My Part in Ending Silly Season

Lately, the Republican attacks against Barack Obama have reached new levels of outrageousness and absurdity. Obama called Palin a pig with his “lipstick on a pig” remark — ridiculous. Obama wants to teach kindergarteners how to have sex — laughable if it weren’t so shameful.

So, I got to thinking what can I, one of thousands of bloggers in the blogosphere do to contribute to the end of silly season in this year’s political contest? About a week ago, I published my take on some rumors surrounding Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s infant son Trig. I wasn’t particularly surprised by the outrage with which my comments were met. As the week progressed and we all learned more about Sarah Palin, the politician, I decided that my foray into her personal life was just another contribution to silly season. While I don’t think that the rumors about her family life are as absurd or irrelevent as many of my peers do, there are so many more important Palin related issues to discuss.

In an attempt to reduce the silliness of Silly Season, 2008, I am retracting my post “Sarah Palin: The Arrogance of Deceit”. I haven’t hyperlinked it because you will no longer find it within the hallowed walls of WordPress.

Just in case folks need a reminder about what does not belong in Silly Season, 2008:

Palin supported the Bridge to Nowhere before she opposed it, and kept the bridge earmark money anyway (using it partly to build the Road to Nowhere).

Governor Palin had the taxpayers of Alaska pay for her to stay at home.

Governor Palin sold the luxury government jet at a loss and not on e-bay as legend tells us.

Palin may have fired a staff member because he was having an affair with an acquaintance of the Palin family.

Palin may have fired her subordinate because he would not fire Palin’s ex-brother-in-law (currently under investigation, with Palin husband Todd currently under subpoena).

As Mayor of Wasilla, Palin supported women having to pay for their own rape kits.

We won’t even begin to discuss her interview with Charles Gibson of ABC News.

Update: I forgot to mention in my original version of this post that Sarah did not fire her private chef. She reassigned the woman to another job title, and the chef kept right on cooking for the Palin family!

Let’s get out of silly season folks. Let’s see McCain’s attacks against Obama for what they are: ludicrous, cheap shot examples of blatant mendacity. To fight back, let’s focus on what we know about Sarah Palin, the politician and let’s do what we can to make sure that John McCain’s cynical pander to conservatives and women does not pay off.

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4 thoughts on “My Part in Ending Silly Season

  1. If you want to rid you blog of “silly season” then you should consider dropping the “Palin didn’t sell her jet on E-Bay” bit.

    Her exact words are: “I put it on E-Bay.” She has never claimed she sold it on E-Bay. And we’ve heard her tell the story several times, now. I challenge you to find a quote where she says “I sold it on E-Bay.”

    And that interview on ABC was severely editted, so I hope you are relying on the uneditted transcripts to form your opinion on that.

    The others are at least valid questions and issues.

    Also, good to see you back writing.

  2. Well, I do think that “I put it on E-Bay” sort of implies having sold it on E-Bay. It’s misleading, if not dishonest. I don’t see it being a particularly relevant issue, though. I think it will appeal to people who don’t like Gov. Palin, anyway.

    I guess I’m not sure what the big deal is that the jet was sold for a loss … lots of assets are sold for a loss when the economy, and thus the market for luxury goods, lags in performance. Still, having liquidated the asset makes it less of a money sink than maintaining it. Unless she deliberately sold it at a loss as a benefit to some friends or ally, I think that this does belong in “silly season.”

    Having said that, Rutherford, I think that this is a classy and high-quality post. If more bloggers on either side of the aisle would follow your example, this campaign would be a lot better, and a lot more interesting.

  3. To add to Trixie’s observation, by not correcting McCain’s misstatement of the truth, Palin perpetuates the lie. I agree with Wickle that selling the jet for a loss, per se, is no big deal. It’s the lie that it sold on e-bay for a profit that is troublesome.

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