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I apologize for my unexplained absence. I’ve been rude. It’s an unintended talent.

I live in a house that needs fixing. It’s been getting fixed this last week and a half.

I have a gutted garage apartment that suddenly has tenents. They are a homeless couple from South Carolina in their 30’s, children really, and I’m struggling to find balance for our reciprocal needs. They need to earn their keep. I say that precisely. I don’t need for them to earn their keep. Their gratitude and enthusiasm would have me in their debt without my constant restraint. I’ll turn this into a political point later.

I maintain a Firefox browser extension, rimwheel. I had an email asking for a update, so I took care of that. It needs replacing but I’m a dinosaur who punched Fortran decks. OOP is unnatural for me and JavaScript’s unique approach to it obfuscated it’s promise. Skate, the current name of my replacement is getting a rewrite.

I also have a blog, or at least a place on one, and that needs attention that it hasn’t gotten.


  1. kayinmaine, I shouldn’t have taunted you. I’m going to leave it at that lest I become ‘talented’.
  2. Rutherford, my perfectionism had silenced me. I’ll be back to work here this evening.
  3. I thank everyone who browsed Rutherford’s blog, but especially those who said not unkind words of me.

Finally, to address the ugly gossip and speculation that I might give aid to McCain, If I did that then I would feel personally responsible for the inevitable tragedy of John McCain’s election. It takes no intelligence to shoot at a blimp nor skill to hit one bumbling across the ground within the range of a shotgun. I do it to goad Democrats into arguing the issues. The guys at the McCain campaign are jus’ gettin’ beered up on the weekends and having some fun. That would be cool except that they’re blowing other people’s money on the ammo. Political Blogger Alliance


4 thoughts on “Slander!

  1. Welcome back. Do I understand you are actually being charitable to people? How un-Republican of you 🙂 .

    You need to be careful lest that couple living with you perceives some sort of handout and then refuses to stand on their own feet. You wouldn’t want to do to them what the Democratic party has done to blacks all these years, right? 😉

  2. How is it that liberals and Democrats forever misunderstand the conservative position on charity?

    As a conservative, I use *my* money and *my* resources on charity.

    As a liberal, you would use *my* money and *my* resources too. I have a real problem with that.

    Re: your racial reference:

    Please note my careful attention to reciprocal balance in my aid. The couple in my garage apartment make no claim that they are entitled to my help. They do not want my charity. Yet they find themselves in a situation where they must ask and must accept. They worry that they might become thieves. They want desperately to earn what they are given.

    Even as I give help, I must be mindful not to offer that which they can obtain for themselves for to do so would insult and injure their dignity and their spirit.

    Such is their gratitude that were I not to restrain their efforts to repay me with their time and effort, they would soon have me in their debt and resent me. I said in my post, I must find balance in our reciprocal needs. When all is said and done, the scales must balance. Ideally when we look back upon it, it will not have been charity at all but a simple business arrangement where everyone benefited.

    This is not the case with Affirmative Action at all. Those using Affirmative Action shamelessly claim that my “help” is in payment of a debt incurred 140 years ago. They have no gratitude. They do not worry about becoming thieves. They have thrown away their dignity as too expensive to keep. Their spirits are forever crippled. They will not abide the self-confidence or self-esteem to reject Affirmative Action in their associates or their children, because the whole path of their lives is brought to question if they do.

    Rereading, I see that I have answered my own question. Of course liberals must forever misunderstand lest they weep.

  3. You have clarified your position greatly. You are actually not against affirmative action. You’re against some sense of (what you perceive as) entitlement.

    I pose the following hypothetical. An identifiable black man applies for a job. By identifiable, I mean his skin is dark, he has full lips and an afro hair style (lots of blacks are not easily identifiable). No where on his job application does he self identify racially. The company to which he has applied is very concerned about hiring equity particularly in the area of race. During the interview, they identify him as black and all other things being equal, they hire him over an equally qualified white man. Our job applicant has NOT asked for special consideration. Do you object to this example of affirmative action?

    Can we agree that there is discrimination in our society? If you do not believe so, I have to think you are living in a bubble. If the discrimination is systemic, then what do we do to combat it? The attitude of the “oppressed”, let’s say for the sake of your argument, an attitude of entitlement, is not what is at issue here. The issue is what do those in power do to make sure that power is shared equitably? Whether their attempts at equity are met with gratitude or expectation is irrelevant. The problem must still be solved.

    If it is your position that it is the job of the oppressed to free themselves … to grab power from the powerful, how do you propose they do that? By violent force?

  4. Rutherford,

    In the example you pose, how can anyone know he got the job honestly? Testimony under the threat of federal legal action?

    Let’s re-cap that scenario:

    So I’ve got this thug hovering over me, and that minority type guy you posed says he wants my admiration and respect for all the obstacles he’s overcome and things he has achieved.

    Absolutely. You’re fantastic. Truly heroic. I’m nodding and smiling.

    I’m nodding and smiling because I’m not getting my ass whupped just this moment. If this minority type guy is actually any good it’s gravy and I’m tickled pink to have him.

    But he just can’t feel the love and has his panties in a twist over it.

    Cry me an effin’ river. If he wanted respect, he shouldn’t have sent a thug first. He’s going to have to settle for me being happy that I didn’t have to hire a felon on early parole.

    In fact, the applicant can’t know that he earned the position straight up. Neither can the unhired one know that he lost fairly. While the ivory tower definition of Affirmative Action calls only for a wider net to be cast, the *legal* test for compliance is statistical, or more plainly, whether a quota has been met.

    It’s a self fulfilling prophecy, that Affirmative Action was necessary and responsible.

    Is there discrimination in our society? I sure hope so. I hope it is rational discrimination based on evidence in a preponderance of cases. Rational discrimination is the very definition of a good decision. Really, you can look it up.

    What you are asking about is the prevalence of irrational discrimination. Sure enough, that exists too. The historically reliable force that eradicates it is that irrational decisions lead to failure.

    The way out of oppression has ever been the same, and I named a few groups that have walked the path. Only the black Americans since the 60’s have refused to tread that path because they thought they were offered a better, easier way.

    They weren’t. It’s been a fraud from the beginning.

    My tenants will walk free of my charity knowing that they earned it. In the end, the only thing I will have actually *given* them was the opportunity.

    Minorities weren’t given that. The Democrats offered to whup my ass if I didn’t give minorities a break, and the minorities took the deal.

    Seriously, how could anyone take a deal like that without talking themselves into the idea of entitlement first? Of course they feel entitled, because the alternative is to know – straight up – that they are getting stolen goods from the hand of a thug. Nobody wants to be the bad guy.

    Everything else follows like the freight cars after the engine.

    In the immortal words of Fred Jones:

    “Yes, friends. Once again, government triumphs over good and evil.”

    Say it with a Georgia drawl.

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