The GOP Goes into Therapy and the Pres-Elect Goes Viral

When an election concludes, I’m used to seeing the losing party make some simple excuse for their loss and then look toward the next election with a new candidate. Not so in 2008. Never have I seen a party go through such an open breakup with itself as with the Republicans this past two weeks. This was epitomized by the Republican Governor’s Association (RGA) conference last week in Miami. The conference might as well have been subtitled, “It’s not you, it’s me” as the Republican governors fell on their swords in this breakup from their past.

It was funny to watch the two different world views at play. One view (amplified by Pat Buchanan and represented by his girlfriend Sarah Palin) was that Republicans lately haven’t been Republican enough. They need to go further to the right, more conservative, and to hell with the broad cross section of voters who no longer understand them. Those voters are never coming on board anyway. Then there was the Tim Pawlenty and Bobby Jindal view that the party must re-invent itself to appeal to the current American demographic.

All I can say is at the rate they’re going with all this self-analysis, the Republicans may transform to the degree that in 2012, we’ll really be voting for two different flavors of Democrat!

Obama’s First “Viral Radio Address”

On Saturday, November 15, Barack Obama did what so many of us who have followed his campaign could have expected. He took his weekly radio address (which will continue up to and after his inauguration) and video taped it for upload to YouTube. This is the FDR “fireside” chat pulled into the 21st century. I was hoping for this example of transparency from the Obama White House and I expect we’ll see more of it, not less.

As a service to my small cadre of loyal readers, you can find Obama’s address here every week. I will do my best to post it on the Saturday it is released. Depending on its content I may or may not add my own commentary.

For now, I give you, the President-elect:

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