The Media and Family Business

Should politician’s families always be off limits? At what point does the media go over the line in the treatment of family members and private family issues?

Two cases crossed my desk this morning. One of them inescapable if you have a TV or read a paper, the other more obscure and my take on each is quite different.

The first is that of Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina. Now I am as guilty as the rest of using his misfortune for amusement. I’ve made several irreverent tweets about his recently revealed affair with an Argentinian woman. But I do think the media has crossed the line in one way. Why are we reading e-mails between him and his mistress? What possible decent productive purpose does it serve for this private correspondence to be aired in public? It is for pure titillation, nothing more. I don’t see how the South Carolina newspaper, The State, legally obtained these e-mails and I would love to hear their editorial defense for their publication. They should be ashamed of themselves. And yes, when I first heard about them, I tweeted “Sanford: It gets worse. There are e-mails.” But after I read them and gave the matter further thought, I decided this was nothing to tweet about. It’s over the line.

Then there is the flip-side, a politician who consistently parades her family in public to make political points and then gets angry when this backfires on her. You’ve probably guessed I am talking about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

The latest incident involves a mock photo in which a picture of her and new baby Trig was photoshopped to replace Trig’s face with that of a local conservative talk show host. You can find the photo and corresponding article here. One particular passage of Palin’s spokesperson’s response really boiled my blood:

Recently we learned of a malicious desecration of a photo of the Governor and baby Trig that has become an iconic representation of a mother’s love for a special needs child.

via Palin Attacks Blogger For “Malicious Desecration” Of Trig Photo.

An “iconic representation of a mother’s love for a special needs child”? Excuse me? What should be iconic about a mother’s love for her special needs child? Is there something heroic or outstanding that she loves her mentally retarded baby? Would it be acceptable if she did NOT love her mentally retarded baby? What kind of total foolishness is this? So far, her  youngest daughter Piper is the only one to escape exploitation by this attention craving pol. She paraded her pregnant daughter Bristol all over the place to score points with the pro-life contingent. She equated her daughter Willow with statutory rape in an unnecessarily prolonged battle with David Letterman to enhance her “women’s rights” street cred. And now poor Trig is thrown to the wolves so Sarah can get more attention.

There are limits to how the media should cover politicians and their families. In the case of Sanford, the media crossed that limit. In the case of Palin, she’s the one who crossed it. Again.

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79 thoughts on “The Media and Family Business

  1. Dude. What planet are you from?

    1.Government email is the people’s email. It was his work email. He jeopardized national security, vanished unannounced doing God knows what in a foreign country while cheating on his wife. We, the people, have a right to learn about this liaison.

    2. It is a mentally handicapped toddler, you sick bastard. How about we leave the kid alone? What kind of a grown man are you? You don’t mock little retarded babies. Why are you so full of obvious hate towards that family? Would it be funny if we photo shopped Obama’s kids? Are they some how not paraded around? You sicken me. Look in a mirror, you disgusting pig, and say to yourself 10 times,” I am a man.” I bet you can’t do it. Trust me, in my neck of the woods, your internet bravado concerning little toddlers would vanish instantly or we would break your Mr. Burns body in half, you vile coward.

    You want to ban me, ban me.

    You yourself said today the world is a cluster fuck. Why are you STILL rambling on about Palin and her family. What the living hell is wrong with you!

  2. Here is some help. Rutherford is a piece of crap. I don’t care if Palin parades her kids for cheap political points (Not necessarily true anyways). There is no way the Rabbit would link his blog to a picture like that. And there isn’t a political, ideological, factual, historic, logical argument that can change that.

  3. Alfie, its PDS. Its an obsession and a sickness. Its like BDS on steroids. At least Bush was a sitting president. Gov Palin is a governor from far away Alaska. My only guess is that they see her a threat to Obama, the lib elites and the RINO’s. Notice no other GOP front runner is even touched, its all Palin.

  4. Maybe after Rabbit takes a Valium, he can re-read the piece and get the point. In the meantime, I’ll explain myself further to Alfie.

    I’m doubly pissed at Palin and here’s why:
    1. She makes her family the center of debate at every opportunity to score political points. This mock photo that has Rabbit about to have an aneurysm is not about mocking Trig. It’s about mocking the way conservative talk show hosts suck up to Palin, and sometimes in the most Oedipal of ways (see editor of National Review for an example). This could have been a photo of Palin holding ANY baby and the photo alteration would have served the same purpose. Who inserts the child’s mental retardation into the issue? Palin does! The damn photo was NOT about the kid, it was about the talk show host.

