Obama Video Address: May 2, 2009

This week President Obama devotes his entire video address to the Swine Flu, now referred to as the H1N1 virus (I suppose giving into pressure from the influential pig lobby). While the administration is to be commended for taking this health issue seriously (the anti-Katrina approach), there is still some contention as to whether this flu is a tempest in a teapot. It is not known yet how many of those dead in Mexico actually died of the flu or some underlying condition. The one US fatality so far, a baby, may also have had an underlying condition. I’m all for caution but our reaction to the swine flu has walked a fine line between responsibility and melodrama.

As it is, your garden variety flu kills about 36,000 people a year. Hopefully, this one will turn out to be a new but typical strain.

And now, the President of the United States of America:


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19 thoughts on “Obama Video Address: May 2, 2009

  1. After all the bitching and moaning, the House Democrats shot down funding for the relocation of the Gitmo terrorists??????? LOLOLOLOLOLOL

    What do you know….when it comes down to the real world, looks like the very people who complained so loudly about Gitmo don’t want the killer stink beards in THEIR backyard.

    This represents the very core of why I can’t stand liberals.

  2. 😆 Rabbit 😆

    There is nothing more pussified than a pack of libs when faced with a hint of danger. They literally leave skid marks when faced with reality.

    The thought of going to war against a pack of them sends a tingle down my legs! Kind of like a fox hunt. I’m riding the horse, chasing after them with club in hand while they run. 😈

  3. Hey, when my Dem’s screw up I cannot defend them. This news about the Gitmo relocation funding was indeed news to me but I checked it and AP supports Rabbit’s account.

    What can I say? This is not the Dem’s finest hour. But let’s get real. Understandably, no one wants the Gitmo boys and girls in their back yard so the House members were clearly voting on behalf of their constituents and saving their own political ass. That being the case, they shouldn’t protest too loud about how important it is to close Gitmo.

    The AP article I read indicated the relocation will probably be funded down the line in a manner that does not expose the reps to public glare. Not our finest day but typical politics.

  4. There is nothing more pussified than a pack of libs when faced with a hint of danger.

    I might remind you that a good many “libs” are defending you in Iraq and Afghanistan as we speak.

    Tex, you are truly the Jackson Pollock of blog commenters. Your broad strokes splatter paint all over the place.

  5. Gentlemen, any thoughts on the recently departed Jack Kemp? Liberal commentators are lauding him as the kind of Republican the party needs right now. He was a fiscally conservative socially progressive Republican. From what I’m hearing, his type is exactly what is needed right now to resuscitate the GOP.

  6. Tex, you are truly the Jackson Pollock of blog commenters. Your broad strokes splatter paint all over the place.

    😆 I knew that would rile your ass. Okay, so I admit I take a few liberties now and then, kind of like I did when I called McVeigh a Democrat. Hell, I didn’t have any idea what he was but it sounded good.

    I’m just trying the MSNBC gig for a time. And I must say, it’s much easier than digging for the truth. And for the second time in a week, I will admit my uncultured nature as I had no idea who Jackson Pollock was until I looked him up. At least I was somewhat familiar with Shakespeare. Got it and a great analogy on your behalf!

    P.S. – naturally this response would be after I just provided one from the heart on another thread. Don’t let my smart mouth detract from the previous message.

  7. I personally liked Jack Kemp – more than I liked Bob Dole. Correct me if I’m wrong “R”, but I thought Kemp was a pro-life candidate? It’s been so long since Kemp has been in the limelight (at least in my world), I’ve forgotten were he stood on the social issues.

    I thought his ideas excellent about fiscal policy and the ability of capital to life all people – not just the rich ones.

  8. Interesting.

    President Obama isn’t as thrilled with “benchmarks” on the Afghan War as Candidate Obama was with benchmarks on the Iraqi War.

    Let me rephrase that: President Obama is staunchly against benchmarks on Afghanistan.


  9. uh…..I was being stupid and posted the same thing Tex posted twice yesterday. I now accidentally posted as Tex Taylor again.

    Either Tex Taylor has been Dead Rabbit this whole time, or the Dead Rabbit is a tool bag.

  10. OK Rabbit, you’re now officially trying to send me off sanity’s edge.

    Since I get email addresses with comments (they don’t show here to protect privacy) I wondered why the hell Tex was using Rabbit’s email address (a fake one at that …. ehhh Rabbit?) Fortunately, your latest comment cleared the whole thing up so I’ve gone in and re-attributed the post (post number 9 for the time being unless threading changes things) back to you DR.

    Then again it’s kinda fun watching you put words in Tex’s mouth. Keeps things interesting. LOL

    Now that we have the identity swap cleared up, Rabbit would you please on occasion post references with your news bits so lazy Rutherford doesn’t have to go hunting to verify your latest bomb? I’ll comment on your Obama-Afghan remark after I read up on it a bit. Hadn’t heard this one yet.

  11. Tex a couple of things about Kemp, on whom I’m no expert.

    I don’t know his abortion stance. When I said he was socially progressive I was referring to his views on race relations and making the Republican party very inclusive. He also advocated enterprise zones which if I’m not mistaken were designed to re-vitalize the inner city.

    Interestingly his rising tide lifts all boats theory of economics is now rejected by liberals who say that Reagan’s trickle down economics is a fairy tale. The rich don’t trickle down anything. They hoard wealth and the poor be damned.

  12. I find it flattering you refer to my quips as “bombs”.

    I find it ironic it’s hard as hell to confirm these “bombs”.

    ahh…..the media.

  13. Don’t give me too much credit for culture. The only reason I ever heard of Pollock was because of the biopic of the same name a few years ago starring Ed Harris.

  14. I’m so clueless, I don’t know what either of you are talking about? Have I been given credit (or hell) for posts that are not mine?

    I usually leave about 2-3 posts a day “R”. Usually when I’m eating lunch, or right before I hit the sack.

  15. Tex LOL to quickly summarize, when you post you can really put whatever name and email address you like and for reasons not entirely understood by me, DR accidentally wrote your name in the name box of one of his posts. LOL I guess he had you on the brain. I’ve since corrected it.

  16. What a sickening thing. The Democrats becoming ever more faint, ever more silent over water boarding as the CIA releases irrefutable memos on who was briefed.

    This was a witch hunt from day 1.

    I can respect an opinion on water boarding.

    I can respect the decision to stop using the technique.

    I can not accept vindictive and manipulative Democrats using the tough decisions made during one of the most tense times in American history for simple political gain. I would be so ashamed to be a Democrat right now, even if I thought water boarding to be torture. They continually prove themselves to be addicted to nothing but expediency and devoid of any real substance.

    Just look at their cowardice over Gitmo. Look at the way they back the war in Iraq and, when the going gets tough, turn on the war effort.

    Again, I can respect a motherfucker against the war, against waterboarding, against Gitmo. But for God’s sake, for just once, stand up for what you believe in you politically correct, conniving pieces of garbage.

    ps. Rabbit thanks the CIA for releasing the memo proving Pelosi to be a full of total shit. She is a disgrace.

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