in the 313? What do ya think, girlfriend? People would be big time “benefiting”. And benefiting is good.

    How about we give it a test run? Just me and you. I am so happy that you found an awesome job. How do I know about your awesome job? You told us, silly. Remember, it was your argument against universal health care. You don’t think the coverage will be any worse if you go with the government’s plan, you just don’t want to be a burden because YOU can afford it already. That’s so rad you got a job and YOU can afford stuff. Please do tell, where are you working?

    I will have Rutherford give you my email. Then, we will use pay pal and YOU will buy the Rabbit a car.

    OK. I know what you’re thinking: “Tricks are for kids, you silly Rabbit”. Here is the real deal: We will use your pay pal account to only send me 4,500 dollars. And then I will give you my piece of shit 1999 S-10 4 cylinder truck. I can have that beat up bitch leaking oil on Daddy’s driveway by Saturday. And when you send me the money I will be like, that’s so rad, I’m benefiting big time.


    Cash for Clunkers is pissing me off beyond belief. Want to be miserable? Enter the market right now for a new car without the correct kind of clunker.

    The auto dealers won’t budge. I’m getting shitty prices everywhere. There is just no incentive for them to sell me a car right now. I wasn’t invited to the party. I keeping crashing prom solo, but no one will dance with me.

  29. Chicago Mayor Daley said today he would support an effort to give preferential treatment in city contracting to businesses owned by gays and lesbians.

    So let me get this straight. We already know blacks get special treatment. But now gay people get jobs over straight people?

    Imagine some of the scenarios that will play out due to this liberal policy.

    Randy the electrician really needs some work to pay the bills and keep the family fed. He’s in his work truck outside city hall. He takes a deep breath, gets out of the car, and all of sudden turns into the most effeminate, lisping homo known to man as he walks towards his job interview.

    Elric, what’s your opinion on this?

  30. LOL.



    What fools. Do you have any idea how many pissed off people there is going to be over this?

    This is a HUGE mistake. My Dad bought an Impala today. He goes to the bank tomorrow and then to the dealership to pick up his new car.. I wonder if he will get screwed over?

    What utter fricking fools. This was supposed to go to November??????????

    Dealerships might get hosed over this.

    If they can get this so, so, so, wrong, imagine health care????????? IMAGINE!!!!

    You have got to read this USA today news article. What a mess. Does the government ever get anything right?

    Carmakers and dealers have booked expensive advertising to capitalize on buyers’ interest in CARS, and now will be left promoting a tie-in with a discontinued government program — one that wasn’t supposed to end until Nov. 1. “Disappointed,” says Chrysler spokesman Scott Brown..
    “It’s too late to recall the ads,” says Beau Boeckmann of Galpin Ford, the nation’s largest Ford dealer, in Los Angeles. Galpin had done about 100 clunker deals and was hoping for more. ” We had increased our ad budget to get the word out. We are very heavy on radio, newspaper and getting direct mail together,” Boeckmann says.
    “Now what do you tell people when they walk in” for a clunker deal? “It’s tough.”
    Rutherford wants the Cash for Clunker people in charge of our health care system.

  31. They screwed me over on C for C. I went in one day and my truck was good to go. Went back to buy the car and my truck was denied. Come to find out the government was just changing the rules as they went. But this is big time. Just cut it off 6 days in? Detroit is going to be very interesting tomorrow.


  32. “interesting how I just blogged about a republican admitting that the cash for clunkers program is working but it needs tweaking and more money. Doesn’t the fact that the money from the program did run out shows that people are benefiting from this programs with the fact that they’ll get money for a new car.”

    “Tweaked”? it lasted one week when it was suppose to last til November. But yet, you trust these morons with your health? I think your intelligence needs tweaking.

    “Elric, what’s your opinion on this?”

    Affirmative action for gays? Doesnt surprise me. Libs love to view people as groups instead of individuals. And of course how are you going to prove it? Thats liberal “logic” for you.

    “That’s what I love about our conservative hard-liners (Tex, Gorilla, Elric). They refuse to dismiss the fringe crazies and as a result they compromise their own argument.”

    Thats interesting since its crazies that lead your party. But you give them free passes as they destroy our country.

  33. “You cannot say in one instance that the government is spending too much money on programs and then criticize a program because the money ran out.”