    2. As a disabled person myself, I get particularly pissed off when it is implied that when we get love from our mothers it somehow makes our mothers SO virtuous. Am I glad that my parents did not institutionalize me when I was born (in 1961 when that was a distinct option)? Damn right I’m glad. But guess what? If they had abandoned me, they would have been bastards in my book. Sarah Palin is supposed to love her baby. There is no f*cking virtue in it. She’s not doing Trig a friggin’ favor. She’s not a saint because of it.

    So Rabbit, you wanna see some anger? Well you’ve got it buddy. Trig deserves better than to be a pawn in Sarah Palin’s political games. Again … I repeat … the photo mocked the talk show host, NOT Trig. It was Sarah who inserted Trig and his retardation into the debate.

    And while we’re at it, if it was such a friggin’ iconic photo, why is it that I’ve NEVER seen it before? Another trumped up piece of bullsh*t to serve Palin’s purposes. And chumps like Rabbit fall right into her trap.

    P.S. This is the 21st century. It can be safely assumed that stupid lovers exchange lovey-dovey email. Publication of such email adds nothing to the debate but titillation.

  5. DR,

    Just imagine if Obama’s kids were photoshopped, all hell would break loose. Not that I would condone it. Kids should be off limits but seems not to be the case for Palin’s kids.

  6. Notice no other GOP front runner is even touched, its all Palin.

    You can’t be serious. There is no GOP front runner.The party is in complete disarray.The only non-electable folks who bother to mouth off, are routinely dissed by me and others … i.e. the RNC of Rush, Newt and Cheney. And those few who might have a chance never say that Sarah is a top contender. They always weasel with the comment “she’s one of many strong candidates”. Give me a break.

  7. Nice little spin there Dodger but you libs are obsessed with Gov Palin. Its rather disturbing in all honesty. She scare you that much or you guys just plain vicious and cruel? Seriously. I have never seen anything like it in my life.

  8. Well thank you Rutherford. I did a Google of the image and although I don’t see that it’s an intentionally used one (for advocacy etc) it appears to be an image that was about Palin and her family which isn’t without precedent. Every pol especially in an executive race inevitably stands aside their fam’.

  9. I see your point, Rutherford, but I’m not sure that I’m with you.

    The picture might have been an attempt to make a point, but it did it in an inappropriate way. I’m certainly not as bent-out-of-shape about it as DR is, but it’s one of those times when the little switch in someone’s mind should have said, “You know, let’s not do this.”

    As to your point about Gov. Palin wanting more credit than she deserves … yeah, you’re right. But I wouldn’t bother fighting that fight. She’s going to wear people out with her constant and overly-dramatic whining every time someone mentions her.

  10. You want to know why I’m so bent out of shape? It’s not the picture itself. I’m well aware of the cruelty that’s out there. It’s that out of all the things to blog about, North Korea, Iran, Health Care, Iraq, the new Environmental Bill etc. etc. etc., Rutherford chose to defend an altered picture of a little boy with Down’s Syndrome.

    Why? Well, we don’t know. Rutherford himself has said Palin is a nobody, an also-ran of sorts. Go read his own message.

    “There is no GOP front runner.The party is in complete disarray.”-Rutherford

    So why this topic? Haven’t you, yourself, conceded that there is no point to endlessly discussing Palin? So why link to the picture? Why take part in spreading this filth that much more?

    Your a sick bastard who needs help. You hate the Palin family. Just like the Klan hates black people. And your complicit in disrespecting that little boy from behind the safety of your computer screen. That makes you a coward.

  11. Alfie has struck upon a potential misunderstanding of what I wrote. I have NO problem with Sarah Palin posing for a photo with her baby. Politicians pose for family photos all the time. For that matter, when Sarah first arrived on the national scene I was encouraged by her promise of disabled children advocacy, motivated by her personal situation.

    When I started reading the piece in Huff Post, my initial reaction was fine, Sarah has every right to say, “don’t screw with photos of my kid”. It was only when she inserted his mental retardation into the story and made out like she was some gift from God for loving her own damn kid that I got incredibly steamed. It is similar to what happened with Willow Palin. She could have issued a simple statement that the joke was offensive regardless of which kid it was aimed at. Instead she launches this “David Letterman is a pervert” campaign in a transparent attempt to keep herself in the headlines. And what amazes me is that folks like Rabbit don’t see the damage she is doing to her own family by going melodrama all the time.

    Wickle, could the point have been made some other way? Sure it could. Did the person who photoshopped the image take the cheap way out to make a political point? Of course he did. Was he making fun of retarded babies? No, he was not.

    I would also add the following:

    If someone photoshopped Sarah’s head onto Dolly Parton’s body and captioned the photo “Governor Big Tits”, who would we say was being attacked? Sarah or Dolly? We’d say Sarah because we identify people by their faces, not by their bodies. If Trig’s face had been photoshopped on top of ANY other image, it would have been indefensible. It would have been an attack on the child. This was not the case. As I said earlier, Sarah holding ANY baby would have provided the satirist with the raw material he needed to make his joke (by photoshopping the talk show host’s head on top of the baby’s).

