Mission Accomplished and the Boy Who Cried Wolf

Senator Barack Obama’s attempts to tie his opponent Senator John McCain to President George Bush could not have been better realized than by the great McCain himself. Today, McCain all but morphed into George Bush before our eyes. Watch as he gloats over his mission accomplished and disparages Obama in the process.

Of course, as in the case of his doppelganger Bush, the mission was not accomplished. The House today failed to pass the Wall Street bailout bill upon which the near term health of our economy depends. In addition to accusing Obama of “watching from the sidelines”, he later chastised Obama for “phoning it in”. Interestingly,  throughout the weekend, McCain “monitored the situation” by phone. Who does he think he is fooling? Clearly, McCain outdid himself today when it came to impersonating George Bush.

While we’re on the subject of the President, I am reminded today of an old fable. Why should we be surprised at the outcome of today’s vote?

“Iraq has WMD’s.”
“We will be greeted as liberators.”
“Iraq is the center of the war on terror (i.e. those guys who attacked us on 9/11)”
“If we don’t pass this bill, there will be dire consequences for our economy.”

The first three paraphrases of Bush assertions turned out to be lies. So is it any wonder that when the boy cries wolf again concerning our economy, even his own party fails to heed the call? Unfortunately, as in the fable, this time the assertion is not a lie and ordinary citizens will have to pay the price if something is not done soon.

All in all, it’s been a banner day for the Republicans. One of their leaders wakes up from his delusions too late to have any credibility and the other leader is so immersed in his own delusions (of grandeur) that he does not even realize that he is not a leader at all.


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4 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished and the Boy Who Cried Wolf

  1. I guess if it helps your candidate get elected–go ahead and keep trying to push McCain in to a Bush suit. No one that has any idea about McCain’s background and record could really say with a straight face that he and Bush are anything alike.

    But whatever makes you feel better about voting for a socialist who makes Carter look like a conservative…well we all need our security blankets.

  2. I too am unsure which McCain mklasing is speaking of. The McCain we saw in 2000 is not the one we see hugging Bush today.

    With regard to your commentary on the bailout Rutherford, wasn’t it interesting how McCain, the self appointed earmark killer voted for the bailout bill that contained $140B (with a B) in BS earmarks? Rome is burning, the country is in economic turmoil, and in order to get this bucket of crap passed, they had to add lots of (what does McCain call them……) goodies to it??????? I’m a little upset that Obama voted for it as well. Where is our politicians “moral turpitude?”

  3. Poll Watcher, if you want a real kick, Jon Stewart did a piece on McCain arguing with himself about the bailout bill. Terrible bill … too much pork …. great bill that he was instrumental in getting passed. (I’d post the video link but it got nuked by YouTube for copyright infringement.)

    Our government’s response to this economic disaster has shades of Katrina except this time the Dems and the Pubs are both to blame. It makes you seriously doubt whether our government is capable of fulfilling one of its key missions — to protect its citizens.

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