    I cant? What kind of insane liberal “logic” is that?

  34. PAKISTAN Christians flee after Muslims destroy village
    July 31, 2009 | PA07685.1560 | 474 words Text size

    KORIAN, Pakistan (UCAN) — Smoke was still rising from the Christian village of Korian in Punjab province on July 31 after it was completely destroyed in a violent raid the previous night by thousands of Muslims.

    A Christian house set ablaze by Muslims

    Korian was home to about 100 Christian families, most of them laborers, who all fled the area in the wake of the attack. No one died in the incident.

    The village in Faisalabad diocese was attacked after Muslims accused a family there of blasphemy. In all, 60 houses and two churches belonging to the Church of Pakistan and the New Apostolic Church were destroyed and livestock stolen.

    “They have left nothing. My horse, my only source of income, has also been taken,” said Shubaan Masih, a local Christian.

    The mob also blockaded the road leading to the village for several hours refusing entry to police or firefighters.

    Masih said the mob was armed with firearms and explosives. “They used trucks to break the walls and petrol to start the fires,” he said. “We saved our lives only by hiding in the fields until three in the morning, when relatives arrived with vehicles to collect us. The children cried all night,” Masih said.

    Tension between the Christian and Muslim communities in the area arose after pages containing Islamic inscriptions were found in front of a Christian home on July 26 following a wedding.

    I thought this would be a good piece on my one post per thread on islamic “tolerance”. Im sure Dodger will dodge and DOI will point out that another Christian village wasnt burned down. 🙂

  35. Global cooling hits Al Gore’s home
    Nashville, the home of leading global warming prophet Al Gore, has enjoyed the coolest July 21 on record, observes Christopher Booker.

    By Christopher Booker
    Published: 5:17PM BST 25 Jul 2009

    It was delightfully appropriate that, as large parts of Argentina were swept by severe blizzards last week, on a scale never experienced before, the city of Nashville, Tennessee, should have enjoyed the coolest July 21 in its history, breaking a record established in 1877. Appropriate, because Nashville is the home of Al Gore, the man who for 20 years has been predicting that we should all by now be in the grip of runaway global warming.

    His predictions have proved so wildly wrong – along with those of the Met Office’s £33 million computer model which forecast that we should now be enjoying a “barbecue summer” and that 2009 would be one of “the five warmest years ever” – that the propaganda machine has had to work overtime to maintain what is threatening to become the most expensive fiction in history.

  36. Elric,

    Concerning your Black Panther link, I really would like Rutherford to comment on it. Not because I think Rutherford racist – I don’t. But I would like any black man to explain that by justifying the “black experience” and to explain where is the black outrage over situations like that? I thought diversity and unity were our strengths?

    “R”, you want to take a pop at explaining that?

  37. Elric,

    If there are three people that I think exemplify the caricature of the new Democrat party, they would be Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden.

    All are less than average intellect, but convinced they are among the elite and brilliant, blatantly dishonest, totally self-serving, and amoral. It is no wonder that the “progressives” believe Obama to be The Chosen one. When compared to the existing Democratic leadership (i.e., these three), he is.

  38. Nope. My Dad called me from the dealership. He’s been there for two hours. They are net letting him leave with his car. They literally have no idea how many cars were put into the system. Complete Cluster Fuck.

    I like how Democrats keep patting themselves on the back and calling C for C a wild success. As if manipulating the price of cars in the midst of pent up demand isn’t going to effect things. They seem shocked that people like free money.

    The government was too stupid to handle it administratively.

  39. Tex,

    He will either dodge it or come up with some lib spin. Or maybe he thinks whites arent smart enough to understand; especially why Thuggy drop the charges on these black supremacists. I bet he will dodge record cold in the Goracles hometown as well.


    Yeah its a real success. Went broke in a week. I dont know whats worse, these morons running things or the morons that think these morons can run things efficiently.

  40. Now that we’ve determined people “like” incentives for free that other taxpayer’s get to pay for, can you imagine the success of a universal health care system? If you think this has been mismanaged and under financed, can you imagine what a 2 trillion governmental giveaway would operate?

    And a smart man like Rutherford can’t figure out why there might be a little concern with government running health care? 😆

    Like I said last night, if anything good comes from cash from clunkers, maybe the light bulb will go on in the typical lib pointy head that providing business incentives to hire instead of penalizing them with draconian taxes just might create a few jobs that actually last more than a week?


