One Price of a Bailout and the Conservative Cure

Take my Boss … Please

When the CEO of General Motors was essentially fired by the US government today, I must confess that it took me aback a bit. Is this the price of bailouts that our government now has the power to force leaders of industry into resignation? If we buy the premise that we all now own GM and that GM must be accountable to the tax payer, then I suppose Rick Wagoner’s ouster is completely legit. Still, I get a bit of unease in my stomach when I see the government intervening in the affairs of a corporation like this. I’m not ready to call it socialism but it sure feels strange.

Then again, when I was laid off by a Fortune 500 company back in 2007, I sure would have loved to call up the President of the United States and say, “hey could you fire the CEO of the dumb-ass company that let me go?” Who knows, there could be a number of former (or even current) employees of GM who are dancing the jig right about now.

America Don’t Need No Republicans! We need British Conservatives!

Last week, in another attempt to prove just how brain dead they are, the Republicans released their 19 page alternative budget. Here was Press Secretary Robert Gibbs’  assessment:

That this is the opposition party, should make American Conservatives despondent to the point of near suicide. They are being led by clowns. As he was exiting the announcement of this important Republican initiative, Representative John Boehner was asked if the alternative budget would have more bailouts. His response: “Uhhhh, we’ll see.”

The conservative cure my friends is to toss the entire Republican party and import the British Conservative party! As you watch this speech by European Parliament member Dan Hannan, think about doofus Boehner and contrast the two in your mind:

Now this fellow has bollocks, or balls as we would say. Direct, intellectual and incredibly articulate. Heck, maybe I’m just in love with the British accent? In any case, as I’ve been saying for some time now, the Republican party desperately needs an intellectual to take hold of the steering wheel. Watching Hannan only further drives home this point.

I ask my Republican friends, aren’t you tired of being led by Beavis and Butthead?

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4 thoughts on “One Price of a Bailout and the Conservative Cure

  1. You got it wrong Rutherford. Republicans are only Beavis. The Democrats are Butthead.

    But go ahead Rutherford. You can take all the haughty shots at the GOP you want. Dead Rabbit will even lend some witty bits when you feel dated MTV metaphors aren’t cutting it anymore.

    Watch the rule of law fade. Watch the free market become enslaved by our masters. Watch mediocrity become the norm. Watch the thieves slow dance with hypocrites. Watch the fire in the collective American eye go dull.

    The Secretary of Treasury is a blatant tax cheat. The Secretary of Treasury is a blatant tax cheat. Can I say that? Or was it mysteriously erased from the broad side of the barn by the pigs. Oh my God it’s true. The Secretary of Treasury is a blatant tax cheat.

    Fuck it comrade, drink vodka with me.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, let the annuals show you were on board with destruction of America.

    Bankrupt your own daughter. Bankrupt my future child. Sell us out to the Chinese.

    After all, never let a crisis go to waste.

  2. DR, you are incredibly on fire tonight. As I contemplate adding a partner to my radio show, I may have to audition you. How’s your radio voice? 🙂

    Watch mediocrity become the norm. … Watch the fire in the collective American eye go dull.

    I’m sad to update you but haven’t these two things already happened? Mediocrity abounds and it didn’t start under Obama. (Quite frankly didn’t start under Bush either … it’s been a sad slow decline over the past 25 or so years.)

    And what if anything does the failure of GM and Chrysler signify if not the fire in the American eye going dull? Where is their innovation and imagination? Tex can scream till the cows come home about how he loves American cars and they’re the best. Sorry, who gets excited over a Dodge anymore? Crap, if I rewind about 30 years, Ford was making cars that exploded for goodness sake. I guess that’s why they’re in the best shape of the big 3 now … cos they stopped the cars from exploding on impact. The company that laid me off in 2007 continues to choose cost cutting over imagination and innovation. They talk a good game but I don’t see consumers falling over themselves to buy product. Most of the big companies have decided people are expendable … damn easier than thinking out of the box … damn easier than making the next mind blowing product like the iPhone.

    Sorry DR but Obama is the least of our problems. Even if I agree with your assessment that Dem’s are Butthead, I return to my initial question. Aren’t you tired of dumb-ass Republicans offering no substantial alternative besides tax cuts? When you watch a dude like Dan Hannan (did u watch the video?) doesn’t it make you long for someone who can represent your views intelligently? Bill Buckley was an honest to goodness intellectual. Wouldn’t you like to see someone like that go toe to toe with Obama?

    Or are you content with Sarah Palin? (By the way, I heard someone say today that you actually CANNOT see Russia from mainland Alaska. It’s only within view from an island off the coast of Alaska.)

  3. My Barry White voice would forever change the show’s format. We would be forced to play a ton of smooth jazz cuts just so Dead Rabbit could give a warm intro to each track. Within a couple months, I’m afraid you would be downgraded to wacky morning zoo guy doing the traffic report.

    RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRutherford here with your morning traffic.

  4. Your Barry White voice? Now DR, I know the first shoe to drop was that you’re actually educated up the wazoo. Don’t tell me the next shoe is that


    black! 🙂

    I have to tell you, with my current “ratings” I’d probably be better off doing the morning zoo traffic report.

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