Bush Narrowly Escapes AssasSHOEnation While Secret Service Sleeps

On his “farewell tour” of Iraq and Afghanistan, President George W. Bush encountered an outraged shoe wielding journalist. Considering that Gerald R. Ford had two women shoot two real guns at him in as many weeks, this attack was relatively benign. Culturally, while we find the episode humorously bizarre, it is considered a supreme insult in Iraq, probably the equivalent of spitting at someone here.

But what I noticed and what really troubled me despite the levity of this entry’s title, was the action, or apparent inaction of the Secret Service. Let me see, in Secret Service school are you taught how to quickly discern a shoe flying through the air from some other more dangerous object? One would think that after the President adroitly ducked the first shoe, that Secret Service would have sprung into action to step in front of Bush until his safety had been assured. On the contrary, Bush was defended by no one but Iraqi  Prime Minister Maliki as he reached up to try and catch the second incoming projectile.

If I were Barack Obama, I’d be damn nervous after watching this incident. In fact, I’d fire the whole crew and start with a fresh one in January.

Rule number 1:  You see anything flying through the air in my direction, tackle my ass to the ground until you know what is going on.


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3 thoughts on “Bush Narrowly Escapes AssasSHOEnation While Secret Service Sleeps

  1. I was wondering the same thing when I saw this … Where was the Secret Service?

    By the way … I get the particular cultural significance to Iraq, but I think that if someone threw a shoe at me, even here in the US of A, I’d get that it’s not a friendly gesture.

  2. LOL, true Wickle. No one,except perhaps someone with a shoe fetish likes to have a shoe thrown at them.

    By the way, has anyone wondered where George developed that ducking reflex? Could it be that Laura has thrown a thing or two at him over the years? 😉

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