Let’s Party Like It’s 1773

The utter foolishness of today’s Tea Party protests simply abounds. A bunch of folks who, if they bothered to look at their paycheck this week, would have seen that they got a tax reduction are yelling and screaming about tax increases.

These same folks whose roads and bridges are falling apart, are yelling and screaming about unnecessary stimulus.

These same folks who were silent during the last eight years of the Bush administration now have their panties in a knot about a huge deficit.

I’d call these “teabaggers” hypocrites but quite frankly I don’t think most of them have the intelligence to deserve that label. When I looked at coverage of the Tea Parties today, it seemed that most of the folks assembled really just wanted to party, and not much more.

Embarrassing for all concerned.

Kudos to my wife who supplied the dialog for this strip in a tweet on Twitter today!


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18 thoughts on “Let’s Party Like It’s 1773

  1. Yeah. The whole freedom of speech and assembly thing is idiotic. What morons they are for gathering to speak out against bigger government and out-of-control spending.

    These kind of grass roots movements are for idiots and right-wing extremists so they can recruit future terrorists coming out of the military. Maybe Barack should start having his Obama Youth monitor the situation for him, since he is too busy spending money to take notice of organized nationwide protests by hundreds of thousands of people.

    Democrats would mock this at their peril. This was really widespread. And they are already organizing more for July 4th. If a strong personality emerges from this to take lead of fiscal conservatives, then your shopping spree will be over.

  2. It seems that there are some on the left are ‘for the people’ as long as the people agree with their policies.

    The fact is this: the vast majority of people who attended these tea parties (and I would have too if it weren’t for work commitments) are decent, hard working people who are sick and tired of seeing their tax dollars go into a black hole. They’re sick and tired of seeing rich, fat cat elitists profit from government while they work and work just to make ends meet. They’re sick and tired of both Democrats and Republicans caring more about taking care of their special interest groups than they are taking care of the real problems this country faces.

    Again, a great start would be if Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Steny Hoyer, John Boehner, and Mitch McConnell resigned from leadership and give the position to someone ‘less entrenched’ in the Washington D.C. Beltway ruling elite.

    The sad thing is that we may need more ‘tea parties’ before the message finally penetrates the Beltway haze.


  3. Anybody here not a liberal or a progressive, or whatever they are calling themselves today, I got a message.

    After what I’ve read this morning, I hope you will take the time to do the same. The mocking was to be expected from the MSM and its little lackeys, but I have a bigger issue because obviously the light bulb is not going to turn on.


    I am now convinced that the only way to fix this problem is to separate ourselves from the left. When I mean separate, I mean allow them to have no voice, no bearing on our lives or our children’s lives. Politics is no longer the congregation for the exchange of ideas and representation, but the thought police and bully. And their side won.

    I’m open to suggestion about how to do this, but we are kidding ourselves if we think this will simply be done through the ballot box.

    There are too many government dependent fools, too many Marxist indoctrinated types that will not ever see the light. We should begin planning for whatever we need to do to be done with them and leave them their own mess. If they’ve been the least bit honest, they should welcome our leaving.

    We need to take a mulligan because you have generations of leftist indoctrinated public educated kids coming up through the ranks, and it is too late for them.

    If you don’t, you won’t recognize the country you grew up in the next ten years.

  4. Considering the whole point of the Tea Party was to collectively demonstrate against the very same thing I have been bitching about since President Bush sold this country out last fall, the Rabbit will take personal offense at Rutherford’s shallow, verbal abuse.

    Hey Rutherford, you tiny, sniveling, little pussy. How self centered of you to assume this was only about self preservation. These people were not demonstrating about taxes in the next 6 months. They were demonstrating against a mathematical reality that will have a massive ramifications on our children and grandchildren. .

    Of course, every time we discuss this reality, you simply plead the 5th with a little self effacing humor about your ignorance on economic affairs. Fair enough. But for you to now take this swipe at these people, who actually got off their asses and took the time to care about this country, whether you agree with their economic statement or not, is complete shit.

    I called you a pussy because I feel like i know you. I may be wrong. It is the internet after all. I’m guessing you never have stood up for anything in your entire life. A puny omega, you were never even a blip on anyone’s radar. So you skated through out life with hands as soft as your spine. Now that you finally got screwed and laid off, the only Rutherford we get is an anonymous voice on the internet. Still not a “doer”.