    Rabbit, I chose this topic because after reading the Palin story in HuffPo, I saw an interesting contrast between politicians who are exploited by the media and those who exploit the media. Sanford made a dumb ass personal mistake, a grand one. He went AWOL from his duties. He should resign. But his emails were private and did not need to be exposed. (I thought I’d heard these emails were on his private account not government … if you know different, please document).

    Sarah on the other hand, never content to deal with the direct matter at hand, instead of saying a simple, don’t f*ck with my kids photos, had to make it a media opportunity to show how great she is to keep and “love” a retarded kid. She sickens me Rabbit just as much as I sicken you.

  12. You know, I hate to start a self-pity party, but you know what consistently pisses me off about writing this blog? I’ll tell you:

    OK, I know I’m not Huffington Post. I’ve got probably less than 0.5% of their readership. It’s ego for me to even put my name in the same sentence as theirs BUT:

    If you look at the piece in HuffPost and look at the comments section, there is near unanimous criticism of Palin on this. I read about 20 comments and saw not a single one calling HuffPo a piece of shit.

    Now I look at my piece and I don’t see a single person (with the marginal exception of Wickle and Alfie) who have any idea what I am getting at. I don’t get a lot of hits guys … but I think I get enough to bet that someone besides the Curator, understands my perspective. Why the hell don’t they speak up? Is it because they’re only wiling to comment on blogs that ONLY other liberals read and comment on? Is it that they’re afraid if they comment here they’ll get a new orifice torn into them by the likes of Rabbit, Tex and Elric?

    You call me a coward Rabbit. At least today, I think the real cowards are the folks reading this piece who completely agree with me and don’t have the guts to come out and say so. Hell, I may switch parties down the line if only to be in the company of other people willing to speak their mind in a potentially hostile environment. 😦

  13. Rutherford,

    I do have to agree with the Rabbit (not about breaking you in half) that you are in many ways cowardly to continue this feckless pursuit. In fact, this is one article I probably would have written ass backwards from what you’ve posted. What’s new? I’ll explain.

    What Sanford did IMHO is beyond shameful – it is the most disgusting form of hypocrisy. Like the preacher moonlighting with whores (or worse) while preaching the message of fidelity, he deserves to be pummeled. He’s a disgrace and to me, another in a long list of disappointments who preached a great game and practice otherwise. The Republican party deserves to go down in flames. The Democratic party was already there and you don’t know it yet.

    Sarah Palin may be a dolt – I become less impressed with her, not because I don’t think she’s at least somewhat capable, but because she has fallen into the trap reading her own headlines and becoming a publicity hound. She’s not worthy of national leadership.

    However, she’s also a mother – and yes, it is something special when you care for a special needs child. If she’d been a lib, she probably would have aborted it. I think it is Wickle who has a special needs kid. I’ll bet he could attest that it is very difficult, yet also endearing. But it takes special parents to do it. Parenting was hard enough with two perfectly healthy kids for me.

    Sarah Palin has become the easy target for the left, and like piranhas swarming the kill, you follow along like some MSNBC lackey hoping for a nibble. You’re smitten with her. It’s pathetic, repetitious, and boring. Find a new target.

    How about Barney Frank for an invite? That worthless, vindictive POS, after pushing to screw the country out of billions by his pushing the envelope for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac once before, is back to doing it again.

    Explain to us why this maggot is still in office from your liberal perspective. Justify that for us.

  14. P.S. Rutherford,

    As many times as I’ve criticized you and believe you willingly blind, at least know that I think far more highly of you than some wretched scumbag who posts at PuffHO.

    You are wrong in your politics. But you are not the dregs of the animal kingdom like KKKos of PUFFHO. You’re simply on the opposite end of the political spectrum.

    You’re eons better than that ilk. Don’t associate with them.

  15. “R”,

    I missed this comment somehow. I shouldn’t glance.

    OK, I know I’m not Huffington Post. I’ve got probably less than 0.5% of their readership. It’s ego for me to even put my name in the same sentence as theirs BUT:

    No, you’re infinitely better. The only reason you don’t have the viewership is you don’t have the name. If you’d lay off the MSNBC juice and have a little more confidence in your opinions instead of parroting that garbage and trying to occasionally mimic some dunce like Olbermann, you’d be even better.

    Your best posts are when you are completely original in thought. Ponder that. You’re quite thought provoking when you give the effort and it comes from the heart.

