Obama Video Address: January 24, 2009

In his first weekly video address since his inauguration, President Obama discusses the goals of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan. Probably the most interesting piece came at the end when he stated that in the name of transparency, Americans will be able to track the progress of this plan at a web site dedicated to it, recovery.gov.

Interestingly, the President did not discuss some of the immediate steps he has taken within the past week, from freezing the pay of his senior White House staff, to new strict rules concerning lobbyists to the closing of Guantanamo Bay within the next year.  In his typically conciliatory mode, he talked about the bipartisan support that the recovery plan is getting but Obama has an uphill climb on this. Republican House Minority Leader, John Boehner reacted to the plan with the words, “Oh … my …. God”. It looks like the recovery plan will be the first big test of Obama’s ability to build consensus.

And now, the President of the United States of America:


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4 thoughts on “Obama Video Address: January 24, 2009

  1. Wow Rutherford. I can only infer two things from your sweeping generalization about moderate Muslims getting “up the courage.”

    1. The Islamic world is, in fact, problematic.

    2. The mainstream Islamic world has, as a whole, displayed cowardice under the shadow of radicalism.

    Sounds so dirty when I say doesn’t it? So full of unapologetic truth. So uncompromising.

    Now, I know your initial reaction will be to back-peddle. To point out the complexities of the situation that my (and your earlier) summery is lacking.

    Or maybe start some good old fashion liberal-feel-good-fibbing.

    Let me do it for you. It’s funnier when I do it.

    “Radical Christianity is a problem too, you know. Murderous criminals are found all over the world. Why do we only care about the Muslims ones?”

    Do you honestly believe that Obama can somehow influence the Muslim world in that way? How? I hate when right wingers sarcastically use the middle name of “Hussein” when referring to Obama. But, you lefties essentially do the same thing…..

  2. DR2, for some reason, your comment (which I think is directed at me from the Guantanamo thread) wound up here. Be that as it may, your inferences (all except one) are right on the money. I’m not going to back-peddle at all.

    Maybe I’m not watching the right news sources but I don’t see moderate Muslims speaking out against the violence of their radical brethren. Perhaps they are afraid for their lives? I don’t know, but yes I stand by my statement that courageous moderate Muslims should be publicly and actively seeking to end the senseless violence.

    Where your inference goes off course is this whole “Hussein” thing. I don’t think Obama can make a difference because his middle name is Hussein. I think he can make a difference because his life experience has made him more comfortable with different kinds of people than the average American politician. I also think quite frankly there is a cosmetic component to it. I think Arab and third world leaders may be more tolerant of someone who looks like them vs the typical American white President. I could be wrong.

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