He Almost Didn’t Do It

There hasn’t been much fire in the primetime, network covered portions of the Democratic Convention so far. Kerry’s speech which had bite didn’t get a full TV airing (unless perhaps you were watching CSPAN). Biden’s speech had moderate bite but did not hit hard enough.

That brings us to William Jefferson Clinton, 42nd President of the United States. The night before, his wife, Senator Hillary Clinton urged her followers to back Obama but she never explicitly revised her previous stance that he was not experienced enough to hold the office. Still, as I said in a previous post, I think she did what she had to do. Bill came dangerously close to blowing it. When he said that Obama’s judgement combined with Biden’s experience and knowledge would make a great team, I sat there holding my breath. Was he really going to feed the McCain propaganda machine with the implication that we had an upside down ticket with a VP nominee more fit to be President than the guy at the top of the ticket?

So how did Bill pull his speech out of the ditch? Towards the end of the speech, he said that Barack’s experience predicament reminded him of a Presidetial candidate who ran in 1992. That candidate was none other than himself, Bill Clinton. With that comparison, he essentially said that the experience attacks of the McCain campaign are irrelevant.  The only other thing that could have happened to top this would have been for Barack to join Bill on stage and give him a hug! (Obama did make an appearance later after Biden’s address.)

With the Obama-Clinton feud apparently over, the PUMA’s and their ilk now look sillier than ever. Now we need to conclude this convention, stop playing nice, and tear McCain limb from limb.


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