  16. Tex, first, thanks for an amazingly restrained response. Perhaps Rabbit satisfied your kill-lust so you could write something I could respond to. 😉

    Sanford is a hypocrite. There is no defending him. He betrayed his family and was delinquent in his job. THAT is not my point. Publishing his emails was a gratuitous step on the part of the media. So far, I have not read anything in the emails that furthers the story. None that show financial corruption. None that add any useful information to what we already know. It is this SPECIFIC area in which I think the Governor has been exploited for ratings and paper sales.

    To say that a married liberal couple would abort a Down’s baby makes my article look like a walk in the park. Talk about offensive. Wickle may know what it is to raise a special needs child. Let me repeat I WAS a special needs child. Did I present certain challenges to my parents? Yes. But guess what? So did my sister who was “fit as a fiddle”. Parenting is hard. Two things get my goat … folks who find me “inspirational”, whose own lives are a train wreck and are in no position to judge inspiration AND folks who make the parents of the disabled out to be saints. It’s like the ghetto mother who’s proud her kid isn’t in prison. Your kid isn’t SUPPOSED to be in prison! It’s nothing to be proud of. You’re supposed to raise your kid to the best of your ability and if you use his “challenge” as an excuse not to do so, you suck. Plain and simple.

    Finally you bring up Barney Frank subtly (or not so subtly) suggesting that my article is somehow partisan. One of the reasons I enjoyed writing this article was that it was about two Republicans. No comparison here at all between liberal buttheads and conservative ones.

  17. Exactly how was my last post “islam bashing”? I just posted lyrics to a song popular in the Middle East.

    Funny. My post was “bashing” but you didnt seem to find the lyrics offensive.

  18. Rutherford,

    There are few people that confuse me. You are one and I have decided you must either be a pure counter puncher, or an old-fashioned contrarian. Here I give you a compliment, thinking sometimes all it takes is to ‘inspire’ someone to greater heights of which you’re perfectly capable, and I in turn receive a scolding; of which you aren’t very good at invoking I might add.


    I didn’t miss your point on Sanford. I got it. What I am saying is that Gov. Jerkwater committed such an egregious act of hypocrisy, I don’t care that he is being exploited. You couldn’t exploit his family more than he has already done. He’s already killed his family, his wife’s face not withstanding. He’s a first rate, first class maggot. On the scale of importance of 1-10, this rates a 1.1. As far as I’m concerned, he deserves everything he gets and the libs should do mercy and go for the jugular. He’s done. He’s a farce. Tex was wrong in his assessment of this lout and that shames me.

    And by the way, I would like to add that if Tex, by some unforeseeable set of circumstances, ever makes it to very public politics, and commits adultery, I can absolutely, positively guarantee that Mrs. Tex will not standing out on the stage with me. She would let me stand of my own accord, unlike these cowards who hide behind their wife’s dress. These cowards have the unmitigated gall to drag their families further? That goes for Clinton, Ensign, Spitzer, and Sanford.

    ** VOMIT **


    You may have some serious physical ailments which you have not entirely shared that constrain you “R”. But to compare yourself to Palin’s child borders on ludicrous. You’re body may have limitations – your mind doesn’t. You are not even remotely close to being disabled like a Down’s Child. You’ve been blessed with a great mind by a Creator you deny. You’re not handicapped and your mom knew that. Thank God she didn’t treat you as such or you would be a basket case.

    However, I didn’t insinuate I find you inspirational because your handicapped, if that is what you are reading. Quite the contrary, I find you a talented author and nothing more. If you fail, you’re without excuse.

    And if you think my life a train wreck, think again. There are few more blessed. Guaranteed. 😉

  19. And no, I didn’t bring up Barney Frank because I found your article partisan. All of your articles (except a chosen few) are partisan. Liberal politics is all you know.

    I brought that miserable cretin Barney Frank up as example of wishing you to defend him. I’d like to see you dance for once.

    What you write is your concern.

  20. “And what amazes me is that folks like Rabbit don’t see the damage she is doing to her own family by going melodrama all the time.”

    You just don’t get it. I could care less what Palin says. I can’t imagine having a blog like yours and devouting essay after essay on sound bites from Sara Palin.

    I’m sick of teenage girls and little babies getting humiliated on a national platform. I don’t give a rat’s ass if gold coins rain down on Palin every time it happens (she’d be a billionaire). You see, when you pick on a baby it’s no longer about politics anymore with me.

    You want to post pictures on your blog showing a Down Syndrome baby with an altered face and then devote paragraphs analyzing how Mom handled it? What can I do? It’s your rep, not mine.

    A certain word hit me after I cooled down a bit. And maybe it does have to do with your disability and I swear I mean this without insult or disrespect.

    Physically weak and, from what you have told us, also challenged by your minority status, “chivalry” has never entered your life equation. You have always been the protected, not the protector. There’s just no sense of chivalry with you, so we see things ass backwards. Hell, chivalry is probably a dated relic of the past with you. A symbol of some sort of oppression.

