Obama Video Address: April 4, 2009

Forty-one years ago today, Martin Luther King Jr. was gunned down. Many thought at the time that his dream might have died with him. Some two generations later the dream while not fully attained is much more realized than many could have imagined. For the first time in American history we have a black man as President of the United States and this week Barack Obama made it clear that he is also the leader of the free world. On a tour of Europe that started with the G-20 summit in London, Obama has held unprecedented town hall meetings with the citizens of France and Germany. He has taken questions from ordinary folks in these countries and they seem to look to him for salvation to the same degree that we do.

In this week’s video address, Obama discusses the outcome of the G-20 summit and the vital importance of international cooperation. Whether the agreements made at the G-20 bear real fruit remains to be seen. On HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher”, conservative pundit David Frum said that Obama ultimately failed in his mission to get massive foreign stimulus going in Europe. Germany’s Angela Merkel famously declared prior to the summit that no one would dictate to her how to spend German money.

The one thing that is irrefutable is that Obama is succeeding at restoring our good name abroad. Our foreign allies now see a President intent on listening and not just playing cowboy. This can only be a good thing.

And now the President of the United States of America:


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34 thoughts on “Obama Video Address: April 4, 2009

  1. No doubt, the masses of Europe love Obama. And of course, European leaders must at least appear to follow suit. This obviously has the possibility to be in American interests.

    The Europeans love Obama because he is black. Hell, lots of people do. Obama’s name will ring out for a thousand years. Who doesn’t want to be warmly associated with this unprecedented event?

    However, I’m a realist. Realpolitik, baby.

    What have you done for me lately?

    So far, Obama has not done shit for American interests. While many on the left dream of an America that doesn’t have interests, the reality is that we do.

    Iran has mocked Obama after every speech. He gives some corny “Happy Zoroastrian New Year” speech to Iran and they answer by firing a fricking rocket. (Actually, they may have fired the rocket after another speech.)

    Russia humiliates him by leaking to the world the fact we are totally willing to sell out the entirety of our Eastern European allies. That one was really bad. What a coincidence, it wasn’t addressed here.

    He will leave Europe with no new support against the jihadist stink beards in Afghanistan.

    Look, I’m all for nice words. Call them man made disasters instead of terrorist attacks. I don’t care. But, within 2 years, Israel will be forced to launch a major attack on Iran. I don’t know how anyone could blame them. I can’t imagine what this instability will do to the economy and gas prices. Obama is can talk nicey-nice so guys like Rutherford go to bed with a clear conscious. The clock is ticking. Obama MUST go to the Bismarck playbook ASAP. Dust off the realist paradigm, and bring some of that knowledge from the South Side that I know he must at least be aware of. Sooner or later, Obama will have to be ok with not being liked. I’m not talking neo-con Bush stuff. I’m talking Andrew Jackson putting South Carolina in line stuff. Screw the grand scheme of ideals. SCARE THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF SOMEONE ALREADY!

  2. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123879833094588163.html

    I demand that Rutherford addresses the link in his next blog entry. I know Tex sees the danger in this. The unprecedented government power grab right in front of this nation’s star struck eyes. Are we all sheep? Am I being a wing-nut here? I read this stuff twice, some times 3 times. I research the validity. Read it again. Every time I come to the same conclusion. Our liberty has never been at such peril. If the fact that TARP money was forced upon banks and is now not being allowed to be returned, with interest, is this not a blatant governmental seizure of the private sector? Tell me why this isn’t being reported 24-7? Both Bush and Obama were in on this.

    Tex ominously claims the possibility of some sort of middle class revolution. I still doubt such an occurrence. I am, however, starting to believe that our natural rights are being skull-fucked. There may be validity to such resistance.

  3. The one thing that is irrefutable is that Obama is succeeding at restoring our good name abroad. Our foreign allies now see a President intent on listening and not just playing cowboy.

    I disagree. The lackeys over there may treat Obama like Prince Di, but the leaders look at him and see a useful idiot. I think Obama carries a very superficial respect in many rounds, and I think many in America are finally catching on to the Emperor with no Clothes.

    And after his moronic “rid the world of nuclear arms” speech, I’m beginning think Obama isn’t terribly bright either. I give him an “A” for good intent and an “F” for objectivity.

    And the road to hell is paved with good intentions…

  4. He will leave Europe with no new support against the jihadist stink beards in Afghanistan.

    Well sadly, I’m convinced that until Al Qaeda takes down the Eiffel Tower, France ain’t gonna do squat for us. Same goes for our other European “allies”. Real shame …. they have to feel the pain before they act.

  5. DR, I’ll need to digest the Wall Street Journal article and do more research before I even think about addressing a blog post about it. I’ve said before that I don’t have the economic answers here but I sure don’t think tax cuts do the whole trick. And by the way, shouldn’t we be happy that Obama may swing some nastiness toward the banks and end the double standard that has existed where banks get a free ride but automakers suffer public humiliation?

