The Right Message for Conservatives: Grow Up

I am not a big fan of David Frum. Frankly I find him rather obnoxious. This week, however, he has at least temporarily won me over. One of the things in the stimulus package  the Republicans railed against was funding of wetland restoration that would benefit among others the marsh mouse. Here’s an excerpt from Frum’s  February 15 blog post:

And facing all this – we’re talking about mice?

Could we possibly act more inadequate to the challenge? More futile? More brain dead?

We in fact have a constructive solution to offer, one that would deliver more jobs faster: the payroll tax holiday, an idea endorsed by almost every reputable right-of-center economist. But that’s not the solution being offered by Republicans in Congress. They are offering a clapped-out package of 1980s-vintage solutions, including capital gains tax cuts. Capital gains! Who has any capital gains to be taxed in the first place?

Almost 70% of Americans say that President Obama will change the country for the better, the CNN poll found Feb. 7-8. Asked whether President Obama is doing enough to cooperate with Republicans, 74% said yes. Asked whether Republicans are doing enough to cooperate with President Obama, 60% said no.

In every poll I’ve seen, hefty majorities approve of President Obama’s economic performance. Approval numbers for congressional Republicans remain dismal.

If we’re to make progress in 2010, we have to look serious. This week we looked not only irrelevant, but clueless and silly.


From watching John Boehner, Eric Cantor and their buddies whine every time the camera turned on, I got the distinct feeling that the Republicans were offering little more than complaints. The obstructive party of “no” in a time when the nation needs constructive problem solvers.

Republicans, now is the time to listen to your most vocal conservative critics. Heed the words of David Frum and grow up. Otherwise you deserve to be out of power for the next ten years.

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17 thoughts on “The Right Message for Conservatives: Grow Up

  1. Yeah much like Gingrich has also said. The GOP has a choice to make and it isn’t necessarily rolling over to the O. It isn’t about pouting no from the corner either. I for one hope they choose to step up or the course we’re all on will lead to ruin.

  2. This is a response to the last thread. Rutherford, why don’t you foreclose on the house and rent a much smaller house? I know your house is big. 2,000 square feet? What makes you so special that you can’t do what half my friends have had to do? I want to be clear. Your mortgage was not in any way unethical. Most people buy houses under the presumption they will continue to have a job. That’s the bet both the home owner and the bank make together.

    Well, your both busted. Rent! Why should the government give you or I any money?

    In my case, I agree with you. The government should not give me a bail out because I’m so upside down on my house. How much you want to bet that I will qualify though? And if they do, do you see why so many of us hate welfare programs?

  3. I see that PuffHO is making up videos again and having to grovel to FOX News on account of it when they get caught. Of course, like the typical left, nobody will admit to it yet. The Minister of Culture, circa 1933 Germany and Dan Rathers is still alive and well.

    I tell David Frum (with a P) to kiss my ass. Except for their continual goofy act while standing on stage and flailing their arms like libs do when they need to make a point, I give the Repubs a big thumbs up for once in the last 12 years.

    They’re finally doing what they should have been doing while they were in charge.

  4. DR, do you delight in confusing me by commenting on one thread in another thread?

    OK, here’s the thing. The government should NOT bail me out. No argument there. However I am avoiding at all cost the kamikaze approach of prematurely inviting foreclosure, which would single handedly wreck my credit for years to come and kill the property value of all my neighbor’s homes. If we get to the point where we can sell the house and then rent … if that’s what we have to do, we’ll do it. Guess what Rabbit? I can’t sell the darn house. It was on the market most of last year and there are no buyers. A lot of folks can’t even get a mortgage right now. Welcome to my world dude.

  5. So Tex, you think that the Republicans holding their breath until they turn blue like a bunch of five year olds is an effective political strategy? Frum suggests a solution that might provide immediate relief. Why would you dismiss it wholesale?

  6. I think David Frum is a dork. Forget the capital gains crap because it has been rendered meaningless for the next ten years unless you’re buying now. You know where I stand about corporate taxes and how they should be lowered as incentive to hire.

    I do know that I heard we could have provided a national tax holiday for an entire year and it wouldn’t have cost anymore than the stimulus. I don’t know if that is true or not. If so, I would have voted for that long before what we just did.

    What I meant by my comment is finally Republicans are attempting to control spending – about 17 years late, other than the short time during the mid 90s.

    Bottom line is finally “conservatives” are acting conservative.