    I’m a big fellah. Being a big fellah isn’t always the cake walk you weaklings think it is. “Rutherfords” don’t get challenged in bar fights. Rabbits do. “Rutherfords” don’t stop and help someone push their car. Rabbits do. Rutherfords don’t help their buddies move, Rabbits do. ” Rutherfords” aren’t expected to stand up for women, old people and babies. Rabbits are. Our gut instincts are opposites.

    Oh no. Rabbits aren’t supermen. They often times are bumbling idiots. Their fists come out at the wrong times while their feet should be inserted in their mouths. We often times cause more problems then we solve.

    I apologize for the “breaking you in half” comment. When a “Rabbit” makes a comment like that to a “Rutherford”, the Rabbit is behaving no differently then those people who messed with a Down Syndrome baby.

  21. Brother Rabbit, 😆

    Man, I swear you missed your calling like Rutherford.

    He was wasting his time a computer geek when he should have been writing; you were wasting your time healing the dregs and roofing homes when you should be sitting in a public office and jiggling the babes for as long as you can get away with it.

    We need some young, honest ass kickers who are willing to call it like it is, and not afraid to punch some assholes in the balls. To hell with this useless political debate. Give me General Patton or John Wayne.

  22. “you should be sitting in a public office and jiggling the babes for as long as you can get away with it.”

    Ha ha. Which would be all of one day. My wife would be able to tell by just looking at my glowing face.

    I now see why being married is one of the 7 Catholic sacraments. It takes almost as much discipline as it does being a priest. The only difference is 1 vs. none.

    I tell you one thing, the venereal diseases I picked up in the service were worth it, looking back on it.

    Trust me, it would be hard for the Rabbit (pun not intended) to be in a constant position of power and have women throwing themselves at me. I stay on the straight and narrow because I keep myself out of situations.

  23. It’s wrong to justify an action based solely on the reaction.

    Rutherford, you are against the war in Iraq. We went into Iraq as a part of the response to 9/11, the War on Terror.

    So since you don’t agree with our response to 9/11, does than mean you think we deserved to be attacked in the first place?

    Of course it doesn’t mean that.

    But that is the same logic you are using here.

    Just saying……

  24. Wow, color me confused as a motherf**ker!

    Since the last time I contributed to this incendiary thread, I’ve been out to an amusement park with my kid and returned home to find Michael Jackson dead. I am pretty spent and now I read these latest updates and scratch my head.

    Tex … I was not referring to YOU when I said I don’t like people calling me inspirational. Hell …. when have you ever called me inspirational? You said I write well …. a compliment I am more than happy to take. I was not referring to YOU when I talked about people’s lives being a train wreck. Jeesh! I was on a rant about the attitude towards the disabled exacerbated by Sarah’s spokespeople. I was not on a rant about your beliefs about me. On the contrary one of the things I like about you (and Rabbit for that matter) is you would just as soon call me an asshole, disabled or not, as you would anyone else. Obviously, when you read my rant you thought it was all about you. It wasn’t.

    Rabbit, I’m well aware that tearing me in two was a figurative not literal reference. I have no problem with you saying that to a scrawny guy like me. Intellectually I can take pretty much whatever you have to deal out even if you could flatten me with a less than serious punch in the nose. 🙂

    I have to chuckle about your chivalry comment. Everyone who knows me knows that I come to the defense of people who are being taken advantage of. Even within the limits of my physical abilities I do what I can for others (like hold a door for an elderly person for example). In fact most people don’t “watch out for me” because I give an air of independence. So I am not always on the receiving end of chivalry and I exhibit it myself often. What I cannot seem to get through to you Rabbit is that my outrage is FOR Trig, not against him. You and I simply disagree on the source of Trig’s humiliation. I claim that an ill-advised mock photo was turned into a cause-celebre by a mother more interested in her own publicity than her child. You can’t get past the photo itself. While we will probably never agree on Palin’s role in this, I won’t let you accuse me of being a Trig-hater. It just ain’t true.

    In the time since my last post to this thread, I gave the matter a lot of thought and I remembered Rabbit that you have a challenged nephew. Do you think I was showing him disrespect? Let me nail this down so there is no misunderstanding. I consider your brother a decent stand-up guy for his attitude toward his kid. I don’t think he deserves a saint-hood but I do think your nephew is lucky to have him as a father. Good parents make the most of what they’ve got. It is as simple as that, I’m sorry Tex, but when it comes to mentally challenged kids I think you’ve watched too many TV movies. They are kids. They present challenges. Interestingly, they don’t present certain challenges that non-retarded kids present. Everything in life is a trade-off.