  6. Tex, a nuke free world is a worthy cause. Realistic? Perhaps not. But it’s irresponsible to be leader of the free world and not do something to try to prevent what I fear is inevitable — toasting the entire planet in a radioactive flambe.

  7. So instead of the risky speculation that bankers think might be profitable, Obama will direct risky speculation that he thinks might be profitable.

    Obama’s calculation, however, is not merely monetary but political. Refusing repayment of TARP funds is about power not profit. Even in his own flawed reasoning, that money could be used to secure mortgages and accounts that are actually at risk, rather than leaving it at an institution where it secures nothing save government control.

    Remembering that the risky speculation that has led to the current crisis was politically directed via the Community Reinvestment Act, I don’t believe the future holds many surprises. At least bankers would be honest in their greed.

    I give you Prickly City for April 1st. The coyote is the Liberal character of the strip. The vulture’s name is Rand.

  8. R your comment #2 was a bit oof a surprise for me-thanks for sharing. I hate to do this in a way but you are currently the only confirmed person of color on the WPPBA that I know of so…
    Was wondering if you would be willing to chime in on the WaPo article linked in my post In2 It’s POTUS not Homie… I apologize for the fairly blatant blog pimp…please don’t hesitate to return the act to any post of yours. thx A I2TF

  9. [you are currently the only confirmed person of color on the WPPBA that I know of so…]

    What’s everybody else on WPPBA? Transparent?

    Sorry Alfie, couldn’t resist.

  10. Well I don’t want to come off sounding like an alarmist nutcase. Frankly, I’m a bit astounded that we haven’t had another nuclear attack in 64 years. One might draw comfort from that.

    I don’t think Russia or the US or any “first world” power will launch the missiles. But I’m not sure how we go another 64 years without some country with radical leaders not using the nuke, either on purpose or even perhaps accidentally. The fact that India and Pakistan have the bomb troubles me much more than the fact that Iran and North Korea want the bomb.

    My only hope is that man’s ultimate desire to survive will win out over the potential rule of extremist lunatics.

  11. R your comment #2 was a bit of a surprise for me-thanks for sharing.

    Not sure why you were surprised. Perhaps because I supported Europe’s relative non-involvement in the Iraq war? Well that was a different case entirely. The sad fact is that all that time in Iraq should have been spent in Afghanistan and Pakistan. If the same, money, time and blood had been spent there, we might be in much better shape right now.

    So maybe I was guilty of mistaking Europe’s refusal to put their money where their mouth is with their righteous opposition to the Iraq war. In retrospect, I may have been wrong. Their reason for non-involvement then was likely their reason for non-involvement now. Why get their hands dirty when America will do it for them?

  12. What’s everybody else on WPPBA? Transparent?

    LOL Tex I’m not sure to what degree you intended that pun but it was brilliant. By your estimation, most of the liberal leaning WPPBA is transparent … transparent leftie shills. 🙂

    Alfie, I addressed some of your question and the issues raised in the Washington Post article in one of my previous posts. However, I’d be glad to pop over to your house and post some views there. Thanks for the invitation.

  13. Rigorist, the YouTube video you cite is exactly the reason why conservatives consistently lose arguments nowadays. At first I was impressed with his chronology of Democratic blunders started by Jimmy Carter. Then two items in this poor excuse for a John McCain campaign ad made me laugh out loud.

    The first was a warning to spread the word on this video before it is taken down. LOL How did this dude slip from reasonably erudite analysis into irrational paranoia in the space of a few seconds? Then he says, the 2000 election was decided by 500 votes. Ehhhhh, no. The 2000 election was decided by the Supreme Court.

  14. … and the rest? Or are we to dismiss the whole for the cartoon asides?

    The CRA created the sub-prime market. Everything that followed was inevitable.

    Which is why I love the Prickly City cartoon.

    No, the 2000 election wasn’t decided by the Supreme Court.[1][2][3] I suppose you could have missed that. I guess. Maybe. The US Supreme Court found that the Florida Supreme Court didn’t have the power to override the specific instructions of the Florida Constitution regarding the election.

    Rutherford, repeating the ‘Bush stole the election’ claptrap is easily as silly as bringing up Obama’s birth certificate. Stop acting weird. It’s unbecoming.

  15. Stop acting weird. It’s unbecoming.

    LOL, OK I’ll give you this much. The “Bush stole the election” rant is an old saw which I didn’t need to bring up. Even if it is true, it’s ancient history and there are far more pressing items to address.

    You seem to mistake me for someone who blames our economic problems solely on Republicans. Back in Chen Zhen’s Chamber, long ago, Dead Rabbit (not the new and improved Dead Rabbit 2.0) threw Barney Frank’s hypocrisy in my face and since then I’ve been careful not to find blame in a partisan way (at least where the economy is concerned). You must therefore acknowledge that the six years that Congress was controlled by Republicans, they did little to avert the crisis.

