Nancy Pfotenhauer is Hot?

I’m used to a small but loyal audience in this little corner of the blogosphere. So, I was amazed, and a bit suspicious when I saw my traffic increase almost ten-fold about the middle of last week. At first I suspected some rogue bot was hitting my site repeatedly. Then I examined my site stats more carefully and discovered that the bulk of my hits were coming from the search term “Nancy Pfotenhauer”. Not only that, but it was an image search! Lots (and I mean lots) of folks were looking for pictures of Nancy Pfotenhauer. This also explains why The John McCain Female Woman Hater’s Club was also getting pounded by traffic. You see, Nancy, a key McCain adviser, is one of the illustrious members of the club.

So, I googled Nancy Pfotenhauer to get a better grip on what was going on and sure enough there on the second page of links was “How Many of You Think Nancy Pfotenhauer is Really Hot?” Now, I think Ms. Pfotenhauer is a pleasant enough looking woman but hot? That one escapes me.

Then again, we have entered the age of the female political sex symbol, haven’t we? Here is The National Review’s Rich Lowry’s now famous assessment of Governor and VP nominee Sarah Palin:

Palin too projects through the screen like crazy. I’m sure I’m not the only male in America who, when Palin dropped her first wink, sat up a little straighter on the couch and said, “Hey, I think she just winked at me.” And her smile. By the end, when she clearly knew she was doing well, it was so sparkling it was almost mesmerizing. It sent little starbursts through the screen and ricocheting around the living rooms of America. This is a quality that can’t be learned; it’s either something you have or you don’t, and man, she’s got it.

via The Corner on National Review Online

This must be driving any self respecting feminist crazy that after all the struggle to gain legitimacy, women are to some extent right back where they started, sex objects. I can’t put my finger on who is to blame. Ms. Pfotenhauer, besides smiling a lot, certainly does not play up any sex angle. The same might not be as true of Ms. Palin who goes “cutesy” quite often. But if women follow the model of Hillary Clinton, strong, assertive, keenly intelligent, they risk being called a shrew.

It’s quite a catch-22. I can’t do anything to solve the problem. But perhaps I can use the phenomenon to lure folks into this little corner of the blogosphere where they might click on some other links that don’t have any pictures of Nancy or Sarah and they might learn something? So, with that higher goal, I give you:

Nancy Pfotenhauer

Nancy Pfotenhauer

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

Rutherford Political Blogger Alliance


10 thoughts on “Nancy Pfotenhauer is Hot?

  1. It’s painful. Viscerally painful. However – here’s the thing –

    Bill Clinton, by any metric, was a charismatic man. Those who have met him personally would attribute that not only to a spoken, projected confidence, but to some level of physical attractiveness, albeit not of the baywatch variety. Pheremones, or whatever it may be, the man is attractive – and thus compelling. And to think that this never factored in his election – or that of JFK, or any other attractive male (including Obama) would be ludicrous.

    What bothers me is not that Palin is pretty. She’s adorably cute, and that’s just fine. I can’t judge her for being pretty. And she dresses conservatively enough that I can’t say she’s “showing off any assets.” What bothers me is that she’s willing to introduce her cuteness into the conversation – through the winking, primarily, but more generically, the flirtatious behavior with the audience.

    I often compare it to myself – I’m a career woman, in the business world. If I chose to wink and flirt with my colleagues as she does with the world, I would be reprimanded immediately and dismissed rapidly. That behavior is unacceptable. And it introduces sexuality into the workplace, which is precisely what we’ve been trying to combat for years.

    But people seem to forget – the presidency is a WORK ENVIRONMENT. I think that’s the disconnect. We forget that our politicians need to be held to the same or higher standards as our CEOs, our doctors, and our lawyers. But, our election process is a popularity contest. No one would fill any of those other jobs with a popularity contest – but this one, in fact, has degraded into that.