    What bugs you about the tea party was that these people, at least for one day, were “doers.” The people respectfully and lawfully took part in one of the most fundamental acts that make a person American. Yes, I said the people.

    So, suck my Rabbit dick.

    I have no idea if you will censor this, and look forward to future postings and a more civil discourse between us. But for today, let me reiterate: suck my rabbit dick.

  5. DR, I may just be getting started! The past couple of days have so pissed me off that I may dedicate this blog to all teabagging, all the time. Teabagging 24/7. And speaking of which, you offered the wrong part of your anatomy considering the current teabagging craze.

    I’m thinking real seriously of posting a Janeane Garofalo video that would make your head explode. In it she discusses the compromised limbic brain of the conservative.

    OK let’s get serious. I don’t deny anyone the right to protest. Our country was built on protest. What bothers me is that I truly believe that 80% of the folks protesting don’t have the foggiest idea what they’re protesting about. They are caught up in a craze.

    The worst part Rabbit, is that you are being played for a fool. This so called grass roots effort is the work of lobbyists and Fox News Channel. It’s about as grass roots as my ass. The same lobbyists (can you spell DICK Armey) that helped the teabaggers protest about bailouts, themselves lobbied for bailouts to AIG!

    And considering the help the teabaggers got, it was still pretty damn incompetent. Did you hear that the protests in D.C couldn’t even go as planned because the numbnuts never got a permit. I’m sorry sir, but the people you so adamantly defend couldn’t hold a candle to you intellectually.

    And now what do we get? The Governor of Texas talking about secession in every sneaky way he can without actually saying it. It’s like the country is having a mass f**king delusion. Either we’re in 1773 or 1861. What the hell is going on?

    Rabbit I saw a great video tonight of a dude that was invited to speak to a Tea Party in Florida (don’t remember the town). As he started, the crowd was with him, yelling and screaming in typical mob mode. But then the dude made a wrong turn. He accurately pointed out that Republicans were a large contributor to our current problem and you know what happened? The crowd turned on him. Boos all over the place. We don’t want facts to get in the way of our tea party.

    We live in a friggin democracy. The government making the current decisions was ELECTED by the PEOPLE. That’s the way our system works. I heard someone say the other night that in a democracy, revolution comes in the form of elections. I couldn’t agree more.

    When these people who inspire you to call me a pussy stop acting like fringe lunatics, I’ll start to show them more respect.

    And I’ll tell you another thing …. I’m holding back on another of my theories because I don’t want to go there yet. But I’m damn close!

  6. Out of control spending? I wonder how much these fiscal conservative wasted on tea bags.

    Sorry but it wasn’t a grass roots effort. It was an event orchestrated by lobbyists and right wing media (i.e. Fox News). And it wasn’t “hundreds of thousands” of people. I don’t have exact figures but if a total of 50 thousand people showed up across the country, that was a lot.

    And your final paragraph hits the nail right on the head. This amorphous crowd with their cover-all-bases set of gripes has no leader. Respectable conservatives who might have a future (Romney, Huckabee, Pawlenty, etc.) haven’t gone anywhere near this teabagging craze. The Tea Parties are a text book example of what happens when manipulative agents take advantage of a demoralized population and stir them up into a nut case frenzy.

  7. JD, our lawmakers were ELECTED by these people. And judging by who got elected, the vast majority of Americans think the current path is the right path.

    But I’ll tell you what. If the protesters put down their juvenile “EarMarx” signs caricaturing Obama, and actually get to work forming a third party that can challenge the Washington same-old same-old, I’ll be first in line to applaud them.

    The only sensible thing I’ve heard the past few days is that this may (and I stress MAY) be the beginning of a movement that will replace the Republican party in much the same way that the Republican party replaced the Whigs.

  8. Tex, first I need a clarification. Is the part “under the line” something you read somewhere or is it your view? I ask because of your phrase “After what I’ve read this morning, …”

    Be that as it may, Tex you are too damn intelligent to be talking about secession. Governor Perry of Texas is an ass if you take him at face value and a traitor if you take him seriously. Watching convicted felon Tom Delay defend him on TV tonight hammers home how asinine the whole thing is.

    And if you want to talk about leftist indoctrinated kids, nothing was sadder or more pathetic than the photos of kids forced to hold signs during the Tea Party that they didn’t even understand.

    You know what’s funny Tex. After all your ominous warnings about what the future holds, the past few days have been transformational for me. For the first time, I’m sorta hoping these yahoos get their guns out and get their asses kicked in.

