Young Republicans Will Follow Bin Laden to the Gates of Hell

Today, John McCain had an interesting exchange with one of his supporters at a town hall meeting. Admittedly, the supporter’s question was somewhat lengthy and circuitous so there is a chance that McCain got tired of listening before he made his response.

QUESTIONER: If we don’t reenact the draft, I don’t think we’ll have anyone to chase Bin Laden to the gates of hell.


MCCAIN: Ma’am, let me say that I don’t disagree with anything you said.

Either McCain will agree with anything his supporters say just to move onto the next question OR he thinks reinstating the draft is a good idea. Neither alternative speaks well of him.

So, my young Republican friends (as McCain would say), be happy in the knowledge that the finger that you use to pull the lever down for McCain in the voting booth will be the same finger that will be poised on the trigger of a gun once McCain is in office. Republican mothers across the country, you too can take comfort in the knowledge that your vote for McCain will result in your sons and daughters getting their brains blown out in one of the many wars McCain has planned for his administration.

At least they’ll get to travel overseas to Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Georgia or Russia before they die.

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12 thoughts on “Young Republicans Will Follow Bin Laden to the Gates of Hell

  1. Oh yes, with Johnny McTeleprompter in the White House the neck drooling knuckledraggers will continue to led around by that ring in their nose. Of course, if there is a draft, the first people to leave the country will be the right wingers. Just a little known fact since I speak to these yellowbellied chickenhawks on my blog daily. Oh yes! They love the republic president and his illegal wars & occupations, but to go fight it, well, they suddenly all have medical issues!

    Case in point:

    Watch and learn. 😉

  2. Alfie, problem is you cite Rangel’s advocacy without citing his reasoning. He was supporting the draft as a DETERRENT to war. His reasoning was if we had a draft, Congressmen would be less likely to be so forgiving of Bush’s bellicose foreign policy (cos their own kids might get drafted and sent off to die).

  3. Let’s not be ridiculous–Even if McCain wanted a draft–does anyone think a Pelosi-led Congress would allow that to happen? As for Rangel–let’s not explain away his comments too quickly. Here is a quote from the news story regarding that incident:

    “Pelosi refused to support Rangel’s position, but said that reinstituting the draft is Rangel’s long held position and that it is a position more about “shared sacrifice” than the draft itself. Pelosi said that this was Rep. Rangel’s way of making that point about the war.”

    -Rangel therefore, even if making the point you suggest, is willing to risk the reality of a draft for his social experiment about whether or not we would ever go to war. I think playing with the lives of our youth to satisfy a political point is selfish at best, idiotic for certain.

  4. Mklasing, you mistook my explanation of Rangel as a defense of Rangel. I think the draft is a bad idea under any circumstances, even if one is attempting a social experiment.

  5. Young Republicans will follow Bin Laden straight to the nearest keg, and if he’s not there…well, good effort.

  6. Maybe polling workers should consider putting kegs in the voting booths. Would probably increase turnout. 😀

  7. I am torn about reinstating the draft myself. While I am against forcing anyone to do anything including compulsory military service do wonder if a draft would have saved lives if existed before the Iraq war.

    Mr. Rangel has pointed out that our wars are being fought disproportionally by poor minority Americans. Not that you could tell since the media has a bad habit of showing images of white faces when reporting on our troops in the field.

    The draft most certainly would bring balance to our fighting troops and maybe even stop unneeded wars so the issue is not clear cut. The Republicans would love to have a draft but they know it would work against them.

  8. MJ and others…Would you support a Selective Service program that allowed for some selectiveness on behalf of the conscripts. Army , Airforce, Marines ,Navy ,Coast Guard AND Peace Corps, City Year,and lets get unions mad but America possibly better A new CCC,Border Patrol ,Park service…

  9. Our site takes a generally supportive view of Obama. We think that there are important differences between the McCain and Obama approaches to terrorism, and that those differences result from a more basic departure in world view. The Bush-McCain approach is unrealistic.

    Thanks for adding your account. It is accurate.

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