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UPDATE: Since a couple of folks have said they’re having trouble hearing the broadcast, I’m popping a quick screenshot of the BTR player in here because quite frankly I don’t think the interface is entirely intuitive. If after pressing the play button shown in the pic below, you still don’t hear the broadcast, go see if you can play any of the other broadcasts and if not, see if a different browser does the trick. I’ve had no problem playing them but that really means nothing.

blogtalkradio interface

blogtalkradio interface

Today I launched the second new experiment for The Rutherford Lawson Blog. Earlier in the week, I tried my hand at live blogging and while the initial attempt underwhelmed me, I plan to continue the practice as I find news events worth covering live. Part of my challenge was getting used to the live blogging technology that I’ve chosen.

So today I took the blog in a new direction by launching a new show on BlogTalkRadio. Lesson 1: it is 1000 times easier to present yourself in writing (with that great editing ability) than it is to do a live 30 minutes. The result probably sounded somewhat stream of consciousness but I soothed my ego by saying “Rush Limbaugh rambles, so why can’t I?”

My goal is to do the show weekly, 30 minutes per episode. I’m hoping the more of them I do, the better I’ll get and the more folks will bother to tune in. Fortunately, BlogTalkRadio understands that we live in a TiVo age and they archive everything. So, anyone curious about my maiden voyage can listen to the first episode of The Rutherford Lawson Show.

Be forewarned, it sounds amateurish because I am, guess what, an amateur at this sort of thing. Also I ended the show sounding disturbingly like John McCain during his Republican convention victory speech “Stand up and fight!”

By the way, I’ve stated my FCC-ready policy. Anyone who calls into the show and cusses gets hung up on. Otherwise, anything goes!

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10 thoughts on “The Blog Goes to Radio

  1. That’s pretty cool, Rutherford. I think I would like to try to that some time.

    I wasn’t able to listen, though. Probably my machine or something. 😦

  2. hey Rutherford, I can’t get it to play anything.

    They didn’t even read the bill, man. They didn’t even READ the thing. My God.

  3. “R”,

    Does this mean you have a face for radio? Well, I feel Rush is safe, but Air America is in serious trouble.

    You tickle me. I should have called in but I’m not sure I completely understood the concept. Does that mean I’ll be on tape next week if I ask you a question? I’m gotten so inherently cheap, I didn’t want to pay the charges. 10¢ a minute? Normal long distance rates? How’s it work.

    Rambling comment because I’m typing as I listen.


    Okay, I let you rip me on the radio you worm 😆 At least you’re gentlemanly enough not to call me by name.

    What do you mean there are no companies making a profit right now? Taken a good look at Exxon Mobil’s earnings lately? Most companies are still making a profit – albeit it a lessor profit. I heard the other day McDonald’s earnings are actually up.

    I need to clear something up. I didn’t mean to insinuate just the shareholder’s benefit from the corporate tax cut. Everyone benefits because the accumulated wealth builds more wealth. I’ll explain later. Maybe I’ll do it on the phone because I can talk faster than I can type.

    Republicans failed not because they cut taxes. They failed because they didn’t accompany the cut with controlled spending/cuts. And yes, they did fail and it is now the Democrats turn to play their hand.

    One man’s catharsis is another man’s hemorrhoid.

    Actually, I think you did a fine job for a first time shot. It’s a lot better than “professional” sports radio.

    P.S. – we may be in agreement! I’m not sure I approve of short selling either. You ask me, it defeats the purpose of the market but that is only my opinion. I’ve never done it and personally refuse to do so – even if I could make money.

  4. P.S.S. – I have ‘day traded’ on occasion when I thought a stock trading lower than real value. I made a trade a few months back where I cleared a couple of grand over about a 72 hour period. It was a stock I was familiar with that I felt had been unduly penalized for falling natural gas prices. I would tell you it was investing brilliance, but that would be a lie.

    I didn’t feel guilty when I sold, but I don’t make a habit of doing that either.

  5. To Lottie and DR, there are actually two different play buttons on the show page, one of which I’ve illustrated in the above post. If neither works, it might be a browser problem (IE vs Firefox for example).

    DR, c’mon man you expected folks to read the bill before they voted on it? It’s 800 pages, would YOU read it? 🙂

    When it comes to having a face for radio, let’s just say Robert Redford has nothing to worry about where I’m concerned. It’s not an accident that my show page features my “R” trademark! 😉

    Tex, the show operates just like live radio. If you tune in while it’s actually “on the air”, you can call in and make comments. Obviously when you listen to the replay, that’s no longer an option. Blogtalkradio is low budget to say the least. I don’t pay to use it, hence all calls (the number I dial to host and the number the guests dial) are at long distance rates. Most folks pay a flat fee for long distance nowadays so shouldn’t be a big deal. (Could be a problem if they’re calling from the office I suppose.)

    Back when I was in the market, I had a two prong approach. I had a handful of companies that were long term. One qualification was they had to have a dividend. Then I had typically one or two companies that I deliberately short-term traded. I had a “system” that I stumbled upon and it served me quite well although I’m not sure it made up for early losses I suffered before discovering the “system”. Once I got laid off, the short term trading had to stop as it would be the height of irresponsibility under my new economic constraints. As the savings dwindled, I ended up having to sell my long term holdings also. So now I am completely out of the market. My wife’s 401K has some stocks in it but that’s the full extent of it.

  6. You god damn right I would read it. Do you have even the remotest idea what its like to be on your feet all day in a 20 degree windchill or perched on top of some 12 pitch Detroit bungalow with wooden shingle shake splinters stabbing your rectum in 100 degree heat! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh! There were times in my life when I would have literally paid 10 bucks an hour to sit in a warm office reading some b.s. I’m fucking incensed you would say that.

    1 p.m.???????????

  7. Do you have even the remotest idea what its like to be on your feet all day in a 20 degree windchill…

    DR, I have never worked a day of hard physical labor in my life. Now that is partly because I’m physically disabled, but not entirely. I probably wouldn’t have even if I had been 6 foot 2 and beefy as all get out. So, with that said, I fully understand where you’re coming from. My comment about the 800 pages was partly in jest. However, with legislation that goes on for 800 friggin pages, is it any wonder that pork gets thrown in the mix? How do you even find it?

    1 p.m.???????????

    LOL, ok I’m guessing your initial response is “some of us work for a living”. Here’s the deal, what little money I do make comes from a home office, so I have the flexibility to do the radio broadcast just about any time I want. My reasoning was 1pm is late lunch on the east coast, solid lunch time central time, and early lunch mountain time. Screw the west coast … they’re already progressive enough without having to listen to me. (Kidding). If I find that that time slot isn’t working well, I may move it to late nite … 11:30pm EST. I mean c’mon, it’s an easy choice right? Leno, Letterman or Lawson. 🙂

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