Obama Video Address: December 6, 2008

In today’s video address, President-elect Barack Obama outlined a four point plan for economic stimulation.

1. Energy Efficient Public Buildings
2. Infrastructure Upgrade — States will have a certain amount of time to use the funds or they will lose them — a deterrent to progress getting bogged down in bureaucracy
3. School building upgrades
4. Expansion of broadband access — schools, health care systems
The goal is to ultimately create or save 2.5 million jobs.

Today’s address comes after some shocking job loss reports. More than a million jobs lost this year. Let’s not forget that for almost every job loss there is a family impacted. I personally believe that things are so bad that Barack will receive bipartisan support for his plans and we will see more action out of our federal government than we have seen in years.

And now, the President-elect:


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