  41. Elric, in a way it’s worse then going broke. They have no clue how many cars iare in the system. At least if they just went broke at certain point and everyone knew dealerships wouldn’t get screwed on the cars. They have no idea what’s going on. That’s even worse!

    People are not “benefiting.”

  42. Update on Rabbit’s old man. THEY WILL NOT LET HIM LEAVE.


    They have his clunker. They have his new car.


    I’m about to go up to that dealership and get his clunker back for him.

    God Speed.

  43. The ObamaCare-CRA-TARP-Clunker lesson
    posted at 11:35 am on July 31, 2009 by Ed Morrissey
    Share on Facebook | printer-friendly

    Somewhere in here, there’s a lesson to be learned about government distortion of private markets. When government artificially inflate the value of a commodity in attempting social engineering, it usually either spends more money than they initially realize, leave the private sector holding the bag, and make themselves look foolish … at best:

    Drones dont learn lessons, they just do as they are told.

  44. Elric: “He will either dodge it….”

    Just like you do.

    What do my feelings toward AIPAC tell you about me?
    Why do you link to LGF2 but not the main site?
    Why do you keep dodging my questions?

    Those are all pending questions you have been avoiding. 1 of them, for weeks.

    Maybe Elric should be dubbed DJ (Dodger Jr.) or OJ (Obama Jr) since he is also so very fond of distractionary tactics to avoid talking about what he doesn’t want to talk about.

    “Yikes, a tough question I can’t answer with a link. How can I deal with this? I got it! ‘HEY LOOK! A MUSLIM!'”

  45. Elric:”Drones dont learn lessons, they just do as they are told.”

    Did it ever occure to you that you are nothing but a drone for Robert Spencer?

  46. And You Wonder Why We Think They’re Nuts
    Filed Under (Barack Obama, Liberal Fascism, Politics, Racism, Science) by tqcincinnatus
    July 30, 2009 at 5:04 pm

    ….the radical fruitcakes in the pro-abortion movement, that is. Guess what, folks, John Holdren is the poster child of the pro-abortion, pro-death wing of American cretinism.

    He wants “forced abortion and mass sterilization.”

    He doesn’t think babies – BORN babies – are human until they’ve been “socialized” for a few years.

    He thinks “global warming deniers” should face criminal prosecution.

    And now we find out that this fruity-toot wanted to let trees sue people in a court of law,

  47. ‘HEY LOOK! A MUSLIM!’”-Red Pill

    Where???????????? Ahhhhhhhhhh! Oh…..crap…you scared the hell out of me.

  48. Elric, the questions you are dodging are quickly adding up to Rutherford’s numbers. So hang in there, and keep up the dodging. You’ll pass him up in no time.

  49. I think Rutherford is reaching burn out – I think he’s “twittered” himself to death. Now I’m not accusing him of ducking the difficult questions, mind you. But he has abandoned his old friends. He’s appearing less and less on his own blog. I feel like we’ve taken advantage.

    Rutherford, you working too much, have blog burn out, or have you found new friends of like mind to associate? Dorothy, are you done with Rabbit, Elric, Red, and your old friend Tex? You wouldn’t forget me, would you?

    Almost makes me want to go recruit the General Chen pack to even the odds a bit. I’m going to ask the youthful Sensico to go get a bunch of those worthless yahoos like Ugly Kay and the Revolting Puke to show up. Now I know that the Puke is a coward of historic proportions, but nobody has got a bigger set or fouler mouth than Ugly Kay (shivers…)

    Seriously, you feeling okay lately? I haven’t even witnessed much of the humor and was doing the public ‘check up’ on you. I was hoping Green Day would renew the old, fiery spirit of the give and take, but you haven’t seemed yourself.

  50. Deadly Silence By: Ben Johnson | Friday, July 31, 2009

    Budapest, 1956.

    Prague, 1968.

    Gdansk, 1981.

    Tianenmen Square, 1989.

    Tehran, 2009.