    So Rabbit, if I hit a nerve based on your personal circumstances, I do apologize. When it comes to disability, including retardation, I am very practical. I avoid melodrama and I expect everyone concerned to make the best of the situation. Anything less to me, is unacceptable. If that means I lack “chivalry”, so be it.

  25. Red Pill, I’m tired but let me see if I can decipher this. You’re saying that I am justifying the mock photo by condemning Palin’s reaction to it?

    I have accepted Wickle’s assessment that the photo was in poor taste. I have accepted that it was a cheap way to make a point. And I have maintained that Sarah’s reaction was outsized for the sake of her own aggrandizement.

    To use your logical construct, there are those who think because the 9/11 attack was an abomination, that ANY reaction is rational and acceptable (hence the pro-Iraq response). Similarly I find that there are those who think because the Palin mock-up was in poor taste any reaction by her is acceptable. It’s not. It’s not acceptable in my book for her to claim she is special because she loves her challenged kid. Again, she’s supposed to love her kid. Sorry … no awards for that.

  26. Right now, as we speak, a cherub is being molested.

    Rabbit, only a “sick bastard” like me would appreciate a line like that. That’s why I love ya dude! 🙂

  27. LOL I told my wife earlier today that I’m making this blog a no-Palin zone henceforth because she doesn’t deserve the attention I give her in my rants. My wife laughed and said I could never pull it off because Palin will never stop giving me fodder to chew on.

    I fear she may be right.

    The good news is the next couple of articles I have in mind have nothing to do with Sarah Palin. The bad news is, they are both inspired by comments made by Elric. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh. 👿

  28. Rutherford,

    It is as simple as that, I’m sorry Tex, but when it comes to mentally challenged kids I think you’ve watched too many TV movies. They are kids. They present challenges. Interestingly, they don’t present certain challenges that non-retarded kids present. Everything in life is a trade-off.

    What in the hell are you talking about? You think I get my information about disabilities from watching TV? 😆

    What do you think I’m supposed to be learning in med school? How whales gestate? You think we watch reruns of Gray’s Anatomy in class? I don’t know whether to be insulted, or to be humored. I take back not thinking Rabbit perfectly sane. But it’s not your body that needs to be cracked in half – it’s your skull for further examination.

    Now let me see if I can decipher. Are you saying Down’s children don’t provide additional challenges, or though they the present different challenges, it all balances out? Have you taken up hitting the bottle? Shot some blow with THE BOMBA? Crack? Meth? ‘Shrooms? Have you lost your marbles?

    I think sometime earlier this week, you and I must have crossed paths and shorted wires. Or our sine waves converged and took us to a new plane of which I’m unfamiliar because, for the first time since we’ve been acquainted, it sounds like you’re talking gibberish.

    That entire paragraph appears to be of unknown purpose.

    I’m going to bed and ponder that one for a time. You’re going to have to bring it down to my level brother “R”.

  29. “To use your logical construct, there are those who think because the 9/11 attack was an abomination, that ANY reaction is rational and acceptable (hence the pro-Iraq response). Similarly I find that there are those who think because the Palin mock-up was in poor taste any reaction by her is acceptable. It’s not.”

    I suppose those are valid points.

    But how does what other people think have anything to do with what you think? It’s your work we’re discussing here. Nobody elses.

    You lead into your Palin section with this line:

    “Then there is the flip-side, a politician who consistently parades her family in public to make political points and then gets angry when this backfires on her.”

    You basically say that Palin asks for her kids to get shit on because she doesn’t hide them from cameras.

    “She paraded her pregnant daughter Bristol all over the place to score points with the pro-life contingent.”

    Or she acted like a mother supporting the decision of her soon-to-be-adult child? She didn’t shun her and hide her from the public, making her feel like an ambarassment.

    And you fault her for that?

    How would you treat your daughter if she were in Bristol’s position? Would you hide her from view, or would you support and love her? And would you showing that support equate to you parading her all over the place?

    ” She equated her daughter Willow with statutory rape in an unnecessarily prolonged battle with David Letterman to enhance her “women’s rights” street cred”

    Dude. She didn’t equate anything. It was a fact. Willow is the one that attended that game with her. If letterman is too ignorant to know that, that is his problem. It sure as hell isn’t Sarah Palin’s fault for getting pissed off about a joke concerning her 14 year old just because the asswipe saying the joke confused the kids.

    “And now poor Trig is thrown to the wolves so Sarah can get more attention.”

    Because Sarah Palin asked for a blogger to make a photoshop parody of her child?

    Too bad you don’t see her as a mother who spends time with her children, and defends them with venom and vigor when they are contiually slighted in front of the entire country, rather than a politician parading her kids all over town so she can use them in any way possible to maintain the focus on her.

