John McCain Endorses … Barack Obama!

Talk about October surprise! Only a campaign as utterly clueless as the McCain campaign could pull a screw up like this one. Watch the following campaign ad and then let’s follow the logic.

So let’s see:

  1. John McCain quotes Barack Obama’s support of John McCain’s climate change legislation.
  2. John McCain therefore obviously thinks Obama a worthy judge of John McCain’s legislative record.
  3. Therefore, John McCain endorses Barack Obama.

It almost makes me wish the RNC had offered ME the job of running McCain’s campaign. I don’t even like the guy and I could do a better job than Steve Schmidt and his gang that can’t shoot straight.

But wait, there’s more!

The boys in McCain campaign-land are so dejected at this point, they’re not even spell checking their ads anymore!

If you stop the ad at the 12 second mark, you see the following dumbfounding frame:

Shot from McCain "Welfare" Ad

Shot from McCain "Welfare" Ad

Let’s hope that “everbody” goes to the polls on Tuesday and makes sure these clowns do not get control of the White House. Can we do it? You betcha!

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2 thoughts on “John McCain Endorses … Barack Obama!

  1. Is ‘everbody’ a slam to blacks? If so, I agree with KO when he now refers to John McCain as:


    What an asshole McCain has become after 8 short years!

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