    Each of these surprise flashpoints in history’s long march against totalitarianism proved as dazzling at its outset as it did hopeless at its extermination. Each of them left a trail of broken bodies, but the last was different than all its historical forebears in one way: the president of the United States kept silent while it was unfolding. Barack Obama, and the world, saw police beat and gas protesters and kill 27-year-old music students and nine-year-old children; and Iranian reports indicate that those arrested were viciously tortured in a secret prison. All the while, the president maintained a reticence that helped enable the secret police. The young protesters who continue filling Iran’s streets this weekend to renew their revolt against corruption offer Barack Obama a unique opportunity: a chance to redeem his previous, disastrous inaction. Will he act this time to prevent hundreds more of their fellow citizens from meeting a similar fate?

    His predecessors, who faced the actual threat of nuclear annihilation, greeted oppression with resistance. President Johnson called the Soviet invasion “patently contrived” and threatened United Nations action. Reagan, unable to garner NATO support for an effective response, imposed the economic sanctions at his disposal. George H.W. Bush, who was overly cozy with Beijing, verbally denounced the massacre and temporarily suspended diplomatic relations.

    President Obama met crisis with equivocation, choosing to “withhold comment” about the transparently rigged election and standing idly by as Iranian secret police brutalized and arrested 2,500 democratic protesters, so as not be seen as “meddling.” Republicans John McCain and Lindsay Graham condemned his actions as “timid,” and even both houses of the Democrat-controlled Congress passed measures condemning the abuse more stridently than Obama. Finally, on June 20, Obama released a statement a week later calling on “the Iranian government to stop all violent and unjust actions against its own people.”

    Like his invitation for Iran to “unclench its fist” on nuclear weapons, his plea was ignored, as the mullahs’ enforcers murdered Neda Agha Soltan and rounded up hundreds more to a then-unknown location.

  51. By the way, this “gravatar” thingy has Tex a bit perplexed too. I switch to a machine that hasn’t been turned on in a month, and now my gravatar has switched back to Mullah Obama instead of Jimmy Obama.

    My typing, presbyopia and proof reading had gotten so bad on my little notebook, that for this afternoon, I’ve switched back to the desktop in order to quit embarrassing myself. Much easier to read and type.

  52. Elric,

    Perhaps buyers remorse has set in but Dodger is too proud to admit it.

    Perhaps, but that would go against the grain of the Rutherford I’ve grown to know and love. Rutherford has a little more savvy than the rest of the leftist lost on WordPress – it would be hard for me to imagine that he’s down and out yet on Big O. If he were, we’d be the last to know it.

    Rutherford, if anything, is a true believer with a brass, progressive set.

  53. How to create a zillion jobs, part II
    posted at 1:12 pm on July 31, 2009 by Ed Morrissey
    Share on Facebook | printer-friendly

    Yesterday I noted how Oregon claimed credit for creating thousands of jobs through their stimulus funding, but neglected to mention that the jobs only lasted a few hours. Today, a CBS affiliate in northern California points out another strategy for creating stimulus jobs — hiring people for what they thought were paying jobs and transforming them into volunteers, involuntarily:

    Trust these people with healthcare? Are you insane?

  54. hiring people for what they thought were paying jobs and transforming them into volunteers, involuntarily:

    *** GUFFAW ***

    Speaking of buyer’s remorse! SURPRISE! Just when Rabbit’s father (woe be to the schmuck who is getting ready to get his ass kicked at the Detroit car dealership, possibly with a softball bat upside the head), now we’ve got involuntary volunteers in California!

    Gawd, I’m loving watching this charade fall apart. They start putting too many libs to work without pay, and they’re liable to have mutiny.

  55. Tex,

    Im surprised the wheels have begun to come off this fast. Not that I am complaining, the sooner the better. If they had been more patient, this marxist agenda would have went through more smoothly but they got greedy.

  56. Rutherford,

    Forgetting the Big O for a minute, as it would take a miracle to lead the pack of thieves, deviants, and slackers in Washington to become productive, have you reached the point yet of admitting that government is not the answer?

    Come on my old friend. You’re an intelligent guy with what apparently is a pretty good heart. Isn’t it time for guys like Rutherford and Tex to establish a ban on government boondoggles, admit they can’t find their ass cheeks with both hands, and we work it out together for a change to start solving our nation’s problems, if for no other reason our own children?

    Come on “R”. I’m willing to admit John McCain was a disaster of a candidate and certainly couldn’t have done any better. Are you willing to admit Obama is no miracle man either and that normal, ordinary folks like you and me stand a far better chance of reaching conclusions for betterment that at least have a reasonable chance of succeeding?