    You would never tolerate this treatment of the Obama children. And you would never accuse the Obama’s of using their children to keep focus on them. Even though they have appeared on the cover of dozens of magazines and been the focus of more than 1 television episode.

    You’d never tolerate David Letterman making jokes about the girls getting raped by Bo the dog as they roll around on the back lawn together, would you? Or by the ice cream man who sold them and their daddy a single-scoop the other day when Obama was parading them all over town.

    Your hate of Sarah Palin is the same as Elric’s hate of Muslims. Its the kind of hate that isn’t based on facts.

    Instead, its the ugly kind of hate. The kind that never goes away. It only grows and grows through its own twisted justifications. Like a monster that grows larger by feeding on itself.

    You know the kind of hate I am talking about. You’ve probably had it directed at you before. Too bad you don’t see that you have it, too.

  30. “The good news is the next couple of articles I have in mind have nothing to do with Sarah Palin. The bad news is, they are both inspired by comments made by Elric. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh. :evil:”

    Im the gift that keeps on giving

  31. The Rabbit wants to give a shot out to the Red Pill. The Red Pilll, devoid of blinding emotion yet eloquent as Cicero, perfectly stated what I was trying to say. If I ever need representation in court, I want the Pill as my lawyer. Bravo. Perfect.

    Rutherford, I didn’t fly off the table because of my own nephew. We don’t know what is wrong with my nephew, if anything at all. He isn’t talking and for awhile they were concerned about a certain kind of mental retardation connected to his mother’s thyroid problem. That has since been ruled out. Now the worry is Asperger or Autism.

    Dude. I see true hatred in you towards the Palin family that goes well beyond politics. Believe it or not, you are the reason for my tantrum.

  32. Al Gore spends 30 grand a year on his energy bill, which he easily pays, by selling a power point scolding us about using energy. Orwell couldn’t make this stuff up!

  33. 10 for best pic nominations?

    Man, it might be time for me to finally direct my opus. It’s called Opus: The Making of an Opus.

  34. Elric66,

    Russian cruise liners doing the job of the US Navy.

    😆 😆 😆

    How much does it cost and where do I sign up? I sell the family jewels if I have to.

    We can leave Rutherford at the buffet table, while you, the Rabbit and I get down to business. I can’t off hand think of anything I’d rather do. Fresh air, sunshine, cruise lines, and we get to shoot to some worthless scumbags while sitting in lawn chairs and ogling young Russian babes in bikinis.

    What a great idea!

  35. Hey “R”,

    I got a technical question about the website. You’re better and more current than I am about web technology.

    When I enter your site and for sometime thereafter, my cursor is an hour glass like there is something being executed. It doesn’t appear to slow the performance and I don’t get any messages about background scripts.

    In this Word Press thingie, do you actually have control of cursors and such? You obviously have something that allows certain aspects of HTML, response format, and the like.

    I’m just wondering what is running that would make it appear I’m supposed to be waiting?

    Not important – just curious.

  36. Cant find where to sign up. Did find some sites that also posted it. In typical fashion, the libs hate the idea, conservatives love it.

    My guess the site to sign up is in Russian.

  37. Oh hell yeah. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate? Fighting pirates, hitting the ports, Russian women.

    Talk about the ultimate cure to a mid life crisis.

    Hell, while were at it, I say we take a couple ocean liners over ourselves? We’ll need the booty in order to ever get any booty back home again. I thought a trip a few years ago to Vegas put me in the dog house.

  38. Tex, Rutherford is using to harvest our information and turn us into ACORN. Didn’t you know?

  39. I seriously would think about taking a pirate hunting cruse if I was rich and single. I’m not even kidding.

    If I was Bill Gates, I would buy the soon to be decommissioned guided-missile frigate USS Nicholas (FFG 47) for some fun. I’d hire my unemployed buddies as deck apes, a few SEALS, couple Machinist Mates and 50 kegs of beer. The horn of Africa would never be the same.

  40. Elric,

    Some of your links are fabulous, contrary to what the “R” wants you to believe. The Obama makeover another classic.

    I’ll use it as my new gravatar.

  41. Dammit,

    60-63 “R”. I shouldn’t be using your board to test this. I was just so tickled by Elric’s picture of Jimmy Obama.

    Forgive me my superior “Melanocyted” brother.

  42. Glad to see you boys are having fun on the blog today. Eager to call it a night, I’m sitting in my library typing in the dark so this will likely have typos.

    Anyway …. the remake of the The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 was incredibly good, so much so that I almost departed from my political theme to write a review of it here. It has a nice Wall Street/Terrorist twist to it, so right for a 2009 update, (Of course, the original was a CLASSIC … if you’ve never seen it, you must.)