    The one thing I will give your video citation credit for is their admission (blink and you’ll miss it) that helping people achieve the American Dream of owning their own home was a lofty goal that simply went awry.

  16. As a black man you probably have a little differing view, but I’m getting so old (you too), that I remember when “people of color” was used by politicians and other ‘leaders” as a more palatable substitute for the “N” word or various other slang.

    I’ve heard it several times now lately in various circles so it must be back in vogue without the offense, but I always thought it one of the most foolish of descriptors of a particular group(s) of people.

    Like “white” isn’t a color? That was my “transparent” comment which, and of course I was just teasing Alfie because I don’t feel like he’s part of the PC crowd. 😉

  17. June 11 marks the return of the old Rabbit … [remainder removed as duplicate].

    [Editors note: In his excitement over the return of his former self, Dead Rabbit posted this comment both here and in my About section. Since few ever read the About page, I’m keeping it there just to force all of you to go there if you’re curious about what DR had to say about his upcoming resurrection.]

  18. Well don’t take offense it’s just that Right Left or Center I trend cynical and am happy when I see logical truth such as the comment in question. You continued it in #12.
    What ! you trying to change my view of humanity singlehandedly ?

  19. Like “white” isn’t a color?

    LOL Tex you’ve hit upon the central absurdity of race.

    1. I have never met a “white man” whose skin color matched that of a white piece of paper.

    2. I have never met a “black man” whose skin was jet black. Even the darkest of black men don’t actually hit complete, stone cold, jet black.

    3. There is I think a better than 50% chance that in the winter, I (a so called black man) have fairer skin than you (a so called white man). Want proof, check my Twitter page:

  20. 😆 Rutherford

    You old, handsome devil you. Well, now at least I have a face to go with the name. Where’s that knuckle dragging, NASCAR shot gun of mine? I’ve got some lib hunting to do! Only problem is I’m too poor to travel now. Rutherford, get your ass down here! 😆

    Sure enough, with a day or two in the yard or on the golf course, I’m darker than you are. 😆 Does that I can claim some type of minority status? The older I get, the more help I need.

    Do they have some type of geriatric, washed up wannabee doctor’s union out there in the Democratic party? If so, I might consider converting.

  21. Rutherford,

    I am eager to lay the neglect at the feet of President Bush.

    Obviously you have never considered the implications of President Bush’s approval ratings in the teens. Offending every liberal and moderate in the country would have only taken his ratings into the 30s. President Bush managed to offend all of the liberals and all of the conservatives leaving only the moderates to believe he was doing a good job.

    Conservative anger was for far different reasons than yours. We were angry because he was a liberal, just like you, and his tepid efforts to prevent this crisis was proof enough even before TARP. It was only his love of America and his will to protect it that set him apart from the Democrats. Well, those things and his honesty too.

    I will leave the Democrats relentless slander, unlimited cruelty, and outright sedition for another day. Yes, I know the meaning of all of those words, and you ought to be more frightened than offended that *I* said them.

    A full listing of the guilty, however, will not change the fact that Obama and a Congress overwhelmingly in the control of the Democrats intend to commit the very same mistakes, lofty goals or no. Like Winslow, they can flap harder but this is not going to fly.

  22. Do they have some type of geriatric, washed up wannabee doctor’s union out there in the Democratic party? If so, I might consider converting.

    By now you should know what an open tent party the Dem’s are. We’ll welcome you whenever you’re ready. 🙂

  23. DR, unless you’re talking undercooked Oscar Meyer, TMI dude, T … M … I

    Oh btw, I forgot to tell you that your chosen date for the return of Classic Dead Rabbit happens to be my Dad’s birthday. So I shall not forget this momentous event.

  24. That’s cold dude! I give you props for an imaginative melding. You should’ve gone the next step and photo-shopped a combo of the two. I should post a pic of me in high school. My hair nearly did get as high-top as Kid Reid. As for Gollum, he has more of my figure than my face. 🙂

  25. He obviously bowed. Who cares. I’m not some crazy who thinks it means anything more then my president not knowing exactly what to do in some weird ass monarchy. Perhaps a dash of Obama’s addiction to be overly charming overseas could be thrown in.

    Now, what bothers me is the administration vehemently claiming it wasn’t a “bow”. It’s like a Sienfeld episode or seomthing.

    It was a bow.

  26. D.R.,

    You mean President Appeasement? A pathetic demonstration and another indicator Obama and his staff dishonest in their message. If his staff can’t admit to something as simple as “yeah, he bowed”, what more will they lie about?

    Obama clearly took a submissive pose to the Saud. I was waiting for him to lay down and roll over. Anybody who says otherwise is a liar.

  27. I think his back just went out momentarily.

    “Where is my lib shooting shotgun honey? Yeah, the one with the NASCAR insignia on it. And can I borrow some money to fly to Connecticut, or someplace like that?” 😈

    “R”, I was out working on my tan today so I can join that Big Tent. I tried to fro my hair but ended up with something between Phyllis Diller and Vanilla Ice. 😉

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