    Looks like President Sludge is coming back to haunt President Present. Or should I say President Present’s Secretary of State is coming back to haunt First Lady Ashamed of America? No matter…

    What really gets the goat of a progressive is to make fun of their genius – in this case, the organic vegetable garden. From my experience, I could have told our sleeveless First Lady that there is really little differentiating an organic garden from the chemically induced “organic” garden.

    But these clowns graduating from Ivy League schools with no knowledge of chemistry but armed with a worthless prestigious liberal arts degree wouldn’t know the difference if you explained it to them, so I gladly let them pay the inflated prices at these organic street corner markets, thereby lowering the cost of the vegetables in the grocery store for me.

    Remember, in the bleakest of political times, it is always easy to take advantage of the stupidity of the American intellects that line our Northeast and West coast corridors.

  58. Perhaps First Lady Muscles should take this as an omen. Lead in the vegetable garden! 😆

    I love it when libs claim they know healthy – in this case, poison the cute kids. Perhaps they can peel the paint from the old house and season the sushi with lead too! 😆

  59. Sorry I had to take a break from blogging to say that I honestly do not see how the hell that is even funny Tex. And sorry to tell you but I’ve had a vegetable garden for years and I’m from the city. I’ve had no problems. Michelle’s garden has been growing for months and she has kids over there that take the time to participate planting in the White House garden. This has nothing to do with Ivy League liberals or city folk. You’re just nitpicking at something that’s really irrelevant, shit happens.
    I’m just really baffled that you’d try to make fun of this because it’s soooo childish! You’re like 50 something for heavens sake, grow up.

  60. “How many words is this picture worth?”

    I knew you would play the moral equivalence game, you are so predictable.

    A fringe nutjob group having a girl holding a sign equals a democratically elected government marrying off little 400 little girls to grown men. It was a good try DOI. Well not really.

  61. lol..

    sensico…did you read the idea I came up with? Scroll up.

    Anxiously and respectfully awaiting your reply, my lady.

    Dead Rabbit

  62. Suborned in the U.S.A.
    The birth-certificate controversy is about Obama’s honesty, not where he was born.

    By Andrew C. McCarthy

    Throughout the 2008 campaign, Barack Hussein Obama claimed it was a “smear” to refer to him as “Barack Hussein Obama.” The candidate had initially rhapsodized over how his middle name, the name of the prophet Mohammed’s grandson, would signal a new beginning in American relations with the Muslim world. But when the nomination fight intensified, Obama decided that Islamic heritage was a net negative. So, with a media reliably uncurious about political biographies outside metropolitan Wasilla, Obama did what Obama always does: He airbrushed his personal history on the fly.

    Suddenly, it was “just making stuff up,” as Obama put it, for questioners “to say that, you know, maybe he’s got Muslim connections.” “The only connection I’ve had to Islam,” the candidate insisted, “is that my grandfather on my father’s side came from [Kenya]. But I’ve never practiced Islam.” Forget about “Hussein”; the mere mention of Obama’s middle initial — “H” — riled the famously thin-skinned senator. Supporters charged that “shadowy attackers” were “lying about Barack’s religion, claiming he is a Muslim.” The Obamedia division at USA Today, in a report subtly titled “Obama’s grandma slams ‘untruths,’” went so far as to claim that Obama’s Kenyan grandmother is a Christian — even though a year earlier, when Obama’s “flaunt Muslim ties” script was still operative, the New York Times had described the same woman, 85-year-old Sara Hussein Obama, as a “lifelong Muslim” who proclaimed, “I am a strong believer of the Islamic faith.”

    Such was the ardor of Obama’s denials that jaws dropped when, once safely elected, he reversed course (again) and embraced his Islamic heritage. “The president himself experienced Islam on three continents,” an administration spokesman announced. “You know, growing up in Indonesia, having a Muslim father . . .” The “Muslim father” theme was an interesting touch: During the campaign, when the question of Barack Hussein Obama Sr.’s Islamic faith reared its head, the candidate curtly denied it with an air of what’s-that-got-to-do-with-me? finality: “My father was basically agnostic, as far as I can tell, and I didn’t know him.” And, it turns out, the spokesman’s fleeting bit about “growing up in Indonesia” wasn’t the half of it: Obama had actually been raised as a Muslim in Indonesia — or, at least that’s what his parents told his schools (more on that in due course).