    Regarding Elric, thanks Tex for encouraging him. However I’m looking at comment 64 and I still don’t see your Jimmy Obama gravatar Tex. Maybe I’m pulling something from my browser’s cache? Dunno.

    Tex, Rutherford is using to harvest our information and turn us into ACORN. Didn’t you know?

    Dammit, busted again! 🙂

    Actually datatrove is what provides my web2rank top 10 liberal blog widget in my sidebar. And truth be told Tex, it is driving me crazy as well because it keeps my browser in “spin” mode so to speak until I hit the X at the top of the Firefox menu to stop the page from endlessly loading. I am contemplating killing the widget even though my top 10 rating on web2rank is one of my few claims to fame for this blog. I’ll put it under consideration. For the time being, have no fear, there is nothing foul afoot.

  43. “R”,

    You’re in the dark and I’m waiting for the kid to get home and there is getting ready to have a teenager time out – she’s late, as usual. Mom is out town this weekend, coming home to stay for the long weekend next week (4th of July and my birthday).

    I wasn’t worried about something afoul, but thought you might want to know. Keep it – it wasn’t bothering me besides the fact I’m adding insult to injury be being part of a successful “lib” blog. I figure your time and effort worth it. If you’re nice enough to let me squeal free of charge, then I say congratulations on the ranking. I didn’t know. But in case you weren’t aware, I had noticed the hourglass and thought you would want to know.

    Have a good weekend “R” and kiss the beauty (young and old). The new gravatar is the Jimmy Obama picture Elric directed us to – hilarious and less offensive than the Mullah pic I was using. I did that one for exclusively for you. 😉

  44. They will also understand that the people pushing this through are EVIL.

    Elric, I haven’t checked your link yet, but the word “evil” simply makes you look unhinged. You can more credibly argue your case if you stop trying to divine the motives of your opponent.

  45. Well Dodger, they are either stupid or evil. Unless you have another explanation on why they insist on ramming this cap and trade down our throats. Oh wait, you are Dodger, scratch that question.

  46. Good lord Elric … you cite Saxby Chambliss as a credible source of Obama criticism? He was part of the nutcase brigade that doubted Obama’s citizenship. (Oh, sorry, I forgot you’re in that brigade also, aren’t you?)

    As for animals suing humans, on the face of it, it is preposterous. But then there are cases like that of Michael Vick where the rights of animals do need to be defended. Hell, do you have something against the ASPCA?

  47. Elric, some comments on your L.E. Ikenga post.

    First, she confuses me. She says that Barack’s father hated colonialism but still embraced a Western ideology as opposed to “tribal traditions”. To cover her seeming contradiction here, she says he didn’t embrace just any old western ideology but embraced Marxism specifically. Interesting that this Marxist deliberately went to capitalist America for his education and via his wife’s relaying of stories about “Dad” impressed upon his son the greatness of capitalist America.

    More irreverently, the author is from Nigeria a country notorious for its scam artists. 🙂

    To be serious for a moment, I will give you credit Elric for at least citing a source that makes the reader think. Despite the fact I think her theory just furthers our paranoia about this president, it was an interesting read.

  48. “Interesting that this Marxist deliberately went to capitalist America for his education and via his wife’s relaying of stories about “Dad” impressed upon his son the greatness of capitalist America.”

    Whats so odd about that. Many muslims come here and to Eurabia to use our freedoms to destroy us.

    And its not paranoia. Just reading what this cap and trade will do to this nation should make everyone paranoid. For God’s sake, they are regulating CO2. A gas we exhale and plants breath. What the hell is it going to take for you to see whats going on? Once they control our energy and our health, the government will OWN you. Do you want the government to own you Dodger? I thought libs were pro choice. But they seem hell bent to have the government make all their choices like good little drones.

  49. Funny about Honduras. The thug in chief want to appear no to “meddle” in Iran but when Hugo is unhappy about his puppet getting booted, Obama jumps right in.

    Pathetic. And you wonder why ppl are ‘paranoid” about thuggy.

  50. “As for animals suing humans, on the face of it, it is preposterous. But then there are cases like that of Michael Vick where the rights of animals do need to be defended.”

    Tell that to Obama. He’s already bored with bombing villages and killing civilians in Afghanistan, and has now turned to killing flies on television!

  51. #1

    You can more credibly argue your case if you stop trying to divine the motives of your opponent.

    That swings both ways R. Perhaps you should drop that comment in the time machine and mass mail it to Kos,FearBush and huffPo.
    #2 Cruise line story seems to be a hoax,keep your wood down over the chance to commit murder on the seas.
    #3 Animals are property. Criminal law should cover abuse,creating a civil process for property to litigate against mortals is bad idea.
    #4 Iran/Honduras. I don’t know Elric O sounds equally weak and irrelevant on both to me.

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