McCain’s Vagina Monologue

In the ultimate example of his misogyny, John McCain has made the ultimate PUMA pander and chosen Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin to be his running mate.

Why do I say misogyny? If John McCain truly respected women he would have chosen a woman with a substantial reputation that at least marginally qualified her for Commander-in-Chief. The prime choice would have been Kay Bailey Hutchison but based on her assessment of John McCain on MSNBC this morning as a man who “sowed his oats” but then “matured” it’s obvious that McCain couldn’t choose a qualified woman who knows what a cad he is.

The beauty of this pick is that now experience is off the table as a campaign issue. Who would you prefer? A candidate who knows his limitations and chooses a running mate to bolster those limitations (Biden) or a candidate who grossly overestimates his prowess and chooses a neophyte to be one 72 year old heartbeat from the Presidency?

To those who would accuse me of disrespecting Ms. Palin, I reply that it is McCain who disrespects her. Ms. Palin earned her way to Alaska Governor and I don’t besmirch that accomplishment. But that does not make her ready to be Vice President of the United States. McCain is making a blatant play for disgruntled Clinton supporters and is using Ms. Palin as a pawn in that game.

While we’re here, let’s not forget that what little we do know about Palin makes her the next  Dick Cheney. She is Annie Oakley without the ethics. She is currently under investigation by a Republican Alaska legislature for abusing her power. She would fit right in with Cheney’s methodology of abusing the Constitution for political purposes. This fact alone calls McCain’s judgement into question. His vetting of Palin didn’t even go as far as Googling her.

The fascinating by product of this choice is it gives Senator Hillary Clinton another chance to show her mettle. If Hillary does what I think she will do, she will tell women voters:

“Don’t be manipulated by this move. Don’t fall for the old oakie-doke. You don’t want just any woman in the White House. You want a woman who shares your values. Vote for McCain-Palin and you will at the very least, lose your right to choose.” As Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said, “I know Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton.”

The game is on!

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18 thoughts on “McCain’s Vagina Monologue

  1. Very respectfully, it appears.

    Palin has more experience than Barack Obama has as an executive. She has been a mayor and a governor. I would agree that this coould hurt McCain where he can no longer attack Obama for inexperience, but the advantages from this choice will far outway the few disadvantages.

  2. Solar, I’m damn near close to speechless. She has executive experience. So I guess you’re saying that because Andy Taylor is the great sheriff of Mayberry, he should be considered for head of the FBI?

    Sarah Palin’s only remote qualification is that she is an “up and coming” Republican. But up and coming does not make you VP. “Already there and came” is what makes you a good VP choice.

    Please let our readers in on the advantages that will far outweigh the disadvantages of this choice.

  3. With all due respect to Sarah Palin executive leadership means squat when it comes to being the leader of this country. Dubya was a governer of a much larger state, in terms of population and budget. Look what that has gotten us. 8 yrs of mismanagement. I am for a woman, but don’t belittle me by thinking I will pick any woman over issues that matter to me. No Way, No How, NoMcPalin!

  4. She is a breath of fresh air…. let’s get rid of the “good ole’ boys” in DC like Kennedy, Durbin, Shumer, etc….

  5. “I know Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton.”

    Your darn right Palin is no Hillary Clinton.

    Palin actually has experience running and controlling a city and a state….Hillary has experience running from the truth and controlling Bill’s bimbo eruptions.

    Palin has been married for 20 years to someone she obviously loves AND managed to enter the political arena on her own all while being a “real” woman…..Hillary has had a marriage of political convenience that so far as only gotten her into the role of Junior Senator of a state she moved to for, again, political convenience.

    Palin has went against those in her own party in order to clean up corruption in her own state…..Hillary Clinton, with a vengeance, has sought to destroy anyone who crosses her or Bill. The Clintons wrote the book on corruption.

    Amazing how libs cry out for the ability of women to succeed independent of men and breaking glass celings and so forth……But when a woman who earned her career on her own terms and without riding the coattails of her husband (or any other man), the libs demean that woman (Palin) and raise to new heights the woman whose career was made by riding her husband’s coattails all the way (Clinton)

    This is very fun to watch!

  6. Wagathuk, I can only hope that most women will have your reaction to this. I’m afraid, very afraid, that white working class women will be bamboozled by this move.

    Sharprightturn, as anyone who has read my blog knows, I am no defender of Hillary Clinton. But even I have to admit that her time in the Senate and her proximity to the White House action of the 1990’s, including her own failed attempt at health care reform, put her head and shoulders above Ms. Palin. You rightly point out Palin ran a city, but if your biggest challenge in running Wasilla is making sure the moose don’t get into people’s garbage (as one comedian suggested) that hardly qualifies you for national executive decisions.

    I will confess that Palin’s appointment puts both parties in a catch-22. The dem’s can’t go after her on experience and the ‘pubs can no longer go after Barack on it either.

    All I can say to Don is, you’ve been watching way too many Hollywood movies.

  7. So proximity to her husband and a failed healthcare policy make HIllary more qualified than Palin, who is someone who has rooted corruption out of her own state (some in her own party), worked successfully to cut excessive spending and has an 80% approval rating in her state to boot?

    I’m not seein’ the logic, but thanks.

  8. Yeah, Democrats like to point at their candidates’ failed attempts as “experience.” Health care, community organizing, etc.

    While some names in this election have spent their time simply Hoping for Change, others have actually accomplished it.

    Then again, Obama did change his pastor. That counts, right?