  63. “And sorry to tell you but I’ve had a vegetable garden for years and I’m from the city. I’ve had no problems.”-sensico

    The reason your vegetable garden grows is surely due to amount of nonsensical fertilizer you spew.

    You’re always posting about your awesomeness.

  64. Elric: Please point out the part where I said those 2 things are equal.

    I simply asked you a question. Which in typical fashion, you didn’t really address.

    And do I have to remind you of the research I did for you concerning the election results of “these people”?

    Or maybe you want to go back and read it yourself. It’s in the same thread where you started dodging my question on what my feelings toward AIPAC tell you about me.

    Of course, you’ve dodged so many since then, it is probably hard for you to keep them all straight at this point.

  65. Elric, now that you have admitted at Alfie’s blog that the children in the picture are not being married to the adult men holding their hands, how many words is it worth?

    It’s a shame that other people are required to do your research for you.

  66. Sensico,

    ’Im just really baffled that you’d try to make fun of this because it’s soooo childish! You’re like 50 something for heavens sake, grow up.

    Child, you cut me to the bone; I’m 49, thank you. And I can’t help it if our AMerican hatin’ First Lady is a ham-handed dolt with the sense of a stalk of broccoli.

    Add to the fact it pissed you off makes it doubly delicious (no pun intended because of old lead butt Michelle). 😉

  67. Well you’re hatin’ on Michelle Obama who has more sense then you. You obviously have issues with women in high positions with more education and successes than you. But honestly, I’m not here to be your therapist. It didn’t piss me off, I was just surprised by your level of immaturity old man.

    And Rabbit, I’ll have to read your long comments later when I have more time. I’m sure they’re very funny as you’re known to show how creatively funny you are, I mean “nonsensical fertilizer” is very original…not.

  68. Sensico,

    You’re pretty ignorant of my situation while you live in your dream world. My wife is more successful than I am. I wish she was even more successful so I could sit on my ass permanently and spend more time making fun of dumb asses like you. Sound like somebody with a problem with women in high places?

    But to be the bearer of bad news, I have more education than the hideous hag fish Michelle, so you’re wrong there too. Keep bragging on paying your cable bill – it humors me.

  69. Man, I’m glad I’m not poor right now. Hey poor people, you can thank President Obama for the absolute black hole he put into the cheap used car/ old car parts supply. My aunt has survived from a series of one thousand dollar cars her entire life.

    My Dad ended up getting his Impala. He turned in a 1987 GMC Van worth a hundred bucks and received 4,500.

    I would love to give a Rabbit Report on the black market right now. Trust me, it is absolutely fascinating. I’m sure you guys`can imagine.

  70. OK Mr. R, then I supose that you and your classier Dem friends can explain this me:

    “It’s almost immoral what they are doing,” Pelosi said to reporters, referring to insurance companies. “Of course they’ve been immoral all along in how they have treated the people that they insure,” she said, adding, “They are the villains. They have been part of the problem in a major way. They are doing everything in their power to stop a public option from happening.”

    Of course, that’s not stopping her from taking their money in political contributions- there’s standing on principle.

    You really want to talk about the fringe?

  71. Tex,

    God bless you… It’s funny sometimes to hear these folks go on about the way they seem to think the world works. I just wish I could be there to see her face when it suddenly clicks, and she instantly knows that all the drivel that she’s been telling herself and the world is nothing but lies. That moment tends to come around Arpil 15th…

  72. What, now every comment is to moderated? What gives?

    I’m as confused as you are. The way WordPress works, once I approve someone (I think it’s by email address) for posting, 99% of their posts do not get caught in moderation.

    I think three of yours got caught today. I’ll try to figure out why. I was busy on some volunteer web content updates for a non-profit professional organization today, and so I didn’t see you caught in moderation until just now.

    Relax, you’re not being censored. 🙂

  73. You’re like 50 something for heavens sake, grow up.

    ROTFL ,,, even though Tex answered Sensico on this, I still love her original comment. Seeing the new generation telling some of us to act our age is absolutely awesome.

    Picking on Michelle Obama, probably one of the most innocuous First Ladies we’ve ever had, is just plain juvenile.

