Don’t Forfeit Your Most Precious Right as a US Citizen

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about voter complacency and almost as an aside, I mentioned voter suppression. Tonight on MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show”, Ms. Maddow spells out as explicitly as possible the variety of ways that scoundrels are trying to steal your vote. The scams go like this:

  • You can vote by phone.
  • If you have outstanding parking tickets, you’ll be arrested at the polls.
  • To battle heavy voter turnout, there will be voting on November 5.
  • You’ll forfeit your financial aid as a student if you vote at college and not at home.

All of this is BALONEY! All of this is designed to prevent people from exercising the most precious right we have as United States citizens. These scams are particularly targeted at the elderly or anyone else the scammer thinks might be ill informed.

Rachel Maddow concludes her piece with this simple and potent plea.

Choose who you will but do not give up the power to choose by letting anyone or anything stop you from voting.

Watch the following video and if you have any friends or relatives who you fear might fall victim to these scams, please email them the video or better yet, give them a phone call and make sure they know where to vote and that their vote must be cast November 4, and no later.

For more info and excellent resources on your voter rights, please visit this recent post by MJ “RevoltingPawn”.

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