Obama – for a Brown Future!

From the desk of The Rigorist

It isn’t as though Obama’s platform is entirely devoid of merit for the Conservative, and I shall prove it.  Despite being a socialist, Obama is still an empty suit into which even good things can be carelessly shoved and an optimistic ( or desperate ) Conservative can find hope if he digs hard enough. I’d like to believe I’m optimistic.

Turn with me to page 25 of Obama’s Blueprint for Change and find, at the bottom of the page, the section “Deploy and Develop Clean Coal Technology.”

Over the years I have heard the empty Liberal ( or Liberal empty ) accusations that President Bush was in the pocket of the oil companies.  Honestly, it wasn’t until early in his second term that I set out to investigate the charge for myself.  I discovered that there was a kernel of truth in the accusation but the Liberals dare not speak it.  President Bush has jump started serious research into hydrogen and fuel cell technology.  He has brought down the price of gasoline in my town $.50 a gallon with his pressure to open up all our coastlines to offshore drilling.  However, it is in his shunning of coal fuel technology that we find evidence of the Liberals charge.

The fuel cell to successfully compete against the current gasoline engine does not exist.  The problems of delivering hydrogen fuel are huge and daunting.  The existence of further major oil fields off the American coast is unproven.

Coal fuel, clean coal fuel, is as certain as an AM radio. Not only are there no significant unknowns, there are simply no unknowns.  Its economic competitiveness is proven. It was break even when oil was $45 per barrel.  Sasol, the South African energy company, is making money with it hand over fist.  Some of the links I have used to confirm this for myself are appended.

Of course, John McCain has coal fuel stuck under the bottom of his energy platform, like old gum, as well, but he says lots of things.  One of the things he said was he wanted to spend another $2 billion “Advancing Clean Coal Technologies”, that is to say “reinventing the wheel.”

Barack Obama’s commitment to coal is positively breathtaking.  I was stunned when I found his pledge to finally put those “green” idiots in his own party on a short leash in the economic interests of all Americans, and national security.  I applaud his courage in taking this position and I’m going to do my part to support him in this.
McCain on energy
The Feasibility of Coal to Oil for the US – technical thread –

Sasol financials

Calculating the price of fuel at the pump in South Africa


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3 thoughts on “Obama – for a Brown Future!

  1. LOL, from the title, I bet our readers expected a rant on black supremacist politics. I certainly did.

    What is an “empty suit” to you is a nuanced intellectual to me. Obama can cut through the BS of empty energy solutions because he THINKS. Not a bad trait in a potential world leader.

    Who knows, if you look further, you might find enough things with which to fill the empty suit that you might actually vote for him.

  2. There are FOUR ways to understand the title. Ambiguity is so very … efficient.

    Oh, I’m not done with Obama’s platform. I have found at least one other thing to offend his Liberal co-travelers that I could delight in, and I haven’t even looked hard yet.

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