  74. OH GOOD! You’re back and I just happened to visit.

    Picking on Michelle Obama, probably one of the most innocuous vacuous First Lady we’ve ever had, is just plain juvenile good sense.

  75. Are you willing to admit Obama is no miracle man

    I’m not sure I expected miracles.

    I watched Bill Moyers tonight and his guests were a couple of environmentalists who are disillusioned with Obama’s luke-warm (pardon the pun) approach to climate change. One guest described how her heart swelled in Grant Park on election night at the prospect of having a green avenger (my words not hers) in the White House.

    I will give you this much Tex. This old man of 48 was transformed temporarily into an 18 year old flower-power everything is going to change for the better idealist. Since then, I have had to remind myself that no one, no matter how well intentioned is above Washington politics. Obama is a human being working within a flawed system. That anyone, including me, loses sight of that, says more about me than it does about Obama.

  76. Seriously, you feeling okay lately?

    Thanks for the concern. A number of things are going on. For starters I finally got a new client whom I charged way too little for way too much work. So that has taken up time. Despite that, I burn the midnight oil reading through comments (as I write this, we’re up to 94 once I hit the Submit key on this thread alone).

    The other factor is that politics has become complicated. The relatively trivial (birthers, Sarah Palin) are easy topics that I can tap my visceral reactions to, and then rant either in a piece or within the comments section. Health care reform? Tough one. You haven’t seen a detailed defense from me because I am not sure what the best approach is. I do know what NOT to do … which is the GOP choice of do nothing.

    Getting our economy out of the ditch? Another tough one. I believe in all the theories behind the stim package and I see examples of it working. I stand by my assertion that you and the gang want too much too soon. Will you see a bombastic, emotional defense of the stim package from me? Probably not. It does not invoke in me the visceral reaction that other issues might.

    I’ve always thought more of this blog as social commentary rather than politics, per se. I’m ultimately focused on what makes humans work together for a better society. And quite frankly, I sometimes am quite content to let you boys and girls battle it out amongst yourselves (even though the battle often resembles a circle-jerk). Sometimes, I’m perfectly happy to entertain you with the piece, and let you entertain me with the comments.

    But make no mistake … I’m always watching. 👿

  77. ROTFLMAO … Red Pill … maybe Elric should be “OJ”. I’ll be laughing at that the rest of the weekend, just picturing Elric escaping in his white Ford Bronco. 🙂 😀 🙂

  78. And a smart man like Rutherford can’t figure out why there might be a little concern with government running health care? 😆

    I heard an anecdote from my wife that she read somewhere where some lady said, “I don’t want no socialized medicine! I don’t want government in the middle of my health care. And doggone it, don’t you even think about touching my Medicare!”



    Elric (and Tex), of all the quotes for you to lead with, I’m very surprised you chose this one. There were others which I won’t repeat here that were far more destructive. This one actually is the most benign and sensible of the bunch. The best way to kill bigotry (represented by “crakkkas”) is with power, love, unity and the mind. No mention of violence there at all.

    Hey, the NBPP would not be the first political organization to use incendiary images to make its point. Not sure that makes them a candidate for criminal prosecution and I’m guessing that the Justice Department, found it hard to prosecute Mr. Jackson for “standing” at a polling place, no matter how intimidating he might have looked. Without reading the reams of material behind the case, that would be my take on it.

  80. Tex, LOL, even if were to agree that Michelle Obama is vacuous (which I don’t), it makes picking on her all the more juvenile.

    Every bit of evidence shows Michelle Obama, at the very least, to be a good mother who has instilled strict discipline and nurtured two very lovely little girls. I would think you of all people would applaud that.

  81. I appologize in advance for pasting most of the article, but I feel it is important to see fully and directly.

    Tell me this is not most fitting, considering the topic of this treat- fear mongering and threats…

    Press Release

    News Release

    Issa to Emanuel: Back Off!
    August 4, 2009

    WASHINGTON. D.C. – Following reports that White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel has been orchestrating an effort to intimidate members of Congress and Governors who raise legitimate concerns regarding the effectiveness of the stimulus, House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Ranking Member Darrell Issa (R-CA) sent a letter to Emanuel saying “While this type of scare tactic may work In Chicago, it will not work to intimidate me or other Members of the United States Congress.”