    My junior high school selected cheerleaders by popular whoop, a process by which you performed your routine for the entire student body at an assembly, and the level of noise it generated was your score. Fuzzy, at best, but more importantly, straight-up popularity contest. And it encouraged more… provocative.. behaviors. Our election is the same type of process these days, so it is not at all surprising that a few winks are effective counter-points to a well executed tumbling routine.

  2. Thanks Alfie, LOL

    Lily, I agree with all your points save one:

    I think that’s the disconnect. We forget that our politicians need to be held to the same or higher standards as our CEOs

    You and I worked for the same company at one time. Surely you’re not saying that ascent to the CEO’s office does not involve some degree of popularity? I was with you on doctors and lawyers but you lost me on CEO’s. 🙂

  3. Nancy Pfotenhauer is hot from the neck down. I’m going to leave it at that.

    I find Sarah Palin extremely attractive.

    But that has no weight when it comes to my political opinions or the respect I may or may not have for a person.

  4. Nancy Pfotenjauer is a scary Steptford wife with even less intelligence than Sarah Palin. Jeez guys, doesn’t her lack of intellect scare even the GED candidates amongst you? She seems to be some satanic envoy – bent on pushing an agenda of some far right religion (complete with “My God or No God” rhetoric) and a simplistic hatred of our duly elected President-elect.
    Why do you think she hates him? His intellect? His color? His decency? His Christian values? There is something deeply, deeply disturbing about this woman. I don’t get it. I am a registered Democrat who supported Hillary Clinton. However, I deeply love John McCain because of his incredible loyalty to our country. My father was a prisoner of war in Germany in WWII. I am a Vietnam vet.

    I feel very sorry for the energy it takes to labor in her extremism. There are many things imperfect in my life and in my country. President Bush unfortunately brought all of the evils of power and extremism into a Republican focus. It would be better for all of us, all world citizens, if Nancy and Palin would just stop. Stop and think. Let an intellectual run the country unimpeded by their hatred. Support goodness and decency without the taint of selfish benefit or “I’m right and you are wrong” for once. These women crusade is for themselves. Their zealous doctrine is anti-Jesus and transparently selfish. Please, in the name of all that is good and decent, go away for a few years. If you cannot see the wisdom of having Obama elected president (perhaps with the help of the Christian God), then please be quiet. Let the finger of discretion be placed on your lips until President-elect Obama is given some time to prove if the collective wisdom of our country (yes, ma’m, this is still your country, and, yes, ma’m, God’s hand was certainly involved in the election of this great man) chose the right man for these incredibly difficult times.

    Go join Jim Jones and every other “Speaker of God” who twisted the word of the Lord to fulfill their personal agenda. Please, do not subject me to your rhetoric and hatred, your cynicism and “double-speak”, your outspoken duplicity. You are truly evil. Do your children carry the hatred gene or do you teach them?

    I pray for you.


  5. Cole I agree with much of what you say although I think you give Nancy more credit than she deserves. I’ve watched her on “Hardball with Chris Matthews” and he usually eviscerates her. She appears to be a lightweight, at least when she’s on the spot. I can’t say I’ve seen her guilty of hate speech but you may have read more of her stuff than I have.

  6. I think that Nancy Pfotenhauer is a beautiful woman.
    I wouldn’t call her ‘hot”–it’s asubjective obviously.

    I assume she is in her 40s and I think calling her hot is sophmoric.

    I enjoy reading your blog and I guess that the picture just excited a lot of men (andd some women too!).

    Hey, she’s a great looking woman.

    Now Contessa Brewer–she is hot(lol)>

    Seriously, I agree that it is a conundrum, but I like the approach you take to it.

    You aren’t preachy, but this blog is really a good starting point for a serious discussion amongst people who actually are together in the flesh (seminars, coffee shops, water coolers).

    I like the way you leave it w the two photos.

  7. LOL. Timothy thanks for visiting this golden oldie from my blog. I hope you enjoy reading some of the more substantive articles. 🙂

    P.S. I like Contessa Brewer too. I’m also pretty keen on Savannah Guthrie and Nora O’Donnell.

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