    Our country is in deeper crap now than it has been in a long time. Instead of everyone pulling together what do we get? A bunch of anti-intellectuals who have no solutions and cling to the past that got us in this mess. If they want to make it ugly, I hope they get what any treasonous bastard has coming to him.

  9. Bullshit Rutherford. You’re trying to play us the fool, but it is you that is in the personal bind and sucking wind. Fox News was only conduit through which the show advertised as this planned three months ago. They were smart enough to advertise it.

    Leave it to a bunch of queer media types on the left who would know something personally of teabagging to add to the mix. You’re going to be even more pissed off when we start pissing on your little party. And Janeane Garofalo will be teabagging by my dog when I’m thru with her.

    Rabbit is absolutely right. Gird up your loins…

  10. Rabbit is absolutely right. Gird up your loins…

    Well in the words of one of Rabbit’s relatives, Bugs Bunny:

    This means war!

    (or was that Daffy Duck?) 😀

  11. “Out of control spending? I wonder how much these fiscal conservative wasted on tea bags.”

    My guess is that it was less than $3,100,000,000,000.

    “Sorry but it wasn’t a grass roots effort. It was an event orchestrated by lobbyists and right wing media (i.e. Fox News). And it wasn’t “hundreds of thousands” of people. I don’t have exact figures but if a total of 50 thousand people showed up across the country, that was a lot.”

    So you’ll call me out for being wrong, but you can’t provide the right answer?

    And what support do you have that this was orchestrated by Fox News? Because a crowd got pissed at CNN for trying to marginalize them? Do you have any proof, or is it just more unsubstantiated rhetoric like your numbers claim above?

    “This amorphous crowd with their cover-all-bases set of gripes has no leader.”

    Maybe not yet. And you’d better hope 1 doesn’t arise.

    Barack Obama was a nobody 3 years ago, and your party leader was Screamin’ Howard Dean. And look at you now. You have a stranglehold on the federal government. All it takes is the right speech given by the right speaker to the right crowd at the right time.

    If you’re going to mock this, at least educate yourself about the message. Otherwise you are no better than what you make the protestors out to be.

    Taxes are just a part of it. People are against massive spending and big government. They are concerned how the taxes are being spent. They are concerned about mortgaging the future. In the coverage I saw, there was just as many hollaring about Bush’s spending as Obama’s spending. People have just had enough. Get used to it.

    My 1 disappointment was all the kids talking about taxes. I think children should be educated and allowed to make their own choices about issues like religion and politics. And those choices shouldn’t be based on a day away from school.

    But the left has certainly employed this tactic, so they shouldn’t be throwing any stones now.

  12. “Our country is in deeper crap now than it has been in a long time. Instead of everyone pulling together what do we get? A bunch of anti-intellectuals who have no solutions and cling to the past that got us in this mess. If they want to make it ugly, I hope they get what any treasonous bastard has coming to him.”

    Yeah, now that the rope if pointed to the left, now is the time we must all pull together.

    I didn’t see any liberals pulling with us bitter, clingy conservatives the last 8 years. But now you want cooperation and group hugs to make your agenda easier. You can’t prove your plan will work. You can’t even staff the departments that are to correct the mess. But you want everyone to sit down, shut up, and trust your aganda that is based purely on HOPE.

  13. Red Pill, Ok I fact checked my estimate of tea party attendance based on what I heard from various sources. Nate Silver, a respected statistician has estimated the total turnout to be about 250,000. So while I low balled the turnout, it is still worth noting Silver’s footnote to the stats:

    For instance, protests in favor of immigration reform drew several million participants in the spring of 2006, including several individual events of at least 300,000. Likewise, anti-war protests in 2003 involved attendance of at least 300,000 in a single American city (New York) on a single day.

    I present this to put the tea party attendance in perspective. More than I thought but historically not as significant as you would like to suggest.

    As for Fox News and lobbyist roles in the “grass roots” Tea Parties, here is just one source: Fox Teas up a Tempest

  14. You Americans are going down. You’re going to follow the example of Europe.

    Welfare states out of control. Excessive spending. Skyrocketting crime rates. You will LOVE it!

    And if not, you’ll be sent to the gulags.

    Only the most stupid sheep chose their butchers themselves.

    Congrats, you’re not officially Euro-peons!

  15. WOW Badger, you dug back into the archives to comment on this one!

    Well what can I tell you? We are the spawn of Great Britain after all. The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree, now does it? 😉

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