Sarah Out-Hillaries Hillary!

Think back, my loyal readers, to the days of the Democratic primaries. Once upon a time there was a candidate named Hillary Clinton who was so presumptuous as to suggest that Barack Obama would be a fine running mate for her.  Needless to say, she put the cart way before the horse and not only did Barack not wind up her running mate, she did not end up being his running mate. I thought that her blatant display of ambition would not soon be eclipsed.

Then came Sarah Palin. Palin has done Hillary one better. She has (against every physical law of the universe) become John McCain’s running mate. Apparently, though, that is not good enough for her. She has decided that the ticket should be flipped. Can you blame her? When Sarah’s not there, McCain has no audience.

I’m sure you’ve seen this video before but it’s worth repeating here. We truly cannot make this stuff up!

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6 thoughts on “Sarah Out-Hillaries Hillary!

  1. CnB, I’m lost in your metaphors! Is McCain the dinosaur here? Then again, if we’re talking McCain let’s not forget that if the woman is being chased by a gorilla, she doesn’t need a sexual assault kit ‘cos she enjoys the experience so much.

  2. I am struggling, seriously struggling, to pay attention to the Presidential campaign. I don’t have a dog in this fight; a Democrat is going to win, whether it is Obama or the Democrat-improper McCain.

    Still, in light of McCain huge advantage in age, having nearly as many years as the Democrat-proper candidates combined, I must consider Sarah Palin a presidential-like candidate. Ugh. I guess I’ll have to take a look.

    OK. I looked.

    On the issue Democrats-proper hold highest – almost to the exclusion of all others – she is the clear winner.

    Sarah Palin is prettier than Obama.

  3. On the issue Democrats-proper hold highest – almost to the exclusion of all others – she is the clear winner.

    Sarah Palin is prettier than Obama.

    LOL. Rigorist, aren’t you glad the Republicans were able to get the pretty vote back? Clearly it was one of McCain’s primary motives in picking her. Unlike Obama, unfortunately, she can’t seem to back up the prettiness with any evidence of cogent thought processes.

  4. LOL @ cloakanbadger! This pick is preposterous, and with regard to the SNL skits, it’s amazing to me that they can take her actual words and turn them into hillarious skits. Not to mention everything that’s occurred in the last 7 years being enough to vote anytihng but republican, John McCain is 72 years old. How can anyone in their right mind think this woman could be leader of the free world!

  5. Poll Watcher, it does indeed defy belief. Unfortunately, from what I understand just yesterday in Pensacola she commanded a huge audience. I’m praying that these people are just coming to see the show and that the interest does not really translate into votes.

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