Is the GOP Really “The Producers”?

My wife, whom I recently nominated for an independent party Vice Presidential slot, has long had the theory that the Republican party, seeing what a mess they’ve made of things in the past eight years, wants no part of the next four. So, they are doing everything in their power to throw the election. It started back in the primary season where not one single candidate was compelling. Then, the nominee wound up being John McCain, a man the GOP doesn’t even like. Then, just to put the final kibosh on things, they nominate an unknown Governor from a remote and sparsely populated state as the VP.

Ah, but ladies and gentlemen, it is that latest move that may have backfired on them. In the popular Broadway musical, “The Producers”, two con men produce a musical called “Springtime for Hitler”, being absolutely sure the production will bomb big time and that they can then skedaddle off with the investment money they’ve gotten for the show. Unfortunately for them, the musical is a smash hit.

Similarly, the Republican party nominates the lackluster McCain and his “Alaska is next to Russia”-foreign-policy running mate, and despite the best efforts of the evil left wing media, they have a major hit on their hands.

If my wife’s theory is right, then the GOP didn’t realize that the American public couldn’t tell the difference between an election and “American Idol”. (I swear if you listen to the Charles Gibson interview of Sarah Palin with your eyes closed, you’d bet dollars to donuts you’re actually hearing the interview portion of the Miss America Beauty Pageant.)

If my wife’s theory is right, and yet the ‘Pubs still win in November, I can hear Karl Rove and the other GOP big wigs echoing the words of slick producer Max Bialystock:

How could this happen? I was so careful. I picked the wrong play, the wrong director, the wrong cast. Where did I go right?

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One thought on “Is the GOP Really “The Producers”?

  1. Interesting. I actually had the same thought just in the passing the other night. I laughed to myself and didn’t give it another thought until now. I wonder…

    Your wife is brilliant. I’m voting for her. 😉

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