Obama Video Address: March 14, 2009

In a departure from his usual weekly address topic, the economy, President Obama announces the new head of the FDA, Margaret Hamburg and her deputy Joshua Sharfstein. Both  appointees have backgrounds making them well suited to their new roles. The FDA needs to get on the ball since much of our food and drug safety infrastructure has not changed since the days of Teddy Roosevelt.  Most notably, Obama makes it clear that unsafe foods hit him where he lives. Sasha, his younger daughter is a big fan of peanut butter sandwiches, making the recent peanut contamination scare particularly troubling to the President. It’s kinda nice when you know that your President has the same day to day worries that you do and even better to see that he’s trying to do something about it on behalf of us all.

And now, the President of the United States of America:


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4 thoughts on “Obama Video Address: March 14, 2009

  1. Rabbit wishes he could have a piece of pootang pie in which he has no idea what country it comes from.

  2. Rabbit, to say that comment was odd, is to put it mildly. For what it’s worth, the country of origin might interest you since if it comes from Thailand, it is no doubt under-age and you could find yourself in prison for consuming it. I don’t think the FDA would help you out there either. 😦

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