Obama Video Address: July 4, 2009

Watching this week’s video address reminded me a bit of the HBO biography of John Adams that aired a year or so ago. Our independence from Great Britain was not forged by a monolithic group of men all headed in the same direction. On the contrary there was heated debate on how and when we should declare our independence. There were different attitudes toward Great Britain. There were different notions of what our new country should look like.

Yet out of this tumult, a great nation was born, one that has evolved over 233 years to broaden the freedoms of all of its citizens and to always strive to do what is morally right. Every two years, we place our trust in members of the executive and/or legislative branches of our country, through freely held elections, to make and enforce laws that will make our country the best that it can be. On this blog, there is emotional debate on the motives of our lawmakers and enforcers. There are some who say our President, in particular, wants to destroy this country as we know it. I say this is foolishness.

Look at the goals laid out by our chief executive and tell me how they are not meant to make America the best it can be? Methods matter. Methods to achieve these goals may be completely off the mark. Time will tell. But the goals are worthy ones and the man charged with leading our country toward those goals is worthy as well.

Our country has survived 233 years of different opinions being debated and adjudicated. Over the long haul, our country has been the better for it. We will survive these times of starkly different approaches and opinions as well. Our forefathers have taught us that the debate is good. More than good it is essential to the preservation of this union we all hold dear.

Let the debates continue.

And now the President of the United States of America:


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