C’mon, Let the Old Man Alone — Part II

Middle of last year, I made a plea for then 84 year old Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens who had been indicted on several fraud charges.

Last fall, the senior Senator from Alaska was the poster octogenarian for political corruption. As of yesterday, Ted Stevens is merely another casualty of abusive prosecutors out to make a name for themselves.

The Justice Department yesterday moved to set aside an October conviction on ethics charges and forgo any future trials for Senator Stevens. He walks free, in other words, an innocent man. In the motion, Justice said it “recently discovered” that prosecutors withheld from the defense notes about an interview last April with the state’s star witness, Bill Allen, that contradicted his subsequent testimony. Under the Brady Rule for evidence, Justice was obliged to share that with Senator Stevens’s lawyers.

This was one of many prosecutorial missteps that came to light after Mr. Stevens was found guilty less than two weeks before Election Day. The Republican narrowly lost his bid for a seventh term. Attorney General Eric Holder yesterday promised a “thorough” probe into the conduct of prosecutors, which is the least the Department owes Mr. Stevens.

via Ted Stevens Conviction on Ethics Charges Dismissed – WSJ.com.

So, Eric Holder’s Justice Department, under a Democratic administration restores justice to a former Republican Senator. It’s nice to finally have a Justice Department we can look up to (do you hear that Alberto?).

And as for Stevens, it’s so nice to be able to say:

I told you so!


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5 thoughts on “C’mon, Let the Old Man Alone — Part II

  1. Hard for me personally to look up to old honest Eric as he had a big hand in excusing the biggest tax cheat in American history by the name of Marc Rich. 😉

    And to demonstrate the leftist stench waffling thru my computer screen concerning your comment about Alberto, I assume you still excuse our serial rapist for President when as he assumed office, his very first act was to fire all 93 U.S. attorneys without cause, just to cover up getting rid of the one investigating Slick and Hillary over Whitewater? 😮

    Of course, blatant double standards are nothing new for your party…

  2. Tex, that was then, this is now. That Bill might have sucked doesn’t take away the fact that Alberto sucked. That Eric Holder made mistakes concerning Marc Rich doesn’t detract from his doing the right thing this time.

  3. That Eric Holder made mistakes concerning Marc Rich doesn’t detract from his doing the right thing this time.

    So, Eric Holder does something right for once. So did Benedict Arnold.

    I noticed you skipped the obvious double standard.

  4. It seems to me a double standard exists when you defend the wrong someone does in a particular situation and then condemn someone else for the same thing. I’m not familiar with the details of the Marc Rich case but I’ve never defended Holder’s role in it. No double standard that I can see.

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