  7. R, I might be a third rate internet hack with an education resting on the pillars of Wikipedia, but I’m not oblivious to your world. My wife lost her job a year and a half ago. It’s a long story, but I got her a new job through my ability to hit a softball a long distance. We were two weeks away from being sucked into a black whole. Hell, we were going to fall into that black whole even if she didn’t lose her job, to be honest.

    I live in Michigan, man. They think the unemployment rate might hit 12% next month. That’s some serious shit. Within Michigan I come from the dead center of the automotive industry. And the shit hasn’t even hit the fan yet.

    I’m not trying to start a ridiculous “who’s got it worse war”. Hell, you’re unemployed, I’m not. End of story.

    I just want you to know that no matter what I feel your pain and do not take it lightly.

  8. I look at it a little differently than Tex, and not unlike David Frum.

    These “conservatives” are, in my view, making huge hew and cry over a stimulus package exactly like the one McCain would have proposed – except for who was getting paid off. These Republicans doth protest too much.

    Is there any philosophical difference between Obama’s ARR and Bush’s TARP? Not a bit. Was McCain on board for TARP? Yes, heroically manning every station including the President’s if you believed his rhetoric. Did the Republicans hesitate on TARP? Not a blink.

    No one is more indignant than the guilty, and the Republicans were caught bloody red handed up to their shoulders.

    They need to get over themselves.

  9. Hell, you’re unemployed, I’m not. End of story.

    Hey let me have some shred of dignity. I’m underemployed! I run a company that makes next to no income. I’m just sayin’. 🙂

  10. rigorist, everything you said is so damn true. That’s why they all have to be voted out of office.

    However, nothing you are saying gives any credulousness (is that a word?) to the second round of insanity.

  11. Reading about the racial ass beating I gave that dude back in 1993 (at chen’s place) made the Rabbit go and fix a little karma. I sponsored a kid from Rwanda through Compassion International.

    For 38 bucks or something a month he eats and gets to go to school. Basically, he gets into this compound that will alleviate his (or her, in my case his) suffering. The ones who are not sponsored are barred from getting in and cling to the fence, watching their peers go in to eat, learn and play. Once they hit 13 years old its too late. They’re out, so I went with a so called “last chance” kid. I will sponsor him until he is 18. They’re going to send me a picture and bio within the next couple weeks. From what I understand, and hope, this charity is legit.

    What are you shlep-rocks waiting for? Go to the site and come back here and brag about your philanthropy like the Dead Rabbit did. I don’t give a damn what you already give to charity. I challenge all you mofos. Go do it.

  12. Your resonse to conservatives is simply arrogant. This is the problem with the Dems. Your economic “strategy” is to put the tax burden on business. Your going to fail. Look at the DOW. It’s sending you a message every day. There is only one way to create a healthy job market. ALLOW BUSINESS TO MAKE MONEY. Plain and simple. The less government takes from business the quicker we will recover. A simple capitalistic principle.

  13. Good googly moogly! Rigorist and I are supposed to be diametrically opposed on virtually every political topic but I agree with him 100% on this one. The Republicans have found religion a bit too late for my taste and as I have said before are replacing problem solving with recalcitrance.

    Your response to conservatives is simply arrogant.

    Mr. Sanders might I remind you that I am sharing the criticism of one of your own, a conservative, David Frum. One way businesses make money is with a working business strategy. Does the auto industry for example have such a strategy? You could reduce the tax burden on GM, Chrysler and Ford to zero and they’d still be screwed. It’s not taxation that has ruined them.

    The banks are where they are today because of deregulation among other factors. We allowed these banks to make money unchecked for the past decade and they’ve wrecked our economy.

    You may not like what you perceive to be my arrogance but I don’t like your incredibly simplistic diagnosis of where we are today and what needs to be done to fix it.

    What are you shlep-rocks waiting for?

    DR, is a “shlep-rock” something out of “The Flintstones”? LOL My tight budget only allows for limited charitable donations and this past week I already gave to which provides clean drinking water for impoverished Africans. But I appreciate what you’re doing, even if there is a degree of “My Name is Earl” karma correction associated with it. 🙂

  14. Rutherford,

    While I believe that liberals are careless juveniles mindlessly pursuing their own destruction and are trying to take the world with them, some things are just wrong.

    You know what I mean.

  15. It is time for an “Independant party”. We need to put people in washington that know something.

    we need to start over with new blood in gov.
    the dems. couldn’t run a fruit stand and balance the books

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