Are You a Rebel When You Buck Idiots?

One of the John McCain campaign’s new salient points is that unlike John McCain who has often bucked his own party, Obama has never gone against the party line. The logic here escapes me. Since I am a firm believer that everything we need to know we learned in kindergarten, let’s go into a typical kindergarten class to see the nonsense behind this line of reasoning.

Barry is a nice kid. He hangs with a nice crowd. All of Barry’s friends are smart, well behaved and generous toward others.

Johnny is also a nice kid but he hangs with a bad crowd. Johnny’s friends are rude, dumb, ignorant of those less fortunate than they. Johnny could ditch them but he sticks around and tries to change them.

What adult in their right mind would say to Barry, “Barry, you need to be more like Johnny. You need to stop putting up with the good behavior of your crowd. Start bucking them Barry. Start acting like a spoiled, dumb ignorant brat. Johnny’s a rebel! Why can’t you be one too?”

And that, my friends (as McCain would say) is our situation here. If for the sake of argument we say that McCain does have a history of bucking his party, well good for him, cos for the past eight years at least, his party has been a bunch of idiots. There’s a reason why Obama hasn’t bucked his party … his party is RIGHT on most of the important issues of our time! If he bucked them, he’d be an idiot!

The blogging yin to my yang, The Rigorist, has often called McCain a RINO (Republican in Name Only). If this is true, it hardly makes McCain a rebel. It makes him smart enough to have some good ideas but not smart enough to stop hanging with the bad crowd.

Of course, what makes the entire argument moot is that McCain traded in his rebel status the minute he decided that he wanted to be President in 2009. Now he has no principles and no scruples. He’s just another one of the idiots.

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2 thoughts on “Are You a Rebel When You Buck Idiots?

  1. It’s really that simple, isn’t it? And yet so many people fail to grasp what seems like so much common sense.

    Great post! I may link to this from mine, if you don’t mind.

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