John McCain Pals Around with Terrorists

Looks like the guilt by association game may have blown up in John McCain’s face this time. Sarah “you betcha” Palin and Rudy “9/11” Giuliani deliver what they think is a one-two punch associating Barack Obama to Rashid Khalidi, a Columbia University scholar with a pro-Palestinian reputation and thanks to Rudy, adding the detail that William Ayers also contributed to Khalidi’s research.

Ehhh, problem. McCain’s own International Republican Institute gave Khalidi LOTS of money. Ayers gave Khalidi comparatively less money. But ah, McCain and Ayers fund the same guy. Watch Keith Olbermann connect the dots while pointing out what Keystone Kops the McCain campaign staff must be. (As an aside, notice how Palin mispronounces Khalidi, saying “Khaladi” and then the crowd of yahoos, who don’t know Khalidi from a hole in the head, upon hearing the Arab name exude a collective “ooooooooo”. And to think these folks are allowed to vote.)

Mmmm, who’s paling around with terrorists now, Senator McCain?

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7 thoughts on “John McCain Pals Around with Terrorists

  1. The International Republic Institute (IRI) is a non-partisan non-profit organization advancing freedom and democracy worldwide by developing political parties, civic institutions, open elections, good government and the rule of law.

    Various grants for surveys and polls were given to the Palestinian group and are similar to other grants they awarded to countries like Africa, Japan, Afghanistan, Asia, Eurasia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and North Africa, etc. all projects to help advance Democracy.

    The Center for Palestine Research and Studies that was a recipient of money from the IRI was founded in March 1993 by the following SEVEN individuals, not Khalidi himself and nowhere since 1993 has Khalidi’s name been listed :
    Ibrahim Abu Lughod

    Abdul Latif Akel

    Hisham Awartani.

    Sa’id Kan’an

    Rashid Khalidi

    Raja Shehadeh

    Khalil Shakaki

    Sorry, McCain never met Khalidi, did not “pal” around with him or have him give a special fund raiser for him, didn’t give a loving testimonial when he left for California, and certainly never had a chance to sample Mrs. Khalidi’s food ….no he and the 26 members of the board (including Obama’s favorite Republican Hagel,) awarded grants to spread democracy throughout the world.

    Ah, but good ol’ Obama like with everything from his birth certificate to his Illinois logs, his Occidental/Columbia records, the truth of the fund raising efforts by Muslim radicals throughout the country in order for an unknown 27 year old community organizer to attend Harvard along with recommendation letters, his blocking the release of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge documents or threatening and harrasing a simple discussion on WGN Chicago radio re CAC, and now Obama remains silent on the Los Angeles video of him and Khalidi and Ayers. ‘NUF SAID!

    McCain IS CLEAN; he has no skeltons in his closet. Obama’s is filled with Chicago, NY, Pakistan, Hawaii dirt and hidden secrets!

  2. Jazz, let’s start with your second comment. “Your comment is awaiting moderation” is an automatic message the WordPress system gives commenters so they understand that the blog owner needs to approve comments before they are posted. Some blog owners don’t moderate comments. I do. That does not mean that I censor the blog. On the contrary, out of over 730 comments I’ve received since I started this blog, I only ever deleted one comment (that wasn’t spam). I deleted that comment because it was an irrelevant abusive off topic comment about a tribute I had paid to the late Tim Russert. As you see, both your first comment and your paranoid second one have been approved and appear here in all their glory.

    Now to your main point. First I need to quote “The Third Grader’s Guide to the Rutherford Lawson Blog”:

    Rutherford Lawson does not believe John McCain really pals around with terrorists. Rutherford was making a point about how absurd guilt by association arguments can be.

    Now that we’ve got that out of the way isn’t it interesting how my absurd accusation against McCain sent you into overdrive? You and many other McCain supporters can dish it out but can’t take it. Your list of Obama “revelations” identifies you as an avid reader of The Globe as opposed to say, Time Magazine, Newsweek or the Wall Street Journal.

    It remains to be seen what skeletons might be in McCain’s closet but from we do know about him, he’s hardly clean.

  3. It is naive to believe that no one has skeletons on their closet. If Jazz believes that John McCain has no skeletons, then he needs to remember the following Christian quote “Let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone.” The passage goes on to say that no one threw a stone at the sinner. True for believers and non-believers. I doubt John McCain, or Barack Obama for that matter, is the second coming of the Messiah.

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