Cindy McCain Defends Sarah Palin

Surely, Sarah Palin must be thinking, “For all that is holy and sacred in this world, PLEASE Cindy, DON’T try to help me anymore!” Watch Cindy’s defense of Palin’s candidacy:

Folks, you just can’t make this stuff up!

Update! It’s bad enough Cindy goes there … but now McCain is spouting the same geographic proximity nonsense!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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2 thoughts on “Cindy McCain Defends Sarah Palin

  1. I can’t believe McCain can keep a straight face & make the statements he does concerning the foreign policy/security competency of Palin. If this wasn’t such a serious issue it would be laughable. Iam outraged by the manner of how McCain made his VP choice of Palin & feel personally betrayed by him. I know first hand how important a VP can be. I vividly remember watching Johnson being sworen in as President while a distraught Mrs. Kennedy stood by. Even recalling this scene my stomach knots up & I feel that same tightness in my chest ,that I experienced so many, many years ago. I remember clearly how freighted I was, wheither I could trust this man Johnson. Wondering what kind of man he really was. Would he adhere to Kennedy’s policies? The only saving grace for me was the knowledge that Kennedy had chosen him as his VP & this man was a well known & respected politician.

    I consider McCain’s choice of Palin irresponsible. She was not properly vetted. When Obama first came onto the political scene I knew I needed to know much more of this man before I formed an opinion. I researched his record as well as read both his books. After watching the debates both Republican & Democrat as well as listening to the arguements both canidates have made concerning their policies & vision for America the last test for me was their choice for their # 2 man.

    It is not enough for me to accept their word as to wheither their choice for VP has met their standard but I must form my own conclusion based on the record/reputation of this VP choice. As a registered Independent Iam outraged that McCain would pick pretty much an unknown with so little time left for this person to be introduced to the public. Is McCain hoping to pull a fast one over on the American Public? Was this choice impulsive? Or was this a vendictive choice a “maverick ” move out of spite since the Republican base would not support his choice of Lieberman? Since I cannot answer these questions I certainly know now that I will not be voting for McCain. A man who has so little respect for this electorial process has shown me how little he respects me. This is not putting America first. This is putting his own selfish,selfcentered ambition first. I have already endured eight years of this type of governance of “the decider” to put another one back into office. NO WAY,NO HOW!

  2. I fully understand your outrage and I find the early enthusiasm of so many very disconcerting. We’ve already gone through the business of voting for someone we would like to have a beer with. Having not learned a thing from that standard, we now want to vote for someone we’d trust to pick our kid up from hockey practice.

    We’ve truly gone off the deep end. I hope once the hoopla dies down, we will come to our senses.

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