Obama Video Address: April 18, 2009

I’m posting this weekend’s video a bit late due to a busy  weekend and a chest cold. In this week’s address, Obama does just what he needs to do, namely take a break from discussion of stimulus and focus on cost cutting. With the latest hue and cry of our children and grandchildren being bankrupted by current policies, it is important to see that Obama is not oblivious to the deficit. He is actively looking for ways to cut cost and in this video he announces White House appointments who will be charged with helping in that endeavor.

And now the President of the United States of America:


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13 thoughts on “Obama Video Address: April 18, 2009

  1. This is exactly my point. Today Obama signed a bill authorizing 6 BILLION dollars to be spent on that volunteer thing. (Americorp?)

    There was once a time, maybe 8 years ago, where the merits of spending 6 BILLION dollars would be dissected and debated into the wee hours of the night.

    I have no idea if this is money well spent. Hell, my gut tells me maybe its not a terrible idea.

    However, a Rutherford “day in review” that revolves around a penny pinching Obama is simply laughable. The Dude spent 6 Billion dollars today, man. 6 BILLION DOLLARS.

  2. I want to lambaste Obama over this torture stuff. But, I can’t because I have no idea what their stand is on it right now. They are making no sense?????? If they’re heading in the direction I think they are I will lose all respect for President Obama.

  3. “Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair acknowledged in a memo to the intelligence community that Bush-era interrogation practices yielded had “high-value information,” then omitted that admission from a public version of his assessment.”

    “That leaves a top Obama administration official appearing to validate claims by former Vice President Dick Cheney that waterboarding and other techniques the White House regards as torture were effective in preventing terrorist attacks. And the press release created the impression the administration was trying to suppress this conclusion”


    This isn’t going away anytime soon.

    If Obama gets caught playing propaganda with the American people over something as heart attack serious as the CIA role in preventing terrorist attacks right after 911, it will both hurt his creditability and our national security horribly.

  4. OK, here’s the deal on Blair. My understanding is it was his internal memo that claimed the value of torture. As a current Obama employee, he backpedaled to say that there was no way to prove a connection between the torture and the end results and that even if there were, the price we have paid in reputation is not worth the benefit.

    At worst, Blair got a spanking from Obama officials and was told to modify his statement. At best, Blair is an honest man who is telling the truth about the connection between torture and valuable intel. More on this in my next post.

  5. R, you might be right about Blair. I don’t know. But for God’s sake, is this worth the immense collateral damage?

  6. Guys on my softball team got into a shoot out the other night.

    Fricken crazy, man.

    I’ve been waiting for clearance to talk about it. They host these high stakes poker tournaments, and three masked men showed up and stuck them up. My buddies were armed as well. One dude got shot 3 times (one of the bad guys). He’s actually alive! I have no idea how others didn’t get blown away.

    One of the great things about being married to a pregnant wife is that it keeps you out of wild west gun fights. It probably would be hard to explain at work too.

    This poker craze is out of control around here, as a whole. Too many unemployed dudes who think they are Doc Holliday.

    Only the bad guys are getting busted. So that’s cool. Looks like they messed with the wrong group of white boys.

    I was playing first base tonight thinking a drive by shooting can’t be completely ruled out. No one else mentioned anything like that and I’m sure I’m just being paranoid.

  7. “R”,

    Knowing what a fan you are of Rachel Madcow, I wanted to pass this information along…




    But “R”, you now have room to personally boast of your successes. You may be the only die-hard pinko in the world from the left whose audience has substantially increased since the inception of Obamunism. I give you a huge kudos! 👿

  8. Hey RABBIT!

    Don’t go get yourself killed now that I’m soon going to be calling you DADDY. I want you too to suffer the public humiliation only a young child can bestow on a parent when acting up in public.

    For the next five years, I want you to put the .44 away, and start wearing flowers in your hair like “R”.

  9. Looks like they messed with the wrong group of white boys.

    Damn! Looks like the perps were black. Another stain on the race! 😦

    Dag, poker games punctuated by gunfire? Who the hell do you guys think you are, the Sopranos?

  10. Tex thanks for the kudos! I’m so proud. 🙂

    As for Rachel, why did the author single her out as opposed to Olberman? I wonder if he has a bit of a problem with the lesbo thing? Mmmmmmm.

  11. Hey my good buddy “R”,

    You have earned my utmost “respect” for letting me leave my screed and still having a sense of humor – the rarest of commodities for a pinko.

    If traffic starts to slip for any reason, you or your lovely wife just give the word to me and brother Rabbit, and we’ll start leaving some “controversial” winger posts to speed things up. 😛

  12. R, that Soprano remark would actually make their heads swell more. They seem to basking in their glory a bit. If they have anything to do with a Mob movie, they would be those morons (usually Polish) who get offed in the first 10 minutes of the film.

  13. Tex, I don’t even go 5 over in the fast lane anymore.

    That cracked me up about the R and a flower in his hair for some reason.

    My Dad told me he when he was dating my Mom he once had to drive her car, which was apparently covered in flower decals, back home to his neighborhood. The car was encircled by a laughing crowd and pummeled with chunks of concrete.

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