Obama Video Address: March 7, 2009

After much sturm und drang concerning the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA), all one needed to see was a new incoming crew of Columbus, Ohio police officers being inducted to understand the entire reason we are doing this. These men and women would not have been inducted at all due to Columbus financial constraints were it not for funds released in the ARRA. That would have meant more folks out of work and the streets of Columbus less safe.

Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel has been quoted saying something to the effect that we will let no crisis go by without making it an opportunity. He is right on the money. For years we have made excuses for why we can’t have a good health care system, for why we have crumbling infrastructure and inadequate schools. When all is said and done and we emerge from this crisis, we will finally have implemented long overdue imperatives. Anyone who wanted the country run by a Herbert Hoover clone should look back at history and see how successful that was.

And now, the President of the United States of America:


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2 thoughts on “Obama Video Address: March 7, 2009

  1. “Speaking of pro-choice, and I know this is waaaay off topic but what is your (Rabbit, Tex, Rigorist or anyone else) opinion of the church opposing the abortion in the case of the nine year old girl in (I think) Brazil who got knocked up by her step father? Should she be forced to carry her baby to term? Pro-life people who cannot see any exceptions puzzle the hell out of me.”-Rutherford

    The fact that you refer to “Pro Life” as some sort of “other” amazes me. The problem with having an abortion discussion with Pro-Life people is that they really have no concept of what an abortion is.

    The Dead Rabbit is hereby officially challenging Rutherford. I will put together a power point focusing on the realities of abortion. Using my new found, “out of he closest” Master’s Degree, I will back up all sources used with the proper references. I t will be a scholarly presentation.
    You will properly learn about the development of a fetus. You will learn about all the different kinds of procedures. You will receive stats about how many times they take place a day.

    After that, we will discuss abortion.

    My bet is you will quickly see discussing the moral quagmire of a 9 year old pregnant girl is the same as any other discussion about the common good, including ones that hypothetically take place on deserted islands, sinking ships and in the horror flicks Saw I, II, III, IV, V.

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