Press Conferences Just Might Become Relevant Again

In my sidebar you will notice that I link to a comic strip/political commentary entitled “Town Called Dobson”.  The latest one was worth a special mention here. Over the past eight years I have found what few press conferences that George W. Bush held to be uninspiring to say the least. Now, when soon-to-be President Barack Obama calls a press conference, my synapses start firing. I feel like an intelligent man is talking to me like I am an intelligent man. How incredibly refreshing!

I’ll let the “Town Called Dobson” author express it his way since it fully captures my sentiment.

Three days, three press conferences where real questions were asked and honest answers were given. I am unsure if America can get used to this high level of competence. Isn’t there a training video or something that could help us worn out Americans through this transition?

In the past when broadcast television broke in for a speech by Bush, my wife complained that Bush was bumping her soaps. The way she saw it, and I must agree, there was more reality in the soap opera than there were in Bush’s speech.

When Matt Lauer broke in regular programming this morning to cover Obama’s third press conference of the week, my wife did not complain, she turned up the volume.

When you engage America, America will engage back.

via Town Called Dobson

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