  9. I like Gov. Palin, but that’s because I can see vision outweighing experience (note that I don’t attack Obama for his arguably-thin resume). But since she’s running for designated mourner at state funerals, she won’t win me over to McCain.

    I might have preferred Kay Bailey Hutchison or Liddy Dole if we’re looking for the “woman candidate,” but I’m afraid that I just can’t get past the idea that McCain chose her just because she is what he isn’t — a good conservative. I’ve also heard a lot of people on the Right speculating that women, even Clinton voters, will flock to McCain-Palin.

  10. We hear a lot about Obama being a “community organizer,” but what community did he organize?

    According to US News, Obama’s target area of organization was the Altgeld Gardens projects in Chicago.

    Obama was a stranger to the area but caught on quickly by showing humility and a strong work ethic. “We knew what was wrong in the community but we didn’t know how to get something done about it,” recalls Yvonne Lloyd, 78, who worked with Obama. Obama insisted on “staying in the background while he empowered us.” By Obama’s own admission, there were few big victories. But whether it was getting the city to fill potholes, provide summer jobs, or remove asbestos from the apartments or persuading the apartment managers to repair toilets, pipes, and ceilings, Obama encouraged residents to come up with their own priorities with the gentle admonition: “It’s your community.”

    Perhaps his most confrontational effort was to pressure city authorities to remove asbestos from the apartments in 1986. When the on-site manager didn’t take action, Obama nudged the residents into confronting city housing officials in two angry public meetings downtown. These generated “a victory of sorts,” Obama said later, as workers soon began sealing the asbestos in the buildings. But the project gradually ran out of steam and money. In fact, some tenants still have asbestos in their homes, according to current resident Linda Randle, 53, who worked with Obama in the ’86 anti-asbestos campaign.

    He admits there were few big victories, and the 1 big fight he attampted to organize—the asbestos issue—ran out of steam, while asbestos remains today in many homes of Altgeld Gardens.

    So to answer, when did Obama fail at community organizing? The moment he started.

  11. Red Pill, if I concede your point, I’d take someone who “failed” at community organizing any day over someone who left Harvard Law for a big fat cat job on Wall Street.

    And while we’re on the subject of failures, I wouldn’t compare McCain’s pre-Senate career to Obama’s. Prior to joining the Senate as a war hero, McCain failed consistently. Bottom of his airforce academy class, nearly killed on a carrier because of a plane mishap, and then shot down by the Viet Cong. Hardly a story of success. His POW ordeal speaks to his toughness, his capacity to withstand circumstances few of us could, but it doesn’t speak to his social view. Prior to becoming a Senator, did he actually do anything to help anyone but himself?

    Like I said, give me a community organizer any day, successful or not!

  12. Perhaps “failure” is harsh in this case, but surely you wouldn’t call the day McCain got blown out of the air one of his more successful days, now would you? I can accept those who admire his endurance after he got shot down but surely the actual shoot-down was not heroism … it was just bad luck.

    And by the way, if we’re going to make bad luck noble, let’s not forget that there is a certain degree of luck to community organizing. Perhaps there were factors beyond Barack’s direct control that sub optimized his ability to make progress? I’m just sayin’.

  13. (Psst … actually, it was the Naval Academy, not the Air Force Academy. Not a real flame, just a friendly correction.)

    As for the planes he lost … As I understand it, someone else misfired the rocket that caused an explosion on the carrier. Neither McCain nor any of the men killed in that incident was at fault. There is a group of Swift-boat impersonators using that one against him, but that criticism sounds like attacking him for bad luck.

    As for being shot down … I’m not going to take anything away from that. I think that McCain’s critics (and I’m one of them) should probably just give credit for his service in Vietnam and move on to something else. I agree with Red Pill that it is stooping pretty low.

  14. Wickle, thanks …. I sometimes get my military branches confused. 🙂

    I didn’t mean to imply that McCain caused the mishap on the carrier. I only addressed it because it’s always listed as part of his military heroic history.

    Perhaps I’m splitting hairs but there’s a difference between getting shot down (bad luck) and enduring years of imprisonment (courage).

    I’ll definitely concede that his service should be honored AND that his abandonment of veterans as evidenced by his recent policy votes should be dishonored.

    (Oh and let’s not forget that one of the courageous things he did upon return from Viet Nam was dump his disfigured wife. Sorry for the digression.)

  15. No problem about getting branches mixed up. I’m an Air Force brat, and that’s the kind of thing I notice right off. When Jay Rockefeller made his remarks, the first thing I thought was, “Laser-guided bombs weren’t used at that point.” It’s a different perspective.

    But since we’re digressing …

    I was listening to the RNC video honoring McCain, and they played that spot about John meeting Cindy at a party, and the remark that it was “love at first sight.” I was sickened to hear a bunch of people who supposedly honor family values applauding that.

    They conveniently left out the “Of course, he had to ditch his first wife before they could be married, but that didn’t stop them from sleeping together.”

    Anyway … I think that the point about even the bad luck parts of McCain’s service is that he was there to have that kind of bad luck. George W. Bush, for example, wasn’t likely to be shot down over Texas. Nor were Bill Clinton, Dan Quayle, or their sort.

    McCain surely could have gotten some kind of post that wouldn’t have put him in front of anti-aircraft fire.

    I also note that I can praise part of his life without praising the whole thing … His service in Vietnam was honorable. His personal life is loathsome. His life in politics is a very mixed bag.

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