What Happens When Jerry Springer Stops the Freak Show

Let’s start with a video of what, in a decent America, had to happen eventually:

Look at how crestfallen McCain looks. After more than a week of stirring up fear and hatred among his supporters it appears that either McCain independently, or with his campaign, realized he had created a monster with whom he could no longer live.

McCain has a new problem now, one that our American hero of sleaze, Jerry Springer could have warned him about.

Imagine if in the midst of an onstage brawl, amid the cries of “JERRY, JERRY, JERRY”, Mr. Springer said, “folks, we can be better than this. I’m putting a stop to this foolishness.” Jerry’s audience would turn on him so fast he’d need his bouncers to protect him for a change.

This is what happened to John McCain as he advised a male supporter that Barack Obama would not be a President to be feared. The crowd turned on McCain with boo’s. You see, they were there for the freak show and the ringmaster was calling the show off. They wanted their money back.

It appears that after receiving a collective “You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?” from the American people, McCain had to finally step up and do the right thing. I never dreamed that I could feel sorry for this man, this week of all weeks, but the look on McCain’s face as he defended Obama betrayed the shame that he was feeling. Unlike Joseph McCarthy, McCain looked like a beaten man. If one is to believe McCain’s life story, this defeat was not a political one but a moral one. A defeat of dishonor. McCain allowed Steve Schmidt, a veteran of the Lee Atwater-Karl Rove school of smear politics, to drag his campaign down into the dirt. He allowed things to go so far that many pundits were beginning to worry not if but when some right wing nutjob would take his code-worded marching orders and do his American duty to remove the terrorist sympathizer from the American scene.

McCain is boxed in now. By putting a stop to the freak show, he is alienating the extremists in his base. He has already alienated those who wondered how he could let it get this bad. McCain now has no choice but to move back to the issues, foreign affairs — not on anyone’s hot list right now, and economics — a topic he is woefully unprepared to handle. McCain will coast to defeat, and hopefully for the sake of all he claims to hold dear, finish his Senate term and retire with honor.


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6 thoughts on “What Happens When Jerry Springer Stops the Freak Show

  1. I have, in the past, tremendously admired Sen. McCain for standing up to, as you said, the freak show.

    He has been hated by Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter for such things as standing up to the Swift Boaters, his immigration bill, etc.. But that respect died hard during the primaries, when he did a lot of things underhanded … and it’s gone downhill lately amidst his acceptance of hatred.

    The Senator McCain I admire would have called foul on the libelous book “Obamanation.” The Senator McCain I admire would do this … and speak out against the hatred of Sen. Obama expressed at his rallies. Even if he didn’t hear things at speeches (which is very possible), he knows about it now.

    I’m no longer sure what I think of Sen. McCain. You’re right … he looks defeated and seems to know that he gave up his honor, and wants it back. Forgive me, I’ll ramble for a long time on this if I don’t stop now.

    This is a sad chapter in the life of John McCain.I think that he let some political handlers tell him what to do, and now he wants to do what’s right.

  2. Reword that last .. “wishes he’d done what was right.”

    I think it’s probably too late in the campaign (using the conventional “wisdom”) to change tack that much.

  3. I must admit to having mixed feelings myself. On the one hand, McCain did the right thing and I respect what he did here. On the other hand, he is at least partly responsible for instilling in people the fears and misconceptions that he is now setting straight. So while I respect what he did, I can’t say I have any more respect for him, if you see what I mean.

    As to the mentality of what appears to be a large number of McCain supporters, comparing them to a Springer crowd seems pretty accurate to me. I saw a clip last night that wasn’t in the video here (though I’m sure you saw it). One man took the mic and said, “We want you to fight… we want to see a real fight at the next debate.” The crowd cheered. John McCain responded saying that he would fight, but that he would be respectful. The crowd booed. McCain further stated that he respects Obama and his accomplishments and called on his supporters to be respectful as well. More boos.

    It’s bizarre. I can almost hear them chanting, “JOHNNY! JOHNNY! JOHNNY!”

    Thanks for another great post!

  4. Hmmm…. I didn’t get that quite right. I was quoting from a clip I saw last night. Here is a longer clip with more context.

    Nevertheless, when he said that he admires Obama and his accomplishments and would be respectful, the crowd booed and sneered. McCain even had to stop them, saying, “No no… I want everyone to be respectful and let’s make sure we are”. It sounded like an elementary school teacher addressing a group students’ poor behavior.

    But, to their credit, you can hear them begin to applaud right at the end when McCain says that politics should be conducted respectfully.

    Sorry for getting it wrong the first time. But I can still hear them chanting “JOHNNY….” 😆

  5. This is a sad chapter in the life of John McCain.

    To Wickle and Lottie, it’s also a sad chapter in the history of our country and for American politics.

    Lottie, great video, and interestingly, this was John McCain’s stance at the beginning of the campaign. He was the one who originally called for respectful debate and then presided over a campaign that was anything but respectful. I think for liberals and conservatives of conscience, there is now a mixture of relief that perhaps the insanity will come to an end and sadness that it had to go this far.

  6. I think for liberals and conservatives of conscience, there is now a mixture of relief that perhaps the insanity will come to an end and sadness that it had to go this far.

    Oh, definitely! That was certainly in the mix of my own feelings last night.

    I’m relieved to see McCain trying to put a stop to it, I just can’t help wondering how much will change where some of his supporters are concerned. They seem so hostile and hateful, not to mention ignorant and misinformed. That’s quite a frightening mix.

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