    “I and others have dared to bring these facts to the attention of President Obama, the Congress and the American people,” Issa wrote. “You’ve unfortunately reacted by once again resorting to the playbook of the Chicago political machine.”

    Last month, Politico reported that Emanuel had “launched a coordinated effort to jam” Senator Kyl and other Administration critics… “[A]fter seeing Kyl and House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) again paint the legislation as a failure on Sunday talk shows, White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel directed that the letters from the Cabinet secretaries be sent to [Governor] Brewer, according to two administration officials.”

    Issa noted, “The fact that the letters were coordinated by you to maximize the level of intimidation is supported by the timing, structure, and content of each letter. Not only were the four letters all sent the day following Senator Kyl’s remarks, but they were also remarkably similar in tone and sentence structure.”

    Letter from Ray LaHood, Secretary of Transportation:
    On Sunday, Arizona Senator Jon Kyl publicly questioned whether the stimulus is working and stated that he wants to cancel projects that aren’t presently underway. I believe the stimulus has been very effective in creating job opportunities throughout the country. However, if you prefer to forfeit the money we are making available to your state, as Senator Kyl suggests, please let me know [emphasis added].

    Letter from Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Interior:
    Some key Republican leaders in Congress have publicly questioned whether the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is working and suggested cancelling all projects that are not currently in progress. I believe they are wrong. The stimulus funds provided through the Recovery Act are a very effective way to create job opportunities throughout the Country. However, if you prefer to forfeit the money we are making available to Arizona, please let me know [emphasis added].

    “At what point do you believe your practice of Chicago-style politics violates a public official’s right to speak out in favor of alternative policies,” Issa asks. “The American people have a right to know what role you played in developing the threatening letters to Governor Brewer and whether you intend to continue to engage in these tactics in the future.”

    In order to assist the Committee with its investigation of this issue, please provide the following information by close of business on Tuesday, August 11, 2009:

    1. Your response to Politico’s report that “White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel directed that the letters from the Cabinet secretaries be sent to [Governor] Brewer, according to two administration officials.”

    2. A full and complete explanation of the development of the four July 13 letters from the cabinet secretaries to Governor Brewer, including but not limited to the role you or any other White House official played in writing the letters or encouraging the writing of the letters.

    3. All records and communications between you and Secretary LaHood, Secretary Salazar, Secretary Donovan, and Secretary Vilsack referring or relating to the decision to send the July 13 letters to Governor Brewer.

    4. A full and complete explanation of the role of the Democratic National Committee and the White House Office of Political Affairs in authoring, encouraging, facilitating, or directing the four July 13 letters from the cabinet secretaries to Governor Brewer.

  82. Sorry “R” for the full paste, again, I think it bears significant importance to this thread, especially when it comes to identifying who is really the ones using fear and threats…

  83. Tell me this is not most fitting, considering the topic of this treat- fear mongering and threats…

    Gorilla, it’s not exactly news that Rahm Emanuel is a bully. You don’t think there is precedent for bullying from the white house? I’m pretty sure LBJ was a master at it.

    It’s called politics.

  84. Ahh, but this isn’t LBJ, its OBAMA’s White House. Hope and Change! Bipartisan cooperation, transparency like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Lobbiests thrust out of the city, empathy for the downtrodden. Obama is the new Camelot, D.C. is the new shining city on the hill!

    Blah, blah, blah…

    People are showing up at these town hall meetings and giving these politicians a serious earfull. Dick Turban (no, that is not a typo) is claiming that insurance companies are “planting” folks, but who do we see supporting Obamacare? Union members, wearing union t-shirts no less. Interesting considering that in the bill, THE UNIONS ARE EXEMPT.

    I don’t think you on the left realize, nor care, how upset the American people are. People are looking at Obama and are feeling betrayed and lied to. He’s not interested in consensus, he is a bull trying to break as much as he can while he can. He knows this stuff isn’t popular, especially once the details become known, which is why he is pushing enormous legislation that will fundamentally change this nation without letting anyone read the bills or debate the details.

    I knew he was going to do this and have never trusted him, and if he had actually had any scruteny in the media during the campaign, there’s a good chance he would have not won the primary. But for those of you who bought his load of crap, you should be ashamed of what he is doing and embarrassed that the hope and change was nothing more than a bill of goods.

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